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Sociedad Mutualista de Obreros Mexicanos records, 1900-2012 1920-1949

MS 742

Collection Summary

Creator: Sociedad Mutualista de Obreros Mexicanos
Collection Name:Sociedad Mutualista de Obreros Mexicanos records,
Inclusive Dates: 1900-2012
Bulk Dates: 1920-1949
Physical Description: 6 Linear Feet
Abstract:The Sociedad Mutualista de Obreros Mexicanos records contain membership ledgers, record books, accounting books, expense reports, meeting attendance ledgers, society rule books and guidelines, correspondence, Spanish publications, audiovisual materials, and club flags.
Collection Number:MS 742
Language: Materials are in Spanish.
Repository: University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections
University of Arizona
PO Box 210055
Tucson, AZ 85721-0055
Phone: 520-621-6423
Fax: 520-621-9733

Biographical Note

The Sociedad Mutualista de Obreros Mexicanos (Mutual Aid Society of Mexican Worker) was founded in 1923 by Presciliano Rodriguez. Rodriguez was inspired to start the society after his friend, a worker with Southern Pacific Railroad, broke both of his feet on the job. Rodriguez and others at the Copper Queen Smelter began donating in order to help the injured worker, as the company only covered the man's hospital stay (after he paid for the visit up front!). As scholar Josiah Heyman explains, the "mutualista served an illness, injury, and death-benefit function in an era when Mexican American industrial workers had little or no work coverage and were subject to numerous assaults to their health" (198).

Mutualistas focused on creating a strong community bond, strengthening the rights of labor workers, and fought inequality. Often opening lodges, mutualistas became popular and found their memberships increasing throughout the 1920s through the 1940s. Sociedad Mutualista de Obreros Mexicanos had a large following in the Douglas, Arizona region.

For further reading see: "The Oral History of the Mexican American Community of Douglas, Arizona, 1901-1942." Journal of the Southwest, Summer, 1993, Vol. 35, No. 2 (Summer, 1993), pp. 186-206.

Scope and Content Note

The Sociedad Mutualista de Obreros Mexicanos records have been divided into four separate series. Series I, which makes up a majority of the collection, includes society records. These records include membership ledgers, receipt books, membership forms, expense ledgers, record books and acts, meeting attendance ledgers, and society related correspondence. Series II includes a small collection of Spanish books and publications housed at the Mutualista for reference. Series III includes 1/4" audiotape reels of interviews. Please note, these reels have not yet been digitized and are not currently accessible. Series IV includes ephemera, in this case, two flags that were hung outside of the Mutualista building.


This collection has been organized into 4 series:
Series I: Society Records, 1923-2012
Series II: Book Collection, 1900-1986
Series III: Audiovisual Materials, undated
Series IV: Ephemera, undated



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Jordan, Virginia

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Mexican Americans -- Societies

Mexican Americans
Mexican Americans -- Arizona -- Tucson
Sociedades mutualistas

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Sociedad Mutualista de Obreros Mexicanos records (MS 742). Special Collections, University of Arizona Libraries

Processing History

Processed by Michelle Nicole Boyer-Kelly in 2021.

Container List

Series I: Society Records, 1923-2012
Scope and Contents
This series includes records relating the the mutualista and its daily operations. Items include membership ledgers (ledgers with names of enrolled members and their payments to the society), expense ledgers (ledgers recording money coming in and out of the mutualista), membership receipt books (slips that were given to members to show they were active members -- most of the examples in the collection are blank), meeting attendance books (ledgers with attending members and meeting dates), record books (books containing multiple different types of previously mentioned records), correspondence ledgers (ledgers containing letters discussing society business), and rules and regulations pamphlets. Items within this series are arranged chronologically.
11 Membership ledger, undated
12 Expenses ledger, undated
312 Records book, undated
417 Membership receipt book [blank], undated
412 Blank membership forms, undated
413 Statutes and regulations rule book, 1923
414 Regulations book, 1923
415 Statutes and regulations book (additional copies), 1923
310 Membership ledger, 1923-1924
13 Membership receipt book, 1925
14 Records book, acts, rules, etc., 1926
15 Membership ledger, 1927
16 Membership ledger, 1927
17 Expenses ledger, 1927
18 Membership ledger, 1927-1928
19 Membership ledger, 1928
110 Expenses ledger, 1928
111 Expenses ledger, 1929-1932
112 Meeting attendance ledger, 1929-1934
113 Records book, acts, rules, etc., 1930
39 Correspondence ledger, 1930s
313 Policies/beneficiaries paperwork, 1930s-1940s
311 Membership receipts, 1931-1932
314 Correspondence ledger, 1931-1932
114 Membership ledger, 1931-1932
115 Expenses ledger, 1931-1932
116 Records book, acts, rules, etc., 1931-1932
117 Expenses ledger, memberships, 1931-1932
315 Correspondence ledger, 1933
41 Correspondence ledger, 1934
118 Records book, acts, rules, etc., 1935
119 Expenses ledger, 1935-1937
120 Membership ledger, 1935-1937
21 Records book, acts, rules, etc., 1935-1937
22 Expenses ledger, 1936
23 Expenses ledger, memberships, 1936
24 Membership ledger, 1936
42 Correspondence ledger, 1936
25 Records book, acts, rules, etc., 1937-1947
26 Correspondence ledger, 1940s
43 Correspondence ledger, 1940s
44 Correspondence ledger, unbound, 1940s
27 Membership ledger, 1941-1942
28 Membership ledger, moves/transfers, 1941-1942
29 Membership ledger, expenses, 1942
210 Records book, acts, rules, etc., 1942
211 Expenses ledger, 1942-1943
212 Expenses ledger, 1944
213 Records book, acts, rules, etc., 1945
214 Expenses ledger, 1945
215 Expenses ledger, 11946-1948
216 Membership ledger, 1947
217 Membership ledger, 1951-1952
218 Meeting attendance ledger, 1951-1952
219 Records book, acts, rules, etc., 1952
31 Membership ledger, 1952-1953
32 Membership ledger, 1954-1955
33 Expenses ledger, 1954-1955
34 Meeting attendance ledger, 1957
35 Records book, acts, rules, etc., and membership ledger, 1957
36 Membership ledger, 1967
37 Meeting attendance ledger, 1968
45 Attendance ledgers, 1977-1981
46 Attendance ledgers, 1981-1986
38 [Empty ledger], 1984
416 Attendance guest book, 1988-1989
47 Attendance ledgers, 1997-1999
48 Attendance ledgers, 1999-2005
49 Attendance ledgers, 2003-2006
410 Attendance ledgers, 2006-2009
411 Attendance ledgers, 2006-2012
Series II: Book Collection, 1900-1986
Scope and Contents
This series includes a grouping of books that were housed at the Douglas location and pertain to labor issues. These materials are in Spanish. Items are arranged by author's last name.
118 Caldas, Julio Cuadros. Catecismo Agrapio, second edition, 1924
419 Comision Nacional de Irrigacion. Resumen de las Opiniones y Comentarios de Instituciones Cientificas, Periodicos, Profesionistas, y Particulares, "Irrigacion en Mexico" , 1932
420 El Libro y el Pueblo, no. 3, 1931
421 El Libro y el Pueblo, no. 4, 1931
422 George Lauterer Company. Banners and Flags , undated
423 Leroy, Maximo. El Derecho Consuetudinario Obrero , 1922
424 Loria, Francisco. Nociones de Economia Rural , 1911
425 Navarro and Velazquez. El Problema de la Apropiacion de la Tierra , 1923
426 Pani, Alberto J. La Higiene en Mexico, partial, undated
427 Perez, Juan Garza. Sistema Mexicano de Escritura Vertical , 1900
428 Ponton, Luis Sanchez. Lad Deudas Exteriores , 1934
429 Roa, Fernando Gonzalez. El Caracter de la Legislacion Colonial EspaƱola en America , 1933
51 Secretaria de Educacion Publica. Buletin, no. 6, April 1931
52 Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores. Correspondencia Oficial , 1926
53 Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores. La Doctrina Continental en el Senado de Mexico , 1941
54 Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores. Indice de los Informes Comerciales , 1931
55 Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores. Indice de los Informes Economics , 1932
56 United Steelworkers of America. Making Your Local Union Work through Planning Organization Action , 1986
57 Villegas, Daniel Cosio. Aspectas Concretos del Problema de la Moneda en Montevideo , 1934
Series III: Audiovisual Materials, undated
Scope and Contents
This series includes a group of 1/4" audiotapes on 7" reels all labeled "Bicentennial". Due to the fragile nature of the reels, there are not accessible to researchers. There are no digital copies of these tapes avialable at this time. Please contact an archivist for further questions.
58 Bicentennial tape #1, undated
61 Bicentennial tape #2, undated
62 Bicentennial tape #3, undated
63 Bicentennial tape #4, undated
64 Bicentennial tape #5, undated
Series IV: Ephemera, undated
Scope and Contents
This series includes two flags that were hung outside of the Mutualista building. One flag is a hand painted Mexican flag. The second flag is a large flag with the Mutualista name and embriodery.
61 Rolled calendar, no notations, undated
71 Society flag, undated
72 Hand painted Mexican flag, undated