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Emile Cyrus Houle Collection 1896-2010 (bulk 1910-1927)

MS 478

Collection Summary

Creator: Houle, Emile Cyrus
Collection Name: Emile Cyrus Houle Collection
Inclusive Dates: 1896-2010,
Bulk Dates: (bulk 1910-1927)
Physical Description:7.75 linear feet
Abstract: Photographs, scrapbooks, and printed materials, 1896-2010 (bulk 1910-1927). This collection is comprised of photo albums, scrapbooks, loose photographs, and printed materials documenting the life and travels of Emile Cyrus Houle. The bulk of the material relates to his medical career as a surgeon for the S. P. de Mexico Railroad Company and USA Medical Corps in France during WWI, and archaeological excavations undertaken in Mexico and the American southwest. Topics of interest include the Mexican Revolution, WWI, and medical research and publications on a number of topics including yellow fever on the northwest coast of Mexico in the early-mid 1920s.
Collection Number:MS 478
Repository: University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections
University of Arizona
PO Box 210055
Tucson, AZ 85721-0055
Phone: 520-621-6423
Fax: 520-621-9733

Biographical Note

Emile Cyrus Houle was born June 5th, 1881 in Michigamme, Michigan and graduated, M. D., from the University of Michigan in 1904. Following brief stays at the Tamarack Hospital in Calumet, Michigan and the Mohak and Wolverine mines in Kearsarge, Michigan as Assistant Surgeon from 1904-1905 and 1905-1907 respectively, Houle became the Assistant Surgeon of the Sud Pacifico (S. P.) de Mexico Railroad Company on the west coast of Mexico in 1907 where he worked under George Emory Goodfellow, M. D. Over the next 10 years, Houle advanced from Assistant Surgeon to Chief Surgeon of the S. P. de Mexico Railroad Company before enlisting in the U. S. A. Medical Corps in 1917 for the WWI war effort. His military service included service in the 1st Battalion 20th Engineers, Dax, France and the Surgeon Camp, Dax, France, and a commission to Major, M. C., before discharge after 13 months of service in 1919. After his military service, Houle returned as Chief Surgeon of the S. P. de Mexico Railroad Company in 1919 where he stayed before resigning in 1926. His medical career continued as a general practitioner in his home, Nogales, until the 1950s. During his medical career, Houle contributed to and wrote a number of published research articles on a variety of topics, including yellow fever on the Mexican west coast from 1921-1925, and is credited with aiding in the eradication of malaria in Sonora, Mexico.

Houle was married to Loretta Fitzpatrick Houle and had two sons, Alan and Peter. Apart from his medical career, Houle was also an amateur archaeologist, his excavations having resulted in a collection of pre-Columbian statues which have since been donated to a state museum, many photographs documenting his finds, and a written narrative of his travels. His time with the S. P. de Mexico Railroad Company also offered Houle a unique perspective of the Mexican Revolution as it proceeded in Empalme, Sonora Mexico. This perspective is reflected in research gathered in conjunction with the superintendent of the railway and friend, Victor W. Bennett.

Emile Cyrus Houle passed away October 21st, 1966.

Scope and Content Note

Photographs, scrapbooks, and printed materials, 1896-2010 (bulk 1910-1927). This collection is comprised of photo albums, scrapbooks, loose photographs, and printed materials documenting the life and travels of Emile Cyrus Houle. The bulk of the material relates to his medical career as a surgeon for the S. P. de Mexico Railroad Company and USA Medical Corps in France during WWI, and archaeological excavations undertaken in Mexico and the American southwest. Working as a surgeon for the S. P. de Mexico Railroad Company on the west coast of Mexico from 1907-1920’s, Houle was present for events related to the Mexican Revolution, which are documented in photographs, journal entries, and research printed materials in the collection. Well represented events include the Banquet Massacre of Yaqui Chiefs and the Imuris Incident. His medical career also included 13 months of service in the U.S.A. Medical Corps in France during WWI from 1917-1919 with promotion to Major, M. C., U.S.A, which is documented primarily in correspondences, journal entries, and other documents.

Houle’s time in Mexico and the American southwest also allowed for a career as an amateur archaeologist with excavations in Ixtlán del Río, Mazatlán, and Tepic, Mexico, and Nogales and Tuba City, AZ, among other locations. These archaeological excavations are greatly represented in two scrapbooks and loose items of mainly photographic material depicting sculpture figurines and rock art. The two scrapbooks include copies of a potential future publication documenting Houle archaeological career, with the inclusion of notes, rough drafts, and final versions of a five chapter personal narrative describing it. The narrative can be found in the printed materials. Apart from his professional careers, his personal life is represented in early photographs starting from 1902 and correspondences and photographs from later in life mainly during the 1950s and 1960s.


This collection is organized into 5 series.
Series I: Archaeological Scrapbooks circa 1910-1950s
Series II: Photographs 1902-1920, 1927-1931
Subseries 1: Photo Albums
Subseries 2: Loose Photos
Series III: Printed Materials 1907-1971, 2008-2010
Series IV: Genealogy 1896-1982
Series V: Oversize Materials 1904-1948



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Personal Name(s)
Goodfellow, George Emory, 1855-1910

Ixtlán del Río (Nayarit, Mexico) -- Antiquities
Mexico -- Antiquities
Mexico -- History -- Revolution, 1910-1920
Railroads -- Mexico
World War, 1914-1918
Yellow fever -- Mexico

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Administrative Information

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Emile Cyrus Houle Collection (MS 478). Special Collections, University of Arizona Libraries.

Container List

Series I: Archaeological Scrapbooks , circa 1910-1960s
This series contains two scrapbooks document Emile Cyrus Houle’s archaeological findings and travels. They contain photographs and descriptions of pre-Columbian archaeological finds, including statuettes, figurines, rock art, pottery, and other ceramics from locations such as Manzanillo, Guaymas, and Ixtlán del Río along the west coast of Mexico. These scrapbooks may have been layouts for intended publications and thus loose items have been documented by the pages they were originally found on or between. Scrapbook 1 is more complete than Scrapbook 2.
1 Scrapbook 1, circa 1910-1950s
2 Scrapbook 2, circa 1910-1960s
31 Scrapbook 1 - Loose Items by Page, Cover – p. 83, circa 1910-1950s
32 Scrapbook 1 – Loose Items by Page, p. 84 – 127, circa 1910-1950s
33 Scrapbook 2 – Loose Cover Items – Maps and Other, circa 1910-1960s
34 Scrapbook 2 – Loose Cover Items – Notes, circa 1910-1960s
35 Scrapbook 2 – Loose Cover Items – Photographs and Negatives, circa 1910-1960s
36 Scrapbook 2 – Loose Items by Page , circa 1910-1960s
Series II: Photographs, circa 1900-1960s
This series contains photographic material including photo albums and loose photographs found in the collection.
Subseries 1:Photo Albums
37 Photo Album Digital Scans
38 Photo Album 1 – Loose Items, 1902-1907
39 Photo Album 2 – Loose Items, 1907-1910
310 Photo Album 3 – Loose Items, 1910-1917
311 Photo Album 4 – Loose Items, 1915-1920, 1928, 1931
312 Photo Album 5 – Loose Items, 1916, 1920-1927
4 Photo Album 1, 1902-1907
5 Photo Album 2, 1907-1910
6 Photo Album 3, 1910-1917
7 Photo Album 4, 1915-1920, 1928, 1931
8 Photo Album 5, 1916, 1920-1927
Subseries 2: Loose Photographs
91 Archaeology and Anthropology, circa 1912-1957, undated
92 Archaeology and Anthropology, circa 1920s-1957, undated
93 Arizona, circa 1940s, undated
94 Family and Friends, circa 1910-1940s
95 Family and Friends, circa 1950s-1960s, undated
96 Houle Gate Nogales, 1940, 1950-1954, 1961
97 Island of San Torin, 1956
98 Mexico, circa 1910-1957, undated
99 US, 1919, 1940s, undated
910 Unknown Location, 1915, 1940, undated
911 Unknown People, 1925, 1937, undated
Series III: Printed Materials, 1907-1971, 2008-2010
This series contains printed materials from Houle’s professional and personal lives including correspondences, journal entries, and research files. Materials of interest include journal entries during his military service in WWI, a five chapter narrative of his archaeological travels and excavations, and research regarding the Mexican Revolution and yellow fever on the Mexican west coast in the 1920s.
101 Archaeology and Anthropology , circa 1950s, undated
102 Archaeology Narrative, undated
103 Certificates, 1919-1925, 1936, 1966
104 Correspondences, 1907-1937, 1947-1966, undated
105 Correspondences – Family and Friends, 1932-1935, 1953-1959
106 Correspondences – Family and Friends, 1960-1971, 2008-2010, undated
107 Correspondences – Victor W. Bennett, 1953-1956
108 Correspondences – Victor W. Bennett, 1957-1962
109 Correspondences – Victor W. Bennett, undated
1010 Correspondences – George Goodfellow, M. D., 1908-1910
1011 Deeds, 1937
1012 Houle Biography, circa 1920s, 1960, undated
1013 Houle Dayplanners, 1953, 1956
1014 Journals , Spring 1907-Nov. 1917, May 1919-Jan. 1922
111 Journals – WWI, Nov. 1917-May 1919
112 Newspaper Clippings , circa 1940-1960s, undated
113 Research, circa 1920s, 1950s, undated
114 Research – Biographies, circa 1920s, 1940s, undated
115 Research – George Goodfellow, M. D., 1932, circa 1950-1960s, undated
116 Index Cards, A-W
117 Research – Medical , 1925, 1944, 1964, undated
118 Research – Medical – “The Balmis Expedition For Control of Smallpox by Vaccination”, circa 1930s, undated
119 Research – Medical – “Belated Serum Treatment of Sequelae of Diphtheria”, 1933
1110 Research – Medical – “Bone Metabolism in Relation to Industrial Surgery”, circa 1930s, undated
1111 Research – Medical – “Calcium in Therapeutics” , 1935, undated
1112 Research – Medical – “Evaluation of Factors in Bone Union” , 1938, undated
1113 Research – Medical – “Metabolism in Relation to Fractures” , circa 1930s, undated
1114 Research – Medical – “Yellow Fever – West Coast 1921-1925” , 1923-1925, 1930
1115 Research – Mexican Revolution , 1913-1915, 1921, undated
1116 Research – Mexican Revolution – Banquet Massacre of Yaqui Chiefs , 1921, 1953, 1957
121 Research – Mexican Revolution – Imuris Incident , circa 1910-1920s, 1950s, undated
122 Research – Poetry, Songs, and Stories , 1909, 1958, 1961, undated
123 Sketches , 1914, undated
Series IV: Genealogy , 1896-1982
This series contains materials of various formats as they were collected by Houle and later descendants in order to document their genealogy. Formats include photographs and printed materials, including correspondences, family histories, maps, newspaper clippings, and notes.
124 Albert J. Houle , 1896-1917, 1964, undated
125 Alice Houle (Alice Sturgeon) , 1950, undated
126 Arthur Houle , 1912, 1923-1962, undated
127 Borbeau Family , 1954-1958, undated
128 Eugene Houle , 1949-1965, undated
129 Louise Exilia and Cyrille Houle III , 1900, 1925-1927, undated
1210 Fitzpatrick Family , 1913-1938, 1955-1963, undated
1211 Fitzpatrick Family , undated
131 Fred Houle , 1905, 1943-1965, undated
132 George Houle , 1918, 1926, undated
133 Josephine Houle (Josephine Hanna) , 1941-1964, 1978-1982, undated
134 Louis Houle , 1924, 1957-1959, undated
135 Newspaper Clippings with People Named Houle , undated
Series V: Oversize Materials , 1904-1948
This series contains oversized materials, including degrees, certificates, photographs, maps, and other printed materials.
14 Oversize Materials , 1904-1948, undated