A.H. Jones Collection, 1906-2003

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A.H. Jones Collection, 1906-2003


Overview of the Collection

Creator: Jones, Albert H.
Collection NameA.H. Jones Collection,
Inclusive Dates: 1906-2003.
Physical DescriptionOne manuscript and one photograph collection.
Quantity: 1 linear foot (2 cartons) of textual material; 4 linear feet (7 boxes) of photographic prints .25 linear feet (1 partial box) of negatives
Abstract:The collection consists of correspondence, field notes, journals, article clippings, photographs of mines and mining activities as well as USGS maps of Arizona, Utah and other Southwest sites related to the creators surveying activities.
Collection NumberNAU.MS.385
Language English.
Repository Cline Library. Special Collections and Archives Department
Northern Arizona University
Cline Library
P.O. Box 6022
Flagstaff, AZ 86011-6022
Phone: 928 523 5551
Fax: 928 523 3770
Email: Special.Collections@nau.edu

Biographical note

Born in Denver, Colorado in 1884, Albert H. Jones, Jr. worked with Charles H. Spencer and his mining party, staking placer claims on the San Juan and Colorado Rivers from 1908-1911. Spencer thought that gold could be sluiced from the Colorado and he convinced investors that his plan was worth funding. Jones was a skilled engineer, surveyor and route finder. He ran baselines and triangulated prominent topography in the area. He recorded the first measurement of the discharge of the Colorado River at Lee'; s Ferry. With a fleet that included an excursion boat formerly used on the Mississippi River, Jones and others went upriver to stake claims. After leaving Spencer'; s operation, Jones continued to survey for mineral resources in Como, Colorado. In 1916, he became the Superintendent of the Denver Water Supply Reservoir and remained in that position until 1926. Jones was registered as a civil engineer in 1920 and graduated from the Colorado School of Mines and the International Correspondence School in Scranton, Pennsylvania. In 1934, he purchased land in Elizabeth, Colorado where he operated the Silver J Fox Ranch for over 15 years. He died in 1979 in Castle Rock, Colorado.

Scope & Content

This collection consists of A.H. Jones' correspondences, field notes, journals, and surveying documents, as well as newspaper clippings and guidebooks related to his surveying activities in Northern Arizona and Southern Utah. Correspondences include those between A.H. Jones and W.H. Bradley, Otis "Dock" Marston, P.T. Reilly, W.L. Rusho, and Art Waller; the bulk of the correspondences date from 1960 to 1975. Of particular note are A.H. Jones' letters to his mother, Isadore Jones, about his surveying activities as well as daily occurrences from 1908 to 1910. The inclusive dates of the collection are 1906 to 2003, with bulk dates of 1908 to 1917 and 1960 to 1975.

The photograph collection contains images of mines and mining operations along the San Juan River and the West as well as images of The Charles H. Spencer ("the largest boat ever put on the Colorado River"). Many photographs depict the teams of Ox, cows and horses used to haul equipment.

The map collection includes USGS topographical maps as well as index maps for the states of Arizona, Colorado and Utah


SCA staff organized the A.H. Jones materials into 3 format-based record groups with the manuscript group subdivided into 4 series.





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Container List

Manuscripts 1906-2003
Series 1: Correspondence, 1908-1975 1 Box
Correspondence has been organized in alphabetical then chronological order based on sender and date.
Scope & Contents
These letters represent correspondence with a who's who of Grand Canyon hiking and exploration. Some names of note are Bill Belknap, Otis (Doc) Marston, and Colin Fletcher, The letters are significant as Butchart discusses canyon routes.
11 Boyce, Jesse M., Sept.13, 1910
12 Bradley, W.H., Sept. 11, 1910 - Nov. 9, 1910
13 Bradley, W.H., April 13, 1911 - Dec. 28, 1911
14 Bradley, W.H., Jan. 10, 1912 - Jan. 23, 1912
15 Bradley, W.H., Feb. 18, 1915
16 Bradley, W.H., Feb. 1, 1916 - Dec. 9, 1916
17 Broadbent, Fuller S., Sept. 27, 1910 - Oct. 31, 1910
18 County Clerk & Recorder, Kanab Kane County, Utah, Sept. 17-20, 1910
19 International Correspondence Schools, Oct. 17, 1910
110 John Crerar Library, Feb. 10-11, 1966
111 Johnson, Jerry, Nov. 5, 1910 - Jan. 4, 1911
112 Jones, A.H., Letters to Isadore Jones (mother), Dec. 24-30, 1908
113 Jones, A.H., Letters to Isadore Jones (mother), Jan. 14, 1909 - Feb. 11, 1909
114 Jones, A.H., Letters to Isadore Jones (mother), Jan. 23, 1910 - Aug. 17, 1910
115 Letters from A.H. Jones to his mother (list), Dec. 1908 - April 1913
116 Marston, Otis "Dock", Aug. 20, 1964 - Dec. 29, 1964
Correspondence between Dock Marston, Albert Jones and Art Waller, discussing the Spencer mining operations down the San Juan and Colorado Rivers. Topics discussed include: boats used to navigate the San Juan and Colorado Rivers; placer locations and mining claims; gold and coal mining; mining equipment; and the location identification of photographs in Jones' collection. Also includes photographs of boats, maps of portions of the Colorado and San Juan Rivers, and a copy of an article printed in Arizona Highways on Charlie Spencer and his steamboat, written by W.L. Rusho.
A digital version of this document is available online here.
117 Marston, Otis "Dock", Jan. 6, 1965 - Dec. 28, 1965
118 Marston, Otis "Dock", Jan. 15, 1966 - Dec. 26, 1966
119 Marston, Otis "Dock", June 12-16, 1967
120 Mayrant, E.H., Sept. 23, 1910
121 Reilly, P.T., May 21, 1967 - Jan. 17, 1968
122 Reilly, P.T., Jan. 23, 1968 - Dec. 20, 1968
123 Reilly, P.T., June 27, 1969 - Sept. 28, 1969
124 Reilly, P.T., Dec. 14, 1970
125 Reilly, P.T., July 21, 1974 - May 29, 1975
126 Reilly, P.T., June 1, 1975
127 Rogerson, S.J., Sept. 23-27, 1910
128 Rusho, W.L., May 9, 1960 - Dec. 29, 1960
129 Rusho, W.L., Jan. 12, 1961 - Dec. 27, 1961
130 Rusho, W.L., Aug. 15, 1962 - Oct. 29, 1962
131 Rusho, W.L., Dec. 31, 1963 - Dec. 25, 1964
132 Rusho, W.L., Jan. 24, 1965 - May 22, 1965
133 Rusho, W.L., May 10, 1968
134 Waller, Art, Nov. 27, 1966 - March 27, 1967
135 Waller, Art, May 13, 1967 - Aug. 25, 1967
136 Waller, Art, April 17, 1968 - Dec. 30, 1968
137 Waller, Art, March 1, 1969 - Oct. 20, 1969
138 Waller, Art, Postcards, April-July, 1972
139 Waller, Art, July 23, 1972 - Oct. 4, 1972
140 Waller, Art, Aug. 3, 1972 - Feb. 12, 1973
141 Waller, Art, Jan. 5, 1973 - June 13, 1973
Series 2: Journals / Fieldnotes, Feb. - Aug. 1910
142 Daily Journal of A.H. Jones, Civil Engineer, May 2 - Aug. 17, 1910
143 Field Notes, Surveys for Placer Locations and Water Appropriations on San Juan and Colorado Rivers, May 3 - Aug. 31, 1910
A digital version of this document is available online here.
144 San Juan River, Feb. - March, 1910
NAU.MS.385.03 Series 3: Surveying Documents, 1909 - 1930
245 Additional and Amended Location Certificate, Placer Mining Claim (blank).
246 Agreement of Publisher, 1930
247 Application for Patent, for the Sherman Placer, Eureka Placer, and Mag Pie Placer.
248 Colorado Irrigation Construction Co., Cook House Expenditures (blank).
249 Colorado Irrigation Construction Co., Kitchen Report (blank).
250 Colorado Irrigation Construction Co., Pay Roll (blank).
251 Computation sheet for direct solar observations (blank). ,
252 Current Measurement of Colorado River at Lee's Ferry, Ariz.
253 Detailed Statement and Account of Engineering Work (blank). ,
254 Employee's and Employer's Social Security Payment and Personnel Record (blank). ,
255 Estimated cost of sluicing 4480 cubic yards of sand per day of 24 hours.
256 Estimated profit of sluicing 4480 cubic yards per 24 hour day.
257 Lexicon (Navajo).
258 List of food and provisions.
259 Location certificate, placer mining claim (blank).
260 Location certificate, placer mining claim, Red Ledge No. 2 & 3, Aug. 1910
261 Measure distance from river to nearest deposit of blue silts on right bank of Colorado River at old stone fort, Lee's Ferry, Ariz., July 19, 1910
262 Monthly Time Book, Dec. 1909 - April 1910
263 Notice of mining location (blank).
264 Notice of mining location, Warm Creek no. 2 & 3, Aug, 1910
265 Placer location notice (blank).
266 Points of interest on Colo. River below Lee's Ferry.
267 Prices as given by the Struby-Estabrook Co., Denver.
268 Quit Claim Deed (blank).
269 Review of mining operations on the San Juan & Colorado Rivers, 1908-1911, by A.H. Jones, 1960
270 State of Colorado, engineering department, current meter note (blank).
271 Surveying Notes, 1911-1916
272 Table of Approximate Distance.
Published Materials, 1906 - 2003
273 Arizona Republic, Where Peaceful Waters Flow, Stanley, John, May 22, 2003
274 Civil Engineering, Construction Begins on Glen Canyon Dam, Dexheimer, W.A., July, 1957.
275 Colorado River Basin, Surface Water Supply, 1910
276 Don't Damn All Dams, Dufresne, Frank, April, 1956.
277 Family Circle, May, 1952
278 First Motor Sortie into Escalante Land, Breed, Jack, Sept., 1949
279 Geology of Lee's Ferry Area, Mineral Resources, Phoenix, David A., 1963.
280 Glen Canyon Dam and Steel-arch Bridge: Souvenir Guidebook, Jones, Stan, 1984
281 Lake Powell: Jewel of the Colorado,
282 Panoramic Perspective of Glen Canyon Unit (map).
283 Plateau: A Quarterly, Volume 29, no. 2, Oct., 1956
284 Printed Maps (Colorado River).
285 Rainbow Bridge.
286 Rainbow Bridge National Monument, Utah, 1969
287 Resume - Lower Colorado River Basin Project.
288 Suggestion, Suggestion's Change in Proprietor, Nov. 1, 1906
289 Sunday Empire, Sept. 26, 1971
290 The Colorado, A Wild and Beautiful River Is Put to Work for Man.
291 The Colorado River Storage Project and Participating Projects, Dexheimer, W.A., 1956
292 The Colorado River Story: The Factual Background ,
293 The Sites at Vasey's Paradise, Reilly, P.T., Oct. - Dec. 1966
294 Topographic Map Symbol Sheet, March 1959
295 Topographic Map Symbol Sheet, April, 1962
296 True Westerner, Desert Dreamer, Kidare, Maurice, Sept.-Oct., 1969
297 Untitled Form.
298 Warm Creek Shelter - Crumbling Ruins Tell Story of Gold, Jennings, Bruce.
299 Western Construction, A pre-bid look at site and construction problems of Glen Canyon Dam, McClellan, L.N., Feb., 1957
NAU.PH.2006.12 Photographs 1908-1960
Scope and Contents
The photograph collection contains images of mines and mining operations along the San Juan River and the West.
Digital versions of parts of this collection are available online here.
Series 1: Loose leaf notebooks - Spencer Mining Operations 1908-1960
Scope and Contents
Contents were previously in a binder and include a multi-page report compiled for the United States Department of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation in 1960, called the "Spencer Mining Operations on the San Juan River and in Glen Canyon" which accompanies 8x10 black and white photographs documenting the activities of the Charles H. Spencer mining crew on the San Juan River and eventually in Glen Canyon and near Lee's Ferry on the Colorado River.
NAU.PH.2006. Mining Operations on the San Juan River and in Glen Canyon (Report and accompanying photographs) 1950s + 1960s 40 Photographic imagesIncludes an 11 page report which accompanies the 40 photographs
Scope and Contents
Includes narrative by Albert H. Jones along with photographs by Albert H. Jones Arthur C. Waller and W.L. Rusho.
Separated Materials
Images included in this report but taken by Emery Kolb were separated by SCA staff and included in folder # 2 of this photographic colleciton, possibly due to a rights question.
NAU.PH.2006. images separated from the 1960 U.S. Bureau of Reclamation report on the Spencer Mining Operations 1910-1911 18 Photographic images
Scope and Contents
Photographs taken by Emery Kolb of the construction and completed steam boat (the Charles H. Spencer) at Lee's Ferry along with other mining artifacts in 1910.
This series of photographs appears to have been separated from folder 1 of the loose leaf notebook by SCA staff member who processed the collection because the photos were taken by Emery Kolb. There might have been a rights question at the time.
Series 2: Colo River trip [album with panoramic shots] 1909-1910
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.1Oljato Trading Post, Oljato Utah 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.2San Juan River near Great Bend, river mile 106 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.3n Juan River at Great Bend, river mile 108 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.4San Juan River at Piute Farms, river mile 87 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.5San Juan River at Nokai Canyon River mile 96.5 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.6San Juan Basin from the slopes of Piute Mesa, river mile 98 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.7Nokai Canyon joins the San Juan River, river mile 96.5 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.8San Juan River from the Slopes of Piute Mesa, river mile 99 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.9Traditional Navajo hogan, San Juan basin 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.10San Juan River below Piute Mesa, river mile 99 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.11San Juan River at river mile 100 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.12San Juan Basin, John Marks by transit 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.13Spencer Camp, San Juan River mile 102 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.14Spencer Mine, San Juan River mile 102 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.15San Juan River mile 99.5 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.16Spencer Camp, San Juan River mile 102 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.17San Juan Basin at foot of Piute Mesa 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.18Camp on Piute Mesa. Navajo Mountain in the background 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.19San Juan River near Great Bend river mile 106 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.20San Juan River at Spencer Camp, river mile 102 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.21n Juan River below Spencer Camp, river mile 103 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.22San Juan River at the goosenecks, river mile 38 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.23San Juan Basin near Piute Mesa 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.24San Juan River 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.25San Juan River at the foot of Piute Mesa, river mile 117 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.26San Juan Basin from Piute Mesa 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.27San Juan Basin 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.28San Juan Basin 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.29San Juan Basin 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.30San Juan River at the goosenecks, river mile 39 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.31Prairie with horse and carriage 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.32Two women near a camp 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.33Spencer Mine, San Juan River mile 102 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.34San Juan Basin 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.35Surveyors at a camp 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.36Surveyors on a prairie 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.37Surveyors on a prairie 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.38Surveyors on a prairie 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.39Group of men in front of a camp 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.40Surveyors 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.2.41Men in the snow in front of a mine 1909
Series 3: Photo album, Photos of San Juan and Colorado Rivers - associated negatives and reproductions 1908-1910
Scope and Contents
This collection includes a photographic album and associated negatives and prints from locations in Monument Valley, camp sites, San Juan River crossings, bull teams carrying camp equipment, rock formations, petroglyphs, Navajo life, sheep, Oljato Trading Post. Also included with the album is Albert Jones' typed guide which identifies each image.
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.##-###Photo album 1908-1910
Scope and Contents
This album includes photographs from locations in Monument Valley, camp sites, San Juan River crossings, bull teams carrying camp equipment, rock formations, petroglyphs, Navajo life, sheep, Oljato Trading Post. Also included is Albert jones' typed guide which identifies each image.
Negatives 1908-1910
Scope and Contents
These negatives are the originals that were used to create the post card album.
Call numbers were given based on the page and photo number found in the album. When items have an "A" or "B" in the call number, that was assigned by Jones himself and his organization (numbering system) was honored by SCA staff.
NAU.PH.2006. Group 1908-1910
Scope and Contents
This is the first group of negatives that correlate with the images in the album. Included is a two page numbered list with titles for each image, 1-110
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.A1-A98Group A 1908-1910
Scope and Contents
Black and white negatives for the photographs that are found in the album. Also included are descriptions for each negative that correlates with the photo guide included with the post card album.
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.B-1-B-98Group B 1908-1910
NAU.PH.2006. Juan River near Mohki Lagoon 1909
NAU.PH2006. Mesa, San Juan 1909
Moving equipment from Naka Canyon to Spencer's camp 1909
NAU.PH2006. Rim Road to Spencer's camp 1909
NAU>PH.2006. Mesa- pot holes 1909
NAU.PH.2006. on Paiute Mesa 1909-03
NAU.PH.2006. arrives at Spencer's camp 1909-03
NAU.PH.2006. mile post on Arizona, Utah boundary line 1909
NAU.PH.2006. at Camp Ibex 1909-03
NAU.PH.2006. Ibex 1909-03
NAU.PH.2006. at Camp Ibex 1909-03-19
NAU.PH.2006. at Camp Ibex 1909-03
NAU.PH.2006. at Camp Ibex 1909-03
NAU.PH.2006. at Camp Ibex 1909-03
NAU.PH.2006.12.44.A-1Mule Train 1909-12-23
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.45.A-4Road to Objeto 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.46.A-5Road from Chinle to Objeto 1909-12-25
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.46.A-6Ten yoke of oxen and 4 teams of mules on the road from Chinle to Oljato 1909-12
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.47.A-7Bull teams leaving Objato 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.48.A-11Objeto Trading Post 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.49.A-12Navajo sheep and goats 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.49.A-13Shoeing oxen 1910-01
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.50.A-14El Capitan 1910
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.54.A-58Loading wagon parts on boat on San Juan 1910-03
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.56.A-37Bull teams 1910-03
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.56.A-38Oxen on steep incline 1910-03
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.57.A-42Camp Ibex 1910-02
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.61.B-44Cummings Mesa and Navajo Mountain 1910-06
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.62.A-47Zahn's Camp 1910-03
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.63.A-51Group at Objeto 1910
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.84.B-2Cliff dweller ruins 1910
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.68.B-4Moon camp - Dolores Utah 1910
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.67.B-6Eight horse and mule teams, Dolores Utah 1910
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.64.B-7Jones and Spencer's mule (Pete), a sigle footer 1910
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.64.B-16One of the Mitten Rocks 1910
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.64.B-17Our pack train and the mittens rocks 1910
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.66.B-12San Juan River at Mexican Hat 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.67.B-42Part of our pack outfit on Escalante 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.68.B-20Piaute Creek on the way to Lee's Ferry 1910
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.69.B-11Bridge over San Juan River 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.70.B-45Tip of Navajo Point 1909
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.72.B-28A fine water hole at the edge of Escalante Desert 1910
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.73.B-26Marks left, George Spencer, Chas Spencer on a shoulder of Navajo Mountain 1910
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.73.B-35Harry Wetsel and the mule at a water hole at edge of Escalante Desert 1910
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.74.B-27Kaiparawitz Plateau 1910
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.74.B-39Mouth of Warm Creek on Colorado River 1910
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.74.B-43View from Crossing of the Fathers 1910
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.78.B-30Crossing at Lee's Ferry 1910-05
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.79.B-29Pack crossing Colorado River at Lee's Ferry 1910-05
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.79.B-36Escalante Desert, G. Spencer 1910
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.80.B-05Bluff, Utah 1910
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.83.B-18Navajo Creek Canyon 1910
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.83.B-19Horses in Quicksand 1910
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.86.B-46Landon left and C.H. Spencer in Tipton's steel launch w called Mullin's Boat 1910
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.87.B-33Southeast of Crossing of the Fathers 1910
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.82..B-48Navajos swimming 1910
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.95.B-51Sentinel Rock in Glen Canyon 1910
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.72.B-55Shale near Lee's Ferry gave way and we nearly lost our load into the Colorado River 1910
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.78.B-56Lee's Ferry Ranch 1910-07
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.85.B-57Final packing for trip from Lee's Ferry 1910-08
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.76.B-58Plant at Lee's Ferry 1910-08
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.88.B-61Jones and his transit 1910
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.88.B-62McDermid, L, Nungesser in the skiffwe built at Lee's Ferry 1910
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.81.B-65Launching ceremony 1910-07
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.81.B-66Launching the launch 1910
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.76.B-69Lovett pipe dredge 1910
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.76.B-70Lovett pipe dredge 1910
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.77.B-71Lovett pipe dredge 1910
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.77.B-73Mayrant at winch 1910
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.91.B-76Mile 37 1910
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.93.B-80Colorado river mile 40 to 60 in Glen Canyon 1910
NAU.PH.2006.12.3.98.B-91Colorado River 2.5 miles below the mouth of the Escalante River 1910
NAU.PH.2006.12.4Miscellaneous prints circa 1910-1913 This file is located in the box containing NAU.PH.2006. to NAU.PH.2006.
Scope & Contents
Miscellaneous photographs include an image of Lees Ferry Fort, circa 1910, and an image of straited limestone in southern Utah from 1912 or 1913, as well as an image of an unidentified man standing in snow and an unlabeled photograph of what appears to be downtown Flagstaff, Arizona.
NAU.MS.385.map.1274 Maps 1916-1952 20 USGS topographic maps (some annotated)
Scope and Contents
Includes 20 USGS maps (some of them annotated) from Arizona and Utah, areas of Jones' travels.
MS.385.map.1274.7Agathla Peak, Arizona Utah 1952
MS.385.map.1274.8Boot Mesa, Arizona Utah 1952
MS.385.map.1274.9Clay Hills, Utah 1954
MS.385.map.1274.10Cummings Mesa, Utah, AZ 1953
MS.385.map.1274.11Gunsight Butte, Utah, AZ 1953
MS.385.map.1274.12Lake Canyon, Utah 1953
MS.385.map.1274.13Leche-E Rock, AZ 1953
MS.385.map.1274.14Lees Ferry, AZ 1954
MS.385.map.1274.15Navajo Creek, AZ 1954
MS.385.map.1274.16Navajo Mountain, Utah, AZ 1953
MS.385.map.1274.17Nipple Butte, Utah, AZ 1953
MS.385.map.1274.18No Mans Mesa, Utah, AZ 1953
MS.385.map.1274.19Oljeto, Utah AZ 1952
MS.385.map.1274.20The Rincon, Utah 1953
MS.385.map.1274.1Navajo Country, AZ, NM and Utah 1916
MS.385.map.1274.20Geological Map of the Navajo Country, AZ, NM and Utah 1916
MS.385.map.1274.3Arizona Index Map
MS.385.map.1274.4Colorado Index Map
MS.385.map.1274.5Utah Index Map
MS.385.map.1274.6Utah Index Map