Karan English Collection, 1978-1994.

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1Series one, boxes 1-42, eight subseries of material which document English's years as a Coconino County Supervisor, 1978-1988.
Subseries one, boxes 1-3, correspondence while a county supervisor, 1980-1986.
Subseries two, box 3, Personal information and writings, 1980-1986.
Subseries three, boxes 4-15, material related to business of Coconino County, 1978-1986.
1Subseries four, boxes 16-33, contains subject files for Coconino County issues, 1980-1986.
Subseries five, boxes 34-39, consists of files covering the issue of job training in Coconino County. This includes federal, state, and local county programs, 1981-1986.
Subseries six, boxes 39-40, contains campaign and elections material, 1980-1984.
Subseries seven, box 41, contains material related to the Coconino County Improvement Districts of Doney Park, Forest Lakes and Kachina Village - cover water and fire issues.
Subseries eight, box 42, is made up of files documenting English's participation in the National Association of Counties, 1984-1985.
Series two, boxes 43-72, seven subseries of material documenting English's two terms as a member of the ARizona House of Representatives, 1986-1990.
Subseries one, boxes 43-47, contains correspondence, 1986-1990.
Subseries two, box 47, consists of personal information about and writings by Karan English., 1986-1990.
Subseries three, boxes 48-56, contains legislative files covering the many different topics dealt with by the Arizona House, 1986-1990.
Subseries four, boxes 57-65, consists of files relating to the issue of AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome).
Subseries five, boxes 65-67, Is made up of files pertaining to the Arizona Conservation Corps (ACC).
Subseries six, boxes 68-70, consists of files pertaining to hazardous waste legislation in Arizona.
Subseries seven, boxes 71-72, consists of material related to the impeachment of Arizona Governor Evan Mecham.
9Series three, boxes 73-91, six subseries of material which document English's term as a member of the Arizona Senate, 1991-1992.
Subseries one, box 73, consists of correspondence, 1991-1992.
Subseries two, box 74, is made up of English's personal records, 1991-1992.
9Subseries three, boxes 74-82, consists of legislative files.
Subseries four, boxes 83-85, consists of information covering air quality issues.
Subseries five, boxes 86-90, consists of files relating to the hazardous waste issue.
Subseries six, box 91, contains files covering the Arizona state budget, 1992-1993.
13Series four, boxes 92-182, three subseries with several sub-subseries of material covering a wide range of topics addressed during English's term in the United States Congress, 1992-1994.
2Subseries one, boxes 92-141, consists of files created in English's Washington, D.C. office, 1992-1994.
9Subseries two, boxes 142-171, consists of the U.S. House files from Karan English's Flagstaff, AZ office, 1992-1994.
Subseries three, boxes 172-182, is made up of U.S. House files from Karan English's Mesa, AZ office, 1992-1994.
Series five, boxes 183-194, include files which contain newspaper articles, 1992-1994.
NAU.PH.97.54, Photographs: . 1993-1994