Georgie Clark Collection, 1898-1994.

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1Series one, Georgie Clark, 1931-1992.
Subseries one, boxes 1 and 2, scrapbooks, 1942-1976.
Subseries two, box two, journals, 1931-1978.
Subseries three, box two, correspondence, 1956-1992.
Subseries four, box two, printed material, 1944-1992.
Subseries five, box 3, maps, topographical, and profile, ca. 1950.
Subseries six, box three, photographs, ca. 1938-1976.
Subseries seven, box three, artifact, 1959.
Subseries eight, Video Tapes (NAU.VT.92.17.1-2). 1979.
1Subseries nine, Moving Images (NAU.MI.92.17.1-19). 1945-1990.
198Series two, Friends of Georgie, 1898-1994.
Subseries one, box 4, Robert Atherton, 1958-1992.
Subseries two, box four, Dr. and Mrs. Robert Baer, 1962-1993.
Subseries three, box four, Dr. Fred Darvill, 1961-1992.
Subseries four, Lois Englebright photographs, 1961.
Subseries five, Ludwig Fromme photographs, 1961.
Subseries six, box four, Delphine Gallagher, 1960-1992.
Subseries seven, box four, Fr. John F. Hayes, 1993.
1Subseries eight, box four, Rosalyn Jirge, 1898-1994.
189Subseries nine, boxes 4, 6, and 7, L.C.B. McCullough, 1956-1991.
Subseries ten, box four and eight, NAU.PH.92.17.2-24, Lee McCurry, 1928-1995.
Subseries eleven, Peggy Schmidt, 1966-1969.
Subseries twelve, box four, Marion and Richard Smith, 1955-1984.
Subseries thirteen, box four, Helen Strzelecki, 1992.
8Subseries fourteen, box four, Sylvia Tone, 1965-1992.
Subseries fifteen, Phyllis Wilken photographs, 1983-1989
Subseries sixteen, box 5, artifacts, 1970-1992.