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Harvey Butchart Collection


Creator: Butchart, John Harvey
Collection NameHarvey Butchart Collection,
Dates: 1932-1987
Quantity: 10 feet of manuscript material, 7329 slides and 52 annotated maps
AbstractThe John Harvey Butchart Collection consists of Butchart's correspondence and original trail logs relating to his experiences as a Grand Canyon hiker. The collection also contains published articles about the Grand Canyon, photographs of the canyon, and a series of maps annotated by Butchart.
Identification: NAU.MS.168
Language English
Repository Cline Library. Special Collections and Archives Department.
Northern Arizona University
Box 6022
Flagstaff, AZ 86011-6022
Phone: 928 523 5551
Fax: 928 523 3770

Biographical Note

John Harvey Butchart was born, to missionary parents, in Hofei, China in 1907. He received his early education at an American school in Hofei. After the death of his physician father in 1916, the family returned to the United States. Butchart attend and graduated from Eureka College in 1929. He went on to earn his masters and doctorate in mathematics from the University of Illinois in 1929 and 1932. He was a professor of math at Iowa's Grinnell College until he and his wife Roma moved to Northern Arizona for the health of their asthmatic daughter Anne. In 1945 he accepted a job in the Mathematics Department of Arizona State College (now NAU) from which he retired in 1976.

During his tenure at NAU he became involved with the ASC Hiking Club and served as its sponsor for twelve years. During this time he hiked most of the main trails of the Grand Canyon. His explorations eventually branched out to abandoned, prehistoric and animal trails.

In his 40 plus years of Canyon exploration, Butchart found 108 approaches to the Colorado River, climbed 83 summits within the canyon and scaled canyon walls at 164 different places. He carefully documented all of these explorations - both in correspondence with other hikers and in his trail logs. He published Grand Canyon Treks I, II, and III. Harvey completed his last hike in the Grand Canyon in 1987 at the age of 80. He died on May 29, 2002, in Tucson Arizona just two months after his wife of 73 years.

Biography compiled using excerpts from Butchart's obituary.

Scope and Content

The Harvey Butchart collection contains the correspondence, trail logs and collected articles, slides and maps of long time Grand Canyon hiker Harvey Butchart. The correspondence in this collection is extensive.

Slides in this collection (NAU.PH.70.3) feature many of Butchart's hikes in and around the Grand Canyon. Images include places such as Tatahatso Point, Buck Farm Canyon, Nankoweap, Nevilles Rapids, Hermit Trail, Phantom Canyon and many more.

The map portion of the collection (NAU.MAP.550) includes Butchart's most famous annotated East/West halves of the Grand Canyon National Park, along with numerous 7.5 and 15 minute USGS topographic maps.


SCA staff organized the Harvey Butchart materials into 3 format-based subgroups:
NAU.MS.168 - Subgroup 1: Manuscripts, 1946-1987
NAU.MS.168.01 - Series 1: Correspondence, 1946-1985
NAU.MS.168.02 - Series 2: Published articles, 1946-1985
NAU.MS.168.03 - Series 3: Trail logs, 1946-1980
NAU.MS.168.04 - Series 4: Photocopies of trail logs
NAU.PH.70.3 - Subgroup 2: Slides, 1956-1976
NAU.MAP.550 - Subgroup 3: Maps, 1932-1971





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Hiking--Arizona--Grand Canyon.
Natural history--Arizona--Grand Canyon.
Natural history--Arizona--Grand Canyon.
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Administrative Information

Digital Material Available

Digitized materials from the Harvey Butchart Collection are available through Digital Collections. Select "Colorado Plateau Archives." Use the advanced search menu to search for "Harvey Butchart" in the "Creator" field.

Credit Line

MANUSCRIPT [Description or title of item or file.] Harvey Butchart Collection, NAU.MS.168, Series [ ], Box [ ], Folder [ ]. Northern Arizona University. Cline Library, Special Collections and Archives

PHOTOGRAPH [Description or title of item or file.] Harvey Butchart Collection, NAU.PH.70.3, Series [ ], Box [ ], Folder [ ]. Northern Arizona University. Cline Library, Special Collections and Archives

MAP [Description or title of item or file.] Harvey Butchart Collection,[ ]. Northern Arizona University. Cline Library, Special Collections and Archives

Processing Information

The first Butchart guide included only the manuscript portion of the collection because at that time collections were processed separately by format. At some point the photographic portion was added with each item containing redundant information such as item format. In 2020 these records were cleaned up with the redundant information removed and placed in the scope and content note.

Previous to 2020 all SCA maps were assigned map numbers. In 2020 our extensive map collections were reorganized. Maps which were not associated with collections were assigned Library of Congress call numbers while maps that were associated with collections maintained the original map number within the associated manuscript collection. For assistance with maps, please ask an SCA employee.

Container List

Subgroup 1: Manuscripts , 1946-1985
Series 1: Correspondence, 1946-1987 (10 boxes)
Correspondence has been organized in alphabetical then chronological order based on sender and date. Key geographical names have been included in the Folder descriptions
Scope & Contents
These letters represent correspondence with a who's who of Grand Canyon hiking and exploration. Some names of note are Bill Belknap, Otis (Doc) Marston, and Colin Fletcher, The letters are significant as Butchart discusses canyon routes.
1 1 Correspondence: Harry B. Adams to Butchart, 1962
Topics include: Appalachia, rock climbing, Howie Goff.
1 2-5 Correspondence: Stewart Aitcheson to Butchart, 1981-1986
Topcs include: Wild and Scenic Expeditions, publication, Bill Kemsley, publication, Bruce Grubbs, Alpiner, hiking guide, Notes on hood of truck
1 6 Correspondence: Allyn to Butchart, 1979
Topic: running, marathons in Grand Canyon.
1 7-10 Correspondence: John J. Annerino to Butchart, 1976
Topics include: Arizona trail run, Thunder River, South Bass, Saddle Mountain, Butte Fault, Hotautha, Shinumo Creek, Dave Ganci, Angel's Gate, Clear Creek, Wahalla Plateau, Cape Royal, Coconino Ridge, Wotan's Throne, Bob Euler, Canyoneering, Doc Marston, Osiris, Tower of Ra, Shiva, Little Colorado River Gorge, Blue Springs Trail, Moqui Trail.
1 11 Correspondence: Arnold Bache to Butchart, 1968
Topics include: Paria Canyon, Nakoweap, Hack, Kanab Canyon, desert bighorn sheep.
1 12-13 Correspondence: George Bain to Butchart, 1981-1982
Topics include: rafting, Zoroaster, Buddha, Sinyala, Vishnu, 50 caliber machine gun, bullet, tracer round, Coconino Creek, Phantom Ranch, Cheops, Shiva, Isis, Tooth Rock, Steve Glass, Separation Canyon, Emery Falls, Dan Suthers, Grand Canyon Summits, Bruce Grubbs, Excalibur, Will Downs, Bob Packard, Kenton Grua, Burnt Springs, Mount Sinyala, Carbonate Canyon, Glenn Rink, Jane Reukema, jeep trails to Galahad and Bedivere points, DragonHead, Shiva, Brahma, Angel's Gate, Woton's Throne, Colonade, Elaine Castle, Shinumo Ampitheatre, Tatahatso Wash, Nautloid Canyon, Jim Haggasrt, John Annerino, Lee's Ferry, Nankoweap Beach, Maglose Crest, Candace, Butterworth, Kwagunt, Tuckupbanded gecko, Diamond Peak, Glen Rink, Kevin Padden, Larry Coasts, Stone Creek, Bill Ott, Will Downs.
1 14-18 Correspondence: George Bain to Butchart, 1984-1987
Topics include: W.L. Gore, The San Juan River, Desolation Canyon, Rock Creek Ranch, B-52 bomber crash, Steve Carothers, Cataract Canyon, Dugald Bremner, Larry Coates, Comanche Creek, Shoshone point, Cremation Canyon, Redwall Finn, Tanner, Saddle Mountain, Shoshone Point, Pattie Buttie, Tonto, Sigfried's Pyre, Confucius, Commanche Point, Glenn Rink, Hopi Salt Trail, Blue Springs, Dave Ganci, Jeff Bowman, Chip Norton, Dirty Devil River, Happy Canyon, Coronado Butte, bighorn sheep, Battleship, Coronado Register, Kaibab, Hance, Annerino, Nels Nieme, Drift Fence, Diana Temple, Fossil Mountain Sapphire Rapid, Pumpkin Spring, Siddhartha Temple, Alpineer, Espejo Butte, Surprise Canyon, Rich Staley, Vishnu, Craig Newman, Stan Mish, Dave Dawson, Dave Lowrey, Bridge of Sighs, Dave Dawson, Buckfarm Canyon, ruins, prehistoric trail, Spoonhead Ohlman, Malgosa Crest, Fishtail Canyon.
1 19 Correspondence: George Steck to Butchart. , 1983
Topics include: The Powell Plateau, Robert Benson, Grua.
1 19A Correspondence: Ginger Harmon to Butchart, 1981
1 20 Correspondence: Betty Bartlett to Butchart, 1984
Topic: Grand Canyon Pioneers.
1 21-22 Correspondence: L.K. Battson to Butchart, 1965 & 1969
Topics include: Colin Fletcher, To Tell the Truth, Doc Marston, Gila Bend, Mooz.
1 23 Correspondence: Scott Baxter to Butchart, 1981
Topics include: Oral Interview, George Bain, Haunted Canyon, Redwall Route, Chuck Johnson, Zoroaster Temple, Ute.
1 24-25 Correspondence: Robert E. Beach to Butchart, 1969-1970
Topics include a proposed hiking trip, Aerial Tramway, Thunder River, Indian Hollow Trail, Glen Canyon.
1 26 Correspondence: George Beck to Butchart, 1965-1978
Topics include: Tapeats, Don Finicum, Dragon Creek, Nymphs, Bath, Stone Creek, map to Stone Creek showing ruins/prehistoric sites. Dutton Cave, Deer Creek, helicopter use, Grama Point, Don Davis.
1 27 Correspondence: Joel Berger to Butchart, 1974
Topics include: Feral horses, Great Thumb Mesa, historic sites.
1 28 Correspondence: Betty to Butchart. , 1969.
1 29-36 Correspondence: George Billingsley to Butchart, 1976-1987
Topics include: Snyder Mine, Wildcat Ranch, Shanley Spring, Canyonlands, Hacks Canyon, Burnt Canyon, Jan Jensen, SB Canyon, Tucker Canyon, Buckskin Gulch, Will Downs, Map of Isis Temple area, Salt Canyon, prehistoric sites, ruins, woven material, an arrow shaft, a prehistoric bridge, Twin Springs Canyon, Little Colorado River, Ward Terrace, Kanab Creek, Deer Creek, bighorn sheep, Bass Trail, Surprise Canyon, Diamond Creek, the Redwall, Mohawk Canyon, National Canyon, Diamond Creek, photos of route to river at Redwall, Surprise Canyon, Burnt Canyon, Rampart Canyon, Hualapai Indians, Bt. Tower, Donald Davis, Redwall Limestone, Corkscrew Cave, Talackapaki, John Green.
1 37 Correspondence: Harold Bockelman to Butchart, 1977
Topics include: Salt Trail, Tanner, Powell's route, Comanche, Redwall.
1 38 Correspondence: Eric Britten to Butchart, 1979
Topics include: "Grand Canyon Treks", Ottoman Amphitheatre, and Phantom Canyon.
1 39 Correspondence: Bonz to Butchart, 1986.
Topics include: Four Peaks, Rogers Trough, Rogers Canyon Cliff Dwellings, Havasuapi.
1 40-43 Correspondence: Dick Brown to Butchart, 1986-1987
1 44 Correspondence: Bruce to Butchart, 1976.
Topics include: The Arizona Mountaineering Club, The Park Service, hiking guides, Central Arizona Guide, The Tanner Trail, Hance Creek, Willow Creek, Pete Berry, Ralph Cameron, Niles Cameron, Ed Gale, Robert Ferguson, Tom McMillan, William Henry Ashurst, Grand Canyon Mining District, Cottonwood Creek, John Hance, Grandview Trail, Grandview Toll Road, Louis D. Boucher, Grapevine, Frank Hull, Canyon Copper Company, Last Chance Mine, Horseshoe Mesa, Sailor Boy mine, Cottonwood, Horn Creek, White Elephant Mine, Horseshoe Mesa, Kid Mine, Willow Creek, Grapevine, Pipe Creek, Eureka Mine, Chief Mine, Black Diamond, Silver Islet Mine, Pipe Creek.
1 45 Correspondence: Fred W. Bruenger to Butchart, 1970
Topics include: The Tanner Trail, Elves Chasm, Crazy Jug Point, Monument Point.
1 46-47 Correspondence: Chet Bundy to Butchart, 1977-1978
Topics include: Indian Gardens, Kuling.
1 48-50 Correspondence: Gale Burak to Butchart, 1979-1986
1 51-54 Correspondence: Bob Burleson to Butchart, 1965-1968
Topics include: The Colorado River, Wotans Throne, Cape Royal, Texas Explorers Club, Big Bend Canyon, Santa Elena Canyon, Marcario Hinojas, Pete Koch, Burro Mesa, Grand Canyon guide book, Capote Falls, Mesa de Anguila, Lajitas, Time and River Flowing, Sierra Club, Rio Grande Canyon, Big Bend National Park, Sierra Club, summit.
1 55-57 Correspondence: Dowling "Speed" Campbell to Butchart, 1983-1985
Topics include: The Grand Canyon: Perspectives in Process, Ribbon Falls, Phantom Creek, Escalante River, Hance Trail, G.W. James, Tanner, Escalante, Poem "The Intimate Grand", Point Imperial, Mt. Hayden, Fossil Creek, Royal Arch, Point Huitzil, petroglyph rock art, Saddle Mountain, Grand Canyon Humor.
1 58-66 Correspondence: Roy Carpenter to Butchart, 1976-1987
Topics include: Navajo Bridge, Russel drowning, Gilbert Hansen, General John Pershinh. Lee's Ferry, Domingue Escalante, Stanton Survey 1892 1890, Fred (Gerald) Bunker "Arizona Northland Trails", Chockstone, Little Coyote, Beaver Canyons, Royal Arch Creek, Garnet, Hakatai Cable, Gawain Abyss, Boucher Canyon, Travertine Canyon, Manakacha Point, Apache War Trail, Rope Trail, House Rock Valley, Horse Thief Trail, Anasazi, prehistory, Ann Sutton, Cheyaya Falls, ruins, Clear Creek, Bourke Point, Michel Ebersole, Navajo, Chuar Creek, Ungnade Maroon Bells, prehistoric trail, Nakoweap Route 1882, Hamblin guidebook, Hansbrough 1889, F.M. Brown 1889, Mesa de Anguilla, Hyde 1927, Stanton, Blue Spring Trail, Jones 1883, Gilson Murder, Navajo Rock Cairn, Ute Battle, caves, spelunking, prehistoric trail, Willow Tanks 1889, Cliff Dweller Lodge, John D. Lee, Mountain Meadow Buzzard Highline Trail, Map of Buzzard Highline Trail, Map of Saddle Canyon area. Zene Grey 190, C.J. Johnes, 1882 nude inscription, Mystic Falls, Corral Ruins, Dan Hogan, Emery Kolb, Chief Begonine Horse Trail. Nankoweap, Living Rock, Crampton, "Honey Moon Trail", White Sands, Rainbow Bridge, Horse Thief Trail, "mustangers", Buckskin Mountain B.A. Griffin, Lockheed, "From Honeymoon to Horsethief", Louise Hincklife, Kolb, Desert View, Alan Doty, Jim Purcell, House Rock Valley, Dellenbaugh, Marble Canyon, Guadalupe peak South Rim, House Rock Springs. Rock Valley, House Spencer Trail, Billingsley, Marston, Geoge MaCormick, "Desert River Crossing", Paria Plateau, Melvin McCormick, Navajo Springs, Michel Ebersole, Deep Hole, Jim White, Jacob's Pools, Separation Canyon, Ben Beamer, Thunder River, Oneita Smith, Hopi salt deposit, Jim Emett, Charles Dimmick, Harry McDonald, hiking boots, Blue Spring Trail, Chuck Petty, Jornado del Muerto, Lonesome Ridge, Lincoln National Forest, Pat Emery, Tanner Trail, Chief Begonia, Cedar Mountain, Lee's Ferry, Gilson murder mystery, Kwagunt, Big Bend, Elaine Latimer, pictures, French letter form Joic, Little Colorado junction, Guadalupes "Bowl" and canyon, Purgatorie Canyon, Bowden's Trail, Cape Solitude, Saddle Mountains, Pine Springs, Pico del Carmen (Shot or Schott tower), Mule Ear Peaks, Pin Ridge, Mt. Livermore, Guadak Ranhe, Nat: Monument, Lee's Ferry, House Rock Springs, Shumard and Brarlett peaks, Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Delicate Arch, Canyonlands N.P., junction of Green and Colorado, bush route, Blue Ridge, Bartlett, Shumare, Guadalupe, El Captain, Butterfield Route, Frank's Canyon, Gunsight Canyon, Goat Cave, Double canyon, Ussery Trail, Buck Knob, Deep Hole, Mt. Elbert, Fisher Spring, Mt, Dellenbaugh, Lees Ferry, Witch's Water Pockets, Hansbrough point, North Maroon Peak, Maroon Peak, Shiprock, Dog Canyon, Cheyava Falls, Saddle Mtn. Shiva, Wotan, Nankoweap Mesa, Holly Cross,Pine Top Trail, Guadalupe peak, El Captin, House Rock Springs, Padre Creek, Spencer Trail, Dominguez Pass Trail, Kwastgunt Marston, Grey, Jim White, trading posts, Navajo Mountain, Navajo Mountain, Weatherill, William H. Jackson, Simpson, Washburn Map, Maslamd, Seiber Point, House Rock cabin, prehistory, archaeology, ruins, May Whiting, grave, H.R. Springs, Horse Thief Trail, Heart bypass, Kaibab, Bright Angel, Mormon dugways, prehistoric trails, Paria Plateau, Cliff Dweller's Lodge, Saddle Mountain, William's Ranch, Saddle Mountain, Lawarence Michalsky.
1 67 Correspondence: John Carroll to Butchart, 1979
Topics include: Thunder River, Monument Point.
1 68-69 Correspondence: Frank Casanova to Butchart, 1967 & 1983
Topics include: Cataract Canyon, Hualapai, Yaqui, Grandpa Jones, Hamblin Route, Klalapa, Historic Trails, Orme School, Harry Goulding.
1 70 Correspondence: Bob Cates to Butchart, 1974
Topics include: Cheops Pyramid, Bright Angel.
1 71 Correspondence: Sherman Cawley to Butchart, 1980
Topic: Rainbow Bridge.
1 72-73 Correspondence: Chadto Butchart, 1981
Topics include: Phantom Ranch, Hall Butte, Surprise Canyon.
1 74 Correspondence: Elaine M. Chambers to Butchart, 1977
Topic; NAU Hiking Club.
1 75 Correspondence: Chuck to Butchart, 1981
Topic: Fort Huachuca.
1 76 Correspondence: Kenneth L. Cole to Butchart, 1977
Topics include: Fossil packrat nests, Bida Cave, John Hance Cabin.
1 77-78 Correspondence: Shirley A. Coles to Butchart, 1986.
Kanawha Trail Club, Charleston, Phantom Ranch, Bright Angel, Indian Gardens.
1 79 Correspondence: Patrick Conley to Butchart, 1977
Topics include: Lee's Ferry, Fort Lee.
1 80-81 Correspondence: Dick Cordone to Butchart, 1980 & 1985
Grand Canyon Dories, Stone Canyon, Havasu Canyon, Little Coyote, Beaver Canyon.
1 82 Correspondence: Arnold Court to Butchart, 1968
Topics include: Nathan A. Court, Mathematics.
1 83-84 Correspondence: Bob Cotes to Butchart, 1975-1976
Topics include: Tapeats, Bright Angel, Isis Saddle Cheops Saddle, Phantom Canyon, Vishnu Mt. Russell, Cheopas Oyramid, Isis Temple, Phantom Canyon, South Guardian Angel Havasu Canyon, Zion Canyon.
1 85 Correspondence: Bob and Maureen Cates to Butchart, 1979
Topic: Zion Narrows.
1 86 Correspondence: Edith Clubb to Butchart, 1970
187-88 Correspondence: Merrel D. Clubb to Butchart, 1968-1969
Topics include: Thunder River, Hopi Drive, Cedar Mountain, Siegfried, pottery, helicopters.
1 89 Correspondence: John F. Colburn to Butchart, 1970
Topics include: Robert Herschel, pots found in Superstition Mountains. White House, Spring Canyon, Sliding Rock Ruin, Spring Canyon, Sliding Rock Ruin, Nazlini, Taslina Springs, Black Mesa.
1 90-91 Correspondence: Cheste and Thelma Crabb to Butchart, 1977 & 1979
Topics include: a UFO siting, Skagit River Valley.
1 92 Correspondence: C. Gregory Crampton to Butchart, 1969
Topic: Duke Project.
2 93 Correspondence: Wayne Creek to Butchart, 1968
Topics include: Allen Malurquist, Monument Point, Kanab Creek, Bill Sewrey, Tom Kreusser river floating, swim fins, 164 Mile Rapid, Bundy Ranch, Chester Bundy.
2 94 Correspondence: Thomas. J. Crowley to Butchart, 1969
Topics include: Havasu Canyon, Hermit Creek, Beaver Canyon, Redwall, helicopters, Sue Riley.
2 95 Correspondence: Robert E. Crozier to Butchart, 1978
Topics include: Helen Faulkner, John Robert Wilson.
2 96 Correspondence: F. T. Darvill to Butchart, 1969
Topics include: Dock Marston, Nankoweep.
2 97 Correspondence: Dave to Butchart, 1983
Topics include: Peach Springs, Spencer, Prospect Canyon, Merriwitica, Cove Canyon, Nakoweap Amphitheater, Newberry's Butte.
2 98 Correspondence: Dan Davis to Butchart, 1959
Topics include: Owens Rescue, Unkar, Tanner Canyon, Priest, Gavigan.
2 99-121 Correspondence: Donald Davis to Butchart, 1964-1986
Topics include: F.M. Brown, Dutton Spring, Bright Angel Creek, Mazanita Creek, Cave, Springs Canyon, Petroglyphs, rock art, prehistory, archeology, Diamond Creek, Black Aisle, Peach Springs Wash, Robber's Roost, botany, Guano Cave, Bat Cave, Bida Cave, Horseshoe Mesa, Phantom Creek, Haunted Creek, Nolina, Osiris, Crystal Creek, Stanton, 1890. whole vessels, prehistoric ceramics, cave, pot stash, bird snares, Vasey's Paradise, Osiris, summits, railroad, Cave Crawlers Gazette, Mt. Burro, Split Twig Figurines, Paiute Cave, Merewitica grove, Bridge Canyon, Olla Vieja Cave, Kenny's Window, Bill, Bryant, fulgurites, Haunted Spring, Cogswell, Silent River Cave, Supai Cliff Route, reed boats, three skeletons, McCormick, Tse-an Bida, Lookout Point, poachers, Garrett, Frank Hull, 1881, Inscription cave, Bat Cave, Osiris, Diamond Creek, motorcycle jump, fossil footprint, ponderosa, Moran, Hislop Cave, Hastings Cave, box of dynamite, Euler, Geology Club, prehistoric sites, Dragon Creek, Cave Research Associates, Paiute cave, Tower of Ra, Peter Berry, Horseshoe Mesa, Stanton's Cave, split twig figurine, Olla ViejaCave, Quartermaster Canyon, Bat cave, Euler, Beal, Meriwitica, Lindsay, cave Notes, Big springs Valley, Olla Cave, Bucher Crystal, Two Guns, death cave, cape Solitude. Knieveal, Quatermaster Canyon, guano, Belknap, caves, travertime springs, Clarence Ellis, Thelma Nosek, deaths and fatalities, Doc Ellis, Olla Vieja Cave, Wotan's Throne, Silent River cave, Unkar Canyon Cave, Bat Cave, Osiris, Brahma, fossil footprints, Zoroaster, Kit Wing, Phantom Ranch, Cremation Canyon, Moon cave, Bida Cave, Tse-an Olje, Thunder Cave, Tampeats Cave, Stanton, naming of Osiris, Ra, Deva, Zoroaster, Comanche Point, Cheyava, Ribbon Falls, sheep mountain, burro shooting, Kevin O'Halloran, Diamond Cave, Emery C. Lehnert, Jim Bailey, Dutton cave, Fred Noller, Solo to the Pico, Mexico, Middle Echo Peak, Doc Ellis, Schwartz, Pot cache, Moria Cavern, Larry Henderson, Paiute Cave, Lex Lindsay, Walker, J.H.A., groaning Cave, Moria Cavern, grotto, sites, ruins, archaeology, Mystic Falls, Bridge Canyon, Boquillas Canyon, Falls Cave, Vasey's Paradise, Groaning Caves, Santa Maria Spring, At Last Cave, Moria Cavern, cliff dwelling, Naji Point, Hartman Bridge, Siegfried Pyre, Lava Canyon, Kaetan Cave Evil Kenival, carbide lamp, Jewel Cave, Kaetan Cave, split twig figurines, Haunted Canyon, Isis, Lava Canyon Pot Cave, list of explorations by Davis from 1963-1971. Tapeats Falls, Caves of Bida, Great Thumb, Cheyava Falls, Paiute Cave, prehistoric trail, Pinal Point, Lipan Point, Lange Cave, rock climbing, One False Step Cave, Ayer Point, Mineral Canyon, Grand Canyon Cave Survey, fig trees, BA Amphitheatre, Cottonwood, Wall Creek, Bill Breed, Ben Foster, Museum of Northern Arizona, Cave Creek Cavern, Scott Thybony, Powell Spring, Virgin Cave, Stina Canyon, Swamp Point, Powell Plateau, Newberry Point, Redwall, Tapeats Canyon, Muav Saddle, Thunder Falls, Mescal Pits, carin, Virgin Cave of Guadalupe, Black Mesa, Esplanade to Maroos Terrace, Dutton Canyon, Swamp Point, Brady Peak, Strongs Crumbling Cave, Sipapu Shaft, Cliff Dweller Spring, Marcos Terrace, Explorers Monument, pick and shovel discovery, Cave Preservation Symposium, NSS Convention, Point Huizil Route, Tom and Louise Strong, Moki Steps and notched log, ladder, Buffalo Jones, Peach Springs, Diamond Cave, historic inscriptions, Cave in Vishnu Canyon, Hubbard's Cave, Maroon Lake, Mineral Canyon tracks, Paiute Cave, Rampart Cave, Bat Cave, Hualapai Reservation, Pot cache, Cave Research Foundation, LaRhee Parker, Dry Canyon, Blane Colton, H.W. Learn, Travertine Canyon, Ken Cole and Pleistocene goat skull, Longest Cave, Flint-mammoth, Blane Colton, Spencer Spring, Pearce Ferry, Burnt Canyon Spring, Columbine Falls, Shirley Haycook, First Ascent Cave, Rifle Canyon, Alsap Caves, King Lloyd, Castle Peak, Abyss River Cave, wedged wood, Cape Final, Vanishing River Cave, Explorer's Monument, Lake of the Clouds, Carlsbad Caverns, Clay Tank Canyon, Caves on Hualapai Reservation, Canyon Summits, Deep Creek Canyon, Prospect Valley, Wanda Nevada, Horseshoe Mesa cave inventory, cave Research Foundation, Clear Creek canyon, Jim Ohlman, Jackass Creek, Increase in canyon hiking, fires, Glen in Saddle Canyon, Walapai Johnny, inscriptions, Mooney Falls, warm springs near Lava Fall Rapid, Pumpkin Spring, Burnt Canyon, Hidden Cove, Cave sites, Stanton's Cave, date palm, poison ivy, Annerino, Havasupai, Hoptrees, Premonition Cave, Doug Powell, Silent River Cave, Dutton Trail.
2 122 Correspondence: Debbie to Butchart, 1975
Topics included: Enfilade, Carin, 6368.
2 123 Correspondence: Gerrit deGelleke to Butchart, 1978
Topics include: Lake Powell, April, day hikes.
2 124 Correspondence: L.I. Deitch to Butchart, 1977
Topic confirming a speaking engagement.
2125 Correspondence: Ray deSaussure to Butchart, 1958
Topics include: Danson, Roma, Canada, September, Thunder, Mexico, Lance.
2 126 Correspondence: Eber Glenn Denning to Butchart.
Topics include: Atoka Point, Kwagunt Valley, Nankoweap, Tanner, Hance, Phantom Ranch, Clear Creek, Redwall, Coconino, Tapeats Rapids, Lake Mead, Horn Rapids, Lava Falls, Little Colorado, Tucson, Goldwater, Dan Davis, "Inner Canyon Hiking", "Escape Routes", President Harding Rapid, Cedar Ridge Road, Sookdologer, Cottonwood, Tonto, Boucher, Grandview, Hermit, Saguaro Monument.
2 127-128 Correspondence: Algerd Dilis to Butchart, 1976-1977
Topics include: Wooden bridge, Redwall, President Harding Rapid, Point Hansborough, Mile 43, "Treks".
2 129-134 Correspondence: Doc Ellis to Butchart, 1975-1984
Topics include: Ellingwood, LaPlata, CMC, Blanca, castle, elk hunting Idaho, Ecuador, Catapoxi, Chimborazo, McKinley, 9photo), Choir tour, Harza, Santa Ana, Colorado Mountain Club trip, Swamp Point, Coconino, Redwall, Tonto, Whites, chockstone, Bass's, Supai, Utah, Basin, El Diente, Wilson, Harvard, La Plata, Uncompahgre, Longs, Princeton, Yale, Kit Carson, Maroon, Windom, Eolus, Columbia, Culebra, Lindsey, Little Bear, Pyramid, San Luis, Huron, Holy Cross, heart attack, Capitol, Crestones, Culebra, San Luis, South Maroon, Wilson, Gladstone, Monarck Pass, Silver Pick Basin, Hunter Gryingpan, Aspen Sangre de Cristo, Mazatzol, Arizona, Crestones, Dan Davis, Montezuma, Conundrum, Needle Mountains, Vestal, Arrow, ore car, iron, solar systems, Dan Davis, Colorado 14ers, Idaho Professional Geologist Exam, Grand Jet, Fossil Springs, Culebra, California, Sawtooths, New Mexico, Lost Creek, San Luis, Sierra, Shasta, Williamson, Tyndall, Sierra, Shasta, Williamson, Tyndall, Mt. Evans, Sangre de Cristos, Vishnu, Freya, Brahma, Obi Canyon, Kanab, Deva, Wotan, Citadel, Coconino, Kaibab, Bright Angel, Cottonwood, Phantom Ranch, Green River, North Rim, Snake Gulch, Hack, Billingsley, Canada, Mt. Rierstadt, Evans, Upper Sand Creek, Crestone Needles Baboquivani, Milwaukee, Blanca, Gulf of Mexico, alps, Mongolia, South Africa, Johannesburg, Nebraska, Rainier, Emmone Glacier, Camp Shurman, Kodiak Island, Alaska, Old Harbor, Yellowstone, Banf, Jasper, Williston.
2 135-138 Correspondence: Alan Doty to Butchart, 1981-1986
Topics include: Wheeler Point, Sagittarius Ridge, Scorpion Ridge, Paguekwash Point, Shaler Plateau, Mt, Sinyala, Apache War Trail, Thor's Hammer, Mt. Burrow, Excalibur, King Arthur, Guinevere Castle, Tlaquepaque, Miles Gilbert.
2 139 Correspondence: Ivan Dryer to Butchart, 1965
Topic: Grand Canyon photography.
2 140 Correspondence: Bob Dye to Butchart, 1973
Topics include: Clear Creek, Jacob Lake, Cheyava Falls, Thunder River, Saddle Canyon, Marble Canyon, Buck Springs, Stone Canyon, Galloway Canyon, Matkatamba Canyon, Kibbey Butte.
2 141 Correspondence: Josephine Dormin to Butchart, 1976
Topic : Letter of admiration.
2 142 Correspondence: Doc Ellis to Butchart, 1985
Topics include: Mines, Sangre de Cristos, Mining Convention, bighorn sheep.
2 143 Correspondence: John M. Donald to Butchart, 1970
Topics include: Hermit Camp, ruins,Tanner Trail.
2 144-145 Correspondence: Alan Doty to Butchart, 1969& 1978
Topics include: Pollux Temple, Vesta Temple, Isis Temple, Colonade, Trittle Peak, Castor Temple, Wallace Butte, Thor Temple, Hancock Butte, King Crest, Birdseye Point, Sheva, Birdseye, Buddha, Colonnade Saddle.
2 146-151 Correspondence: Bob Dye to Butchart, 1974-1982
Topics include: Inscriptions, Tonto Trail, Grapevine, Montezuma Point, Point Huitzil, Clear Creek, Kanab Point, Red Slide, Clear Creek, Havasu Canyon, Beaver Canyon, Beaver Falls, Mystic Falls, Soap Creek Rapid, Elves Chasm, Fossil Canyon, Trail Canyon, Petroglyphs, Rock Art, Pictographs, Ridenour Mine, Copper Mountain Mine, Cape Royal, Wotan's Throne, Obi Point, Obi Canyon, Mystic Falls, Willie Taylor's Grave.
2 152 Correspondence: Steven Earle to Butchart, 1973
Topics include: Fossil Canyon, prehistoric trails, Royal Arch Canyon, Apache Point, Point Huitzil.
2 153 Correspondence: Deirdre Earle to Butchart, 1976
Topics include:Ribbon Falls, Hiller's Butte.
2 154 Correspondence: Eber to Butchart, 1967
Topics include: Tuckup, Bernheimer, Earl Morris, Elizabeth Morris, Forbidden Canyon, Hance Canyon, inscriptions.
2 155 Correspondence: Mary and Toppy Edwards to Butchart, 1976
Topic: Sedona.
2 156-161 Correspondence: Troy A. Eid to Butchart, 1977-1985
Topics include: Clear Creek, Hidden Canyon, Bass trail, hermit, Dripping springs, Boucher Creek, Boucher cabin, Hermit Camp, insect collecting, Clear creek, Obi Canyon, Thomas Moran, Turkey Trail, Zoro, Bass Trail, Garnet Camp, Clear Creek, Elve's Chasm, Gordon Denipah, Supertrip 2, Rhodes Scholarship, Soviet emigre, resume.
2 162-166 Correspondence: Clarence (Doc) Ellis to Butchart, 1967-1970
Topics included: Search and rescue, Royal Arch, Lembert Dome, Brahma, Zoro, Clear Creek Trail, Cheyava Falls Cave, Zoroaster, Yosemite, Cheops, weathered board with nails mystery, historic, dangers of solo hikes, hippies, rock climbing, Cremation Canyon Cave, mine shaft, Gunther Castle, Pot Cave, Tetons, Pima Mine, Al Doty, Isis, big horn sheep.
2 167 Correspondence: David Ellis to Butchart, 1978
Topic: Peregrine falcon
2 168 Correspondence: Doc Ellis to Butchart, 1981
Topics include: Hopi Salt Trail, hiking in Peru, Bolivia.
2 169-171 Correspondence: LaVerne S. Erickson to Butchart, 1978-1979
Topics include: Hatch, Silver Grotto, Carbob Creek, Clear Creek, Stone Creek, Thunder River, Deer Creek, Matkatamiba, Nakoweap, Cheyava, Nakoweap.
2 172 Correspondence: Jim Erwin to Butchart, 1966
Topics include: Specter Chasm, Peach springs, Hindu, Peach Springs, Charley McGee.
3 173-178 Correspondence: Bob Euler to Butchart, 1966-1982
Topics include: Topics include: Prehistoric bridge, carbon 14 dates, Walapai Point Route, Pictographs, archaeology, mescal pit, Parashant Canyon, Burnt Canyon, Stanton broken lens/glass, Farley's Hotel, Tower of Ra., Stanton camera, view camera lens, Twin Point, Kelly Point, Stanton Cave, Amphibian tracks, Diamond Creek, Jorgen. Powell Plateau on Esplanade, Saddle Canyon, Judd's Ruins.
3 179 Correspondence: Betty and Roger Field to Butchart, 1969
Topics include: Bass Camp, Chief's Tank, Apache Point, Royal Arch Creek.
3 180 Correspondence: Lloyd Fight to Butchart, 1975
Topics include: Boucher, Bright Angel, Bass Trail, Monument, Salt
3 181 Correspondence: Tom and Carole Fitzpatrick to Butchart, 1977
Topic: Hiking Club president of 1949
3 182-184 Correspondence: Tom Fitzpatrick to Butchart, 1979-1984
Topics include: Picture of Enfilade Point, A parachuting adventure, Plane crash near Elsinore, California.
3 185-189 Correspondence: Colin Fletcher to Butchart, 1966-1981
Topics include: Priest, book deadline, Bridge Canyon, burro trails, cairns, Hindu Canyon, Plain Tank Fault, Pearce Ferry, Trunk man, Separation Canyon, Nevada Cave, 1916, Wartime parachutists, bailout crew.
3 190 Correspondence: Royce Fletcher to Butchart, 1974
Topics include: Saddle Canyon, Powell Canyon, Galloway Canyon.
3 191 Correspondence: Thomas L. Floyd to Butchart, 1973
Topics include: Unkar, Chuar, Phantom Canyon.
3 192-201 Correspondence: Art Foran to Butchart, 1967-1985.
Topics include: Ticaboo, Coyote Gulch, Fool's Canyon, Cannonville, Robbers Roost, Dirty Devil, Honaker Trail, elephant inscription, Havasu, Valley Fever, machinery at Slickhorn, Nemo, Ruess, Edward Abbey, Cottonwood Canyon, Tuckup Trail, Kwagunt Hollow, Utah, Jumpup Canyon, Sowatss Trick Tank, Trachite Canyon Dugway, Kiva, San Juan, Moki Dugway, Bullfrog Creek, Egypt Overlook, Escalante, East Pioneers, Pioneer Mountains, Death Valley, Hackberry Canyon, Canaan Mountain, Ghost Pine Graveyard, LaVan, Blackfoot Cave, Blue John Canyon, Goblin Valley, Kwagunt Hollow, Phantom Ranch, Rust Trail, Burr Trail, Moki Canyon, Dirty Devil, Conquistador Aisle, LaVan, Zion, Willis Canyon, Hack Canyon, , mountain sheep, Cape Royal, Nankoweap, Esplanade, Spencer Canyon, burros, Diamond Creek, Horseshoe Mesa, asbestos mine, Muav Saddle, Grama Spring, Oak, Morro, Sequoia, Alta, High Sierra, Great western Divide, ponderosa, Castle Creek Grove, Mineral King, Cedar Bench, Hospital Rock, Redwood groves, Pollex, Granite, Boynton, Menninghaus, Fredonia, Pine Flat Camp, Thunder, , Hualapai, John Hansen's Camper, Ailvia Sarafias, Tom Pillusbury, April, little Colorado, , Maze, Jorgan, Valaentine, Jay Hunt's shelter, cave, Spencer, Tanner, Kaibab, Womack, Hermit, Utah, Phipps, Russian thistle, Soda Canyon, Moqui, Jim Stevans, Davis, Philip Hyde, Navajo Mountain, Willow Tank, Reeves Baker,Spring, Jughand, handprint, Lobo, Bryce, marina, Beaver, Wayne Gardner, Indian Gardens, Havasu, Topacoba, Montana Laughing Places, Pine Valley, mountains, Arizona Strip, Mt. Trumbell Whitmore Wash, mountain sheep spring, Kaiparowitz, Davis Gulch, Aquarious, Mt. Charleston, Everett Reuss murder, Sowatts Point, trick tank, Fletcher, Goshute Reservation, Ibapah, Gold Hill, Fish Springs Range, Dugway Range, beaver dam, Arizona mystery, Eurika valley, kite flying, Rockies, Mt. Hood, Kapiarowitz, Soda Cabin, Davis Gulch, Hack's Canyon Mine, Robert Narkley, Meriwitica, Merrywitica, Spencer, Indian Gardens, Cottonwood Spring, Tuckup, Columbine Falls, Milkweed, Helena Forest book, Tuweep, Riffey, Schmutz Spring, Halls Creek, Fountain Tank, Halls Divide, Kings Ranch, kite flying, Oak Grove, Pine Valley, Whipple Valley, Doc Marston, Puerto Penasco, Lower Jumpup spring, Jorgan, Kane Springs Gulch, Lockhart Basin, Lavender Canyon, Lookout point, Slickhorn, sowats Point, Muley Point, John's Canyon, Lockhart Canyon, Dark Canyon, Choprock Bench, Sowatts, Skiing, Mt. Humphery, Tuckup.
3 202 Correspondence: Francis (Jerry) Foute to Butchart, 1965
Topics include: Wotan Throne, Little Colorado River, Mount Lassen, map making.
3 203 Correspondence: H. D. Freeman to Butchart, 1968
Topics include: The Bass Trail, Redwall, Great Thumb.
3 204 Correspondence: Michael P. Froman to Butchart, 1968
Topics include: Phantom Ranch, Clear Creek, Point Atoka, Hance Trail.
3 205 Correspondence: Wes Fulton to Butchart, 1969
Topic includes: Apache Trail, Neil Uqualla, Sinyala Fault, Redwall, Esplanade, Jim Bailey, Topocoba Hilltop, Enfilade Point, Paya Point, Kanab Point Quad, Mount Trumbull, Allyn Cureton, James Morley.
3 206 Correspondence: Thelma Geary to Butchart, 1975
Topics include: African Safari, Great Rift Valley, Lake Eyasie.
3 207-210 Correspondence: Chad W. Gibson to Butchart, 1979-1986
Topics include: Lee's Ferry, Lake Mead, Jorgen, Alan Cureton, Kenton Grua, Lake Powell, Milkweed Canyon, Redwall, Horseshoe, New Hance, Bass Trail, Rick Thorum, Steve Studabaker, Barb Carolus, Boucher, Grandview, Mather Point, Kolb, Stolen map, Scylla Butte, Tanner, Serpentine, sewage treatment plant, Cottonwood, Red Canyon, Coronado Butte, Hawakins, Phantom, Rose Houk, Hawkins, North Bass, Shinuno Amphitheater.
3 211 Correspondence: Braeme E. Gigas to Butchart, 1968
Topic: Colin Fletcher.
3 212 Correspondence: Susan and Frank Gilliland to Butchart, 1986
Topics include: Mount Humphries, Cathedral Provincial Park.
3 213 Correspondence: Fred Gilman to Butchart, 1986
Topic: Tracy Logan.
3 214 Correspondence: Ginger to Butchart, 1978
Topics include: France, Spain, Tom Pillusbury, Salt Trail, Little Colorado, Tanner, Comanche Creek, Redwall, Brama Point, Crystal, Phil Porter, Nankoweap, Point Atoko.
3 215 Correspondence: Eber Glendening to Butchart, 1965
Topics include: Earl Morris, Wetherills, No Name Mesa, Bernhermet Expedition, Dr. Ricker, Hance Canyon, Eminence Break, Peter Huntsborough, Nankoweap, Kwagunt, Lava Creek, Horsethief Trail, Little Colorado, Salt Trail, Phantom Ranch, Hermit Creek, Crystal Creek, Shiva Temple.
3 216 Correspondence: Gomez to Butchart, 1973
Topic includes: Grapevine Creek, Graffiti, Tonto Trail, R.H. Cameron, P.D. Berry, Hotel de Willow Creek.
3 217-218 Correspondence: John Grebenkemper to Butchart, 1974& 1977
Topics include: Crazy Jug Canyon, Tapeats Canyon, Lower Deer Creek Canyon, Powell Plateau, Kanab Point Quadrangles, Big saddle Camp, Tapeats Creek, Dome, Tuckup, Fern Glen Canyons, Wind River Range.
3 219-225 Correspondence: J. D. Green to Butchart, 1981-1987
Topics include: Wildcat Grave, Redwall, Slim Stovt, Mt. Logan, Claymore, Jim Ohlman, Jim Kirshvink, George Bains, Al Doty, Excalibur, Scorpion, Diana Temple Saddle, Elaine Castle, Apache Point, Thunder River, Phantom Ranch, Kabito Wash, Navajo Creek, Wayne Baker, South Bass, Mt. Huethawali, Pollux Temple, Little Colorado, Blue Springs, Andrus Point, Paeashant, Billingsley, Thump, Tower of Baylon, Pierce Canyon, Fort Garret, Snap Point., Pearce Canyon, Garrett, Burnt Spring Canyon, Clay Tank Canyon, West End Names, Quartermaster, Big Spring, Grapevine Canyon, Hull Cabin, Keyhole Bridge, Dragon Head, Georgie Quartermaster Canyon, Peach Springs, Price Point, Major Redwood Price, Shanely Spring, Hatch Cabin, Snake Glutch, Kanab Creek, Jacob's Lake, Bryce Canyon, Kaibab Forest, Marble Viewpoint, Zion, North Fork of the Virgin River, orderville canyon, Fairyland loop, Hoodoos, Aquarious Plateau Northeast of Tropic Utah, Bull Valley Gorge, Paria, Mt. Trumbull Reservoir, Gama Canyon, Gama Spring, Lawson Canyon, Willow Springs, Sunshine Ridge, Lake Powell, glen Canyon City, Missing canyon, Smokey Mountain, Kelly grade, Hidden canyon, Navajo Mountain, Escalante River canyon, Big saddle Trail, Paguewash Point, Snap canyon, Pigeon Country, Pearce canyon, Brain Head, Cedar Breaks National, Surprise, Horse Spring arm, mount Emma, Swhivwitts, Hualapai, Granite Park Region, Spring Canyon, Osiris Temple, osiris/Shiva saddle, Grand Wash Cliffs, Reference Point, Burnt Spring, Upper Andrus, Upper Kanab, Little Colorado, Trinity Creek Rama Shrine, Mt. Dellenbaugh,Oak Grove, Red Point, Tincanebitts Canyon, Hermit Shale, Andrus canyon, Grassy Mt., Grassy Spring, Spring and Lost Spring, Mollies Nipple, Parashant, Copper Mt. Mine, Mt. Logan, Muav, Redwall and supai formations, Dr. Tommy mt., Ridenour mine, Pine spring Mount, Trumbull, Dansill canyon, john Mtn., Powell Plateau, Marcos Terrace, Dry Canyon, Jump Canyon, Grand Wash Cliffs, Mt. Bangs, Squaw Canyon, Hack Canyon, Kanab Creek, Jumpup Point, Dinner Pockets Canyon, Chamberlain Canyon, Hockey Puck Spring, Music Mountains Lost Creek, Lake Mead, Clay Tank, Lost Creek Mesa, Salt Creek, Meriwhitica Canyon Trail, Batchit Point, Pattie Butte, Tin Canyon of Nuts, Redwall/temple Butte, Shivwits Plateau, Tincanebitts Tank, Dry Canyon, sanup Plateau, Sullivan Point, Joc spring, Zoroaster, Clement Powell butte, Johnson Point, Budda Cloister, Bright Angel Creek, Yaki, Salt Canyon, Little Colorado, Deva Saddle, Obi Saddle, Isis, Brahma, Cottonwood Camp, Zoroaster, Shiva temple, Solomon Temple, tanner trail, Hualapai reservation, National, Beaver, Mescal pit, Dr. Tommy Mountain, Big Spring, Plane Wreck, Shanley Tanks, Price Point, Cremation Canyon, Figurine cave, Diamond Creek, George Billingsley, Prospect, Fraizers Well Road, Robbers Roost Quad, Jim Parker Mesa, Aubrey, Asa Harris, Tower of Babylon, Sunset Peak, Tower of Set, Hermit Trail, 94 Mile Canyon, Horus Saddle, Barbara Zinn, Unnamed Canyon, Masonic Temple, King's Crest, Confucius Temple, Grama Point, Jim Ohlman, Coconino Sandstone, greyware pot, fossil foot prints, Dutton Canyon, ruin, North Bass Trail, Manu Temple, Colonade Saddle, Capitol Butte, Marsh Butte, Lyell Butte, Al Doty, Widforss Point, Tuckup Canyon, Osiris Temple, Donald Davis, Nescal Pit, Birdseye Point, Jim Ohlman, Vermillion Cliffs, Jacob's Pools, Johnny Hualapai, Hawkins Butte, Mount Niataka, Pearl Harbor, Brahma Temple, Bob Packard, Tom Davison, Tower of Set, Ken Walters.
3 226 Correspondence: Thomas L. Grey to Butchart, 1977
Topics include: "Heart of the Grand Canyon" map, Dr. Bradford Washburn, Merle Stitt, National Geographic Society.
3 227 Correspondence: Joyce Griffen to Butchart, 1977
Topics include: Grand canyon Semester, Honors Forum.
3 228-229 Correspondence: Bruce Grubbs to Butchart, 1975-1976
Topics include: Larry Treiber, Comanche Point, Espejo, Neil Dickey, Redwall, Barb Zinn, Nakoweap, Larry Treiber, Unkar Tanner, Climber's Guide, Holy Grail Temple, Violet Point.
3 230 Correspondence: B. Guster to Butchart, 1976
Topics include: questionnaire, magazine article.
3 231 Correspondence: Sharon Hackley to Butchart.
Topic: Lookout trail.
3 232 Correspondence: W.T. Hadley to Butchart.
Topics include: Phantom Creek, Upper Bright Angel.
3 233-234 Correspondence: Jim Haggart to Butchart, 1978-1979
Topics include: Kwagun Butte, Washburn, survey cairns, Dennis Abbink, Larry Treiber, Bruce Grubbs.
3 235 Correspondence: Betty Hall to Butchart.
Topics include: Gunsight Canyon, Danglin Rope, Rainbow Bridge.
3 236-244 Correspondence: Joe Hall to Butchart, 1962-1986
Topics include: Gerry Sielaff, Curt Miller, Shiva Temple, Emery Kolb, Dr. Clubb, topographic sheets, Matthes sheets, Wotan, Dutton Point, Powell Plateau, Ives Point, Bass Trail, Roaring Springs, Kaibab Trail, Phantom, Clear Creek, Cheyava Falls, Indian Gardens, Plateau Point, Lookout point, Hermit trail, Hermit Creek, Monument Creek, Horn Creek, Lipan Point, Cardenas Creek, Tanner Trail, Unkar Rapids, Basalt Canyon, Lava Canyon Rapids, Espejo, Comanche, Cardenas Butte, Indian Trail, Grand Canyon Places and Names, Dutton's Tertiary History of the Grand Canyon District, Powell's original journals, Eddie McKee.
3 245-253 Correspondence: Ginger Harmon to Butchart, 1976-1986
Topics include: North Rim Routes, Flint-Tuna, Muav Saddle, Redwall, North Bass, Shinumo, Saddle, Redwall, North Bass, Tonto, Crystal, Tapeats, Unkar, 60 Mile Rapid, Shiva, Modreb Abyss, snow storms, Big Saddle, Big Spring, Kwagunt Hollow, Sowats Point, Jump-Up, Hacks Canyon Trail, Shower Bath Spring, Kanab Canyon, Deer Creek, Clear Creek, Boucher Trail, Inner, The Hance, Comanche Point, Point Sublime, South Canyon, Redwall Rim, Dry Falls, Gama Point, Supai, Shist, Autobiographical information, Nankoweap, Kwagunt, Kanab, Tapeats, Indian Hollow, Assorted Quotations About the Grand Canyon, Kwagunt Hollow, flash flood, Tapeats, Deer Creek, Escalante, Teresa Balboni, Eowats, Whispering Falls, Colorado, Boboquvarai, Shinumo Amphitheater, North Bass, Powell Plateau, Tibbets, Redwall, Mile 49.9, Boundy Ridge, Tanner, Lake Powell-Navajo Mountain-Rainbow, Muleshoe Ranch, Muleshoe Ranch
3 254 Correspondence: Robert Harris to Butchart, 1978
Topic: Bass Trail.
4 255 Correspondence: Dick and Helen Hartz to Butchart, 1987
4 256 Correspondence: Havasupai Tribe, 1976
Topics include: Esplanade, Great Thumb Mesa, Apache Trail, Traditional Use Area, Mount Sinyella, Matkatamiba.
4 257 Correspondence: Larry Henderson to Butchart, 1970
Topic: Grand Canyon Logs.
4 258 Correspondence: Melvin Helsel to Butchart, 1982
Topic: John Willis.
4 259 Correspondence: Mostyn Harrett to Butchart, 1979
4 260 Correspondence: Ed Herman to Butchart, 1974
4 261 Correspondence: Charles Hildebrant to Butchart, 1986
Topics include: Saddle Mountain, Nankoweap Canyon, Cliff Dwellings.
4 262-263 Correspondence: Wes Hildreth to Butchart, 1968
Topics include: Bass, Royal Arch, Elves, Supai, Aztec Amph, BM Terrace, Elves, Supai, Aztec Amphitheater, Royal Arch, Cardenas, Papago, Little Colorado, Salt Trail Canyon.
4 264 Correspondence: Kathy Howard to Butchart, 1987
Topic: Sipapu.
4 265 Correspondence: Eugene M. Hughes to Butchart, 1982
Topic: Emeritus Professor of Mathematics.
4 266-267 Correspondence: Stephen H. Hughes to Butchart, 1977-1978
Topics include: Grandview Point, Grandview Trail, Red Canyon, Papago, Seventy-Five Mile Creeks, Escalante, Cardenas Creek, Unkar rapids, Lava canyon Rapids, Tanner Canyon, Tonoto Trail, Havu Rapids, Papago Creek, Escalante, Cardenas, Unkar Creek, Tanner, Horseshoe Mesa, Lava Canyon.
4 268 Correspondence: Emil Hutton to Butchart, 1977
4 269 Correspondence: Ian to Butchart, 1977
4 270 Correspondence: William Ingle to Butchart, 1985
Topic includes: Interoffice Bonzogram, Mt. Humphereys Summit, Havasu Falls, Reevis Ranch, Nankoweap Creek, Phantom Ranch, Thunder River, Deer Creek.
4 271 Correspondence: Fred Iseman to Butchart, 1959
Topics include: Lava Creek, Kaibab, Tapeats.
4 272 Correspondence: Jon Jantzen to Butchart, 1971
Topics include: Nankoweap, Unkar, Phantom Ranch, Kwagunt, Sixtymile Canyon, Chuar Valley, Basalt Canyon, Hance Rapids, Howlands Butte.
4 273-275 Correspondence: Jerry to Butchart, 1967-1968 & 1986
Topics include: Mt. Hood, Twin Spring, Green Spring, Queets River, Tyshleshy Creek.
4 276 Correspondence: Joe to Butchart, 1986
Topic: Toroweap.
4 277 Correspondence: Norvel Johnson to Butchart.
4 278 Correspondence: Ron Jones to Butchart, 1978
4 279 Correspondence: David H. Kaplan to Butchart, 1978
Topics include: Blue Springs, Hance, Tanner.
4 280 Correspondence: Karon Karz to Butchart, 1978
4 281 Correspondence: Bob Kemper to Butchart, 1982
4 282 Correspondence: Mel Kensinger to Butchart, 1986
4 283-285 Correspondence: David and Bee Kiel to Butchart, 1983-1985
Topics include: Diamond Creek, Pierce Ferry, Tonto, 224 Mile Rapids, Separation Canyon, Surprise Canyon, Glen Canyon, Lake Powell, Taylor Lake, Water Pocket Fold, Walk the River Grand Newsletters, Colorado River.
4 286 Correspondence: Jim Kirschivink to Butchart, 1979
4 287 Correspondence: Guy David Knoller to Butchart, 1985
4 288 Correspondence: Emery Kolb to Butchart, 1959
4 289 Correspondence: Warren Kossman to Butchart, 1976
4 290 Correspondence: Elizabeth Krayer to Butchart, 1976
4 291 Correspondence: Hartmut Kreikebaum to Butchart, 1978
4 292 Correspondence: Kurt to Butchart, 1978.
4 293-298 Correspondence: George Lamont to Butchart, 1982-1987
4 299-300 Correspondence: Art Lange to Butchart, 1959-1960
4 301 Correspondence: Larry to Butchart, 1976
4 302 Correspondence: Dan S. Leeth to Butchart, 1974
4 303 Correspondence: Lister to Butchart, 1977
4 304 Correspondence: Harry Loomer to Butchart, 1980
4 305 Correspondence: Kevin G. Low to Butchart, 1978
4 306 Correspondence: David Lugers to Butchart, 1976.
4 307 Correspondence: Chuck Lundy to Butchart, 1986
4 308-309 Correspondence: Malcolm McKinnon to Butchart, 1979 & 1982
4 310-311 Correspondence: Alan MacRae to Butchart, 1977 &1978.
4 312 Correspondence: Norm Marin to Butchart, 1982
4 313-314 Correspondence: Bob Marley to Butchart, 1978 & 1980
4 315 Correspondence: Marshall to Butchart, 1968
4 316 Correspondence: Doc Marston to Butchart, 1979
4 317 Correspondence: Garth Marston to Butchart, 1979
4 318-322 Correspondence: Otis Marston to Butchart, 1955-1966
5 323-329 Correspondence: Otis Marston to Butchart, 1955-1966
5 330 Correspondence: Paul S. Martin to Butchart, 1970
5 331-335 Correspondence: Donald M. Mattox to Butchart, 1969-1979
5 336 Correspondence: Richard W. Manules to Butchart, 1984
5 337-340 Correspondence: Stephen Maurer to Butchart, 1981
5 341 Correspondence: E.M. McAninch to Butchart, 1966
5 342 Correspondence: Mary McBee to Butchart, 1985
5 343-344 Correspondence: Edwin McKee to Butchart, 1967& 1975
5 345 Correspondence: James C. McLaughlind to Butchart, 1979
5 346 Correspondence: W. West McLean to Butchart, 1977
5 347-351 Correspondence: Dave Menkes to Butchart, 1978-1986
5 352-354 Correspondence: Merril to Butchart, 1960
5 355-357 Correspondence: Kurt Meyers to Butchart, 1978-1986
6 358-361 Correspondence: Kurt Meyers to Butchart, 1978-1986
6 361a Correspondence: Butchart to Kurt Meyers, 1978-1993
6 362 Correspondence: Kevin Miller to Butchart, 1980
6 363 Correspondence: Ron Mitchell to Butchart, 1975
6 364-377 Correspondence: William (Bill) Mooz to Butchart, 1968-1982
6 378 Correspondence: Mortenson to Butchart, 1973
6 379 Correspondence: Rick Mossman to Butchart, 1986
6 380-381 Correspondence: Harry H. Nash to Butchart, 1979
6 382-383 Correspondence: Dave Nelson to Butchart, 1969
6 384 Correspondence: Mark Neves to Butchart, 1980
6 385 Correspondence: Carol Bird Newman to Butchart, 1975
6 386 Correspondence: Nick to Butchart, 1975
6 387 Correspondence: Nietmans to Butchart, 1979
6 388 Correspondence: John C. O'Brian to Butchart, 1976
6 389 Correspondence: Pat O'Brian to Butchart, 1975
6 390-401 Correspondence: Jim Ohlam to Butchart, 1976-1987
6 402-408 Correspondence: Lester Olin to Butchart, 1974-1981
6 409-411 Correspondence: Bill Ott to Butchart, 1980-1981
6 412 Correspondence: Sean Owens to Butchart, 1978
6 413-420 Correspondence: Bob Packard to Butchart, 1980-1986
6 421 Correspondence: Peter L. Perry to Butchart, 1979
6 422 Correspondence: Robert Peden to Butchart, 1977
6 423-424 Correspondence: Frank G. Peebles to Butchart, 1983-1986
6 424 Correspondence: Reider Peterson to Butchart, 1964
6 426-429 Correspondence: Jerry Phillips to Butchart, 1986-1987
6 430-431 Correspondence: Phillip Porter to Butchart, 1971-1973
6 432 Correspondence: Rich Pray to Butchart, 1976
6 433 Correspondence: Jerome Preston to Butchart, 1978
6 434-436 Correspondence: Charles W. Pullen to Butchart, 1968-1986
6 437 Correspondence: C.F. Quate to Butchart, 1969
7 438-439 Correspondence: Charles S. Ramsey to Butchart, 1977 & 1979
7 440 Correspondence: Tab Ramussen to Butchart, 1978
7 441-458 Correspondence: Peter Ratcliffe to Butchart, 1965-1985
7 459 Correspondence: Reider to Butchart, 1986
7 460-467 Correspondence: P.T. Reilly to Butchart, 1959-1966
Topics include: Prehistoric trails, Great Thumb Emery, Dock Marston, Moore, Split Twig Figurines, Navajo Mountain, rapids, prehistoric sites, Supai Indians, Eddie McKee, Dock Marston, Georgie White Clark, Harry Aleson, Marshal Foster, Nevills, Leroux Spring, Milt Wetherill, Bear, Stanton, prehistoric sites, prehistoric sites, Emery Kolb, inscriptions, Powell, Bailout crew.
8 468-479 Correspondence: P.T. Reilly to Butchart, 1967-1983
Topics include: Bass, Bundy, Hislop Cave, prehistoric sites, Garces, Olla Cave, Marble Canyon skeleton, John Vard, Roland River, Paiutes, Ute Ford, Navajo Raids, D, Julien, Pot recovery, Georgie Clark, Nevills, Ladder, Scanton Ferry, Powell.
8 479a Correspondence: Butchart to P.T. Reilly, 1965-1984
8 480 Correspondence: Rich to Butchart, 1985
8 481-487a Correspondence: Krehe Ritter to Butchart, 1967-1995
8 488 Correspondence: Barb and Gerry Roach to Butchart, 1977
8 489 Correspondence: Gerry Roach to Butchart, 1978
8 490 Correspondence: Barb Roach to Butchart, 1980
8 491 Correspondence: John Robbins to Butchart, 1978
8 492 Correspondence: Kathy Roche to Butchart, 1987
8 493 Correspondence: Richard K. Rogers to Butchart, 1978
8 494 Correspondence: Royce to Butchart, 1977
8 495-497 Correspondence: Pete Roycroft to Butchart, 1975-1985
8 498 Correspondence: Dave Rogers to Butchart, 1978
8 499 Correspondence: Ruth to Butchart, 1976
8 500-501 Correspondence: Arthur St. George to Butchart, 1983-1984
8 502 Correspondence: Gerald L. Schad to Butchart, 1976.
8 503-505 Correspondence: Jerry Schad to Butchart, 1977-1979
8 506 Correspondence: Allen F. Schauffler to Butchart, 1976
8 507 Correspondence: John R. Schieber to Butchart, 1979
8 508-509 Correspondence: Marshall Scholing to Butchart, 1960-1961
8 510 Correspondence: Marshall and Suzy Scholing to Butchart, 1969
8 511 Correspondence: Douglas W. Schwartz to Butchart, 1966
8 512 Correspondence: Robert C. Sears to Butchart, 1969
8 513 Correspondence: Craig B. Seastrom to Butchart, 1979
8 514 Correspondence: Wanda Seglund to Butchart, 1976
8 515-518 Correspondence: Ed Severson to Butchart, 1985-1986
8 519-523 Correspondence: Paul Schafer to Butchart, 1976-1979
8 524-526 Correspondence: John (Jack) R. Shelburne to Butchart, 1984-1986
9 527 Correspondence: John Siebert to Butchart, 1977
9 528-541 Correspondence: Dick Simpson to Butchart, 1972-1986
Topics include: Tapeats Amphitheatre, Shinumo Amphitheater, Thunder River Trail, Grandview-Kaibab Trip, Nankoweap, Cranberry Canyon, Stairway Canyon, Lava Fall, Kanab to Deer Creek, Tanner to Kaibab Loop, Boucher Trail to Slate Creek, Chuar Valley, Clear Creek, South Bass Trail, Unkar Valley, June Spring Lava Falls Loop.
9 542 Correspondence: Sandor Silverman to Butchart, 1977
9 543 Correspondence: Ken Sleight to Butchart, 1969
9 544 Correspondence: Gene M. Smith to Butchart, 1986
9 545-546 Correspondence: C.L. Sonnichsen to Butchart, 1975-1976
9 547 Correspondence: Earl Spamer to Butchart, 1982
9 548-554 Correspondence: Sharon Spangler to Butchart, 1984-1987
9 555 Correspondence: Clinton R. Spencer to Butchart, 1965
9 556 Correspondence: David Stamps to Butchart, 1976
9 557 Correspondence: Gaylord Staveley to Butchart, 1976
9 558-560 Correspondence: George Steck to Butchart, 1976-1987
9 561 Correspondence: Dave Steer to Butchart, 1977
9 562 Correspondence: Steve Stefany to Butchart, 1980
9 563 Correspondence: Gary Stiles to Butchart.
9 564-565 Correspondence: Merle E. Stitt to Butchart, 1976-1977
9 566 Correspondence: John W. Stockert to Butchart, 1985
9 567-568 Correspondence: Frankie Strathairn to Butchart, 1984-1985
9 569-574 Correspondence: Steve Studebaker to Butchart, 1977-1985
9 575 Correspondence: C.L. Sonnichsen to Butchart, 1975
9 576-577 Correspondence: Dan Suthers to Butchart, 1976
9 578 Correspondence: Vern Taylor to Butchart, 1968
9 579 Correspondence: Teresa to Butchart, 1981
9 580-581 Correspondence: Norm Tessman to Butchart, 1983
10 582 Correspondence: John P. Thorton to Butchart, 1969
10 583-584 Correspondence: Rick Thorum to Butchart, 1976 & 1984
10 585-594 Correspondence: Scott Thybony to Butchart, 1975-1986
10 595 Correspondence: Frank Tikalsky to Butchart, 1974
10 596 Correspondence: Daniel Tillemans to Butchart, 1976
10 597 Correspondence: Michael P. Tully to Butchart, 1979
10 598-599 Correspondence: George E. Ulrich to Butchart, 1978-1979
10 600 Correspondence: Merriam Underhill to Butchart, 1960
10 601 Correspondence: James W. Vallance to Butchart, 1976.
10 602 Correspondence: Vaughn to Butchart, 1970
10 603 Correspondence: Vern to Butchart.
10 604-626 Correspondence: Jorgen Visbok to Butchart, 1965-1985
Topics include: Rock art, Prehistoric Sites, Fending Stick.
10 627 Correspondence: Bob Vreeland to Butchart, 1975
10 628-629 Correspondence: Willam H. Wahl to Butchart, 1976-1977
10 630 Correspondence: Bill Wahl to Butchart, 1978
10 631-632 Correspondence: Tom Wahlquist to Butchart, 1975 & 1984
1 0 633 Correspondence: Walt to Butchart, 1985
10 634-635 Correspondence: Bradford Washburn to Butchart, 1977-1978
10 636 Correspondence: David Wassil to Butchart, 1973
10 637-638 Correspondence: David Wassum to Butchart, 1975-1976
10 639 Correspondence: Donald E. Weaver, Jr. to Butchart, 1968
Topic: Hance Creek.
10 640 Correspondence: Robert H. Webb to Butchart, 1986
10 641 Correspondence: Don Webster to Butchart, 1977
10 642 Correspondence: Steve Weiss to Butchart, 1977
10 643 Correspondence: Gene I. Wendt to Butchart, 1986
10 644-645 Correspondence: Walt Wheelock to Butchart, 1975-1976
10 646 Correspondence: Anthony Williams to Butchart, 1975
10 647 Correspondence: Cheryl Williams to Butchart, 1983
Topics include: Petroglyphs, Pictographs, Rock Art.
10 648 Correspondence: Loree Williams to Butchart, 1986
10 649 Correspondence: Tony Williams to Butchart, 1974-1986
Topics include: Fossil Bay, JHA Inscription, Great Thumb Mesa.
10 650 Correspondence: John R. Wilson to Butchart, 1978
10 651 Correspondence: Robert L. Wood to Butchart, 1985
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Series 2, Misc. Articles, 1871-1981, (5 boxes)
Published Articles arranged alphabetically by title, relating to various Grand Canyon subjects.
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12 729 Correspondence to be filed.
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Series 3, Original Transcripts of Trail Logs, 1954-1984
Harvey Butchart compiled four trail logs documenting his hiking activities throughout the Grand Canyon.
16 957 Original Hiking Logs: Volume 1, Preface i-xxxvii.
16 958 Original Hiking Logs: Volume 1, Pages. 1-31, 1954-1957
16 959 Original Hiking Logs: Volume 1, Pages. 33-63, 1958
16 960 Original Hiking Logs: Volume 1, Pages. 64-89, 1959
16 961 Original Hiking Logs: Volume 1, Pages. 91-121, 1960
16 962 Original Hiking Logs: Volume 1, Pages. 122-162, 1961
16 963 Original Hiking Logs: Volume 1, Pages. 163-201, 1962
16 964 Original Hiking Logs: Volume 1, Pages. 202-237, 1963
16 965 Original Hiking Logs: Volume 1, Pages. 238-280, 1964
16 966 Original Hiking Logs: Volume 2, Pages. 281-326, 1965
16 967 Original Hiking Logs: Volume 2, Pages. 327-380, 1966
16 968 Original Hiking Logs: Volume 2, Pages. 381-426, 1967
16 969 Original Hiking Logs: Volume 2, Pages. 427-475, 1968
16 970 Original Hiking Logs: Volume 2, Pages. 476-527, 1969
16 971 Original Hiking Logs: Volume 3, Pages. 528-578, 1970
16 972 Original Hiking Logs: Volume 3, Pages. 579-624, 1971
16 973 Original Hiking Logs: Volume 3, Pages. 625-656, 1972
16 974 Original Hiking Logs: Volume 3, Pages. 657-695, 1973
16 975 Original Hiking Logs: Volume 3, Pages. 696-723, 1973
16 976 Original Hiking Logs: Volume 3, Pages. 724-773, 1974
16 977 Original Hiking Logs: Volume 3, Pages 774-815, 1975
17 978 Original Hiking Logs: Volume 4, Pages 816-860, 1976
17 979 Original Hiking Logs: Volume 4, Pages 861-890, 1977
17 980 Original Hiking Logs: Volume 4, Pages 891-927, 1978
17 981 Original Hiking Logs: Volume 4, Pages 928-947, 1979
17 982 Original Hiking Logs: Volume 4, Pages 748-968, 1980
17 983 Original Hiking Logs: Volume 4, Pages 969-995, 1981
17 984 Original Hiking Logs: Volume 4, Pages 996-1025, 1982
17 985 Original Hiking Logs: Volume 4, Pages 1026-1042, 1983
17 986 Original Hiking Logs: Volume 4, Pages 1044-1081, 1984-1986
18 One Volume entitled "Grand Canyon Trail Notes," , 1957-1969
Series 4, Copies of Original trail logs, 1954-1987
19 2nd copy of trail logs, Volume 1, 1954-1964
19 2nd copy of trail logs, Volume 2, 1965-1969
19 2nd copy of trail logs, Volume 3, 1970-1975
19 2nd copy of trail logs, Volume 4, 1976-1987
20 Extra Copies of trail logs: Volume 1, Pages. 1-280, 1954-1964
21 Extra Copies of trail logs: Volume 2, Pages. 281-527, 1965-1969
22 Extra Copies of trail logs: Volume 3, Pages. 528-815, 1970-1975
23 Extra Copies of trail logs: Volume 4, Pages. 816-1081, 1976-1987
24 Extra copies of trail logs, 1957-1969
Subgroup 2, Slides: 1956-1976. 7,329 color 35mm slides.
Scope & Content
The John Harvey Butchart Slide Collection consists of the slides taken primarily by Dr. Butchart of the hiking trails of the Grand Canyon. These slides document the trails, history, prehistory and natural history of the Grand Canyon.
Digital versions of many of these images are available here.
NAU.PH.70.3.84: McCormick Camp, 65.3, 1956 May 28
NAU.PH.70.3.85: Short shaft - Tanner Mine, [a.k.a. Copper Blossom Mine and McCormick Mine.], 1956 May 28
NAU.PH.70.3.102: Start of Deer Creek Gorge, 1956 June 5
NAU.PH.70.3.106:Falls at Thunder Springs, 1956 June 5
NAU.PH.70.3.124: Walthenburg Rapid - 3800 CFS, 1956 December 29
NAU.PH.70.3.127:Burros with Holy Grail beyond - Fan Island, 1956 December 29
NAU.PH.70.3.107:Thunder Spring, 1956 June 5
NAU.PH.70.3.321:Gorge: Tapeats Source, 1957 November 28
NAU.PH.70.3.960:Boulder Narrows, Upriver, 1961 April 2
NAU.PH.70.3.965:North Canyon Rapid, 1961 April 2
NAU.PH.70.3.967:Vaseys Paradise, 1961 May 6
NAU.PH.70.3.978:Drift on Top, Boulder Narrows, 1961 May 7
NAU.PH.70.3.1169:Part of Nankoweap Trail, 1962 June 4
NAU.PH.70.3.1182:Route thru Redwall, North of Vishnu, 1962 June 23
NAU.PH.70.3.1284:Gate on Great Thumb Tail, 1962 October 27
NAU.PH.70.3.1499:Dirk Springorum Nankoweap Trail, 1963
NAU.PH.70.3.1505:Money Falls, 1963 June 29
NAU.PH.70.3.1527:North Branch Near Horse Trail Canyon Waterhole , 1963 July 4
NAU.PH.70.3.1541:Down Sturdevant Canyon to Phantom Creek and Sase Nasket from Nankoweap Mesa, 1963 August 28
NAU.PH.70.3.2336:Red Side Canyon, Cove Canyon, North side Canyon, Kanab to Toroweap, 1966 March 31
NAU.PH.70.3.2345:Source of Tapeats , 1966 March 31
NAU.PH.70.3.2349:National Canyon, 1966 March 31
NAU.PH.70.3.2508: Small Snake [California kingsnake.] on Esplanade, 1966 July 25
NAU.PH.70.3.2521:Trails, Route bank below Fossil, Spring on left slope, 1966 July 26
NAU.PH.70.3.2529:Ruin; Southeast side of Deer Creek Valley, 1966 August 24
NAU.PH.70.3.2547:Rain pocket, Muav Galloway Canyon, 1966 August 25
NAU.PH.70.3.2558: Shinumo Qartzite, Tapeats, Hakatai Shale, west wall of Stone Creek, 1966 August 25
NAU.PH.70.3.3101:Route thru Supai Southwest of Kibbey [Butte], 1967 August 30
NAU.PH.70.3.3230:Mile 4.5 & Up, 1968 January 14
NAU.PH.70.3.3410:Route into Manzanita at left, 1968 July 2
NAU.PH.70.3.3426:Salt Water Wash, 1968 August 17
NAU.PH.70.3.3429:Near top of wall, 5 yards west of boulder outwash, [F.M. Brown inscription.], 1968 August 17
NAU.PH.70.3.4303:Water worn basalt; Rapid Mile 21, 1971
NAU.PH.70.3.4566:Ruins east side of Pipe Creek, 1971 December 11
NAU.PH.70.3.4567: South in Pipe Creek, 1971 December 11
NAU.PH.70.3.4571:In Haunted Canyon, 1971 December 18
NAU.PH.70.3.4578:Down Haunted Canyon to Isis Temple, 1971 December 18
NAU.PH.70.3.4592: Sturdevant Route thru the Redwall, 1971 December 19
NAU.PH.70.3.4595:Up Phantom to Shiva, 1971 December 19 >
NAU.PH.70.3.4597: Brahma & Zoro. [Zoroaster] from rte. out of Phantom, 12/19/71., Grand Canyon (Ariz.). Butchart, John Harvey, 1971. Color Slide, 35mm.
NAU.PH.70.3.4598:Shinumo blocks in Tapeats east of Cheops, 1971 December 19
NAU.PH.70.3.4602:Mouth of Bright Angel Creek, 1971 December 20
NAU.PH.70.3.4621:Matkatamiba Canyon, 1/23/72, 1972 January 23
NAU.PH.70.3.4622:Matkatamiba Canyon, 1972 January 23
NAU.PH.70.3.4779:Fall, South Fork, Manzanita, 1972
NAU.PH.70.3.4812:Lee Dexter, Shoshone Point Route, 1972 September 16
NAU.PH.70.3.4819:Jim Ohlman, Shoshone Point, Coconino, 1972 September 16
NAU.PH.70.3.4827:Morrison at Route up Tapeats, Phantom Canyon, 1972 October 22
NAU.PH.70.3.4843:Double Cave, Mile 25.3, 1972 November 24
NAU.PH.70.3.4981:Stream Cave in Hermit above Boucher Canyon easier via Boucher Trail, 1973 May 18
NAU.PH.70.3.4982:Landslide on Grandview Trail, 1973 May 26
NAU.PH.70.3.4989:Up Colorado River from the mouth of Little Nankoweap, 1973 May 30
NAU.PH.70.3.5000:Bob Packard and our Duppa cairn, 1973 May 31
NAU.PH.70.3.5187:Down Tibbets Route, Nankoweap. Walcott Route, 1974 March 16
NAU.PH.70.3.5188:Big drop in redwall back up and to south, north arm of Nankoweap, 1974 March 16
NAU.PH.70.3.5193: Tony Williams; Nankoweap Mesa, 1974 March 17
NAU.PH.70.3.5196:Ruin on Route to Duppa, 1974 March 18
NAU.PH.70.3.5207:Brady & Alsap Colter, 1974 March 18
NAU.PH.70.3.5212:Tapeats north of Colter. Impossible. , 1974 March 18
NAU.PH.70.3.5214:Geological exhibit - to Colter Butte, 1974 March 18
NAU.PH.70.3.5215: North from route to Duppa Butte, 1974 March 18
NAU.PH.70.3.5216:North of Kwagunt Creek, 1974 March 19
NAU.PH.70.3.5217:North of Kwagunt Creek, 1974 March 19
NAU.PH.70.3.5223:Malgosa Canyon Lower, 1974 March 19
NAU.PH.70.3.5225: West of Nankoweap Trail, up Tilted Mesa, 1974 March 3
NAU.PH.70.3.5226:North arm Nankoweap to Redwall breaks, 1974 March 21
NAU.PH.70.3.5230:Route down Buck Farm Canyon top of route invisible, 1974 March 22
NAU.PH.70.3.5232:Route into Buck Farm Canyon, 1974 March 22
NAU.PH.70.3.5234:Northeast from Buck Farm Point, 1974 March 22
NAU.PH.70.3.5243:Promintory Southwest from Tattahatso Point Navajo Wildlands, 1974 March 23
NAU.PH.70.3.5244:Buck Farm Canyon from Tatahatso Point, 1974 March 23
NAU.PH.70.3.5250:Route into Tatahatso Canyon on side, 1974 March 23
NAU.PH.70.3.5262: Nevill's Rapid, 4/27/74., Colorado River (Colo.-Mexico) // Grand Canyon (Ariz.). Butchart, John Harvey, 1974. Color Slide, 35mm.
NAU.PH.70.3.5263:Kaibab Canyon Route, Buck Farm, 1974 May 4
NAU.PH.70.3.5265:Route in Kaibab Canyon, Buck Farm Canyon, 1974 May 4
NAU.PH.70.3.5322:Chockstone, Indian Hollow, 1974 May 20
NAU.PH.70.3.5338:Paria meeting Colorado River, 1969 February 15
NAU.PH.70.3.5339:Mixing waters at Paria riffle, 1969 February 15
NAU.PH.70.3.5977:Platform, Mile 43, 1976 June 4
NAU.PH.70.3.5991:Nankoweap Trail, 1976 July 16
Subgroup 3, Hiking maps, 1932-1971
Scope & Content
Hiking maps contain handwritten notations describing elevation and trail width, as well as special features found along the trail.
Digital versions of these maps are available here. West half of Grand Canyon National Park , 1948.
In order to preserve the original, Special Collections and Archives created an access copy. The originals are located in Oversized Maps East half of Grand Canyon National Park, 1948
In order to preserve the original, Special Collections and Archives created an access copy. Originals of call numbers - 15 are located on the manuscript shelves. All other maps are located in the map cases. Plan and profile of Colorado River From Lees Ferry, Ariz. To Black Canyon, Ariz.-Nev. And Virgin River, Nev, Sheet J, 1943 and profile of Colorado River from Lees Ferry to Black Canyon, Ariz-Nev and Virgin River, Nev., 1943 and profile of Colorado River from Lees Ferry to Black Canyon, Ariz-Nev and Virgin River, Nev., 1943 and profile of Colorado River from Lees Ferry to Black Canyon, Ariz-Nev and Virgin River, Nev., 1943 and profile of Colorado River from Lees Ferry to Black Canyon, Ariz-Nev and Virgin River, Nev., 1943 and profile of Colorado River from Lees Ferry to Black Canyon, Ariz-Nev and Virgin River, Nev., 1943 and profile of Colorado River from Lees Ferry to Black Canyon, Ariz-Nev and Virgin River, Nev., 1943 and profile of Colorado River from Lees Ferry to Black Canyon, Ariz-Nev and Virgin River, Nev., 1943 and profile of Colorado River from Lees Ferry to Black Canyon, Ariz-Nev and Virgin River, Nev., 1943 and profile of Colorado River From Lees Ferry, Ariz. To Black Canyon, Ariz.-Nev. And Virgin River, Nev, Sheet A, 1943 and profile of Colorado River from Lees Ferry to Black Canyon, Ariz-Nev and Virgin River, Nev., 1943 and profile of Colorado River from Lees Ferry to Black Canyon, Ariz-Nev and Virgin River, Nev., 1943 and profile of Colorado River from Lees Ferry to Black Canyon, Ariz-Nev and Virgin River, Nev., 1943 and profile of Colorado River from Lees Ferry to Black Canyon, Ariz-Nev and Virgin River, Nev., 1943 and profile of Colorado River from Lees Ferry to Black Canyon, Ariz-Nev and Virgin River, Nev., 1943 Spring Quadrangle, Arizona, Coconino County, 15 minute topographical map, 1955 Quadrangle, Arizona, Coconino County, 15 minute topographical map, 1955 Verde Quadrangle, Arizona, Coconino County, 15 minute topographical map, 1932 Wash, Arizona Canyon Quadrangle, Arizona, Coconino County, 15 minute topographical map, 1957 Point Quadrangle, Arizona, Coconino County, 15 minute topographical map, 1962 Ferry, Arizona, Coconino County, 15 minute topographical map, 1954 Canyon, Arizona, Coconino County, 15 minute topographical map, 1962 Mountain, Utah - Ariz. Plateau, Ariz., 1954 Wash Quadrangle, Arizona, Coconino County, 15 minute topographical map, 1954 Point Quadrangle, Arizona, Mohave County, 15 minute topographical map, 1967 Cave Quadrangle, Arizona, Mohave County, 7.5 minute topographical map, 1971 Point NE Quadrangle, Arizona, Coconino County, 7.5 minute topographical map. Falls Quadrangle, Arizona, Mohave County, 7.5 minute topographical map, 1971 Slide Rapids Quadrangle, Arizona, Mohave County, 7.5 minute topographical map, 1967 Peak Quadrangle, Arizona, 7.5 minute topographical map, 1967 Wells SW Quadrangle, Arizona, Coconino County, 7.5 minute topographical map, 1967 Park Quadrangle, Arizona, 7.5 minute topographical map, 1967 Canyon Quadrangle, Arizona, Mohave County, 7.5 minute topographical map, 1967 Horse Flat Quadrangle, Arizona, Mohave County, 7.5 minute topographical map, 1968 Butte Quadrangle, Arizona, 7.5 minute topographical map, 1970 Canyon NW Quadrangle, Arizona, Mohave County, 7.5 minute topographical map, 1967 Dellenbaugh, Ariz. , Point Quadrangle, Arizona, Mohave County, 7.5 minute topographical map, 1967 Canyon, Ariz. Canyon East Quadrangle, Arizona, Mohave County, 7.5 minute topographical map, 1971 Point Quadrangle, Arizona, Mohave County, 7.5 minute topographical map, 1971 Travertine Rapids Quadrangle, Arizona, Mohave County, 7.5 minute topographical map, 1967 Vulcans Throne Quadrangle, Arizona, 7.5 minute topographical map, 1967 Throne SW Quadrangle, Arizona, 7.5 minute topographical map, 1967 Point Quadrangle, Arizona, Mohave County, 7.5 minute topographical map, 1967 Point SE Quadrangle, Arizona, Mohave County, 7.5 minute topographical map, 1967 Rapids Quadrangle, Arizona, 7.5 minute topographical map, 1967 Mountain Quadrangle, Arizona, 7.5 minute topographical map, 1969 and Profile of the Little Colorado River from the mouth to Tolichico Dam Site, Ariz. Sheet A, 1948