Sue Bennett Collection (PARTIALLY PROCESSED) 1972-2003

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1NAU.PH.2013.16: Photographs (PARTIALLY PROCESSED), 1975-2003
NAU.PH.2013.16.1: Slides, 1975-2003
NAU.PH.2013.16.2: Early Negatives, 1974-1982
NAU.PH.2013.16.3: Professional Negatives, 1983-2002
NAU.PH.2013.16.4: Prints (UNPROCESSED)
NAU.PH.2013.16.5: Polaroids, 1980-2002
1NAU.PH.2013.16.6: Selects 35mm (and other format) Slides, Negatives and Polaroids 1975-2002
NAU.PH.2013.16.7: Scouting Locations and Research
NAU.MS.492: Manuscripts, 1974-2003
Series 1: Journals and calendars, 1980-2002
Series 2: Job files, 1978-2003
Series 3: Administrative records, 1980-2003 ca.
Series 4: Running's "Year in Reviews", 1983-1998
Series 5: Assignment research, 1973-1984
Series 6: Personal ephemera,1972-1975
NAU.OH.2017.6: Oral Histories and Remembrances, 2014-2017