Bill Belknap Collection (PARTIALLY PROCESSED) 1869-1985

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NAU.MS.288: Manuscripts 1930-1996
NAU.MS.288.01: Series 1: World War II experiences, 1942-1945
NAU.MS.288.02: Series 2: Belknap Photographic Services, Incorporated, 1947-1965.
NAU.MS.288.03: Series 3: National Geographic--Havasupai, 1948-1971
NAU.MS.288.04: Series 4: National Geographic--Grand Canyon, 1955.
NAU.MS.288.05: Series 5: National Geographic--White Sands, 1957.
Series 6: National Geographic--Bryce Canyon, 1958
Series 7: National Geographic--USAF Academy, 1959
Series 8: National Geographic--Craters of the Moon, Idaho, 1960
Series 9: National Geographic--Rapids in Reverse, 1960-1964.
Series 10: National Geographic--20th-Century Indians, 1964.
Series 11: National Geographic School Bulletin--Cross-Eyed Worms, 1961-1966.
Series 12: National Geographic--Basque Sheepherders, 1954-1967
Series 13: National Geographic--Hualapai and Dams, 1966
Series 14: National Geographic--Santa Fe Christmas 1963-1976
Series 15: National Geographic--Powell Centennial, 1962-1969
Series 16: National Geographic--Baja California, 1964-1975
Series 17: Belknap's Canyon and River Adventures, 1950-1970
Series 18: Grand Canyon History, 1869-1983
Series 19: River and Canyon Literature, 1953-1985
Series 20: Explorer Post #5, 1955-1957
Series 21: Photography lessons and Belknap's courses, 1951-1977
Series 22: Fred Kabotie Project, 1930-1977
Series 23: Photo logs and articles about southwestern trips, 1945-1980
Series 24: Copies of Belknap's Potsdam Conference diaries, July-August 1945
Series 25: Grand Canyon Boulder Dam Tours Inc., circa 1940
Series 26: Otis "Dock" Marston correspondence, 1969-1978
Series 27: Gunnar Widforss book project correspondence and files, 1969-1970
Series 28: Belknap River Guide Working Files, 1969-1996.
Series 29: William Henry Jackson essay,
Series 30: Oversize material
3NAU.PH.96.4: Photographs, 1900 to 1980s
NAU.PH.96.4.1-2: Early Belknap Family
NAU.PH.96.4.3-10: World War II
1NAU.PH.96.4.11-42: Arizona
NAU.PH.96.4.43-119: Grand Canyon
NAU.PH.96.4.120-148: Nevada
NAU.PH.96.4.149-188: Lake Mead National Recreation Area
NAU.PH.96.4.189-191: People
NAU.PH.96.4.192-200: Basque
NAU.PH.96.4.201-204: California
2NAU.PH.96.4.205-234: Utah
NAU.PH.96.4.235-284: Desolation Gray Canyon
NAU.PH.96.4.285-294: Canyonlands
NAU.PH.96.4.295: Labyrinth Canyon and Stillwater Canyon
NAU.PH.96.4.296-299: Westwater, Utah
NAU.PH.96.4.300-319: San Juan River
NAU.PH.96.4.320-324: Colorado
NAU.PH.96.4.325-330: Colorado - Dolores
NAU.PH.96.4.331-335: New Mexico
NAU.PH.96.4.336-337: Idaho
NAU.PH.96.4.338-339: Wyoming
NAU.PH.96.4.340: Michigan
NAU.PH.96.4.341: Hawaii
NAU.PH.96.4.342-397: Mexico
NAU.PH.96.4.398-400: New Zealand
NAU.PH.96.4.401-424: [Various subjects]
NAU.AU.75.70: Audio recordings 1963-1979
Interviews of Fred Kabotie by Bill Belknap 1975-1977
NAU.MI.96.4: Moving images 1958-1964
NAU.OH.75.70: Oral history interviews about Bill Belknap 1997
2010 Accession 1900-1988.
Manuscript Material,1906-1988.
Photographs (NAU.PH.96.4),1900-1980.