William G. Bass Collection, 1890-1976.

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1Series One, Informational Material, 1910-75.
Series Two, William Bass Lectures, 1941-69.
Series Three, Personal Items, 1920-76.
Series Four, Scrap Books, 1890-1970
Series Five, Ada Bass Sheet Music.
Series Six: Visitor Registers, February 10, 1957-February 19, 1973
39 Series Seven, Bass Photographs, 1890-1970.
NAU.PH.96.24.1:images of William Wallace Bass.
NAU.PH.96.24.2:images of Ada Diefendorf Bass.
NAU.PH.96.24.3:images of Edith Bass (grave at Grand Canyon).
NAU.PH.96.24.4:images of Hazel Canyonita Bass.
NAU.PH.96.24.5:images of Mabelle Melba Bass.
NAU.PH.96.24.6:images of Hazel, Mabelle, and William G. Bass.
NAU.PH.96.24.7:images of William G. (Bill) Bass.
NAU.PH.96.24.8:images of Rae Owens and Betty Bass.
NAU.PH.96.24.9:images of Lenore Bass.
NAU.PH.96.24.10:images of Other Family Members, including Lauzon Family.
NAU.PH.96.24.11:images of Old Bass camps and Bass Trail.
NAU.PH.96.24.12:images of Bill Bass visiting Bass Camp, 1970.
NAU.PH.96.24.13:images of Havasu Canyon trails.
NAU.PH.96.24.14:images of Grand Canyon general.
11NAU.PH.96.24.15:images of Mountain/Rainbow Bridge.
22NAU.PH.96.24.16:images of Mountain/Rainbow Bridge, mostly El Tovar Studio shots.
NAU.PH.96.24.17:images of W.W. and Ada Bass and family in Wickenburg.
NAU.PH.96.24.18:images of La Siesta Motel and jeep trips.
NAU.PH.96.24.19:images of Wickenburg homes.
NAU.PH.96.24.20:images of First plane in Wickenburg.
NAU.PH.96.24.21:images of Wickenburg businesses and views.
NAU.PH.96.24.22:images of Bass Pavilion, Service Station, El Recreo.
NAU.PH.96.24.23:images of Wickenburg rodeos.
NAU.PH.96.24.24:images of Wickenburg parades.
NAU.PH.96.24.25:images of Gold Rush Days.
NAU.PH.96.24.26:images of Wickenburg Princesses.
NAU.PH.96.24.27:images of Gold Shirt Gang and Las Damas.
NAU.PH.96.24.28:images of Rotary Club.
NAU.PH.96.24.29:images of (not assigned).
NAU.PH.96.24.30:images of Bill Bass's log cabin.
NAU.PH.96.24.31:images of Trailer port and trailer.
NAU.PH.96.24.32:images of Bill Bass's photographic and projection equipment.
NAU.PH.96.24.33:images of Sedona/Verde Valley.
NAU.PH.96.24.34:images of Oak Creek Canyon.
NAU.PH.96.24.35:images of Montezuma's Castle.
NAU.PH.96.24.36:images of Painted Desert.
NAU.PH.96.24.37:images of Cameron.
NAU.PH.96.24.38:images of Parker.
3NAU.PH.96.24.39:images of Elephant's Feet ( Reservation).
NAU.PH.96.24.40:images of Walnut Canyon.
NAU.PH.96.24.41:images of Hassayampa River Bridge, Wickenburg.
NAU.PH.96.24.42:images of Other bridges.
NAU.PH.96.24.43:images of Natural bridges.
NAU.PH.96.24.44:images of Floods in Wickenburg.
NAU.PH.96.24.45:images of Boulder (Hoover) Dam.
NAU.PH.96.24.46:images of (not assigned).
NAU.PH.96.24.47:images of Glen Canyon Dam.
NAU.PH.96.24.48:images of Hopi villages.
NAU.PH.96.24.49:images of (not assigned).
NAU.PH.96.24.50:images of (not assigned).
NAU.PH.96.24.51:images of Supai Village/Havasupai Indians.
NAU.PH.96.24.52:images of Native American motion picture actors from the movie Painted Desert.
NAU.PH.96.24.53:images of Thomas Moran and "Captain" Jack Crawford.
NAU.PH.96.24.54:images of Department of Agriculture truck and men.
NAU.PH.96.24.55:images of Unidentified buildings.
1NAU.PH.96.24.56:images of Unidentified places.
NAU.PH.96.24.57:images of Antique and classic cars.
1NAU.PH.96.24.58:images of Dinosaur tracks.
NAU.PH.96.24.59:images of World's largest tire (at Grand Canyon).
NAU.PH.96.24.60:images of Mines (including the Octave and Congress mines near Wickenburg).
NAU.PH.96.24.61:images of Grand Canyon picture postcards.
Series Eight, Moving Images, 1950-1970.
NAU.MI.96.24.1b: Highway 89
NAU.MI.96.24.2: Glen Canyon Dam construction and Lake Powell
NAU.MI.96.24.3: Bus Trip
NAU.MI.96.24.4: Kodak Cinegraph"Colorado River of the Grand Canyon"
NAU.MI.96.24.5: 1970 Lake Powell Motel Association Trip
NAU.MI.96.24.6: Havasu Original Film
NAU.MI.96.24.7: Havasu Pack Trip
NAU.MI.96.24.8: Highway 89 Trip
NAU.MI.96.24.9: Monument Valley, Four Corners. 1960's.
Series Nine: Reel-to-Reel Audio Tapes, February 10, 1957-February 19, 1973