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Arizona Daily Sun Collection, 1947-1990s


Overview of the Collection

Creator: Arizona Daily Sun Newspaper
Title: Arizona Daily Sun Collection,
Inclusive Dates: 1947-1990s
Quantity: Approximately 300,000 photographic negatives
Abstract:The Arizona Daily Sun
Identification: NAU.PH.73.10
Language: Material in English
Repository: Cline Library. Special Collections and Archives Department
Northern Arizona University
Box 6022
Flagstaff, AZ 86011-6022
Phone: 928 523-5551
Fax: 928 523-3770

Historical Note

The Arizona Daily Sun is the largest local newspaper for Flagstaff and Northern Arizona. It began its life in 1883 as the Arizona Champion. In 1891 it changed its name to the Coconino Sun. In 1946, it again changed its name to the Arizona Daily Sun.

Special thanks goes to dedicated SCA volunteer, Rich Boyd who spent years describing and matching negatives to articles by date. Thanks also to Britney Bibeault, SCA student aide who entered the data that makes up this finding aide.

Scope and Content

The collection contains photographic images (prints/negatives) used in issues of the Arizona Daily Sun.


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No restrictions on use, except: not available through interlibrary loan.

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It is the responsibility of the user to obtain permission to publish from the owner of the copyright (the institution, the creator of the record, the author or his/her transferees, heirs, legates, or literary executors). The user agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Arizona Board of Regents for Northern Arizona University, its officers, employees, and agents from and against all claims made by any person asserting that he or she is an owner of copyright.

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Digital versions of parts of this collection are available online .

Preferred Citation

Arizona Daily Sun Collection, NAU.PH.73.10. Special Collections and Archives. Northern Arizona University. Cline Library. Flagstaff, Arizona.

Acquisition Information

Staff at the Arizona Daily Sun donated these materials in two separate accessions: the first images (1947-1970) came in 1973 and the second set of images (1970s to early 1990s) came in 2003.-

Container List

NAU.PH.73.10: Photographs by Year, 1947-1990s. , 1947-1990s
Digitized portions of the collection are available online here
Negatives that have yet to be identified.
January , 1960
Jan 30, 1960
Hospital [?] Formation. See AZ Daily Sun - Jan 30, 1960, 9.1, for names, "First Meeting"; Mayoral Candidate Joe Zaharias, "For Campaign Ad"; For Campaign Ad, City Council Candidate Jack P. Bird; For Campaign Ad, City Council Candidate - Bob Leonard.
February , 1960
The following days have no associated negatives; 7, 14, 16, 17, 22, 28.
Feb 1, 1960
Fire at 525 W. Coronado. Parents, 3 children homeless. Caused by electric heater. L to R: Larry Wilson - 11, Ronnie Wilson - 15, Lennie Wilson - 13; Girl missing after Tobogganing trip on west slope of peaks, Mildred Jordan - 14, Lee Stoythemyke - Youth Director Flagstaff First Baptist Church, "Boys, coffee"; Search for girls and their pastor on Western slope of peaks. Girls had gone tobogganing, L to R: Rep. Elmer Bressler, Mrs. W.E. Whiteby, F.L. Jordan, J.O. Hihh, George Redder, All safe, "Flashlights [?]"; L.D.S. Stake session,"Singing Mothers Entertain L.D.S Meet"; LDS Stake session, "Stakes Youth Singing Group"; 6th Annual March of Dimes barbeque, "Hops of Beans."; Aebekah Lodge - Cakes For March of Dimes Barbeque, L to R: Mmes. Ruth Bean, Jone Meauly, Duina Caldwell, Lera Veaiey, Deliah Wright, Ernelting Hugiburch, Lisa Richardson, "March of Dimes Cakes"; Flag Med Hot Rod Club, L to R: Jim Sullivan - V.P., Rod Lowrie - Treas., Don Harper - Sec., "Future Racer"; LDS Stake conference, See Az. Daily Sun, Feb. 1, 1960, P.8, for names, "Stake Conference".
Feb 2, 1960
Mr. and Mrs. G.C. Busche among first to cast ballots in City Primary Election, "Braving the Snow"; Flag. Junior High Principal Don C. Clark looking at Looter cash boxes in school office; Officer Ray Der, George Davis, Father James Lindenmeyer, Victim: Ernestine Duras - 22, "Pedestrian Hurt".
Feb 3, 1960
New Coconino Forest Supervisor Ralph Crawford, outgoing supervisor: Jay L. Cravens, "New Supervisor"; John Murphy, for ad for Producers Finance Co.; ASC Student Judy Myers, "Snow Queen Crowned"; Voters waiting in line at city to vote in Primary Election, "Conga Line?"; ASC vs Pasadena Nazarene, #10 - ASC - Richard Pacheco, #15 - Pasadena Charles Baily, #12 - ASC - Bill Aaron, "The High Men"; ASC vs. Pasadena Nazarene, L to R: Pasadena - Lee Hubbard, Bobby Olivas - ASC.
Feb 4, 1960
New Director of Coconino County Health Dept. Dr. Merle E. Smith; ASC Baseball, L to R: Pete Peterson, Junior Varlas, Sonny Ahuerano, Tony Magpaheno, Roy Mednoza, "Baa One"; High school yearbook. L to R: Geraldine Wischman, Anna Lee Sanchez, "Holbrook [?] Managers"; ASC snow [?] at North Hall, L to R: Jenny Martin, June Harris, Pat Layton, Nora Haley, Sasha Pearson, Myrna Flemmer, "Labor of Love"; Safeway District meeting, see Arizona Daily Sun - Feb 4, 1960 - 7.3, for names, "District Meeting".
Feb 5, 1960
ASC Track. L to R: John Davis, Larry Loman, Bill Wright, John Rupribvez, "Tracksters"; State owned rotary snow blearing a street N. of Fort Valley Road. 6 foot drifts were too [?] for county equipment to handle, "Snow Goes"; L to R: Bob Sommerville, Jim Young, Dan Stoots, all Flag Jayless, Wilma Dickinson - Exec. Sec. of Meaty Fund, "Have a Heart"; New Pilots. L to R: Rose Marie Maton, Charles Supplee, Bob Young, Joe Clayton. Cesson 150 - Wright Flyte Service at Flag Airport, "Newby [?]"; Mr. and Mrs. George G. Babbitt with toy poodle Chov Chov, "South America [?]".
Feb 6, 1960
Going for Ball - #14 - Jim Cuhigen - Holbrook, James O'Brien - Winning. #12 R. Ahvarez, #4 - Alex Sautana - both winning. Behna O'Brien - Jeff Hunt. Behind Hunt - Markell Bughman - Both Holbrook. "I want it"; Archie Gilliland - [?] bowling team with trophies to be won in largest bowling tourney in city history at Starlite Lanes, "Five Trophies".
Feb 8, 1960
Heart Fund Drive, L to R: Jay Lee - Ette Mrs. Lauraule T. Wren, First National Bank Manager - Bob Blake. "Poster Smile"; Mr. and Mrs. Henderson B. Warnock, A month in Honolulu, "Honolulu [?]"; Axebabe vs. Winslow Air Force Radar Dse, taking shot - ASC - Meredith Romney. On floor, ASC, Sam Ezell, Winslow - Hohn Pannoni, "Blocked?"; Flag High vs. Sunny Slope, #50 ealle center Bob Runke, #30 Ron Lowrie, Sunny Slope #20 Jim Bryant - Floor, #55 - Tim Ron R., "Four [?] Two to 60"; L to R: Troop 27 Scout master Paul Kultd, Troop member Don Cox. 50th Scout Anniversary, "50th anniversary"; Flag Chamber of Commerce Officials, L to R: Frank Dickinson, Dr. J. Lawrence Walkup - Immediate Past Pres of Chamber, Gov. Paul Fandin, William S. Young - 1960 Chamber Pres., "Chamber Chat"; Billie Williams Yost - Receiver Desert Magazine Southwest Literature Award for her 1958 book "Bread upon the Sands", "Book Wing Award"; New J.C. Penny Store Manager, L to R: Asst. Manager - Fred Gundien, Manager - Guy Dean, "Welcome"; See Arizona Daily Sun - Feb 8, 1960 - P.7 for names, "Team Winners"; Weekend Bowling Tourney, L to R: Bob Clark - Class B, Wayne Owen, Bud Litentra - both class A, Guy House Itonner - Class B., "Doubles Winners"; Weekend Bowling Tourney, L to R: G. Horvath - Class A, Yerman Jaramillo - Class B., "Singles Champs".
Feb 9, 1960
Road construction hazards at 66 and 4th Street, "Half-done Hazard"; State Oration Contest, L to R: Hoyle Neal, Ruth Avots, Kal Magnuson, "Orators"; Scouts 50th, L to R: Dr. Martin Fronske, P. William Davis - Boy Scout Deputy Regional Executive, W.V. Boacherding, Robert M. Bishop - Grand Canton Council Scout Executive, "Boy Scout Leaders"; Civil Defense Conference. L to R: Dr. Merle E. Smith - Coco. County Civil Defense Director, Mrs. Carrol P. Latham - County Home Agest, "Fall-out"; ASC students; sworn into the national guard, L to R: Lt. Herb Hanks, Bruce Lavicher, Williams A. Burke, Rodolfo S. Navarotte, "Taking the Oath"; ASC coach and 3 Hardin-Simming football Transfers. L to R: Gene Ucceillini, Coach Max Spilsbury, Mike Merler, Charlie Bowers, "Beef on the Hoof"; Huge Ladle on freight car under-carriage. Loan at Flagstaff for delivery to Glen Canyon Dam. "Ladle Loading".
Feb 10, 1960
New Daily Sun reporter - Dennis Loweay, "New man"; U.S. Forest Services Officials, Seated: Ed Gaines - Director, Forest Service Research Center on ASC campus, L to R: Frank Bell, Jay Cravens - Both with Division of Forest Management - Albuquerque, Don Morris - D.C. Officer of Forest Management. "Timber Data"; Demolition of Saginaw - Manistee Lumber Mill on West 66. [?] Az. Lumber and Timber, "End of a Landmark"; Preparations for Valentines Desert Bridal Party at Nativity Church Parish Hall - St. Ann's [?], L to R: Mrs. William Harris, Mrs. William Sheran, Mrs. Laverse Pitcher, "Committee Working for Valentine Party"; Flag High Basketball Players, L to R: Phil Luton, Ron Howrie, Rob Runke - State Leader, Jack Miller, Clyde Joe. With Paper - Team Manager Bob O'Mura. "Hey Look At That!"; ASC Basketball, L to R: Bosy Olivas, Bill Aaron, Don Buttrum, Whey Horton, Carlos Moore, Richard Pacheco. "Axers Iron Men".
Feb 11, 1960
Ready for Masonic Essay Contest. L to R: Flag Jr. High Teacher - Mrs. Mary Gussman, Principal Don C. Clark, Teacher - Mrs. Donna Russell. "Set for Essays"; Testing Cylinder at construction site of Glen Canyon Dam. "Testing Soon"; Flag High Basketball Players Jumping Rope. Joke Story - 2/11/60. P. 9. L to R: #20 Phil Lutan, #40 Jack Miller, #50 Bob Runks. "Texacoh, Texaceula".
Feb 12, 1960
Grand stand from Unused track in Phoenix. Delivered to Fort Tuthill. "Ahh Delivered"; Brownies Valentine party - Federated Church. L to R: Susan Vesttitoer, Dixie Singaman, Glyds Wyatt - Accordion, Sharon Rice, Dena Durker. "Valentine Party"; Arizona Public Service Sponsor an electric dryer promotion with electric broilers as prizes. L to R: Trevor Beck - Flagstaff Furniture, Phil Ganley, Ray Dinwinde - Bonny's TV and Appliances, Mrs. Henry Singleton, Orris Mauran - Sales Consultant for APS. "Happy Winners"; Kiwanis-Carnegie Committee/Dale Carnegie Course. Seated: L to R: President Jim Blair, John Dennerlive Jr. Standing: George McCullough, Norman Sharber, Vern Sidell, Joe Babbitt, Tom Brooks. "Kick Off".
Feb 13, 1960
2nd Graders at My. Elden Elementary School. Mrs. Etary Carson's class. See Az. Daily Sun Feb 13, 1960 - P.1 for names. "Happy Valentine's Day"; At corner of Beaver and Aspen - Bill's Used Car Lot. See Arizona Daily Sun, February 13, 1960, P.1, for names. "Scout Show"; Flagstaff Television and Cable. L to R: Mrs. Robert Turner, Cable co. Manager - Charles Wiguton, Dr. Robert Turner - Turners were 3,000th Customer. "Customer Number 3,000"; From Catholic Daughters of America. L to R: Mrs. Francis Davarn, Mrs. M.S. Torgerson for the ASC Newman Center, Mrs. P.J. Lindemann, Mrs. Russell Switzer. "Newman Club Receives Check, $50.00"; LDS Basketball Tourney. L to R: Jay Langston, Stan Langston. "The Tall and the Short"; LDS Basketball Tourney. L to R: Jim Langston, Rick Patterson. "Up, Up, Up, and In"; LDS Basketball Tourney. Flagstaff Warn - #15 - De Vel Ledge, #21 Ken Rabin. Flagstaff Sun Ward #10 Toby King. "Right in the Kisser".
Feb 15, 1960
Girl Scouts at Mt. Elden Elementary School. See Az. Daily Sun - Feb 15, 1960, Page 5 for names. "New Troop"; Basketball - Holbrook vs. Snowflake. Up at Basket - Farrell Porter - Snowflake. #34 Ricky Nichols - Holbrook, #32 - Bob Stricklann, #20 - Bonnie Curtis. Snowflake #25 - Lamell Nikolaus. "Leading Scorers"; L to R: Neal Ledfers, Holbrook High Principal Wayne E. Dillon, Barbara Dillon. "Holbrook Speech Winners".
Feb 18, 1960
Vogue Dress - 20 Eastbirch - Story on Opening. Owners: L to R: Mrs. Maude Worischeck, Mrs. Fae Hopper.
Feb 19, 1960
L to R: Weitzel School Principal Frank Cooseboom, Weitzel top teacher - Jeanette Voorhis, PTA Pres. Mrs. J.R. Jacobsen, PTA Sec. Mrs. Calvin Church. "Top Teacher"; ASC vs. Oklahoma panhandle A and M - Frontier Conference. L to R: ASC - Wiley Morton, Bill Aaron, Okla. - Don Cheneyworth, ASC - Don Buttrum, Okla - Sonny Mounts, on Flar - Clay Hutson. "Rough and Tumble"; ASC J.V. - Axe Babes vs. Phoenix College Bears. Bears: #44 - Jerry Hahn, #22 - Frank Mass, #35 - George Bearden, #45 - Darnell Haney. ASC at Ribitt: Bill Van Zanten. "Triple Teaming"; Southern Union Gas Company Hosts Luncheon for Business owners to launch gas dryer campaign. See Arizona Daily Sun - Feb. 19, 1960 - P. 10, for names. "[?] Luncheon".
Feb 20, 1960
Accident victim Charles D. Shener of Tucson being carried to ambulance - car pulling trailer ran off W. 66 near Pine Springs. "Accident Victim"; Coroners Juror's take oath at scene of fatal accident - 2/19/60 - C.G. 66 West of Winona. "Next to Last Bites"; Junior Women's Club initiates. See Az. Daily Sun - 2/20/60 - P. 3 for Names. "New Members"; Holbrook's Benny Curtis and Winslow's Jerry Brown -(On bottom) have death grip on ball. #33 - Bob Strickland, #41 - Ray Handricks. "[?] Pretzels"; Scottsdale Beavers vs. Flag High Eagles. FHS - Jack Miller, #30 Ronnie Lowrie, #50 Bob Ronke. Scottsdale - #20 Tony Raineri, Jan Kheinman #23. "Gimme that Ball".
Feb 22, 1960
Part of 4,000 people attending the opening of the new Tuba City Community Center. "Crowned Desert"; At opening of Tuba City Community Center. L to R: Az. Gov. Paul Fannin, ASC Pres. J. Lawrence Walkup, Navajo Tribal Chairman Paul Jones, Vice Chairman Scott Preston. "Praise from the Governor"; ASC Frosh Basketball vs. ASU. Going up - ASC - Meredith Romney, ASU #34 Gil Martinez. "Sure Way"; ASC Varsity vs. ASU Sun Devils. L to R: ASU - Al Nealey, Asc - Bill Aaron, ASU - Tom Hughes, ASC - Don Buttrum, ASU - Larry Armstrong. "The Battle is Joined"; ASC-ASU Basketball in Tempe. ASU - Al Nealey, Ollie Payne, Larry Armstrong, Moving in on ASC Center Don Buttrum. "[?]".
Feb 23, 1960
L to R: Raye Walls, Karen Coldill, Betsy Ann Grell, Barbara Foreman, Stephanie Hoal. Heart Fund Drive. "Rainbow Girls Help"; Basketball - Flag High vs. Winslow. Flag: #40 Jack Miller, #50 - Bob Runke. Winslow: #23 Jim Ferrell - Near Ball. "Rebound Hungry"; Flag High Junior Varsity vs. Winslow J.V. Flag High going up: Charles Bonney, on floor behind Flag High Larry Wilson. Winslow: #43 Andy Begay, #55 - Don Schaar. "High Scorers Ahh"; Business and Professional Women's Club. L to R: Mrs. Dorothy Boyd - Member Bosses Night. Planning Committee, Gilbery C. Busche - Personnel Manager of Southwest Forest Products, Mrs. Ima Powell - Busche's Sec. "Boss of the Year"; Catholic War Veterans. L to R: [?] Lozano - 3rd Vice Commander, Joe Panilla - Commander, Angel Macias - Post Adjutant, Charles Saunders - Flagstaff Mayor. With First 50 Star flag. "Vets Sell Flags"; From Horse Wrangler to Chief Deputy County Assessor. Cliff J Kramer, Retired 3/1/60.; Flag High Basketball. L to R: Bob Runke, Coach Fred Anderson, Clyde Joe. "There We Are"; Dedication of New Tuba City community center . 1/4 of Audience in Auditorium. "Full House Then Some"; Dedication of Tuba City Community Center. Mrs. Yazzie Roberts - Pres of Tuba City Chapter. "Welcoming Address"; L to R: ASC Pres. J. Lawrence Walkup, Az. Gov. Paul Fannin, Tribal Chairman Paul Jones, Vice Chairman Scott Preston. "State, Tribal Leaders"; At Dedication of Tuba City Community Center. "Chow Time at Tuba City"; Basketball. ASC vs. New Mexico Western. ASC: #42 Bill Aaron. NMW: #15 Maru Sanders, #20 Make Pale. "Over the Line"; Basketball. ASC vs. New Mexico Western. In air Axer Bobby Olivas. NMW: #20 Mack Pace, #55 Larry Vendreley. "He Flies Through the Air"; L to R: Frontier Conference Commissioner K.M. Laabs of Las Cruces, 58/59 Axer Lumberjacker Mel Huffaker. "Frontier Grid Trophy".
Feb 24, 1960
Coca Cola Manager Tony Lee with Burgled Safe. "Wide Open"; LDS Church Drama Festival. Cast of "Gramma" - Named but in no order in caption. "Make up Time"; LDS Stake Drama Series. See Az. Daily Sun, Feb 24, 1960, P.2, for names. "Beyond the Typha"; LDS Drama Festival. L to R: Sadie Greer, Bruce Sein, Emma Houstan. "And the Villias Pushed Her". "And Now My Beauty"; Cast of Flag High Production of "Pirates of Penzance". "High School 'Pirates'"; Flag High Basketball Heading for Class AA Tourney. L to R: Manager Bob O'Mura, Forward Jack Miller, Guard Phil Lujan, Forward Ron Lowrie. "Tournament Bound".
Feb 25, 1960
State Oratorical Contest. L to R: Flag High Principal Paul Schreiber, 17 year old - Kay Mabnuson. "In Floths"; Preparations for Heart Sunday. L to R: Mrs. Glenn Strege, Mrs. Jack Jacobsen, Mrs. Ray Harry, Mrs. Fred Mason. "Heart Sunday Set for February 28"; Girl Scout Troops at Episcopal Church. L to R: Crissie Arntsen, Haunie Dietriek, Animal Shelter head Harry Newall. "Present Risks to Animal Shelter"; Harlem Clowns vs. Drake's Raiders from ASC. Raiders: #15 Herman Moya, #16 Earl Randolph. Clowns: Gritting teeth - Guard Pinkston [No first name noted] Above - Center Eural McKelver. "Ouch"; Bryan Hines of Flagstaff, Member of U.S. Olympic Committee. Wrestler on 1924 team. "Former Olympian".
Feb 26, 1960
Millie Neal Fain. Pleads guilty to 2nd degree murder in stabbing. Death of retired L.A. business man Ary J. Best, July, 1959. "Pleads Guilty"; L to R: Kevin Britt, Margaret Duras, King and Queen of Mardi Gras. "Mardi Gras Royalty"; See Az. Daily Sun, 2/26/60, P.2 for names. End of trenching for Switzer Canyon sewer line. "End of Line"; Leap Year baby, Bobby Miller celebrates second birthday on leap year, Feb 29; South Beaver Elementary School Spellers. L to R: Seated: Mary Davis, Pauline Aragon. Standing: Jennie Torres, Lois Scott. "Top Spellers".
Feb 27, 1960
Northern Chapter of Arizona Society of Professional Engineers. L to R: Seated: Weldon Brinton - First V.P., John Chapman - Pres., Pat Syler 2nd V.P. Standing: County Director of Planning and Zoning - William J. Meyers, Ralph Bakney, Clarence Lintz, James Keller - Sec. Treasurer. "Engineers Gather"; L to R: Coconino District Commisioner - Mr. Nelson, Troop 24 Scout Mater Paul Kultn, Asst. National Boy Scout Training Director - Rubeat Perin, Br. Martin G. Fronske, Troop 34 Scout Master Joe Leeson, Dist. Training Chair Dr. Malcom Torgerson. Nelson was an architect who had no listed first name. Looking over Compassen. "Scout Training from the Top"; Class B, C. Basketball Tourney. #51 Seth Saline - Pima. #24 Jim Parker - Camp Verde. "Defense".
Feb 29, 1960
Pack 31 with Unidentified Parents. L to R: Larry Lloyd, John Sitterley, Mark Foster, Danny Martinez, John Winson, Gary Anderson, Andy Anderson, "Club Scout Awards"; Pack 31. Center Bruce Nauman - Received Lion Badge. Wolf Badge Recipients - L to R: Bill Hoyter, David Shill, Tom Jerse, Ronnie Doss, No ID on Parents. "Four Wolves and a Lion"; At City Hall. L to R: Paul Hammoer, Fire Chief EMT "Pat" Hogan, City Clerk Harry L. Field, Tom Peters. "February Birthdays"; Class at High School All Stars. Kneeling: L to R: Sheldon Webb - Lakeside, Leonard Pinta - Sanders, Jerry Kieffer - Pima. Standing: Seth Saline - Pima, Lance Penrod - Lakeside, Jewell Russell - Monary, Robert Hardy - McNary, Tony Guitiemerrez - Sanders. Class C Star Team; L to R: Superintendent of McNary Schools and Ariz. Interscholastic Assoc. Northern Rep. Tom Pavelin, McNary Team Captain - Jewell Russell, Vernon Palmer, Vines Perez, George Hexman, Jerry Patty, Neal Dourouf. "Class C State Champs"; Class B and C Basketball Tourney. L to R: Ricky Nichols, Hal Brook, Vinson Lee - St. Johns, Tim Udall - St. Johns, Alex Maurin - St. Johns, Thompson Yazzie - Window Rock. "B North All Stars"; Class B and C Basketball Tourney. Round Valley vs. Window Rock. #32 Elmer Wilbank - Round Valley, #28 Silas Norton - Round Valley, #30 Neb Plummer - Window Rock, #24 James Miles - Window Rock. "Here it Comes"; Class B and C Basketball Tourney. St. John's vs. Holbrook. #10 Vinson Lee - St. John's, #3 Ahey Madrid - St. John's. #35 Ricky Nichols, #41 Pat Hendricks, #13 Larry Crowthers - All Holbrook. "Come to Papa"; Flagstaff Portion of American Red Cross DR. At Desk: Home Services Director of Flag. Red Cross - Robert Ingersoll. L to R: Mrs. John Vandevier Cart Coconino Estates, Mrs. James Hamilton, Capt. East Flagstaff, Mrs. Esther Florez - Capt. Southside. "Red Cross Starts".
March , 1960
The following days have no associated negatives; 6, 13, 20, 26, 27,.
March 1, 1960
Flag High Senior Thespians. L to R: Standing: Bernece Hyde, Bobbe Anderson, Shirley Prince, Kaye Walls, Mary Beth Harper, Peggy Atha. Seated: Audrey Juith, Meg Bilby, Sara Redman, Georgia Garbarino, Bettye Bosley. Production of "Stage Door". "Senior Sponsored Plans"; Red Cross Volunteers. L to R: Mrs. Lita Lucero, Mrs. Monesto Gaudoull, Mrs. Esther Scharpenberg, Mrs. Vernon Pitcher, Mrs. Ray Dennis. "Red Cross Kickoff"; Injured in Car Accident. L to R: Flag. Police officer Gilbert Castro, Hosteen Edd - Canyon Diablo. "Air for the Injured"; Getting 1960 Car Licenses Tags. "Just Under the Wire"; L to R: Milton Evans - Sec. of Coconino Sportsmen, 15 year old Eric Johnson. "Rifle Instruction".
March 2, 1960
Flag Nativity Church. L to R: Standing: Billy Cole, Libby Jennings, Irene Chambers. At Rail: Christine Conway, Pat Mullens. Priest Fr. Laurence Florez, Alter Boy. Pat Mullens. "Ash Wednesday"; L to R: Weatherman Gene Harding, Chief Meteorologist, Paul Sorenson. Digging through 14 inches of snow at Flag Municipal Airport. "Snowin' in Weatherman"; Mrs. Frank Shafer with one of her paintings. "Flag Artist"; Grade School Basketball Planning. L to R: Mike McLaughlin - Chair of Flagstaff High School Lettermans grade school Tournament, John Aula - Tournament Director. "Tournament Officers"; Flag High Baseball. L to R: John McGuire, Bob Clark, Coach Gil Corona, Mike Al Faro, Ken Parker. "Eagle Diamond Mew".
March 3, 1960
Lura Kinsey Spelling Bee. L to R: Seated: Carol Jennings, Rebekah Hoyt, Jerry Moore. Standing: Jeff Coker, Gary Freedle, Mike Miles. "Top Spellers"; Industrial Arts - Flag High. L to R: Student Teacher Bruce Bernhardi, Bob Fronske - Son of Local Photographer. "Industrial Art Project"; N. Az. Men's basketball tournament. L to R: Bill Johnson of Flagstaff Posse Team, Dan Loveall - Flagstaff Pepsi Cola Team. "Sorry, Not This Time".
March 4, 1960
Flag Elks Club Essay Contest winners. L to R: First Row: Ken Prochnow, Marge Paton, Sharon Brinton, Sue Bramlett, Donna Davis, Sherri Wendt. 2nd Row: Cheryl Saunders, Kay Henden, Sharon Hayes, Lee Greetstone, Howard Yazzie. Back row: Bob Fronske, Ernest Castro. "The Winners"; Flag High girl's intramural basketball. No names. "Feminine [?] Action"; Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Co. Officials w/ "Miss Page One" selected by member of the Az. Press Club. L to R: Frank Hill - Flag Dist. Mngr., Frank Moss - State Superintendent, Earl Bradley - State Superintendent - Bother from Phoenix, Gail Brown - Phoenix. "Stop the Press!"; Brownie Troop 10 delivering canned goods to Sunshine Rescue Mission. Adults L to R: Troop leaders - Mrs. Bill Widman, Mrs. Bill Pierce, Mission Superintendent Stan Richardson. "Bearing Gifts".
March 5, 1960
Mt. Elden Elementary top spellers. L to R: Around table: Duane Gagnon, Nany Renels, Danny Porter, Harold Tackett, Anita Welch, Gary Blalock, Tommy Williams, Cathy Torrez, Barbara Anderson. "Spelling Study Time"; 4-H Leaders. L to R: Kelly Keithly - Tall Pine Allies, Bill Brecha - Coconino Agriculture Agent, Mrs. Robin Augenstein - Whispering Pines 4-H, Melton Flowers - Pioneer 4-H. "4-H Week"; Seated: Mrs. Ina Sroaf - Pres, L to R: Rear: Mrs. Doris Cogdill - V.P., Mrs. Leona Lewis - Sec., Mrs. Loretta Pulliam - Treas. New Officers. "Daughters of the Nile"; New Officers. Seated: L to R: Mrs. Tom Reywood - Corresponding Sec., Mrs. Willis Baur - Recording Sec., Mrs. Raymond Doss - Treas. Back: Mrs. Norman Borg - V.P., Mrs. R.R. Hagel Beal - Pres., Mrs. Russ Budd - Auditor. "Junior Women's Club"; Guadalupe vs. Mt. Elden. Grade School Basketball. L to R: Referee Jack Miller, James Houser - Guadalupe, Gary Blalock - Mt. Elden. "Go Get it Fellas"; Weitzel vs. Marshall - Grade School Basketball. #6: Von Match - Weitzel. Cal McKerry - Marshall - going after ball. "Desperation Play"; Grade school Basketball Tourney. Mt. Elden School. L to R: Coach Louis Swingle, Mariano Baca Jr.. "Free Throw Artist".
March 7, 1960
Census Counters. Around table, L to R: Lillian Laughead - Hipple, Lowell T. Bartlett - Prescott, Elizabeth Lazear - Winslow, Mrs. Barbara West - Technical Officer in charge of training - Flagstaff, District Supervisor Chester Clark - Flagstaff, Walter F. Wissner - Yuma, Rita M. Lees - Yuma, Myra Butcher - Flagstaff, A.S. Prosser - Parmer. "Preparing for the Count"; Girl Scout Troop 13. L to R: Elizabeth Berndt, Colleen Sapp, Kathy Harris, Rose Mary Chavez, Mrs. Reyer Berndt, Diane Christensen, Susan Harlow, Sharee Stanf, Gail Blanton, Kathleen Morse, Lynn Hunt. "Scouts Hold 'Cookies'"; Grade school basketball tourney. Marshall School. L to R: Gilbert Castro, Herbert Gregg, Calvin McKerry, Weldon Mickelson, Coach Tony Gabaldon, Tournament Director John Avza. "The Champs"; Kneeling: 2nd Team: L to R: Leonard Jackson - S. Beaver, Larry Anderson - Marshall, First Squad: Dean Rodriguez - Mt. Elden, Weldon Mickelson - Marshall. Standing: 1st squad: Calvin McKerry - Marshall, Earnest Javregi - Marshall, Mariano Baca - Mt. Elden, Edward Gene - Emerson, Bobby Crose - Sedona. "Grade School All Stars"; Az. Snowbowl Snow Cup Races. Bob Sempliner of Los Angeles going through final gate of long slalom course. "To the Finish".
March 8, 1960
Lowell Observatory Astronomer Dr. William Ginten with device to measure lunar surface during eclipse on 3/12/60. "Moon Watcher"; Voters in record turnout for city election. "Record Turnout?"; Pack 27. See Az. Daily Sun, 3/8/60 - P.1, for names. "LDS Scouting Observance"; Flag Junior High School will tour city grade schools. "Junior High Music Makers"; Beginning of Flagstaff Model Railroad Club. L to R: Johnny Sien - 3, Beth Sien - 5, Bruce Sien. In garage. 15 yrs to build. "All Aboard!"; Members of Northern Ariz Bowhunters - getting ready for demonstration. L to R: Woodrow Weems, Tom Weems, Lee Hulsey, Charles Saudlin. "Limberind VP"; Army National Guard - "Bushmasters". L to R: Richard Sanchez, Ray Duran, John Rodriquez, Unit Commander Lt. John Seymour. "New Guardsmen".
March 9, 1960
New Flagstaff Mayor. L to R: Rollin W. Wheeler, Ralph Wheeler, Zilpha Wheeler. "The First Family"; Red Cross helps stranded family - Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Munson - Kansas City MO. See Arizona Daily Sun, March 9, 1960, P.3 for names. "Stranded Family"; Coconino County Medical Auxiliary planning St. Patrick's Day event. L to R: Mrs. Garland Who, Mrs. John Caskey, Mrs. James Wenzel. "Benefit Brings Party"; ASC football candidates. L to R: David Vander Kraatz - Winslow, Coach Max Spilsbury, Monte Harris - Holbrook, Dustan Everman - Holbrook. "Rapt Attention"; First two children in neg. cropped out in publication. L to R: Front: Joe Len Allen, Kenneth Hubbs, Tom Sherman. Standing: Harold Vansickle - Az. Game and Fish Dept., Don Thompson - Coconino Sportsemn. "Safety Training".
March 10, 1960
Flag Junior High top spellers. L to R: Standing: Peggy Tinnin, John Bishop, Lavelle McCoy, Doris Thraikill. "Junior High Spellers"; Nelson, architect with model of proposed dorm for a Congregational church camp at Mormon Lake. He only went by "Nelson". "Camp Dormitory"; New officers. Seated: L to R: Miss Dena Sheehaw - Pres., Mrs. Martha Howbray - V.P. Standing: Miss Barbara Laber - Coor. Sec., Miss Linda Gatham - Recording Sec, Miss Diane Shartzer - Publicity Chairman, Miss Nora Ruinn - Treas. "Nu Phi Mu"; ASC football. L to R: Tackle Rex Mirich, Quarterback John Roberts, Coach Max Spilsbury, Asst. Coach John Lowrey, Guard Ron Boatwright. "Plans for 1960"; Flag High junior varsity baseball. L to R: Larry Wilson, Coach Bill Raugh, Willie Burr. "Jayvee Baseball Leaders"; All-State orchestra members from Flag High. L to R: Patty Cosoeboom, Carolyn Downum, Martha Morban, Sandra Hunter, Barbara Straus. "FHS All-state Orchestra"; Flag High All-state choir. At piano: Director Robert Fitzmaurice. L to R: Dorothy Sullivan, Linda Lloyd, Richard Hoffman, John Killip, Karen Scott, Mary Beth Harper, Alan Strickland, Donna Brown. "FHS All State Choir"; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fine celebrating the 20th anniversary of "Fin's Ready to Wear" 15 N. San Francisco. "The 20th Candle".
March 11, 1960
Intensive Care Unit at Flagstaff Hospital. L to R: Mary Agnes Thomas - Unit Supervisor, Dr. C. Herbert Fredell - Head of Surgery, Miss Josephine Strachan - Nursing Consultant, U.S. Public Health Service, Bernard Ives - Hospital Architect, U.S. Public Health Service. "Common Interest"; For hospital fund. L to R: Mrs. Joe Gee - Treas. Alpha Sigma Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi, Hospital Administrator - Doyle Tayle, Mrs. Joe Babbitt - Mrs. Arizona 1959. "More Funds".
March 12, 1960
Coconino Red Cross Drive. L to R: Lt. Col. Wayne L. Wood - Cmdr. Navajo Ordinance Depot next hit, Mrs. Henry "Berniece" Gelas - Head of Coco. County Red Cross, Unknown, Frank Randall - Nod Red Cross Chairman. In back: Nod Red Cross drive workers. "Kick Off"; Holbrook High School Baseball. L to R: Outfielder - catcher - Bob Strickland, Outfielder Peter Gallegos, Second Baseman - Ricky Nichols. "Holbrook Diamond Mainstays".
March 14, 1960
Upper Lake Mary. "Water, Water Everywhere"; For Obstetric's unit. L to R: Mrs. Barbara Larky - Pres. Of Flagstaff Jaycee-Ettes, Hospital Administrator Doyle Taylor, Mrs. Ruth Walker - Immediate past President of Jaycee-Ettes. "More Hospital Funds"; State Agriculture Inspection Station between Tuba City and Cameron on U.S.89. "Temporary Bus Station".
March 15, 1960
Retired railroader and motel operator - Gervase J. Hale Sr. "Winslow's New Mayor"; At Winslow Chamber of Commerce Dinner. L to R: Mrs. and Dr. James S. Pate - Pres. Winslow Chamber of Commerce, Az. Governor Paul Fannin. "Governor Fannin Honored"; At Winslow City Hall - Election Board. L to R: Jessie Smith, James K. La Prade, Nettie Conway, Janetta Newman. Foreground: Pauline Lehman. "Taking the Winslow Vote"; Coconino County Democratic Officials planning for visit of N.J. Governor Robert Meyner. L to R: Robert Ingersoll, Mrs. Leonore Holt, W.W. Stevenson, Mike Morris, Mrs. Robert Riordan. Mrs. Adlai Stevenson. "Planning for Meyner"; Winslow Chamber of Commerce. L to R: Ulas Golden, Mrs. Mable Nagel, Ron Rppe, Pete Demas. "New Winslow Chamber Directors"; ASC football practice. Axer Head Coach Max Spilsbury blocking Monte Harris - Holbrook. "Axers Play Rough"; Haven't played a game - Holbrook High baseball. Kneeling: L to R: Pete Gallegos, Carwin Garner. Standing: Bob Strickland, Jack Perkins, Richard Mester. "Still Waiting".
March 16, 1960
Flagstaff Business and Professional Women's Club. L to R: Mrs. W.W. Davis, Mrs. Jack Fine, Mrs. Ray Lukus - Pres., Mrs. John Maas - State President, Mrs. Felice Crowner, Mrs. Jerry Auyer, Mrs. Mildred Cook. "State President Visits"; ASC football practice. L to R: Coach Max Spilsbury - Quarterback - John Roberts, center - Ernie Hansen. "Max's One-Two Punch"; L to R: Earl Hellstern - Asst. Service Manager - Road Machinery Co., Harold Huffer - Chair - Coco. County Board of Supervisors, Supervisor Joe Tissaw, County Engineer Clarence Lintz. "New County Loader"; L to R: Platt Cline - Daily Sun Publisher, Sturgeon Cromer - Powwow Pres., Al Grashoen - Powwow Committee Member, Jim IronCloud - Chief of Sioux Indian Band at Pine Ridge S. Dakota - Long time participant. "Powwow Planners"; Planning for event at Nativity Hall. Seated: L to R: Mrs. Driscoll, Mrs. P.J. Lindemann Jr., Mrs. Fred Nackard, Mrs. Pearl Schermann, Mrs. G.W. Jackle Jr. Standing: Mrs. Pauline Lakin, Mrs. Pat Morse, Mrs. John Henscheid, Mrs. Frank See, Mrs. Albert Scherman. "Committee for the Annual St. Patrick's Luncheon and Bridge"; ASC women's basketball vs. Rare Metals Team from Tuba City. #4 Lumberjill Ginny Martin. No other ID's. "Waltzing Matilda".
March 17, 1960
L to R: Myra Butcher - Census Team Leader, Mrs. Robert Fisher. "Census Practice"; Lone Troop No. 12 of Nativity School. See Az. Daily Sun - 3/17/60 - P.6 for names. "Girl Scout Investiture Pin Ceremony"; Flag Naval Reserve. L to R: Lt. Commander Jeff Ferris, Yeoman 2nd Class Tony J. Nunez, Commanding Officer - Lt. James E. Blair. Nunez holds Commandants Travelling Trophy. Blair holds 1959 Commandants Award. "Top Trophies"; New high speed communication equipment at Weather Service at Flag Airport. L to R: Meteorologist Gene Harding, Chief Meteorologist Paul Sorenson, Flag FAA Maintenance Chief - Foster Glass, FAA Div. Supervisor - Ed Becker - Phx, Faa Tech. C.L. Benthal - L.A. "The Last Check"; Civitan Easter Seal Drive. L to R: Bill Tuckerfield, John Tuckerfield, John Murphy, Bob York, Bernard Gutierrez, Woodrow Wilson, Jerry Robbins, Jack Snyder, Jerry Eagan - Drive Chairman, Sturgeon Cromer - County Easter Seal Chair, Tom Gandse, Bill Laughlin. "Plan Drive"; Speakers at food handling class. Standing: L to R: Dr. Merle Smith - County Health Dir., W.E. Stanfill - Senior Sanitarian for Health Dept. Seated: Miss Marjorie L. Glendening - Asst. Prof. of Science - ASC. "Main Speakers"; Order of Eastern Star. L to R: Mrs. Pearl Herring - New Initiate, Mrs. Ida Brinto - President, Mrs. Edna Bishop - Vice Pres., Mrs. Neva Chiapetti - Sec. "Past Matron's Club"; ASC football practice. L to R: Coach Max Spilsbury, Malfback Bobby Gradillas. "Two-Step Lesson?"; FHS Senior Trackman - George Dash. "Eagle Miler"; At Starlite Lanes - men's and women's Northern Arizona singles championships. L to R: Guy Dean - J.C. Penney Manager w/ J.C. Penney Trophy, Ken Dilley, Judy Hickey, Miz Zip's Owner - Bob Leanard w/ Miz Zip's Trophy. "Bowling Winners"; Flag High Baseball. L to R: Top Pitcher - John McGuire, Head Coach Gil Corona, Top Catcher - Mike Alfaro. "Strategy Meet"; Williams Game Ranger Levi Packard w/ pair of trout from Lake Mary. Both 19" and 3 pounds. "Beauties"; Special Election Board. L to R: Mrs. Walter Runke Sr., Tome Peters, Arthur Carlos, Ken Haydis, Dick Wolf, Velma Hoffman. "BB Count".
March 18, 1960
American Legion. L to R: Art Kennedy - Past Commander - Flagstaff Mark A Moore Legion Post, Buford Bel Grade - Grand Canyon State Commander. "Top Legion Officials"; L to R: Janice Carlton, Karen Lucas. Both Troop 20. "Girl Scout Cookie Sale"; Civitans sending boy to Phoenix for speech therapy. L to R: Jack Snyder - V.P., Clyde Lopez, His dad - Paul Lopez, Club Pres. Tom Gandee. "Off to Phoenix".
March 19, 1960
Holbrook High Baseball. L to R: Pat Hendricks, Norman Whiting, Jim Soehner, Byron Saunders. "Holbrook Hurlers"; ASC Speech and Drama Festival. Seated: Hal Howard - ASC. L to R: Keith Webb, Teacher Don Burris, Janene Bushman, Cropped out in publication. "Snowflake Speakers"; Spelling Bee. L to R: Judy Highers - Page, Patricia Farr - Fredonia, Susan Lee - Flagstaff, Beverly Brooksby - Fredonia, Alan Swann - Flagstaff, Janet Wolfe - Williams, Pamela Fair - Williams, Linda Little - Tuba City. "Countywide Spellers"; L to R: Mrs. Frank J Randall - V.P., Mrs. Milton Whiting - Pres., Mrs. Nina Walker - Sec. "New Officers of Questers Club".
March 21, 1960
Meeting of Flagstaff Branch of American Assoc. of University Women. L to R: Dr. Byrd Burton Dumas - International Relations Chair, Dr. Charles W. Meister - ASC Dean of Instruction, Mrs. Jack McCracken - Branch Pres. "The Concert of World Community"; N.J. Governor visits Flagstaff. L to R: Adlai Stevenson, Shirley Stevenson, Governor Rubert B. Meyner. "Stevenson and Meyner"; N.J. Governor visits Flag. At Flag Airport. L to R: Mrs. Meyner, Maricopa Superior Court Judge Renz Jennings, Staff Democratic Chairman Joe Walton, Gov. Robert B. Meyner, State Democratic National Committeeman Stephan Langmade. "Greeting the Governor"; See Az. Daily Sun, March 21, 1960, P2, For Names. "Mormon Youth Leaders"; Representatives to Bordertown Dormitories Student Council Meeting. L to R: Eddie Curtis - Holbrook, Harry Sloan - Flagstaff, Lee James - Winslow, Daniel Deshcinney - Snowflake. All Dorm Presidents. "Indian Dorm Chiefs"; Veterans of Foreign Wars. L to R: Mrs. Frank Cortez - Pres. Flagstaff VFW Auxiliary, Mrs. Hazel Morris - Pres. State Auxiliary. "VFW Ladies Leader"; Spelling Bee contestants. L to R: Winner Wanda Cook, Dale Otteson - 2nd Place, Larry Schebly - Bronouncer, Nancy Revels - 3rd Place. "Spell 'Apostasy'"; See Az. Daily Sun - 3/21/60, P.6, for names. "Bantam Bowlers"; Flagmen - Only authorized Hot Rod Club. L to R: Ron Lowrie - Sec. Treas, Ron Howbray - Pres. "Now Where Does this Go?".
March 22, 1960
Flagstaff Plaza Shopping Center. L to R: Dolce T. Shultz - Pres. Of Shultz Realty and Investment - Phx - Project Builder, Reese Verner - Exec. V.P. A.J. Bayless Markets, Alberta A. Horwitch - Chief Backer, J.G. Wadham - Property Manager for Sears, Roe Buck And Co. "Sealing the Deal"; Plaza Shopping Center Project. L to R: William A. Lockard - Architect, Dolce T. Shultz - Pres Shultz Realty and Investment - Developers, Dr. C.W. Sechrist - Former Property Owner. "How it Will Look"; L to R: Mrs. E.C. Coldill, Mrs. B.L. Gourley, Mrs. Hollis Coker, Mrs. Estelle Wallach. "Mental Health Drive Captains"; Outgoing Flag City Council. L to R: Seated: Joe Zaharias, Doug Jackson, Bert Baker, D.C. Wren, Robert Blazer. Standing: Mayor Charles Saunders, Mayor Elect Rollin W. Wheeler. "The Last Session"; ASC Football. L to R: Monte Harris - Holbrook, Asst. Coach - John Lowery, Jim Kobashi - Glendale. "Backfield Prospects".
March 23, 1960
Pilot Club Mental Health Fund Drive Committee. L to R: Phyllis Manning, Barbara Connelly, Zella Davis, Ethel Ellis. "Ready for Drive"; John E. Scott. "Retiring Winslow Mayor"; L to R: Seated: James Curtis - Advancement Chair, Robert Toronto - Scout Executive, Michael Lopez - Asst. Scout Master of Troop 45. Standing: Cliff Stratton - Scoutmaster Troop 41, Bruce Adkins - Finance Chair, Herman McArthur - Scoutmaster Troop 49. "Winslow Boy Scout Leaders"; L to R: Walt Thieme - Candidate for Treas., San Stoops - Candidate for Pres, Don Leamon - Candidate for Director. "Jaycee Officer Candidates"; L to R: Jim Young - Candidate for First V.P., Dave Mishler - Candidate for Sec., Bob Somerville - Candidate for 2nd V.P. "More Jaycee Candidates"; Zaharias Tire Company expansion. L to R: Lester Le Feure - Mngr. - First Nat'l Bank in East Flag, City Councilman Elect Bill Young Sr., Joe Zaharias, Contractor Ed Hood, Mayor Charles Saunders, Outgoing First Nat'l Bank Manager Glenn Gross. "Flag Firm Expands"; ASC spring football practice. No Names. "Varoom! Crack! Groan!"; Winslow Baseball. L to R: Coach Carl Weatherton, Pitcher Bob Goswick, 3rd Baseman Mike Juarez, Catcher Murphey Clanford. "Winslow Diamond Leaders"; .
March 24, 1960
New Winslow City Manager - Harold Vasey; Miss Kay Walls 5th place winner in State Essay Contest on Employ the Handicapped. "Winner"; Convicted for part in knife slaying of L.A. man in July 1959. L to R: Coco. County Jail Matron Stella Colmenaro, Miggie Neal Fain, Matron Betty Wren, Man Cropped out. "Tears for Time. 14 to 20 Years"; Flag High National Honor Society Inductees. See Az. Daily Sun March 24, 1960 - P.1, for names. "High School Brains"; Civil Air Patrol. L to R: Commander George Howell, Public Information Officer - Harry Backstein, Executive Officer - Marion McAllister. "Flag CAP Cadet Leaders"; Flag High Track and Field - Holbrook Meet. L to R: Asst. Track Coach Bill McCormick, Phil Lutan - 880, John Winsley - Hurdles and Sprint, Preston Dagons - 220, 100 Yard, Broad jump, Martin Avza - 220. "Among the Visitors"; .
March 25, 1960
Flagstaff President, Miss Arizona, Georgia Ann Garbarino. "Beauty's Birthday"; Theta Rho girls with Mental Health Drive canisters. L to R: Connie Mulling, Freida Allen, Peggy Snyder. "Aid Mental Health"; Seated: L to R: Jim Young - 2nd V.P., Dan Stoods - Pres., Dave Mishler - Sec. Standing: Walt Thieme - Treas., Don Leamon, Dick Wensel, Glenn Strege - Directors. "New Jaycee Chiefs"; L to R: At Table - Ernie Clark, Mack Dyer, Dan Jones. Standing: Jack Snyder. Volunteers packing Easter Seal Kits. "Easter Seals"; Flagstaff delegate to Northern Regional Conference on Social Welfare. "Lucille Talent"; LDS event. L to R: Orval Ellsworth, De Vel Gedge, Amy Wright, Mary Owens. "Preparing for Annual Green and Gold Ball"; Flag Jr. High 8th puts on play on early American Education. No ID's. "The 3 R's".
March 28, 1960
Weekly library visit - George Yardic family of Wupatki. L to R: Tim, Tom, wife - Deanna, George. "Library Family of the Year" "Bookworms"; Holbrook Invitational Track Meet. Tom Bates - 100 Yard dash in 54 sec. "Flagstaff Winner"; Holbrook Invitational Track Meet. Flag High - John Winsley - Low hurdles. "Look at Winsley Go"; Holbrook Invitational Track Meet. David Beattie - Grand Canyon. Pole vault. "Up, Up, Up, and Over"; Flagstaff Army National Guard Mortar team. ID but no order. "Ker-blam"; Flagstaff Army National Guard. L to R: Lt. Charles E. Viz, Sgt. Aurelio Ayala, Rifleman Nick Lucero. "Defensive Strategy".
March 29, 1960
Flagmen Hot Rod Club. L to R: Neil Young - '59 Chevrolet Impala, Paul Harper - '56 Chevy 2 door, Crist Newman - '56 Chevy 2 door. "Proud Flagmen"; Construction of New Holbrook Federal building.; Holbrook builds new Catholic Church. Father Anthony J. Schwatrz - Holbrook Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. "Holbrook Catholic Pastor"; Census Takers. See Az. Daily Sun March 29, 1960, P1 for Names. "County Nose Counters"; Mrs. Gaines was a research center leader of Rocky Mountain forest and Range Experiment Station. Moving to Berkley. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gaines. "Farewell Tea"; ASC Spring Football. "Contact Drills"; ASC spring football. At left: coach Max Spilsbury talks to his "Blue shirts". "Getting the Word".
March 30, 1960
Flagmen Hot Rod Club. L to R: Neill Hilman - Member, Neil Young - Inspecting officers. 1950 Corvette powered Chevy. "Inspection Time"; Drive to raise funds for ASC football player Brad Luckingham. Leg amputated following auto accident. L to R: Junior Vargas, Mayor Rollin Wheeler, ASC football Coach Max Spilsbury, Miss Arizona Georgia Ann Carbarino. "First Donors"; See Az. Daily Sun, March 30, 1960 - P.2 for names. "City Census Takers".
March 31, 1960
8th Grade civics class - Flag Junior High. L to R: Louise Black - Model Houses, Alan Swann - Model City, Bill Gillenwater - Model motel and room plan. "Junior High Designers"; Flagstaff Indian Dorm. Cook Tom Nimrod paints his kitchen while Principal Bill Hobgood Watches. "Paint up Time"; County Republican Leaders. L to R: J. Feraes Colton - Resigned Head of County Republican Central Committee, Douglas Wall - New Committee Head. "County GOP Leaders"; Flag Junior and Senior Women's Club fashion show. L to R: Mrs. Jack Jorgenson, Mrs. R. Gilbert Harnon, Mrs. Mary Lou, Torgerson. "Fashion through the Years".
April , 1960
The following days have no associated negatives; 3, 10, 15, 17, 24.
April 1, 1960
At Northern Az. Rehabilitation Center at Flag HI 60. Mrs. Janet Kurne helping Brynn Oberg of Williams. "A Helping Hand"; Easter Seals story. L to R: Mrs. Janet Kuhne - Dir. Northern Ariz. Rehabilitation Center at Flag High, Flag Community Hospital. Administrator - Boyle Taylor. "Welcome Janet"; Easter Seal Story. L to R: Clinton Austin Jr., Gerald Austin, Mrs. Teensye Austin, Mrs. Janet Kuhne - Physical Therapist. "Work in the Home"; ASC Football Player Brad Luckingham Fund. Leg Amputated after Car Accident. L to R: Najia Engstom of Gables gives 100.00 Dollar check to ASC football coach Max Spilsbury. "Walk to Hospital" "A $100 Send Off"; Flag High Golf Team. Kneeling: L to R: Ralph Bilby Jr., Darhel James, David McKenzie. Standing: Bob Morris, Pat Dunford, Coach Milton Evans, Peet Stilley, Diane Caffey, John Sanchez, Karen Coldill. "Flag High Duffers"; ASC football player, Brad Luckingham, lost leg as a result of a car - pedestrian accident. ASC football coach Max Spilsbury (raised arm) leads fundraising march from campus to Flagstaff Community Hospital. "On Their Way"; ASC football player Brad Luckingham. Lost leg due to accident. L to R: ASC football coach Max Spilsbury, Rightly Curnutte - Drive coordinator, Chain Gang Members - Carlos Salas, Phil Sanders, Phil Encinio - Pres. Seated: Brad Luckingham. "After the March"; Easter Seal Story - Civitan team. L to R: John Murphy, Louis Chacon, Bernardi Guitierrez, Jerry Eagan - Civitan Drive Chair, Ray Doss, Bud Leamon, Jerry Robbins. "Final Details"; Flag Junior High. L to R: Charles McCormick - named 1 of 3 top science teachers in the state by Arizona Academy of Sciences, School Principal - Don Clark. "Top Science Teacher"; ASC football player Brad Luckingham. Lost leg due to auto accident. At main door of Flagstaff Community Hospital with fundraising marchers. "Brad Greets Marchers".
April 2, 1960
First Board of Flagstaff Hospital Auxiliary. L to R: Mrs. Ann Sattem - Pres., Mrs. Thomas R. Shuck - Recording Sec., Mrs. Carroll A. Orr - 2nd V.P., Mrs. Harry Field Jr. - Corresponding Sec., Mrs. Robert Huston - Treas. "Governing Slate"; ASC football player Brad Luckingham. Lost leg in car pedestrian accident. L to R: Luckingham received $300 check from Grand Exalted Ruler of Flagstaff Elks Lodge - Robert Nimmons. "Gift for a Plucky Lad"; County democrats making plans for visit of Senator John Kennedy. Seated: L to R: Mrs. Robert Riordan, Fred Manning - Chair of Kennedy Reception Comm., Mrs. Adlai Stevenson - Pres. Coconino County Democratic Women. Standing: P.J. Lindamann Sr., Charles Holmes, Jim Hamilton, Mrs. Roberta Hamilton, Miss Judy Walker, Mrs. Lyda Richardson. "Planning for Kennedy".
April 4, 1960
Mobige Gas Economy run. L to R: Economy run driver - Les Viland, Coconino County Sheriff's Posse member Sid Griffin. "How Many Oats to the Mile"; Olmstead Games in Winslow. Edgar Talaumptewa - Grand Canyon High School. Winner of Olmstead Relay Mile Run. "Grand Canyon Miler"; Baseball - Flag High vs. Winslow. Winslow 1st baseman Dick Christie taking throw to put Tony Contreras out. "Just in Time".
April 5, 1960
New City Council. L to R: Dr. Peter J. Lindemann Jr., Peter Viotti, John Vandevier, Mayor Rollin Wheeler, William Young Sr., Dr. Jay Sitterly, Louis Chacon. "Council Takes Office"; Members of New City Council and City Staff on Switzer Mesa. Site of construction of 2 million gallon water storage tank. "Then Goes to Work"; L to R: Standing: Police Judge James Brierley, City Clerk Harry Field, City Attorney Neil Christensen. Seated: City Manager C.T. "Maggie" Pulliam. Those standing retainer jobs. "Reappointed"; Bruno Rezzonico. To head Exchange Club 2nd Annual Western Day. "Exchangers Name Head of Western Day"; L to R: Dr. John Smithson, Bill Williams - Administrative V.P., Bill Young Jr. - Sargent-at-Arms, Cecil Riker - Pres., Richard Deaver - Sec./Treas., Frank Dickinson - Educational V.P.. Highland Toastmasters. "New Toastmaster Officers"; L to R: Wayne Holland - Superintendent for Contractors - Dickman Construction, P.J.C. Mather - For Architect - Lesher and Mahoney, Franklin P. Hill - Flagstaff Mngr. for Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph, Richard G. Guthrie - [?], John Babbitt - [?] Board of Advisors, Hal Jackson - Mngr. Flag Chamber of Commerce. "New Telephone Annex".
April 6, 1960
Winslow new Mayor and Council. Seated: Mayor Gervase J. Hale Jr. L to R: Vice Mayor James I. Chavez, Councilmen - Floyd Whipple, E. Cecil Allen, Ross Dover, R.L. McNelly. "A Moment Please, Your Honor!"; Winslow Eastern Star. L to R: Al Driscoll - Valley National Bank, Mrs. Roberta Reish - Worthy Matron, Ida Maclean - Assoc. Matron, Beverly Myers - First winner of Edith C. Goddard Memorial Award, Anna Cooper - Chap. Sec., Asst. City clerk Inis Myers - Winner's mother. "Winslow Goddard Winner"; L to R: Tim Yardic, George Yardic, Mrs. Yardic, Mrs. Pearle Rolley - Head of Flagstaff Public Library, Tom Yardic. "Library Family of the Year"; Winslow High School Baseball. L to R: Coach Carl Weatherton, Jerry Brown, Jim Daniels, Murphy Blanford, Dick Christie. "Top Sluggers"; Flag Elks Lodge #499. Front: L to R: W.J. McKenzie - Treas., Maurice Dobrinski - Lecturing Knight, L.J. Rice Tiler, Paul Wilson - Sec., Ray Dennis - Esquire. Back: Ed Sheehan - Leading Knight, David Lay - Inner Guard, Louis Hudiburgh - Exalted Ruler, Robert Nimmous - Retired Exalted Ruler, Reid Davis - Loyal Knight, Don DeLap - Chaplain. "New Elk Officers"; At Sedona Library. Gary and Peggy Huss. "Which One do I Want?"; Nativity Elementary School Basketball Team. Seated: L to R: Johnny Babbitt, Roger Pena, Paul Ianlucchi, Student Coach Doug Horejsi. Standing: Father Florez, Flag High Basketball Coach Fred Anderson, Student Coach George Donaldson. "Cagers Feted".
April 7, 1960
L to R: Seated: Mrs. Anna Cooper, Mrs. Ida MacLean, Mrs. Roberta Reish, Mrs. Frona Parr Drumm, Mrs. June Severson. Standing: George B. Cooper, C.E. Stegmeir, D.H. Reish, M.D. MacLean. "Winslow Eastern Star Leaders"; Flagmen - Flagstaff's only sanctioned Hot Rod Club. L to R: Senator Robert Prochnow, Joe Zaharias, Ernie Burrus, Platt Cline, Herbert Harper - club member, Jerry Zaharias, Pres. Bill Mowbray, Member Crist Newman. "First Associate Members"; American Assoc. of University Women. L to R: Mrs. Jack McCracken - Local pres., Dr. Anna L. Rose Hawkes - National Pres., Mrs. J. Lawrence Walkup - "Lucy". "National Pres. Visits"; Professional Employer Organization. Seated: L to R: Mrs. W.V. Borchering - Recording Sec., Mrs. Virgil W. Gillenwater - Pres, Mrs. Charles Meister - Chaplain, Mrs. Ellery Gibson - Guard. Standing: Mrs. Lewis J. McDonald - V.P., Mrs. John N. Pederson - Corresponding Sec., Mrs. W.S. Fennegg - Treas. "New Officers of P.E.O"; Winslow Baseball. L to R: Don Schaar, Ted Wilcox, Bob Ackerman. "Top Hurlers"; Northern Arizona Board of Realtors. L to R: Jack Bird - Board Pres., Mayor Rollin Wheeler, Chamber of Commerce Pres - William Young Sr., receiving award for Daily Sun - Robert Cline, Jerry Kemp - Chair of Realtor Week Comm. "Award of Merit"; L to R: Air Force Recruiter Sgt. John Warren, Airman John Hirvi. "On Leave".
April 8, 1960
Alpha Upsilon Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi. L to R: Mrs. Don McClure, Mrs. Everett Elmer, Mrs. Wallace Gibbs, Mrs. J.F. Glassbock, Mrs. Cecil Lawson. "New Pledges"; L to R: Mrs. Louise Wlaters - Core's Ponding Sec., Mrs. Elma Mullins - Recording Sec., Mrs. Erma Parker - Pres., Mrs. Nancye Setser - V.P., Mrs. Margaret Jones - Treas. "New Officers of Eastgate Garden Club".
April 9, 1960
L to R: Mrs. G.F. "Buster" Raudebauch - V.R., Mrs. W.E. Stan Fill - Pres., Mrs. Frank Costey - Sec., Mrs. Frank Schloss - Treas. "Alpine Garden Club New Officers"; New Officers. L to R: Mrs. Velma Pearce - Corr. Sec., Mrs. Walter Burnes - Treas., Mrs. Roy Rodes - Recording Sec., Mrs. Reid S. Davis - V.P., Mrs. W.L. Morris - Pres. "Elks Ladies Assoc"; See Az. Daily Sun, April 9, 1960 - P.4 for names. "New Members of Elks Ladies"; Masonic Rainbow Girls. L to R: Carol Brechan, Jennifer Householder, Marilyn Meister, Patty Boyd, Vicki Pratt. "New Members"; Flag High vs. Scottsdale. Scottsdale shortstop Pete Dooley, Flag High 3rd baseman Phil Tyler. "Heading Home"; L to R: Flag Navy recruiter Chief Peter Janis, Flag Army recruiter Sgt. Earl Roberts. "Inter-service Rivalry".
April 11, 1960
ASC Lumberjacks vs. Old Timers. #30 Axer - Titi Gradillas. "Situation in Hand"; ASC vs. Old Timers. Axer half-back Bill Van Ianten. "Fingertip Catch"; ASC vs. Old Timers. Axer Jim Kobashi. "Got It"; ASC vs. Old Timers. Old Timer #24 Mel Hannah. Old Timer #63 Hector Lopez. Axer # 25 Charley Bowers. "It's Gonna Hurt".
April 12, 1960
New Asst. Manager of Flagstaff J.C. Penney Store. Robert "Bob" Bonney. "Promoted"; On stand: ASC football coach Max Spilsbury. #63 Old Timer Hector Lopez. #14 ASC quarterback John Roberts. "Max Takes to the Air"; L to R: Crusade Publicity Chairman - Bill Laughlin, County Crusade Chairman - Vernon Robbins. "Crusade to Open".
April 13, 1960
Seated: Flag High Senior: Sharon Hayes. L to R: Peggy Seagar - Marshall School, Geraldine Reid - Kinsey School, Bob Fronske - Flag High, Brenda Brechan – Marshall, Donna Davis - Flag High. "Masonic Essay Winners"; United Nations Oratory Contest. L to R: Lynn Henben - Runner Up, Barbara Strauss - Winner, Flag Rotary Club Pres. Harry Field Jr. "Top Orator"; L to R: County Health Officer Dr. Merle Faith, Jimmie Mancanelhow, Diane Stiers, Dennis Walker, Peggy Parr, Lydia Quiroz. Mt. Elden School Nurses - Mrs. Rachael Moore, Mrs. Bea Evans. "Polio Shots"; Marshall School 4th Grade - "Hansel and Gretel". L to R: Joyes Kelly, Cathy Pitts, Tom Christensen, David Ross. "Ready for the Show".
April 14, 1960
Lura Kinsey Elementary PTA officers. L to R: Mrs. Herb Kypfer - Treas. Mrs. J.W. Wimp - PTA Council Pres., Mrs. Harold van Sickle - V.P., Mrs. Victor Beauchamp - Sec., Mrs. Jack Clark - Pres. "Taking Over"; Flagstaff Soroptomist Club. Seated: L to R: Mrs. William S. Young Jr. - Pres., Mrs. Mabelle Barkow - Dist. Director, L to R: Back: Mrs. Nina Thompson - Corr. Sec., Mrs. Ann Hall - past Pres., Mrs. Wilma Quick - Treas., Dr. Byrd Burton Dumas - Member, Mrs. Vi Hull - Rec. Sec. "District Director Visits".
April 16, 1960
L to R: Vernon Robbins - Crusade Chair, Mrs. Bessie Hackard - Crusade Treas., Prof. Kenneth Derifield - Chair of Door to Door March. "Cancer Crusade Planners"; L to R: Mayor Rollin Wheeler, Census Enumerator Gladys Wilson. "Mayor Gets Counted".
April 18, 1960
For Easter Story. "Sunrise in Sedona"; Mayor Rollin Wheeler signing proclamation for city "Tidy Up" Week. "Clean Up, Tidy Up, Paint Up"; L to R: Burton R. Smith - Pres. Of Flagstaff Stake - Winslow, Marion G. Romney - member of LDS Council of Twelve, Glen Rudd - Director of LDS Storehouse - Salt Lake, Frank J. Randall - First Counsellor of Flagstaff Stake - Flag., Richard M. Allen - Second Counsellor of Flagstaff Stake - Prescott. "Top Mormon Leader - Romney"; Youth choir singing on Sunday morning at Flagstaff Stake. Part of LDS Tri-Stake Conference. "Youthful LDS Singers"; High School Baseball - Williams vs. Holbrook. Williams Hitter - Dick Larson. "'Foul Ball'"; High School Baseball - Winslow vs. Holbrook. Pay Hendricks. "Holbrook No Hit Pitcher"; Photo of ASC Shrine of Ages choir at Grand Canyon on Easter. "Easter at Grand Canyon".
April 19, 1960
For story on community involvement by ASC administrator. Dr. Rexer Burndt.; Architect drawing of new Keams Canyon Hospital. "New Indian Hospital"; For Story on New Construction. Eddie Drive in - now Jack in the Box. Eddie Fresquez. "New Drive-In"; For photo layout of new construction. Texaco Station in E. 66. East Flagstaff. "New Service Station"; For photo layout of new construction in town. Illinois-California Co. Truck previous hitDepot next hit in East Flag. "New Truck previous hitDepot next hit".
April 20, 1960
1960 Census Story. L to R: Navajo Tribal Councilman Ned Benally, Area census director Chester Clark. "Counting the Navajos"; L to R: Richard Oliver, Tom Prosser - Pres. Candidates, Gerry Robb, Cranston Hysong - V.P. Candidates. "Winslow High Candidates"; L to R: Mrs. And Mr. Lloyd Cardon, 11 year old Donald Garden, Orville Brown - Mngr. of Babbitt's Thriftway Market in Winslow. Boy received bike after finding more than 3,400 in checks stolen from market. "Donald's New Bike"; Winslow Knights of Columbus Boxing Program. L to R: Don Schmerfeld, instructor Lorenzo Baca, Jeff Patton. "Winslow Boxers"; Winslow Knights of Columbus Boxing Program. L to R: Ben "Battling" Moniel, Coach Jon McKallor, Roosevelt Van. " Winslow's Battling Bantams"; Aztec semi-pro baseball. L to R: Al "Okie" Taylor, Dick Garcia, Adrian Garcia. "Flagstaff Aztec Power"; L to R: Flagstaff FBI Agent Floyd Brown, Ariz. FBI Chief Ed Boyle. "FBI Chief Here".
April 21, 1960
Arizona Congress of Parents and Teachers. Standing: L to R: Mrs. Barton Colbert, Mrs. Sarah Killingsworth: Dysart School PTA - Peoria. Seated: Mrs. John P. Martin - PTA Sec of State Office, Mrs. Estelle Wallach - Marshall School PTA Pres. "PTA Conventioners"; Child at left bottom cropped out. Seated: L to R: Mrs. John R. Hamman - Germany, Kim Son Yee - China, Mrs. Abriel Ayala - Germany. Standing: Naturalization examiner - V.T. Wayland, Maurice Castagne - Canada, Loraine Castagne - Canada, Mrs. Cecil Lewis Jr. - Canada, Victor Torres - Mexico. "Brand New Citizens"; L to R: Seated: Sue Bramlett, Carolyn Downum. Standing: Diane Wilhelm, Barbara Strauss. "Flag High Girl Staters"; Donation to Sunshine Rescue Mission. L to R: Gwen Leas - Official of Laborers Local 556, Rev. Stanley Richardson. "Labor Gift to Missions"; At Flagstaff Community Hospital. Dr. C.H. Fredell. "New Cardioscope"; Rotary. L to R: Fred Joyce - Phoenix District Governor in 1930, Hank Bennett - Verde Dist. Pres., Ken Switzer - Dist. Gov. Elect, "Dusty" Miller - A past Dist. Gov. "Advice for Governor"; Flag High baseball. L to R: Skip Lowrie, Bob Willingham, Jim Langston. "Slugging Eagles"; Getting ready for Snowflake trick meet. L to R: Kneeling - Roland Coffey, Gary Cox. Standing: Crangston Hysong, Coach Gerald Stein, Richard Yazzib. "Winslow Cinderman"; Preparing for Snowflake track meet. Asst. Track Coach Bruce Parker, Peter Mitchell - Class A North Mile Record Holder. "Winslow Distance Star"; Gamma Beta Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Alpha. L to R: Mrs. Neil Christensen, Mrs. Janet Kuhne - Physical Therapist at Northern Az. Rehabilitation Center, Mrs. Robert Stevens, Mrs. Charles Favuet equipment purchased after 1959 event. "Benefit Card Party Friday".
April 22, 1960
Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce. Seated: L to R: Industrial Committee chair - Lee Hutchinson, Legislative Comm. Chair - William R. Preston, Louis Duncan - State Land Dept. Standing: Supervisor Coconino National Forest - Jay Crandens, Dr. Peter J. Lindemann Jr. "C of C Promotes Pulp Wood Use"; State PTA convention. At Flag Airport. L to R: Nina Kelly, Miss Ariz. Georgia Ann Garbarino, Highway Commission Chair - Frank Christensen, Gov. Paul Fannin, Sen. Robert Prochnow, Marshall School PTA Pres. Mrs. Estelle Wallach, V.P. Marshall School PTA - Mrs. Elynor Switzer, Rep T.M. "Tom" Knoles, Mayor Rollin Wheeler. "Greeting the Governor"; Veterans of Foreign Wars. L to R: Seated: Senior Vice Commander - Woodrow Rhodes, Commander Frank Cortez, Jr. Vice Commander John Justus. Standing: Chaplin Benny Grielo, Quartermaster Bill Johnson. "VFW Installation"; Sedimentation Tank at Moody Mountain Well Site. Cost: 75,441. “Where Tax Dollars Go"; Planning for 1960-61 Civitan Year. Seated L to R: 2nd V.P. - Bob York, Pres. Tom Gandee, Treas. Bill Laughlin. Standing: Sergent at Arms - Jerry Robbins, 1st V.P. Marcus Bishop, John Mughey. "Civitan Elect"; Flag Jr. High Drama Club. L to R: Jesse Chin, John Hall, Vicki Viotti, John Waits, Sandra Smith. Seated: Janice Bird - As Corliss Archer. "Meet Corliss Archer"; Flag High Track and Filed. L to R: Moses Winsley - High Jump, Older brother John Winsley - Hurdles. "Winsley's Winning Ways".
April 23, 1960
State PTA Convention in Flagstaff. Seated: L to R: Mrs. Ann Bennett - Treas./Phx., Mrs. Walter Hafley - V.P./ Tucson, Mrs. Vern Littlefield - Pres./Phx., Mrs. Marshall Evans - Sec./Miami. Standing: Former Phoenix Mayor - Jack Williams, Mrs. Aaron Margulis - National PTA V.P./Santa Fe, N.M., Master of Ceremonies - Jack McDonald/Phx. "New State PTA Officers"; At State PTA Convention in Flag. "Winslow High Singers"; L to R: Abbey Nez - 6/Cedar Ridge, Betty Rock Ridge - 10/Pinon. "Indian Dorm Gets TV"; Flag High Baseball vs. Glendale. Flag High #11 Frank Zantucchi, Catcher - Fred Holmes. "Eagle Hit".
April 25, 1960
Flag Jaycee's. L to R: Jim Young - 2nd V.P., Dan Stoops - Pres, Don Coopist - V.P., Dave Mishler - Secretary. "New Jaycee Officers"; Veterans of Foreign Wars. L to R: Dixie Lucus - Sec./Treas., Mrs. Frank Cortez - Retiring Pres., Ann O'Connell - Pres., Loretta Butler - Jr. V.P. "New VFW Auxiliary Officers".
April 26, 1960
Loot from series of home burglaries. Flag Police Officer Gilbert Castro. "Checking the Loot"; Red Cross Care of the Sick and Injured Instructor Course. L to R: On Floor: Mrs. Louise Bushman, Instructor - Mrs. Flora Abbott. Standing: Sandy Yahuke, Bea Evans, Maybell Martin. "Off We Go"; From Troop 34 Sponsored Dinner for Troops Summer Camp. Event at Mt. Elden Elementary. L to R: Asst. Scoutmaster Anon Williams, Scouts - David Stewart, Stephan Howard, Phillip Newton, Asst. Scout Master Leonard Byrd. Kneeling: Bill Leeson, William Dibble. "Proceeds in the Pot"; City Street Superintendent - H.A. "Art" Kennedy with New Machine to reface traffic signs. "Bright New Signs"; See Az. Daily Sun - Apr. 26, 1960, P.9, for names. "Making Declaration for the Girl Scout Dinner"; ASC Golfers vs. Williams Air Force Base. L to R: Hub Goyen - ASC, B.J. Davis - Air Force. "Duffing Rivals".
April 27, 1960
Boy Scout Fund Drive - Neg Flipped in Publication. L to R: Jack Blanton - V.P. Flag Fund Raising Drive, Dr. Martin G. Fronske - Chairman of the Coconino Scouting Dist. "Campaign to Come"; Flagstaff Business and Professional Women. Seated: L to R: Mildred Cook - 1st V.P., Zadean Auyer - Pres., Mary Lou Torgerson - 2nd V.P. Standing: Dorothy Boyd - 3rd V.P., Jeanette Brinton - Corresponding Sec., Myra Hambley - Recording Sec., Hazel Kale - Treas. "New Officers"; Benefit basketball. Flagstaff College All Stars vs. Harlem Stars. L to R: Joe Walker - Flagstaff, Showboat Buckner - Stars. "Chins Up"; Benefit basketball Flag College All Stars vs. Harlem Stars. L to R: #22 Mike McCavley - Flag, On Floor Big Ed Wallace, Showboat Buckner - Stars, #4 Joe Walker - Flag. "Double Teaming?"; Four layout on mobile home dealers. Phil Vernon - Mngr. Phoenix Trailer Sales.
April 28, 1960
National Secretaries' Week. L to R: Mrs. Beverly Crawford, Mrs. Harriet Wilson, Mayor Rollin Wheeler. "Take a Proclamation!"; Skating Rink in City Park. L to R: City Recreation Commission Chair Bert Baker, Public Works Director H.A. "Art" Kennedy, Ivan Langston. "Start of New Rink"; Navajo Ordinance previous hitDepot next hit Employee Fil Ulibarri cleaning snow off car. "Spring Wonderful Spring"; City Public Works Director H.A. "Art" Kennedy w/ 15 junk cars removed from city streets and taken to dump. City Clean Up Campaign. "Recognize your Car"; Director of Public Works, H.A. "Art" Kennedy. City Clean Up Week. "More Cleanup Work"; New construction at Zaharias General Tire in East Flag. "Taking Shape"; Remodeling of Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Office - Downtown. "Phone Company Expands"; Track and Filed: ASC vs. Phoenix College. ASC Runner Martin Chacon - 2 Mile Run. "End of the Line"; Sergeant John Link - Marine Corps Recruiting Service w/ mobile recruiting trailer. "Come Right In".
April 29, 1960
Flag Junior Chamber of Commerce. L to R: Ron Payne, Jack Jacobsen, Dave Mischler. "Top Jaycees"; Flag High Synchronized Swim Team. L to R: Kay Sannes, Kay Mabnuson, Peggy Atra, Marni Rezzonico. "Stars are Beauts"; Flag Junior High Student Council. Front: L to R: Sandy Moore - V.P., Bill Dokos - Pres., Jim Dusher - Treas., Nancy Lloyd - Sec. Back: Leanne Coffin, Linda Garrard, Linda Baily - Sec. Mngr., Carol Wilson, Belva Jenkins. "To Run Junior High"; Lions Club Convention. Front: L to R: Al Rosendgle, Lloyd Harrel - Convention Chair, Robert Clark, Peter Viotti. Back: Larry Kaney, District Governor John Utter, E.H. "Doc" Husband, Jerry Paysnoe - Ariz. Cabinet Sec. "Convention Heaps"; National Secretaries Week - Ponderosa Chap. L to R: Mrs. Freeda DeWees - V.P., Mrs. Virginia Alvord, Mrs. Juanita Guess - Both Initiates, Phoenix Manager of Arizona Public Service - Jack G. McDonald - Special Services Devision, Mrs. Beverly Crawford - Chapter Pres. "National Secretaries Week".
April 30, 1960
Beta Sigma Phi. L to R: Vivenne Bumstead, Mary Ellen Gee, Mrs. Kathryn Stoops. "Making Decorations for Annual Yellow Rose Ball"; Front: L to R: Gert Salo - Phx., Betiring President, June Kimble - Douglas, First V.P., Marty Shanks - Phx., Secretary. Back: Dorothy Muir - Prescott, Treas., Doris Sena - Warren, 3rd V..P., Glenna Jones - Ituachuca, 2nd V.P. Az Women's Bowling Assoc. "New State Bowling Officers"; Soroptimist Venture Club. Front: L to R: Evelyn Kluge, Karen Jung, Mrs. Pattie Kirby. Back: Mrs. Gay Cameron, Mrs. Mary Ann Babcock, Jean Miller, Mrs. Darlene Jamison. "Venture Club Initiation"; Seated: L to R: Mrs. Stanley Sykes, Mrs. William H. Switzer, William H. "Uncle Billy" Switzer. Rear: Children, Mrs. Reba McVey, Mr. W.H. Switzer Jr., Mrs. Agnes Anderson, Mrs. Ruth Mary Griffin, Kenneth Switzer. "Mrs. W.H. Switzer Sr. / 54th Birthday - 4/28/60"; Members and Alumnae at Dessert meeting at Virgil Gillenwater Home. L to R: Mrs. Robert Stevens, Mrs. Grant Sattem, Mrs. Orrel Hopper, Mrs. F.C. Chiappeti, Mrs. Clarence Skau, Mrs. Gillenwater, Mrs. W.V. Borcherding. "Delta Delta Delta Sorority"; 4th Annual State Bowling Tournament. L to R: Sky High Lanes Owner - Len Sonka, Shirley Powers - Pres. Flagstaff Women's Bowling Assoc., Mayor Rollin Wheeler, Valdena Rown - Flag. Director Az. Women's Bowling Assoc. "Tournament Opening"; 4th Annual Women's State Bowling Tournament. Sky High Lanes. L to R: Jean Kerr - Phx, June Frahm - Mesa, Vivienne Bumstead - Flag. "Ready to Go"; 6th Graders w/ Maypole as 7th graders watch. "South Beaver Spring Program".
May , 1960
The following days have no associated negatives; 1, 8, 15, 23, 29.
May 2, 1960
Award Winners. L to R: Mrs. Vada F. Carlson - Winslow, Mrs. Thelma Bonney Hall - State President - Winslow, Mrs. Margaret Jackson - Awards Chairman - Phx, Mrs. Dorothy Vann - St. Michaels. "Arizona Press Women"; Expansion of Epiphany Episcopal Church. L to R: John Killip - Pres. of Episcopal Youth Council, Steve Jackson, Rev. John Davis, R.E. Taylor - Senior Member of the Parish, Dr. Edward B. "Ned" Danson - Senior Warren. "Ground Breaking"; Father Daughter Banquet. Girl Scouts and Brownies Troop 22. No Names. "Girl Scouts Entertain Dads"; Girl Scout Father-Daughter Banquet Troop 13. No Names. "The Importance of Women"; Grand Canyon Boy Scout Council Camporee Cave Springs. No ID on adult. L to R: Mark Murray, Newall "Sparky" Lewis. Clarkdale Troop 24. "Fire Building"; Grand Canyon Boy Scout Camporee at Cave Springs. L to R: Prescott Scouts - Dan Pearson, Howard Hinson. "Calling All Boy Scouts"; Grand Canyon Council Camporee at Cave Springs. Kneeling: Julian Demiguel. L to R: Gregg Hickman, David Burt, No ID. Flagstaff Troop 33. "Pitching a Tent"; L to R: Betty Wren, Margaret Thieme, Ophelia Sommerville, Dorothy Young, Ruth Wilkes, Ramona Luna, Kathyran Stoops, JoAnn Strege. "Jaycee-ettes Get Together"; L to R: Mrs. Jim Crimmons, Mrs. Tom Perkins, Mrs. Cecil Kiker, Mrs. Walter Greer, Mrs. Bill Armstrong, Mrs. Leon Pearfall. "New Initiates of Epsilon Sigma Alpha"; L to R: Mrs. Bob Crozier - Rec. Sec., Mrs. Donald Skaggs - Corr. Sec., Mrs. Jerry Knowles - Pres., Mrs. Ross Elvey - V.P., Mrs. Bruce Crozier - Educational Dir., Mrs. Buck Clark - Treas. "New Officers of Epsilon Sigma Alpha"; Planning Rummage Sale. L to R: Mrs. Margaret Mason, Mrs. Carole Mishler, Mrs. Ramona Luna, Mrs. Ruth Wilkes. "Committee of Jaycee-ettes"; Flag JV baseball vs. Page. Flag JV 3rd Baseman Charlie Truvillo waits for throw as Page Catcher Johnnie Walden safely gets on base. "Look Out Third"; ASC Rodeo at City Park for college and High School students. Buddy Seaver - Las Vegas - 17. "Cowboy Lasts"; College LDS volleyball champs - Flag Tourney. ASC. Front: L to R: Meredith Romney, Steve Hunt, Neils Mickelson, Coach Melvin Peterson. Back: R.K. Voall, Terry Mason, Peter Gunn, Frank Creer. "Senior LDS Volleyball Champs"; LDS Volleyball Tourney. Flagstaff Stake. L to R: Coach Elden Porter, Bary Scott, Robert Palmer, Co-Captains Jim Langston and Scott Denning, Tom Bollingswood. "Junior Title Winners"; LDS Volleyball Tourney - Flagstaff Stake. See Arizona Daily Sun - 5/2/60 - P.9 for names. "Girl Volleyball Winners".
May 3, 1960
For County Horse Race and Rodeo Grounds at Ft. Tuthill. L to R: Joe Tissan - Board of Supervisors. Corron Medmeu - Board of Sups. - Williams, Harold Huffer - Chair - Board of Sups, Senator Robert Prochnow, County Engineer Clarence Litz, Bruno Rezzonico. "Stands Started".
May 4, 1960
2 million gallon water tank in Switzer Mesa. L to R: City Manager C.T. Pulliam, City Mngr. Ralph Barney, Assistant Ed Voelker, Water Superintendent Herman Dunham, Project Mngr. C.R. Miller, FHA Rep. John Magnuson. "2 Million Gallons of Water"; Group on S.W. Study Tour headed by Dr. and Mrs. Charles Franklin Parker of Prescott. At Daily Sun Office. No Names. "Study Tour Group Visits Flagstaff"; Boy Scout Fund Drive. Standing: L to R: Zell Flowers, William Young Sr. Seated: Ralph Morris, Dr. Martin G. Fronske - Dist. Drive Chairman, William Borcherding - Council Drive Chairman, Jack Blanton - Flag Drive co-chair. "Kickoff Breakfast".
May 5, 1960
May snowstorm. Looking West on Santa Fe at foot of Mars Hill. "Snow Again"; Location of New Williams Post Office. "New Post Office"; Construction in Williams of Strip mall. W. Bill Williams and S. 7th. "Building Booming".
May 6, 1960
Tree with plaque noting as site of first school in Flagstaff. Teacher was Mrs. Eva E. Marshall. Site near Blome Building on NAU North Campus. "First School"; Double Award for courtesy at Monte Vista Hotel. L to R: Monte Vista Owner Mrs. Alma Stegmeir, Clerk Miss Rusten, Chamber of Commerce Manager Hal Jackson, Chamber Pres. William Young Sr. Rusten Received 35 Dollars. "Happy Winner"; Mrs. Maxine Helsey's 2nd Grade Class at Mt. Elden School presenting "Brave Cowboy Bill." "Class Program"; Flag Lions Club. Front only: L to R: ASC Band Director Dr. Richard G. Parker, Dr. A. Harold Goodman - Outgoing Band Director and Lion, C.T. Dickson - Lion Clubs International counselor, Dr. Eldon Ardrey - Prof. of Music, ASC Pres. J. Lawrence Walkup. "Lions Meet to Listen"; Arizona Federation of Junior Women's Club. L to R: Mr. Jerry Gibson - Flag - New Federation Pres., Mrs. William Buchanen - Rescuing Smokey the Bear Award for a report local club did on water and soil conservation. "New State Officer".
May 7, 1960
Women’s State Bowling Tournament - Starlite Lanes. Serving: Mrs. Millie Conrad. L to R: Mrs. Gladys Benham, Mrs. Toshi Williams, Mrs. Jennnie Oates, Capt. Martha Eliker - Ft. Huachuca Team. "Coffee First"; Baseball - Flag High baseball vs. Prescott. L to R: Flag - Bobby Clark out at 3rd. Prescott 3rd baseman Paul Simpson. "Foot Race"; Daily Sun Carriers. L to R: Ross Black - 13, Asst. Circulation Manager - Roy Patterson, Ruben Hozano - 11. Hoping to win trip to Disneyland. "Seek Disneyland Trip".
May 9, 1960
4,000 people attending dedication of Navajo Tribal Park and Observatory in Monument Valley. "Navajo Observation Dedicated"; Veterans of Foreign Wars - Mother's Day. L to R: Flag Post Commander Frank Cortez, Mrs. Frank Cortez, Mrs. Hazel Morse - Phx, Mrs. Dolorita Jones - Tuba City, Winslow Past Commander - Ray Jones. Queens for a Night Banquet. "Queen's Night at VFW"; Women's State Bowling Tournament at Starlite Lanes. Bonnie Powers Coolinge. "State Meet".
May 10, 1960
L to R: Chief Deputy County Assessor Jeff Ferris, Retiring Assessor D.L. "Durwood" McKinney. Ferris Bunning for a job. "Starting and Closing Careers"; In lobby of Monte Vista Hotel. Flag Junior High student Ancita Jones w/ 9 ft. 1,400 pound Kodiak bear brought down by Lester Smith on Kodiak Island, Alaska. "What Big Claws You Have!"; Arizona Federation of Garden Clubs. L to R: Mrs. Charles Fife, Mrs. W.E. Stanfill, Mrs. Wick Thompson - Non-Member, Mrs. C.W. Sechrist. Alpine Garden Club. Mrs. Thompson was sole Az. Women's Recipient of Certificate of Appreciation from Federation. "Mrs. Wick Thompson"; Az. Federation of Garden Clubs. L to R: Mrs. W.E. Stan Fill - Pres. Alpine Garden Club, Chester Deaver - Winner, Mrs. C.W. Sechrist. "Wins Certificate of Appreciation"; New Officers. L to R: Front: Mrs. Henry Albees - Installing Officer, Mrs. Merle Sauer - Pres., Mrs. Ralph Fish - St. Corr. Sec., Mrs. Willis Brown - Outgoing Pres.. Back: Mrs. Robert Nauman, Mrs. D.I. Herring - 2nd V.P., Mrs. Brian Hines - V.P., Mrs. Walter Runke Sr. - Treas. "Flagstaff Women's Club".
May 11, 1960
L to R: Louis Chacon, Mayor Rollin Wheeler, Dr. Peter J. Lindemann Jr., William S. Young Sr., John Vandevier, James Potter, Geologists for McMillan, Bloedel, S. Powell River LTD. - Silas "Buzz" Brown. Mayor and City Council watch work on water well. "Newsprint Mill Draws Nearer"; Flag Chamber of Commerce. L to R: Noted business speaker - Ben Projan - Phx., Dr. Rexer Berndt - Chair of Retail Merchants Comm., Chamber Pres. - William S. Young Sr.. "Businessmen Hear Inspiring Talk"; American Legion Officers. L to R: Seated: Leon Carlson - Sr. Vice Commander, Fred Manning - Comm., Will Ooztjen - Jr. Vice Comm., Art Kennedy - Chair, Board of trustees. Standing: T.V. Long - Trustee, S.R. Prado - Sgt. At Arms, Jack Grace - Exec. Committee, Harry Biller - Exec. Committee, Joe Zaharias - Exec. Committee, Ferrell Colton - Trustee, John Faught - Treas. "To Hear Legion"; PTA plans at Emerson School. Seated: School Principal William Cummings. L to R: Mrs. Ray Lucas - PTA Sec., Tom Urias - V.P., Mrs. Jack Herring - Treas. "Making Plans"; 7th grade softball chants - Marshall School All-stars. See Az. Daily Sun. May 10, 1960, P.8, for names. "City Champs".
May 12, 1960
Bridge going up at airport interchange S. of Flag. "Going Up Slowly"; Course in local planning administration complete. L to R: M.K. Leadbetter - Flagstaff Housing Authority, Cite Manager C.T. "Maggie" Pulliam. "Special Award"; At Flag Country Club. L to R: Mrs. A.J. Lee - Hostess, Mrs. James O. Beard - Golf Chair, Mrs. Robert E. Wilson - Sec. Treas., Mrs. Rexer Berndt - Pres. Women's Div. "Dessert Bridge to Open the Season".
May 13, 1960
Fire at Jones Upholstery and Cheshire Motors Body Shop. Kendrick and Santa Fe. "On the Spot"; Major fire at Jones Upholstery and Cheshire Moters. Kendrick and Santa Fe. This is the Jones shop. Man at right, cropped out in publication. "Came the Dawn"; Dedication of new county building in Sedona. L to R: Highway Patrol Sgt. Charles M. Lawwill, Sedona Justice of the Peace - Elmer Purtymun, Highway Patrolman John N. Lubicich. "Judge Lands in Own Clink"; Dignitaries at dedication of new county building in Sedona. Front: Far Right - Board of Supervisor Chair - Harold Huffer. Man with hand in Jacket Pocket - State Sen. Robert Prochnow. 2nd Row: 2nd from far rt. - Member Board of Supervisors Joe Tissaw Sr. "Dedication Ceremony"; 2nd from left. - Justice of Peace Pres. - William Davis, 3rd from left - Coconino County Engineer Clarence Lintz. Dedication new county building in Sedona. Other men noted at Davis's staff from Salome. "Sedona Courtroom"; Justice of Peace Convention in Sedona. L to R: Salome Constable Floyd Balliett, Welton J.P. - George T. Witten, Coconino Sheriff Cecil Richardson, Sedona J.P. - Earl Purtymun. "Topic is Law"; Flag Jr. High. L to R: "Murder Defendant" - Charles Fife, "Judge" Howard Clark, "Prosecuting Attorney" - Bob Blaser, Behind Blaser - "Court Reporter" - Vicki Viotti. Fred Suchrue's 9th Grade Social Science Class. "Mock Trial"; L to R: Richard Smith, Dale Pajunen. Daily Sun Carriers trying for trip to Disney Land. "Working for Trip"; New officers. L to R: Seated: Mrs. M.S. Torgerson - Pres., Mrs. Mildred Cook - Coor. Sec., Mrs. Gale Huff - Treas., Mrs. A.J. Thompson - Rec. Sec. Standing: Mrs. Orel F. Hopper - Director, Mrs. Raymond Sroaf Alternate Delegate, Mrs. William S. Young Jr. - outgoing Pres. and Delegates, Mrs. H.M. Leamon, 2 Year Delegate. "Soroptomist Club of Flagstaff"; Flag Veterans of Foreign Wars and Auxiliary. L to R: VFW District Official Charles Boling, Post Commander Frank Cortez, Auxiliary president Ann O'Connell, Poppy sale Chair William Johnson, Auxiliary Past President Nora Cortez. "Buy a Buddy Poppy"; For "Northland Neighbors" feature. Mrs. Erwin "Libby" Treton. Employee of Monte Vista Coffee Shop.
May 14, 1960
10 Dollar "Visitor Courtesy Award" winner - from Chamber of Commerce. L to R: Ted Babbitt, Paula Brown - Brownies Indian Stoke, William Young Sr.. "Award Winner"; L to R: Owen Burt - Troop 33, Normon Couse - Veterans of Foreign Wars. VFW Poppy Sale. "Buy a Poppy"; Dr. Byrd Burton Dumas - Acting Chair of Coconino County Children and Youth Program. "Seeks Assistance"; Fire in Kitchen of Ranch House Restaurant. Man in white car near rear of fire truck - Fire Chief Ernest "Dan" Hogan. "Same Old Story"; Mt. Elden School. District 6th grade softball champs. Front: L to R: Larry Tornberg, Danny Sedillo, Robert Alonzo, Terry Pope, Henry Gonzales. Back: Gilbert Ramires, Eddie Duran, Coach Bill Lewis, Eugene Dash, Richard Tyler, Benny Salazar. "The Champs".
May 16, 1960
At Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Office for Northern Arizona switch to Direct Distance Dialing. L to R: Chamber of Commerce Manager Hal Jackson, Chamber of Commerce Pres. William Young Sr., Mayor Rollin Wheeler, MST&T Manager Frank Hill. "The First Test"; N. Ariz. League Baseball. Flagstaff Merchants Player Alma Adam's Beats. Throw to Tuba City Catcher Jackie Foster. "Beats Throw"; Grand Canyon Little League. L to R: Gene Weece, Ralph Al Faro - League Pres. "Build Little League Fence"; Firearms training by Coconino Sportsmen's Club. "Feeding Line"; Wins Daily Sun contest. $25 savings bond. L to R: Sun Classified Advertising Manager Jerry Ayer, Don Jones. "Wins $25 Bond".
May 17, 1960
U.S. Census Bureau Employees. Seated: Mrs. Myra Butcher. Standing: L to R: Jack Nivison, Esta Davis, Ether Conway, Finley, Louise Applequist, Chester Clark - District Director of Census. Flag Population - 18,038. "Getting the Final Count"; Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Bangert celebrate silver wedding anniversary.
May 18, 1960
At Wheel: Julian Lucero, Asst. - Robert Otero. New 1960 Trash Truck. "New Truck for Williams"; Flagstaff High School Orchestra. L to R: Ray Gonzales, Rex Osborne, Nick Lucero. "Trumpet Trio"; Flag Junior Class 9-A Participating in a mock trial. L to R: Beatnik - Kathy Wilson, Defense Attorney - Jessie Chinn, Judge - John Waits. "Mock Murder Trial"; Flag Junior High Grade 8-B. Nancy Lloyd. "Junior High Artist".
May 19, 1960
"Miss Kedette" for ADL for Babbitt's Ladies Shoe Dept.; Alpha Alpha Chapter Beta Sigma Phi - New Officers. L to R: Mrs. Bert Baker - Extension Officer, Mrs. Harvey Gaston - Corr. Sec., Mrs. W.P. Morse - Pres., Mrs. Paul Bell - Rec. Sec., Mrs. Jack Blanton - V.P., Miss Regina Rousseau - Treas.. "Alpha Alpha Chapter"; Holbrook High School top athletes and retiring basketball coach. Standing: L to R: Ricky Nichols - Outstanding athlete 1959-60, Coach Frank Turley. Kneeling: Lester Slade - Outstanding Sportsmanship. Neal Ledfors - Athlete of the Year. "Holbrook Honorees"; Girl Scout Day Camp. L to R: Mrs. Andy Davis, Mrs. Herbert Ruckes - Asst. Camp Dir., Mrs. Lewis McCoy - Camp Dir.. "Plan Day Camp".
May 20, 1960
Discussing new urban renewal plan for Flagstaff. L to R: M.K. Leadbetter - Flagstaff Housing Authority, John Buppke - Senior Field Rep. - Urban Renewal Agency of Housing and Home Finance Agency, Local Attorney - Neil Christensen. "A New Proposal"; See Az. Daily Sun May 20, 1960 P.1 for names. Performing Bach Cantata No. 4. Flagstaff Oratorio Society. "Sing Tonight"; Seated: L to R: Wearing Pres. - Mrs. Calvin Church, outgoing Pres. - Mrs. Jack Jackson. Standing: Mrs. Johnnie Williams - V.P., Carlos Lizardi - Treas., Mrs. Robert Collins - Sec.. "Mt. Elden PTA Meeting"; Brothers. Daily Sun Carriers selling new subscriptions. L to R: Henry Flores, Julian Flores, Mrs. Flores, Abel Flores. Neg flipped for publication. "Super Sales Me!"; L to R: Mrs. Kenneth Wilson - Pres., Mrs. Leonard Langford - Treas., Mrs. Sherrel Walker - V.P.. "Weitzel PTA Officers"; Grand Canyon Voiture 40 and 8. See Az. Daily Sun, May 20, 1960 P.3 for names. "New Officers"; For Northland Neighbors feature. Human Officer Harry Newell. Epsilon Sigma Alpha. Standing: L to R: Mrs. Dolores Black - Treas., Mrs. Eva Stevens - Educational Director, Mrs. Nita Gracey - Rec. Sec., Mrs. Quinta Hart - V.P., Mrs. Lorraine Mitchell - Pres., Mrs. Bernetta Christensen - Corr. Sec.. Seated: Pledges: Mrs. Claire Carter, Mrs. Charlotte Turner. Mrs. Mary Caskey, Mrs. Mary Caskey. "New Officers of Gamma Beta Chapter"; Flag Junior High art exhibit and demonstration. Grade 8-J Student Stephin Martina. "Freehand Drawing"; High School Graduation 1960 Special Edition. See AZ Daily Sun May 20, 1960 Special Edition P.2 for names, left side. "Flagstaff Honor Seniors"; High School Graduation Special Edition. See AZ. Daily Sun Special Edition P.14, left side, for names. "Another Group of Seniors at CHS"; High School Graduation Special Edition. See AZ. Daily Sun Special Edition P.13 left side for names. "Senior Class Members"; Flag High School Graduation Special Edition. See AZ. Daily Sun, May 20, 1960, P.5, Right Side. "Some More FHS Seniors"; Flag High Graduation Special Edition. See AZ Daily Sun May 20, 1960 P.6, Left Side. "Flagstaff High Seniors"; Flag High Graduation Special edition. See AZ Daily Sun, May 20, 1960, P.6, Right Side. "Even More FHS Seniors"; Flag High Graduation Special Edition. L to R: Donna Brown - Co-Valedictorian, Linda Mangum - Salvatorian, McArthur Hill - Co-Valedictorian. "Top Flag High Seniors"; Flag High Graduation Special Edition. L to R: Dianne Shartzer - Treas. Stephanie Hoag - Sec., Joe Dushex - Pres., Peggy Athea - V.P.. "Flagstaff Senior Officers"; Flag High Graduation Special Edition. See AZ Daily Sun, May 20, 1960 P.7 RT. Side. "More FHS Seniors".
May 21, 1960
Massive fire that destroyed 22 room Babbitt Mansion. "Firemen at Work"; Chamber of Commerce #10 Courtesy Award. L to R: Ted Babbitt - Chamber V.P., Winner - Jerry Epperson - Jerry's Shell Service, Harold Huffer - District Shell Gas Distributor. "Weekly Winner"; L to R: Front: Gregg Sattem, Vivian Bell. Standing: Richard Ortiz, Sharon Heflin. "Junior High Prom"; Production of "Nobody Sleeps". Seated: L to R: Charles Wong, Sara Redman, Jeanie Nelson. Standing: Student Teacher Director Mickey Johnson, Kay Bushy, Barbara Laber, Asst. Dir. Gloria Davis. "Flag High Actors"; Work done by County Prisoners at Citizens Cemetery. L to R: Doc. Williams - Chair of Cemetery Board, Deputy Sheriff Pete Axers, Mrs. H.B. Warnock - Board Member. "Cemetery Improvements"; For Daily Ad promoting benefits of Advertising in the Daily Sun. Owners of Foodtown Supermarket - L to R: Robert "Bob" Barnes, Merle S. Saver, E.C. "Bud" Cognill.; For Daily Sun Ad promoting advertising with the Daily Sun.; New Officers. L to R: Front: Mrs. Norman Borg - V.P., Mrs. Ray Hagelberg - Pres., Mrs. Willis Baver. Back: Mrs. Thomas Raymond - Corr. Sec., Mrs. Raymond Doss - Treas., Mrs. Russ Budd - Auditor. "Flagstaff Junior Women's Club"; Flagstaff Junior Women's Club. L to R: Front: Mrs. Jack Fine - Contact Chair, Mrs. Derald Cox - Outstanding Member, Perfect Attendance. Back: Mrs. Robert Huston - Outgoing Pres., Mrs. Thomas Raywood - State Conservation Award, Mrs. William Buchanan. "Awards Were Given to 3"; Rev. Gilbert B. Seager at new Sunday School building for Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church. .
May 23, 1960
Mt. Elden PTA. Mrs. John Williams - PTA V.P. serves refreshments to members of Mrs. Ethry Carson's 2nd grade science program for parents. Students named but not specifically in photo. P.10. "PTA Treats Class"; Daily Sun Carriers - No ID's. "Sun Newsboys Have Party"; Baseball - Flagstaff Aztecs vs. Phoenix East Lake Sluggers; "Sun Newsboys have Party"; L to R: Grady Butler - Junior Warden, O.M. Pendergrass - Senior Warden, Earl Spitler - Grand Master, J.R. Piper - Worshipful Master, C.H. Bingaman - Worshipful Master (Flag). "Glen Canyon Lodge Constituted"; L to R: Freddie Coleman - Flagstaff, umpire. "Breezes Home".
May 24, 1960
Combined Flagstaff-Litchfield Kiwanis meeting. Seated: L to R: Bill Butler - Litchfield Pres, Jim Blair - Flag Pres.. Standing: Lardie Coor, T.C. Rhodes, Joe Cooper - All Litchfield. "Fly to Kiwanis Meeting"; Flagstaff Branch of Pilot Club. Seated: L to R: Jean Scheele - Director and District Sec., Helen Choisser - Treas., Lillian Freeland - Corr. Sec., Roberta Hamilton - Rec. Sec.. Standing: Phyllis Manning - Dist. Gov., Mrs. Lida Richardson - 1st V.P., Zella Davis - Pres., Barbara Conley - 2nd V.P., Edith Conley - Director. "New Pilot Club Officers"; At right: Joe Tissaw Jr. - President of Flagstaff Little League. "Little League Opener"; Little League Dodgers vs. Cubs. L to R: Cubs 2nd baseman Louis Rougemont, Cubs 1st baseman - Dean Patterson, on bag - Cubs pitcher - Danny Stockhaus, Runner - Carl Nelson - Dodger Center Fielder. "Out in a Close Play at First"; 11 members of Hopi Fire Fighting employed by U.S. Forest Service. At Knob Hill Ranger Station. No names. "Hopi Fire Fighters"; For Northland Neighbors feature. Phyllis Manning; Lions Convention at Fort Tuthill. L to R: Leon Jenkins, Doc Husband, Nelson. "Getting Ready for Convention".
May 25, 1960
Members of 8th Grade Class at Nativity Catholic School w/ parents, parish priests and nuns. "Year End Banquet"; Girl Scout troop 2 at Knoles Nursery in East Flagstaff. Kneeling: Owner - Marshall Knoles. Standing: L to R: Rose Marie Cothren, Peggy Davis, Norma Blaser, Susan Potter, Maurie Rieyrich. "Getting the Low Down"; 10,000th Library Card. L to R: Tommy Short, Assistant Librarians - Helen Earnshaw, Mrs. Emily Cummings. "Library High Card Man"; Coconino Sportsmen's Hunter Safety Course. Instructors: L to R: Don Shanks, Dean Earle, Malcolm Mackey. Students: Larry Weidner, John Dobrinski, Peter Voelker, Gerald Shanks, Tom Goodman, Steven Moore. "Graduation Time"; Coconino Sportsmen Hunter Safety Course. L to R: Instructor - Jay Shoemaker, Colleen Sapp, Mike Sherman. "The Last Check"; L to R: Brian Briggs - ASC Student from Batavia, NY, Hugh Thomas, David H. Womack - Both Flagstaff, Lt. Commander D.W. Stebbing - Naval Reserve Training Center in Phoenix. "New Naval Reservists"; L to R: Maj. Frederick C. Schwarze, Joe A. Clayton, Maj. Gen. William N. Gillmore. "General Inspects Rifle Range"; .
May 26, 1960
L to R: Andy Buntin - Winner, Gordon Evans - AGPA President. "ASPA Motor Winner"; "Highway Progress"; Highway Construction - Airport Overpass; Kneeling: L to R: Craig Mauran, Amos George, Orlando Ulibarri, Robert Houston, Ronnie White, Calvin Quimayousie. Standing: L to R: Michael Coverdale, Jim Robinson, Tom Gandee Jr., Kjeld Hansen, Flaviano Chavez, Nicky Aragon. "Fifth Grade Champs" - Mt. Elden; See Az. Daily Sun May 28, 1960 - P.3 for names. Southern Union Gas Co. "Northern Arizona Gasmen".
May 27, 1960
Model Home built by Steves Brothers in Greenlaw Estates in East Flagstaff. "Open for Inspection".
May 28, 1960
Semi-Truck collides w/ East Flagstaff Fire Dept. Truck. No Injuries, Both drivers cited. "Early Morning Crash"; $10 Chamber of Commerce Courtesy Award winner. R to L: Mrs. Connie Moss - Weatherford Cafe, Employer - Peter Wong. "Courtesy Award Winner"; Flag Junior High. Front Only: L to R: Sandra Wood, Nancy Lloyd, Leanne Coffin, Carol Wilson, Charles Bryant. "Junior High Officers"; Flag Girl Scout Leaders - Planning Session. L to R: Mrs. Robert Collins - Troop 22, Mrs. Charlotte Bastrom - Troop 22, Mrs. Jack McCracken - Troop 14, Mrs. Carl Miller - Troop 15, Mrs. Richard Beaubein - Cook for the Day. "Chow Time"; Coconino Country Club Memorial Day Tourney. Bill O'Connell. "Ker-Whack"; Coconino Country Club Memorial Day Tourney. L to R: Paul Hubbard, Roy West, Bill O'Connell, Milton Evans. "Set to Go".
May 30, 1960
L to R: Joe Padilla - Commander of Catholic War Veterans. Mrs. W.H. Hudgens, American Legion Post Commander - Fred manning, Mrs. Pauline Baker, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post Commander - Frank Cortez. Women are Gold Star Mothers. "Memorial Day Service Participants"; L to R: R.A. Blaser - Southwest Forest Industries, Salvadore Peris, Mrs. Ima Powell - Secretary. Peris began working for Riordan's Arizona Lumber and Timber, received Silver Tea Service. "Retires after 50 Years"; Flag High School teachers. L to R: Mrs. Helen Weitzel, Miss Regina Rousseau. "Helen Meitzel - Miss Rousseau. Will Spend Summer in Hawaii"; Start of Grand Canyon Little League Season. "Opening Season Celebration"; Opening Grand Canyon Little Season. Mayor Rollin Wheeler. "First Pitch"; Flagstaff-Holbrook American Junior Legion Baseball Game. L to R: Holbrook 3rd Baseman Harold Carpenter tagging Preston Dagons - Flagstaff. "Out Stealing"; Coconino Country Club Memorial Day Golf Tourney. L to R: Don Garrard, B.A. "Brant" Myers. "Receiving Arizona Daily Sun Medalist Trophies"; Coconino Country Club Memorial Day Golf Tourney. L to R: Paul Wolff, Frank Farnsworth, Norman Sharber, tom Tissaw, Man on ground cropped out. "Happy Golfers"; Northland League Baseball - Window Rock Lodgers vs. Flagstaff Merchants. L to R: Window Rock Catcher - L. Martin, Flag Catcher, Frank Satrustengui. "Swi-i-i-ng"; American Legion Baseball Flagstaff vs. Winslow. L to R: Winslow 3rd baseman Gore - No first name in caption, Val Latham - Flag. Player at right cropped out. "Where's it at? Where's the ball?".
May 31, 1960
Coconino Country Club Memorial Day Golf Tournament. L to R: Bob Laycock, John Scott - Both Winslow. Won first place honors. "Tournament Visitors"; Flagstaff Chorale. No ID's. "Chorale Practice"; At Cavalry Catholic Cemetary. Fr. James Lindenmeyer of Our Lady of Guadalupe celebrating Mass. "Memorial Day Field Mass"; Coconino Country Club Memorial Day Golf Tournament. L to R: Team of #1 Page, #4 Creighton - 3rd place. Team of #2 Garrard, #3 Myers - 1st place. No other names given. "'Sudden Death' Playoff"; Semi-pro baseball. Merchants vs. Aztec. On bottom: Merchant runner Freddie Ramirez, Aztec catcher - Jim Talyor. "Catcher Fumbles"; Vinnel Steel Co. East Flag.. Making parts for Glen Canyon Dam. Largest overhead crane in Ariz.. "New Key Industry".
June , 1960
The following days have no associated negatives; 5, 12, 19, 22, 26.
June 1, 1960
L to R: Mrs. Martha Deal, Edward M. Deal. Received distress call from victims of earthquake in Chile. "Message from Chile"; Flagstaff Little League - Babbitt's Cubs. L to R: Dean Pederson, Bobbie Halliday, Larry Lucas, Larry Rougement, Rickey Doss, Dan Stockhaus. "Heavy Hitters"; L to R: Col. Wayne L. Wood - Commanding Officer of Navajo Ordinance previous hitDepot next hit, Major Edwina C. Smith - New Assistant Public Information Officer. "New PIO Assignment".
June 2, 1960
Flagstaff Hospital Auxiliary reactivates. Mrs. Robert C. Spackeen. "Hello, Flagstaff Hospital"; Flagstaff Hospital Auxiliary reactivates. Mrs. Virgil Gillenwater. "Tying Sutures"; Flagstaff Hospital Auxiliary Reactivates. L to R: Auxiliary Pres. Mrs. Grant Satter, Auxiliary V.P. Mrs. Jack Blanton, Medical Records Librarian - Mrs. Estelle Wallach. "Learning the Ropes"; 300 members of Flagstaff Junior High School 8th Grade. "Flagstaff Junior High Graduates".
June 3, 1960
L to R: Ben O. Morgan - gave 24 inch telescope to Lowell Observatory, Roger L. Putnam - Sole Trustee of Lowell, Ronnie Morgan, Dr. John Hall - Observatory Director. "New Eye on Mars Hill"; Flagstaff Lions Plan Convention. L to R: Co-chair Joe Rolle, Chair Lloyd Harrell, Co-chair Robert F. Clark. "Plan 'Biggest' Convention"; Mrs. Manuel Miguel's 4th grade class at Weitzel. She is at far right. Celebrating end of school year and being of Weitzel PTA membership class award. "Celebration"; L to R: Bud Lemons - outfielder/pitcher for semi-pro club, Flagstaff Merchants with Babe Ruth Giants, Wilfred Ulibarri, and Mike Weldon. "Tips from the Top"; Grand Canyon Little League. L to R: Orioles Runner Robert Ware, Braves Shortstop Ambrose Figueroa. "Force out at Second"; L to R: W.H. "Uncle Billie" - 91 - 50 year member of Flagstaff Lodge #7 Free and Accepted Masons, Clifford H. Bingaman - Worshipful Master, Frank M. Gold - 81 - 60 Year Member of the Lodge. "Old Timer Honored/Gold".
June 4, 1960
Flag High Graduation. L to R: James C. Pitts Jr., School Board Chair Neil Christensen. "The Congratulations Line"; Flag High Graduation. Middle Row: L to R: Lance Lujan, Vicky Lucero, Nick Lucero Jr.. "Diploma Check"; Flag High Graduation. Valedictorian - Donna Brown. "Valedictory Address"; Page Crash involving Semi and Pickup. One fatal. "Page Crash"; Neg Flipped in Publication - Dress with circles to left. L to R: Sue Bramlett, Carolyn Downum, 1959 girls State Gov. Ruth Wikes, Diane Wilhelm, Sara Redman. At Flag Airport. "Girls State Governor"; Southwest Forest Industries Scholarship. L to R: Judie Ann Thompson, Leslie Kirk. "Lumber Scholarship Winners"; Sara Redman. "Delegate to Girls State"; L to R: Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow Winner - Georgianne Puckols, Miss Girls League 1959-60 - Norma Hewett. "Flagstaff High Award Winners"; Flag High Awards Assembly. Seated: L to R: Dorothy Sullivan - Kiwanis Scholarship, Dorothy Eyrich - Flag Education Association. Standing: Sharon Stout - Soroptimist, Marcia Riordan - Lion's Club. "Scholarship Winners"; Pioneer Steel Company of Phoenix putting in section of Seats County Fairgrounds Race Track Stadium - Ft. Tuthill. "Going Up"; L to R: Standing: State Secretary of Elks and past Exalted Ruler of Flagstaff Lodge Robert E. Nimmons, Jodie Faubion - Elk's Scholarship and Youth Leadership Awards. Seated: Deo Gorfrey - Elk's Ladies Scholarship, Dianne Shartzer - Elk's Scholarship. "Elks Awards".
June 6, 1960
Civil Defense System. L to R: Flag Fire Chief Earnest "Dan" Hogan, City Clerk and Civil Defense Director Harry Field Jr.. "Ready for Test".
June 7, 1960
For "Northland Neighbors" Section. "Opal Bledsoe"; Lion's Club Convention - Ft. Tuthill. L to R: Mert Clark, Al Rosenolle. "Setup for Lion's Convention"; L to R: New Associate Pastor at Federated Community Church - Ron Roberts, Federated Pastor - Rev. Wallace W. Gibbs, Dr. C.H. Fredell, Raymond Dennis - Flagstaff Ministerial Assoc. "Greet New Minister"; Troop 31 - Federated Community Church. L to R: George Martinez, Jesse Wimp, Warren Sitterly, Terry Orr. "First Class Scouts".
June 8, 1960
Girabi Addressed Rotary. L to R: State Senator Fred Vaine, Columbas Giragi - Dean of Arizona Newspapermen, State Senator Robert Prochnow. "Praises Coconino Legislators"; Boy's State on ASC campus. "On Their Way"; Boy's State on ASC Campus. "Thick Tension"; Smokey the Bear coloring contest. L to R: Mrs. Donald Skelly, 7 year old Sandra Maddox, Belinda Sansom, Janet Houely - both 3. "Smokey Bear Contest Winners"; Ladies Day at Flagstaff Country Club. Front Table: L to R: Mrs. Rubert Booth, Mrs. Robert E. Wilson, Mrs. James D. Beard, Mrs. Rexer Berndt. Back table: Mrs. Willard Harkey, Mrs. Kenneth Kalb, Mrs. A.J. "Tony" Souris, Mrs. C.T. Pulliam. "Bridge as Well as Golf is Enjoyed"; Woodmen of the world present new flag to the Flagstaff Catholic Daughters of America. L to R: Mrs. Rose Yniquez - Monitor, Lovis Chacon - Council Commander of Woodmen, Jess Yniquez - Woodmen Field Representative, Mrs. P.J. Lindemann Jr. - Grand Regent, Mrs. Charles A. Bonney - State Sec., Mrs. Robert Grace - Vice Grand Regent. "Flag Presentation"; Mt. Elden Little League - Indians vs. Red Legs. L to R: Red Legs catcher Ken Sewell, no ID, Indians Runner Eugene Fisher, Red Legs Pitcher - Mike Walker. "A Race for Home Plate"; Joe Hoffman w/ 1,000 gallon pumper truck. "Winslow Fire Chief".
June 9, 1960
Flagstaff Community Hospital. Marc E. Atkinson. "New Hospital Administrator"; New Boy's State Governor. L to R: Steve Copple, AZ Supreme Court Chief Justice Fred Struckmeyer administrating oath. "Taking Over"; Lion's Convention - Flag Hosting. L to R: Vern Robbins - Pres. Elect, Lloyd Harrel - Convention Chair, E.H. "Doc" Husband - Current Pres.. Loch Delegation. "Welcome Lions!"; Boy's State 1960. Steven Copple - Yuma. AZ Boy's State Gov.. "Inaugural Speech"; New director of Flagstaff Children's Theater. "Tal Russell".
June 10, 1960
Joe Rolle Registering for AZ Lions Club Convention. "Lions Register at Fort Tuthill"; AZ Lion's Club Convention. L to R: Jim Bugey - Phx, Convention Chair - Lloyd Harrell - Flag. "Lion Reunion"; United Nations pilgrimage sponsored by Rebekah and Oddfellows Lodges. L to R: Irene Des Marals - Winslow, Alice Newton - Glendale, Beverly Trible - Globe, Barbara Strauss - Flagstaff, Mrs. Wanda Dexter - Phx, Mary Caldwell - Flagstaff, Bill Porter - Kingman. "Arizona Girls Leaving for Pilgrimage"; Official Visit. L to R: Mrs. Ernestine Hudiburgh - Noble Grand of Flagstaff Lodge, Assembly Pres. Mrs. Ruth Wood - Phx, Mrs. Zera Veazey, Vice Grand of Flagstaff Lodge. "President of Rebekah Assembly"; Ladies Invitational Golf Tournament at Coconino Country Club. L to R: Mrs. George Hill - Phx., Mrs. F.F. "Bud" Baugh - Phx. "Winner and Runner-up"; Ladies Invitational Golf Tournament at Coconino Country Club. Front: L to R: Mrs. R.R. Sutherland - Winslow, Mrs. Bill O'Connell - Flagstaff, Mrs. J.C. Brown Jr. - Prescott. Back: Mrs. Charles Hoffman, Mrs. Denford Pitts, Mrs. Floyd Theobald - All from Prescott. "Flight Winners".
June 11, 1960
Lion's Club Convention at Ft. Tuthill. "Chow Time for Lions"; Lion's Club Convention at Ft. Tuthill. L to R: Governor for Northern Arizona District 21A - Jack Gillis - Prescott, Don Jackson - S. Tucson - Lost to Davis, Gov. for Southern AZ District 21B - Vince Davis. "District Governors Elected"; At Lion's Club Convention, Ft. Tuthill. Barbeque. L to R: "Sombrero" - Warren Sitterly, "Y" - John Wayne Sitterly, "Glasses" - Dr. Jay L. Sitterly. "Won! That's Good!"; Lion's Club Convention at Ft. Tuthill. See AZ Daily Sun June 11, 1960, P.3, for names. "Flagstaff Lioness"; Lion's Club Convention at Fort Tuthill. L to R: Marci Crozier, Suzie Somers, Elaine Gibson, Mary Gibson, Julie Gibson. "Entertaining the Lionesses"; Mt. Elden 2nd Grade - Mrs. Ethry Carson - Teacher. L to R: Mary Alice Hobby, Janet Elizabeth Everett, Max Castillo, Kathryn Marquez, Pamela Williams, Becky Day. "A History of Arizona Mural"; Chamber of Commerce Visitor Courtesy Contest. L to R: Chamber Advertising and Publicity Committee Member Paul Weaver, Mrs. Rosie Montgomery - East Flag Babbitt's Thriftway Supermarket, Store Manager Monty Montgomery. "Award Winner".
June 13, 1960
"New Leupp Indian School"; Andrea and Perry Wolf. Sailing w/ parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andy Wolf, to Honolulu. Girls to attend summer school at Univ. of Hawaii.; Williams Police Chief Don Hassey w/ new 1960 cruiser. "New Williams Police Car"; See Ariz. Daily Sun, June 13, 1960, P.6 for names. "Flagstaff, Sedona, and Winslow Soroptimists".
June 14, 1960
Soroptimist Club. L to R: Front: Miss Helen Espino - Pres. Jean Miller - Corr. Sec., Evelyn Kluge - Rec. Sec.. Back: Mrs. Gay Cameron - Regional Treas., Mrs. Irene Horsey - Las Vegas - Pacific Regional Chair, Mrs. Mary Ann Babcock - Treas., Miss Patti Kirby - 1 year Director. "Venture Club Officers"; Woodman of the World Flag Presentation. L to R: Mrs. Lewis McCoy - Director of Girl Scout Day Camp, Jess Yniguez - W.O.W., Yolanda Mayorga, Harriet Wilson, Anne Minor. "Flag Day Presentation"; City Council Hearing on repeal of Leash Law. Standing: 14 year old Tom Burkhart. Woman seated w/ glasses - Mrs. Walter Runke Sr.. "Youth Speaks Up".
June 15, 1960
L to R: Dale Cook, Stan Holland - Surveyors for Huhmquist and Assoc.. Plotting Plaza Shopping Center at top of Humphries St.. "Survey Shopping Center"; At podium - State Senator Glenn Blansett - D - Navajo Principal Speaker. "Winslow Flag Day Rites"; Elk's Club. L to R: James Blair - Pres. Arizona Elk's Assoc., W.L. Hudiburgh - Exalted Ruler - Flagstaff Lodge, Sennator Robert Prochnow, L.J. Rice - Tiler - Flag Lodge. Only front row named. "Flag Day Program"; L to R: James F. Brierly - Worthy Patron, Mrs. Jessie Linke - Assoc. Matron of Arizona, Mrs. Dorothy Brierly - Worthy Matron of the Flagstaff Grand Canyon Chapter. "Eastern Star"; Winslow Babe Ruth League Police Department team after winning first night game in league history.; Oscar Lundahl - Golf Pro at Flagstaff Country Club. "King of Swat".
June 16, 1960
L to R: Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Lee Ackerman, Mrs. C.B. Wilson. "Voter and Candidate Meet"; Daughters of the American Revolution. L to R: Mrs. C.O. Lampland - Past State Recent and Flagstaff Charter Member, Mrs. H.W. Frieche - State Regent - from Prescott, Mrs. W.F. Wallace - Coconino Chapter Regent, Mrs. V.M. Slipher - Chapter Chaplain and Charter Member. "State Regent of DAR"; Williams Little League Indians. See AZ Daily Sun June 16, 1960, P.10 for names. "Williams Ballplayers"; Williams LDS Primary Academy. Back: L to R: Mrs. E.A. Harris - organist, Mrs. Ferrell Williams - Pres., Mrs. Gordon Lee - Rainbow class teacher, Mrs. Mark Thomas - In-service teacher, Mrs. William Hamilton - Top-pilot class teacher. Mrs. Elmer Weidmeier - Sec.. Front: Mrs. Claire Biggs - 2nd counselor, Mrs. William Woods - home builder teacher. "New Officers".
June 17, 1960
Touring 60 degree ice plant at Glen Canyon Dam Project. Ice used in making cement. Temp outside: 105. "Press Tour of Glen Canyon"; L to R: head Recreational Development Ranger James Eden, Bureau of Reclamation Special Service Officer on Glen Canyon Project W.L. "Bud" Rushu. Plans for Lake Powell Recreational Area. "Glen Canyon Recreation Area"; American Legion Auxiliary. Seated: L to R: Stella Lipinski - Sec., Helen Choisser - Pres., Lelas Carlson - First VP, Anne Baker - Historian. Standing: Lydia Solberg - Treas., Lenoir Viklund - Sgt. At Arms, Mecia Kennedy - 2nd V.P.. "New Legion Auxiliary Officers"; First Page Boxing Event. L to R: Don Adamson, Frank Hardison. "Take That"; First Page Boxing Event. L to R: Rep. Ken Hoyt, Standing - Nathan Ish, Floor - Paul Neuman. "Only Knockdown"; First Page Boxing Event. L to R: Otto Hardison, Louis Avilla. "First Boxing in Page"; For "Northland Neighbors" Feature. Steves Brothers Construction. L to R: George, Leon, James.
June 18, 1960
L to R: Coconino County Attorney Laurence T. Wren, Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Lee Ackerman, State Senator Robert W. Prochnow, State Representative T.M. "Tommie" Knoles Jr.. "Political Powwow".
June 20, 1960
State President of Junior Chamber of Commerce - Jack Jacobsen - Flagstaff, Heading for National Convention in St. Louis, MO. "Convention Bound"; L to R: Dr. D. Lawrence Fredrick - Lowell Observatory, William Richmond Peters, Observatory Director Robert Schaldach, Dr. Art Hoag - Director of U.S. Naval Observatory. "New 'scope Site"; For story on Williams library cataloging 8,000 books. "Librarian Mrs. Aileen Klass"; Front: L to R: Doris Hayes, Erlene Brinkman, Sherry Seeglitz, Julie Duran. Back: Karen Applequist, Lorinda Lyons, Gail McPherson, Geraldine Smithson, Sharon Brisbane. "Girl Scout and Brownie Camp".
June 21, 1960
Army recruiting plans. L to R: Sgt. Earl Roberts, First Lt. Steve Westbrook. Roberts: Flag recruiter. Westbrook: AZ recruiter. "Recruiting Plans"; Members of Mark A. Moore American Legion Post - Flagstaff, Grand canyon Legion Post, Grand Canyon voiture 417 of the 40 Ets going to Globe Convention. See AZ Daily Sun, June 21, 1960, P.1, for names and affiliations.; Chamber of Commerce Weekly Courtesy Award. L to R: Mobile distributor Don Christensen, Winner Jack Beamer - Santa Fe Service Station, Chamber Manager Hal Jackson. "Courtesy Pays/ $10 Check"; Williams Invitational Golf Tournament. L to R: Keith Dickerson - Prescott, Oscar Opplinger - Williams, Don Le Gate - Winslow, Jack Settles - Grand Canyon. "Williams Golf Winners"; Flagmen Hot Rod Club. L to R: Ron Lowrie - Treas., Dave Ferguson - Driver, Bill Mowbray - Pres.. Won at Deer Valley Drag Way. Zero to 103 mph in 13 sec. "Drag Race Winners".
June 23, 1960
Tried for alleged false imprisonment of 14 employees at the Murchison Ventures Uranium Mill near Cameron. L to R: Company Pres. William Alperin, Texas Uranium Promoter John Addison, Company Sec.-Treas. R. Eric Tipton. "Uranium Storm Center"; From El Centro, Calif. Heading to Boy Scout Jamboree in Colorado. L to R: Robert Fifield, Francis Kauanaugh. "Modern Pioneers"; Brothers deliver 294 copies of the Daily Sun each day in East Flag. L to R: Henry - 10, Julian - 12, Abel - 11. Sons of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Flores. "Big Job"; Ed Duran Mt. Elden Little League Dodgers tries to beat a throw to White Sox first baseman Mike Cloverdale. Out. "Almost but not Quite".
June 24, 1960
John Milton Addison Trial on false imprisonment of 14 workers at Cameron Uranium Mill. Far Left: John Milton Addison, Shirt and Tie: J. Thomas Brookes - Attorney for Defendants, white shirt at right: Coconino County Attorney Laurence T. Wren. [?] co-defendants. "Facing the Judge"; L to R: Ernest McMenamin receives Apprentice Carpenter Certificate from John Douthit - AZ Supervisor for Department of Labor's Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training. "Apprenticeship Promotion"; Fire in shed at Tucson and Park on June 23, 1960. "Not Much Left"; At Flagstaff High School Swimming Pool. Betty Jo Nutty - 13, Gloria Hancock - 12. "Summertime Water Fun".
June 25, 1960
Navajo Ordinance previous hitDepot next hit Donation. L to R: Frank Randall - NOD, Robert Clark - Treas. Chilean Relief, Col. Wayne L. Wood - NOD commander. "Nearly $200 for Chilean Relief"; Chamber of Commerce Courtesy Award $10. L to R: Guy May - Mngr. Western Hills Motel and Restaurant, Hal Jackson - Chamber Manager, Mrs. Alice Fisher - Waitress at Western Hills Restaurant, Winner. "Courtesy Award"; Civil Air Patrol searching for missing plane. L to R: Carla Tschope - Adjutant for Williams C.A.P., Swuadron, Malcom Miles - Flagstaff Squadron Commander, Tex Wright - Wright Flyte Service - Flagstaff airport. "Search Headquarters".
June 27, 1960
Flagstaff Cowboy Philosopher O.T. Gillett w/ "What's My Line" Moderator, John Daly. "D.T. on TV"; Arizona Association of Realtors. L to R: Outgoing Pres. Matt J. Batka - Tucson, New Pres. James H. Treds - Chandler, Jack P. Bird - Pres. of Northern AZ Board of Realtors - Flag. "Pre-installation Powwow"; Babbitt buying Kachina for store window from Theta Rho Girls. L to R: Frieda Allen, R.G. "Ted" Babbitt, Mrs. Nadine Wimp, Connie Mulling. "Boosts Powwow"; Veterans of Foreign Wars raising for loanable sickroom equipment through magazine subscription sales. Front: L to R: Miss Terri Wrobel, Bob Parker, Mrs. Mert Parker. Back: Roy Brown, VFW Commander - Frank Cortez, Ken Yergen. "Aid Sickroom Fund"; See AZ Daily Sun June 27, 1960 P.6 for names. Boaters from Flagstaff, Winslow and Phoenix at Lake Mary for Tri-Club Meet. "Arizona Boatmen"; Semi-pro Ball. L to R: Flagstaff Merchant catcher Frank Satrustegui waiting for ball as Holbrook's Fred Mull crosses the plate. "The Tying Run".
June 28, 1960
Changing Santa Fe Line 22 miles west of Williams. Work done by Morrison-Knudson - Construction. "Big Cut"; American Legion uniform help. L to R: V.P. Northern Arizona Fraternal Order of Police - Flag Police Capt. Norman C. Kelley, Center fielder Preston Dagons, Co-manager of Legion Ball Club - Bobby Boozer. "Boost for Legion Nine"; Babe Ruth League Baseball - Indians vs. Giants. L to R: John Schreider - Indians, Third Baseman Mel Palmer - Giants - Called. "Baseball Ballet"; Babe Ruth League Baseball - Indians vs. Giants. L to R: Giant Mel Palmer, Indian Catcher James Dugan. Called out. "Tries Scoring Attempt"; For Northland Neighbors Feature. Instrumental in securing Lake Mary Dam. "Joseph J. Waldhovs".
June 29, 1960
Won prize in Daily Sun/ car dealer promotion. $25.00. L to R: Daily Sun Classified Ad Manager Jerry Avyer, Cecil Kiker getting check.; Williams Shopping Center at corner of W. Bill Williams and S. Seventh. "New Shopping Center"; For Story on woman spending 6 weeks in Europe. "Mrs. Ruth Kalbfleisch"; Indian Camp Grounds - City Park. 1960 Powwow. L to R: Homer Hubbell - 7 - Leupp, Jesse Thames - Leupp. "Setting up for Business"; Truck went off-road 1/4 mile N. of Pump House Wash in Oak Creek. Driver Jumper of fell from cab landing approximately 4 feet below bush. Survivor, but injured. "Long Way Down"; Front: L to R: Len Sonka - director, Dist. 31 sec. - Treas. George Shambrook - Tucson, Terry Rice - Pres., Don DeLap - V.P. Rear: Jack Richards - Director, Bill Preston - V.P., John Smithson - Sec Treas, Willard Harkey - Sgt. At Arms. "Onto Mists Installation"; Town jack All-star Committee. Seated: L to R: Frank Farnsworth, Harry Biller, Bob Clark, Herb Gregg, Tom Shuck - Pres. Back: Lamar Haines, John Faught, Jerry Gibso. "Town Jack Huddle"; Grand Canyon Boy Scout Council - Pre-jamboree training. L to R: John Bishop - Flagstaff, Richard Reece - Prescott, Arvin Bunker - Chino Valley, Joe Nelson, Warren Sitterly - Both Flagstaff, Eddie Edson, Richard Ewers - Both Prescott. "Too Many Cooks"; Grand Canyon Boy Scout Council pre-Jamboree Training. L to R: Dwight Allen, Ernest Martinez, Sisto Sandoval - All Winslow. "Hot Checker Game"; 67 High School Foreign Exchange Students Sponsored by the American Field Service. 2 day stay in Flagstaff before continuing cross country trip to New York City. "Ready to Go"; Babe Ruth Baseball. Winslow vs. Western Savings. Ramon Sanchez - Winslow, Sliding Safely into 3rd. 3rd baseman - No ID. "Into Third".
June 30, 1960
For Photo Feature on Winslow Pool. No ID. "Winslow Pool Cool Man!"; Whitfield tanker caught fire while offloading gas at a standard service station at 4th St. and Santa Fe. Driver got it across the street. "Close Call!"; Williams Safeway Store. L to R: Harold Bates - Store Manager, mayor Ray Larson, Phx. Dist. Mngr. - Richard Poor, Mrs. Margaret Wright - Sec. and Manager of Williams - Grand Canyon Chamber of Commerce. "New Williams Store Opens"; Weaving Exhibit in lobby of First Federal Savings. Mrs. Marie Littleman. "Powwow Exhibition"; At Williams First Spanish Baptist Church. L to R: Mrs. Andy Esterley - Primary Superintendent, Mrs. L.B. Williams - Sec., Rev. L.B. Williams - Church Pastor and Principal of Bible School, Mrs. Lawanda Carlile - Junior Superintendent, Mrs. Vidal Corral - Beginner Superintendent. "Williams Bible School"; Photo Feature on Winslow Pool. No ID. "Winslow Pool Cool Man!"; For Photo Feature on Winslow Pool. No ID. "Winslow Pool Cool Man!"; Renowned Flagstaff saddle maker, Doc. Williams w/ 28th Prize Saddle he has made for the powwow. "Powwow Prize Saddle"; Small Feature on Hospital. "Winslow Memorial Hospital"; Williams Group. Front: L to R: Linda Runyan, Pam Marion, Marsha Bennett. Back: Sue Sutton, Yvonne Theroux, Cathy Divmenti participating in Rontier Rays Parade - Prescott. "Kachina Doll Twirler".
July , 1960
The following days have no associated negatives; 3, 10, 17, 24, 31.
July 1, 1960
St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. Built in 1921 by Rev. Edward Albovy. He was later transferred to Flagstaff. "Winslow Landmark Church".
July 2, 1960
1960 Powwow Parade. Also called Crown Dangers. "Apache Devil Dangers"; 1960 Powwow Parade. "Navajo Medicine".
July 4, 1960
At Flag Pole - Mayor Rollin Wheeler. Others cropped out. "50 Star Flag"; L to R: Governor Paul Fannin, Georgia Ann Garbarino - Miss Arizona 1960, Mayor Rollin Wheeler. Black Ogre Kachina. "Indian Gift".
July 5, 1960
ASC Student Ben Baker helping clean up City Park. "Powwow Aftermath"; Boys lost near Mormon Lake. Both from Phx, both 15. L to R: Larry Kulick, Mr. John Kulick, Richard Barber. "Happy Ending".
July 6, 1960
Civitan Drawing for 12 foot boat. L to R: Paul Humlie - Winner, Bob York - Civitans. "Civitan Boat Winner"; L to R: Jim Roney - Phx. - Dist. Sec. - Treas., A.W. "Dusty" Miller - Gov. 1957-58, Sam Joy - Outgoing Gov., Kenneth Switzer - Incoming Gov., His father W.H. "Billie" Switzer - Charter Member Flag. Club, Horage Griffen - Phx. - Gov. 1944-45, C.B. Wilson St. - Flag., Gov. 1939-40. "Rotary's New District Governor"; Flagstaff Mt. Elden Little league - Braves vs. Indians. L to R: Robert Gonzales - Indians, Braves 1st Baseman Mike Anderson. Safe. "Racing for First Base".
July 7, 1960
Arizona Society of Professional Engineers - Northern Arizona Chapter. L to R: Clarence Lintz - Sec. Treas., Pat Syler - 1st V.P., Weldon Brinton - Pres., Charles Cryden - State Dir., James Keller - 2nd V.P.. "Engineer Officers"; Flagstaff Country Club Golf Tourney. L to R: Tom Tissan - Consolation Runner V.P., Norman Sharber - Consolation Champ, Tony Lee - Club Champion Runner VP, Chuer Biller - Club Champion. "Winner in the Flag Country Club Journey"; Flagstaff Little League Cubs vs. Dodgers. L to R: Bobby Holiday - Cubs, Steve Denning - Dodgers 3rd baseman - behind Holiday, Dodger Pitcher Chuck Morales. "He's Safe"; See AZ Daily Sun, July 7, 1960, P.12 for names and affiliations. Laying cornerstone of Peaceful Valley Memorial Park. "Mayor Rollin Wheeler".
July 8, 1960
Flagstaff Fraternal Order of Police Las Vegas trip fundraiser. L to R: Harold van Sickle - Arizona Game Ranger, winner - R.S. Walls - Kingsman, Neil McLeod - AZ Highway Patrol, Capt. Norman Kelly - Flagstaff Police and FOP V.P.. "For Trip Winner"; Aftermath of 8 vehicle accident at Canyon Padre East of Flag. 1 fatal, 2 critical, numerous minor injuries. This is the fatal. "Driver Killer"; Business Profile of new manager for Babbitt's Whole Sale Plumbing and Heating Department. Walter M. Taylor.; Flagstaff Masonic Lodge. L to R: Clifford H. Bingham - Worshpful Master, Earl Spitler - Grand Master of Arizona Masons, Platt Cline - Senior Warden. "Masonic Grand Master Visits"; Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce Courtesy Award. $10. L to R: George Sparks - Father of Co-owner of Sparks Signal Service, Frank Spears - Co-owner and Winner, Hal Jackson - Mngr. C of C. "Weekly Award Winner"; Townjacks Pro Wrestling at Lumberjack Gym. L to R: Carnian Terry Kozak, Red Donavan, no ID. "One, Two, Three, Kick".
July 9, 1960
L to R: Carolyn Downum - Pres, Connie Mullens - V.P., Carol Wilson - Sec., Barbara Conley - Financial Sec., Gloria Caldwell - Treas. "New Theta Rho Officers"; L to R: Coco County Democratic Central Committee Chair. W.W. Stevenson - Local Attorney, Secretary - Mrs. Margaret Scott. Going to Dem. Natl. Convention. "Off to Los Angeles"; At Site of New 40,000 Dollar Williams Municipal Pool. "Gunniting Machines and Crews Begin"; Driverless ran off Black Canyon Highway S. of Flagstaff. "Runaway Dump Truck".
July 11, 1960
At Winslow Airport w/ Civil Air Patrol Cadets. L to R: Cadet Lovis Abney, co-Pilot Mrs. Myrtle Thompson Cagle - Selma, N.C, Cadet Bruce Jackson, Miss Viola Gentry. Flew in First Powderpuff race and in 1928 established 1st official solo flight record for women. "Oldest Powderpuff Entrant"; At Winslow Airport. L to R: Pilot of Beechcraft Bonanza Irene Leverton, co-Pilot and owner - Mrs. Cuzette Eads - both California. "More Powderpuff Entrants"; Winslow Amer. Legion Baseball - Gary Cox at bat vs. Babe Ruth Elks. "Twisted Posture".
July 12, 1960
For Northland Neighbors Feature. Flagstaff Attorney Bill Preston.; Mt. View Baptist Church. New Construction. "New Educational Building"; Summer Basketball Scrimmage at ASC. L to R: Tom Chavez, Speedy Castillo, Ted Petit. "Rebounding Basketballers"; 70th Anniversary of Flagstaff Oddfellows Lodge #11. L to R: John R. Hickey - Grand Master of Az., Tom Gordon - 40 year member, Bill Carr - Noble Grand, Karl Mangum - 25 year member, Shelby McCauley - Grand Sec. of Az. "Oddfellows Anniversary".
July 13, 1960
L to R: Western Gold and Uranium Corp. Board Chair Richard Ince, State Senator Robert Prochnow, Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce Manager Hal Jackson. Discussions on Area Uranium Crisis. "Telling the Story"; Delegates to 1960 Democratic National Convention. L to R: Guy Rutherford - Kingman, W.W. Stevenson - Flagstaff, Rollin Fish - McNary, Former Az. Gov. Dan Garvey - Tucson. "Arizonans for Kennedy"; Injured in head-on crash on 7/9/60 that killed 1 and injured 3. L to R: Ronnie Chrislieb - 1 1/2, Carol Chrislieb - 3, Bobbye Chrislieb - 2. At Flagstaff Hospital. "Looking for Fun"; Coconino Sportsmen. Seated: L to R: Milton Evans - Sec., Ed Ford - V.P.. Standing: Gordon Evans Sr. - Pres. of AZ Game Protective Assoc., Club Member Ray Sass. "Planning Ahead"; Presented to Skovsen by Az. Wool Growers Auxiliary. L to R: Mrs. Albert Pourvette - Williams - 2nd V.P., Mrs. John Aleman - Williams - President, Mrs. Don Skovsen - Regional Home Economist and Wool Specialist - American Sheep Producers Council, Mrs. Manuel Aja - Buckeye - 1st V.P., June C. Gibbs - Tucson - Extension Nutritionist for U of A. "All Wool and...".
July 14, 1960
Flagstaff All Stars Little League practice. L to R: All Star 2nd Baseman tries to make it to 1st base on a bunt. Tagged out by Larry Rougemont. "Thrown Out"; New Music Supervisor for Williams School District. John D. Snyder. "New Williams Musician".
July 15, 1960
Williams Post Office under construction. "New Post Office"; Town Jack Pro Wrestling at Lumberjack Gym. L to R: Referee Paavo Ketoonen, El Gran Lotario - Champion of Mexico, Pacific Coast Champion - Don Arnold. "That's Hardly Cricket".
July 16, 1960
Penstock to be delivered to Glen Canyon Dam construction site fell off truck on Highway 89 North of Flag. "Big Pipe Coming Up"; Carpenter Johnny Estes at Flagstaff Airport. "Airline Office Expansion"; For Engagement Announcement. Miss Denamae Stockwell.
July 18, 1960
Fire on Heckethorn Ranch Property. "The Woods are Dry"; City Clerk Harry Field and daughter Sharon check water level at Upper Lake Mary Dam. "Plenty of Water"; Dist. 31 Optimist meeting. L to R: Thomas L. Roof - Tucson - Dist. Gov., Morris Choninger - V.P. Optomist's International - Beaumont, Texas, George Shambrook - Tucson - Dist. Sec./Treas., Lt. Govs. - James Pender - Yuma, Louis Sally - Tucson, Olen Sharp - Mesa. "Optomists All"; From Beaumont, Texas. V.P. Optomists International here for meeting of Dist. 31. "Morris Cloninger"; Practice for upcoming Coconino Country Club Tourney. L to R: Lovis Espil, Bruno Rezzonico, Ray Larkey. "Linino Em V.P."; Semipro Basketball. Flagstaff Merchants vs. McNary Giants. Merchants first baseman - Okie Taylor gets pitch try to put McNary runner Dale Wilson out. Safe. "Close Play at First".
July 19, 1960
Substructure for 69 inch Perkins Telescope. "Anderson Mesa Observatory"; L to R: Robert Shaldack at private William Richmond Peters Observatory located on his ranch, his father William Shaldack. "A1 Mountain Observatory"; For "Northland Neighbors" Feature. Williams Waitress - Verla Coatney.; Flagstaff Naval Reserve unit. L to R: Marlene McAllister - First Wave in Unit Station Keeper - Chief Radioman Ron Payne w/ new rank, new recruits Harold Waits, George Gregory. "Everything's New"; From Linfield College - McMinnville, Or. - A senior to assist county home agent as a trainee, for 2 months. "Mrs. Lorena Launer".
July 20, 1960
L to R: Flag Police Chief William Epperson, Patrolman Elmo Maxwell. "New Paddy Wagon"; City of Flagstaff new 2 million gallon water storage tank on Cedar Hill. L to R: Lewis S. Neeb - Project Manager for Hennington, Durham, and Richardson, City Manager - C.T. "Maggie" Pulliam, Mayor Rollin Wheeler. "Just About Ready"; L to R: Mrs. Zella Davis - Pres. Pilot Club of Flagstaff, Mrs. Phyllis Manning - Gov. of Dist. 14. "To Attend International Pilot Club Convention".
July 21, 1960
Northern Arizona Board of Realtors meeting. L to R: Vernon Robbins - Associate Board member, W.S. Lighthall - Scottsdale Realtor - spoke to group, board President and Jack Bird. "Realtors Gathering"; Story of her collection of dolls and china. "Mrs. Jean Switzer".
July 22, 1960
Former home George Babbitt Sr. had previously been severely damaged in Arson Fire set fire again to clear site on Switzer Mesa for Resort Hotel. Never Built. "The Last Burn"; U.S. Naval Observatory. L to R: Dr. Kal Syrand - Dir. Of Division of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Astronomer Dr. Elizabeth Ruemer, Capt. B.L. Gurnette - Superintendent of Naval Observatory, Washington D.C.. "Visiting Navy Scientists"; Spoke at fundraising dinner for Williams LDS Church. L to R: Middle Weight Champion of the World Gene Fullmer, Asst. Mngr. - L.J. Brown. "Fullmer and Mentor"; Parade Committee of Flagstaff's Sheriff's posse. Rodeo and Roundup. Seated: co-chair Bob Wilkes. L to R: Frank Davies, Bill Davis, Elmer Dressler, Glen McNeese. "Plan Big Posse Parade"; Twin Buttes Construction laying sewer lines on N. Beaver. "Rocky Job"; Excavation for sewer lines at North Beaver and Cedar. "Traffic Problem"; Flagstaff Summer Children's Theatre Production of Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp. L to R: Dennis Wilkerson as Aladdin, Peggy Davis as Mother. "Here Comes the Genie"; For Northland Neighbors Feature. Operator of Mary Olson Nursery and Play School. "Mary Olson".
July 23, 1960
Town Jack Pro Wrestling at Lumberjack Gym. L to R: Red Donovan - cropped out in publication, Pacific Coast Champ Don Arnold, Referee Dick Moll, Unidentified woman hitting Arnold with shoe. "Take that you Brute"; Jaycee Miss Coconino Contest. L to R: Claudia Ann Sescila, Jim Young, Ron Payne - Co-chairs, Sharon Grant. "First Miss Coconino Entrants"; Members are involved in Forest Industry of Ariz. Club 174 - International Concatenated Order of the Hoo-Hoo. Seated: L to R: Directors - Fred Mills - Williams, Ray Lopp - Holbrook, Jim Gother - Flagstaff. Standing: Frank Gee - Flagstaff - State Snark, Ellis Newberry - Flagstaff - V.P., Gilbert Busche - Flag. - Pres., Tom Loomis - Flagstaff - Sec./Treas.. "New Hoo-Hoo Officers"; Flagstaff Summer Children's Theatre's Production of Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp. L to R: Nuphsed the Camel, Dennis Wilkerson as Aladdin. "Aladdin and Nuphsed"; See Az. Daily Sun - July 23, 1960, P.4, for names. Flagstaff Little League All Stars. "All-Stars All"; Group of Future Scientists from Florida. L to R: Fred Wilhelm, Danny Akers, Jerry Wilcox, Larry Wyrick, Bill La Quitte, Chaperon - Jefferson Davis, Lowell Astronomer - Phillip Downum. "Clark Refractor at Lowell Observatory".
July 25, 1960
Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce meeting on Flagstaff Industrial Park. L to R: City Clerk Harry Field, Chamber Pres. William S. Young Sr., Edwin Proctor - O'Mally Investment Co. - Phx, Chair of Chambers Industrial Development Committee - Rexer Berdt. "Industrial Promotion"; Flagstaff Exchange Club 2nd Annual Western Day Rodeo at Harenberg Arena. John Nickerson of Yuma w/ Lassoed Calf. "Whoa There"; Exchange Club 2nd Annual Western Day at Harrenberg Arena. Custom Car Judging. L to R: Gary McNeese w/ his winning 1954 Ford Pickup, John Bork - Exchange Club. "Real Cool".
July 26, 1960
Mt. Elden Little League. See Az. Daily Sun, July 26, 1960 - P.6, for names. "Mt. Elden All Stars"; Grand Canyon Little League. See Az. Daily Sun, July 26, 1960. P.6 for Names. "Grand Canyon League All Stars"; Miss Coconino Contest. L to R: Georgia Ann Garbarino - Miss Arizona 1960/Miss Coconino 1959, Sharon Grant, Claudia Ann Secila, a visitor - Dennis Milling - Age 6. "Northern Arizona Beauties"; Story on voter registration in Coconino County. County Recorder Edna Mae "Pug" Thornton.
July 27, 1960
C-130 returns to Flagstaff to perform atmospheric research into the formation of storms. "Big Babby's Back"; Coordinating Committee for Flagstaff Sheriff's Posse Round up and Rodeo. Front: L to R: Barclay Brantingham, Bob Lockett, Sid Griffin. Back: Frank Satrustegn, Pete Michael Bach, Jerry Gibson. "Posse Rodeo Coordinators"; Page Little league All Stars. Back: L to R: Pete Vezzoso, George Knight, Scott Lamoreaux, Richard Price. 2nd: Frank Leyba, Gary Gales, Skipper Benn. Front: Dennis Kart Houser, Melvin Klinger. "It's All Star Time"; L to R: Army Recruiter Sgt. Earl Roberts, Pvt. Angel G. Morales. "New Enlistee"; Going to Arizona Annual 4H round up at U of A. L to R: Sharon Wilhelm, Susan Creighton, Sandy Scott, Pherry Kent, Lorinda Dobrinski, Becky Keithly. "Blue Ribbon Winners".
July 28, 1960
Town Jack Pro Wrestling at Lumberjack Gym. L to R: Mexico's El Gran Lotario, Roughhouse George McKay. "Lotario on Top"; Jack Fine - Fine's Ready to Wear. Neighborhood Children gave check to him for being a "Good Neighbor" signed by Lone Ranger. "Happy 'Millionaire'"; Seated: Specialist First Class Orvill Hovermale - Course Instructor from Ft. McArthur, Calif. L to R: Sheriff's Deputies Paul Brockman, Jack Brewer, Will Steele, Hoot Parker, Flagstaff Police Officers Norman Kelley, Wally Smith, Lee McMahan - Navajo Ordinance previous hitDepot next hit. "Explosives School"; State Registrar of Contractors meeting. L to R: State Registrar - Allen H. Rhodes, Coconino County Beauty Registar J. Paul Larue, Hearing Officer Julian H. McClure. "Statewide Watchdogs"; First Aid Training Course. See Az. Daily Sun - July 28, 1960 P.8 For Names. "Red Cross Work"; Little League - Prescott vs. Grand Canyon. L to R: William Weldon, Alvin Hickman - Catcher. Both Grand Canyon. Northern Az. Little Tournament in Williams. "Coming Home"; Northern Az. Little League Tournament in Williams. Mt. Elden vs. Yavapai. L to R: Craig Larkey - Mt. Elden - Slides into 3rd, Ralph Duran - Yavapai. "He's Safe".
July 29, 1960
Highway Marker Construction. Hwy 66 and 89. L to R: Jack Snider, Bob Thurnsley. "Which Way's Which"; Northern Arizona Little League Tournament in Williams. Winslow vs. Page. L to R: Both Winslow - Keith Rhodes, Artie Griffith. Rhodes hit all bases loaded home run. "Double? That was a Homer"; N. Ariz. Little League Tournament in Williams. Prescott vs. Snowflake. L to R: Prescott pitcher Bob Webster, Snowflake 1st baseman Ben Hatch. "Beating it Out"; N. Az. Little league Tournament in Williams. Show Low vs. Yavapai. L to R: Show Low pitcher Chris Ahrams Steals home, Yavapai pitcher Mike Hernandez cover home plate. "Stealing Home"; Town Jack Pro Wrestling at Lumberjack Gym. L to R: Al "Golden Boy" Kashey, Pacific Coast Champ Don Arnold, Referee Paavoketosnen. "Hey, Ref, Looky Here"; Flagstaff Aztecs semi-pro baseball. L to R: Phyllis Martinez, 3rd Baseman Alfred Jauregui, Delores Madrid. "Queen Hopefully".
July 30, 1960
Babbitt Brothers warehouse on Aspen. To be site of new post office. "New Post Office Site"; Coconino Sheriff's Posse Round Up and Rodeo. L to R: Jake Neely, Jim Savage - Chandler Sheriff's posse, Frank Michael Bach, Merrill Young - Coconino Sheriff's posse, Reid Riggs - Chandler Sheriff's Posse. "Teeing Off"; At site of new post office on Aspen and Agaissez. L to R: Flagstaff Postmaster Henry Worisher, Downtown Businessman Charles Wigutow. "It'll be Here"; Scouts return from Boy Scout Jamboree in Colorado Springs. Front: L to R: Dr. J. Sitterly, Tim Fuller, Eddie Edson, Warren Sitterly, Richard Ewers. Back: Preston Smith, Frank Cooseboom, Arvin Bunker, John Bishop, Gene Ginn. "Back from Jamboree"; No. AZ. Little League Tournament in Williams. Kingman vs. Prescott. L to R: Charles Juarez - Kingman, Prescott 3rd baseman - Ralph Suter. "He's Safe"; No. AZ. Little League Tournament in Williams. Winslow vs. Show Low. L to R: umpire Butch Brockwell, Show Low Catcher Joe Zellneg, Butch Hands - Winslow. "Hit, but Foul".
August , 1960
The following days have no associated negatives; 7, 14, 21, 28.
Aug 1, 1960
Gran Jamaica 1960 - Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. Seated: L to R: James Sedillo, Aurelio Vega. Standing: Pat Encinias, Isabelle Padilla, Ramona Garcia, Dolores Figueroa, Elenor Mayorga. "Queen Candidates".
Aug 2, 1960
New Grand Stand at Fort Tuthill. "Almost Ready"; FBI Firearms Course. L to R: FBI Instructor Gerald Snell, Frank Najera - Flag Police, Carl Coy, Norman Kelly, Will Steele, Paul Prockman - All Sedona Office Coconino County Sheriff's Office, Arlie Brewster - Coco. Sheriff, Bill Steward - Flag PD, Buck Carl - Coco Sheriff. "Bad Men Stay Clear"; Race Track construction at County Fairgrounds. "Full Speed Ahead".
Aug 3, 1960
Flagstaff Junior Chamber of Commerce "Miss Coconino" Contestant. Barbara Powell. "Some Smile"; Chief Meteorologist Paul Sorenson checking rain gauge at Flagstaff Airport. "Reading Mighty Low".
Aug 4, 1960
Northern Arizona Medical Seminar. L to R: Da. Vincent P. Collins - Prof. of Radiology - Baylor U. - Texas, Dr. C.H. Fredell - Flag, Dr. E.C. Beatty Jr. - Department of Hemotology - Children's Hospital - Denver, James Wensel - Flag. "Medical Experts Here"; Northern Az. Medical Seminar. L to R: Dr. John F. Currin - Flag, Dr. Ralph A. Reis - Prof. of Obstetrics and Gynecology - Northwestern Medical School - Chicago, Lt. Col. Eddy D. Palmer - Brooke Army Hospital - Ft. Sam Houston - Texas, Dr. Robert Kark - Prof. of Medicine - Univ. of Illinois - Chicago, Dr. Roy O. Young - Flag. "An Informational Discussion Group"; Flagstaff Summer Theatre - Wizard of Oz. L to R: Set Designer and Cowardly Lion - Bob Wallace, Winkie - Mark Foster, Munchkin - Evan Barkman, Production Stage Manager and the Tin Woodsman. "Everybody Paints"; Flagstaff Summer Theatre - Wizard of Oz. L to R: Front: Winki - George Foster, Munchkin - Sharla Ward. Back: Scarecrow - Dennis Wilkerson, Dorothy - Peggy Davis. "Everybody Studies"; 12th Annual N. Ariz. Square Dance Festival. 50 couples dancing at Eddie's Richfield Station. "Square Dance Festival Kick-off"; LDS Flag Stake Annual Road Show. Skit Rehearsal. Front: L to R: Sally Lanston - model, Karen Scott - Dancer, Patty Cosseboom - Model. Back: Debbie Rice - Contestant, Joyce Whiting - The Queen, Frances Pierce - Model. "'Queen for a Day'".
Aug 5, 1960
At Flag Airport. At right w/ glasses - Barry Goldwater. Clockwise from him: Az Development Board Dir. - Bernard Mergan, Uranium Executives - Joseph Fakler, Richard Russell, Sun Publisher Platt Cline, Chamber of Commerce Manager Hal Jackson, Senators Robert Prochnow, Fred Udne, Navajo Tribal Chariman Paul Jones, Metalurgist S.W. Runke. "Fly-in Uranium Meeting"; Meeting on threat to N. Ariz. Unraium Industry. At Flag Airport. L to R: Navajo Tribal Chairman Paul Jones, U.S. Sen. Barry Goldwater, Coconino County State Sen. Robert Prochnow and Fred Udine. "Area Leaders Confer"; Flagstaff Summer Theatre. L to R: Tal Russell - The Wizard, Dennis Wilkerson - Scarcrow, Peggy Davis - Dorothy, Tom Baker - Tin Woodsman, Sue Bushey - Wicked Witch of West. "The Wizard of Oz"; Pro Wrestling at ASC. L to R: No ID, Lu Kim, Ref. Paavo Ketoonen, Pacific Coast Champ Don Arnold. "Get Back Inna Ring!".
Aug 6, 1960
For obstetrics at Flag Hospital. L to R: Engineer Gene Cook. Maintenance man Arthur Reeves. "New Hospital Beds"; Aztec Baseball Club Contest. L to R: Delores Madrid, Phyllis Martinez, Urora Archeleta, Ramona Garcia. "Aztec Queen Candidates"; Pro Wrestling at ASC. L to R: Pacific Coast Champ Don Arnold, the Manchurian Giant. "Arnold vs. Lu Kim"; Northern Arizona Medical Seminar. L to R: Dr. Champ Lyone - Univ. of Alabama - Department of Surgery, Dr. C.H. Fredell - Seminar Co-chair. "Co-chairman and Guest Speaker"; Northern Arizona Medical Seminar. No ID.; Northern Ariz. Medical Seminar. L to R: Dr. John Currin - Co-chair, Dr. Roy D. Young, Dr. C.H. Fredell - Co-chair - all Flagstaff, Dr. Ray Enscore - Prescott. "Seminar Huddle".
Aug 8, 1960
L to R: Claudia Sercila, Sharon Grant, Barbara Powell. "Miss Coconino Talent Contest"; 12th Annual N. Ariz. Square Dance Festival. "New Line Canyon Ball"; 12th Annual N. Ariz Square Dance Festival. "'Hash and Breaks'"; At Big Jump Trampoline Center. 2202 N. 3rd Street. No ID's. "Trampoline Fun"; Aztec Semi-pro Baseball team. 15th Anniv. Front: L to R: Attendant Ramona Garcia, Alfred Jauregl, Queen Delia Gonzales, Dolores Cardenas. Back: Attendant Phyllis Martinez, Caesar Cardenas, David Jauregl, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lucero, John Magana. "Aztec Queen and Court"; Flagstaff Summer Theatre's production of "My Three Angels". L to R: Betty Burns, Tom Baker. "Figuring Accounts".
Aug 9, 1960
L to R: Georgia Ann Garbarino - Miss Arizona, James E. Blair - Flagstaff Kiwanis presenting 50 dollar check to help w/ expenses for travel to Miss America Contest. "Gift from Kiwanis"; Event at Flagstaff Odd Fellow's Hall. Mr. and Mrs. O.D. Sandell - Beaumont, Ca. "Golden Wedding Anniversary"; 30 Sightseers from New York and New Jersey on Coast to Coast trip. 2 day N. Ariz. Stop. "Like Northern Arizona"; Bill William's Mountain Men. George McNelly w/ Tuffy. "Mountain Men's Mascot"; Bill Williams Mountain Men Mascot - Tuffy. "Looka My Teeth".
Aug 10, 1960
At Coconino County GOP Central Committee Meeting. L to R: Chairman Doug Wall, Harry Mitten - Exc. Sec. - State GOP Central Committee, County Schools Superintendent - Mrs. Bessie Kidd Best. "GOP Campaign Strategy"; L to R: FBI Special Agent in charge of Arizona - Edward L. Boyle, Fred Manning - Mark A. Moore American Legion Post Commander. "FBI Chief and Legion Head"; Scene from Flagstaff Summer Theatre Production of "My Three Angels". No ID's.; Scene from Flagstaff Summer Theatre Production "My Three Angels". No ID.; Scene from Flagstaff Summer Theater production of "My Three Angels". No ID's.; Scene from Flagstaff Summer Theater production of "My Three Angels". No ID.; Williams Swimming Pool Bathhouse. L to R: Rev. Ray Dugan - Vicar St. John's Episcopal Church, Rudy Ruddock, Clifford Drake. "New Bathhouse"; Officers of Page Men's Bowling Assoc. L to R: Grady Butler - First V.P., Phil Haegen - Sec./Treas., G.D. Langley - 3rd V.P., Jack Brown - 2nd V.P., Edward J. Shepard - Pres. "They'll Head Page Bowling"; L to R: Sgt. Earl Roberts - N. Ariz. Army Recruiter, Danny Ray Merich. "Winslow Enlistee".
Aug 11, 1960
Scene from Flagstaff Summer Theatre Production of "My Three Angels". L to R: Sheralyn Morris, Dennis Wilkerson. Both from U of A. "Marie Louise and Alfred"; In Coconino Estates - off Ft. Valley. General layout of pool and facilities. "Coconino Park Pool Scenes"; At Coconino Park in Coconino Estates - off Ft. Valley Road. Chuck Rolle - Son of Joe and Marie Rolle. "Coconino Park Pool Scenes"; Tearing down Saginaw - Manistee/ Southwest Forest Industrial Lumber Mill on W. 66. "It's about Gone"; Tearing down old Saginaw - Manistee/Southwest Forest Industries Lumber Mill on W. 66. "It"s about Gone".
Aug 12, 1960
Town Jack Pro-wrestling at Lumberjack gym. Wrestlers: L to R: Big Jim Wright, Al Pago Pago. "Whoop, Wha- Happened?".
Aug 13, 1960
Town Jack pro-wrestling in Lumberjack Gym. No ID's. "What's This?".
Aug 15, 1960
Groundbreaking for S.W. Forest Pulp Mill near Snowflake. L to R: Winslow State Senator J. Morris Richards, Gov. Paul Fannin. "Winslow Senator and Governor"; Groundbreaking for S.W. Forest Pulp Mill near Snowflake. L to R: U.S. Congressman Stewart Udall, Holbrook Attorney Melvyn Shelley. "Holbrook Attorney and Udall"; Groundbreaking for S.W. Forest Pulp Mill near Snowflake. L to R: Southwest Exec V.P. for Paper Products. R.E. Baker Congressmen John Rhodes, Stewart Udall, Former S.W. Pres. James McNary. "Former Southwest President"; All-Star High School Football Coaches. L to R: Earl Clupper - Phx. S. Mountain, Les Finger - Phx. Christian, Harry Biller - Town Jacks All-Star Committee Chair, Jim Crawford - Lakeside, Bob Schneder - St. David. "Cool Welcome to Cool Northland"; High School All-Star coaches. L to R: Sec. of State High School Coaches Assoc. Joe Garcie, Globe Basketball Coach - John Pavlich. "All-Star Powwow"; Coconino Country Club annual golf championship. L to R: Finalists Bob Knoles, Andy Wolf. "Ready for Title Round".
Aug 16, 1960
All-star Coaches Clinic - Ft. Tuthill. L to R: No ID, Jack Curtice - Stanford Univ., Paul Petty - Miami H.S., Les Finger - Phx. Christian, No further ID. "Coaches Strategy Huddle"; All-star Coaches Clinic - Ft. Tuthill. "Chow and Chew in the Fat"; L to R: Matthew J. Scott - Phx Branch Delinquent Accounts and Returns Chief, Wallace P. Morse - Flagstaff Revenue officer, Robert Ju. Taylor - Group Supervisor of Delinquent Accounts Branch. "Top Internal Revenue Award'; High School Football - Class A, B, and C. L to R: Alphonso Navapret - Morenci, Eddie Bricker - Miami, Tom Rolr - Sunnyslope. "ABC to Use Brains, Speed"; High School Football all-stars class AA. L to R: Dave Arhini - Phx Central, Mike May - West High, Rick Grantham - South Mountain, Dennis Couse - Tucson, Chester Ray - South Mountain, Al Brady Lee, John McGuire - Both Flag High. "AA to Trust Beef"; High School Football All-stars - Class A, B, and C. L to R: Coach Les Finger - Phx Christian, Mike Joy - Mohave County High - Kingman, Asst. Coach Paul Petty - Miami. "Northland's Lone ABC’er"; High School Basketball All-stars - Class AA. L to R: Bob Runke - Flag High, Coach Gerald "Wimpy" Jones - Phx Union. "Flag All-star and Coach"; For "Northland Neighbors" Feature. Russell Switzer, Father of Daily Sun Reporter Paul Switzer.
Aug 17, 1960
High School football All-stars Class AA. L to R: Quarterbacks - Rod Pitts - South Mountain, Jim Norman - West High, Davey Phillips - Phx Union. "AA Brain Trust"; High School Basketball All-stars, Class A, B, and C. L to R: Tim Udall - St. Johns, Asst. Coach - Sid LeFevers, Jewel Russell McNary. "Northern Arizona Cage Stars".
Aug 18, 1960
Flag Bureau of Indian Affairs Education meeting. L to R: Bernard Caton - Gallup Schools Superintendent, Mrs. Anne Beasley - Superintendent of Bordertown Dorms, Flag Schools Superintendent - Sturgeon Cromer, BIA Commissioner Glenn L. Emmons, Snowflake Superintendent M.A. Hendrickson, BIA Area Director W. Wade Head, Holbrook Superintendent - H.R. Starr, Winslow Superintendent - R.E. Booth. "Big Commissioner Visits Here"; At Flag Country Club. L to R: Mrs. C.T. Pulliam, Mrs. William Garbarino, City Manager C.T. "Maggie" Pulliam, Mrs. Tony Lee, Mrs. Harry Biller, Miss Arizona - Georgia Ann Garbarino, Mrs. Rexer Berndt. "Miss Arizona Feted"; High School Football All Stars - Class AA. L to R: David Groseclose - West High, Rod Pitts - S. Mountain. "AA Co-Captains"; High School Football All-stars, Class A, B, and C. See AZ. Daily Sun - Aug 18, 1960, P.10 for names. "North Six-men All-stars"; Trophies for Williams Go-kart races. L to R: Track owner Raul Negrette, Byron Jenkins, Bobby Augenstein - Div. B Leaders, Bret Payne - Div. C leader. "Williams Go-karters"; High School Basketball All-stars. Class AA. L to R: Troy Collier - Phx. Union, Artt Becker - Camelback, David Wright - Phx. Union, Larry Harris - Camelback, Dennis Dairman - N. Phx.. "Little Fellers Aren't They?"; Ponderosa Chap. Of National Secretaries Assoc.. L to R: Mrs. Juanita Guess, Mrs. Lucile Michael - Pres., Harry L. Field Jr. - City Clerk and Civil Defense Director, Mrs. Virginia Alvord. "National Secretaries".
Aug 19, 1960
High School Football all-stars, Class A, B, C. Front: L to R: Pat Long - Brophy Prep, Harry Brandon - Globe. Back: Eddie Bricker - Miami, Mike Joy - Kingman. "ABC Captains"; Wrestlers in matches in Lumberjack Gym. L to R: No ID on Referee, Phil Melby, Lu Kim, Jerry Woods, Al Pago Pago. "Tee Grand Slam Pretzel Twist".
Aug 20, 1960
Back to Camera - Chairman of Coconino County Fair and Racing Commission Frank L. Christensen. "Informal Meeting"; Event Sponsored by Flag branch of American Association of University Women. L to R: Mrs. Halbert Gates - Chair, Mrs. Malcom S. Torgerson, Mrs. Charles Minor. "Used Book Sale"; Flag Soroptimist Club. L to R: Back: Mrs. Billie Jean Viotti, Mrs. Thelma Williams, Marjorie Jones, Alice Martinez, Helen Espino, Helen Paredes, Evelyn Kluge. Seated: Mrs. Mildred Young, Mrs. Barbara Taylor. "Venture Club Party"; Class A, B, C and AA All-star game. In air: Flag High, Bob Runke. #15 Adolpho Campos - ABC Allstars. "A Flying Runke"; Class A, B, C, and AA All-star basketball. Shooter - Jewell Russell - McNary - ABC Allstar. Blocking: Troy Collier - AA All Stars. Assisting: Dennis Dairman - All-stars. "Jewell's Up"; Class A, B, C, AA all-star basketball. #3 Jewell Russell - AA all-stars. Shooting: Jim Morgan - Carl Hayden - AA All-stars. Blocking: John Call Cute - Clipton - ABC All-Stars. "Jim, John, Jewell"; Sharon Parker - entrant in 1960 Miss Coconino Contest. "Flagstaff Beauty".
Aug 22, 1960
Sharon Parker - entrant in 1960 Miss Coconino Contest. "Flagstaff Beauty"; Flag Police Officer Frank Najera investigating burglary at Navajo Freight Line Office. "Point of Entry"; Sedona All Sheriff's Posse Rodeo and Roundup. "Sedona Grand Entry"; Sedona All Sheriff's Posse Rodeo and Round-up. "Tip" Walters - Coconino Sheriff's Posse. "Hold on There"; L to R: Dan Stoops - Pres. Flag Jaycees, Gov. Paul Fannin, Jack Jacobson, Flag - State Jaycee Pres.. "Air Fair Dignitaries"; L to R: Gov. Paul Fannin, First Lt. John A. Seymour - Commanding Officer - Company A. 1st Battle Group, 158th Infantry - Flagstaff/Kingman National Guard Marksmanship Award. "Awarded Trophy"; American Legion Picnic. No ID. "It Was Fun"; AA vs. ABC All-star Football. #82 ABC All-star end Alphonso Navarette, #14 AA Davey Phillips going for tackle. "Flashy, but..."; Class C All-star Football All-stars N. vs. S. Paul Rodriguez - Ash Fork - Intercepting A S. Touchdown in end-zone. "North Had its Moments"; Class C Football All-stars. #24 Sam Judd evades tackle - St. David, St. David Teammate Same Goodman blocks Tackles. "North had its Moments"; Coconino Country Club - Mesa Golf Day. L to R: Johnny Chrisman - Mesa, Don Christensen - Flagstaff, Kirby Chase - Mesa. "Flag-Mesa Golfers"; Flagstaff Aztecs vs. Winslow Redskins - Semi-pro Baseball. Aztec 3rd baseman Alfred Jauregui. "Safe at First".
Aug 23, 1960
L to R: Town Jack Harry Biller giving game ball used in AA-ABC Basketball Classic on 8/18/60 to James Green of Tolleson. AA All/stars won. "Congrats"; False Imprisonment Trial. L to R: Attorney J. Thomas Brooks, John Milton Addison - Defendant, Attorney William Groom. "En Route to Court"; Flag High Football. L to R: Jack Miller, Coach John Ply, Clyde Joe. "Tough Eagles".
Aug 24, 1960
Coconino County Fair Special Feature. Becky Keithly w/ Pete.; Coconino County Fair Special Feature. Kelly Keithly - Pres. Tall Pines Aggies 4-H w/ Steer Boliver.; Candidates for Governor. L to R: Republican Governor Paul Fannin, Democrat Challenger - Lee Ackerman. "The Arizona Political Picture"; Gubernatorial Candidate visits and Ackerman. L to R: J.R. Babbitt, Lee Ackerman, William W. Stevenson - Chair Coconino County Central Committee. "Ackerman and County Democrats"; For Coconino County Fair Special Feature. "Race track at Fair grounds".
Aug 25, 1960
Trying out kid's ride at fair grounds. L to R: Dayna Howard - 11, Linda Church - 8. "Fair Fever"; Pee Wee League Cardinals. At far right, 12 year old coach Aaron Lueck. No other names. "Pee League Champs"; Pee League Dodgers. Standing Left: Asst. Coach Walter McDonald JR., Standing right: Coach Don Bryson. No other names. "Pee Wee Runners-up".
Aug 26, 1960
County Fair Racing. L to R: Paul Valenzuela, Al Valenzuela, Race Secretary Ted Ridenoure. "Jockey Brothers Check In"; 1960 Coconino County Fair. L to R: J. Campbell James - Fair Assoc., Georgia Ann Garbarind - Miss Arizona, Al Grasmoen - Fair Director, Joe Tissaw Sr. - Board of Supervisors, Governor Paul Fannin, F.L. Christensen - Chair of Fair Assoc. and Chair of State Highway Commission. "Scissors Open Fair"; Judges in Food Division - Coconino County Fair. L to R: Mrs. Ina Ward - Home Agent at Holbrook, Mrs. Eugene Anderson, Mrs. Fred Montoya - Clear. "Ummm Good!"; Ariz. High School Publications Workshop. L to R: Jeanie Nelson, Sue Bramlet - Both Flag., Lou Marting - Winslow, Az. Gov. Paul Fannin, Diana Fogelman - Winslow, Claudia Edwards - Winslow, Sarah Redman - Flag., Robert Montano - Winslow, Jim Hunt - Holbrook, Carole Stratton - Winslow. "Interviewing the Governor"; ASC Football. L to R: Dustin Everman, Art McMillan, Bill Wright, Jim Kobashi, Ray Curtis. "Axer Ends"; A wrestling match at Lumberjack Gym. L to R: Ref. - No ID, on mat - Lu Kim, Pago Pago. "Pago Pago on Top"; ASC Football. L to R: George Hentle, Ernie Hangen. "Lumberjack Centers"; L to R: Miss Arizona - Georgia Ann Garbarino, no ID, State Senator Robert Prochnow, Gov. Paul Fannin, Joe Carver - Sec. of State Racing Commission, County Supervisor Joe Tissan Sr., Supervisor Chairman Harold Huffer. "Racetrack Dedication"; Dale Carnegie Course in Tuba City. L to R: Mimi Dennerline - Chief Registrar, Carl Gommell - Superintendent of Rare Metals Corp., Merle Powell - 1st Vice President of Tuba City Lions Club. "Enrolling for Course"; Coconino County Fair. L to R: Miss Arizona - Georgia Ann Garbarino, No ID, Cropped out of publication. "Autograph Please"; Coconino County and High School Publications Workshop. L to R: Marsha Bruce, Karen Perona, Richard Mulvihill, John Weinberger, Chuck Shoecraft, Judy Loken, Corrine Kuta, Harriet Wallis. "Junior Reporters at the Fair"; Coconino County Fair. Kelly Keithly w/ Aberdeen Angus Heifer. "Looking for Blue/ Blue Ribbons"; Coconino Labor Day Horse Races. L to R: Gov. Paul Fannin, Bruno Rezzonigo - Chair of Racing Committee of County Fair Assoc., Jockey Al Valenzuela on Royal Web. "Ready to Go".
Aug 27, 1960
ASC Football. L to R: George Hentle, Ernie Hangen. "Lumberjack Centers"; L to R: Miss Arizona - Georgia Ann Garbarino, no ID, State Senator Robert Prochnow, Gov. Paul Fannin, Joe Carver - Sec. of State Racing Commission, County Supervisor Joe Tissan Sr., Supervisor Chairman Harold Huffer. "Racetrack Dedication"; Dale Carnegie Course in Tuba City. L to R: Mimi Dennerline - Chief Registrar, Carl Gommell - Superintendent of Rare Metals Corp., Merle Powell - 1st Vice President of Tuba City Lions Club. "Enrolling for Course"; Coconino County Fair. L to R: Miss Arizona - Georgia Ann Garbarino, No ID, Cropped out of publication. "Autograph Please"; Coconino County and High School Publications Workshop. L to R: Marsha Bruce, Karen Perona, Richard Mulvihill, John Weinberger, Chuck Shoecraft, Judy Loken, Corrine Kuta, Harriet Wallis. "Junior Reporters at the Fair"; Coconino County Fair. Kelly Keithly w/ Aberdeen Angus Heifer. "Looking for Blue/ Blue Ribbons"; Coconino Labor Day Horse Races. L to R: Gov. Paul Fannin, Bruno Rezzonigo - Chair of Racing Committee of County Fair Assoc., Jockey Al Valenzuela on Royal Web. "Ready to Go"; No ID. "Wildlife at Closehand"; L to R: Miss Arizona Georgia Ann Garbarino, John Weinberger - Phx. Union High School, Richard Mulvihill - Sal Pointe High School, Tucson. Boys Part High School Publications Workshop at ASC. "Meeting Miss Arizona".
Aug 29, 1960
Russell Switzer w/ Supreme Champion - Female. Coconino County Fair. "The Best in Beef"; First Winner on new $100,000 Ft. Tuthill Racetrack - Hesperus w/ J. Valenzuela in saddle. See Arizona Daily Sun, Aug 29, 1960 - Pg 6, for names. "First Winner"; Gran Jamaica Queen Contest - Guadalupe Church. L to R: Ramona Garcia, Elenor Magana, Dolores Figueroa, Mary Lou Delasco, Isabelle Padilla, Pat Encinias. "Queen Contestants".
Aug 30, 1960
Pastor and Mrs. Paul Magnuson - First Christian Church of Flagstaff. 25th Wedding Anniversary. "Minister Honored"; 27 1st graders in Mrs. Arline Schramm's class at Marshall School. 1st day of school. "First Day of School"; Game Ranger Harold Van Sickle with Turkey Gobbler taken out of season. 2 valley teachers paid $100 fines each. "Costly Gobbler"; L to R: Mrs. O.H. Rowland, Mrs. Mildred Cook - Soroptomist Club w/ doll dressed in dollar bills. Rowland won at County Fair. "Money Doll Winner".
Aug 31, 1960
ASC Football. L to R: Jim Elis, Asst. Coach Ted Sorich, Chuck Connelly. "Lumberjacks All"; L to R: Coconino County Sheriff Cecil Richardson, Edna Elenor Larrabe - suspect in looting of a Flagstaff motel. "Part of the Loot"; Flag High Football Scrimmage. "Eagles Play Rough".
September , 1960
The following days have no associated negatives; 1, 4, 11, 18, 21, 25.
Sept. 2, 1960
L to R: Fred Muzzy, Horse - Hombre Bay, County Racing Secretary Ted Ridenour. Labor Day Racing at Ft. Tuthill. "Rarin' to Go"; Chamber of Commerce fundraiser. L to R: Christmas Decorations Committee - John Sebenious, Reep Kelly, Chairman: Harold Harper, Bob Shafer, Chamber Manager Hal Jackson. Woman - No ID. "Christmas in September"; Town Jack Wrestling. Midget Wrestlers. L to R: Bull Brummell, Lord Little Brook. "Ooa! Cut that Out!".
Sept. 3, 1960
New Flagstaff Dentist - Dr. Kenneth L. Christensen.; LDS Event. L to R: Shirley Rhoton, Debbie Rice, Patty Cosseboom, Connie Tesell, Clenna Whiting, Joanna Smithson, Sally Langston. "M.I.A. Maids"; L to R: Dr. C.C. Creightons - Pres. of Coconino Country Club, Andy Wolf. "Golf Champion"; New Church of the Nazarene - 3rd St, 6th Ave. "Church of the Nazarene".
Sept. 5, 1960
Hands placed in front page Labor Day montage. "Hands of Truck Driver"; Hands in Labor Day montage. "Hands of a Barber"; Hands in front page Labor Day montage. "Hands of a Woodworker"; Hands for front page Labor Day montage. "Hands of an Electrician"; Hands for front page Labor Day montage. "Hand of a Bartender"; Hands for front page Labor Day montage. "Hand of a Waitress"; Hands for a front page Labor Day montage. "Hands of a Daily Sun Pressman"; L to R: Miss Ramona Garcia - Gran Jamaica Queen, Mayor Rollin Wheeler. "The Queen of the Jamaica"; No IDs. "Williams Rodeo Grand Entry"; No ID. Calf Roper in Williams 20th Annual Labor Day Rodeo. "He's Off"; County Labor Day Horse Races at Ft. Tuthill. L to R: Joe Craver - Sec. of Az. Racing Comm., John Vandiver - presenting blanket, Lonesome Kid with Jockey E. Duran, F.L. Christensen - Chairman of Coconino County Fair Assoc.. "The Winner"; ASC Football Scrimmage. W/ Ball - Slotback Bill Wright, Tackle - not ID, end Jim Kobashi coming in from rear. "Down He Goes".
Sept. 6, 1960
Max Spillsbury's ASC 3rd unit - defense. See Arizona Daily Sun - September 6, 1960 - P.6. For Names. "Los Cabrones Del ASC"; Lost in Woods N. of Lake Mary. L to R: Forest Service Fireman Laurel Brewer, Sondra Garman - 13, Cecilia Garman - 9, Sharon Garman - 11, Uncle, David Garman - 29. "Safe and Sound"; Rides at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. No ID. "Gran Jamaica Finale".
Sept. 7, 1960
Flag PD Officer Mac Tully, Coconino Sheriff's Deputy Ross dusting door at Flag Junior High after Break in. "Dusting for Prints"; Flag High Football. L to R: QB Val Latham, QB Clyde Joe, Coach John Ply, Center - Chuck Bryant, Center - Bob Willingham. "Eagle Ball Handlers".
Sept. 8, 1960
Dr. and Mrs. Charles W. Sechrist. "Sechrists leave for World Tour".
Sept. 9, 1960
ASC Football. L to R: QB Mickey Alzola, Lumberjack Back Field Coach Ted Sorich, QB Bill van Zanten. "Bang'em Hard"; Town Jack Wrestling at Lumberjack Gym. Al Pago Pago. "Wrestling Mix-up".
Sept. 10, 1960
Front: L to R: Mal Hand - L.A., Guy Dean - Flagstaff, Keith Crosswhite - Holbrook. Back: Ray O'Neal - Prescott, E. Cecil Allen - Winslow, Bill Clifford - Needles, J.B. Eller - Blythe, Dan Trapnell - No Location. "District J.C. Penney Managers"; High School Football. Winslow vs. Flag. Winslow End Dick Christie. "The Near Miss"; High School Football Winslow vs. Flag. #33 - Jack Miller - Flag. #28 - John Pollard - Winslow. "One Touchdown Coming Up"; High School Football Winslow vs. Flag. W/ Ball - John Winsley - Flag. #26 Bob Booth - Winslow. "Look at Winsley Go!"; Town Jacks. L to R: membership co-chair Dick Wenzel, New Pres. Frank Farnsworth, Co-chair - Jerry Gibson.
Sept. 12, 1960
L to R: City Manager Harry Fields - Cropped out in Publication, Miss Az. 1960 Georgia Ann Garbarino, Mayor Rollin Wheeler. She returns from Miss America Comp. "Welcome Home"; L to R: George Oakey, Bennie Murray, Dave Niehuis, Manuel Sinohiu, Delray Western - 4 members of the Arizona Varmit Callers Assoc., Red Deathrage. "Plan Varmit Association"; Attending Pioneers Picnic. L to R: Mrs. George "Stella" Keith, O.T. Gillett. "Two Sun Writers"; New ASC Science Building. L to R: State Sen. Robert W. Prochnow, Rep. T.M. "Tommy" Knoles, Sen. Fred F. Udine. "Looking Over Construction".
Sept. 13, 1960
L to R: Polka dot dress - Election Clerk Thursis Dickinson, Francis C. Osborne. Flag Precinct One. "Slow Day at the Polls"; U.S. Rep Stewart Udall - Dem. - Ariz. "Ends Inspection Trip"; Flagstaff Women's Club. Seated: Charter Member - Mrs. V.M. Slipher. Front: L to R: Mrs. Henry Albers, Mrs. Merle Saver, Girlstate Rep., Miss Diane Wilhelm. Back: Mrs. R. Gilbert Harmon, Mrs. F.C. Chiapetti, Mrs. G.F. Neuman, Mrs. D.J. Herrino. "Hold First Meeting of the Year"; Banger vs. Lumberjack football players. L to R: Ernie Hansen, Bobby Cradillias. "Ailing Axers".
Sept. 14, 1960
L to R: FBI Special Agent George "Toby" Bright, State Prison Warden Frank Eyeman, Coconino County Sheriff Cecil Richardson, Asst. Ward Bud Gomes. "Jail Tour"; Flag High Football. L to R: Halfback Jack Miller, Fullback John Winsley, Backfield coach Gil Corona, Halfback Oran Brown, Quarterback Clyde Joe. "Eagle Backfield".
Sept. 15, 1960
Flag Naval Reserve Unit. New Recruits. L to R: Robert Boswell, John Burgett, Chief Ron Payne, Apolinar Nunez, Steve Wright. "Whatcha Got Chief?"; Flag Naval Reserve Unit. L to R: Lt. Commander Jeff Ferris - Taking Command, Lt. James E. Blair - Outgoing Cmdr.. "Change of Command"; Delia Frier Scholarship Donation to ASC. L to R: Kemp Wilmelsen - Trust Officer First National Bank, Robert F. Clark - Bank Manager, ASC President - Dr. J. Lawrence Walkup, C.B. Wilson - Frier Family Attorney and Friend. "Check for ASC"; Coconino Sportsmen and Sheriff Interested in Tote Gote. L to R: Bob Cline, Sheriff Cecil Richardson, Ted Babbitt. "For Rough Country".
Sept. 16, 1960
Studying Lunar Temperatures. Dr. William Sinton. "Studying Data"; ASC Football. L to R: Coach Ted Surich, Capt. Joe Gallegoes. Head Coach Max Spilbury. On Crutches - Capt. Ernie Hansen. "Captains and Coaches Confer"; Town Jack Wrestling at Lumberjack Gym. L to R: 1 member of Iron Crosses Tag Team, Jerry Woods. "Aerial Attack".
Sept. 17, 1960
At Podium - Page School Superintendent - Ray Bradshaw. "Page School Dedicated"; Flagstaff Camera Club. L to R: Ivan Dryer, W.A. Schuele, Elmer Hubbard Sr.. "First Place Winners"; Dr. K.H. Frednell. Story New Office. "Surgeon's New Office"; New Office of Dr. K.H. Frednell. 121 W. Fine. "Surgeon's New Office".
Sept. 19, 1960
Barber - Bill Hyatt. Owner/Operator of Ramada Barber Shop. Customer - Mac Tully - Detective w/ Sheriff's Off..; Coconino Sportsmen's Kids Day at McCullough Range on Lake Mary. "Shootin' Pointers"; Arizona Highway Commission Members on Inspection Tour of Roads on Hopi and Navajo Reservation. "To Inspect Reservation Roads"; At Montezuma Castle. Sen. Barry Goldwater. "Dedicate New Visitor Center"; L to R: ASC Prof. Dr. Charles Meister, M.C. - Neil Christensen, George Renner - Speaker at American Legion Hall. "Citizenship Day Speaker"; ASC Football vs. China Lake Naval Ordinance previous hitDepot next hit. Joe Gallegofs breaks through paper painting of Joe Lumberjack prior to game. "Here We Go!"; ASC Football vs. China Lake Naval Ordinance previous hitDepot next hit - Rockets. #13 Rocket QB Charley Dotson knocking down pass. #28 - ASC Halfback Charley Bowers. "Knocker Down"; ASC Football vs. China Lake Naval Ordinance previous hitDepot next hit - Rockets. On ground making touchdown: Axer shotback Jim Eis. #65 Rocket guard: G.I. Malone. "Tally Ho"; ASC Football vs. China Lake Naval Ordinance Deport - Rockets. #46 ASC Shotback Jim Eis looking at would be tacklers. "Putting Game on Eis"; Flagstaff JV vs. Winslow Bullpups. Nathan Bly - Winslow, at bottom of pile after touchdown. "Touchdown!"; Flag JV vs. Winslow Bullpups. At left Winslow quarterback Tim Rhodes. No other ID's. "Ground Gainer".
Sept. 20, 1960
Stone Fence at 623 N. San Francisco damaged by car. "Damaged by Car"; Community Needs Assessment done by Flag Jaycees. L to R: Mayor Rollin Wheeler, Project Chairman - Charles "Chuck" Coulson, Board of Supervisors Chair Harold Huffer. "Community Needs Survey"; At Left: Wayne Ward Scoutmaster Wayne Ward - Troop 33. Front: L to R: Ray Brady - Troop 33, Jesse Wings, Warren Sitterly, David Bishops - All Troop 31. Back: David Burt, Owen Burt, David Kuntzelman, Kim Nimmons - All Troop 33, John Hunt - Troop 27, Carl Monroe - Troop 31. "Scout Court of Honor"; Kickoff event for Flagstaff Community Concert Assoc. L to R: Mrs. Frank Schloss - Sec., Mrs. W.E. Howell - Headquarters Sec., Mrs. Jesse Gregg - Campaign Chair, Mrs. J.L. Sitterley - Pres. Flag. Community Concert Assoc, Roy Cooper - Community Concert Assoc. Field Rep. "Plan Community Concerts".
Sept. 22, 1960
Annual Northern Arizona Teachers Institute. Scouts from Troop 33. L to R: David Kuntzelman, Owen Burt, Kim Nimmons, David Burt. "Color Guard for Teachers Meet"; Flag High School Linebackers. L to R: Tony Conteras, Oran Brown, Martin Auza. "Seven Hands?"; ASC Football: Bus to Idaho. QB Mickey Alzola - in front Window. Co-captain Joe Gallegos. "Off for Idaho".
Sept. 23, 1960
Town Jack Pro-wrestling at Lumberjack Gym. L to R: Ref - No ID, Rudy Navarro, Wilson Kohlbrecher. "That's Not Nice Boys"; L to R: Ralph Platt - Owner, Frank Farnsworth - Sales Manager - Modern Motors. "1961 Volkswagen Unveiled".
Sept. 24, 1960
Gov. visits Flag for Northern Ariz. Teacher Institute. L to R: Gov. Paul Fannin, Mayor Rollin Wheeler, Supt. Of Flag Schools - Sturgeon Cromer. "Governor Arrives"; Flag High Football Scrimmage. L to R: Preston Dagons, #23 QB Val Latham, Center Bob Willingham, Moses Winsley. "C'mon Toss It"; Flag JV vs. Prescott JV. "Eaglet Air Attack"; Rainbow Girls and Lions Club Project. L to R: Karen Coodill, Sharon Briton. "Work on Birthday Calendar".
Sept. 26, 1960
Bird Flew into Office of Dye Oxygen Co.. L to R: State Parole Officer Bill Brady, Bill Piland, Company Manager - Don Redman. "Irate Visitor"; L to R: Mrs. Ethel Gordon - Past Grand Chief, Mrs. Zula Mansfield - Warren, Az - Grand Chief of Arizona, Mrs. Alice Hensley, Mrs. Bessie Kidd Best, Mrs. Dolores Harlan - All Past Grand Chiefs of Ariz. "Pythian Sisters"; Annual San Francisco Peaks Veterans of Foreign Wars picnic at Ft. Tuthill. "It's Chow Time".
Sept. 27, 1960
Bob Condon w/ Buddha Statue. Business on W. 66. Half Mile west of parks."Condon and Buddha".
Sept. 28, 1960
Facility on grounds of Museum of Northern Az. For Junior Academy of Science. L to R: Robert Schley - Counselor and Physics teacher at Flag. High School, Susan Deyo, Junior High Instructor Charles McCormick, John Schreiber, Sydney Dearborn, Academy Pres. David Krebs. "New Home Takes Shape"; Junior Academy of Science. Front: R to L: Anne Harlow, Angelita Hernandes, Florence Diltz. Rear: Syd Dearborn, Eddie Appelquist, Larry Krebs. "Happy Over New Building".
Sept. 29, 1960
S. Dining Hall under construction on ASC Campus. "ASC Dining Hall Takes Shape".
Sept. 30, 1960
High School Class AA Sports Conference. L to R: Pueblo High School Principal - Elbert Brooks - Conf. Secretary, Flag. Mayor Rollin Wheeler, Scottsdale High Principal - J. Tracy Tripp - Conf. Pres., West High Principal - Dan Stone - Conf. Exec. V.P.. "Attend Class AA Conference"; Flagstaff Television and Cable Co. L to R: New Manager - Robert Cowley, Former Manager - Charles Wigutow. "New Manager"; Flagstaff Masons. See Arizona Daily Sun, Sept 30, 1960 P.2 for names. "Past Worshipful Masters Honored"; L to R: Sec. Lloyd Jewell, Capt. Pete Espil, Coconino County Sheriff Cecil Richardson, 1st Lt. Frank Michelback, Treas. Jess McCahon. "New Sheriff's Posse Officers"; Town Jack pro-wrestling at Lumberjack gym. In air: Al Pago Pago, on mat: Larry O'Shea. Ref not ID. "Aerial Attack".
October , 1960
The following days have no associated negatives; 2, 9, 16, 23, 30.
Oct 1, 1960
Charles Verplank w/ 105 PD Spike Buck. "After Breakfast Shot"; College Ward of LDS Relief Society. L to R: Front: Janice Semour, Loretta Reid, Grace O'Dair, Joyce Norris, Alene Felix. Back: Marilyn Cooper, Armina Bentley, Carolyn Perkins Louise Bushman, Carroll Latham. "Opening Social".
Oct 3, 1960
Boy Scout Awards. L to R: Russell G. Newton, Dr. Lewis McDonald - Scout Commissioner, Superior Court Judge Jack L. Ogg - Prescott. "Silver Beaver Award"; Boy Scout Awards. Grand Canyon Council. L to R: Robert M. Bishop - Flag. Scout Executive, Ronald D. Feltman - Past Pres. Roosevelt Council, Dr. Taylor T. Hicks, Prescott, Council Pres. "Boy Scout Leaders"; Daily Sun Baby Contest. L to R: Kelly M. Cline - 1, Robert H. Cline II - 3. Children of a Daily Sun Staff Member. "Baby Contest Winding Up"; Daily Sun Carriers - Not full listing and confusing mixture of names. W/ Bike - Paul Roth. "Top Carriers Rewarded"; Bow Hunters. L to R: Lee Hulsey - Flagstaff, Bob Cox - Navajo Ordinance previous hitDepot next hit. "Successful Hunt".
Oct 4, 1960
L to R: Mrs. Mildred Cook - 1st V.P., Mrs. Betty Harris - Chair of National Business Women's Week in Flag. Seated: Mrs. Felice Crowder. "Flagstaff Business Woman of the Year"; Young Republican Club. L to R: Kay Wohlshlegal - Flag High School - Sec., Ann Stone - ASC Temporary Chair, Sandi Gibbs - ASC Vice Chair. "Young GOP Boosters"; Williams Foundation for Industrial Development. Front: L to R: W.I. Freeman - Director, Oscar Oppliner - Pres., Marshall Duncan, Doug Bard - Directors. Back: Harold Crain - V.P., Gordon Hunt - Director, M.L. Johnson - Sec. Treas. "Williams Board of Directors"; Flag High Football. L to R: Coach John Ply. Backs - Thomas Bates, John Winsley, Jack Millier. "It's Like This, Men"; For Wilson Motors Ad. 820 E. Santa Fe.; For Wilson Motors Ad. 820 E. Santa Fe. L to R: Marvin Baur - Service Mngr., Buddy Harrell - Mechanic, Ed Treadway - Mechanic, Garland Neal - Cleanup and Make Ready, Ray Robinson - Lube.
Oct 5, 1960
Flag Naval Reserve Unit. L to R: Outgoing Station Keeper Chief Ron Payne, Mrs. Raymond Wilson, New Station Keeper - Chief Radioman Raymond H. Wilson. "Welcome Aboard"; L to R: Lt. Col. Fred L Smith - Deputy Commander, John Larabee - Pacific Coast Du Pont Official, Ward Olson, Harold Cameron - Both Civilian employees at previous hitDepot next hit. "Attend Navajo Ordinance previous hitDepot next hit Dinner"; Flagstaff Public Library. L to R: Mrs. C.B. Wilson - Temp Chair, Mrs. E.B. Danson, Mrs. Jack McCracken, Dr. D.O. Minor, the Rev. Waldo S. Wilson, Dr. Byrd Burton Dumas. "Library Study Group"; Flag High and ASC Players: at Town Jacks. L to R: Joe Gallegos, Mickey Alzola - both ASC, Jack Miller, Val Latham, John Winsley - All FHS. Making presentation: Town Jack President - Frank Farnworth. "Outstanding Player"; AZ Presbyterian Synod Meeting at Federated Church. L to R: Retiring Pres. of Ariz. Synodical Society, Mrs. Jay Douglas Gaston. Both from Phx. "New President of Synodical Society".
Oct 6, 1960
Flag High Orchestra, Choir, and Jr. High Girls Glee Club Concert. No IDs. "Rehearsing"; Presbyterian Synod held at Federated Church. L to R: Rev. Donald Leavity - First Presbyterian Church: Yuma, Dr. George H. Hall - First Presbyterian Church - Phx - New Synod Executive, Dr. Herman Klahn - Exec. Sec. of Field Service Commission, United Presbyterian Church. "Participate in Presbyterian Synod"; Flag High. Front: L to R: Jim Sweigart, Woody Weems, Guy Householder, Sam Hart. Back: John Olson, David Kent, Charles Bonny. "Runners Beware".
Oct 7, 1960
Workmen finishing steel framework for new roof for Lumberjack Stadium. "Operation Cover-up"; From L, Around Table: Pat Curry - Conductor, Mrs. John Stilley, Mrs. Frank Schloss, Mrs. Robert Fitzmaurice, Mrs. Wallace Gibbs, Mrs. Jay Siterly, Mrs. Tom Parker, Mrs. J. Lawrence Walkup, Mrs. Halbert Gates, Mrs. Ruth Ardey. "Northern Ariz. Symphony Guild Board"; Paving Project at Pine Knoll - work done by Tanner brothers for Flag. Housing Authority. L to R: Mayor Rollin Wheeler, Authority Chair - Don Christensen, City Engineer - Ralph Barney, City Manager C.T. "Maggie" Pulliam, Public Works Superintendent - Art Hennery. "Inspect Paving Project"; Veterans of Foreign Wars. L to R: William Johnson, John Justus, Post Commander Frank Cortez, Charles Bohling. "VFW Veterans Vow Vote"; Town Jack Pro-wrestling at Lumberjack Gym. No Names. "This Battle Royal?".
Oct 8, 1960
Daughters of the Nile - Flagstaff. L to R: Mrs. Leonna Lewis, Queen Catherine Fish - Phoenix, Mrs. Doris Coldill - V.P., Mrs. Mary Jane Mason - Sewing Chair., Mrs. Loretta Pulliam - Treas. "Honoring the Official Visit"; L to R: Ed Milano - Rep. of Rover Motor Company of N. America, Charles Shelton - Publisher of Desert Magazine, Jim Wilson - Wilson Motors 820 E. Santa Fe. Land Rover onto Reservation and S. Utah. "Field Test"; ASC 1960 Homecoming Opponents. Front: L to R: Tackles - Don Covey, "Batman" Singleton. Rear: Back John Henderson, Coach Willard Pederson, Back Fritz Zarronzny. "Western State Stars"; L to R: Sandra Nelson, Sharon Thompson, Karen Coldill - Worthy Advisor, Andrea Anderson, Marilyn Sands. "Rainbow Girls Hold Initiation"; Gamma Phi Beta Alumnae. L to R: Mrs. Ruth Dawson - Calif. - Province 14 Director of Alumnae, Mrs. Ann Tinsley - Local Pres. Receiving Check, Mrs. Ralph Bilby, Mrs. Joseph R. Babbitt Sr.. "Presents Check for Crippled Children".
Oct 10, 1960
1960 - ASC Homecoming. Top Float - Sweepstakes Winner by Delta Chi - Tri Delta. "One, Two in Parade"; New Officers. Seated: Mrs. F.A. Jackson - Phx - Central V.P., Mrs. John Keatley - Tucson - Pres, Mrs. Judith Williams - Tucson - Southern V.P.. Standing: Mrs. Thelma Heatwole - Glendale - Recording Sec., Mrs. Frank Griffin - Tucson - Historian. "New Arizona Press Women Officers"; 1960 ASC Homecoming. Dedicatees - Dr. J. Lawrence Walkup, Lucy Walkup, Escort of Chain Gang Members. "Riding in White Convertible"; 1960 ASC Homecoming. King Junior Vargas, Queen Dixie Rogers. "Freshmen 'Horses'"; ASC 1960 Homecoming. Bill Williams Mtn. Man Float. "Mountainmen Theme"; Flagstaff Pilot Club International. L to R: Mayor Rollin Wheeler, Miss Carolyn Downum, Mrs. Zella Davis, William S. Young Sr., Mrs. Phyllis Manning. "Founder's Day"; ASC 1960 Homecoming vs. Western State - Colo. Lumberjack slotback Jim Elis powers over for TD. "Goal Line Pile-up"; ASC 1960 Homecoming vs. Western State College - Colo. Axer slotback Jim Elis outran his interference. "Surrounded by Mountainers".
Oct 11, 1960
Finishing construction - ASC. "New Arts Building"; ASC construction. "Foundation for Science Building"; Flag Junior High. L to R: Front: Cheryl Telley, Cecelia Chadborn, Julie Friend, Julie Gibson. Back: Gloria Morales, Carol Pojunen, Mary Taylor, Gwen Leas, Rusty Penland. "Pom Pom Girls"; Alpha Upsilon Chapter - Beta Sigma Phi - New Members. L to R: Mrs. Wallace Gibbs, Mrs. Don McClure, Mrs. Everett Elmer, Mrs. Jim Glasscock. "Rituals of the Jewels".
Oct 12, 1960
Coconino County GOP. L to R: Kneeling: Vernon Gunkel, Chester Clark, Lee Hutchinson, Chairman Doug Wall, Verna Grasmoen, Mrs. Richard Hulse. Back: Robert Bishop, Joe Gee, Bill Meyers, Robert Spakeen, Barbara West, Richard Hulse, Ralph Bilby. "Planning for GOP Barbecue"; Arizona Department on Ladies Auxiliary of Veterans of Foreign Wars. Podium L to R: Ann O'Connell - Pres. San Francisco VFW Club, Mrs. Ann Billings - Dept. Pres.. L to R: Vera Hudson, Elizabeth Justus, Mary McLaughlin, Berniece Hanson, Irby Mae Ford, Loretta Butler, Dixie Lukus. "Official Visit"; Nativity Church Altar Society. L to R: Mrs. R.G. "Ted" Babbitt, Mrs. P.J. "Peter" Lindemann Jr.. "Silver Dollar Dessert Card Party"; ASC Football Scrimmage. L to R: Tackle Rex Mirich, Guard Fausto Miranda, Center Ron Boatwright, Guard Joel Sompson, Tackle Joe Gallegoes, Tackle Alex Amado, Guard Bob Melendez, center Ernie Hansen, Guard Lanny Westbrouis, Tackle Roy Moore. "Two Big Axer Lines".
Oct 13, 1960
GOP Barbecue. Front: L to R: Mrs. Venna Grasmoen, Mrs. Robert Correy, Mrs. J. Ferrell Colton, Mrs. B.E. Brazil of Calif. Back: Mrs. Doug Wall, Mrs. Lova Myers, Mrs. Lee Hutchinson, Mrs. J.L. Butcher. "Balloons for Republicans"; L to R: Sgt. Jack Dodd - Flag Army Recruiter, Capt. Dorothy Jerrison - Only woman Army Career Counselor in Ariz. Stationed in Phx. Pointing to Flagstaff. "My Favorite Area".
Oct 14, 1960
Coconino County Recorder Edna Mae "Pul" Thornton. "Record Number of Voters"; Dem. Gubernatorial candidate Lee Ackerman. L to R: Ben Perkins - Perkinsville, Mrs. Anna J. Emmons - Sedona, Ackerman, Mrs. Maria Ellenger, Bob Willard - Both Sedona. "Campaigning in Sedona"; Flag Junior High Drama Club. L to R: Susan Bilby - Pres., Lynn Smith - Treas., David Lloyd - VP, Gail Moore - Asst. Treas., Sandra Moore - Sec.. "New Officers"; Town Jack Pro-wrestling at Lumberjack Gym. Back to Camera - Al Pago Pago, Heading to mat - Ken Lucas. "Newcomer Gets Reception".
Oct 15, 1960
Flag GOP Rally. L to R: Congressional Candidates Mar Q. Matheson - Tucson, U.S. Senator Barry M. Goldwater, Bruce Lavacheck - Pres of Coconino County Young Republicans. "Trio of Young Republicans"; Flagstaff GOP Rally. L to R: GOP Attorney General Candidate - Robert Pickerell, Jerry Duffy - Pres. of Bill Williams Mountainmen, Gov. Paul Fannin."Nixon-backers All"; Flag GOP Rally. L to R: Mary Elgen Hamilton, Ann Stone - Both Flagstaff, U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater, Pat Dunford - Flag, Sandi Gibbs - Phx.. "Hay, Senator"; Alpha Upsilon Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi. Proceeds to Northern Az. Rehabilitation Center at Flag High. L to R: Standing: Mrs. Rick Wensel, Mrs. Herbert Hanks, Registered Physical Therapist Mrs. Janet Kuhne, Mrs. Bob Shafer. Seated: Mrs. Gen "Snooky" Butler. "Benefit Card Party"; L to R: Town Jack Pres. Frank Farnsworth, U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater, State Senator and Town Jack - Robert W. Prochnow, Town Jack Harry Biller, Gov. Paul Fannin. "Honorary Town Jacks".
Oct 17, 1960
30-06 Rifle Prize in fundraising project for an Optimist Club Sponsored Boys Bowling Team. L to R: Jo Boyer, Dr. John L. Smithson, Lucette Roject, Optimist Club Member - John Fowler. Women are ASC Students. "Prospective Shooting?"; L to R: S.G. Blakney - Safety Inspector Ariz. Highway Dept., Miles Cureton - Williams Elementary School, W.J. Garms - Coordinator of Elementary Traffic Safety of the Highway Department. "Traffic Education in Williams"; National Secretaries Association. L to R: Dr. Lilliam Biester - Prof. of Commerce at ASC, Miss Jean Taylor - ASC Junior, Mrs. Beverly Crawford - Past Pres., Mrs. Lucille Michael - Pres.. "Ponderosa Chapter"; L to R: Elenor McCurdy - 1st Violin, Don Dubay - 2nd Violin, Northern Az. Symphony Director Pat Curry, Barbara Nelson - Viola, Diana Richard - Violincello. "Northern Arizona Symphony Guild Meeting".
Oct 18, 1960
New Black Canyon Freeway between Flagstaff and Phx. "Nearing Completion"; 20th Anniversary of Selective Service System. L to R: Jim Babbitt, C.T. Pulliam, Elenor Durkee - Board Clerk, Dr. C.C. Slipher - Chair, D.L. McKinney, H.W. Biller, J.K. Oriscoll, T.E. McCullough. Slipher, McKinney, and McCullough served since board first established. "Draft Board Anniversary"; Epsilon Sigma Alpha. See Arizona Daily Sun, October 18, 1960 - P.5 for names. "Members of Beta Epsilon Chapter".
Oct 19, 1960
New Officers of Flagstaff Community Concert Assoc. L to R: A. John Briel - Pres., Vernon Kliewer - 2nd Vice Pres., Mrs. John Stilly - 3rd V.P., Mrs. Jesse Gregg - 1st VP, Mrs. Frank Schloss - Secretary. "Discuss Concert Plans"; Jack Fine with Spanish Lare, Handmade Mantillal, and Dolls he purchased during a European Tour in Summer of 1960. "Beauty from Spain"; L to R: Mrs. J.W. Wimp - Pres., Mrs. Reef Kelly - VP, Mrs. W.H. Juniel - Tres.. "New Officers of the Council of Parent Teacher Assoc.".
Oct 20, 1960
Penstock for Glen Canyon Dam. Crane on far east side of Flagstaff. "100 Tons - Straight Up!!"; Going to 4-H Convention in Chicago. L to R: H. Stuart Houston - Leader of Tall Pine Aggies 4-H, Susan Creighton - Club Member, Mother - Mrs. C.C. Creighton. "Wing High 4-H Award"; L to R: Miss Carol Wilson. Rec. Sec., Miss Barbara Conley - Financial Sec., Miss Anita Hartin, Prescott - State Assembly Pres., Miss Carolyn Downum - Pres., Miss Gloria Caldwell - Treas., Miss Connie Mullins - VP. "Theta Rho Girls"; New Members. L to R: Mrs. Beth Wright, Mrs. Ruth Marquis, Mrs. Mary Hallermund, Mrs. Mariam Beurle, Mrs. Betty Miller, Mrs. May Jo Kauffman, Mrs. Pauline Taylor, cropped out at publication. "Elks Ladies Assoc.".
Oct 21, 1960
Officers of Northern Arizona's Order Concatenated of Hoos Hoos - International Fraternity of Lumbermen. L to R: G.C. Busche. Personnel Mngr. of S.W. Forest Industries - Pres., Ellis Newberry - V.P., Tom Loomis - Asst. Mngr. - Flagstaff Lumber - Sec./Treas.. "National Forest Products Week." "Timber Talk"; 4-H Club Awards. Front: L to R: Penny Emmerson, Becky Keithly, John Dobrinski. Back: Paul Dobrinski, Carol Brechan, Lorida Dobrinski, Mrs. Maurice "Elizabeth" Dobrinski. "Awards Winners"; 4-H Club Awards. Seated: L to R: Mrs. Evelyn Todd, Mrs. Dovie Roberts. Standing: Dianna and Kathy Osborne. "Sedonans Win, Too"; For Ted Kennedy. L to R: County Dem Secretary - J. Thomas Brooks, Judge H.L. Russell, Sheriff Cecil Richardson, County Chair - Joe Babbitt Jr., County Recorder Edna Mae "Pul" Thornton, County Treasurer Rose Stacey, Clerk of Superior Court May P. Lewis. "Dems Plan Kennedy Fete"; Scouts growing quickly - Grand Canyon Boy Scout Council. L to R: Seated: Council President - Dr. Taylor Hicks, Dist. Chair - Dr. Jay L. Sitterly. Back: William Borcherding, Harry Field Jr., Ray Kuntzelman, Nelo Rhoton. "Scout Leaders Mull Problems"; Town Jack wrestling at Lumberjack Gym. L to R: Wilson Kohlbrecher, Farmer Bill Cole. "No Bravery Here".
Oct 22, 1960
From College Ward. L to R: Kathryn Walters, Peggy Harbour, Sally Langston, Bishop Orvil Busman. "Awards Night at LDS Stake House"; Junior and Senior Women's Club. Seated: L to R: Mrs. Jerry Gibson - State Federation Treas., Mrs. Coit Hughes - State Federation Junior Director, Mrs. Jack Fine - Flag Club Junior Coordinator. Back: Mrs. Frank Pawley - Williams Haibab Jr. Women's Club Pres., Mrs. Ray Hagelberg - Pres. Flagstaff Club, Mrs. T.E. Hanson - State Federation Corresponding Sec.. "Senior Women's Conclave"; Williams vs. Mingus High Football. At Left: Williams co-captain Dick Larson gaining yards. "Vikings Gain Ground"; Williams vs. Mingus High Football. Mingus quarterback Andy Peterson takes off on a touchdown run. "Tally for Mingus"; 2nd grade class Emerson School. "Halloween Play"; Scout Get Out the Vote Project. L to R: Star Scout Stephan Howard, Explorer Scout Melvin Palmer, Cub Scout John Baver, Mayor Rollin Wheeler. "Get Out the Vote".
Oct 24, 1960
Pilot Club. L to R: Mrs. Helen Choisser - Local Treas., Mrs. Lida Richardson - 1st VP., Mrs. Zella Davis - Pres., Gov. Phyllis Manning - Flagstaff, Mrs. Barbara Conley - 2nd V.P., Mrs. Helen Shavonis - Recording Sec.. "Governor's Official Visit"; ASC vs. Oklahoma Panhandle A&M Football. Lumberjack fullback Charley Bowers caught in crunch. #70 at right ASC tackle Alex Amado. "No Hole"; ASC vs. Oklahoma Panhandle A&M Football. Panhandle Lineman takes a header as ASC fullback Charley Bowers shifts its line of Charge. "Ups-A-Daisy"; ASC vs. Oklahoma panhandle A&M football. #70 - Lumberjack tackle Alex Amado stops. #19 Halfback Jerry Linton. "Shoestring Catch"; ASC vs. Oklahoma panhandle A&M football. Oklahoma end Bill Hayden reaching, pursued by ASC halfback - Bill Wright. "Old College Try".
Oct 25, 1960
L to R: Coconino County Democratic Chairman - Joe Babbitt Jr. Edward "Ted" Kennedy. "Brother Act"; L to R: Ariz. Representative Stewart L. Udall, Edward "Ted" Kennedy, State Senator Robert W. Prochnow, William Mahoney - Chair of State Citizens for Kennedy and Johnson, County Democratic Chair Joe Babbitt Jr.. "Democratic Get Together"; Ted Kennedy Campaigning for his brother John, on the ASC Campus. Science Lecture Room. "College Campaigning"; Flag High Football. L to R: Bob Willingham - center, linebacker, middle guard; Oran Brown - Linebacker and fullback; Jim Sweigart - tackle and linebacker; Johnny Sanchez - Offensive and defensive end. "Eagles 'Backstoppers'".
Oct 26, 1960
Flag Naval Reserve Unit. 3 going for 2 years active duty. L to R: Chief Petty Officer Ruon Payne, Fred M. Colmenaro, Charles Barreas, Martin Otero, Chief Petty Officer Ray Wilson. "On Active Duty"; Arizona Federation of Women's Club's 44th Annual Convention at Federated Church. L to R: Mrs. William Wade - Federation Pres., Mrs. Paulding Forry of Whipple - Northern District Pres., A.J. "Jack" Fine - Guest Speaker, Mrs. Ray Hagelberg - Pres. of Flagstaff Jr. Women's Club, Mrs. Merle Saver - Pres. of Flagstaff Senior Women's Club. "Northern District"; Charred Cables in ceiling of Wilson Motors. 820 East Santa Fe. "The Evidence"; Methodists buy property across from ASC campus. Front: L to R: realtor R.C. Faulkner, Fellowship Director and Asst. Minister at Federated Community Church - Ron Roberts, Youth Director of Methodist Church - Elbert Hoffman. Rear: ASC Dean - Dr. Charles Meister, Pastor of Shepard of the Hills Lutheran - Rev. David Adamcik, Pastor of Church of the Epiphany - Rev. John Davis, Pastor - First Congregational Church - Rev. Waldo Richards, Pastor - Federated, Rev. Wallace Gibbs. "Protestant Fellowship"; Flag Jaycee Sponsored Event. L to R: Robert T. Somerville - 1st VP of Flag Jaycees, Charles Eason - Exhibit Mngr.. "Atom Exhibit Here"; Flag High Football Scrimmage. At center: Quarterback Clyde Joe, at right: Jack Miller ready for hand-off. "Eagles Sharpen Talons".
Oct 27, 1960
Hepatitis prevention at Flag Hospital. L to R: Nurse C. Murillo, Nurse M. Thomas, Nurse M. Liebe, Employee Arthur Reeves, D. Hinds, Nurse O. Ferley, B. Blay. "Preventative Shot"; See Arizona Daily Sun October 27, 1960 - P. 12 for names. "Eagle Seniors".
Oct 28, 1960
L to R: 11 year old Jeffery Sapp, Mrs. Sapp, Mark Sapp. "Young Hunter, Big Buck"; Signs at the 'Y' Intersection. State Highway Department Employee Walt Nelson making final adjustments. "New Highway Signs Erected"; Northern Arizona Symphony Board. L to R: Pat Curry, Eldon Porter, Charles Fairchild, Robert Clark, Chair George Babbitt, Eldon Ardrey, William Borsherding, Mrs. Eldon "Ruth" Ardrey, John Hoffman. "Members"; Flag Jr. High. L to R: Linda Baily, Bill Dokos, Teacher and Dance Sponsor - Ernst Mickelson, George Auza, Sandy Moore. "Halloween Dance Tonight".
Oct 29, 1960
L to R: Mrs. C. Sherwood - 38 year member of Parent Teacher Association, Mrs. J.W. Wimp - Pres. Flagstaff District Council of PTA. "Receives Life Membership"; For weekly sermonette feature. Rev. Vernon L. Grace - Pastor of Calvary Southern Baptist Church.
Oct 31, 1960
American Junior Bowling Congress. L to R: Terry Pope, Scott Wilson, AJBC Regional Supervisor – Mrs. Kathleen Carr, Gary Freedle, John Sitterley. "Win Junior Bowlers Award"; Eldon Castleberry w/ 184 pound Buck. "Gets Big Buck".
November , 1960
This month has no associated negatives.
December , 1960
The following days have no associated negatives; 1-18, 20, 25, 27.
Dec 19, 1960
Flagstaff Flagmen Hot Rod Club. L to R: Ben Baker, Harvey Taylor, Jim Durham, Ronnie Lowrie, Crist Newman, Richard Walters, Ronny Ussery, Allen Mulholland, Paul Harper. "Readying Car for Competition".
Dec 21, 1960
Cub Scout Den 5, Pack 31. Front: L to R: Stephan Boardly, Eric Jorgensen, Ralph Gordon. Back: Derald Cox, Charles Bryson, Charles Mackey, Michael Mayorla. "Hold Holiday Party"; L to R: Miss Carol Bledsoe, Sheriff Cecil Richardson, his aunt Mrs. S.P. Merritt - 92."Christmas Shopper"; For photo story on multiple activities at ASC - Lumberjack Gym. L to R: Phillip Tsosie, Pete Gallegos. "Muscle Builders"; For photo story on multiple activities at ASC Lumberjack Gym. L to R: Distance Runners George Pallas, Marty Chacon. "Tracksters"; For photo story on multiple activities at ASC Lumberjack Gym. L to R: Chuck Connely, no ID. "Flip Flop"; For photo story on multiple activities at ASC Lumberjack Gym. Harold Alford. "Straight up"; For photo story on multiple activities at ASC Lumberjack Gym. ASC football players. L to R: Tot Workman, Ed Miner. "Wrestling".
Dec 22, 1960
Rainbow Girls. L to R: Miss Marilyn Shartzer - Hope, Miss Barbara Foreman - Worthy Associate Advisor, Mrs. Gladys Skidmore - Accompanied Nelson, Miss Jeanette Nelson - State Grand Worthy Advisor - Tucson, Miss Karen Cogdill - Worthy Advisor, Miss Carol Ruff - Faith, Miss Marcia Crozier - Charity. "Grand Worthy Advisor"; Boy's Optimist Bowling League. Front: L to R: Gordon Whiting, Chris Hull, Rickey Day. Back: Joe Langston, Bruce Whiting. "Kaibab Lumber Team".
Dec 23, 1960
4 puppies found in closed box at City Dump. They were on a pile of trash that was to be shortly burned. "Saved from Fiery Death"; Children Attend Christmas Party at Orpheum. Sponsored by the Elks, the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars. "Attend Christmas Party"; Cast of Flag Jr. High production of "Bed of Hay". No specific IDs. "Junior High Christmas Play"; Cast of Flag Jr. High Christmas Play. At left: Climmie Barnes as the Minister. No others named. "In Christmas Play"; Arizona Wholesale Beer and Liquor Dealers presenting $200 to Hospital. L to R: Jimmie Klick - a Director of Dealers Assoc., Walter Bennett - Acting Chairman of Flagstaff Community Hospital Board. "Christmas Gift for Hospital"; Flagstaff Army National Guard Unit. L to R: Capt. John Seymour - Commanding Officer - Co. A, First Battle Group, Pvt. Richard Sanchez - receiving "Outstanding Trainee" commendation. "Congratulations for Commendation".
Dec 24, 1960
Christensen Family. L to R: Jim, Tom, Paul, Kaylee. "Waiting for Santa"; Flagstaff National Guard Unit. L to R: Sgt. Andy Ramirez, Bill Clarkson - Bill's Family Store, Sgt. Carlos Mayorla. "Guard Aids Needy".
Dec 26, 1960
Appointed to a four year stint as a Senate Page. Appointed by Sen. Barry Goldwater. L to R: Brian L. Bishop - 14, Father - Robert M. Bishop. "Master Bishop Goes to Washington"; Sorting through items donated to help 128 families. No IDs. "Elks Help Needy Families"; Boys Optimist Bowling League. L to R: John Sitterly, Pat Driscoll, David Ross, Tom Driscoll, Tony Janis. "George Babbitt Realty Team"; Won Philco TV in drawing at Boyce - Baker Firestone. L to R: Store Manager - Bob Shafer, Mr. and Mrs. Les Drye Jr. and Family. "Win Television Set"; Flagstaff Flagmen Hot Rod Club. Hot Rob Event at Henderson, Nev.. L to R: Don Walters - won in Class B Stock cars. Jim Durham - won in Class D stock - automatic transmission. "Trophies from Hawthorne".
Dec 28, 1960
Boy's Optimist Bowling League. L to R: Dennis Peppard, Danny Sedillo, Terry Pope, Craig Larkey, Frank Lopez. "Miz Zips Team".
Dec 29, 1960
Brush behind Greenlaw Estates. A small fire set by a man clearing brush got out of control. No IDs. "Fire Near Mt. Elden"; Boys Optimist Bowling League. L to R: Eddie Miller, Torleig Haid, Gregg Sattem, Ken Johnson, Mike Miller. "Arizona Public Service Team".
Dec 30, 1960
Superintendent of the Sunshine Rescue Mission the Rev. Stanley Richardson at corner of South San Francisco and Benton. "Site of Rescue Mission"; L to R: County Assessor Jeff Ferris, Mrs. Melvin "Frances" Hutchinson - Chief Deputy, Gene Philippi - Deputy. "New County Assessor and Assistants"; High School Holiday Basketball Tournament in Winslow. Snowflake vs. Winslow. L to R: Jerry Farnsworth - Snowflake, Jerry Brown - Winslow. "Did We Make It"; High School Holiday Basketball Tournament in Winslow. Flagstaff vs. St. Johns. #30 - John Winsley - Flag High, #21 Mervin Jarvis - St. Johns. "High Jumper"; High School Holiday Basketball Tournament in Winslow. Flagstaff vs. St. John's. L to R: Going for Shot - Clyde Joe - Flagstaff, #30 - John Winsley - Flagstaff, #33 Chester Cherry - St. John's. "Careful Aim at Basket".
Dec 31, 1960
High School Holiday Basketball Tournament in Winslow. Flag High Team. At Far right: L to R: Clyde Joe, Head Coach Fred Anderson, Winslow High School Principal J.L. Curtis. "Holiday Tournament Champions"; High School Holiday Basketball Tournament at Winslow Flagstaff vs. Snowflake. #43 - Charles Bonney - Flagstaff, #24 - LA Mell Nikolaus - Snowflake. "Difference of Opinion"; High School Holiday Basketball Tournament in Winslow. Winslow vs. St. John's. #24 Ted Wilcox - Winslow. No other IDs. "High Leap for Winslow".
Negatives that have yet to be identified.
January , 1961
The following days have no associated negatives; 1, 8, 14, 15, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 28, 29.
Jan 2, 1961
Boy's Optimist Bowling League. L to R: Mike Weldon, Jimmy Dennie, Bill Weldon, Danny Weldon, Jeff Coker. "Elks Lodge Team"; Members of the Women's Army Corps. L to R: Lorraine K. Poseyesua, PFC. Nancy Ann Olson. "Spend Holiday Leaves Here/ With Families"; Carmen Paulette Whitaker w/ Mother - Mrs. Nathan Whitaker. "First Baby of '61"; L to R: County Supervisors Chairman - Harold Huffer, Sheriff Cecil Richardson, with damaged safe in Assessor's office. Failed Burglary. "New Year's Eve Blast"; L to R: Civil Defense patrolman Robert H. Cline, Sheriff Deputy Malcom Miles, Deputy Buck Carl. Assessor's office burglary. "Force of Blast"; L to R: Courthouse custodian Wilbur Wolfington, County Assessor Jeff Ferris. Assessor's Office Burglary. "Point of Entry".
Jan 3, 1961
L to R: Jim Driscoll, Scott Wilson, Ken Ellis, Steve Jackson, Gary Freedle. Sky Hi Lanes Optimist Bowling League. "Standard Oil Team".
Jan 4, 1961
Tools used in County Assessor's Burglary.; Tools used in Assessor's Office Burglary.; L to R: Navy Chief Petty Officer Ray Wilson - Station Keeper for Flag Naval Reserve Unit, w/ son - Cadet Dennis Wilson, Castle Heights Military Academy - Lebanon, Tenn. "Like Father, Like Son"; Mountain Men heading to Washington D.C. for Kennedy Inauguration. L to R: Bill Sutton, Paul Tissaw. "So Everyone'll Know".
Jan 5, 1961
Changing to Dial System Williams. Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph. Kneeling: L.C. Van Arsdell - MST&T Plant Staff Tech. L to R: William Eyler - Installer, Ed Wilkinson - MST&T Plant Staff Technician, Robert Graham - Western Electric Supervisor, Joe Boyd - MST&T State Plat Supervisor. "Ready for Change over at Williams"; Protecting Coconino County Refuses to Allow Glen Canyon City, Utah Students into Page, Az Schools. L to R: Kneeling: Nancy Chatland, Ann Cracraft, Mrs. Ruth Garlic. Standing: Martha Cracraft, Mrs. Dale Brown, Mrs. Frank Myer, Mrs. Zella Black, Mrs. Jack Dunlap. "Bring Protest to Flag"; Patrolman Gilbert Castro w/ truck that went through glass block wall of Navajo Freight Lines Office West of town. "Unexpected Visitor"; Wes Brown ASC Instructor with Wrestler Gene Anderson. "Uuuuugh"; New ASC Science Building.
Jan 6, 1961
L to R: Gloria Caldwell, Freida Allen, Barbara Conley, Claire Wilson, Connie Mullins, Carolyn Downum. "Theta Rho Girls"; Wrestlers at Town Jack Bout. Standing: Tarzan Tourville, on floor - Prince Maiva. "Wrestling, Unapproved Style".
Jan 7, 1961
Seated: Mayor Rollin Wheeler. L to R: Jack Richards - County March of Dimes Chair, Mrs. Eva Vandevier - Mothers March Head, Ray Larkey - City Director. "March of Dimes Proclamation"; L to R: Cmdr. Fred J. Joyce - New Commanding Officer of U.S. Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Training Center - Phx., Lt. Cmdr. Jeff Ferris - C.O. Flag Naval Reserve Unit, Lt. Cmdr. Daniel W. Stebbins - replaced by Joyce. "Visits Local Reserve Center"; For series on Arizona Mountain Man Group from Williams. Going to D.C. for Kennedy Inaugural. "Fred Theroux"; L to R: Mrs. Z.L. Fendley, Mrs. Jerry Grahm, Mrs. Pat Laber, Mrs. Robert Jarvie, Mrs. Marcus Bishop, Mrs. Kenneth L. Christensen.
Jan 9, 1961
Plan Legislative Flying Tour of Northland. L to R: Ray Sneff - Arizona Aviation Authority, James Vercellino - Az. Av. Authority, Mrs. Beth Wright - Handling Local Arrangements. "Explains Tour of Legislators"; L to R: Postal Clerk Rory Santana, Clerk Rudy Marion, Postmaster H.J. Kielhorn, Clerk Augenstein. "Plan Williams Post Office Dedication".
Jan 10, 1961
Daughters of the American Revolution. L to R: Carolyn Watts, Williams H.S. Principal Delmar Zeigler. "Williams DAR Winner"; Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph. L to R: Joe Boyd - MST&T State Plant Supervisor, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Roche - Williams Manager, Whalen Lanning, Bob Clements - Both of Flagstaff. "Hair Williams Conversion to Direct Distance Dialing"; Seated: L to R: Mrs. Beverly Jewell - Co-chair, Eva Vandevier - Chair. Standing: Mrs. Pat Shuck - Co-chair, Mrs. Lenora Nackard - Area Captain. "Plan Mother's Polio March".
Jan 11, 1961
For Series on Arizona Mountain Man Group from Williams heading to D.C. for Kennedy Inaugural. "Arthur 'Rudy' Ruddock"; 11 Year Alma Scholtz - not seriously injured. "Car Hits Girl"; Rainbow Girls. Only 3 IDs. In center w/ floor length gown, incoming Mother Advisor - Mrs. Mina Thompson. To her right - Miss Barbara Foreman - Worthy Advisor, to left - Miss Marilyn Shartzer - Worthy Associate Advisor.
Jan 12, 1961
L to R: Joe Clark, Paul Larmour, Pat Patterson. "Williams Honor Society Officers"; Flag High Basketball. L to R: Martin Auza, Coach Fred Anderson, James Dugan. "Up and Coming Eagles"; 6th Army Ordinance Inspection Team. L to R: Lt. Robert Ohweiller, L.E. Gilbert, J.R. Schrest, Sgt. W.A. Jones, Sgt. Frank Case, Flagstaff Supply Officer - CPL Ralph Sandoval. "Flag Army Reserve Unit Inspected"; For series on Arizona Mountain Man Group from Williams, heading to D.C. for Kennedy Inaugural. "Bill Freeman"; Alpha Upsilon Chapter/ Beta Sigma Phi. L to R: Margaret Hanks, Patty Hickey, Pat Murray, Louise Wenzel, Maxine Cornford, Nancy Warden. "Sorority Helps March of Dimes"; L to R: Lt. Mary Martinez, 1st Lt. Karla Tschoepe, prospective member Clifford Luckins, Capt. Berry Johnson - Squadron Commander, 1st Lt. Paul Tshope. "Williams Civil Air Patrol gets New Truck"; Local-National Secretaries Assoc. L to R: Virginia Alvord, Juanita Guess, Lucille Michael, County Chair for March of Dimes - Jack Robbins, Margaurite Busche, Kathryn Rucker, Harriette Wilson. "Secretaries Aid March of Dimes".
Jan 13, 1961
Pilot Club Fundraiser. L to R: Mrs. Edna May Smith, Winner - Miss Victoria Gomez, Mrs. Edith Conley. "Silver Tea Service Winner"; Church of the Epiphany. L to R: Seated: Mrs. Paul Bell - Sec., Mrs. Laverne Pitcher - Pres.. Standing: Mrs. Charles Stahl - V.P., Mrs. J.J. Walker. "New Officers of St. Anne's Guild".
Jan 17, 1961
Flagstaff Hospital Auxiliary. Top: L to R: Outgoing - Mrs. Harry Field Jr. - Corr. Sec., Mrs. Carroll Orr - V.P., Mrs. Grant Sattem - Pres., Mrs. Jack Blanton - 1st V.P.. Seated: Incoming: Mrs. Gilbert C. Busche - Treas., Mrs. F.B. Tolleson - 1st V.P., Mrs. Tom R. Shuck - Pres., Mrs. Don Garrard - 2nd. V.P., Mrs. J. Thomas Brooks - Rec. Sec., Mrs. Doug Wall - Corresponding Sec.. "Incoming and Outgoing".
Jan 18, 1961
Preparing for a 4 day trip to Nassau. Won Trip for Highest Sales of Norge Appliances in area. "Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Bonney".
Jan 24, 1961
See Az. Daily Sun, January 24, 1961 P.2 for names. "Williams Grade School Faculty".
Jan 27, 1961
For series on Arizona Mountain Man group from Williams. Attended Kennedy Inaugural in D.C. "Bill Sutton Sr.".
Jan 30, 1961
Flag High Basketball vs. Tempe. At Rt. James Dugan Drives in. #50 - FHS - Moe Winsley. #33 - Tempe - Bob Burger. "Eagle Drives In"; FHS Basketball vs. Tempe. FHS: #40 Jack Miller. Tempe: #21 Jim Christensen, #43 Gilbert Aragon. Tempe's Bill Weber Trying to block, FHS - Moe Winsley tipping in. "Two on One".
Jan 31, 1961
L to R: Mrs. Exie Finch, Mrs. Claire Edmunson. March of Dimes. "Ready for Mothers March"; At County Assessor Office getting 1961 license tags. "License Plate Business Booming".
February , 1961
The following days have no associated negatives; 5, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 19, 26.
Feb 1, 1961
Triangular Club. L to R: Mrs. Carmen Lozano, Eva Vandevier - Coconino County Chair of Mothers March, Mrs. Ophelia Hernandez. "Club Aids March of Dimes".
Feb 2, 1961
Reps of Northern Az. Chambers of Commerce and Highway 66 Assoc. L to R: Seated: Ted Babbitt - Pres. Flag C.O.C., Myron Wells - Pres. 66 Assoc, Tom Isakson - Assoc. Director - Holbrook. Standing: Conrad Hall - Assoc. Dir. - Flag, John Vandevier - Assoc. Dir. - Flag, Hal Jackson - Mngr. Flag C. of C., Paul Mayhan - Assoc. Dir. - Ash Fork, Steph Martin - Assoc. Dir. - Winslow, Vern Seidel - Flag C. of C. "Map Tourist Campaign"; See Az. Daily Sun. February 2, 1961 - P.5 for names. "Ash Fork Glee Club"; L to R: Jerry Bain, Alice Littleman, John Richards - Coconino County Chair - March of Dimes. "Leupp School Aids March of Dimes".
Feb 3, 1961
Modernization Project. Front: L to R: City Attorney Neal Christensen, Mayor Rollin Wheeler, Flagstaff Housing Authority Chair - Don Christensen. Back: Housing Authority Exec. Dir. M.K. Leadbetter, City Councilman John Vandevier, City Manager - C.T. "Maggie" Pulliam, Commissioners - Paul van Sickle, Jack Knowles. "Brannen Homes Completed"; New Manager of Orpheum Theater. Bill Rawling.; See Arizona Daily Sun, February 3, 1961 - P.6. For Names. "Ash Fork Junior High Hoop Team".
Feb 4, 1961
Seated: L to R: Terry Rice, Douglas J. Wall, Drive Sec. - Kathleen Wise, John Fowler, Lovis Hudiburch. Standing: Merwin Osborn, Drive Chair - Harry Field, Don Morris, Joseph Gee, Don Johnson. "Spearhead Local Scout Fund Drive"; See Arizona Daily Sun - February 4, 1961 P.2, for names. "City Employees Deceive Pins"; L to R: Jack Johanson - Shuck Realty and Insurance, City Building Inspector - R.G. Raudebaugh, Russell Faulkner - Chair - Flag. Multiple Listings Service. "Johanasson - Newest Member of M.L.S."; L to R: New Chair Robert W. Prochnow, Frank Dickinson, Sturgeon Cromer, Marshall Knoles, Robert Blaser, Andy Wolf. Dickinson, Knowles new. "New Powwowwers".
Feb 6, 1961
At Babbitt's Dept. Store for Scout Week. L to R: Doug Hulse, Gregg Hickman, Don Lindeman, Howard Taft, Kim Nimmons, Mike Dickinson, Joe Bullmore. Front: Troop Mascot - Candy Nimmons. "Help Decorate Window"; Class AA Doubles. Bellemont - Flagstaff Bowling Assoc. L to R: Jim Depew, Guy Householder - Assoc. Sec., Ken Dilley. "Doubles Bowling Champions"; Basketball - ASC vs. New Mexico Highlands Univ. With ball - Axer Forward Mike McCauley, pushing him - Highlands forward Guy McCauley. "Helping Hand?"; Basketball - ASC vs. New Mexico Highlands Univ. Only ID ASC #42, Axer Center - Don Buttrum. "Drivin Don"; Basketball Axebabes vs. Mesa LDS. ASC #16 - Orin Thompson. ASC #11 - Jack James. "Axebabe Rebound".
Feb 7, 1961
Monte Vista Hotel Managers. L to R: New - Mr. and Mrs. E.A. "Jack" Sprouse w/ 7 month old Michael Wayne Sprouse, Retiring - Mrs. Alma Steigmeir, Husband - J. Perry Steigmeir. "Incoming and Outgoing"; ASC vs. Eastern New Mexico University. #50 - ASC Forward Sal Vergopia. #42 - ASC Center Don Buttrum. No further IDs. "One-Two Punch"; Basketball - ASC vs. Eastern New Mexico Univ. Axer Guard Danny Loveall - in air. ENMU Greyhound Darrell Fouser. "Fast Break".
Feb 8, 1961
Cast members of Flag High production of musical comedy "Swinging High". L to R: Larry Haney, Nancy McCharen, Hugh Thomas, Patty Dunford, Kay Woltischlagle, Sara Redman, Terry Todd. "Cast in Musical Comedy"; L to R: Mrs. Retha Foster - Flag High, Mrs. Mary Gussman - Flag Junior High, Mrs. Norma Barney - Weitzel School, Walter Hodges - Flag Junior High. Contest sponsored by Grand Lodge of Masons of Arizona. "School Essay Contest Judges"; Flag Junior High Basketball. See Az. Daily Sun, February 8, 1961, P.5, for names. "Freshmen Hoopsters"; Flag Junior High Basketball. See Arizona Daily Sun, February 8, 1961, P.5 for names. "Flag Eighth Grade Basketballers".
Feb 9, 1961
Junior High Basketball. See Arizona Daily Sun, February 9, 1961, P.10 for names. "Junior High Intramural Champs"; Flag High School Choir and Men's Glee Club production of "Swing High" "Production Number"; Beta Sigma Phi. L to R: Mrs. Frank Shafer - General Chairman, Mrs. Marion Gordon Jr., Leslie Slipher, his mother - Mrs. Earl C. Slipher. "Plan Valentine Queen's Dance".
Feb 15, 1961
L to R: Linda Lloyd, Pearl Bingman. "Demulay Queen".
Feb 16, 1961
L to R: Flagstaff Community Hospital Administrator Marc Atkinson, Mrs. Pearl Coulter - Board V.P., Mrs. Georgia Hudson - Board Member, Mrs. Jean Pevey - Nursing Education Consultant to the Board, Mrs. Josephine Barger - Board Pres. "State Nursing Board's Visit"; Business and Professional Woman's Club. L to R: High School Principal - Del Zeiger, Marge Pouquette - Committee Member, Helen Walker - BPW Pres., Helen Fredrickson - Career Day Chair. "Williams BPW Sets Career Day"; See Ariz. Daily Sun, February 16, 1961 P.6 for names. "Williams Rebekahs Install"; Women's Society of Christian Service. L to R: Mrs. Claude Jennings, Mrs. Margaret Lugar. "Lifetime Membership"; Northern Arizona Board of Realtors. L to R: R.F. Clark - Flagstaff Office Manager - First National Bank, V.P. and Manager of Phoenix First National Bank, Charles W. Broberg - guest speaker, Willard Harkey - Pres. of Realtor Board. "Realtors' Speaker"; Flag High Basketball. L to R: kneeling: Tom Palmer, Clyde Joe. Standing: Coach Fred Anderson, Jack Miller, John Winsley, Darlin Peoples. "Senior Eagles".
Feb 17, 1961
Snowy roads after 3 inch snowfall. "To Boost Water Supply?".
Feb 18, 1961
Front: Harold Hudson of the Dons of Arizona shaking hands with Lloyd Jewell - manager of Del Webb's Highway House. Others named, but not specifically. "Welcomes Dons Here"; 2 semis collide between Flagstaff and Williams. "Upended Truck, but No Injuries"; Northern Chapter of the Ariz. Society of Professional Engineers. L to R: James Keller - 2nd V.P., Clarence F. Lintz - Sec. Treas. And Coconino County Engineer, Mayor Rollin Wheeler, Pat Snyler - 1st V.P., City Engineer Ralph G. Barney. "Proclaims Engineers Week"; Locally made 5 draw chest. For sale ad for Haper Furniture Co., Harper Furniture Mart, Viotti Furniture Co., Warehouse Sales, East Flagstaff Appliance & Upholstery.; Flag High. L to R: Jim Hart, Bruce Weems, Bob Willingham, Ted Leadbetter, Woody Weems, Val Lathan. "Intramural Champions".
Feb 20, 1961
Ariz. Federation of Women's Clubs. Front: L to R: Mrs. Vivian Hacker - Hostess, Mrs. Paulding Forry - Prescott - Pres. of Northern Dist., Mrs. Harvey C. Smoot - Corr. Sec. - Prescott, Mrs. Harry Wright - Prescott. Back: Mrs. Dorothy Packer - V.P. Williams Senior Women's Club, Mrs. R.J. Folley - Corr. Sec. AFWC - Phx, Mrs. William Wade - Pres. AWFC - Phx. "Women's Club Federation Meets at Williams"; See Arizona Daily Sun, February 20, 1961 P.5 for names. Flag High basketball. "Eagle Junior Varsity"; See Arizona Daily Sun Feb 20, 1961 P.5 for names. Flag High. "Intramural All-stars".
Feb 21, 1961
Red Cross Fund Drive. Jim Babbitt w/ 1st Poster. "Putting Up First Posters"; Business and Professional Women in Williams. L to R: Mrs. Fredda Yokum - Past Director, Miss Elsa Sweeny - Kingman, Mrs. Howard Walker - Williams Pres. "BPW Club Directors Dist. 6"; Front: L to R: Rosie Smith, Doris Dugan. Back: Clara Wallace, Gerelene Clayton, Team Capt. Mable Ziglar, Rosetta Wallace. "Girls Inaugural Basketball Champs"; Wins in Nationwide Homelite chainsaw contest. L to R: John Coffin - Flagstaff Auto Supply. Presenting 22 cal. Rifle to Robert Collins. "Receives Rifle"; See Az. Daily Sun, February 21, 1961 P.8 for names. "Williams Episcopalians Mark Shrove Tuesday".
Feb 23, 1961
L to R: School Nurse Mrs. Rachael Moore, Dr. John F. Curran, school nurse Mrs. Bea Evans. 6th and 12th graders. "School Heart Checks"; L to R: Winslow Chamber of Commerce Manager Carl Weber, Lewis Haas - Phoenix Chamber, Hal Jackson - Flagstaff Chamber, Winslow V.P. - Vlas Golden, Winslow Pres. - Red Reppe. "At Winslow Chamber Meet"; ASC vs. St. Michaels College - Santa Fe. L to R: ASC Basketball Coach Herb Gregg, Senior Forward Mike McCauley. "Final Game Strategy".
Feb 24, 1961
Land on West Highway 66 next to Chamber of Commerce. "Future Wayside Park"; Flagmen Sports Car Club. "Flagmen to Help Heart Drive".
Feb 25, 1961
Report on Scout Growth. Flagstaff First in Nation. L to R: P. William Davis - Deputy Regional Executive - Region 12 from Los Angeles, Robert Bishop - Local Boy Scout Executive. "Congratulates Local Council"; Elks support Scouts. L to R: W.V. Borcherding - Member of Grand Canyon Council Executive Board, Lewis Hudiburch - Exalted Ruler Elks Lodge 409. $100 Check. "Presents Check to Scouts"; Chamber of Commerce Promotional at Park Central Shopping Center in Phx. For one Weeks. Herb Emblem - in charge of display. "Display in Phoenix"; High School Class B and C Tournament. Holbrook - St. Johns. #22 Holbrook - Larry Crowther, St. Johns - Coleman Brewer. "In Early Playoff"; High School Basketball Class B and C Tournament. Window Rock vs. Williams. #42 James Miles - Window Rock. #13 Bruce Willett - Williams. #21 Larry Benham - Window Rock. "Window Rock-Williams Contest"; High School Basketball Class B and C tournament. Fredonia vs. Ash Fork. In air - Jon Heaton - Fredonia. #55 Herbie Jensen - Fredonia. #15 Leon Priest - Ash Fork. #10 Frank Gum - Ash Fork. #22 No ID - Ash Fork. "Fredonia-Ash Fork Tilt"; High School Basketball Class B and C Tournament. Camp Verde vs. Tuba City. #12 Deb Victor - Tuba City. #14 Jack Foster - Tuba City. #21 Iris Datsi - Camp Verde. "Fight for Ball".
Feb 27, 1961
L to R: John T. Faught - Drive Chairman, Mrs. J. Cravens - Publicity Chair, Mrs. Henry "Bernice" Giclas - Chair of Board of Directors. "Direct Red Cross Fund Drive"; Industrial Arts and Vocational Education Fraternity. At Front: L to R: Retired Industrial Arts Professor Francis C. Osborn shakes w/ Knox Talley - Highest GPA. Short man at Talley's shoulder Oriol Lozano. Others named randomly. "At Epsilon Pi Tau Dinner"; Camp 123. L to R: 1st row: Reymundo Espino - Watchman, Manuel Sedillo - Sentry, Louis Chacon - Council Commander. 2nd row - Prexedis Gonzales - Advisor Lieutenant, John B. Avelar - Auditor, Frank Lucero - Installing Officer. "New Women of the World Officers"; Adults - L to R: Mrs. William Gaddis, Mrs. William Laber. "Children's Story Time at City Library"; High School Basketball Class B&C Tourney. Accepting for Page - Dennis Lippert, Presenting - Page School Administrator Ray Bradshaw. "Class B North Champs"; High School Basketball Class B and C Tourney. L to R: Alexander Davidson - Window Rock, Scott Robinson - Page, Jerry Rickman - Page, Howard Lee - St. Johns Team Captain, Larry Crowther - Holbrook, Art Eager - Round Valley, Bruce Willerr - Williams, Rick Parsons - Page Coleman Brewer - St. Johns. "Class B North All-tournament Squad"; High School basketball Class B and C tourney. St. Johns vs. Page. #55 Gilbert Marino - St. Johns. #21 Mervin Jarvis - St. Johns. Behind: Scott Robinson waiting for ball. "Not That Way"; High School Basketball class B and C Tourney. Fredonia vs. McNary. In air: Lane Brooksby - Fredonia. #34 - Freddie Stephens - McNary. #12 - Oscar Russell - McNary. Lawrence Judd - Fredonia - Behind Stephens. "Watch Out Below"; High school basketball Class B and C Tourney. At left: Henry Lennox - Sec. Treas. Class C. North Executive Committee awards Class C trophy to McNary. No further ID. "Class C North Champs"; High School Basketball Class B and C Tourney. L to R: Robert Hardy - McNary, Willie Nash - McNary, Oscar Russell - McNary, Jack Foster - Tuba City, Lary Nyborg - Fredonia, Lane Frooksby - Fredonia, Leo Fish - Lakeside, Freddie Stephans - McNary. "The Best in Class C North Play"; High School Basketball Class B and C Tourney. Fredonia vs. Tuba City. #24 Glenn Edaakie - Tuba City Shoots. "Fredonia - Tuba City"; High School Basketball Class B and C Tourney. Window Rock vs. Page. #43 Rick Parsons - Page. #30 James Manvelito - Window Rock. "Jump for the Rebound".
Feb 28, 1961
New Main Door. L to R: Flagstaff Community Hospital Administrator Marc Atkinson, Engineer Gene Cook, Mrs. Charles Sechrist - Landscaped the grounds. "Hospital Opens Main Entrance"; Bert Shannon - McCormick Construction tearing roof off old warehouse at Aspen and N. Verde. "Making Way for Post Office"; Front: L to R: Deborah Hoyt, Patty Pertoit, Sherry McCormick, Linda Wacker, Judy Marshall, Lois McGraw. Back: Nancy Revels, Dale Ottenson, Lois Scott, Harvey Williams, Marie Cothraw, Wanda Cook. Flag Junior High. "In the Spelling Bee"; Citizens Library Council. L to R: Mrs. R.R. Hagelberg - Council Sec., Mrs. M.S. Turgerson, Mrs. Holbert Gates - Chair, Mrs. Pearle Rolley - Librarian, Mrs. Jack McCracken. "Trailer Library Planned for East Flagstaff"; Showing play diagrams to aides. L to R: ASC Head football coach Max Spillsbury, Ted Sorrich, Red Ettinger. "Fall in February"; High School basketball Tourney - Class B and C. L to R: Wayne E. Dillon - Sec. Treas. Class B North Executive Comm. Presents 3rd place trophy to Holbrook Team, Leonard Benally, Wayne Dillon, Stewart Duke. "Awards Trophy"; High School basketball Class B and C Tourney. L to R: Ray Bradshaw - Pres. of Class B. North Executive Committee, Howard Lee - St. Johns. "Class B North Runner-up".
March , 1961
The following days have no associated negatives; 5, 10, 11, 12, 19, 25, 26, 27 .
March 1, 1961
L to R: Seated: Rev. Stan Richardson, Mrs. H.B. Warnock, Mrs. Carl Dickinson. Back: Fund Chair John Faught, Capt. Charles E. Marquis - Navajo Ordinance previous hitDepot next hit., Mrs. John Hall, Frank Randall - NOD, Mrs. Henry "Bernice" Giclas. "Kick off Red Cross Drive Here"; Cerebral Palsy Telethon. Jimmie Phillips - Navajo boy from Indian Dorm."At Telethon Auditions".
March 2, 1961
U of A 75th Anniversary Awards for Outstanding Service to Education. L to R: U of A Alumni Assoc. for Coconino County - J. Thomas Brooks, Miss Lura Kinsey - Principal at Marshall School, John S. Allen - Flag High Faculty, Alumni Assoc. co-chair J.R. Babbitt Jr.; Town Jack pro wrestling at Lumberjack Gym. Luther Lindsay throwing Tarzan Tourville to the mat. "Look Out Below"; Alpha Upsilon chapter - Beta Sigma Phi. L to R: Mrs. Robert Knoles, Mrs. W.S. Widman, Mrs. Dayton W. Drains. "Crazy Hat Party"; Troop 34 Promotions. L to R: John Mitchell - 1st Class, Pat Meadows, Jesse Meadows, Rigo Lopez - all second class, Annon Willis - Scoutmaster. "At Court of Honor"; L to R: Dr. Merle E. Smith, C.A.P. Cadet Annie Sophie Paddock, 2nd Lt. Bessie Dressler. "Check-ups for Civil Air Patrol Cadets".
March 3, 1961
At Winslow Memorial Hospital. L to R: Mrs. John Mitchell, William Charles Mitchell - Born w/ 3 teeth. "He can Chew his Pablum"; Dobrinski Family. Front: L to R: John and Danny w/ 4-H poster. Rear: David, Mrs. W.F. Wallace - Aunt, Mrs. Elizabeth Dobrinski, Mr. Maurice Dobrinski, Lorinda. "Coconino 4-H Family of the Year"; Flag Junior High. L to R: Patty Pertuit - 3rd place, Rose Cothren - 1st, Nancy Revels - 2nd. "Tops in Spelling Bee".
March 4, 1961
New Officers. L to R: Mrs. Wanda Christensen - Treas., Mrs. Mary Love Torgerson - President, Mrs. Ann Baur - 1st V.P., Mrs. Ellen Kagelberg - outgoing President. "Flagstaff Junior Women's Club"; New Officers. L to R: Mrs. Leona Lewis - Pres., Mrs. Loretta Pulliam - V.P. Mrs. Mary Jane Mason - Sec., Mrs. Helen Choisser - Treas. "Daughters of the Nile"; Class B Basketball - High School. St Johns vs. Marana. St. Johns #25 - Howard Lee. Marana - #44 Mike McInerny, #10 Wayne Thomas. "Grabs High Pass"; Basketball Class B - High School. Page vs. Parker. Page - #22 Scott Robinson. Parker - #21 Larry Parger, #35 No ID. "Fight for Rebound"; Basketball Class B - High School. Page vs. Parker. Page - #10 Dennis Lippert, #22 Scott Robinson, #20 Jerry Rickman. "Let Go of that Ball".
March 6, 1961
Shot from Lake Mary Road after major winter storm. 59 inches of moisture. "Aftermath"; Flagstaff Community Hospital. Seated: L to R: Mrs. Tom Shuck - Pres., Mrs. Richard Lloyd - Council of Hospital Auxiliaries, Not ID'd. Standing: Mrs. Robert Clark, Mrs. J. Raymond Smith - both new members. "Hospital Auxiliary Event".
March 7, 1961
On Anderson Mesa. Crane unloading steel girders for dome of Observatory to house 69 inch Perkins Telescope. "Big Dome Job"; At Sunshine Rescue Mission. Baby and father stuck due to weather. No name. 10 month old. "Pint Size Charmer"; National Merit Scholarship. Flag High. L to R: David Martin, Flag High Principal Paul Schreiber, Mayor Rollin Wheeler. "Scholarship Finalist"; Flagstaff Hospital Auxiliary. L to R: Mrs. Wallace Gibbs - Chair, Mrs. Garland Wood, Mrs. John Basky - Co-chair, Mrs. Don Garrard. "Membership Tea".
March 8, 1961
Building Perkins Observatory Dome on Anderson Mesa. L to R: Astronomer John Priser - Lowell Observatory, Jack Lord - General Foreman - Consolidated Western Steel, Caroll Clark - Consolidated Engineer. "Dome Builders"; Kiwanis donates clothes to Sunshine Rescue Mission. L to R: Elmer Hobbard Jr. - Club Pres., Rev. David J. Adamick - Shepard of the Hills Lutheran Church - Committee co-chair, Rev. Stanley Richardson - Mission Superintendent. "Operation Closet Space"; Alpha Alpha Chapter - Beta Sigma Phi. L to R: Seated: Mrs. H.B. Warnock, Mrs. W.P. Morse - President. Standing: Mrs. Lester Bell, Mrs. Pat Syler, Mrs. Garland Downum, Mrs. Jack Blanton - Incoming Pres., Hostess - Mrs. W.F. Killip. "Gay Nineties Party".
March 9, 1961
Close birthdays. L to R: Bill Sutton, Dr. Martin C. Flohr, Paul Tissan. "Mountain Men's Fete"; Supervisors at Navajo Ordinance previous hitDepot next hit lay out plan for training employees. See Az. Daily Sun, March 9, 1961 Page 3 for names. "At Career Training Meeting"; New Officers. L to R: Dale Hill - Sec., Charles Hilberg - Treas., Arnold Herrera - Pres., John Bork - V.P.. "Exchange Club Elects"; Seated: L to R: Linda Thomson - 4th, Janet Jacues - 2nd. Standing: Penny Duckworth - 1st, Loretta Vega - 3rd. "Spelling Winners at Emmerson School"; L to R: Jim Martin - Master Counselor for San Francisco Peaks chapter, Mayor Rollin Wheeler. "Signs Demolay Proclamation"; Boy Scout Troop 27 raises funds. $372. L to R: Boy Scout Council Finance Chairman - Nelo Rhoton accepts check from Troop Committee Chair - Jay B. Hunt. "Scouts Aid own Fund Drive"; L to R: Carol Johnson, Carol Brechan, Cathy Jacobsen, Lorinda Dobrinski, Louise Geiger. "4-H Dress Revue Held"; Dobrinski Family w/ gifts from Merchant Police Patrol. L to R: Roy Martin - Merchant Patrol, Mrs. Elizabeth Dobrinski, Lorinda, Mr. Maurice Dobrinski, John, Elizabeth's mother - Mrs. W.F. Wallace, Danny, Ron Thornsby - Merchant Patrol. "4-H Family Honored"; Town Jack Pro-wrestling at Lumberjack Gym. L to R: Lord Littlebrook, Ref. Mark Brutus. "Difference of Opinion".
March 13, 1961
New East Flag Branch Library. L to R: Mary Hesched - Flag Junior High, Mrs. Helen Earnshaw - Branch Librarian, Rusty Borg - Flag Junior High School."At Branch Library Opening"; Mr. and Mrs. Douglas G. Dunn - Queensland, Australia. "Visitors from Australia"; Spelling Bee. Seated: L to R: Gloria Gracey - 1st, Brenda Brechan - 2nd. Standing: Marena Palmer, Michael Dickinson, Judith Switzer. "Winning Spellers from Marshall"; Spelling Bee. L to R: Karen Carpenter - 1st, Judy Slanton - 2nd. "Win Bee at Kinsey"; Spelling Bee. L to R: Annette Smith - 1st, Warren Hoffman - 3rd, Dayna Howard - 2nd. "Weitzel's Top Spellers"; From Kinsey School. See Az. Daily Sun - March 13, 1961 - P.6, for names. "Seventh Grade Basketball Winners"; Kinsey School 6th Grade. See Az. Daily Sun, March 13, 1961 - P.6 for names. "Girls Basketball Champions"; Flagstaff Junior Chamber of Commerce. L to R: Bob Sumerville - Sec., Harold Kuhn - 2nd VP, R.C. Clark - Treas., Dan Stoops - Immediate Past Pres., Bob Osterberg - 1st VP. "New Jaycee Officers".
March 14, 1961
E.C. Martinez of Cottage and Aggassiz fined $10. "Illegal Burning Draws Fine"; Brownie Troop 4 – Nativity School. Front: L to R: Mary Lou Schermann, Penny Perkins, Janice Grace, Barbara Caffey, Dorothy McFall. Back: Barbara Jean Harejsi, Cathy Roybal, Christine Babbitt, Rose Marie Nackard. "Take Newspaper Tour"; Sudha Desal - ASC Grad student from Bombay. India speaks at dinner held by Girl Scout Troop 12. "Girl Scouts Hold Dinner".
March 15, 1961
Flag High Baseball. Sliding - Val Latham. Other Player Not ID'd. "Hit the Dirt".
March 16, 1961
Coconino Country Club. L to R: Al Schermann - Contractor, H. Karl Manuum, Ralph Bilby - Club Pres., Virginia Keithly - Women's Head, Henry Giclas, Jimmy Nunn - Architect, Chuck Pope - Building Superintendent. "At Country Club Groundbreaking"; Hwy 164 (now 180) at Humphries. Painting new crosswalk. L to R: City Painter Lester Bell, Asst. Sal Salvatore. "Fast Action"; Flag Public Schools Essay Contest Winners. L to R: Front - Dura Leetemple, Jennie Gomali, Marena Palmer. Back: Sussane J. Won, Jim Hevelone, Wanda Cook, Arnold Franks, Stephanie Grace, David Hubbard. "Essay Prize Winners"; See Page 2, Az. Daly Sun - 3/16/61 for names. "Elementary School Essay Winners"; State-wide Officers. Seated: L to R: Mrs. John Higgenbother, Mrs. Aura Maxwell, Mrs. Jack Verkamp, Mrs. Tom Schuck, Mrs. John McLaughlin. Standing: Dr. Charles W. Meister, Mrs. Merle Robb, Mrs. J.E. Scott, Mrs. Filo Cothren, Mrs. Frank Wolfe, Robert P. Hannum. "Northern AZ Hospital Workshop"; Veterans of Foreign Wars. L to R: Seated: Kay Compton, Irby May Ford, Dixie Lukus. Standing: Arlene Naples, Nora Cortez, Ann O'Connell, Mary Ellen McLaughlin. "New Officers of VFW Auxiliary"; Venture Club. L to R: Barbara Taylor, Evelyn Kruge - Sec., Helen Espino - Pres. "Club Aids Easter Seal Drive"; Lumberjack Spring Drills. No IDs. "Whomp!"; Flag High Track and Field. Front L to R: Stanley Langston, Jack Miller. 2nd Row: Preston Dagons, Thomas Bates, John Winsley. Rear: Moe Winsley, Coach John Ply. "Eagle Thin Clads Return"; 762 pound Pro-wrestler Happy Humphrey pinning one of two opponents in match at Lumberjack Gym. "Big Man Pauses for Breath".
March 17, 1961
With signs for Chamber Open House. L to R: Standing: Chamber of Commerce members William R. Preston, Elmer Hubbard Jr. Seated: Curator of Museum of Northern Arizona, Barton Wright. "Signs of Activity"; No IDs. "Hospital Administrators Meet"; Mothers Circle of the San Francisco Peaks Chapter - Order of Demolay. All misidentified in photo caption. Personal [Rich's] ID: Far Left: Dorothy Olson. 2nd from right: Elizabeth Dobrinski. Both Back Row. "National Demolay Week"; Elementary School Basketball. Collekige Elementary vs. Guadalupe. "Go in that Basket".
March 18, 1961
Veterans of Foreign Wars. L to R: Seated: John Justus, Ken McLaughlin, Woodward Rhodes. Standing: Frank Cortez, Robert Ward, William Johnson, William R. Brown. "New VFW Officers".
March 20, 1961
Elementary School Basketball. Emerson School Champs. L to R: Coach Charles Morgan, Edward Gene, John James, Leonard Heuppleheuser, Leo Ramirez. "Winner of Tournament"; Elementary School Basketball. Mt. Elden Runner-up. L to R: Accepting trophy - Eugene Dash, Richard Tyler. Others cropped out. "Runner-up in Tournament"; Elementary School Basketball. Paul Hubbard - Coach, Alvin Hickman. "Kinsey Wins Consolation Trophy"; Done in Sedona. Contest between Flagstaff Archery Club and Coconino County Sheriff's Posse Pistol Team. Archers won. "Bang Bang, Twang Twang"; Contest between Flagstaff Archery Club and Sheriff's Posse Pistol Team at site in Sedona. Archers won. "Checking the Target"; L to R: Archers Tommy Weems, Max Hamilton. Contest between Flagstaff Archery Club and Sheriff's Posse Pistol Team at site in Sedona. Archers Won. "Some Shooting"; Mr. and Mrs. A.J. "Jack" Fine. Fines ready to wear anniversary."Celebrate 20th Anniversary".
March 21, 1961
Chamber of Commerce Open House. L to R: Chamber Director Jack Bird, Scott Whitaker, David Whitaker, Buzz Whitaker, Mrs. Mabel Whitaker, Debra Whitaker. "Chamber Welcomes New Comers"; Chamber of Commerce Open House. Mrs. Frye Hopper at Retail Merchants Committee Booth. "Busy Committee Booth"; New Kiwanis Members. L to R: Eldon Porter, Jack Yockey, John Allen, Leland McPherson - Both New Members, Club President Elmer Hubbard Jr.. "Induction Ceremony"; N. Az. Chapter - Arizona Society of Professional Engineers - hear talk on Naval Observatory. L to R: Clarence Lintz - Sec., Lt. Commander Lee Daub - Bureau of Yards and Docks, Dr. Art Hoag - Dir. Naval Observatory, W.T. "Weldon" Briton - Chap. Pres. "Engineers Here Talk on Stars"; L to R: Front: Leland Minner, Ray Brown, Gerald Ely, Eugene Fisher. Back: Jeane Walker, Joy Grant, Marlene June, Kay Chambers. "Mt. Elden Spelling Bee Members"; L to R: Front: Jennie Lomeli, Shirley Salazar. Back: Ralph Castillo, Diana Hernandez. "South Beaver Spelling Bee Winners"; Flag Jr. High Band. "String Concert Tonight"; Seated: L to R: Mrs. W.S. Fennell, Mrs. W.V. Borcheding, Mrs. John N. Pederson. Standing: Mrs. Charles W. Meister, Mrs. Harry W. Biller, Mrs. Ellery Gibson, Mrs. R.F. Boothe. "New PEO Officers/ "PEO" not ID'd".
March 22, 1961
Hand hewn redwood cross at Sedona's "Shrine of the Red Rocks." "Just Waiting for Easter Sunrise"; L to R: Ralph J. Holly, Flag School Superintendent - Sturegeon Crumer, County School Superintendent - Bessie Kidd Best, Harry Field, Dr. Tom O. Bellwood."Spelling Bee Officials"; L to R: Front: Melton Fletcher, Melvin Avery, Morris Jones, Lawrence Baareras, Joe Jackson. Back: Gilbert Clayton, Larry Davis, R.L. Couper, Ramon Peralta, Ernest Yazzi. "South Beaver School. Sixth Grade Basketball Winners"; From South Beaver School. L to R: Front row: Jackie Hataylie, Dan Benally, Junior Magee, Charlie Lee Irving, Phillip Bradley. Back Row: Placedo Alderete, Leon Clayton, Walter Wallace, Charles Clark, Melvin Neal. "Top Fifth Grade Basketball Team"; American Legion Ariz. Dignitaries. L to R: Ray Walser, Dick Waters, Carl V. Nelson, Vincent Ellis, John Ivens, Robert Cockrill, Buford Belgard, Lawrence Scheirer. "Grand Canyon Legion Home Dedicated".
March 23, 1961
L to R: Dr. P.J. "Pete" Lindemann Jr. - co-chair County Easter Seal Drive, Mrs. W.P. Morse - Beta Sigma Phi. "Crippled Children Drive"; Flag High National Honor Society. Front: L to R: Sharon Brinton, Sandra Lintz, Carol Ruff, Nancy McCaren, Betty Charolton, Marni Rezzonico. Back: Pat McNamara, Albert Gomez, Fred Koester, David Drebs, Pete Stilley, Marcia Whiting. "Top Flagstaff Students"; Swiss Family touring the world since July 2, 1956. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Mottiez with son Claude.; Flag Archery Club. L to R: Mrs. Julie Hamilton - Club Secretary, Tom Weems, Mrs. Ronnie Weems. For Scout Troop 34 at Mt. Elden School. "Show Archery to Scouts".
March 24, 1961
Theta Rho Sorority. L to R: Seated: Claire Wilson, Connie Mullins, Susan McDanial. Standing: Doris Tentity, Frieda Allen. "Easter Lily Day"; Downtown shot to North for special New Horizon's Edition.; Downtown shot to the South for special New Horizons Edition.; Downtown shot to the East for Special New Horizons Edition.; L to R: County Health Director - Dr. Merle E. Smith, Mrs. Marie Curie - Public Health Nurse Supervisor. From special "New Horizons Edition". "Directs County Health Department"; L to R: County Attorney Laurance T. Wren, Deputies Robert W. Warden, Jerry L. Smith. For Special "New Horizons Edition". "County Attorney and Staff".
March 27, 1961
L to R: Crissy Arnsten, Becky Womack, Prescilla Urias, Crystal Welch. Planning for Flag Junior High Event. "Open House".
March 28, 1961
Rehabilitation Center Fund Drive. L to R: Ray Larkey, Paul Guess, J.A. "Andy" Buntin, William Tuttle, Robert Somerville. "Fund Campaign"; 1961 Arizona Boys State - Flag Delegates. L to R: Dick Phalan, Charles Babbitt, Dick Lloyd - All Front. Back: David Krebs, Pete Stilley, Phil Dirksen. "Flagstaff Host City"; Flag Girls State Delegates. L to R: Marni Rezzonico, Marcia Crozier. Glenna Whiting. "Flagstaff Girl Staters"; Mayor Rollin Wheeler Cutting Birthday Cake. L to R: City Council Members: William S. Young Sr., Louis Chacon, John Vandevier, Peter Viotti, Dr. Peter J. Lindemann Jr. Below Right: Dr. Jay L. Sitterley. "Wheeler's Well Wishes".
March 29, 1961
L to R: Mr. William J. Dokes, Flag Junior High Principal Don Clark, Junior High President Bill Dokes, Mrs. Dokes. "Junior High Open House Successful"; L to R: Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Lintz, Rusty Penland at Flag Junior High Open House. "Parent - Teacher - Student Assoc. "Plug for Proposed PTSA"; Parent - Teacher - Student Assoc. Seated: Co-chair Clyde Price, School Superintendent - Sturgeon Cromer, Co-chair Russ Falkner. Standing: Flag High Principal Paul Schreiber, Jr. High Principal Don Clark. "PTSA Prime Movers"; Standing: Junior High President Bill Dokes, Jr. High Dean James Sanders, Flag High President Bobby D'Mura. Seated: Asst. School Superintendent W.F. Killip, PTSA Committee co-chair Clyde Price. Parent - Teacher - Student Assoc."Students Included"; See Page 7, AZ Daily Sun - 3/29/61 for names. Northland Chamber of Commerce Executives. "Northland's Executives"; L to R: John McCullough, in cab - Jim Driscoll, Tom Driscoll, Marin Brott, John Baur, Patrick Nackard, Ada Jones. Cub Scout Den 1, Pack 25 with miniature train they built. "Big Project"; Kiwanis and Rotary welcome 37 educators from 10 countries. "Warm Greeting"; L to R: Dan Godak, Air Force Tech Sgt. John H. Bartlett, Carol Massey, WAC Capt. Dorothy Jerrison, Dan Cancino, Navy Chief Petty Officer Ben Owen, Army Master Sgt. Jack Dodd, Bob Fronske. Flag High School. "Career Day".
March 30, 1961
L to R: Joe Pangston, Tom Goodman, Bryce McEven, Mike Porter, Troop Leader Lee Romney, Jim Wilinson, Jerry Romney, Norman Jackson. Troop 27. "Scouts Havasu Canyon Hike"; L to R: Mrs. Ed Hood, Mrs. and Mr. Carol Orr, Flag Junior High Librarian Wanda Penland. "Open House"; L to R: Career Day Committee Member Mrs. Pete Pouquette, Pete Lintz, Martin B. Applequist - ASC, Mrs. Ken Fredrickson - Committee Chair, Steve Medigovish, Marie Curry - Public Health. Comm. With Speakers. "Williams High School Career Day"; Tito Montez - on bottom wrestling Tarzan Tourville in match at Lumberjack Gym. "Costly Effort".
March 31, 1961
Civil Air Patrol. L to R: Len Sonka, Russ Dunlap, CAP Commander Malcom Miles, Gwen Leas, Frank Michelbach. Search for plane with brothers Virgil and Farr Whiting. "Join Air Search"; Kids Building Snow Structures on N. Talkinton. "Igloos Too".
April , 1961
The following days have no associated negatives; 2, 9, 11, 14, 16, 23, 30.
April 1, 1961
L to R: Kay and Viann Norvel, Easter Bunny - Mrs. N.L. Norvell. "Easter Basket Hunt"; Republican Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives - Dist. 2, Mac Matheson. "Northlands Visit"; Demolition of Babbitt Warehouse at Aspen and Agassiz - For New Post Office. "Out With the Old"; L to R: Dr. H.S. Beckwith, Nurses Mrs. D. Johnson, Mrs. M. Peart. "Winslow gets Incubator"; Standing: W.W. Halligan - Field Coordinator of Distributive Education of U. of A. "Tourist Promotion by Williams Chamber of Commerce".
April 3, 1961
Storm run-off from Anderson Mesa into Lower Lake Mary. "Northland Streams Run Full"; Run-off from major snow storm in late March. "Gushing Water"; L to R: Mrs. Licina DeVaney - Flag. Past Pres., Mrs. Edna Wirtwood - Soroptomist Pacific Regional Governor, Mrs. Vi Hull - Flagstaff Vice Pres., Mrs. Muriel Eversvill - Vice Pres. Sedona Club. "Soroptomist Governor"; Catholic Youth Club of Guadalupe Parish. L to R: Mary Roth, Emma Jean Contreras, Jennie Lomeli, Esther Almaraz, Terry Britt, Robert Reyes, Florence Paulwamus, Betty Padilla, Bruce Roth, Steven Almaraz. "Easter Egg Hunt".
April 4, 1961
Flag Kiwanis. L to R: Front: Andy Wolf, Bill McCormick, Don Morris, Ray Martinez. Back: Harry Biller, George McCullough, Max Spilsbury, Joe Babbitt Jr., Elmer Hubbard Jr. Old-timers charity football. "Planning for Benefit Ball Game".
April 5, 1961
Flag Naval Reserve. L to R: Commander R.J. Craig - 11th Naval District, Chief Petty Officer Lester Bell, Lt. Commander Jeff Ferris - Both Flag. "Flag Takes Honors".
April 6, 1961
See AZ. Daily Sun - April 6, 1961 - P.1 for names. "Work Underway on New Jail"; At blackboard - Norman Johnson. "Forest Service Learns First Aid"; L to R: Ron Lowrie, Paul Harper, Bill Tyler. Flagmen Car Club of Flagstaff. "Flag Dragster Wins Class"; L to R: Mrs. W.E. Stanfill, Mrs. G.F. "Buster" Radebaugh, Mrs. Joe Lipinski, Mrs. Frank Schloss. "Alpine Garden Club New Officers"; Flag Naval Reserve Unit Inspection. L to R: Lt. Commander J. Brown, Lt. Commander A.S. McLemore, Commander R.J. Craig. All from 11th Naval District. "Passing Grade".
April 7, 1961
L to R: County Attorney Laurence Wren, Sheriff Cecil Richardson. "Crime Prevention".
April 8, 1961
L to R: County GOP Chair Douglas C. Wall, Mrs. Till Hutchison, AZ Attorney General Paul Pickrell, Mrs. Pickrell, Robert Bishop - County GOP. "Funds for GOP".
April 10, 1961
Veterans of Foreign Wars. L to R: Bernice Hansen, Dixie Lukus, Arlene Naples, Irby Mae Ford, Emma Moore - Kingman and Installing Officer, Ann O'Connell, Mary Ellen McLaughlin, Nora Cortez, Dolerita Cortez - Tuba City - Installing Conductress. "VFW Auxiliary Installs"; For engagement story: Phyllis Babbitt and John P. Nugent. "Miss Mary Phyllis Babbitt".
April 12, 1961
Construction of Williams Swimming Pool. "Williams Swimming Pool".
April 13, 1961
Flagstaff Librarian Mrs. John "Pearl" Rolley. "New Library Book"; John LaRoche, Esther Lugo. Wedding Picture. Esther Lugo, John LaRoche wed in Williams Church.
April 15, 1961
L to R: Kerri Davis, Sherry Coulson, Linda Wacker, Nancy Revele, Jim Hevelane, Dale Ottoson. Flag Junior High students on field trip to Flagstaff Airport. "Academic Award"; L to R: Front: Susan Priser, Angelita Hernandez, Sine McCormick. Back: Mike Prizer, David Krevs, Eddie Applequist, Larry Krebs. Far right: Instructor Charles McCormick. Flag Jr. High students at Junior Academy of Science at ASU. "Flag's Young Scientists"; Winslow Catcher - Bob Goswick, Flag High Batter - Bob Willingham. "Action at Home"; Flag High 1st Baseman - Skip Lowrie, Winslow Pitcher Don Shark. "Oh! Blast It".
April 17, 1961
Holbrook Invitational Track Meet. Jim Miles - Window Rock, Winner of Pole Vault 10'6". "Smooth and Easy"; Holbrook Invitational Track Meet. Leading: Jack Monroe, next: Gary Robb. Both Winslow High. "New Holbrook Record"; Flag High vs. Glendale. Flag High 1st baseman Skip Lowrie - Safe. Glendale Catcher Mike Storm waiting for ball. "Safe at Home"; Williams High vs. Holbrook. Pat Hendricks - Holbrook. "Shutout Contest".
April 18, 1961
Excavations for new County Jail. "New County Jail"; See page 5 Az. Daily Sun, April 18, 1961 for names. "Visit of Vice President of the Rebekah Assembly in Flag"; Flagstaff Community Hospital Auxiliary Ways and Means Committee w/ purebred basset. L to R: Mrs. Grant Sattem, Mrs. George Yard, Mrs. Donald J. Morris, Mrs. Bert B. Baker. "Work Stops"; One of two Library Families of the Year. L to R: Herbert Gregg Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Herb Gregg, Patricia Gregg. "Avid Readers"; One out of two library families of the year. L to R: Mr. Charles D. Moore, Stephen Moore, Cheryl Moore, Mrs. Moore. "Avid Readers"; Flagstaff Catholic Daughters of America. L to R: Mrs. Robert Grace - Vice Grand Regent, Mrs. Peter J. Lindemann Jr., Mrs. John Rolley - Librarian and Grand Regent. "New Library Books"; L to R: Ken Ellis, Gary Freedle, Scott Wilson, Jim Driscoll, Steve Jackson. Rear: Coach - Mrs. William Freedle. "League Titalist".
April 19, 1961
L to R: Mrs. Betty Bachestein, Mrs. Shirley Grace, Mrs. Harriet Wilson, Mrs. Juanita Guess. Seated: Mayor Rollin Wheeler."Proclaims National Secretaries Week"; Rev. and Mrs. Powell Green. First Methodist Church Winslow. "Silver Anniversary"; L to R: Terry Pope, Rudy Sedillo, Bob Leonard - Sponsor and Coach, Dennis Peppard, Kent Leonard. "Flag., State Junior Champions"; L to R: Kneeling: Laura Ingram. Standing: Rianna Stiers, Judy Marshall, Coach Mary Pope, Pat Smith, Ann Switzer. "Young Ladies Junior Champions".
April 20, 1961
Kindergarten Class. Standing: L to R: Mike McDougall, Stephan Winburn, Mona Southworth, Glenn Reed. Seated: Paige Eiting, Russell Freeman, Chuckie Halbert, Sherry Hill, Teacher - Mrs. Carl Cureton, Denise Foster. "Williams Library Week"; L to R: Cheryl Saunders, Wanda Cook, Micki Winfield, Jim Havelon, Noel Logan. Flag Junior High Drama Club. Scene from "A Certain Just Man". "Flag Plays"; L to R: Seated: Mrs. Art Edmunson, Mrs. Tom Urias, Mrs. Reef Kelly. Standing: Mrs. Jack Clark, Mrs. John Lockwood. "New City PTA Council Officers"; No ID's. Black Canyon Highway Assoc. "Black Canyon Highway Meeting"; Seated: L to R: Mrs. Bertha Burrus, Mrs. Delia Hart, Mrs. Irby Mae Ford. Standing: Mrs. Thelma Williams, Mrs. Hazel Talkington. 19th Anniversary. "Soroptomist Club"; L to R: Bill Bergen, John Feeney, Rusty Brouse, Kurt Wenzel, no ID. "Bantam Battlers"; L to R: Frances Ingerson, Kathy Welbon, Coach Angie Miller, Adela Miller, Carol Weldon. Flag Girls Bantam Bowling. "Third in State".
April 21, 1961
No Injuries. Highway 66, East Flag. "Escape Injuries"; L to R: James D. Shower, Ken Springer, Andy Guthrie - All Phx., R.G. Babbitt - Flag, Jim Ross - Phx., W.D. James - Flag. Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. "Northlands Visit"; See. AZ. Daily Sun. 4/21/61 - P.2 for names. "Flagstaff Catholic Vets Meet"; Seated: L to R: Mrs. Jerry Gibson, Mrs. William Gandis. Standing: Mrs. Norm Borg, Mrs. M.S. Torgerson, Mrs. Raymond R. Hagelberg. Junior Women’s Club Winner. "Flagstaff Junior Women's Club"; At Left: Mrs. Lorraine Curry. Select Students from Flag 6th and 7th Grades. "District Chorus"; L to R: Tom Gardner, Gordon Hunt, Walter Mann. "Williams Rotary Officers".
April 22, 1961
L to R: Conrad L. Wirth - Director of National Park Service, Frank Sylvester - Williams Native - Special Assistant to Wirth. National Park Officials meeting at Grand Canyon. "Early Arrival"; L to R: Willard Harkey - Pres. Northern Arizona Board of Realtors, Dr. Rexer Berndt - Chamber of Commerce, R. 6 "Ted" Babbitt - Chamber President, Hal Jackson - Chamber Secretary - Manager. "Realtors Week"; "Williams Baptist Church".
April 24, 1961
At Right: Ruth Wright with Scout Leaders from Verde Valley and Northern AZ. "Cub Scout Programming"; L to R: Rachael Tenney, Dora Turley - Both Prescott, Vivian Morris, Gloria Slipher, Jenni Ferrell - All Flagstaff. University of Scouting. "Scout Displays"; L to R: Juanita Guess, Robert M. Bishop - Scout Executive. Grand Canyon Council of Boy Scouts. "Secretary of the Year"; Sedona Sheriff's Posse Rodeo. "Stop You Critter"; L to R: Lee Bradley III, Philip Bradley. Winners in Downtown Merchant Silver Dollar Promotion. "Double Winners".
April 25, 1961
Standing: Earl Bimson - V.P. Valley National Bank. Seated: R.G. "Ted" Babbitt - Pres. Flag Chamber of Commerce. "Industry for Flagstaff"; Alpine Garden Club. L to R: Mrs. W.S. Corey, Mrs. Stan Hopkins, Mayor Rollin Wheeler, Mrs. W.E. Stanfill. "Anti-litterbugs"; Seated: 11 year old John Wilson w/ Game and Fish Instructor Levi Packard.; Gladys Kleindienst, Ted L. Cox. "Mr. and Mrs. Ted Cox".
April 26, 1961
L to R: Lem Wylie - Bureau of Reclamation, Max Lewellyn - Operations V.P. for Ariz. Public Service, Al Bacon - Representing Contractors Merritt - Chapman and Scott. "Power for Page"; American Legion - Mark A. Moore Post 3. L to R: Kneeling: Robert Brochnow, Glen Compton, Kay Compton, T.V. Long. Standing: Bill Pierce, Art Kennedy, Present Fred Manning, Ray Prochnow, Harry Biller, Jack Fine, Francis Osborn. "Night for Past Commanders"; L to R: Donald E. Atha, Richard G. Short, J.E. Bryson, E.J. Sobley, Robert G. Splawn, Ronald Stiers, Kenneth Stice, William R. Sass, Commanding Officer - Lt. Commander Jeff Ferris, Coconino Superior Court Judge H.G. Russell. Naval Reserve. "Judge Congratulates New Seamen"; See AZ. Daily Sun April 26, 1961 - P.7 for names. "Student Concert".
April 27, 1961
Flag High Track and Field. L to R: Jack Miller, John Winsley. "Eagle Backbone"; Flag High Eagle Basketball Practice. No ID. "Slide, Man, Slide"; Epsilon Sigma Alpha. L to R: Seated: Mrs. Donald Skaggs, Mrs. Bob Crozier. Standing: Mrs. Leon Pearsall, Mrs. George Andreatus, Mrs. Robert "Buck" Clark, Mrs. Bruce Crozier, Mrs. Robert Elvey. "Beta Kappa Chapter"; Kappa Alpha Chapter - Epsilon Sigma Alpha. L to R: Mrs. Steven Aginiga, Mrs. George Andreatos, Mrs. Bob Crozier, Mrs. Ross Elvey, Mrs. Kenneth Christensen. "New Pledges".
April 28, 1961
L to R: Mr. Kuntzleman, Ray Kuntzelman, Rev. Robert Warren - First Baptist Church. God and Country Medal. "Explorer Scout Honored"; At Left: City Public Works Director H.A. "Art" Kennedy, Lester Bell. Painting crosswalk near Emerson School. "Clean Up, Paint Up"; Flag High Track and Field. L to R: Tom Palmer, Tom Bates, Stanley Langston. "Eagle Distance Stars"; Flag High Track and Field. Bob Young. "Shot Put Artist".
April 29, 1961
Simulated attack on Flagstaff Airport. Part of National Civil Defense Alert. No ID's.; L to R: Mitchell Kline - Rare Metals Inc., Ted Justes - Rotary President, State Senator Robert Prochnow - Guest Speaker, Rotarian Herschel Stiffley - Fred Harvey Manager at Canyon, Rotarian Joseph Fackler - Western Gold and Uranium. "Grand Canyon Rotary Speaker"; L to R: Joseph Fackler - Western Gold and Uranium, Bernard Mergen - Az. Development Commission, State Senator Robert W. Prochnow, Sec. of the Interior Stewart Vaall, Conrad L. Wirth - National Park Service Director, Hal Jackson - Flag Chamber of Commerce, Ned Hatalhi - Navajo Tribe. "Handle on Northland Uranium Problem"; South Beaver School. "Music Program"; Beta Sigma Phi. L to R: Mrs. William Mowbray, Mrs. Lester Wright, Mrs. W.P. Morse, Mrs. Bill Hickey, Mrs. Frank Shafer. "Girls of the Year"; Flag High vs. Scottsdale. Flag High Player, Clyde Joe, heading to 3rd base. "Still a Chance".
May , 1961
The following days have no associated negatives; 3, 7, 11, 14, 20, 21, 23, 28.
May 1, 1961
Seated: Carlos Mayorga. Standing: L to R: Charles Britt, Jesse Yinguez, Tony Nunez, Don Johnson. Our Lady of Guadalupe. "Parish Council Officers"; L to R: Seated: Simon Crado, C.J. Halliday, Tony Richardson, Art Kennedy. Standing: T.M. McMasters, Joe Gonzales, Pete Honyeava, Harry Biller, James W. Hamilton, Red Hollingsworth - far right. Not all named. Shooting Squad - Amer. Legion. "Honored at Legion"; L to R: Chief Game and Fish Law Enforcement Officer Cliff Sorrells, Management Chief Larry Powell, Department Director R.J. Smith, District Game and Fish Manager Levi Packard, Tom McCullogh - Coconino Sportsmen's Club. "At Game and Fish Hearing"; No ID. ASC all student rodeo at City Park. "Off on Wild Ride"; Seated: Lura Kinsey. Standing: L to R: Marena Palmer, Paggy Gotcher, Janice Carlton, Lucille Moore, Jim Havelone, Flag Junior High Principal Don Clark. Winners in Masonic Essay Contest. "Tops in State".
May 2, 1961
Gene Strege. "Destruction Derby Trophies"; Pack 25 - Nativity School with Woodmen of the World flag. Scouts: L to R: John D'Mura, Richard Lopez, Ronnie Ahumada, Martin Britt, David Yniquez. Adults: Richard Mayorga, Jesse Yniquez - Both with Woodmen, Den Mother - Mrs. Wayne Ward, Scoutmaster - Willis Baur. "Proud of New Flag".
May 4, 1961
Pey Catalina. Borate Bomber at Winslow Airport. "Readying for 'Bombing' Run"; Viotti Furniture 104 W. Birch. "New Furniture Store Opens"; ASC Athletes heading to Silver City, N.M. for spring sports meet. "Axer Athletes Away".
May 5, 1961
No accurate ID. VFW Poppy Sale. "Buy a Buddy Poppy"; Flagstaff Stake of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. "Dance Festival"; L to R: Raymond A. Smith - County Farm Bureau Pres., William C. Davis - State Exec. Director, Marvin R. Morrison - State President, Dr. A. William Jasper - American Farm Bureau, William A. Hicks - State Director. "Farm Bureau Conclave"; At Federated Church - preparing for Spring Banquet. L to R: Mrs. Mel Helsel, Mrs. William Clark, Mrs. H.M. Leamon, Mrs. Lawrence Frederic. "Preparation Underway".
May 6, 1961
Yellow Rose Dance - Beta Sigma Phi. L to R: Seated: Mrs. A. John Briel, Mrs. W.P. Morse, Miss Dena Sheehan. Standing: Mrs. Earl C. Slipher Jr., Mrs. Tom Shuck, Mrs. Marion Gordon Jr. "Annual Cancer Project".
May 8, 1961
L to R: Lily Gabaldon - Holbrook, Alice Hernandez - Winslow, Queen Lala Tafoya - Winslow, Lucille Florez - Flagstaff, Margaret Barreras - Winslow. Winslow Cinco de Mayo. "Winslow Girl Wins"; Holbrook shot-putter Jim Colligen. Holbrook Track and Field meet. "State Bound"; Alchesay High School pole vaulter Mike Kirkpatrick. Holbrook Track and Field meet. "Not Quite".
May 9, 1961
Viola Babbitt. Honored by Gamma Phi Beta.; Parent-Teacher-Student Association. Officers Underlined. L to R: Mr. and Mrs. Jack Jacobsen, Major and Mrs. M.A. Martinez, Joe Tissaw Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Julian de Miquel, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Faulkner - "Barbara". "Flagstaff PTSA Officers"; Child with heart defect being sent to City of Hope Medical Center in Los Angeles for operation. L to R: Sam Shrigly - Mngr. Southwest Forest Industries, Monte Jim Jr., Jim Young - Northern Arizona Heart Assoc. "Cure for the Heart"; See Arizona Daily Sun May 9, 1961 - P.6 for names. Pom Pom Girls of Flag High. "Something Extra"; L to R: Elden Porter, Jerald Carter, Robert Turner, Lee Fitzhugh, Elmer Hubbard Jr. #2,3,4 - New Members. "New Kiwanians".
May 10, 1961
L to R: Air Force Sgt. John H. Bartlett Local Recruiter, Airman 3rd Class Peggy J. Wade. "Home on Leave"; 2nd Grade Class - Kinsey School. ID but in no order. "Fun in School"; American Legion Officers. L to R: Seated: B.J. Going, Fred Manning, Leon Carlson, Lester Bell, Clair Hill. Standing: Simon Prado, John Gonzales, H.C. Lokker, H.M. Osborn. "A New Year"; Gamma Beta Chapter Epsilon Sigma Alpha. L to R: Mrs. Paul Black, Mrs. Joe Rolle, Mrs. Murl Carter, Mrs. Neil Christensen, Mrs. Charles Fauset, Mrs. William B. Mitchell. "New Officers"; Gamma Beta Chapter - Epsilon Sigma Alpha. L to R: Mrs. Robert Stevens - State Education Award, Mrs. Jack Jorgensen - 15 year pin, Mrs. Joe Rolle - 10 year pin. "Win Awards"; Coconino Sportsmen Meeting. L to R: Seated: Ed Ford - Coco. Sportsmen, Roger Bumstead - Az. Game and Fish, Ray Housley - Fish and Wildlife Service. Standing: Milton Evans - Coco Sportsmen, Dean Earl - Forest Service. "Pre-meeting Talk".
May 12, 1961
Flagstaff Chorale. L to R: Front: Lucille Welch, Ruth Ann Howell, Suzanne Richardson, Lucy Alice Houston. Middle: William Arthur, Beth Dennis, Gretchen Hoffman, Mary Lee Carter, Helen Sands. Back: Ken West, Charles Fairchild, Jim Libson, Tom Wenstrand. "Concert Tomorrow"; Mrs. H.C. Price w/ piece of wallpaper used as newsprint during the Civil War in the South. "Turning Point"; See Az. Daily Sun - May 12, 1961 P.14 for names. "Brownies Tour Sun Plant"; Daily Sun Publisher Platt Cline w/ Stephan Borris - President ASC Chapter Student National Education Association. Cline Receives Plaque from Arizona Education Assoc.. "Sun Publisher Honored".
May 13, 1961
John Taylor with snowed-in bike. "Snow and Trouble"; ASC vs. Nevada Southern. Lumberjack infielder Jim Wilson makes solid hit. "Wham"; Front: L to R: Steve Voelker, Wesley Simpson, Ronald Stiers. Back: Bob Willingham, Steve Bojorquez. Flag High. "Track Winners".
May 15, 1961
West of Flagstaff. "Seven Hurt"; Wedding photo for paper. "Mr. Jerry Allen Leas"; All Indian Junior Rodeo at City Park Pow-wow Grounds. "Whoa, Boy".
May 16, 1961
L to R: City Water Use and Utilization Commission Chair - Andy Wolf, USGS District Geologist P. Eldon Dennis. "Good Water News"; Mr. and Mrs. Phillip C. Hart. He was Electronics Engineer of missile tracking ship on 30 day leave at time of Allan Shepard's flight. "Missed Him"; Babe Ruth Baseball. Indians vs. Giants. Umpire: Claude Cobb. Catcher: Bill Dokos - Giants. Batter: Tommy Coleman - Indians. "First Batter".
May 17, 1961
In front: Sheriff Cecil Richardson. Middle: Murder suspect David Mier. Back: no ID. Accused of killing his wife. "Heading for Hearing"; Major Richard Cameron - Navajo Ordinance previous hitDepot next hit. Display for Armed Forces Day. "In Flagstaff"; See Arizona Daily Sun P. 7, May 17, 1961 for names. Flag Junior High Girls Intramural Softball Team 9I. "School Champions"; See Arizona Daily Sun P.7, May 17, 1961 - for names. Flag Junior High Intramural Softball - Girls. Team 8G. "Class Champions".
May 18, 1961
New Flagstaff at Chamber of Commerce made from Ponderosa Pine. "A Flagstaff in Flagstaff"; L to R: Wally Wusienhofea - Germany, Birthe Leth - Denmark, Benthe Wexcer - Denmark, Aina Karlsen - Norway, Lisa Marie Svensen - Norway, Hanne Rosenfelut - Denmark, Anne Gretheejersted - Denmark. Continental Trailways Bus Hostesses. "An Attractive Display"; Coconino Country Club. "Clubhouse Taking Shape".
May 19, 1961
American Association of University Women. L to R: Mrs. Charles O. Minor - Sec., Mrs. George Burns - Pres.. "AAVW New Officers"; Williams Business and Professional Women's Club. L to R: Fern Rigg, Mrs. Howard Walker, Mrs. Jessie Whitney, Mrs. A.G. Wilson, Mrs. Eddie Weigel. Seated: Mrs. W.E. Taylor, Mrs. Pete Pouquette. "Williams Women"; Flagstaff Junior Womens Club. L to R: Mrs. Gerry Graham, Mrs. Malcom Torgerson, Mrs. Herbert Swanson, Mrs. Kenneth Christensen, Mrs. Robert Jarvie, Mrs. Willis Bauer. "Flagstaff Club"; L to R: Mrs. Jennie Ferrell, Mrs. Helen Maben, Mrs. Natividad Demiguel, Mrs. Mary Featherston. "Mt. Elden PTA"; From Miss Peggy Davis Dancing Class. Prince: Bobby Mier. Cinderella: Susan Canfield. "Cinderella and the Prince".
May 22, 1961
L to R: Mrs. Helen Choisser, Mrs. Zella David, Mrs. Helen Shavonis, Mrs. Lida Richardson, Mrs. Allene Church, Mrs. Melba Basinski. "New Officers of Pilot Club of Flagstaff".
May 24, 1961
L to R: Seated: Martha Synerholm, Donna Davis. Standing: Anne Harlow, Gesine McCormick, Florence Diltz. Flag High Students attending 3rd annual publications workshop at ASC. "Journalism Course"; Arthur James Chaffin murder trial. Members of jury visit railcar from which Ernest Chaffin disappeared 10/2/60. Not Guilty Verdict. "On the Scene Inspection".
May 25, 1961
Mexican Irrigation Department Delegation. L to R: in suits: Mayor Rollin Wheeler, R.G. "Ted" Babbitt. No others ID'd.; Seated: L to R: Neal McLeod - Highway Patrol, Bill Stewart - Flag. Police Dept., Bob Cline - Az. Daily Sun and Sheriff's Deputy. Standing: Jim Conway - ASC Police. Bill Brady - State Parole Officer. "Police Convention"; Ponderosa Market Team. L to R: Hoppy Roark, Jim Babcock, Bob Smith - Captain, Sy Hall. "Champion Bowlers"; Sportsman's Trio League. L to R: Gyula Horvath, Kenny Patterson, Bob "Wheezer" Veazey. "Individual Stars".
May 26, 1961
8 year old Bonnie Sue Shoebrooks. Burned in a car fire 5/12/61. "A Long Road"; Weitzel School PTA. Seated: L to R: Mrs. Lloyd Jewell, Mrs. Robert Collins, Mrs. Joe Brown, Mrs. Jesse Thorp. Standing: Mrs. Kenneth Wilson, Frank Cosseboom. "New Officers"; Woodmen of the World present flag to "Improved Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks Daughters". At left: Mrs. Grady Neal - Ruler, Mrs. Dorseena Hobson - Chaplain. At right: Louis Chacon - W.O.W. Council Commander, Dorothy Jean Johnson. "Flag Presented"; Our Lady of Guadalupe. L to R: Dolores Espino, Cathy Jameson, Angie Roth, Charles Britt, Esperanza Terillo, Esther Alfaro. "Planning Dinner"; Front: L to R: Christie Harenberg, Denise Greer, Susie Richards. Back: Mrs. Ann Harenberg, Mrs. Vickie Day, Mrs. Guevere Rogers, Mrs. Marina Roberts, Mrs. Barbara Adams. "Style Show of LDS Church 2nd Ward"; Mt. Elden Intramural Softball. L to R: Front: Robert Alonzo, Gary Bailey, Larry Tonberg, Richard Tyler, Daniel Sedillo. Back: Coach John Sudekum, Eddie Duran, Paul Myers, Terry Pope, Eugene Dash, Eugene Fisher, Gilbert Ramirez, David Vallejo. "The Champions"; Defense Attorney John M. "Jack" Grace, Arthur James Chaffin - accused of pushing father from train in October, 1960. "Waiting for Verdict".
May 27, 1961
Improved Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks Daughters. L to R: Corene Neal, Laura B. Rushing, Myrtis Bradford. "New Members"; Flagstaff Electrical Appliance Dealers at Arizona Public Service Comp. hosted event. "Patio Barbecue"; Soroptomist Club. Standing: L to R: Mrs. Ann Hall, Mrs. H.M. Leamon, Mrs. Venna Grasmoen, Mrs. Lucina DeVaney, Mrs. Thelma Williams, Mrs. Fred Manning - "Phyllis". Seated: Mrs. George Fleming, Mrs. Leonard Talkington. "Treasure Fair and Silver Tea".
May 29, 1961
L to R: Arthur James Chaffin, Mother - Mrs. Anna Lee Chaffin, Wife - Lilian Chaffin, Defense Attorney John H. "Jack" Grace. "Smiles and Tears"; L to R: Deputy County Attorney Robert Warden, Mrs. Anna Lee Chaffin, Arthur Chaffin's Brother-in-law - Junius Groves."A Hand for the Prosecutor"; Arthur James Chaffin w/ arm around mother - Anna Lee Chaffin. Leaving Courthouse. "Out of the Shadow of Death"; L to R: Elmer Grave, Vidal D. Rivera, Grand Knight Tom McHenry, Dick Deltenre - Past Grand Knight, Paul Benefield, Alice Kolomitz, Lindey Chiaramonte in Winslow. "Knights of Columbus Convene"; 1 year scholarship to ASC. L to R: Mrs. Helen Choisser - Pres. American Legion Auxiliary Unit No. 3, Mrs. Nancy Sudekum. "Wins Legion Auxiliary Scholarship"; Larry Dane Evans, Mother - Mrs. Lonnie Evans of Winslow. At "Larry Dane Evans Day" Event. Winslow raised funds to send him to the Olympics for the Deaf in Helsinki, Finland. "The Big Day".
May 30, 1961
L to R: Mrs. Delilah Wright, Mrs. Helen Kruske, Mrs. Maude A. Jakle, Mrs. Myrtle Wells. WWII and Korea. "Gold Star Mothers"; Saginaw and Manistee Lumber Mill fire. "Firey Wake for a Landmark".
May 31, 1961
Flag Junior High. L to R: Cindy Bollander, Gail Moore - Salutatorian, Mary Minor - Valedictorian, Deborah Hoyt - Salutatorian, Julie Gibson, Sandy Moore, Linda Bailey. "Win Honors"; L to R: Ken Wayman - Sales Manager, Leon Steves - President Steves Bros. Construction at model home in Greenlaw Estates #7.
June , 1961
The following days have no associated negatives; 1, 4, 6, 11, 15, 18, 20, 25.
June 2, 1961
L to R: Laura Gardner, Marty Gardner, Daily Sun Staff Mary Cortez. With Baby Antelope. "Don't Do This!"; State Veterans of Foreign Wars Convention. L to R: Front: Wilford Hansen, John Justus, Bob Ward, William Johnson, Kenneth McLaughlin - Post Commander, Co-chair. Rear: Charles Boling, W.R. Brown - Co-chair, L.R. Harkey, Tony Nunes. "They've Been Working on the Convention"; Labor Trades Apprenticeship. L to R: Gene Holder, Steve Medigovich, County Attorney Laurence T. Wren, W.E. Naumann, John T. Douthit, Norman Erb, Frank G. Michelbach, John E. Dennerline. "At Apprenticeship Council Meeting"; Arizona Apprenticeship Council Meeting. L to R: Calvin T. James - ASC, Charles T. Slack - Coconino-Navajo Central Trades Council Chair, AAC Sec. William A. Gray, AAC Employee Rep. Howard B. Myers, State Employment Service Director James A. Rork, Employer Director Joseph C. Van de Water, Public Member Father John Doran, Employee Representative Frank G. Benites. "Pre-session Confab"; Sioux City Iowa Colored Cowboys vs. Flagstaff Carpeteers. L to R: Bob Dempster - Flag, Margand "Showboat" Buckner - Cowboys, Ray Macias - Flag Pitcher, Soloman "Treetop" Patrick - Cowboys pitcher, Joe Arredondo - Flag. "Small, Medium, Big"; Little League Baseball. L to R: Glyde McGlothin - District 1 representative for Little League Baseball, Mr. and Mrs. Jess Yniguez. He's an umpire. "Parents Needed"; L to R: Mrs. Don Jackson - Williams Park Board, Mrs. Ray Hacker - Park Board, Mrs. Bob Swetak - Williams Chapter American Red Cross. "For Williams Pool Safety".
June 3, 1961
'61 Boy's State. Peter Bruckner - Attending, William E. Stone - American Legion, Dick Edwards - Attending. "Boy's State"; L to R: Betty Charton, Marcia Crozier, Sharon Brinton, Mrs. Helen Choisser - Pres. American Legion Auxiliary, Pat Krutz - Girl's State Governor, Mrs. Harold Bribble - Girl's State Director, Glenna Whiting, Marni Rezzonico. "Girl's Staters"; L to R: Mrs. G.F. Neuman, Mrs. Billy Derryberry, Mrs. Jerome McGraw, Mrs. Martin Jensen, Mrs. Carroll Latham - County Home Demonstration Agent. "Sewing Machine Clinic".
June 5, 1961
Az. Firefighters Assoc. L to R: Jim Louchner - Glendale, Bob Saturley - Tucson, Earl Hunt - Safford, Bill Casson - Kingman, Willard Taylor - Phoenix, Capt. Bernard Raebel - Yuma, Jack Custer - Prescott. "Firemen Elect Officers at Williams"; Jimmy Womack Jr. with Kokanee salmon in right hand. 19 inches, 3 pounds. Caught at Ashurst. Dad caught smaller fish. "A Good Catch"; Kelly, the Wonder Bear. Owner-trainer R.W. Barnes. Performing at both Babbitt Thriftway Market. "Hitchhiker".
June 7, 1961
Fraternal Order of Police State Meeting. L to R: William Moore, Jay White, Patrick McCollum, A.L. Holly, Bill Purden, M.L. Richardson. "FOP Officers"; Fraternal Order of Police Auxiliary. L to R: Sue Ejel, Leigh Jones, Olivia Ovieda, Verna Johnson, Mary Kimmell, Barbara Sage, Angelita Howell, Aleta Cramer. "Auxiliary Officers".
June 8, 1961
State Veterans of Foreign Wars convention. L to R: K.L. McLaughlin - Host Commander, Governor Paul Fannin, Eugene A. Robson - Department Commander. "VFW Leaders"; State Veterans of Foreign Wars Convention. L to R: W.P. Hansen - Flag., H.J. Van Petten - Winslow. "Northland VFW Candidates"; LDS member Ron Little walking from Mexico to Utah with his pushcart. "Curiosity Wins"; Guadalupe Parish Event. L to R: Carlos Mayorga, Tony Nunez, Charles Britt. "Plan Benefit Dinner"; Bonnie Sue Shoebrook. 8 year old burned in car fire. L to R: Daily Sun Publisher Platt Cline, Esteemed Leading Knight Flag Elks Club. "More for Bonnie Sue".
June 9, 1961
State Veterans of Foreign Wars Convention. L to R: Leo L. Peart - Winslow, Troy Jenkins - Winslow, National Senior Vice Commander in Chief Robert F. Hansen - Minnesota, H.J. Van Petten - Winslow. "Top VFW Brass"; State Veterans of Foreign Wars Convention. L to R: Arky Burnham - Past Commander - Globe - Working in Flagstaff, Rollin W. Shaw - Phoenix - First State Commander - oversaw construction of Fort Tuthill, James D. Walkup - Past Department Commander - Formally of Flagstaff, Arnold Bradshaw - Utah, National Councilman for Utah, AZ, NM. "VFW Commanders"; L to R: Lee Pedrick, Bill Morris, William Wagenstein - Morristown, Tenn., Bill Preston, Jack Richards, Wagenstein biking from Tenn. to Las Vegas for 43 Optimist International Convention. "Optimist Cycler Visits Flag"; Bonnie Shoebrooks - 8 year old burned in car fire. L to R: Sister - Karen, Mother - Mrs. Donald H. Galloway, Officer Clinton DeArman - Rescued girl. "Bonnie's Fund Grows"; Arizona Federation of Garden Clubs Award. L to R: Mrs. J.P. Lipinski, Mrs. W.S. Corey, Mrs. John T. Weston. "Wins Certificate".
June 10, 1961
Vintage Motor Car Club of America - in Williams. L to R: James Spurlock - Pres. Phoenix Chapter, Arthur Rippey - Denver - Nat'l Pres. 1910 Packard Series 18 - Rippey owner. "Vintage Auto"; Vintage Motor Car Club of America - Meeting in Williams. At wheel - Sam Arnholz, passenger - Robert Arnholz, Mrs. Anrholz in rear. Wichita, Kansas. 1913 American Underslung. "Unusual, Beautiful Car".
June 12, 1961
Delta Delta Delta Alumni - Planning for event. L to R: Standing: Mrs. Elmer Hubbard Jr., Mrs. Orrin Webber, Mrs. Bill Pickett, Mrs. Virgil Gillenwater, Mrs. F.C. Chiappeti. Seated: Mrs. Clarence Skav, Mrs. W.S. Fennell, Mrs. A.M. McCreary, Mrs. Don Bradshaw.
June 13, 1961
Bonnie Sue Shoebrooks burned in car fire. L to R: Gwen Leas, Coconino - Navajo Central Labor Council: Mary Cortez - Az. Daily Sun receiving check. "Another $100.00 for Bonnie Sue"; L to R: Police Chief William Epperson, Mayor Rollin Wheeler. 15 year Pin. "Service Award"; Hoof beats 4-H Club. L to R: Jack Hall, Martha Hunsarer, Wanda Hunsarer, Susan Creighton, John Babbitt. "4-H Rodeo".
June 14, 1961
L to R: Cub Scout Paul O'Dair, James Hamilton. Veterans of Foreign Wars, Cub Scout Brent Felix. "Flag Day"; Get Well Cards for Bonnie Sue Shoebrooks - burned in car fire in May 1961. Cards from students at Maine Consolidated School in Parks.; L to R: Glenna Whiting, Marcia Crozier. Named outstanding citizens during AZ Girls' State. "Outstanding Girls"; L to R: Mrs. Madelyn Holand, Mrs. Wanda Hull, Mrs. Juanita Guess, Mrs. Lucille Michael, Mrs. Kay Rucker, Mrs. Shirley Grace. New Officers. "National Secretaries Assoc.".
June 16, 1961
Veterans of Foreign Wars Fundraiser. L to R: Standing: John Justis, Bob Murray, Hi Henry, Post Commander K.L. McLaughlin, Don Yerger, Myrtle Peterson, Ron Little. Kneeling: B.J. Hancock, Jim Cobb. "Sick Care Equipment"; American Legion Auxiliary. Seated: L to R: Helen Choisser, Bessie Honyeana, Ethel Leamon, Farah Davis. Standing: Lydia Solberg, Josephine Morales, Mary Nunez. "Auxiliary Officers"; Flagstaff Alumnae. L to R: Mrs. Orrin Compton, Mrs. John Mackler, Mrs. Ralph Bilby, Mrs. Venna Grasmoen. "Gamma Phi Beta".
June 17, 1961
City Street Superintendent - L.D. Hueppelsherser. With shot-up city limit sign. "Not a Target"; L to R: C.C. McGlothin, Larry Dane Evans, C.C. Willingham, E.W. Schulz. Evans Participating in Olympics for the Deaf in Helsinki. "Off to Finland".
June 19, 1961
Federated Church pastor moving to Pennsylvania. L to R: Cheryl, Catherine, Mrs. Gibbs, Rev. Wallace W. Gibbs. "To Leave Flagstaff".
June 21, 1961
Powwow Committee. L to R: Platt Cline, Al Grasmoen, T.M. "Tom" Knoles, Robert W. Prochnow, Sturgeon, Cromer, Andrew L. "Andy" Wolf. "Gone Western"; Cooperative Extension Workshop. L to R: Miss June Gibbs - U of A Extension Nutritionist, Mrs. John Aleman - Pres. Williams Wool Growers, Mrs. Georgianne Sanderson of Bellemont, Mrs. Joy Jordan of Fredonia. "At Freezer Workshop"; Non-injury accident at Western Hills Crossing."Stalled on Tracks"; Attempting to get American Legion Convention in Flag in 1962. L to R: Lester Bell, H.A. "Art" Kennedy, Fred Manning. "Off to State".
June 22, 1961
Flagstaff Master Saddle Maker - Doc Williams with saddle for powwow derby race winner. "Fine Saddle for Top Powwow Rider".
June 23, 1961
Southwest Forest Industries - Snowflake Paper Mill. "First Big Step"; L to R: Coconino Road Supervisor - Fred Kennedy, County Engineer - C.F. Lintz, William J. Warner - American Marietta Co., Fritz Sievertson, Jack Scott - Both Aztec Equipment. Stabilizing dirt road S. of Holbrook w/ salt. "Road Experiment"; L to R: Rachel Merrells, Carol Brown, Bradley Schreiber, Mrs. Mildred Cook - First Federal Savings and Loan awarding Savings accounts. "Smokey Bear Color Winners"; Firestone executive in town for new store opening. L to R: E. Kirkendahl - West Coast Division Sales Manager, B.W. Barker - Flag Manager, H.A. Walmsley - Phoenix District Manager. "Top Brass".
June 24, 1961
Pro-wrestling at Lumberjack Gym. On Mat - Micky Sharp, Yakui Jose Putting on hold. "Oh, That Hurts"; ASC Football Coach, Max Spilsbury, diagramming plays for his book "Arizona Slot-T Formation". "Author Max".
June 26, 1961
Powwow relayed. Inez Dutton w/ floppy western hat. "How Western Can You Get?"; Flag Townjacks planning All-star games. Seated: L to R: Lamar Haines, Pres. Frank Farnsworth, Herb Gregg. Standing: Harry Biller, Marvin Hole. "All-Star Planners"; American Filed Service Foreign Exchange Students. Part of 70 on 2 Day Visit. Front: Fred Koester - Flagstaff, Jean Pierre Capelle - France. Back: Ingo Harder - Germany, Anastasia Tsinovka - Greece, Liv Johnson - Norway, Fred Koester - Flag. "International Weekend".
June 27, 1961
In wheelchair: Jose Sandoval. L to R: Ray, Mary, Gloria, Mrs. Sandoval, Alice Patsy. Paraplegic due to logging accident. Apartment fire forced them out. "Seeking a Home"; County Fair books being mailed. L to R: Eddie Turner - Post Office, Mrs. Mary Lou Hopkins - Secretary to Fair Director. "Fair Preparations".
June 28, 1961
National Guard Unit - Company I. L to R: Bill Pierce, Joel Kennedy, Jess McMahon, Bing Turner. "Company I Reunion"; Eastern Star Diner. L to R: Harold Bishopp - Local Worthy Patron, Mrs. Jessie Linke - Worthy Matron, Mrs. Virginia Eastlick of Yuma - Worthy Grand Matron, Mrs. Marie Moore - Associate Grand Conductress, Schuyler W. Fouts - Worthy Grand Patron. "Eastern Star"; Mrs. Hassan Djeddaovi - Head of Feminist movement in the United Arab Republic visited Flag en route to Grand Canyon. "Egyptian Woman Leader".
June 29, 1961
New Flight Assistance Service Building at Flag. Airport. "New Convenience for Pilots"; L to R: Platt Cline - Powwow Committee, Capt. Norman Boggle - Navajo Tribal Police, Flag Police Chief William Epperson, Robert W. Prochnow - Powwow Committee. "Powwow Policing"; L to R: Mrs. Elnora Taylor, Daughter Charlene with road tar coated car. Navajo Route 3 near Keams. Road Work.
June 30, 1961
Flag High Girls to usher at Powwow. "Powwowettes Ready"; Pro Wrestling at Lumberjack Gym. L to R: LV Kim, Referee not noted, Don Arnold. "Be Nice"; For Mobile Dealers special supplement. Home of Mister and Mrs. Robert Carter. "Page Family"; For Mobile Home Dealers supplement. 10X50 Trailer. Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Payer of Page. "Full Sized Home"; For Mobile Home Dealers Supplement. Home of Mr. and Mrs. Everett Hudgens of Page. "Evenly Warm"; For Mobile Dealers Supplement. Home of Mr. and Mrs. George Kulhanek of Page. "New Trailer Dwellers"; State Highway crew removing barricade to open Black Canyon Highway. Then State Route 79, now I-17. "Black Canyon Highway Open".
July , 1961
The following days have no associated negatives; 2, 9, 16, 23.
July 1, 1961
Plans for Downtown J.C. Penney store with rooftop parking. L to R: Guy H. Dean - Store Manager, Paul Babbitt Sr., R.G. "Ted" Babbitt. "Building in Flagstaff"; Powwow related. Those not dressed Western got jailed and fined a dollar. In jail: Jack Blanton. No other ID's. "He's in the Jailhouse Now".
July 3, 1961
See Page 1, Az. Daily Sun, 7/3/61 for names. They are out of order. "New Citizens".
July 4, 1961
Keep Pow grounds clean. L to R: Front: Jerome H. Singer - Albuquerque Dist. Health Office, Wesley Poneoma Sr. - Phoenix Dist. Health Office. Rear: Jimmy R. Holgate, James R. Sonny - Both Alb. District Health. "Powwow Workers"; For County Fair 4-H Exhibit. Lorinda Dobrinski. "Fair Displayer"; In Front: Glenn Daly - Pres., Dr. C.H. Peterson - Outgoing Pres.. Back: L to R: N.M. Walton, Rod Reppe, James L. Curtis, Ted Jenkins, Bob Clough. "Winslow Rotary"; 4 year old Charles, formerly peter, Auge. Adopted German son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Auge. New Citizen. "Starts New Life".
July 5, 1961
In town for Powwow - no vacancies in town, stayed at County Jail. L to R: Group Leaders - Mr. and Mrs. Harry Morgan, Hermann Weber - Germany, Eyessuswork - Ethiopia, Roy Preiswerk - Switzerland, Jon Magnusson - Iceland, Sheriff's Sgt. Elmer Dressler. "Friendship Ambassadors".
July 6, 1961
Cecil Matthews - New full-time Civil Defense Director Retired Air Force Lt. Col. "New Assignment".
July 7, 1961
Trash clean up along Lake Mary Road. "Lots of Trash"; Dr. Alois Pergathofer - Working on Pier to hold Perkins Telescope at Lowell. "Lining Up".
July 8, 1961
L to R: Sippy Almendarez, Larry Cordova. In tree: Bobby Alonzo. "An Apple a Day"; At National Branding Conference. L to R: Bryan and Lowel Elhard - Bismark N. Dakota. Father at conference. "Brand Conference"; Flag Junior Chamber of Commerce. L to R: Flag Community Hospital Administrator Marc Atkinson, Jaycees - Walt Robinette, Bob Summerville, Larry Krumm. "TV for Hospital"; L to R: Carol Waters - Treas., Carol Wilson - V.P., Claire Wilson - Pres., Connie Mullins - Outgoing Pres., Barbara Conley - Recording Sec., Sharon Martin - Financial Secretary. "Theta Rho Girls Install".
July 10, 1961
Cable tool drill at Lake Mary Fault Drill Site. Looking for water.; Foreground: Driller Earl White w/ Helper W.W. Buford at Lake Mary Fault Water Well Site. "Heave Ho"; Driller Earl White a Lake Mary Fault Water Well Drill Site. "Repair Time"; Rev. Stan Richardson - Superintendent of Sunshine Rescue Mission w/ 10 gallon still found in attic of building being worked on for mission's new home. From Prohibition Era. "New Mission's Still".
July 11, 1961
AZ Wool Growers Assoc. Officers. L to R: Phillip Echeverria, Cliff Dobson, Harry M. Embach, Pete Espil, Fred J. Weiler - BLM State Dir.. "Wool Growers Meet"; Bonnie Sue Shoebrooks - Burned in May car fire. L to R: Stepfather Don Galloway, Sgt. Isirrio Chavez, Bonnie Sue, Master Sgt. Carlos Mayoga. Local National Guard Unit giving 100 dollars. "Helping a Little Girl"; Coconino County Fair 4-H. 17 year old Marni Rezzonico. "Fair Competitor"; At National Livestock Brand Conference. L to R: Chester Praxton - Pres., Walden K. Barton - V.P., Keith Schneider - Sec.. "Brand Officers".
July 12, 1961
Flagstaff National Guard Unit. L to R: Lt. Fred Croxen, Tommy McNeal, Amos Scott, Dennis Aragon, James Palmer, Arthur Aveluar, Staff Sgt. Lawrence Dimas. "New Recruits"; New Wool Grower Officers. Front: L to R: J.A. Sinnott, Cliff Dobson, Peter Espil, Gunner Thude. Back: John Aleman, Harry H. Embach, Pierre Pouquette, Phillip Echeverria. "Officers for Woolmen"; New Officers. L to R: Front: Mrs. John Aleman, Mrs. Steven Suonar, Mrs. Robert Aja, Mrs. G. Margo, Mrs. Mego Lond, Mrs. Sylvia Moterolo. Back: Mrs. Manual Aja Jr., Mrs. Antonio Gonzales, Mrs. Phillip Echeverria, Mrs. Arnaud, Jean Eychamendy. "Wool Growers Auxiliary".
July 13, 1961
L to R: Coconino County Democratic Chairman, J.R. Babbitt Jr., State Chair Sam Goddard - Tucson/Future Governor. "Dems Keep Up with News"; At right: Game Ranger Roger Bumstead with David Richardson of Sunshine Rescue Mission. Seeing difference in Kokanee Salmon and Rainbow Trout. Mission got almost 160 fish from Game and Fish. "No Fish?/Ashurst Lake".
July 14, 1961
State Sen. Robert W. Prochnow. Story on Special Session of State Legislature.; Soil Conservation Service. L to R: Soil Scientist Milo James, Bill Thompson Flag SCS Office. "Soil Studies"; Flag Sheriff's Posse planning for rodeo. L to R: Pete Espil, Coco. County Sheriff Cecil Richardson, Frank Davies. "Rodeo Coming".
July 15, 1961
Loot from robbery of Sprouse Reitz Store. L to R: Police Chief William Epperson, Officer Gilbert Castro. "Money Recovered"; L to R: John T. Couthit - AZ. Supervisor, Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training, U.S. Labor Dept. presenting apprentice certificates to; Leroy Erickson, Olin Castleberry, Teddy Pender - Members of Flag Carpenteers Union. "Stepping it Up"; Flagstaff, District 8, Arizona Nurses Assoc.. L to R: Mrs. Lee Harsh - Pres., Mrs. Martha Cain - Sec., Mary Agnes Thomas - Board Member. "Nurses Name Officers"; Beaver Ranching Group. ID'd: At left, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sorrenson. In beaver coat - Mrs. Betty Wohlschelgel - Sedona. "Weaver's Beavers"; Harold van Sickle Jr. - son of Game Ranger Harold van Sickle with part of 70 fish catch by AZ Game and Fish at Kinnikinick. "Plenty More".
July 17, 1961
At bat John Griego - Flag Babe Ruth All Stars Catcher - Steve Kies, Plate umpire Bob Blair. "A Winner".
July 18, 1961
See page 6, AZ Daily Sun - July 18, 1961 for names. Babe Ruth's All-Stars. "Babe Ruth's Best"; Hand sketch of Nick Figueroa for series on Babe Ruth All-Stars.; Hand sketch of Climmie Barnes for series on Flag Babe Ruth All-Stars.
July 19, 1961
Plaza shopping center construction. "Starting on Foundation"; Coconino County Sheriff's Posse. L to R: Everett Weldon - Babe Ruth League, Frank L. Michaelbach - Sheriff's Posse w/ check for $150. "Posse Aids Flag Babe Ruthers".
July 20, 1961
Well site on property of Eddie Fresquez off S. Milton Road. "Another Well".
July 21, 1961
Possible Fair Exhibitor. L.R. Harkey. "Growing Fast"; Townjack Planners w/ AZ. High School Assoc.. L to R: Jerry Gibson - All-star Comm. Chair, Ralph Moran - Wickenburg - Coaches Assoc. Pres., Frank Farnsworth - Townjack President, Joe Garcia - Phoenix - Coaches Assoc. Se.. "All-Star Players"; Hand sketch of Herb Greg for Flagstaff Babe Ruth All-Star Feature.
July 22, 1961
Hand sketch of Albert Sanchez for Flag. Babe Ruth All-stars feature.
July 24, 1961
Hand sketch of George Cruz for Babe Ruth All-stars Feature.
July 25, 1961
Rotary District Governor Pedro Guerrero - Mesa. On official visit to Flag. L to R: Kenneth Switzer - Immediate Past Governor, Guerroro, William Borcherding - Flag President. "Rotary Governor Visits"; Hand sketch of Weldon Mickelson for Flagstaff Babe Ruth All-star Feature.
July 26, 1961
Service Awards. L to R: Isedro Padilla - 15 years, Sylvare Padilla - 5 years, City Attorney Neil Christensen - 5 years. "City Servants Honored"; L to R: Mrs. Fred "Phyllis" Manning, Mayor Rollin Wheeler. "Pilot Club Officials"; Sheriff's Posse Round-up. L to R: Glenn McNeese, Roy Leaders, Russ Dunlap, Lloyd Jewell. "Posse Round-up Planners"; Plaque given to hospital. L to R: Hospital Board Chair - Walter Bennett, Hospital Administrator - Marc Atkinson, Head of Medical Staff - Dr. John Kahle, the Rev. Wallace Gibbs - Flagstaff Federated Community Church. "Prayer for the Sick"; Coconino Country Club Ladies Invitational. L to R: Vi Wahl - 2nd - Thunderbird C.C., Evelyn Hill - 1st - Phoenix C.C., Coleen Curry - Mesa C.C.. "The Winners/ First Flight"; Coconino Country Club Ladies Invitational. L to R: Thelma Donofrio - 2nd - Coconino C.C., Vi Anderson - 1st - Phoenix C.C., Mel Beard - 3rd - Coconino C.C.. "The Winners/ 2nd Flight"; Coconino Country Club Ladies Invitational. L to R: Elsie Jakle - 2nd - Coconino C.C., Helen Joy - 1st - Prescott C.C., Dorothy Warnock - 3rd - Coconino C.C. "The Winners/3rd Flight"; Coconino Country Club Ladies Invitational. L to R: Gladys Wilson - 2nd - Flagstaff C.C., J. Barrett - 1st - Moon Valley C.C., N. Peniston - 3rd - Thunderbird C.C.. "The Winners/4th Flight"; Coconino Country Club Ladies Invitational. L to R: Lorraine Nackard - 2nd - Coconino C.C., Vanessa Beck - 1st - Coconino C.C., Doris Dunford - 3rd - Coconino C.C.. "The Winners/5th Flight"; Coconino Country Club Ladies Invitational. L to R: Lillus Gregg - 2nd - Coconino C.C., N. Beddo - 1st - Williams C.C., Mary Garrard - 3rd - Coconino C.C.. "The Winners/6th Flight"; Coconino Country Club Ladies Invitational. L to R: Polly Baker - 1st - Coconino C.C., Mrs. Evalyn Hill - 3rd - Phoenix C.C., L. Gearhard - 2nd - Winslow C.C.. "The Winners/7th Flight".
July 27, 1961
Hand Sketches of Ernest Juaregi and David Turner for Flagstaff Babe Ruth All-stars Feature.; Flagstaff Little League All-stars. See AZ. Daily Sun - P.12, July 27, 1961 - for names.
July 28, 1961
Flag - Sheriff's Posse Roundup. L to R: Bob Lockett, Ray Dennis. Trophy Committee. "Important Men"; Portuguese Civil Air Patrol Cadets. L to R: Antonio Antunes, Carlos Mesquita, Vital Afonso - Escort, CAP Captain Perry Johnson - Williams, Herique Sacadura, CAP Lt. Robert Warren - Flagstaff, Luis Goncalves, Calisto Santos. "Northland Visitors"; L to R: Army Master Sgt. Stanley Decker - Recruiting Supervisor for AZ, Master Sgt. Jack C. Dodd - Flagstaff Recruiter. Getting New Recruiting Van. "Recruiting Vehicle".
July 29, 1961
Kick off to Sheriff's Posse Round-up. "World Championship Posse Golf Tournament". L to R: Don Bird, D.K. Roberts. "Riding Hard"; See AZ Daily Sun, P.2 July 29, 1961 for names. Flagstaff Federated Community Church. "Vacation School Ends".
July 30, 1961
Rescue Mission receiving Offering Funds. L to R: Rev. Stan Richardson - Sunshine Rescue Mission, the Rev. Wallace Gibbs - Flagstaff Federated Community Church. "Church School Gifts".
July 31, 1961
Sheriff's Posse Roundup. Nearly 1 dozen Posses represented. "Presenting the Posses"; Sheriff's Posse Roundup. ID: West Pinal County Sheriff's Posseman. "Whoa There"; L to R: Dr. C.C. Creighton - Club 2nd President, Mrs. C.C. Cheshire - Widow of First President, Ralph Bilby - 3rd and present Pres., Al Schermann - Member and contractor who built the new clubhouse. "Coconino Country Club Opening".
August , 1961
The following days have no associated negatives; 2, 4, 6, 13, 17, 19, 20.
Aug 1, 1961
See Az. Daily Sun - Aug. 1, 1961 - P.6 for names. Winslow American Legion Baseball Team. "Reluctant Losers".
Aug 3, 1961
13th Annual Northern Arizona Square Dance Festival. L to R: Mr. and Mrs. Bob Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Hank Parker, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Osmun, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Red Wheeler, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Quick. "Dancing Festival"; L to R: Front: Henry Albers, Paul Wilson, David Lay, W.J. McKenzie. Back: Paul Pertuit, Terry Rice Louis Hudiberg, John Britt. "Elks Installation".
Aug 5, 1961
Project Hi-Cue. Air Force Weather Study. L to R: Dr. Elmer Droessler - Nat'l Science Foundation, Dr. Edward B. Danson - Museum of Northern AZ, Chamber of Comm. Pres. R.G. "Ted" Babbitt, Dr. Charles Anderson - Hi-Cue Director, Dr. Urner Lidell - Defense Dept. Advanced Research Projects. "Flag Says Hi to Hi-Cue"; N. Az. Square Dance Festival. "Festival Underway"; Alpine Garden Club preparing for County Fair Exhibit. "Preparations Underway"; Elcar Chalet Trailer. For Ken Garff Trailer Sales Ad.
Aug 7, 1961
Civil Air Patrol briefed on Air Force's Hi-Cue Weather Study. On-board C-130 Aircraft. L to R: Larry Lukas, Air Force Capt. Robert Bakken, Air Force Lt. Herbert Bronsen, Don Sloan, Robert Warren, Malcom Miles, Robert Lankford, Dixie Lukas. "Clue on Hi-Cue"; At Oddfellows Hall. Youngsters in First Christian Church's Vacation Bible School. "Bible School Windup"; Soroptomist Club of Flagstaff. L to R: Mrs. Mildred Johnson, Mrs. Thelma Williams, Mrs. Ethel Leamon, Mrs. Vi Holt. For County Fair. "First Project of the Year".
Aug 8, 1961
County Fair. James "Jim" Babbitt w/ fat pigeons he raised. "Fat and Lazy"; ASC Publication Workshop. L to R: Peggy Redick - Washington High, Paul Schatt - Central High, Mayor Rollin Wheeler, Joan Christensen - Washington High, Donel Smith - Ray High. "Aspiring Journalists Meet the Mayor"; Babbitt Warehouse coming down for parking lot between Aspen and Birch facing Agassiz. Built about 1908. "Down She Comes"; Unitarian Fellowship Summer Art Class at Museum of Northern Az. L to R: Laurie Dierker, Andrea Dierker, Mary Jerse. "Children's Art Class"; New Flag Nat'l Guards Members. L to R: Lt. Herb Hanks, Henry Vasquez, Hilario Esparza. "Late Comers"; Students in ASC Publication Workshop at Arizona Daily Sun. "Publications Students".
Aug 9, 1961
Flag National Guard Preparing for 2 week camp. L to R: Richard Montoya, Aurelio Vela, Tony Sedillo. "Ready, Aim"; Publications Workshop students at ASC. Seated: Joe Tissaw Sr., Harold Huffer - Both Coconino County Board of Supervisors. Standing: L to R: Sandy Bowman, Bob Hooper, Barbara Lynch, Sam Averitt, Harriet Wallis. "Learning Government"; Flag Townjacks Members - Board of Directors. L to R: Harry Biller, Dick Wenzel, Frank Farnsworth. "All-star Promoters".
Aug 10, 1961
ASC Publications Workshop. At Old County Poor Farm - Pioneers Museum. L to R: Katie Walker, Virginia Ashbacker, Sharon Scofield. "Curious about Park"; ASC Publications Workshop Students. From Top: Seated: Paul Schatt, Sheila Wells, Peggy Redick. With Camera: Harold Fickett. "Ready? Flash!"; ASC Publications Workshop. L to R: Donel Smith - Ray H.S., Peggy Redick - Washington H.S., Sheila Wells - Pueblo H.S., Charlotte Bauer - Carl Hayden H.S., Paul Schatt - Central H.S., Joan Christiansen - Washington H.S.. "Rewrite Crew"; Xi Alpha Chapter - Beta Sigma Phi. County Fair. L to R: Mrs. Frank Shafer, Mrs. Kermit Hendricson, Mrs. John Kahle, Mrs. James Copeland, Mrs. Robert Spackeen, Mrs. A.M. Cher, Mrs. Earl Slipher. "Plan Exhibit".
Aug 11, 1961
Northern AZ Historical Society. Pioneers Museum. L to R: William Switzers Sr. - "Uncle Billy" - Past Pres. and Charter Member, from ASC H.S. Publication Workshop - Bob Hooper, Barbara Lynch. "Museum Articles"; Rebekahs. Back: L to R: Ouida Caldwell - Sec., Ernestine Hudiburch - Junior Past Noble Grand. Front: Claribel Kelly - District Deputy Pres., Lucille Welch - Vice Grand, Lena Lindsey - Chaplain. "Official Visit".
Aug 12, 1961
L to R: Louis Hudiburgh, Mrs. Walter Kent, Mrs. R.P. Kelly, Mrs. Annie Urias, Arthur Hansen. "PTA Workshop"; ASC Football Star 1935-1938 - Jack Blair. "All Star Games Dedicatee".
Aug 14, 1961
Robert Warden appointed County Attorney by Board of Supervisors.; Soroptomist Club. L to R: Mrs. Irene Horsey - Pacific Regional Chair of Venture Advisory Comm., Nancy Banks, Evelyn Kluge, Barbara Whitmer, Claudia Bryson, Alice Martinez. "Regional Chairman Visits"; Rebuilding Nagel Lumber Company in Winslow. Destroyed by fire, June 3, 1961. "Nagel Rebuilding at Winslow".
Aug 15, 1961
L to R: State Supreme Court Justice Jesse Udall - Administered Oath, County Sheriff Cecil Richardson, Mrs. Betty Wren, New Superior Court Judge Laurance T. Wren. "Congratulations, Judge"; L to R: Samuel Pierson replacing Agent Floyd Brown. "New FBI Agent"; Speakers at Left: Dr. Lewis Allbee - State PTA Advisor for High Schools, Mrs. Verne Littlefield - Pres. Ariz. Congress of Parents and Teachers. Right: Mrs. R.P. Kelly - Pres. Flag. PTA Council. "Speakers at Workshop"; Long time presidents. Mr. Peter "Pete" Michelbach Sr. 90. Mrs. Peter "Pete" Michelbach Sr. 85. Both born in Baden, Germany. Married 1898. "Birthdays"; County Fair horse racing. Q.R. Humphrey - Tucson. With "Machado". "Among First Arrivals"; County Fair horse racing. L to R: Carol Linger - 15, "Maxie's Gal", Lillian Erickson - 13. "Three Beauties".
Aug 16, 1961
Northern Arizona Model Railroad Society. "Fair Workers"; L to R: Former Flagstaff Recruiter - Sgt. Earl Roberts, Flag Recruiter Sgt. Jack Dodd - Award for top recruiter in July '61, Capt. Dorothy Johnson - Women's Army Corp Recruiter for State. "Army Recruiter Honored"; Rev. and Mrs. Robert C. Hartman w/ month old daughter - Elizabeth Kay. Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church. "New Pastor".
Aug 18, 1961
Planning for Jaycee's Air Fair. L to R: Ray Martinez, Mr. and Mrs. Tex Wright, Capt. Lew Combs - Luke Air Force Base. "Flying in Flagstaff"; APS Cooking Class. L to R: Larry Lurus, Linda Summers, Instructor Mrs. Zadean Avyer. "Cooking Contest".
Aug 21, 1961
Coconino Sheriff's Posse in Sedona Parade w/ Flag Dick Duncan. "Colorful Sedona Parade"; Jack Spilsbury - Pinal County Sheriff's Posse - Calf Roping at Coconino County Sheriff's Posse Round-up in Sedona. 8/20/61 [printed on the 21st]. "Tricky Stuff"; Children of American Legion Members. Picnic at City Park. With Sacks: L to R: Juanita Branch, Patty Morales, Susie Sheridan, Jesse Rodriguez, Lupita Diaz. Cropped and no other ID's. "Picnic Fun".
Aug 22, 1961
Miss Coconino Contest Entrants. L to R: Freda Kay Dodd, Peggy Ann Wheeler, Audrey Gail Juhl, Toni Ann Walser. "Fair Ladies for the Fair".
Aug 23, 1961
Members of Bill Williams Mountain Men. L to R: Jerry Lambdin, Bill Sutton, John Maille, Paul Tissaw. "Getting Ready For Williams Rodeo"; Flag High Football. L to R: Moe Winsley, Charles Bonney. Most Experienced Linemen. "Help Wanted".
Aug 24, 1961
Fort Tuthill Race Track. "Improvements at Coconino Track"; Bill Switzer. Flag Country Club Golf Champ. "The Winning Form".
Aug 25, 1961
'61 County Fair. Mike Weldon w/ bird he's showing in "Poultry and Rabbits." "From Birds to Bridal Cakes"; '61 County Fair. Mrs. Don Wright admires bridal cake done by boy - Larry Lukas. "From Birds to Bridal Cakes"; '61 County Fair. Denn Dickinson displays entry in Indian Arts and Crafts. Neg. Flipped for Publication. "From Birds to Bridal Cakes"; '61 County Fair. Kelly Keithly exhibits heifer he plans to enter in Breeding Class Competition. "From Birds to Bridal Cakes"; Breaking ground for new post office. L to R: Harold Huffer - Chairman County Board of Supervisors, State Senator Robert Prochnow, Flagstaff Postmaster H.L. Worisheck, Mayor Rollin Wheeler, City Manager C.T. "Maggie" Pulliam, R.G. "Ted" Babbitt - Chamber of Comm. President. "Post Office Ceremony"; Lowell Observatory - Dr. Laurence Fredrick. "Moonlight Amplifier"; L to R: Dean J.D. Forrester - U of A College of Mines, Dr. Paul Damon - U of A Geochronology Lab, Dr. Charles Anderson - U.S.G.S., Dr. Edward Danson - Director of Museum of Northern Arizona, Dr. Harold Colton - MNA Founder. "Geology Symposium Principals"; AZ Game and Fish Exhibit at County Fair w/ fawn. L to R: Glenn Davis, Gary Davis. "Beauties of Nature"; With horse "Our-Noor" - Nicholas Corio of Phoenix. No other ID's. "To Run Saturday".
Aug 26, 1961
'61 County Fair. Michael Lett w/ biggest watermelon entered. Came from Lee Ferry Ranch. Fred Kennedy. "Fair Fun"; Flag High Football - Letterman. L to R: Bob Young, Jim Dugan, Bob Willingham, Jim Holt, Steve Bojorques, Tenny Auza. "The Old-Timers".
Aug 27, 1961
'61 County Fair. County and State Health Departments conduct health screenings. Dr. Merle E. Smith checks Mrs. Bob Nauman for Glaucoma. She passed. "Health Check"; County Fair. Mrs. Frank "Verna" Shafer - Chair of the Fine Arts Display. "Art Champ"; '61 County Fair. Sylvia Anderson entered in 4-H open class horsemanship show. "Popular Show"; '61. L to R: Janna Hudman, Janey Hudman, Mary Ann Guiterrez. "Children's Work"; '61 County Fair. Mrs. Homer "Alice" Bullion w/ one of her Blue Ribbon Entries; '61 County Fair. L to R: Front Only: Robert Prochnow - State Senator, Board of Supervisors - Eddie Weigel, Joe Tissaw Sr., Harold Huffer - Chair, Flag Mayor Rollin Wheeler. "Dignified Ceremonies"; '61 County Fair. L to R: J.P. Bagtzelle, Martha Synerholm, Donna Davis with Associated Press Teletype Machine from Daily Sun. "Fascinating Machine"; Gene E. Morton - Winner in Gem and Minerals. "The Glitter".
Aug 28, 1961
L to R: Sandra Irene Hunter - Miss Coconino 1961, Sharon Grant - Miss Coconino 1960. "Miss Coconino"; '61 County Fair. Don flowers exhibits Grand Champion Fedder Steer. "4-H Heaveyweight Champ"; '61 County Fair. Becky Keithly with Grand Champion fat lamb. "4-H Rosette Winner"; '61 County Fair. At left: Tom Pollock - County Fair Chairman. Horse - Tex Stewart w/ jockey W. Drennen. At Far Right - Lloyd Jewell - Hiway House Manager. "One Winner"; '61 County Fair. Jockey R. Martinez with horse - Glyndon L. "And Another".
Aug 29, 1961
Williams Labor Day Rodeo. Kneeling: L to R: Sue Wiggam, Cheryl Payne. Standing: L to R: Patsy Jean Chapman, Karen Bowie, Larainn Smith. "Williams Rodeo Queen Contestants"; Flagstaff National Guard Unit wins awards in 2 week camp at Fort Huachuca. See AZ. Daily Sun - Aug 29, 1961 - P.3 for names. "Superior Unit".
Aug 30, 1961
L to R: Highway Patrolman J.E. "Jim" Williams, Flag Police Chief William Epperson. With Narcotics taken in arrest of Buddy Gene Fillmore. "Dope Addict Nabbed"; Flag High Football Drills for new players. "The Classroom"; Dr. Harold S. Colton - Founder and Director Emmeritus of the Museum of Northern Az. w/ Birthday cake. "Cutting His Cake".
Aug 31, 1961
Mrs. Joseph R. "Viola" Babbitt Sr. "Viola Babbitt Wins Acclaim at County Fair".
September , 1961
The following days have no associated negatives; 10, 11, 17, 22, 23, 24, 26.
Sept 1, 1961
Brick-layers at Plaza Shopping Center construction site. "Flagstaff Grows"; Construction of new County Jail. "And so does the County".
Sept 2, 1961
L to R: Deputy County Attorney J. Thomas Brooks, County Attorney Robert Warden. "New Deputy County Attorney".
Sept 3, 1961
Roger Johnson - N.J. Shaun and Son Electrical Contractor. "New Streetlight - Birch and San Francisco".
Sept 4, 1961
L to R: '60 Gran Jamaica Queen Romona Garcia, '61 Gran Jamaica Queen Ida Vergera, Contestant Sandaida Lucero. Mat at left: Steven Ayala. Boy in Front: Alex Diaz Jr.. "Queen of the Gran Jamaica"; L to R: Jack Young - Contract Installer, Mrs. T.E. "Virginia" Shartzer, Milard Meccia. Installing seatbelts in Arizona Public Service Company Cars.
Sept 5, 1961
Camp Verde Cavalry at Williams Labor Day Parade. "Then"; Daily Sun Managing Editor - William "Bill" Hoyt attending Science writing seminar in Ft. Collins, Colo. "Neg Flipped for publication"; April Troxell, Flagstaff, in barrel race at Mountain Men Rodeo in Williams. "Something for the Girls"; ID'd in Front: L to R: Mrs. Velma Hoffman, Ernest "Ernie" Burrus, Mrs. Sarah Atwood. Standing: President George Fleming. Northern Arizona Historical Society. "Annual Pioneers Picnic/ Ft. Tuthill".
Sept 6, 1961
Kachina Club of Flag Chamber of Commerce. L to R: H.V. Emblem, Jerry Andreotos, Doug Jackson, Elmer Hubbard Jr.. Effort to dramatically increase tourism in state. "Billion Dollar Club Launched"; Flag Toastmasters. L to R: Herman C. Lokker - Toastmaster, Simon G. Verbonn - Zaandam, Netherlands, not ID'd. "Toastmaster Guests"; L to R: Bob Knowles, Lamar Haines, Marvin Hole, Bill McCormick. "Townjack Directors".
Sept 7, 1961
Civil Defense. L to R: Lewis A. Franke Jr. - New Certified instructor, civil defense director - Cecil L. Matthews. "Radio Logical Instructor".
Sept 8, 1961
Flag street crews repairing streets. "Protection Against Weather"; Buddy Gene Fillmore. Convicted of Narcotics Possession. "A Plea from One who Knows"; L to R: Carol Wilson, Leanne Coffin, Betsann Biller, Linda Garrard, Sally Driscoll, Carol Fauset, Peggy Stevens, Nina Heflin. Flag High Cheer Leaders. J.V. on Left, Varsity on right. "V for Victory".
Sept 9, 1961
Winslow Resident Antonia Reyes in her garden with 2 friends. "Pays Paving Assessment and made 12 Dozen Tamales".
Sept 12, 1961
L to R: Back: A. John Briel, Harold Harper, Vernon Kliewer. Front: Mrs. Frank Schloss, Mrs. Ralph Holly, Mrs. John W. Stilley, Mrs. Jesse L. Gregg. "Community Concerts Kick off Dinner"; Portable stone crusher clipped power pole at Chamber of Commerce. "Big Short".
Sept 13, 1961
New members to Junior Women's Club. L to R: Seated: Mrs. Bryan Hines - 2nd V.P., Mr. J. Ferrell Colton - 1st V.P., Mrs. Phillip C. Hart - Pres., Mrs. R. Gilbert Harmon - Recording Sec.. Back: Mrs. Frank Elvey - Corresponding Sec., Mrs. Henry L. Albers - Parliamentarian, Mrs. Walter Runke Sr. - Treas. "Women's Club"; Town Jack Membership Drive. ASC Coaching Staff. L to R: Max Spilsbury, Red Ettinger, Ted Sorich, Herb Gregg. "First on the Job".
Sept 14, 1961
Williams Water Department employees unloading pipe for service extension project. "Williams Water Improvement"; Nativity Altar Society planning benefit brings party. Standing: L to R: Mrs. Sparlin Lakin, Mrs. Albert Schermann. Seated: L to R: Mrs. A.H. Scherman, Mrs. Al Driscoll. "Plan Silver Dollar Dessert...".
Sept 15, 1961
Tallying Votes. L to R: C.J. Adams, David Blair, Elain Slayton, Mrs. Naomi Martin, Phil E. Butler. "Ranchers Election".
Sept 16, 1961
Jaycee-ettes Project. L to R: Flagstaff Community Hospital Administator Marc Atkinson, Floor Supervisor Anna Pearce, Jaycee-ette Mrs. Monte Glaser, Jaycee-ette Sec - Treas Mrs. Rovert Somerville. "Toys for Hospitalized Tots"; Flag Junior High Cheerleaders. L to R: Linda Clark, Sandie Shaum, Lynn Smith, Julie Gibson. "Cheering the Way"; L to R: Rev. John Davis - V.P., Rev. Rubert Warrern - Outgoing Pres., Rev. Mardoqued Garcia - Treas., Rev. Donald Gagnon - Pres.. "Ministerial Association Elects"; Plaza Shopping Center Construction. "Nearing Completion".
Sept 18, 1961
Members of Flag Aeromodellers. L to R: Jess Atkindosn - 4, Owen Morgan - 9, Jim Atkinson - 12, Lewis McCoy - 14, Club Advisor - Chuck Morgan, Arnold Herrera, No ID. "Prepping for Air Fair".
Sept 19, 1961
Eagle Scout Presentation. L to R: Grand Canyon Council Scout Executive - Robert Bishop, Stephen Howard, Troop 34 Scout Master - Anon Willis. "Scout Honored".
Sept 20, 1961
$200 Donation from Flag Civitans to the Northern Arizona Rehabilitation Center. L to R: Civitan Project Chari - Bernardo Gutierrez, Therapist - Janet Kuhne, Civitan Pres. - Bud Lemons. "Helping the Lame"; Flag High players of the week. Front: L to R: Martin Auza, Phil Dirksen. Rear: L to R: Flag Football Coach John Ply, Townjack Pres. Lamar Haines, ASC Football Coach - Max Spilsbury. "Townjack Guests".
Sept 21, 1961
Visit of Department President of the American Legion Auxiliary. L to R: Front: Mrs. Melva Kitchen - Dept. Pres., Mrs. Ethel Leamon - Flag, 2nd V.P.. Back: Mrs. Helen Choisser - Flag Pres., Mrs. Marge Barker - Flag 1st. V.P.. "Department Pres.".
Sept 25, 1961
Loyal Order of Moose. Seated: State Deputy Supreme Governor - Robert P. Williams - Phoenix. L to R: Pilgrim William A. Stern, Past President Delbert Harvey - Prescott. "Want More Lodge Here".
Sept 27, 1961
Flag High Students Semifinalists for National Merit Scholarship. L to R: Donna Davis, Flag High Principal Paul Schreiber, Richard Lloyd. "Flagstaff Scholars"; Plaza Shopping Center Construction. "Coming Along"; L to R: Hugh D. Dendy, Flag. Army Recruiter Sgt. Jack Dodd, Burl Dendy. "Williams Brothers Now Soldiers".
Sept 28, 1961
L to R: Hospital Auxiliary President Mrs. Pat Shuck, Dr. James B. Wensel, Auxiliary Member Mrs. Dorothy Smith. "New Hospital Pediatric Equipment"; City Library Exhibit Pictures from World Nations. L to R: Susan Swann, Polly Penderson, Librarian Mrs. Pearle Rolle, Clark Greykosky. "Friendship Art"; At Federated Church. L to R: Rev. Louis S. Eaton - Phx. - John Groller - Los Angeles, Area Dir. Of Radio and Television for the United Presbyterian Church, Rev. Ron Roberts - Pastor Federated Church, Carl Cannon - New York - Director National Council of Churches. "Religious Public Relations".
Sept 29, 1961
Kidnapped by Delbert Driskill. Standing: Mrs. W.H. Nicklaus. Seated: Mrs. Eunice Brigham. Both Texas. Kidnapped near Winslow, driven to Flag. "Kidnapped".
Sept 30, 1961
At Our Lady of Guadalupe School - National Child Health Day. L to R: Coconino County Health Nurse Mrs. Mary Curry, Brenda Rivera, Aurelia Figueroa, Joseph Bazan, Gary Saravo. "Child Health".
October , 1961
The following days have no associated negatives; 1, 8, 13, 15, 21, 22, 27, 29.
Oct 2, 1961
GOP "Paul Revere Panel" - Pushed for Control of House of Representatives in 1962. L to R: Elmer Hubbard Jr. - Flag, Rep. Robert Mitchell - Ill., Rep. Melvin Laird - Wis., Rep. Steven Derovinian - NY., Mrs. Till Hutchison - Flag., Rep. Peter Freyling Huysen - NJ., Congressman John Rhodes - AZ., County GOP Chair - Doug Wall. "GOP 'Paul Revere' Panel Debuts Here"; Flag Veterans of Foreign Wars picnic. Horse shoes, L to R: Derel Nixon, Louis Cancino. "Fun for All"; National Businesswoman's Week proclamation. Seated: Mayor Rollin Wheeler. L to R: Mrs. Mildred Cook, Mrs. Felice Crowder, Mrs. Zella Davis Mrs. Betty Harris. "Mayor Signs Proclamation".
Oct 3, 1961
Girl Scout Troop 27 at the Ski and Spur Ranch. L to R: No ID. "Overnight Campout"; Rebuilding Nagel Lumber and Timber Company in Winslow. Destroyed by fire June 3, 1961. "Winslow Company Rebuilding".
Oct 4, 1961
Troop 33. Front: L to R: Life Scout Kim Nimmons, Patrol Leader Owen Burt. Back: Scout Master Bob Jensen, Grand Canyon Scout Executive Robert Bishop. "Life Scout".
Oct 5, 1961
FBI Anti-robbery School. L to R: FBI Agent in Charge - Ariz. - E.L. Boyle, Sheriff Cecil Richardson, Lt. T.E. Shartzer - Highway Patrol, Williams Police Chief Don Massey, Flag Police Chief William Epperson, Oscar Rogers - Holbrook First National Bank, D.D. Cummings - Valley National Bank - Winslow, Navajo Police Capt. Alfred W. Yazzie. "Northland Officer Cooperation"; FBI Firearms School in Sedona. L to R: Range Exec. Officer - Paul Brockman, Thomas S. Fisher, Deputy Tex Worthington, FBI Instructor Jerry Snell, Dep. Buck Carl, Range Officer Will Steele, Dep. Mrs. Frances Ferrel, Dep. John Ortiz. "Firearms School"; Past Presidents of Soroptomists. Invalid ID in caption. 9 persons - 6 names. "Founders Day"; L to R: Townjack Pres. Lamar Haines, Immediate Past President Frank Farnsworth. "For Services Rendered".
Oct 6, 1961
Miss Lura Kinsey and Family Members. Retired from Flagstaff Schools after 47 years. "School Days"; Seated: L to R: Mrs. C.B. Wilson Sr., Mrs. Harry Field, Mrs. Harry Biller, Mrs. Marc Atkinson, Mrs. Harry Bachstein, Mrs. Gilbert Busche. Standing: Mrs. Robert Spackeen, Mrs. Paul Weaver. Hospital Auxiliary. "Turquoise Ball Planning"; Flagstaff Junior Women's Club. Front: L to R: Mrs. Jerry Gibson - Flag - 3rd State Vice President, Mrs. Bruce Dusenberry - State Junior Director. Back: Mrs. Philip Hart - Pres. Flag. Senior Women's Club, Mrs. Willis Bauer - Pres. Junior Women's Club. "State Junior Director"; Women's Division of Coconino Country Club. Seated: President Mrs. H.B. Warnock. Back: L to R: Mrs. Lewis McCoy - Secretary, Mrs. Trevor Beck - V.P.. "Install New Officers".
Oct 7, 1961
Dr. John Stilley. Dentist and organ builder with the 600 pipe Positif Baroque Organ being added to the Epiphany Church's 4,000 pipe organ. "Rare Organ for Flagstaff".
Oct 9, 1961
1961 ASC Homecoming Parade.; Going down with ball: Idaho State College Bengals Quarterback Daryl Thornton. ASC Halfback Art Whitmore made tackle. '61 ASC Homecoming. "No Pooling"; Jerry Auyer of Daily Sun Clearing Snow. "Snow and Work"; #20 Idaho State College Bengal Halfback Stan Brown, w/ leg in air: ASC end Marshell Pieczentkowski. Both ejected. Axers: #84 Bill Shorty, #42 John Medina, #77 Alex Amada. Bengal: #32 Jerry Mahoney. "Sideline Battle.
Oct 10, 1961
Flagstaff Junior Women's Club. Front: L to R: Mrs. Herbert Swanson - 1st V.P., Mrs. Willis Bauer - Pres., Mrs. Ray Christofferson - Treas.. Back: Mrs. Jerry Graham - Corresponding Sec., Mrs. George Johnson - 2nd V.P., Mrs. Z.I. Fendley - Recording Sec.. "New Officers".
Oct 11, 1961
L to R: Mike Avery, Donald Avery. "Sun's Carriers on Horseback"; See Az. Daily Sun - October 11, 1961 - P.10 for Names. Flag High. "New FHS Honor Society Students"; L to R: Conductor Pat Curry, Symphony Guild members: Lola Sanders, Gretchen Hoffman, Kathleen Gregg, Margaret Wright, Carol Adamcik. "Northland Symphony Coming Up".
Oct 12, 1961
Conductor Pat Curry working with the Northern Arizona Symphony. "Rehearsing for Concert Debut"; Flag High Football Star James Dugan.; Reed Section of Northern Arizona Symphony. "Northern Symphony Reeds Rehearse".
Oct 14, 1961
L: Downtown Thriftway Supermarket Manager - W.J. McKenzie receiving movie camera from G.M. Xericos - local Pillsbury rep. for outstanding display of Pillsbury products. 50 awards nationwide. "Wins National Award"; Clarence Culver with 350 pound black bear taken in Lockett Meadows. "Good Hunting"; L to R: Miss Coconino Sandra Irene Hunter of Flagstaff, Helen Marable - J.C. Penny. "State Bound"; L to R: Mrs. Francis Aker, Mrs. Charles Pope, Mrs. Stanley Smith, Mrs. Joseph Blalock, Mrs. Donald Gagnon, Mrs. Elgin Hirni, Mrs. L.R. Flanagen, Mrs. Fred Matthews and son. "Revival Set".
Oct 16, 1961
L to R: Sec. Paul Bell, Sheriff Cecil Richardson, Captain Paul Bell, Outgoing Captain Pete Sepil, 1st Lt. Elmer Dressler, 2nd Lt. Lloyd Jewell. "Sheriff's Posse Installs Officers"; Arizona Press Women. L to R: Mrs. E.J. "Billie" Yost - Daily Sun - Northern District V.P., Mrs. Weldon "Phyllis" Heald - Freelance Tucson - Southern District V.P., Miss June Payne - Arizona Beverage Journal - President, Mrs. L.A. "Pat" Sabo - Mesa Tribune - Central Dist. V.P.. "New Officers of Arizona Press Women"; Pass, Punt, and Kick football winners. Front: L to R: Lee Haines - 7, Riley Rockwell - 6. Back: John Dowell - 8, Billy Stockhaus - 10, Tony Barrios - 9. "Football Winners".
Oct 17, 1961
LDS Annual Girls Award Program. L to R: Linda Mow, Crystal Welch, Debbie Rice, Barbara Goodman.; LDS Girls Award Program. L to R: Jay and Jess Langston, David Beagly.
Oct 18, 1961
Rosary Alter Society of Church of Nativity. Seated: L to R: Mrs. Gary Kelley, Mrs. Frank Morales, Mrs. Joe Nunez. Standing: Mrs. William Chenoweth, Mrs. Al Driscoll, Mrs. Sparlin Laken. "Annual Harvest Dinner"; Flag High Intramural Basketball. Ricky Magana's Team. Front: L to R: Peggy Marquez, Rachael Hernandez. Back: Charlene Wardlow, Angie Hernandez, Ricky Magana, Sherry Kent, Merlene Lopez. "The Winners"; L to R: Raymond Smith - V.P., Mrs. Laura Crisp - Women's Committee Chair, Mrs. Emma Scholz - Sec. Treas., Women's Committee Chair, Milton Sechrist - Pres. "Farm Bureau Leaders".
Oct 19, 1961
L to R: Sheriff's Deputy Mrs. Francis Ferrell, Robert Barnes - Flagstaff Foodtown Supermarket. Counting cash and checks taken in Oct. 4 burglary of market. 2 teens arrested. "Recovered Money"; See AZ. Daily Sun Oct. 19, 1961 - P.2 for names. "New Elks"; Flag High football. L to R: Bob Willingham - Quarterback, David Jarequi - Guard and Linebacker. "Honor Players"; Walt Walters of Sedona with Turkey he "shot". Bird wasn't hurt. "Catch'em Alive"; Philanthropic and Educational Organization. L to R: Seated: Mrs. John Pederson - V.P., Mrs. Earl Hicks - Coolidge - 2nd State V.P. and Acting State Organizer, Mrs. W.V. Borcherding - Pres.. Standing: Mrs. Ellery Gibson - Treas., Mrs. Charles Meister - Corr. Sec., Mrs. Robert Boothe - Guard, Mrs. W.S. Fennell - Rec. Sec.. "P.E.O. State Organizer"; L to R: Capt. Leo Weltsch - New Commanding Officer of AZ Main Recruiting Station, Sgt. Jack Dodd - No. Ariz. Army Recruiter. "New Commander".
Oct 20, 1961
Adults: L to R: Pressman Douglas Shupla, Mrs. A.J. Purgathofer, Mrs. Max Quimayousie, Max Quimayousie. Children: Werner and Renate Purgathofer, David and Vernon Quimayousie. "Visitors to the Sun"; New Members. Back: L to R: Mrs. Ray Martinez, Mrs. Jack Osmun. Front: Mrs. Lester Ulrey, Mrs. Walter Nordean, Mrs. John Richards. "Elks Ladies Assoc.".
Oct 23, 1961
L to R: R. Keith Udall - V.P. - St. Johns, Dr. Leo Schnur - Pres. - Sedona, Guy Dean - Treas. - Flagstaff, Robert Cowley - Scout Commissioner - Flagstaff. "New Area Scout Officers".
Oct 24, 1961
Giragi - Widely known commentator on Political and Economic Scene. Spoke to Rotary Club. L to R: Mrs. Billie Yost, Columbus P. Giragi, State Representative. T.M. "Tommy" Knoles Jr. "'Freedom Based on Personal Values'".
Oct 25, 1961
4-H Recognition Dinner. Front: L to R: Junior Leaders: Carol Brechan, Kelly Keithly. Back: Senior Leaders: Maurice Dobrinski, Mrs. Evelyn Gyger, Mrs. Evelyn Todd. "Big Winners"; 4-H Recognition Dinner. Front: L to R: Morena Palmer, John Dobrinski, Mary Todd. Back: Projects Director - Ray Welk, Home Demonstration Agent - Mrs. Darroll Latham, Club Leader - Dr. Charles Hilbers, County Extension Agent, Bill Brechan. "Juniors and Seniors"; Artist John Slater checking stained glass window in Chapel of "Our Lady of the Rocks" behind the Episcopal Church of the Epiphany. "Let There Be Light"; Altarpiece in the Chapel of "Our Lady of the Rocks" behind the Episcopal Church of the Epiphany. "Altarpiece in Oils"; Andy Matson - cited for 20 years service as Coconino County Chairman of U.S. Savings Bond Program. "Cited".
Oct 26, 1961
For State Fair. Mrs. Margie McKean, Fred Harris. "The Camera View"; For State Fair. Bud Lemons.; New Weathermen. L to R: Kenneth Kemper, Gene Harding. "Weather Reinforcement"; Pilot Clue. L to R: Mayor Rollin Wheeler, Mrs. Ralph Fish, Mrs. Fred Manning. "Pilot Celebration"; Flag High Football. L to R: Steve Bojorques, backfield coach Gil Corona, running back Martin Auza. "Not This Way"; Lumberjack Basketball drills. Don Buttrum going for basket. "Familiar Sight".
Oct 28, 1961
See AZ. Daily Sun - Oct 28, 1961 - P.4 for names. "Junior High Champs"; See Az. Daily Sun, Oct 28, 1961 - P.4 for names. "Runners Up"; 2nd place trophy for ASC homecoming. L to R: Pete Weibe, Daily Sun Business Manager Clarence Shartzer. "Sun Wins Trophy".
Oct 30, 1961
L to R: Bob Cildress - V.P., Richard Walters - Treas., Larry Stapp - President, Larry Park Hurst - Sec.. Flagstaff Ghost Riders. "New Auto Club"; Flag Meteorologists. L to R: Gene Harding, Don Hardy, Ken Kemper. With rain gauge at Flag Airport. "Important Instruments".
Oct 31, 1961
Timmy Sullivan, Mrs. Lee "Jacque" Sullivan. "Halloween Tradition"; Flag Junior Women's Club. L to R: Front: Mrs. William Elder - Pres., Mrs. Willis Baur, Mrs. Alan Davis. Back: Mrs. Monte Glaser, Mrs. W. Dale Sutphen, Mrs. R.R. Hagelberg - Past President. "Annual Membership/Tea"; For Ad announcing the grand opening of the Cliff Shadows Motel on E. 66.; For Ad Announcing Grand Opening of Cliff Shadows Motel on E. 66.
November , 1961
The following days have no associated negatives; 5, 12, 19, 26.
Nov 1, 1961
Flagstaff Weather Bureau. L to R: Chief Meteorologist Paul Sorenson, New Meteorologists Richard Burgett and Don Hary, Airport Manager Francis Shamrell. "Always Open Now"; LDS 2nd Ward Relief Society. L to R: Mrs. Raelene Brooksby, Mrs. Beth Harenberg, Mrs. Lela Beagley, Mrs. Millie Conrad, Mrs. Barbara Brown. "Church Bazaar"; Coconino County Superior Court Judge Laurence T. Wren pondering where to move his sail fish. "Judging Furniture"; Drivers Ed car for Flag High. L to R: Student Body V.P. - Marni Rezzonico, Lewis McCoy of Cheshire Motors, Fred Koester - Student Body Pres.. "New Car for Flag High".
Nov 2, 1961
Miss Coconino 1961 - Sandra Irene Hunter packing for state fair competition. "Ready to Go"; Miss Coconino 1961 - Sandra Irene Hunter. "Ready for the Trip".
Nov 3, 1961
In Car - Irene Hunter - Miss Coconino 1961 heading for Miss Arizona Competition. L to R: Mayor Rollin Wheeler, Mr. and Mrs. Keith Hunter - parents, Harold Huffer - Chair County Board of Supervisors. "Good Luck".
Nov 4, 1961
L to R: American Legion Past Department of AZ Commander - Ray Prochnow, National Vice Commander - Walter W. Barnard, Flag Post Commander - H.A. "Art" Kennedy. "Top Legion Brass Here"; Beta Kappa Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Alpha. Front: L to R: Mrs. Ted Willis, Miss Judy Black. Back: Members L to R: Mrs. C.R. Boyle, Mrs. Kenneth Christensen, Mrs. George Andreatos, Mrs. Steve Aginiga. "New Pledges"; Flag vs. Brophy - High School. Brophy #44 - Jim O'Neill, Eagle #83 - Don Couch, Eagle #15 - Charles Trujillo. "Whoa There"; Flag vs. Brophy - Football. L to R: Eagle Don Couch, Brophy Jim O'Neill. "No You Don't".
Nov 6, 1961
ASC vs. Cal Poly. ASC #42 - Jim Sims. "Cutting the Corner".
Nov 7, 1961
Flag Plaza Shopping Center. "Shopping Center Nears Completion".
Nov 8, 1961
Flag Junior and Senior High Choirs. See Az. Daily Sun Nov. 8, 1961 - P.2 for names. "Musical Presentation"; Flag Hospital Auxiliary. Front L to R: Nary Jean Weaver, Betty Biller. Back: Clarine Gillenwater, Pat Shuck - Auxiliary President, Betty Harris, Mary Bilby. "Planning Turquoise Ball".
Nov 9, 1961
L to R: Patty Henscheid - 8th Grade, Mary Sharber - 4th Grade, Sister Ann Loyola - Sisters of Loretto Sisterhood Marking 150 years. "Nativity School Scene"; Townjack Bill Williams serves Flag High Sophomore Guard George Auza and Freshman Tackle Lanny Mullens. "For a Good Job"; New Head of Unemployment Security Division, Az. Employment Services in Flagstaff - John Griffith. "New Manager".
Nov 10, 1961
Books from Flag Chapter of the American Assoc. of University Women. L to R: Flagstaff Librarian Mrs. Pearle Rolley, Mrs. Evelyn Downum - ASC Library Staff, Miss Edith Douglas - Flag High Library - Representing AAUW. "New Books for Book Week".
Nov 11, 1961
Santa Fe Ribbon Rails to be laid on Riordan Hill. "New Pails"; L to R: Evelyn Turk - of New Thriftway Dress Shop, Ross Tyler - Babbitt's Drug Store. Looking at Ad announcing opening of new stores in Pine Grove Shopping Center in East Flag. "Grand Opening".
Nov 13, 1961
Women cleaning windshield after overnight snow. "Real Snowy".
Nov 14, 1961
Delta Delta Delta Alumni - at Gables Restaurant. L to R: Mrs. A.M. McCreary - Flag Pres. Mrs. Hazel Horton - National Membership Director, Mrs. Paul Gibbons, Mrs. Virgil Gillenwater. "Tri Delta Luncheon"; Flag Sheriff's Posse honors Lumberjack football team and coaches with steak dinner at Monte Vista Hotel. No ID's. "Tribute to Lumberjacks"; L to R: Zell Flowers of Flag Office of Southern Union Gas Company, Tom Corr - Company V.P. from Albuquerque. Interviewing 250 gas users. "Gas Interviewers"; Southern Union Gas interviewing 250 gas users. L to R: Mrs. Virgil Gillenwater, Zell Flowers of Flagstaff Office. "Gas Interviewers".
Nov 15, 1961
Musical Entertainment for Club from ASC. L to R: Miss Mary Mcurdy - Sophomore - Tucson, Miss Shelah Lane - Junior - Kansas, ASC Piano instructor Michaell J. Shott, Pat B. Curry - Director of College Orchestra. "Flagstaff Women's Club".
Nov 16, 1961
St. Anne's Guild of Epiphany Church. L to R: Mrs. Marc Atkinson - Bazaar Chair, Mrs. Charles Stahl, Mrs. Robert Deyo, Mrs. Joe Brown, Mrs. Cecil Mathews, Mrs. Woodrow Wilson, Mrs. Laverne Pitcher. "Plan Annual Christmas Bazaar".
Nov 17, 1961
L to R: Jimmy Davis, Sgt. Safety from Arizona Public Service - Jack Ashley, Barbara Balmon. "Fun and Safety".
Nov 18, 1961
Flagstaff Soil Conservation Service Scientist Bob Mitchell with map of Soil Conservation study being done in Coconino County. "Pinning it Down"; Volunteers from local 640, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Stringing Christmas Lights at Santa Fe previous hitDepot next hit. "A Maze of Wires"; Big Buck Winner. L to R: J.K. Ruff - Ruff's Liquor and Sporting Goods, Darrell Grim of Prescott. "Prize Deer".
Nov 20, 1961
L to R: Flagstaff Army Recruiter Sgt. Jack Dodd, Pvt. Joyce Ann Bert. "Orders"; L to R: V.P. Lyndon Johnson, Az. Senator Carl Hayden, Pres. John F. Kennedy. "50" on cake at rear notes Hayden's 50 years in Congress. "President Visits with Arizona Newsmen"; Shepard of the Hills Lutheran Church dedication. L to R: Bob Blaser, Rev. David Adamcik, Al Janssen, Al Cazares, John Bohning. "New Church Dedicated"; Soroptomist Club. Standing: L to R: Mrs. Mary McCrohan, Mrs. Thelma Williams, Mrs. Ethel Leamon, Mrs. Ann Hall. Seated: Flagstaff President - Vi Hull, Dr. Margaret Adams - London, England. "Honor International Educator"; ASC vs. Eastern New Mexico. #14 ASC Quarterbak Jerry Steele. #21, On ground, Pete Jaquess - E.N.M. "Touchdown"; L to R: Lumberjack Coach Max Spilsbury, Bobby Gradillas, Bill Epperson, Capt. Ron Boatwright, Sigma Nu'ers Hank Tester and Bud Biddle, Boyd Hall, Sigma Nu'er Dave Schmidt, Marshall Pleczentkowski, Frank Miranda. Senior ASC Football Players after final game. "Sigma Nu Honors Axer Seniors".
Nov 21, 1961
Lura Kinsey School carnival. Front: Tim Weigand. Middle: L to R: Judy Holmes, Susan Rumstead. Back: L to R: Lyle Willis, Caroline Thurber, Martha Scott. "Flag School Carnival".
Nov 22, 1961
Fence Along Fort Valley Road. "White Thanksgiving"; Snow Covered Christmas Trees. The American Legion. "And the Snow Fell"; Winter Scene. "Icicles"; Senior Troop #2 - Library Aide training for community service project. L to R: Norma Blaser, Rose Marie Cothren, Crissy Arnsten, Peggy Davis. Back: Christine Synerhalm, City Librarian Mrs. Pearle Rolley. "Girl Scouts Learn".
Nov 23, 1961
Volunteers from Flagstaff Carpenters Union building a foundation for a nativity scene at Train previous hitDepot next hit. "Christmas Decorations"; Coconino County Assessor's Office. L to R: Mrs. W.E. Howell, Mrs. Paul Wilson, Mrs. Virginia Boyd, Mrs. Clair Beasley, Mrs. Melvin Hutchinson. "Vehicle Notice"; South Beaver School Thanksgiving Display. L to R: Lorina Thomas, Danny Jaramillo. "The American Way"; Members of LA Ingesia Metodista of Federated Churches. L to R: Don Glass, Linda Wacker, Donald Caldwell, Rev. Mardorueo B. Garcia, Rev. Ron Roberts. "Help the Needy"; Flag presented to Southern Union Gas by Coconino County Republicans in appreciation for use of Blue Flame Room. L to R: County Republican Head - Doug Wall, Zell Flowers - Southern Union Gas, Repub. Women's Head - Mrs. Till Hutchinson, Repub. Central Comm. - Mrs. Barbara West. "Token of Appreciation"; Alpha Sigma Chapter - Beta Sigma Phi. L to R: V.P. Mrs. Joe Ferrell, Mrs. Jim Smets, Mrs. Jim Kuiper, Mrs. Paul Ferrendelli, Mrs. Robert Blair, Pres. Mrs. Dan Stoops. "Pledge Ritual"; LDS Stake Relief Society. L to R: Mrs. Frank Randall, Mrs. Gus Palmer, Mrs. Willis A. McEven, Mrs. Weldon Brinton. "Planning Meeting"; Flagstaff Junior Women's Club. L to R: Mrs. R.R. Hagelberg - Chair of the Flagstaff Advisory Board of the Arizona Children's Home in Tucson, Mrs. William Buchanan, Mrs. Herbert Swanson. "Bring Happiness to Arizona's Children".
Nov 24, 1961
Workers from Model Displays - Phoenix putting up decorations at Train previous hitDepot next hit. "Flagstaff's Christmas City"; Flag Boy Scout Troop 28 and explorers heading to Disneyland. "Off We Go!"; Tommy Peters II of Flagstaff with Elk antler. Had a spread of 34 1/2 inches. Story stated Elk had only 1 tooth. "The First Time".
Nov 25, 1961
Herb Emblen at Train previous hitDepot next hit with construction of "Christmas City" project he spearheaded. "Spark Plug"; Flag Hospital Auxiliary Fundraiser. L to R: Bud Purtyman, Gene Cook - Chief Engineer for Flagstaff Community Hospital. "Boosting the Turquoise Ball".
Nov 27, 1961
Ariz. Congressman Morris "Mo" K. Udall. L to R: Daily Sun Managing Editor - Bill Hoyt, Udall. "Visiting Flagstaff"; Flagstaff Community Hospital Auxiliary Fundraiser. L to R: Mrs. Marc Atkinson, Mrs. Harry King. "Tumbleweeds for the Turquoise Ball"; No parking anytime. Cars illegally parked in downtown alley. "Anytime is now..."; Decorations at Train previous hitDepot next hit. "Here Comes Santa Claus"; Nativity Scene at Train previous hitDepot next hit. "Especially for the Kids"; Flagstaff's first metered parking lot off of Agassiz. "Metered Parking Lot".
Nov 28, 1961
Flagstaff Community Hospital. Registered Nurse Martha Cain. "Expanded Intensive Care"; Coconino County Assessor's Office employees sorting car license tags. L to R: Mrs. Clair Beasley, Mrs. Virginia Boyd. "License Tags"; Ceremonies in Flagstaff and Winslow mark Frontier Airlines 15th year of service. L to R: Flag City Manager C.T. "Maggie" Pulliam, R. C. "Ted" Babbitt - Chamber of Commerce Pres., Mayor Rollin Wheeler, Chamber Manager - Hal Jackson, Frontier Station Manager - Kerry Allen. "Cake Cutter".
Nov 29, 1961
Long time Museum of Northern Arizona employee, Jimmy Kewanwytewa - Jimmy "K". Retiring. "Big Tom-Tom"; Flagstaff Community Hospital Auxiliary Fundraiser - Turquoise Ball. Millard Meccia of Arizona Public Service. "Hanging Tumbleweeds"; Civil Air Patrol. Seated: L to R: Capt. Robert Somerville, Lt. Larry Lukus, Cadet Alice Montoya, Doris Estrella. Standing: Cadet Bill Caffey, Commanding Officer - Capt. Malcolm Miles, Cadet Gordie White. "CAP Week"; Children of Junior Women's Club members representing more than 250 needy children in area. "Needy Children"; Business and Professional Women. Crowder member for 50 years. Rear: L to R: Mrs. Felice Crowder, Mrs. Mildred Cook - Club President, Mrs. Betty Harris - V.P.. Seated: Past District Director - Miss Elsa M. Sweeny. "50 Years of BPWC"; Long time museum of Northern Arizona Employee Jimmy Kewanwytewa - Jimmy "K", retiring after 30 years. "Jimmy "K" Carves"; Long time museum of Northern Arizona Employee Jimmy Kewanwytewa - Jimmy "K", retiring after 30 years. "Mopping Up"; TV Personality Dave Garroway at Lowell Observatory. L to R: Sole Trustee Roger L. Putman, Dave Garroway, Lowell Director - Dr. John Hall. "Talking of Stars".
Nov 30, 1961
Flagstaff Rainbow girls helping with Turquoise Ball. L to R: Carol Ruff, Jo Wensel, Shekie Wohlschlegel, "Ball to be Colorful"; Less painful blood testing at Flagstaff Community Hospital. Chief Lab Technician - Bill Liege. "The Old 'Ouch!'" and the New".
December , 1961
The following days have no associated negatives; 3, 9, 17, 24, 25, 30, 31.
Dec 1, 1961
Demolay Mothers. L to R: Mrs. William Bulmore, Mrs. Ward Olson, Mrs. M.A. Martinez. "Present Candles"; C.R. "Dick" Winter. New Sewing Machine Dept. Manager. "Sears Officer"; Retail Liquor, Dealers Assoc. Making Donation to Flag Community Hospital Expansion Project. L to R: Jimmy Klick - N. AZ. Director of the Wholesale Liquor Dealers Assoc., Walter Bennett - Hospital Board Chairman, Bruno Rezzonico - Coconino County Director of the Retail Liquor Dealers Assoc.. "Boost for the Hospital"; Pilot Club International. Standing: Mrs. Marion Ingersoll. Seated: L to R: Mrs. Ione McCauley, Mrs. Zadean Auyer. "New Initiates".
Dec 2, 1961
TKE Frat clean National Guard Armory for Turquoise Ball. L to R: Front: Dave Rambow, Roger Sobin, Bud Miller, William H. Hatch. Squatting: Harry Bailey, Jack Zeigler. Back: Henry Griffin, Bill Thelander, Wayne Felts, Jerry McCamley. "Sweepers! Man Your Brooms"; For Turquoise Ball. ASC Panhellenic Organization. L to R: Shirley Reeves, Carol Buzard, Judy Miller, Charlotte McCleery, Karen Byers. "The Decorators"; Crowd at Train previous hitDepot next hit for Lighting of Christmas Decorations. "Christmas Crowd"; Rollin W. Wheeler speaking at lighting ceremonies for "Christmas City" at Santa Fe previous hitDepot next hit. "Mayor Speaks".
Dec 4, 1961
Flag Community Hospital Turquoise Ball. L to R: Sgt. Daniel Castillo, Mrs. Tom Shuck - Pres. of Hospital Auxiliary, Sgt. Lawrence Dimas. $150 check from Flagstaff National Guard. "Receives Checks"; Flag Community Hospital Auxiliary Turquoise Ball. L to R: Mr. and Mrs. Tom Shuck, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bennett, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Mayes. "Grand March"; Flag Community Hospital Auxiliary Turquoise Ball. "Hor D'ouevres".
Dec 5, 1961
Mrs. Anne Kell Tinsley - Az. Teacher of the Year - Reading to her kindergarten class at Emerson School. "Story Time"; L to R: Coconino County Sheriff Cecil Richardson, Board of Supervisors - E.H. "Eddie" Weigel, Harold Huffer, Joe Tissaw Sr. "Jail Inspection"; Williams High Father and Son football dinner. Front: L to R: ASU Football Coach Frank Kush, Eddy Mosier, Emmett Wester, Denni Ison, Coach Jack McLain. Back: Bruce Willett, Robert Smith. "Congratulations".
Dec 6, 1961
Flagstaff Nurses Assoc. L to R: Katherine K. Dix - V.P. Martha Cain - Secretary, Mary Agnus Thomas - Head Nurse Flagstaff Community Hospital, Head Nurse Flagstaff Community Hospital, Bea Evans - State Board member, Rachaeil Moore - Treas., Lee Harsh - Pres. "Win Nightingale Lamp"; PHX Members of Arizona State Nurses Assoc. L to R: Mrs. Della Addington - Legislative Chair of Licensed Practical Nurses, Mrs. Hazel Bennett - Acting Exec. Sec., Mrs. Zona B. Brierly - Exec. Sec. of Az. State Board of Nurse Registration and Education, Mrs. Marjorie Kasun - State Pres. Nurses Assoc.. "Discuss Nurse Practice Act"; W. Don Edkins - New Manager of Flag Sears and Roebuck. "Heads Sears Here"; Officials for Class C. and Class B North Athletic Conferences. L to R: Front: Class C. - L.W. Parker - Pres. - Camp Verde, Louis Sandoval - V.P. - Sanders, Harry Lennoy - Sec. - Seligman. Back: Class B - A.J. Bowie - Pres - Williams, Ray Bradshaw - F.P. - Page, Morris Montgomery - Sec. - Alchesay. "School Session"; L to R: David Kent - son of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Kent, Ron Hillman - son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hillman. "On Leave".
Dec 7, 1961
Serious Injury accident on 89A - Pickup Truck and Semi. "ASC Student Hurt"; Tank knocked of tractor-trailer going under underpass on S. Sitgreaves. "Whoops. Too High"; Marshall School 6th grade intramural volleyball. See Az. Daily Sun, Dec. 7, 1961 - P.10 for names. "Marshall Champs"; Marshall School 7th Grade intramural volleyball. See Az. Daily Sun - Dec 7, 1961 - P.10 for names. "The Gal Champions"; L to R: Col. John B.M. Goetz - Commander of Navajo Ordinance previous hitDepot next hit, Walter E. Elder - Regional Director of Civil Service, Ronald G. Paul - Civilian Personnel Manager at previous hitDepot next hit. "Executive Meet"; L to R: Ed Sheehan - Exalted Ruler of Flagstaff Elks Lodge 499, Cliff Way - Grand Canyon Council of Boy Scouts. Century Club Award to Elks. "Scout Award".
Dec 8, 1961
LDS One Act Play competition. L to R: Front: Robert Swain, Dolores Sturegeon, Von Hatch. Back: Robert Houston, Iris Fish, Mrs. Wanda Hull - Director, Colleen Stock, Janet Davis. "Flag Church Activity"; L to R: Daily Sun Circulation Manager Bill Withers, Carriers: Owen Burt, Gilbert Branillo. "Sun Wins Award".
Dec 10, 1961
ASC vs. Nevada Southern Nevada #43 - Don Helm. ASC - In center - Ben Lynch, #44 Don Buttrum. "Everybody Up".
Dec 11, 1961
Snow plow at corner of Beaver and Santa Fe. "Diggin Out"; East Flagstaff Girl Scout and Brownie Christmas Rally. "Here Comes Santa"; East Flag Girl Scout and Brownie Christmas Rally.; L to R: Col. John B.M. Goetz - Commander of Navajo Ordinance previous hitDepot next hit, Frank J. Randall handing donation collected at previous hitDepot next hit, to Shelby McCauly for Salvation Army, J.L. Richards for Marchof Dimes, Robert M. Bishop for Boy Scouts. "NOD Aids Local Groups"; Flagstaff Postmaster H.L. Worischer w/ letters to Santa. "Hurry Kids!".
Dec 12, 1961
Flag High Drama Club. L to R: Cheryl Wick, Tim Leadbetter, Susie McDonald, Larry Wilson, John Waits, Ralph Bilby, Carol Fauset. "Shakespeare at Flag High".
Dec 13, 1961
Annual Heart Fund Drive. L to R: Exec. Director of Az. Heart Assoc - William Wood, A.C. "Butch" Lokker - Drive Chairman, Chairman of Flagstaff Heart Committee - Robert Nauman. "Heart Fund Chairman"; Flag American Legion Post Chaplin Phil "Red" Hollingsworth appointed to Legion's National Security Training Committee.; ASC vs. Grand Canyon College. ASC: On floor - Don Buttrum, #30 John Payne. Grand Canyon - L to R: Maynard Tidmore, Benny Lindsey, Gary Gillman. "Leap Frog Anyone"; ASC vs. Grand Canyon College. ASC: Sitting: Dave Boyd. Grand Canyon: Jim Cook. "Wrasslin Match"; ASC JV vs. Prescott Jaycees. ASC going up Robert Hardy. #55 - Jaycee Art Wedepoll. "Flying too High".
Dec 14, 1961
Plaza Pharmacy - First store to open in Plaza Shopping Center. Manager - Olen Dansby.; Flag Women's Club Christmas Dinner. Seated: L to R: Dr. John Stilley, Mrs. Phillip C. Hart - Pres., Mrs. Barbara West. Standing: Mrs. Walter Runke, Mrs. Willis Brown, Mrs. Bryan Hines. "Annual Candle Light".
Dec 15, 1961
Clothing Drive by Brownie Troop 32. L to R: County Social Worker Mrs. Betty Brown, Laurinda Lyon, Mary Jerse, Tammie Huddleston, Kathy Berdt, Peggy Lyon. "Here Ma'am"; Kappa Beta Chapter - Epsilon Sigma Alpha working on decorations for annual benefit car party. L to R: Mrs. Ken Christensen, Mrs. Roland Grannen, Mrs. Earl Kropp, Mrs. Bruce Crozier, Mrs. Leon Pearsall, Mrs. George Andreatos, Mrs. Steven Aginiga, Mrs. Donald Skaggs. "To Aid Guidance Center"; Police car driven by Patrolman Lonnie McGaugh hit by car driven by Led H. Bouton. The officer had lost other police cruisers that day to transmission trouble. "Three in One"; Van set up at airport checking fallout from Soviet Atomic Bomb Tests. "Checks Fallout Here"; Senior ASC Gymnast Phil Sanders on trampoline. "He Flies Through the Air"; Santa arriving at Santa Fe Train previous hitDepot next hit. "Santa on Santa Fe".
Dec 16, 1961
Santa arriving at Santa Fe Train previous hitDepot next hit. "Santa on Santa Fe"; Car Buried in 18 inches of snow. "Snow Job"; Winter Shot near Clark Homes. "Sign of the Times"; Flag American Legion Honor Guard. See Az. Daily Sun, Dec. 16, 1961 P.2 for names. "The Last Honor"; L to R: Flagstaff Postmaster Henry L. Worischek, Robert F. Clark of First National Bank with Book of Arizona Territory Post Offices and Postmasters By John and Lillian Theobald. "Presents New Book"; L to R: Chief Bosun's Mate P.A. Janis, Flag Navy Recruiter Chief Gunner's Mate B.G. Owen, Bosun's Mate First Class Edward A. Nick. Owen retiring with 22 years. Replaced by other 2. "Hangs Hat".
Dec 18, 1961
Santa Fe Railroad Agent Leonard Richards points to vandalized nativity scene at Santa Fe previous hitDepot next hit. "Hardly the Christmas Spirit"; Ponderosa Chapter of National Secretaries Assoc. L to R: Mrs. Bud Leamon, Mrs. Conrad Hull, Robert Bishop, his secretary Juanita Guess - Pres., Dr. Jay B. Hunt. "Honor Bosses"; Front: L to R: David Harper, Angie Hernandez, Ronnie Hernandez. Back: Co. Moran, Larry Krebs, John L. Davis, E.F. Edson, Francis Cambridge, Bob Cullen, "Turkey Winners".
Dec 19, 1961
Flag Junior High Cheer Leaders. No ID's. "Pompom Girls".
Dec 20, 1961
6th and 7th Grade students at Mt. Elden Elementary School presenting Christmas Pageant under direction of Mrs. Pat Curry. "International Show".
Dec 21, 1961
Flagstaff Naval Reserve Inspection. Officers noted: L to R: Commander W.S. Griffin of 11th Naval District Headquarters, Lt. Commander Jeff - Commanding Officer local unit. "Annual Inspection"; Flagstaff Brownie Troop 33 - New Members. See Az. Daily Sun Dec 21, 1961 - P.2 for names. "Flying Up"; Section 9-K Flag Junior High Boys Volleyball. See Az. Daily Sun, Dec 21, 1961 - P.10 for names. "Boy's Champions"; Section 8-C Flag Junior High Volleyball. See Az. Daily Sun, Dec. 21, 1961 - P. 10, for names. "Boys Runners Up".
Dec 22, 1961
Fatal Crash x 4. Head on, east of Flag. "Fatal Crash Near Flagstaff"; Santa - Roy Sample gives gift to Joe Lane at Clark Homes. "Santa Visits Flagstaff"; Daily Sun Carrier Bobby Borg trying to get dog to pull a sled to deliver papers. "Come On Freckles".
Dec 23, 1961
Flagstaff Optimists handing out candy in Clark Homes. "Helping Santa".
Dec 26, 1961
Flag High intramural volleyball. L to R: Front: Bob Willingham - Coach, James Dugan, John Winsley, Chuck Rolle. Back: Chuck Bryant, Larry Wilson, Larry Wilson, Larry Hill, Darrell Gagnon. "Volleyball Champs"; Section 8-I Flag Junior High Girls' volleyball. See Az. Daily Sun, Dec. 26, 1961 - P.10 for names. "Junior High Girl Champs"; Sec. 9-K Flagstaff Junior High Girls Volleyball. See Az. Daily Sun, Dec. 26, 1961, P.10, for names. "Girls Runners Up"; Christmas Boxes for 160 families at Elks Club. "Christmas Boxes"; Volunteers from a number of clubs and organizations delivering Christmas boxes to 160 families. "Trucks of Goodies".
Dec 27, 1961
John Fenney - working on Plaza Shopping Center. "Finishing Up"; Flag High Intramural Sports. L to R: Melvin Palmer, Dick Lloyd. "Table Tennis Winners"; Flag High Intramural Table Tennis. L to R: Angie Hernandez, Linda Sweeten, Deloris Sturgeon, Mary Ann Carela. "Not All Boys".
Dec 28, 1961
L to R: John Bishop - a page at U.S. Capitol. Shaking hands with his grandfather - Oscar A. Anderson of Iowa. "Off to Washington!".
Dec 29, 1961
Truckload of logs dumped in yard at 309 S. Verde after trailer failed to make the corner. "Trees in the Yard"; Cathy Langliers w/ Christmas thank you card from Bonnie Sue Shoebrooks. Bonnie was badly burned in a car accident earlier in '61. "Late but Welcome"; Flag High Basketball starters. L to R: Larry Wilson, James Dugan, Moe Winsley, Charles Bonney, Chuck Rolle. "Five of the Big Seven"; Page Women's Club donates children's books to Page Library. L to R: Gradyne Butler, Mrs. Stewart Slaton - Club Member, Paul Dewitt. "Books Wanted".
Negatives that have yet to be identified.
January , 1962
The following days have no associated negatives; 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 12, 13, 21, 30.
Jan 1, 1962
Mrs. Felton "Katherine" Hayes w/ first baby of 1962 - Gary Wayne Hayes, 7 pounds 4 ounces. "Start of a Happy New Year"; L to R: Sherry Bennett, Sandy Maddox, Tarry Ann Bennett. "Skates but not the Ice Type".
Jan 6, 1962
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Michelbach Sr. 64th wedding anniversary. "A Smooch for Mama"; High School Basketball - Flag vs. Brophy. Flagh High: In White: #30 Martin Auza, James Dugan, #42 Darrell Gagnon, #50 Moe Winsley, #40 Charles Bonney. Brophy: #30 Joe Weitzel, #34 Jim O'Neil, #41 George Rempe. "Up and Away"; High School Basketball - Flag High vs. Brophy. Flag High in white: #22 Charles Trujillo, #20 Larry Hill, #34 Bill Adams. "Another Combination".
Jan 8, 1962
L to R: MSgt S.H. Decker, Sgt. Jack C. Dodd - Local Army Recruiter, Capt. L.D. Weltsch. Outstanding station trophy. Dodd Top Recruiter in state. "Third Time".
Jan 10, 1962
Chamber of Commerce Officers. L to R: Paul E. Weaver - Pres., Elmer Hubbard Jr. - Treas., Jack Bird - V.P. "Start New Year"; Survey study for training center in Region II and III. L to R: Dan Childress - training officer region III, Bud Moore - Chief of Forest Service Training - D.C., Keith Kelso - Region II training officer - Denver, Coconino Nat'l Forest Supervisor - Jay Cravens. "Forest Service Survey".
Jan 11, 1962
Officers of Flagstaff Parent-Teacher-Student Association. L to R: Mrs. Stella Demiguel - Sec., Jack Jacobson - Pres., Joe Tissaw Jr. - 2nd V.P., Russell Faulkner - Treas., M.A. Martinez - 1st V.P.. "Looking Ahead"; Getting 1962 Auto License stickers at Coconino County Assessor's Office. L to R: Clerk - Mrs. Joann Beasley, Sidney W. Dietrich. "Get'em While They're Cheap"; Planning ad campaign for new Flagstaff Plaza Shopping Center. L to R: Mrs. Don Garrard of Millers, 2 A.J. Bayless reps from Phoenix, Mrs. Ardella Rey of Ardella Rey Interiors, Mrs. Ham Winser. "Shopping Center Meet"; St. Anne's Guild, Church of the Epiphany. L to R: Outgoing Guild President - Mrs. Laverne Pitcher - receiving Silver Cross, Mrs. Woodrow Wilson - Guild Sec. "For Outstanding Service".
Jan 12, 1962
New Officers. L to R: Nancy Dunlap - Rec. Sec., Peggy Snyder - Treas., Ella Christian - Financial Sec., Carol Wilson - Pres., Claire Wilson - Past Pres., Barbara Conley - V.P. "Theta Rho Girl".
Jan 15, 1962
Visiting Dignitaries - Walkup, Devins, and Curry. Seated: L to R: Past Dist. Commander - Charles Bolling, Asst. State Veterans Affair Director - Randolph E. Cooper, Post Quartermaster - William Johnson. Standing: Post Vice Cmdr. - John Justus, Member - Otto Black, Past Dist. 6 Commander - Arkie Burnham, Past State Comdr. - James Walkup, Adjutant Quartermaster - Barney Devine, National VFW Hospital Chair - Morris Curry. "VFW Hosts Dignitaries"; Exemplar Chapter of Xi Upsilon, Beta Sigma Phi gives check to Northern Arizona Rehabilitation Center. L to R: Mrs. Ralph Holly, Mrs. Janet Kuhne - from the center, Mrs. H.B. Warnock, Mrs. C.R. Bolender. "Fighting Crippling Diseases"; Flagstaff Kachinas. Seated: L to R: W.D. "Jesse" James, Mrs. Mildred Cook, Robert Crowley. Standing: Mrs. Nancy Bangston, Ralph Ayers, Dr. Lewis McDonald, Joe White. "Plan New Year".
Jan 16, 1962
Girl Scouts not ID'd. At Center: Lady Baden-Powell, World Leader of Girl Guides - Girl Scout Movement. England. "Good Evening, Lady"; Grand Canyon Council, Boy Scouts. At rt. International Commissioner of Scouting in Great Britain - P.B. Nevill. Shaking hands w/ Gary Perry. No other ID. "Scout Speaker"; New ASC Club. L to R: Kiwanian's Armand Reinke - Chair of Circle K Committee, Elmer Hubbard Jr. - Past President, Circle K Charter Members - Phil Lobeck, Alex Lobeck, Dave Stephson, John Rolle, Retiring District Lt. Gov. of Kiwanis - Elmer Hubbard Sr. "New Kiwanis Organization"; L to R: Elmer Hubbard Sr. - Retiring Lt. Gov., Elden Porter - 1st V.P., Harry Biller - 2nd V.P., Dr. Rexer Berndt - Pres., Elmer Hubbard Jr. - Past Pres. "Kiwanis Officers"; Inspection team from HQ - Naval Reserve Training Command. From: Commander Charles Bittenbring, Cmdr. Richard Fahy, Lt. Cmdr. Jeff - Commanding Officer Flag Unit, Lt. Walter Bradly - 11th Naval Dist HQ. Back: Team Member - Dwayne Dierking - Petty Officer 1st Class, Chief Petty Officer Ray Wilson - Flag Unit. "Flag Naval Unit Inspected".
Jan 17, 1962
Center: Mayor Rollin Wheeler. To right: Don Edkins - Manager of New Sears Store at New Plaza Shopping Center. No other ID's. "Mayor Opens Sears"; Rebekah Lodge and Odd Fellows. Front: L to R: Mrs. Gladys Owen - Nuble Grand, Mrs. Betty Teninty - Treas., Mrs. Ruby Kelsey - Financial Sec., Mrs. Ovida Caldwell - Rec. Sec., Mrs. Pauline Pres - Vice Grand. Back: Frank F. "Ted" Compton - Sec., Leonard Talkington - Treas., E.B. "Buster" Teninty - Vice Grand, W.L. Hudiburgh - Noble Grand. "Hold Joint Installations".
Jan 18, 1962
Prochnow Testimonial Dinner. L to R: Mrs. Peggy Wilson, Mrs. Lida Richardson, Mrs. Nina Van Sickle, Mrs. Jane Edwards. "Plan Prochnow Dinner"; Frosh Basketball ASC vs. ASU. L to R: Zeke Jacquez - ASC, #5 Larry Armstrong - ASU, #23 ASU No ID, Ben Lynch - ASC. "The ASC-ASU Story"; Frosh Basketball - ASC vs. ASU. #42 - Sun IMP Tom Owen, up for shot - Axebabe Robert Hardy. "One for the Axebabes"; College Basketball - ASC vs. ASU. L to R: #22 ASU - Art Decker, #44 Don Buttrum - ASC, #32 ASU Larry Armstrong, #22 ASC George Beardon. "One They Missed".
Jan 19, 1962
Jose DeFleur touches up mural on wall of A.J. Bayless Store in new Plaza Shopping Center. "Plaza Painting"; Betty Crocker Homemaker of the Year. L to R: No ID, Donna Davis. "Best Homemaker".
Jan 20, 1962
Taking blood sample. L to R: Flagstaff Community Hospital Technical Bill Elbe, Mrs. Jack McCracken, Mrs. Anthony Wytroval. Flagstaff Junior Women's Club Members. "See, It Doesn't Hurt"; Presenting 1st quarter franchise tax payment. L to R: City Clerk Harry Field Jr., City Mngr. C.T. "Maggie" Pulliam, Eldon Porter - Area Mngr. For Arizona Public Service. "A Tidy Sum"; Buying first ticket to first Fireman's Ball. L to R: Mayor Rollin Wheeler, Fire Chief E.J. Pat Hogan. "First to Buy"; Rebekah and Odd Fellow Lodges planning radio auction for March of Dimes. L to R: Vernie Caldwell, Mrs. Betty Teninty, Shelby McCauley. "We'll Take It".
Jan 22, 1962
Stewart Webb stands shoulder deep in snow, shoveling 17 inches of snow in Bow and Arrow off Lake Mary Rd. "Shake that Shovel"; See Az. Daily Sun, Jan 22, 1962 - P.5, for names. "Eastern Star Installs".
Jan 23, 1962
Republican Women. L to R: Till Hutchinson - Past Pres., Ruth Briel - Treas., Mary Yard - Pres., Mrs. Dorothy Cross - Ariz. State Pres., Kathryn Stahl - 2nd V.P., Susan Walker - Rec. Sec. "GOP Gals Elect"; Ghost Rider Car Club picks up items for March of Dimes Radio Auction. L to R: Seated: Steve Milehan, Richard Walters. Standing: Harvey Taylor, Guy Householder, Bobby Childress. "Riding Herd".
Jan 24, 1962
Coconino Sportsmen's Club Hunter Safety Class. L to R: Milt Evan - Club Sec., Levi Packard - Az. Fish and Game Dist. Supervisor, Jan Marquis, Edward Hulls, Paul Sprague. "Stress Hunting Safety".
Jan 25, 1962
New Rainbow Girls Worthy Advisor. L to R: Mr. J.K. Ruff, Carol Ruff, Mrs. Ruff. "Proud Parents".
Jan 26, 1962
1st Flagstaff Fireman's Ball. 2/3/62. L to R: Bob Flinn, Phil Cook. "Preparing a Ball"; Snowy City Park. "Snowy Trail"; Flagstaff Sheriff's Posse. L to R: Seated: Jack Fine, Lloyd Jewell - Posse 2nd Lt. Standing: Ray Dennis, Frank Davies - Posse Capt., Ed Ford, Reid Davis. "Plan Annual Barbecue"; Flagstaff Junior Women's Club Civil Defense Project. L to R: "Secretary" Sandy Flaser, Mrs. Monte Glaser, Mrs. William Buchanan. "Check Foods List".
Jan 27, 1962
Troop 31 and 32 of Brownies attend Girl Scout and Brownie Fun Night. "Girl Scout Fun Night"; Cub Scouts of Cub Pack 31 at Federated Church. "Knights in Battle".
Jan 28, 1962
Receiving awards from County Officer for helping the office. L to R: Mrs. Ethel Leamon - Health Officer, Platt Cline, Mrs. Fred Kennedy, Mrs. Hollis Haning, Bob Osterberg. "Receive Honors".
Jan 29, 1962
College Basketball - ASC vs. New Mexico State. w/ ball George Beardon - ASC, Heading for floor - Sid Gunn - NMS. "What Goes Up"; College Basketball - ASC vs. New Mexico State. #44 ASC Center Don Buttrum, #35 Tom Ward NMS. Both went up for a rebound. "Da Da Da!".
Jan 31, 1962
Seated: Mayor Rollin W. Wheeler. L to R: Patsy Sansom - General Secretary, Chester Clark - Fund Chairman, Charles Spurgeon - Publicity chairman. "Begin Heart Drive"; Flagstaff Civitans. Back: L to R: Bill Black - Chair of Boys Club Committee, Reg Norrison - District Governor - Tucson, Dick Fisher - Ex-Director of Phx. Boys Clubs. Front: Bob Libby - Dist. Gov. - Prescott, Bud Leamon - Pres. Flag Civitans. "Discuss Boys Club".
February , 1962
The following days have no associated negatives; 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 17, 18, 19, 25.
Feb 1, 1962
Flag High Sports Legend James Dugan.
Feb 10, 1962
Highway 164/180. 30 miles north of Flagstaff. Highway closed road due to snow. "Highway Closed?"; Photo taken 20 miles [north] of Flagstaff on Highway 164/180. Highway Department had closed road due to snow. "Highway Closed?".
Feb 12, 1962
L to R: H.C. Stinespring, Bill Davis, Dorothy Greening, Gloria Greening. Sheriff's Posse Helping Hand Barbeque. "Helping Hand"; March of Dimes. L to R: Mrs. Wade Owen - General Chair, Mrs. Charles "Pauline" Press, Mrs. Don Kelsey, Byron Kelsey - 18 months, Mrs. Buster Teninty, Dessie Teninty - 3. "To Handle Mother's March Collections"; New Weblos Pack at Federated Church. Front: L to R: Gerald Harris, Jeffrey Swan, Gary Anderson. Back: Robert Booth, Tom Jerse, Tom Hoag, Bill Hoyt. "New Scout Group".
Feb 13, 1962
L to R: Charles Spurgeon - Flag Heart Fund Drive, 5 year Carolyn Cordova - underwent heart surgery at 3 to correct congenital heart defect, Mayor Rollin Wheeler. "Flagstaff's "Miss Valentine"".
Feb 14, 1962
50th statehood observance by Coconino County Officials. L to R: Wilford Wolfington, Superior Court Judge Laurence T. Wren, Supervisor Joe Tissaw Sr., Sheriff Cecil Richardson, Assessor Jeff Ferris, Supervisor E.H. "Eddie" Weigel, Engineer Pat Syler, Deputy Sheriff Doug Russell. "Coconino Salutes Arizona".
Feb 15, 1962
50th Statehood Observance. At rt: Police Chief William Epperson at City Hall. No other ID's. "City Marks Statehood"; 50th Statehood Observance at Chamber of Commerce. L to R: Chamber Manager Hal Jackson, Col. John B.M. Goetz - Commander of Navajo Ordinance previous hitDepot next hit. No other ID's. "Simulations Observation"; 50th Statehood Observance. At Mt. Elden Elementary School. East Flagstaff. "Schools Join In"; 50th Statehood Observance. At Thomas School in East Flagstaff. "Snappy Scouts"; 50th Statehood Observance. San Francisco Peaks Post - Veterans of Foreign Wars. L to R: Vice Commander John Justus, Quartermaster Bill Johnson. No further ID's. "Veteran's Salute".
Feb 16, 1962
Flag High Wrestling Squad. See Arizona Daily Sun, Feb 20, 1962 - P.6 for names. "Flag Matmen in Tourney"; 5 year award. L to R: Patrolman Francisco S. Najera, Mayor Rollin W. Wheeler. "Pin for Service".
Feb 20, 1962
Flag High Publicity Team for High School Production of Operetta "Mr. Crane of Sleepy Hollow". L to R: Sharon Martin, Renea Kelly, April Troxell, Peggy Snyder. "Remember These Dates"; Flag High Cheerleaders accompanying basketball team to Class AA Tournament in Tucson. L to R: Peggy Stevens, Sally Driscoll, Carol Fauset, Nina Heflin. "Come With Us".
Feb 21, 1962
L to R: Frank Randall - Navajo Ordinance previous hitDepot next hit Public Relations head, Col. John B.M. Goetz - previous hitDepot next hit Commander, Drive co-chairmen: Jerry Smith, Bob Clark. "Red Cross Plans Here".
Feb 22, 1962
Dwight Chamberlain family. Air Force family transferred from Travis Air Force Base, CA to Dover AFB, Delaware. Car broke down in Flagstaff. Helped by Red Cross. "It's Nice to Know"; Flag High Wrestlers. L to R: Hank Zanzucchi, George Auza, Bob Young, Freddie Gonzales, Mike Sanchez. "Vie for State Titles".
Feb 23, 1962
Car rams Semi. Minor Injuries. "Rams Truck"; Portrait of Thomas Weitzel. L to R: School Board Chair Neil Christensen, Weitzel PTA Pres. - Mrs. Lloyd Jewell, Mrs. Thomas Weitzel. "Present Portrait"; American Coordinating Council for Political Education. L to R: Robert Bracamonte - Pres., Richard Florez - V.P., Robert Castro - County Chairman, Tio A. Tachias - Treas., Paul Lopez - Sec.. "Elect New Officers"; ASC Basketball vs. St. Michael's College, Santa Fe. Only ID: #44 Don Buttrum. "Don Dunks One"; Pair made trophy case for Flag High. Winsley Basketball Star. L to R: Moe Winsley, Neil Hegglund. "Room for More".
Feb 24, 1962
At Nativity School Hall - Cub Scouts. Front: L to R: John Baur, Jim Driscoll, Pat Nackard, Mathew Fabritz, Kevin Currin, Ray Wagner. Back: Leaders Willis Baur, Fr. Reiser, Fr. Toerner, John Britt. "Blue and Gold Banquet"; High School Basketball Class B and C Tourney. Camp Verde vs. Sanders. #24 Tim Parker - Camp Verde, Trying to get ball: Benny Barker - Sanders. "Ball Hawks"; High School Basketball - Class B and C Tourney. Page vs. Round Valley. #24 Jim Stickler - Page. "Driving In"; High School Basketball Class B and C Tourney. St. Johns vs. Williams. L to R: #13 Bruce Willett - Williams, #25 Merwin Grant - St. Johns, Barry Udall - St. Johns, #21 Larry Benham - Williams. "Two for the Redskins".
Feb 26, 1962
High School Basketball Class B and C Tourney. Class All Stars, Named, but in no order. "Class C's Classiest"; High School Basketball - Class B and C Tourney. Williams High Principal Arthur J. Bowie presents Class B North trophy to Round Valley Coach Leroy Overstreet and his team. "To the Winner!"; College Wrestling - ASC vs. Phoenix College. L to R: Art Martori - Phoenix College, Lanny Westbrook - ASC. "Long Reach"; High School Basketball Class B and C Tourney. L to R: Camp Verde School Superintendent "Snuffy" Parker congratulates McNary Player Willie Nash on Teams winning class tourney. "Congratulations"; High School Basketball Class B and C Tourney. Players Named, but not in Specific order. "Tops of Class B".
Feb 27, 1962
Babbitt's Dry Goods Department. L to R: Lillian Reynolds, Donna Grace. "Models for Fashion"; High School football champion Class C. North. L to R: Harry Lennox of Seligman presents trophy to Grand Canyon Coach Bob Clark. 6 man team. "Ahh! At Last"; High School Football Class B North champ. L to R: Maurice Montgomery of Alchesay High - presenting trophy, No ID, Milford Thompson, Page Coach. 11 man team. "To the Champs"; City Council and Mayoral Candidates at Kiwanis. L to R: John N. Pederson - Council, Velma Rudd Hoffman - Council, Jack Bird - Mayor, Paul Petruit - Council, Kiwanis Program Chair - Bruce Leadbetter, Mayor Rollin Wheeler. "Candidates Quizzed"; Members of Flagstaff Junior Women's Club on City Truck promoting their "Red Stocking Revue". No ID's. "Where's the Fire".
Feb 28, 1962
Seated: L to R: Drive Co-chair - Bob Clark, Harl Barnett, Jack Blanton, Don Morris. Standing: Jerry Smith - Co-chair, Fred Ball, Mark Stuart, Bob Cowley, Jim Blair, Earl C. Holquin. "Red Cross Kick-off Party"; Mrs. J.W. "Nadine" Wimp. Receives lifetime membership and pin from Az. Congress of Parents and Teachers. "Receives Lifetime"; Fallout Shelter Survey. Men w/ Department of Defense Contractor looking for building suitable for fallout shelters. L to R: Thomas W. Ryan, City Fire Chief Ernest "Pat" Hogan, E. Vernon Kiel. "Flagstaff Shelter Services"; L to R: M.K. Leadbetter - Exec. Dir. Flagstaff Housing Authority, Mayor Rollin Wheeler. "Ten Year Pin"; L to R: Pvt. Patricio F. Lucero, Flag. Army Recruiter - Sgt. Jack Dodd. "To Teletype School".
March , 1962
The following days have no associated negatives; 1, 4, 11, 13, 18, 20, 25, 30, 31.
March 2, 1962
Seated: L to R: Mrs. and Dr. A.G. Keithly. Standing: Sue Ann, Kelly, Becky Keithly. "Coconino's 4-H Family"; Seated: Mrs. Henry "Bernice" Giclas - Chair. Standing: Mrs. Natalie Griego, Jack Oswell - Field Rep. from Luke Air Force Base, Mrs. Esther Florez - worked w/ Red Cross 22 years. "Red Cross Workers"; With back to camera - Western Sales Manager for Greyhound - F.M. Phillips. At back w/ tie - Robert H. Bratsch - Agency for International Development, State Dept. Phillips discussing bus scheduling w/ group of Japanese Businessmen. "Something Different"; Turkish Educators at ASC. Seated: Nettie Steele. Standing: Cevat Tinic, Interpreter Adnan Saka, Rasim Basgoz, Jr. High teacher Fred Scghruf, Mehmet Doganny, Emin Oktay, Jr. High teacher Mrs. Wanda Penland. "Seeing the American Way"; Flag Jr. High. Seated: L to R: Mrs. Herb Gregg, Mrs. Charles Britt, No ID for either. Standing: Mrs. Ernestine Parker, Mrs. Robert Clements, Mrs. Lawson Day, Mrs. Ed Briniger, Joe Tissaw Jr. "Open House Planners"; Flag High Basketball Squad. See Az. Daily Sun 3/2/62, P.8 for names. "Gunning for the Big Ones"; Class C High School Basketball Tourney. Pima vs. Grand Canyon. Pima: #23 Leland Archibald, #51 Jim Maner. Grand Canyon: #10 Tommy Shevlin, #14 Ronald Timeshe, #34 Jim Smith. "Pima Rebound"; Class C High School Basketball. St. David vs. Camp Verde. Going for layup - A.C. "Ace" Green - St. David. Camp Verde: #24 Jim Parker, #14 John Gray. "'Ace' Scores".
March 3, 1962
High School Basketball. Flag High vs. South Mountain. FHS Moe Winsley blocked by #54 - No ID. #41 Charles Bonney FHS. "Blocked Moe"; Class C High School Basketball. Tuba City vs. Grand Canyon. #15 Jack Foster - Tuba City, No Further ID's. "Scores for Tuba City".
March 5, 1962
Flagstaff Junior Women's Club promoting "Red Stocking Review". L to R: Mrs. Larry Starr, Mrs. Bill Drye Jr., Mrs. Jerry Gibson. "What's it About?"; Seated: L to R: Miss Rose O'Reilly - Ticket Chair, Mrs. Thelma Williams - General Chair. Standing: Mrs. Vi Hull - Pres., Mrs. Lucina DeVaney, Mrs. Fae Hopper - in charge of style show, Mrs. Margaret Reinke. "Soroptomist Fashion Show"; Men of the Episcopal Church of the Epiphany. L to R: Chuck Stahl, Doug Jackson, Fr. John Davis - Pastor, Lem Brown, Woodrow Wilson. "Pancakes for Building Fund"; High School Basketball Class C. All-state team. L to R: Jimmy Smith - Grand Canyon, John Turney - Ft. Thomas, Willie Nash - McNary, Vince Perez - Monary, Jim Parker - Camp Verde. "The Big Five"; High School Basketball Class C Champs - McNary Green Devils. L to R: #24 Pat Baca, #20 George Herman, #32 Willie Nash, #34 Pat Place, #10 Vince Perez, #30 Leo Thomas, #22 Emil Romero, #12 Edward Russell, #14 John Mattox, #40 Fred Lawson. "Class C's Best".
March 6, 1962
Alpine Garden Club. Seated: L to R: Mrs. H.V. Emlen, R.G. "Ted" Babbitt, Mrs. Juanita Stanfill, H.V. Emblen. Back: M.K. Leadbetter, Mrs. Louise Corey, David Lay, Mrs. Katherine Shaw. "Beauty Planners"; Veterans of Foreign Wars. L to R: Mrs. Irbymae Ford - Pres., Mrs. Liesel Justus - Jr. V.P., Mrs. Berniece Hanson - Sec./ Treas., Mrs. Lenora Viklund - Conductress, Mrs. Mary Ann McLaughlin - Trustee. "VFW Auxiliary Election"; First Lifetime Honorary Member of Flagstaff Hospital Auxiliary - Thomas. L to R: Director of Nurses - Mrs. Mary Agnes Thomas, Aux. Member - Mrs. Ray Smith. "Nurse Honored".
March 7, 1962
Northern AZ Symphony. L to R: Symphony Director - Pat Curry, Dr. Roger Ardrey, William Bearden. "Prepare for Concert"; Jr. High Open House. L to R: Susan Wong, Robin Yee. "Greeters for JHS Open House"; Public Schools Week Essay Contest. L to R: Cecilia Ann Alexander, Edith McEuen, Toni Schulster, Wanda Cook. "Essay Contest Winners"; Civitans and other groups hear about Boys Club. Left Center: Chester Clark - Toastmasters. Right Center: Roy Bogden - S.W. Director of Boys Clubs of America. "Boys Club Planners".
March 8, 1962
Mayor and Council Candidates. Front: L to R: Council Candidates: Velma Rudd Hoffman, John N. Pederson, Leonard Sonka. Back: Michael D'Mura - Council, Jack Bird - Mayor, Paul Pertuit - Council. "Candidates at Coffee"; L to R: Gloria Gracey, Jennie Lomeli, Janey Kinvig, Mark Dearman, John Weber, Judy Switzer. "Spelling Bee Winners/Flag Junior High"; Alpha Alpha Chapter - Beta Sigma Phi. L to R: Mrs. Gargand Downum, Miss Regina Rousseau, Dr. John Currin - Heart Fund, Mrs. Raymond Smith. "Flagstaff Heart Fund”; See Az. Daily Sun - March 8, 1962 P.3, for names. "Award Winners"; New Officers. L to R: Seated: Mrs. Joe Rolle - Pres., Mrs. John Mackler. Standing: Mrs. Joseph R. Babbitt Sr., Mrs. Orinn. 2nd Row: Compton, Mrs. Fred Sughrue. Back row: Mrs. Venna Grasmoen, Mrs. Lee Black, Mrs. Ralph Bilby. "Gamma Phi Beta"; College Basketball, ASC vs. Westminster College. #10 Zeke Jaquez - ASC, #34 Dave Boyd - ASC. Westminster: #13 Larry Reid, #43 Ron Swenson, #23 James Morris. "Going in".
March 9, 1962
Friso 4-H Club. L to R: Debbie Jarvie, Sharon Maddox, Lois McCraw, Sandy Maddox. "4-H'ers with Heart"; Elementary School Boys Basketball. Guadalupe vs. Leupp. Guadalupe - Dark, Leupp - Light. No ID. "Up They Go"; Seated: L to R: Laurie Dierker, Mayor Rollin Wheeler, Becky Brown. Standing: Erlinda Mesa, Cathy Pitts, Peggy Davis, Crissy Arntsen, Mrs. R.D. Beaubien. "Girl Scout Week Proclaimed"; Parents receive students report cards during Public School Week. L to R: Flagstaff Education Assoc. Pres. - Walter Hodges, Mrs. Ray Lukus, Larry Lukus, Flag Jr. High. "Get Report Cards"; 25 Dollar Masonic Scholarship. Public Schools Week. L to R: Flag Jr. High Principal - Don Clark, David Cervantes. "Receives Scholarship".
March 10, 1962
Girl Scout Cookie, L to R: Senior Girl Scout Crissy Arnsten, Becky Grown - Brownie, Intermediate Scout Cathy Pitts. City Hall Employees not ID'd. "Buy First Cookies".
March 12, 1962
Soroptomist Club Fashion Show. L to R: Mrs. Juanita Guess, Mrs. Marilyn Coy, Mrs. Lillian Coy, Mrs. Mary K Guess. "Flashy Fashions".
March 14, 1962
City Election Winners. L to R: Mayor Rollin Wheeler, Councilmen: Michael D'Mura, Peter Viotti, Paul Pertuit. "The Winners"; Nativity Church bridge luncheon planning. L to R: Mrs. George McCullough, Mrs. Bruce McEvoy, Mrs. Victor Nackard, Mrs. P.T. Lindemann Jr. "It'll be a Great Day"; ASC Spring Football. Quarterback candidates. L to R: Art Schilling, Tom Conway, Rick Linnevey. "Who'll Get the Ball".
March 15, 1962
Marshall School PTA Hobby show. See Az. Daily Sun March 15, 1962 Page 2 for names. "Hobby Show Winners".
March 16, 1962
Spelling Bee Hopefuls. Front: L to R: Lynn Porter, Dolores Edmundson, Doris Hayes, Betty Moss. Back: Steve Rourke, Brenda Magee, Dwight Mace, Marilynn Everett. "Mt. Elden Spellers"; ASC Spring Football. L to R: Back: Quarterbacks: Art Schilling, Rick Linneweh, Tom Conway. Front: Centers: Bob Waltzer, Gary Campbell, John Tucker. "Three Pairs".
March 17, 1962
ASC Football player Lanny Westbrook looks at trophy for player that gave inspiration to team in spring practice. Won award in 1961. "Repeat Performance".
March 19, 1962
No major fire alarms. L to R: Flagstaff Fire Chief Ernest "Pat" Holan, Bob Flinn, Wally Smith. "Good Record"; Nel flipped in publication. Coconino Sportsmen Week. L to R: Bill Liebe, Mayor Rollin Wheeler, Art Holmgren, Milton Evans. "Wildlife Week"; Flag High production of "Bobby Sox". Front: L to R: Chris Synerholm, Dale Otteson, Bonnie Clements, Nancy Hesselgeser. Back: Tom Pirtle, Bryce McEwen, Jim Hevelone. "Bobby Sox Yoyo"; Women's Class A bowling. JPA Carpeteer team. L to R: Thelma Self, Betty DePew, Armida Sedillo, Angie Miller, Eldy Findlay. "Class A Champs"; Women's Class B Bowling - Ariz. Public Service Team. L to R: V. DePew, Rose Russell, Billie Beint, Rita Meister, Irene Ingersoll. "Class B Champs".
March 21, 1962
Catholic Daughters of America giving books to City Library. L to R: Mrs. George McCullouh - Vice Grand Regent, Mrs. Helen Earnshaw - Asst. Librarian, Mrs. Pearle Rolley - Librarian, Mrs. Charles Bonney - State Sec. of CDA. "National Catholic Press Month".
March 22, 1962
Flagstaff High School. Seated: L to R: Melvin Palmer, Chuck Bryant, Chuck Rolle. Standing: Bill Adams, Richard Hulse, Larry Wilson. "Boy's Staters"; County Spelling Bee. L to R: Flag School Superintendent - Sturgeon Cromer, Dr. Tom O. Bellwood - ASC, Bill Borcherding - Flag Rotary Club, Mrs. Bessie Kidd Best - County School Superintendent, Ralph J. Holly - ASC. "Spelling Bee Leaders"; ASC Spring Football delayed by snow. "Still Some Snow".
March 23, 1962
Flag High Baseball. L to R: Catcher James Dugan, Skip Lowrie. "Top Batters"; Vogue Sewing Contest entrants. L to R: Mrs. Ray Christofferson, Mrs. Herbert Swanson, Mrs. Felix Herold, Mrs. Walter Swingle, Mrs. J. Ferrell Colton, Mrs. Jacob Winsor. "Flag Jr. and Senior Women's Clubs"; Flagstaff intramural basketball. LDS vs. All Stars. Front: L to R: Dave Beagly, Tom Hollinsworth, Gary Scott. Back: Jess Langston, Melvin Palmer - Capt., Jay Langston. "Tourney Champs".
March 24, 1962
Spelling Bee Winners. L to R: Travis Coleman Standfield - 2nd place - South Beaver School, Judy Sturgeon - 3rd place - Page, Larry Eddy - 1st place, Thomas R. Gardner - a judge representing Williams Rotary. "Winning Word - Loquacious"; Flag High Intramural basketball all-stars. Front: L to R: Tencer Nez, Bill Stapp, Robert LeForge, Jim Figueroa, Melvin Palmer. Back: Bob Steel, Phillip Chavez, Larry Polivena, Albert Gomez, Rock Mullens. "Flag All-Stars"; Flagstaff High School Girls intramural basketball. Front: L to R: Angie Hernandez, Rickey Magana, Merlene Lopez. Back: Rachael Hernandez, Peggy Marquez - Team Capt., Charlene Wardlow. "Cage Champs".
March 26, 1962
Flag High School. Front: L to R: Mary Ann Barega, Dana Dean, Sandra Scott. Back: Janice Bird, Sherry Wendt. "FHS Girls State Delegates"; Past Matrons of Eastern Star. L to R: Mrs. Neva Chiappetti - Sec., Mrs. Dorothy Brierly - V.P., Mrs. Jesse Linke - Junior Past Matron, Mrs. Pearl Herring - Pres. "New Officers"; Alpha Alpha Chapter Beta Sigma Phi. L to R: Mrs. Dorothy Brierly - Chair of Ways and Means - Comm. of Chapter, Mrs. Evelyn Downum - Treas., Mrs. Thelma Williams - Board of Dir. Of Girls Ranch. "Presents $100 Check to Girls Ranch".
March 27, 1962
Vogue Fashion Contest. L to R: Miss Joyce Whiting - 1st place, Miss Sandy Lake - 4th place, Miss Linda Dendixon - 3rd place, Miss Shelia Dugan - 2nd place. "Flagstaff Women's Club Winners"; Pilot Club Tea. L to R: Phyllis Manning - International Director Pilot International, Zella Davis - Immediate past Pres., Mrs. Lida Richardson - Pres.. "Presidents Tea".
March 28, 1962
Flag High Drama Class Production of "Life with Father". Seated: L to R: Sandy Smith, John Waits, Pat Dodd. Standing: Larry Wilson, Cheryl Wick. "High School Drama"; L to R: Mrs. Ray Smith - Pres. of Flagstaff Hospital Auxiliary receives $375 check from Mrs. A.M. "Elise" McCreary. Donation Delta Delta Delta Alumnae. "Helping the Hospital".
March 29, 1962
1 tour round the world by group from England, Scotland, Ireland. Stopped in Flagstaff after visiting Grand Canyon. "Near End of Tour"; Weitzel School Hobby Show winners. Front: L to R: Paula Beth McFall, Sharon Cole, Elizabeth Jimenez, Charles Sanders. Back: Billy Glass, Terry Tuner, Bill Sandic, Mike Willingham. "Talented Kids"; See Az. Daily Sun, 3/29/62, P. 12 for names. Flag Junior High intramural basketball. "Boys Champions"; See Az. Daily Sun, 3/29/62 P. 12 for names. Flag Junior High Intramural basketball. "Winning Ladies".
April , 1962
The following days have no associated negatives; 1, 8, 15, 22, 29.
April 2, 1962
Presentation by Chamber of Commerce Kachina Promotion Group to Mobil Oil representative. 1962 Mobile Economy Run. L to R: Kachina Robert Turner, Mobil Oil Products Promotion Director - Frank Meunier, Kachina Chief Robert Cowley, Kachina Ralph Ayres. "Remembrance of Flagstaff"; See Az. Daily Sun April 2, 1962 P.8 for names. Hunter Safety Course Sponsored by Coconino Sportsmen. "Receive Hunter Safety Award"; See Az. Daily Sun April 2, 1962 - P.8 for names. Weapons Safety Course sponsored by Coconino Sportsmen. "Arms School Graduates".
April 3, 1962
Flag Junior High Intramural Basketball. See Az. Daily Sun, April 3, 1962 P.8 for names. "Runners Up"; Flag Junior High Intramural basketball. See Az. Daily Sun, April 3, 1962 P.8 for names. "Second Place Crew".
April 4, 1962
Part of Shipment of 2,500 crab apple trees. "Nearly all Gone".
April 5, 1962
See Az. Daily Sun, April 5, 1962 P.2 for names. "At Red Cross Workshop Here"; ASC Tracksters. L to R: Coach Bill Presson, Mark Kalin, Arvid Burnham, Cal Crowley. "Prep for Phoenix College and Eastern Ariz. Junior College".
April 6, 1962
New Officers. Seated: L to R: Mrs. Kathryn Lewis - Rec. Sec., Mrs. Lorraine Lewis - V.P., Mrs. Elma Mullins - Pres. Standing: Mrs. Virginia Reid - Treas., Mrs. Isabel Simmons - outgoing Pres.. "East Gate Garden Club"; Alpha Sigma Chapter - Beta Sigma Phi. L to R: Miss Darlyne Kuiper, Mrs. Jim Gale Jr., Mrs. Bob Blair, Mrs. Bob Osterberg, Mrs. Robin Quayle, Mrs. Don Leamon, Mrs. Paul Ferrendelli. "Ritual Jewels"; Townjack basketball awards. L to R: Dave Boyd - First National Bank Award as Most Inspirational Player, ASC Head Coach Herb Gregg, Bank Manager - Robert Clark. "Top Axer"; Townjack Basketball Awards. L to R: Charles Bonney Sr., Charles Bonney Jr. Top Flag High Player. "Father to Son"; Women's Bowling. L to R: Lynn Lee, Ila Webb - Doubles Team. "Class B Handicap Champs"; Women's Bowling. Pauline Bonner. "Class A Singles Leader"; Women's Bowling. Judy Hickey. "Class A Pin Champ"; Women's Bowling. Carol Thomas. "Sweeps Class B"; Women's Bowling. L to R: Lillian Hall, Dolores Harlan. "Class A Doubles Champ".
April 7, 1962
L to R: Mrs. Harold "Janet" Kuhne, Mrs. Jay Meister, Mrs. John Prewit, Mrs. Mildred Meccia, Mrs. Lee Prentice. "Elk Ladies New Candidates"; L to R: Mrs. E.J. Yost - Rec. Sec., Mrs. Maurice Grant - Corr. Sec., Mrs. Roy Rodes - Pres., Mrs. W.H. Switzer Jr. - Treas., Mrs. Ray Lukus - V.P.. "New Officers of Elks Ladies".
April 9, 1962
L to R: Don Delan, Robert Clark, Willie Joe McKenzie, David Lay, Reid Davis, L.J. "Pop" Rice, Paul Wilson, John Ply, Ray Dennis, Jay Heister. "Flag Elks Install Officers"; Alpine Garden Club. L to R: Mrs. Frank Schloss - Treas., Mrs. Joe P. Lipinski - Pres., Mrs. Ella Inman - V.P., Mrs. F.S. Pittard - Sec. "Garden Club Officers"; High School Baseball. Flag High vs. Arcadia. L to R: Arcadia Runner - no ID, Frank Zanzucchi - Flag High. "No You Don't"; American Legion. L to R: State Senator Robert Prochnow, Lawrence Sheier, Art Kennedy, Flagstaff Post Commander Leon Carlson, Arizona Commander Herschell Thomas, Buford Belgard. "Legion Visitation"; Flagstaff Junior Chamber of Commerce. L to R: Larry Krumm - Pres., Barry Palmer, Bob Shafer, Norman Adams, Don Leamon, Keith Christensen. "Jaycees Officers".
April 10, 1962
L to R: Mrs. Paulding B. Forry - Northern Dist. Pres. Ariz. Federation of Women's Clubs, Mrs. Harvey C. Smoorth - Northern Dist. Corr. Sec., Mrs. Herbert Swanson - Pres. Elect of Flagstaff Club, Mrs. Willis Bauer - Pres. Flagstaff Club. "Visits Flagstaff Junior Women's Club".
April 11, 1962
Fatal Page Trailer Fire. "Page Man Dies"; Flagstaff Scout Drive. L to R: B.D. Daugherty, Leon Jenkins, Jack Blanton. "Go Over Pledge Cards"; Library Family of the Year. Seated: L to R: Mrs. Goyette w/ baby Connie, Susan, Dr. Charles Goyette. Back: Terry Goyette, Noel, Richie. "Reading Family"; L to R: Mrs. R.D. Beaubien - Leader, Norma Blaser, Crissy Arnsten, Mary Minor. "Annual Girl Scouts Dad's Dinner"; Flag High Baseball. Pitcher: Larry Wilson. "The Fireman"; Director of Museum of Northern Arizona, Dr. Edward B. Danson. By Frederick Samuel Dellenbaugh. "Rare Southwestern Painting".
April 12, 1962
Flagstaff Junior Women's Club production to benefit Guidance Center. See AZ. Daily Sun, April 12, 1962 - P.1 for names. "'Red Stockings Review' Preview"; ASC Spring Football Drills. L to R: Backfield Coach Ted Sorch, Quarterback Art Schilling, Fullback Bobby Claborn. "This is a Football"; ASC Spring Football Drills. Front: L to R: Slotback Wally Hill, Fullback George Williams, Halfback Howard Mayney. Back: Quarterback Tom Canway. "One Axer Backfield"; Chamber of Commerce Billboard Project. L to R: M.C. "Mike" Purcell, Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce President - Paul Weaver. "New Promotion for Flagstaff".
April 13, 1962
Crippled Children Meritorius Service Award. Front: L to R: Dr. Peter J. Lindemann Jr. presenting award to Dr. C.H. Fredell. Back: Mrs. Mildred Cook - Pres. Flagstaff Business and Professional Women's Club, Mrs. Janet Kuhne - Head of Flagstaff Rehabilitation Center at Flag High. "Easter Seal Award"; Ralph Burress - Durango, Colo., Pres. of Navajo Trail Assoc. noting a new short trans-reservation route at Four Corners. "Navajo Trail Dedication"; Court of St. Therese - Catholic Daughters of America. Nativity and Guadalupe Schools. Local Winners in National CDA Poetry Contest. Front: L to R: Claire Nelson, Hilda Fronske, Patty Reyes - Guadalupe Sch., Grand Regent Mrs. Anita Grace. Back: Patti Henscheid, Patty Bilby, Sharlene Hurejsi, Sara Fredrick. "Youthful Poets"; ASC Track and Field. L to R: Coach Bill Presson, Layne Peugh, Jon Blackburn, Fidel Santana, Homer Townsend, Paul Romanski, Lyle Reifel, Paul Rodriguez. "Axer Tracksters"; 150 Pounds of Civitan Fruit Cakes given to Sunshine Rescue Mission. L to R: Mission Superintendent Stan Richardson, Mission Houseman - Don Wells, Civitan Ralph Ayres. "Civitan Gift to Mission"; $750 Check from Symphony Ball Committee. L to R: Mrs. John Hoffman - Symphony Guild Pres., George G. Babbitt - Pres. Northern Az. Symphony Board, Mrs. Paul J. Babbitt Sr. - Sec., Mrs. Tom E. Pollock - Committee Chair, Pat Curry - Symphony Director. "Northern Arizona Symphony".
April 14, 1962
ASC Spring Football Drills. "Shaping Up"; Construction of Large hotel at Eastern Junction of Highways 66 and 89. Front: Norm Sharber, Fred Ball - Brother Lucille Ball, Bruce Leadbetter. Back: No ID. "Development Underway"; Bridge Tournament benefitting Flagstaff Community Hospital Auxiliary. L to R: Acting County Health Dir. Dr. Hugh Dierker, Auxiliary Member - Polly Baker, Hospital Administrator Marc Atkinson, Auxiliary Pres. - Dorothy Smith, Turquoise Bridge Chair - Mrs. Daryl Spakeen, Hospital Certificate Holder - Gene Thompson. "Turquoise Bridge Boosters"; See Arizona Daily Sun April 14, 1962, P.3 for names. "Brownie Girl Scouts of Troop 33"; High School Baseball. Flag High vs. Sunnyslope. Flag High 3rd baseman Ernie Williams. No other ID's. "Slides Out".
April 16, 1962
L to R: Flagstaff Postmaster Henry I. Worischer, Mr. and Mrs. J. Campbell James. "Flag's New Post Office"; At Turquoise Benefit Bridge. L to R: Mrs. Joe Waldhaus, Mrs. Joesph R. Babbitt Sr., Mrs. Ann Hall, Mrs. Frank Dickinson. "Support Turquoise".
April 17, 1962
ASC Football Spring Drills. L to R: Quarterback Rick Linneweh, Shotback Jim Sims, Halfback David Estrada. "'Hand Off' Play".
April 18, 1962
Former Little League Foes. Flag High Baseball. L to R: Larry Wilson, Charlie Trujillo. "Time Changes Things"; Secretaries Week. L to R: Mrs. Wanda Hull - Project Chair, Mrs. Juanita Guess - Pres. of Secretary's Group, Mayor Rollin Wheeler. "Girls 'Friday'".
April 19, 1962
Benefiting Flag Chapter of the Arizona Society for Crippled Children. All ASC Students. L to R: Diane Wilhelm, Mary Jakle, Corlyn Downum, Carol Johnson, Paula Nivison. "Flagstaff Lily Sales"; Flag High Track and Field Mile Relay. L to R: Bob Blensoe, Bill Stapp, Climmie Barnes, Moe Winsley. "Off They Go"; Flag High Baseball top hitter. Ernest "Sammy" Williams. "The 'Stick'".
April 20, 1962
Sedona Oak Creek Easter Sunrise Service '61. L to R: Don Pratt, Sue Pratt, John Doubek. "Easter Trumpeters"; Sedona Oak Creek Easter Sunrise Service '61. Sen. Barry Goldwater. "Repeat Appearance"; Sedona Oak Creek Easter Sunrise Service '61. "Sunrise Throng"; Sedona Oak Creek Easter Sunrise Service '61. L to R: Earl Spitler - Grand Master of Ariz. Masons, Sen. Barry Goldwater, Ben Stephenson - Pres. Sedona Masonic Club. Dedication of Shrine of the Red Rocks. "Easter Dedication"; Broom Sale to Benefit the Blind. Brooms made by blind individuals. L to R: Fred Andraino, Larry Kaney, Leon Jenkins, Terry Quinn, Marion Gordon, Joe Nickells. "Lion's 'Clean Sweep' for Blind"; To benefit local chapter of AZ Society for Crippled Children. L to R: Georgette Haydis, Hariett Wilson, Dena Dierker, Yolanda Mayorga. "Parade of Lilies"; Flag High baseball vs. Coronado. L to R: Flag 3rd baseman - Frank Zanzucchi, Coronado Catcher - Ed Morris, Umpire - Charles Dawson. "Another One".
April 21, 1962
At Parish Hall - Church of the Epiphany. L to R: Mrs. Marc Atkinson - Co-chair, Mrs. W. Lanning, Mrs. Elmer Hubbard Jr. - Co-chair, Mrs. Bert Cleveland. "Mayday Bridge Breakfast"; Flag High Junior Bob Young. One of Top Shot Putters in Nation. #5 in U.S.. "One of the Best".
April 23, 1962
Easter Sunrise Service at Grand Canyon. "Easter in the Northland"; Easter Sunrise Service at Shrine of the Red Rocks, Sedona. "Easter in the Northland"; Benefit to Coconino County Chapter of Ariz. Society for Crippled Children. L to R: Chapter Representative Mrs. Jack Fine, Gene Thompson - Pres. Flag Shrine Club. $100.00. "Aid to Children"; Children at Easter Egg Hunt at Continental Country Club. "First Annual Easter Egg Hunt".
April 24, 1962
Flagstaff Junior Women's Club - "Red Stocking Review". L to R: Mrs. Donald Cox, Calvin Swanson - Show Director, Mrs. William Buchanan, Mrs. Jerry Gibson. "Readying for Review".
April 25, 1962
American Legion Color Guard at Plaza Shopping Center. Front: L to R: Larry Stark - A.J. Bayless Market, Mrs. Ham Winsor - Winsor Beauty and Barber Shop, Olen Dansby - Plaza Pharmacy, Joseph Crisler - T.G. S.Y. Back: Lester Bell, Phil Hollingsworth, H.A. "Art" Kennedy, Toney Richardson. "Promoting Old Glory"; Ponderosa Chapter - National Secretaries Assoc.. L to R: Mrs. Kay Rucker, Mrs. Wanda Hull, Mrs. Juanita Guess, Miss Kathleen Wise, Mrs. Nancy Barker, Mrs. Mary Lou Sanderson. "Secretaries Tea"; Flag High Baseball vs. Tempe. L to R: Howard Jordan - FHS, Tempe - No ID. "Out You Go!"; Cessna Skyhook Helicopter at Knob Hill Ranger Station across from Flag Hospital. L to R: Forest Supervisor Jay Cravens, Pilot Art Shaw of Wright Flyte Service. "New 'Copter Service"; Coconino County Democratic Club. L to R: State Senator Robert Prochnow, Gubernatorial Candidate Sam Goddard, Outgoing Pres. Lida Richardson. Standing: New Pres. Norman Sharber, County Democratic Chair - J.R. Babbitt Jr.. "Enthusiastic Dems".
April 26, 1962
L to R: Dale Carnegi Alum - Joe Roman, Mayor Rollin Wheeler, Carnegi Alum - Charles Basinski. "Human Relations Week".
April 27, 1962
Flagstaff Junior Women's Club - "Red Stocking Review". L to R: "Harem Girls" Betty Sue Drye, Nina Graham, Maharajah - Ray Christofferson. "The Maharajah?"; Flag High Swim show "Deep Sea Paradise". L to R: Carol Wolson, Sharon Wilhelm, Janice Kennedy, Angie Hernandez, Sheri Harris, Leanne Coffin, Phyllis Johnson, Marilyn Shirley, Jane Haver, Betsanne Biller, Sandy Smith. "Beauties from the Deep"; Mrs. Joseph R. "Viola" Babbitt w/ portrait [of] late Mrs. Lydia Newton. "Dedicate Coconino Bridge Center".
April 28, 1962
Flag Junior High, 8th grade Charter members of National Junior Honor Society. No ID's. "Eighth Grade Honorees"; L to R: L.L. Shanks, Wife - Mrs. Jean Shanks, Daughter - Mrs. Mina Thompson - Worthy Matron, Walter Hodges - Worthy Patron, Ed Mays - Past Patron, Justice of the Peace James F. Frierly - Associate Patron. "Eastern Star".
April 30, 1962
County Officials tour new jail. Sheriff Cecil Richardson at control panel of Felony cell block. "Finishing Touches on New Bastille"; County Officials tour new jail. View down Felony cell block. "Finishing Touches on New Bastille"; County Officials tour new jail. L to R: Supervisor Chairman Harold Huffer, Sheriff Cecil Richardson in felony cell. "Finishing Touches on New Bastille"; County Officials tour new jail. In booking area. L to R: County Engineer Pat Syler, Supervisors Joe Tissaw Sr., E.H. "Eddie" Weigel, Chairman Harold Huffer. "Finishing Touches on New Bastille"; Candidate for State Representative. "Dr. Carroll C. Creighton"; Dale Scott at Marshall School. "4-H Demonstration"; See As. Daily Sun April 30, 1962 P.3 for names. "New Moose Lodge Members"; Flag High Baseball vs. Prescott. L to R: Ernie Miller - Prescott, James Dugan - Flagstaff, Umpire Bob Boozer. "Woah Boy!"; 70 to 80 members of Coconino Country Club clearing tons of rocks from 5th Fairway. "Rock Pickup Party"; Veterans of Foreign Wars. See Az. Daily Sun April 30, 1962 P.7 for names. "VFW Installs Officers"; Veterans of Foreign Wars. See Az. Daily Sun, April 30, 1962 P.7 for names. "New VFW Auxiliary Officers"; Flagstaff Kiwanis District Fellowship Conference. L to R: Past Pres. Elmer Hubbard Jr., Dist. Gov. H.B. "Henry" Ford, Mrs. Ford, New Pres. Rexer Berndt. "Kiwanis Fellowship Gesture"; Flag Girl Scouts Troop 6. L to R: Vicky Whiting, Georgette Haydis, Terry Tharp, Sharla Morgan, Margarete Hensley, Mrs. Ken Haydis - Troop Leader, Arlinda Mesa, Christine Davis. "Collecting for Cancer".
May , 1962
The following days have no associated negatives; 6, 13, 20, 23, 25, 27.
May 1, 1962
Brownie Troop 8 at Mt. Elden School. L to R: Randy Horvaugh, Donna Fulghum. "Plant Crabapple Trees".
May 2, 1962
Flag High Seniors w/ City Officials. Elks' Youth Day Program. No ID's. "Youth Reigns".
May 3, 1962
Ground Breaking at Ariz. Bank Building. Standing: L to R: W.R. Montgomery - Az. Bank Board Chair, Roy Kite - Henry Beck Co. - Contractor, Jim Young - Rita Quackenbush Realty, Paul Weaver - Pres. Chamber of Commerce, Lester Byron Jr. - Architect. On Tractor - George Rogers - Az. Bank V.P. and Flag Manager, Lloyd A. Bimson - Az. Bank Pres., Mayor Rollin Wheeler. "Digging to Reach"; See Az. Daily Sun May 3, 1962 P.6 for names. "Lumberjack Lineup"; Alpha Alpha Chapter - Beta Sigma Phi. Seated: Mrs. R.A. "Opal" Bledsod. L to R: Standing: Mrs. Mike "Betty Joe" D'Mura, Mrs. Helen Householder. "Chapter Members".
May 4, 1962
L to R: Martha Synerholm - Salutatorian, Richard Phalan - Valedictorian. Flag High. "Win Top FHS Honors"; $750 check to Flagstaff Hospital Auxiliary from Turquoise Bridge Tournament. Standing: L to R: Mrs. James Young - Aux. Finance Chair, Barbara Dole. Seated: Mrs. Raymond Smith - Aux. Pres., Mrs. Bert Baker, Mrs. Robert Spakeen. "Boost for Hospital Auxiliary".
May 5, 1962
Flag Junior Club "Red Stocking Review". L to R: Mrs. Laurence Wren, Mrs. Wayne Ward, Mrs. Monte Glaser, Mrs. Robert Wilkes. "Can Can Dancers"; See AZ. Daily Sun May 5, 1962 P.3 for names. "Flag Elks Initiates"; Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church. L to R: Jess Yniques - Pres., Paul Lopez - V.P., Paul Vasquez - Sec., Ronnie Vergara - Sgt. At Arms. "New Parish Council"; Army Pvt. Felton Combs completes basic training. "Flag Soldier".
May 7, 1962
National Hospital Week/ Flag Community Hospital. L to R: Gayle Blanton, Dorothy Smith - Hospital Auxiliary. "Presents Auxiliary Doll"; L to R: Mayor Rollin Wheeler, Sheriff Cecil Richardson, Az. Highway Patrolman Ray Lambertson, Fraternal Order of Police Lodge State Trustee Jim Conway, Local Lodge Pres. Bob Cline, State Parole Officer Bill Brady, Deputy Sheriff Due Russell, Flag. Police Chief Bill Epperson. "Law Enforcement Week"; Northern Arizona Symphony Guild hosts luncheon. L to R: Mrs. Fred Croxen, Earl Bernard Murray - Conductor San Diego Symphony, Mrs. John Hoffman, Pat Curry - N. Az. Symphony Conductor. "Meeting the Conductor"; ASC Football vs. Oldtimers. L to R: Owen Dejanovich - Most Inspirational Player, Landy Westbrook - Team Capt., Head Coach Max Spilsbury. "Outstanding Player".
May 8, 1962
Optimist Club helping w/ Bicycle Safety Week. L to R: Terry Rice, Jack Richards, Dusty Sullivan, Ricky Rice, Ken Frost, Police Chief William Epperson. "The Starters"; New Officers. L to R: Norman C. Jabs - Sec./Treas., Dr. J.E. Carlile - Pres., Orrin Mauran - 1st V.P.. "Flag Civitans".
May 9, 1962
New Chapter Pres. - Beta Sigma Phi. L to R: Vera Rawlinson - Alpha Upsilon, Mrs. Jacquelin Gabaldon - Alpha Sigma, Miss Bernece Hyde - Nu Phi Mu, Mrs. Mary Garrard - Alpha Alpha, Mrs. Verna Shafer - Ki Alpha Alpha. Seated: Mrs. Ruth Briel - Xi Upsilon Exemplar. "New Presidents"; Parent Teacher Student Assoc. L to R: Installing Officer Mrs. R.P. Kelly, outgoing Pres. Jack Jacobsen, M.B. Applequist - Pres., Jack McMurry - Treas., Don Kelsey - 2nd V.P., Bill Holst - Sec. "New PTSA Officers".
May 10, 1962
Planting Crabapple Trees. L to R: Bedford Raney, Eddie McLaughlin - Both Alpine Garden Club, Resident James McElroy, Garden Club members - Mrs. W.S. Corey, Mrs. Arthur Shaw, Mrs. W.E. Stanfill. No ID on children. "Trees for Brannen Homes"; Civil Defense Medical Self-help class. L to R: Miss Lura Maxwell - Instructor, Co-director Cecil L. Mathews - Red Cross, Dr. George Yard - Instructor. "Civil Defense"; American Legion Baseball/Flag High Platers. L to R: Chuck Rolle, Larry Wilson, Charlie Trujillo, Chuck Bryant, Silas Hill, Dave Cook. "Flag Legionnaires".
May 11, 1962
L to R: County Board of Supervisors Chair - Harold Huffer, Board Clerk - Jane Burus. "Voting Machine on Display"; Chamber of Commerce Kachina's group. At the Hiway House - East Flag. No ID's. "Kachinas Eat Outdoors"; Public School Week Essay Contest Winners. L to R: Wanda Cook - 9th Grade 2nd Place, Anita Hunt - 3rd grade Marshall School - Honorable Mention, Edith McEven - 8th Grade - Honorable Mention, Elaine Cummings - 2nd Grade - Marshall School - 3rd Place. "State Contest Winners"; Girl Scout Troop 2. L to R: Mrs. Max Hamilton - Champion Archer, Mary Minor, Norma Blaser, Peggy Davis. "Girl Scout Archery Instruction"; Tuba City Students touring Az. Daily Sun offices. No ID's. L: Daily Sun Circulation Manager - Bill Withers. "Sure is Interesting".
May 12, 1962
New Hangars at Flagstaff Municipal Airport. "New 'T' Hangars Readier"; Alpine Garden Club. L to R: Mrs. William S. Curry, Mrs. Frank Schloss, Mrs. C.W. Sechrist, Mrs. W.E. Stanfill - Past Pres., Mrs. Joe Lipinski - Pres., Mrs. Joe Navarro, Mrs. Dixon Inman. "Win Richfield Award/For Conservation"; ASC baseball vs. Nevada Southern University. No ID's. "Axer Out".
May 14, 1962
Northern Arizona Model Railroad Assoc. L to R: Wesley R. Campbell - V.P. Lowell Spooner - Pres., Ralph A. Luebben - Sec./Trea.. w/ "Ho" Gauge Track Layout at County Fairground. "Model of a Model".
May 15, 1962
Dome, U.S. Naval Observatory. "Dome Nearly Done"; Parent Teacher Assoc.. L to R: Mrs. R.E. Meyer - Sec., County School Superintendent Bessie Kidd Best, Mrs. V.R. Weigand - Pres., Mrs. Sammie Ryberg - Treas, Mrs. James DuVal - V.P.. "Kinsey School PTA"; Bob Potter - Pointing Out May 15 Snow. "January in Snow"; From Lowell Observatory. L to R: Lowell Dir. Dr. John Hall, Mrs. and Dr. Alois Purcahofer, Mrs. John Hall, Polish Astronomer W. Krzeminski, Children: Renate - 4, Werner - 6. Family return to Vienna. "Viennese Astronomers Leave"; Women's Army Corp's 20 Aniinversary. At Gables Rest. L to R: Miss Rose O'Reilly, Miss Nancy Chiappeti, Mrs. Stella Lipinski, Mrs. Alta Bresson. "The Anniversary"; Camel to Victoria, Texas from Victoria, Australia. L to R: Jim Carter, Robert E. Lee, Norman Boyles. "The Last Lap".
May 16, 1962
Flagstaff Senior Women's Club. L to R: Mrs. Philip Hart - Outgoing Pres., Mrs. J. Ferrel Colton - Pres., Mrs. Felix A. Herold - 2nd V.P., Mrs. R. Gilbert Harmon - Rec. Sec., Mrs. Cecil Matthews - Corr. Sec., Mrs. Walter Runke Sr. - Treas.. "Install New Officers"; U.S. Naval Observatory. Commander L.A. Daub - Resident Navy Officer in charge of construction. "On the Spot Check"; Flag High. L to R: Michael Simmons, Jeff Meadows, Ralph Bilby, Dick Lloyd, Kelly Keithly. "FHS Golfers".
May 17, 1962
Navajo Ordinance previous hitDepot next hit. - Armed Forces Day. L to R: Mayor Rollin Wheeler, previous hitDepot next hit Commander Col. B.M. Goetz w/ proclamation. "NOD Celebration".
May 18, 1962
Flag Jr. High Students w/ perfect grades. L to R: Gloria Ann Gracey, Toni Scott Shulster, Richard Jim. "Perfect Records"; Flag Veterans of Foreign Wars raising funds to buy Sick Room Equipment to be available through VFW. See AZ. Daily Sun, May 18, 1962 P.3 for names. "Hospital Equipment".
May 19, 1962
Flagstaff Rehabilitation Center at Flag High School. L to R: Mrs. David Clark - Receiving help after knee surgery, daughter - Mary Lou, Center Director - Mrs. Janet Kuhne. "Rehabilitation"; Perfect attendance for 7 years at Marshall School. L to R: Glenn F. Kerr - Pres. Marshall School PTA, Monty Jim - receiving trophy, mother - Mrs. Monty Jim. "Becoming a Tradition"; L to R: Miss Sally Driscoll - Graduating Flag High. Mrs. Marjorie Driscoll - Graduating ASC w/ BS in Education. "Mother and Daughter".
May 21, 1962
Flagstaff Rehabilitation Center at Flag High School. L to R: Director - Mrs. Janet Kuhne, Edna Marie Russel - Cerebral Palsy. "The Future?"; At Flagstaff Rehabilitation at Flagstaff High School. John Benit - Stroke Victim. "Working His Way Back"; Parent Teacher Assoc.. L to R: Emogene Starr - Pres., Mrs. Wanda Hull - V.P., Mrs. Mary Padilla - Sec., Mrs. Eldy Findlay - Treas.. "Mt. Elden PTA Officers"; Presentation from Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce Kachina Group. L to R: Navajo Ordinance previous hitDepot next hit Commander Col. John B.M. Goetz, Kachina Chairman Robert Cowley. "Life Membership"; Front: L to R: Mrs. Melba Basinski - Pres., Merrilyn Fish - 1st V.P., Edith Conley - Director, Phyllis Manning - Rec. Sec.. Rear: Lida Richardson - Director, Helen Choiser - Treas., Helen Shovanis - 2nd V.P.. "New Pilot Club Officers".
May 22, 1962
Manning Book Signing at Bledsoe's "Spirit Rocks and Silver Magic". L to R: Mrs. Opal Bledsoe, Phyllis Manning, Stella Keith - Sedona. "Autograph Party"; Flagstaff Junior Women's Club. Mrs. Anthony w/ Troval. "Woman of the Year"; New Officers. L to R: Seated: Mrs. Ray Christofferson - 2nd V.P., Mrs. Monte Glaser - Treas., Mrs. W. Dale Jamison - Rec. Sec.. Back: Mrs. William Zellak - 1st V.P., Mrs. Herbert Swanson - Pres., Mrs. Willis Bauer - Outgoing Pres. "Flagstaff Junior Women's Club".
May 24, 1962
Co-Valedictorians. L to R: JoAnn Armstrong, Mary Royer, Katherine Jue. "Winslowites"; Girls Staters. L to R: Dana Dean, Mrs. Marion Ingersoll - American Legion Auxiliary Poppy Sales Chair, MaryAnn Barela, Janice Bird, Businessman Arnold Bledsoe, Sheri Wendt, Sandy Scott. "Legion Auxiliary Poppy Sale"; Flag Junior High Class 8-B. No Names. "Softball Winners".
May 26, 1962
Southwest Sun Country Inc. - Promotional group in Ariz., NM, and Texas. L to R: C. van Haafton - Tucson - V.P., Lawson Smith - Phx - Pres., R.G. "Ted" Babbitt - Flag, Mike Brumelow - El Paso, Tex, Mayor Archie Westfall - Albuquerque, NM. "Sun Country Directors Here"; On her own time, Redman gathered 1st and 3rd graders into a singing group at S. Beaver School. L to R: Mr. and Mrs. Cessaro Diaz, Mrs. Delia Jamarillo, Mrs. Norma Redman - 3rd Grade Teacher. "Surprise Gift"; Flag Junior High Grade 9-A girls. No names. "Aerial Darts Champs".
May 28, 1962
Waterline Work - Cherry Mt. Elden. "Road Temporarily Closed"; Flag Little League. Vice Mayor William S. Young throwing out first pitch. "Opening Day".
May 29, 1962
Mary Pat Sitterly w/ Trophies won by Flagstaff Certified Auto Shop Bantam Girls Bowling Team in the American Junior Bowling Congress National Tourney. One is Hers. "All for Me?".
May 30, 1962
With Trophies for finishing 147th in the American Junior Bowling Congress Tournament. Top Flag finish. L to R: Beverly Wenzel, Susie Hald, Wendy Threkeld, Adela Miller, Francis Ingersoll. Miller's Truck City Team. "Bantam Gal Keller's"; 1962 Memorial Day at Flagstaff Citizens Cemetery Bugler - Frank Cortez. "In Honored Memory".
May 31, 1962
8th Grade - Flag Jr. High. L to R: Nancy Hesselgesser - American Legion Award, Joe Tissaw - Merit Award, Mario Deleon - Parent Teacher Student Assoc. Award. "Top Award Winners"; Cecil Hammock w/ 21" rainbow caught at Ashurst. "Big Rainbow"; Steves Bros. Team - Flag Jr. Boys Division. Finished 100th American Junior Bowling Congress. L to R: Dan Sedillo, Rudy Sedillo, Richard Tyler, Ron Tyler. Standing: Mrs. Kathleen Carr - AJBC Regional Supervisor. "'High' Finishers"; Best PTA Membership - Mrs. Davies' 2nd Grade Class Weitzel School. "Best Membership".
June , 1962
The following days have no associated negatives; 3, 10, 11, 12, 13, 17, 18, 21, 23, 24, 25, 26.
June 1, 1962
Powwow Committee getting Ready for the Fourth of July event. L to R: Platt Cline, Jeff Ferris, Frank Dickinson, Andy Wolf, Sturgeon Cromer, Marshall Knoles, Tommy Knoles, Bob Blaser. "Setting the Style"; Coconino Country Club Spring Invitational Golf Tournament Directors. Standing: L to R: Don Christensen, Andy Wolf, Roy Smith, Henry Giclas, Charley Dryden. Sitting: Bob Clark, Ray Larkey, Bill Morris. "Checking Entries".
June 2, 1962
Front: L to R: Mrs. Liela Meyers - Treas., Mrs. Murial Lewis - Sec., Mrs. Lena May - V.P., Mrs. Neida Collins - Pres.. Back: Outgoing Treas - Mrs. Florence Martin, Outgoing Pres. - Mrs. Beverly Jewell, Frank Cosseboom - School Principal. "New Weitzel PTA Officers"; Coconino Country Club Spring Invitational. At Left: L to R: R.B. Allen, Ernie Barkly, No other ID's. First Round Leaders. "Tee Off Time at Coco".
June 4, 1962
Coconino Country Club Spring Invitational Golf Tourney Tournament Dinner. L to R: John Welsh, Mrs. Jack Tyson, George Herrington - Mngr. Arizona Country Club, Mrs. Herrington, Jack Tyson, Mrs. Don Hoffman, Don Hoffman. "Phoenicians Guests at CCC"; Coconino Country Club Spring Invitational. At Left: L to R: R.B. Allen, Ernie Barkly, No other ID's. First Round Leaders. "Tee Off Time at Coco".
June 5, 1962
Front: L to R: Outgoing Pres. - Mrs. Vi Hull, Mrs. Venna Grasmoen - Pres., Mrs. Isabel Harris - Tucson - Soroptimist Pacific Region Board Member. Back: Mrs. Ethel Leamon - Rec. Sec., Mrs. Lucina DeVaney - Treas., Mrs. Roxine Phillippi - Treas., Mrs. Margaret Reinke - V.P., Miss Rose O'Reilly - Delegate, Mrs. Margaret Wong - Director. "Special Soroptimist Meeting"; Flag Firemen Fighting a fire at Arizona Highway Department Yard. "Bad Break but Lucky".
June 6, 1962
Snow Bowl Chairlift Plan - Dotted Line. Arrows: Top Left: High Basin Area. Low left: Log Jam Canyon. Top Right and Low Left: 1962 Puma Lift. "Big Lift for Snow Bowl"; L to R: 6 year old Anthony Nelson w/ dad - No name - at Ashurst Lake. "First Catch".
June 7, 1962
Eastgate Garden Club making Powwow Kachinas. L to R: Mary Jo Kauffman - Club Projects Chair, Nadine Wimp - Pres., Elma Mullins, Nancy Setser. "Kachinas for the Powwow"; Sheriff's Office moves to new jail. Deputy Malcom Miles. "Moving Day Confession"; Sheriff's Office moves into new jail. Back to Camera - Deputy Elmer Dressler supervising equipment move. "Moving Day Confession"; Northern District of the Arizona Federation of Women's Club. Standing: L to R: Mrs. Matt Polish - Flag - Auditor, Mrs. S.K. Borum - Winslow - Treas., Mrs. Douglas Wright - Clarkdale - Pres., Mrs. Willis Bauer - Flag - 1st V.P., Mrs. F.L. Darling - Kingman - Rec. Sec.. Seated: Mrs. Jack Jorgensen - Cottonwood - Corr. Sec., Mrs. Paulding B. Forry - Past Dist. Pres., Mrs. Sam J. Haldiman - Phx. - State Pres., Mrs. Arthur C. Haley - Seligman - 2nd V.P.. "Installing New Officers"; Trophy from State Fair for Best County Exhibit. L to R: Supervisors Joe Tissaw Sr., E.H. "Eddie" Wigel, Chairman Harold Huffer. "Top County at the Fair"; Large Mouth Bass caught at Lake Mead. L to R: Albert Daniel Jr., Albert Daniel Sr.. "Biting at Lake Mead"; Daughters of the American Revolution. L to R: Mrs. Ruth Rice - Flagstaff - Incoming Regent, Mrs. C.O. Lampland - Flagstaff - Past State and Chapter Regent, Mrs. Henry Larson - Phx. - State Regent, Mrs. Bryan Hines - Flag - Chapter Regent, Mrs. H.M. Fritsche - Prescott - Immediate Past State Regent. "DAR Installation"; Rainbow Girls. L to R: Mrs. C.B. Wilson Jr. - Mother Advisor, Initiates Darla Sumner, Sharon Maddox, Worthy Advisor - Jo Wensel. "New Rainbows".
June 8, 1962
L to R: Mrs. Robert P. Jackson - Sedona, Mrs. Phyllis Manning, Miss Kaye Walls, Mrs. Juanita Guess. "Fashion Show at the Gables"; L to R: Bernie R. Diamond - Pres. Mountain States Assoc., Lewis W. Dymond - Pres. Frontier Airlines, Mrs. Diamond, F.M. Clinton - Salt Lake City Office - Bureau of Reclamation Regional Director, Hal Jackson - Flag Chamber of Commerce Manager. "First Nighters".
June 9, 1962
Opening of new Americana Motor Hotel. See Arizona Daily Sun, June 9, 1962 - P.1 for names. "Doing the Honors"; American Legion Baseball - Tissaw A and B squads. L to R: Howard Jordan - "A" 2nd Baseman, Aaron Lueck - "B" 2nd baseman, Weldon Mickelson - "B" shortstop, Frank Zanzucchi - "A" Shortstop. "Here's How to Make a Double Play".
June 14, 1962
At Ft. Tuthill. No Names. "Girl Scout Day Camp"; Girl Scout Troop 27 attending Girl Scout Day Camp at Ft. Tuthill. Made Candle Holders. "Camp Craft Project".
June 15, 1962
Democratic Candidate for Clerk of Coconino County Superior Court. "Mrs. Lydia Solberg".
June 16, 1962
Flag Junior Women's Club. Front: L to R: Mrs. Jerry Graham, Mrs. Anthony Wytroval, Mrs. William Zeller. Back: Mrs. Ray Christofferson, Mrs. Willis Barr, Mrs. Herbert Swanson, Mrs. Jerry Gibson, Mrs. Joseph Adragna, Mrs. Bill Drye. "Gone Western for Powwow".
June 19, 1962
Flagstaff Gideon Society presenting Bibles to New Americana Hotel. L to R: Joseph K. Paulick, Robert Nauman, George Hershberger, Lynn Cameron - Both Americana Employees, Harold Harper, Herbert Harper. "Present Bibles".
June 20, 1962
Front: L to R: Catherine Denney - 3, French Student Annie Vercutter, Patrick Denney - 6. Back: Mrs. Richard Denney - from France, Richard Denney. "Visit from Countrywoman".
June 22, 1962
Open House at new County Jail. No names. "Signing Into Jail"; Open House at new County Jail. At Center: Sheriff Cecil Richardson. No other names. "Showing the Jail".
June 27, 1962
L to R: Wildred B. Kelley - Dir. Urban Planning Program at U of A, Doug Jackson - Chair of Flag Planning and Zoning Commission, City Engineer Ralph Barney, Planning Consultant Paul van Cleve. "Planning Assist Talk"; Mrs. Ernestine May. First showing of Artwork. "Displays Artwork".
June 28, 1962
Flagstaff Junior Women's Club Western Barbeque. L to R: Mrs. William Zeller, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Swanson, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Christophersen. "Prep for Western Barbeque".
June 29, 1962
Staff at Weatherford Hotel. No ID on Children. L to R: Mike Wong, Beulah Stutzman, Jean Sartor, Connie Parker, Judy Norwich. "Going Powwow Western".
June 30, 1962
American Legion Honor Guard Prepping Flags for 4th of July. L to R: Ole Solberg Sr., David Greer, Buddy Tafoya, L.R. Harkey, Brady Neal, Pete Honyeava, Jim Hamilton. "Flags for the Fourth"; Weaver's Beavers Domestic Beaver Growing Organization based in Salt Lake, Covering Az., Utah, N.M.. "Weaver's Beavers Meet Here".
July , 1962
The following days have no associated negatives; 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 15, 21, 22, 25, 29.
July 5, 1962
Owner of the Flagstaff Merchant Police Patrol and Candidate for Constable. "Roy Morton".
July 6, 1962
Artist Owen J. Garde - Perth, Australia w/ painting "Night Lights On" in Perth. Painting a gift from city of Perth and Australian Govt. to Astronaut John Glenn. "Lights on for Col. John Glenn"; Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Bishop/Anne . Heading to D.C. for Conference on Congressional Candidates. "Off to GOP Parley".
July 7, 1962
Flagstaff Mountaineer Square Dance Club at the Ranch House on Highway 66. Dancers for Winslow, Sedona, and Page also. "Swing your Partner".
July 9, 1962
Crews working on new livestock pens at County Fairgrounds - Ft. Tuthill. "For a Bigger Better Fair".
July 10, 1962
From Winslow. Back: L to R: Sherry McCormick, Donna Kemmer, Mrs. Cecil McCormick Jr., Scott Martin, Cecil McCormick Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Cecil McCormick Sr.. Front: Grandsons: Carl and Paul McCormick, David Martin, Johnny McCormick. "25th or Silver Anniversary"; Wool Growers Assoc. - Ariz. L to R: Harry Embach - Assoc. Exec. Sec., Pete Espil - Pres., Penrose B. Metcalf - Pres. National Wool Growers Assoc., Az. Gov. Paul Fannin, Cliff Dobson - State Assoc. V.P.. "Wool Growers Confab"; Car driven by Leon Parker went out of control and hit house of Mrs. Charles Press across from Arizona Pulp and Paper Mill. "Midnight Havoc".
July 11, 1962
5 year awards. L to R: Joe Y. Pena - Sanitation, Clory C. Duran - Airport, Mayor Rollin Wheeler. "For City Service"; Search for drowning victim at Lower Lake Mary. "Drowning Scene"; L to R: Richard Hulse - Pres. Flagstaff Rotary, Orrin Grandall - Bisbee - New District Governor for Rotary. "First Official Visit"; L to R: Board of Supervisors Clerk Jane Burns, Gov. Paul Fannin, Candidate for State Senate - Walter Bennett, Candidate for County School Superintendent - Bessie Kidd Best. "File Election Petitions"; L to R: Mrs. Steven Zuonar - State Dir., Mrs. Antonio Bonzalo - State Chair for Lamb Promotion, Mrs. J.A. Sinnott, Miss Sylvia Manterola - Historian, Mrs. Arnaud Etchamendy - Flag - Auditor, Mrs. John Aleman - Williams - Pres., Mrs. Cindo Marlos - 2nd V.P.. "Ariz. Wool Growers Auxiliary".
July 12, 1962
Trained Arizona Public Service Company Employees. L to R: Donald B. Johnson, George R. Sinclair, Norton A. Thurber, Nello Scott. "Radiological Defense Team".
July 13, 1962
Artist Charles Bonny w/ Dinosaur Sculpture. FDR Dinosaur Caverns Admin. Building near Seligman. "Shave Your Tail Mister?"; At Northern Arizona Rehabilitation Center. At Flag High School. L to R: Mrs. Milyon Evans - Easter Seals, Mrs. Kenneth - United Cerebral Palsy Assoc., Mrs. Ross Elvey - Parent of patient, Mrs. Janet B. Kuhne - Center Dir. "Rehab Center Meeting"; Flag High Students attending Fine Arts Session for High School Students at U of A. L to R: Kenneth Prochnow, Cynthia Bolander. "Attending Fine Arts Session"; Candidate for Constable. "Harry Gordon Berkley"; L to R: County Clerk Mrs. Helen Young, County GOP Chair Dan Stoops, Candidate for State Representative on GOP Ticket, Jay Whiting. "Files Petitions"; Sign for Cholla Lake near Joseph City, in the Friday Entertainment section.; Boating on Cholla Lake near Joseph City. In Friday Entertainment section. "Sailing, Sailing" .
July 14, 1962
Coconino County Fair and Racing Commission. At Model Railroad Exhibit. L to R: Fair Director Paul Weaver, Commission Sec. Joe Aubin, Member - Ernest Chilson, Chairman Tom Pollock, Member Joe Tissaw Sr., County Agent Bill Breckan, Members: Doug Wall, Bruno Rezzonico. "Fair Ground Inspection"; Largest glass truck in N. Ariz. Owned by French Glass Company. "Big Glass Truck".
July 16, 1962
Rotary Club in Winslow. See Az. Daily Sun July 16, 1962 - P.5 for names. "District Governor Visits"; Flagstaff Archers Meet. Front: L to R: Orrie Geier - Ft. Lauderdale, Margaret Nottingham - Mesa, Jewell Hamilton - Flag, Shirley Hines - Scottsdale, Nancy Laing - Tucson. Standing: Dennis Andersen - Phx., Max Hamilton - Flag., Charles Sandlin - Flag, Sonny Medlock - Globe. "Top Weekend Bowmen".
July 17, 1962
Flagstaff Sheriff's Posse. L to R: Bill Davis, Ed Ford, Lloyd Jewell, Bill Finch. "Saddle for Posse Roundup".
July 18, 1962
Flagstaff School Board at groundbreaking for Sechrist School. L to R: Neil Christensen - Pres., W.F. Killip - Asst. Superintendent of Schools, Board-member Walter Runke Jr., Sturgeon Cromer - School Superintendent, Dr. C.W. Wechrist, Nelson - Architect - he never used a first name. "Break Ground for School"; L to R: Ralph Leubben, Lowell Spooner. Flagstaff Model Railroad Club - at County Fairgrounds. "Getting Ready for Fair"; Model Railroad exhibit at County Fairgrounds. "Taking Shape"; L to R: Flag Rotary Pres. Dick Hulse, West German Fulbright Scholarship Student - Ekkehard Klausa, Rotarian Wally Devaney. Learning about Bolo Tie. "'Different' Tie"; Forestry Lab at ASC. "New Lab Growing"; W.O. "Jim" Wilson - Owner Wilson Motors. Won 10 day trip to Switzerland. "On the Way to Switzerland"; High Altitudes Heart Research. L to R: Flag Community Hospital Administrator Marc Atkinson, Researcher Dr. John F. Currin, Exec. Dir. Of Arizona Heart Assoc. - William Wood. $500 check. "Funds for Heart Research"; Church Camp Group from Phx enjoying daily swims at Frontier Motel. "Free Swim"; New gateway to County Fairgrounds. "Gateway to Fair Premiums"; Sponsored by Red Cross. "Winslow Swimming Program".
July 19, 1962
Fawn born after mother hit by car. Been at Coconino County Animal Shelter. Died of Pneumonia 2 days later. Bambi, Mrs. John "Jack" Hogencamp. "Three Squares a Day"; Battery-powered Thunderbird won at E.D. Babbitt Motor Co. L to R: Robert, David, John, Caskey. "Happy Winners"; Flagstaff Junior Women's Club Children's Fashion Show. L to R: Mrs. William Preston - co-owner of Lad and Lassie Shop - Children's clothing, Karen Zeller, Mark Zeller, Susan Christoffersen. "Back to School".
July 20, 1962
County Recorder Edna Mae "Pug" Thornton going over voter registration books. "Big Registration".
July 23, 1962
L to R: J.F. Potts, GOP Candidate for U.S. Senate - Robert M. Bishop. "Sedona Rally"; Coconino Country Club Pro - Jack Morrison. G Iron on 18 yard 4th hole at CCC. "Hole in One".
July 24, 1962
Dem. For State Representative. "Bob Ingersoll"; Republican Candidates meet. L to R: Candidates: Robert Bishop for U.S. Representative, John Clark - Winslow Congressional Candidate, Walt Bennett - State Senate, Joe Tissaw - County Supervisor, Mrs. Mary Yard - Pres. Republican Women's Club, Bessie Kidd Best - Incumbent County School Superintendent. "Meet Over Coffee".
July 26, 1962
L to R: E.D. Arndt - Navajo Trail Assoc. Financial Chair, Asst. Chair Bill Hutchison. Points out Navajo Trail (Navajo Route 1). Segment not Completed. "Four Corners Crossing"; Superintendent of Sunshine Rescue Mission. "Bookwork Too"; Play "Arizona Stars" at Flagstaff LDS Stake House. All Wards participating. See Az. Daily Sun, July 26, 1962 - P.8 for names. "Statehood Difficulties"; Dist. 1 Little League Tourney in Winslow. Mt. Elden Loopers vs. Williams. No ID's. "Winslow LL Action".
July 27, 1962
Bramlett - "Miss Flagstaff". L to R: Clara Mae Wallace, Sue Jeanne Bramlett, Sandra Cyphers, Claudia Bryson. "Four Fine Flagstaff Girls".
July 28, 1962
L to R: Northern Dist. Highway Commissioner Arthur F.F. Black, Walter Bennett - Chamber of Commerce Highway Committee. "Highway Commissioner Visits"; Leading annual Sheriff's Posse Roundup. L to R: Posseman Frank Michelbach, Miss Flagstaff - Sue Bramlett, Posseman Bill Davis. "'Miss Flagstaff' Goes Western"; For new J.C. Penney Store. "Ready to Open"; L to R: Facing Camera - Pres. Marvin Morrison - Gilbert. Standing: Exec. Sec. Bill Davis - Phx., State Dairy Commissioner A. Warren Austin - Phx., Frank Ferguson - Yuma, Pres. Coconino Farm Bureau - Milton Sechrist. Backs to Camer: Elvin Lunt - Duncan, Floyd Hawkins - Phx. "Farm Bureau Confab"; Northern Arizona Little League Tourney in Winslow. Winslow Little Loop vs. Show Low. Only ID is runner - Benny Galindo - Winslow. "Blur of Action"; Flagstaff Little League Minor all stars. Back: L to R: Coach Louis Castro, mike Huddleston, Pat Shamrell, Mngr. Jim Wilson. Front: Steve Howard, Mat Fabritz, C.J. Meister, Jo Castro, Steven Rice, Dennis McEvoy. "Minor Pennant Winners".
July 30, 1962
At Flagstaff Sheriff's Posse roundup. Butch Davies. "Trick Rider"; Nineteen 4-H Members going to annual 4-H roundup. No ID's. "Lead for Tucson"; Construction of 5 story Arizona Bank building in Downtown. "Two Out of Five"; Flag High Business Education Teacher attended a 6 week course on National and International Economic Issues under a general Electric Economics Fellowship. "Milton Evans".
July 31, 1962
Orphaned Coyote at Coconino Humane Society. "Miss Coyote"; Flagstaff Army Recruiter. L to R: Sgt. Jack C. Dodd, Maj. Leo Weltsch - Commanding Officer of State Recruiters. "Top Recruiter"; Prochnow buys first Prep All-Star Classic Ticket at Chamber of Commerce. L to R: Miss Kay Pollock, Marvin Hole - Ticket Drive Co-chairs, Mrs. Lenore LeFevre - C of C, State Sen. Robert Prochnow. "Buys First Ticket".
August , 1962
The following days have no associated negatives; 5, 12, 15, 19, 25, 26.
Aug 1, 1962
Area 6 meeting of the National Assoc. of Soil and Water Conservation Districts. L to R: K.M. Quinn, Leo E. Moyer, Morgan Griffiths, L.E. Thurderson, No ID. "Register for Conclave"; Sprucing up Winslow Babbitt Building. L to R: Davis Kye, C. Suckyma. "Winslow Face Lifting"; Winslow "Operation Facelift". L to R: Randall Robison, Ronald Davis, Albert Chavez. "Youngsters Help Too".
Aug 2, 1962
American Legion Baseball - Tissaw-Legion Team - See Arizona Daily Sun, Aug 2, 1962 - P.10 for names. "In Legion Finals"; Construction of "First Navajo National Bank" in Winslow. "New Bank for Winslow"; L to R: Oscar Lyon - Highway Engineer, Sheriff Cecil Richardson, Jess Yniquez, Fr. James Lindenmeyer, Joe Babbitt, Councilman Peter J. Lindeman, Paul Lopez, Acting Police Chief Elmo Maxwell, Andrew F. Brown. "Discuss 'Five Points'"; 100 Spectators watching ribbon cutting to open new J.C. Penny Store. L to R: R.G. "Ted" Babbitt, Mayor Rollin Wheeler, Store Manager Guy Dean, Navajo Ordinance previous hitDepot next hit Commanding Officer - Major Ernest Badela. "Watch Ribbon Cutting"; Area 6 of Soil and Water Conservation Districts Meeting. L to R: Gordon Zimmerman - Assoc. Exec. Sec., Bill Williams - Chair N.M. Public Lands Commission, Sam Studebaker - Ohio - National Assoc. V.P., Oscar A. Camp - Washington, George Weaver - Colorado Area 6 Assoc. V.P.. "Take a Coffee Break"; Mountaineer Square Dance Club. L to R: Bob Richmond - Club Pres., Elis Welty - Festival Chair, Mrs. Dede Welty, Mrs. Carol Richmond. "14th Annual Square Dance Festival".
Aug 3, 1962
L to R: Theresa Munoz, Sylvia Rojo, Irene Ramirez, Lorraine Macias. "Gran Jamaica Queen Candidates"; See Az. Daily Sun, Aug 3, 1962 - P.1 for names. Candidates for Office. "A Dozen and Half Democrats"; L to R: John Olsen - Prescott - Ariz. Soil Conservation Dist. Pres., Kel Fox - Sedona - Accepting Distinguished Service Award on behalf of Sen. Carl Hayden, cropped out. "Makes Presentation"; See Az. Daily Sun, Aug 3, 1962 - P.6 for names. Flag Little League Championship series. "Grand Canyon Orioles"; See Az. Daily Sun Aug 3, 1962 - P.6 for names. Flag Little League Championship Series. "Mt. Elden Indians"; Mountaineer Square Dance Club Festival. L to R: Member Marge Perry, Publicity Chair Bob Lewis. Demonstrating how turntable works. "Here's How".
Aug 4, 1962
Kinsey School Kitchen Vandalized. "Vandalism at Kinsey School"; Ink poured on floor of Kinsey School. "Not Floor Polish"; Jon Marting wondering [how] to get across a flooded Winslow street. 23 Inches. "When it Rains in Winslow"; Arizona Newspaper Assoc. Meeting. L to R: Bill Cameron - Publisher of Verde Independent - Cottonwood, Ward Calvert - Publisher - Mesa Tribune - Assoc. Pres., Roger Hoskins - Yuma Farmer, Leighton Wood - Ad. Manager - Az. Daily Sun. "Newspaper Advertising Men Meet".
Aug 6, 1962
Flagstaff Little League Championship. Grand Canyon Orioles vs. Mt. Elden Indians. L to R: Indians catcher Mike Henderson, No ID on Oriole Runner. "S-T-R-E-T-C-H".
Aug 7, 1962
Winslow Guard Unit returns from 10 months of Active Duty in Calif. During Berlin Crisis. L to R: Sgt. Bill Gonzales, Bill Gonzales Jr.. "How it was in Winslow".
Aug 8, 1962
14th Annual Mountaineer Square Dance Festival at Lumberjack Gym on 8/4/62. "Twirl Your Partner"; American Legion State Baseball Tournament. Held in Chandler: All Tourney Team. Sponsored by Tissaw's. Standing: L to R: Charlie Trujillo, Charlie Houghton, Joe Wetzel, Howard Jordan, Frank Zanzucchi. Kneeling: Mngr. - Jim Wilson, Coach Arch Wilson. "Runner's Up Best".
Aug 9, 1962
"Flagstaff Host" sign from Flagstaff Tourist Bureau going up at Barbarino's College Service on West Santa Fe. L to R: Tourist Bureau Chief - Bob Dare, Station owner - Bill Garbarino Sr.. "Sign Goes Up"; Babbitt's Dept. Store Ad. New Product at Babbitt's Gift Dept.. Insulated, Lucite Glasses. 4 for $6.95.; North All-star Football Coaches and Players. L to R: Karl Ulichney - Washington High - All-star offensive coach, Gil Corona - Flag High - All-star defensive coach, Irby Cain - Halfback - N. Phx., Elby Bush Ong - Quarterback - Washington, Ralph Moran - Wickenburg - Head Coach. "Northerners Meet".
Aug 10, 1962
L to R: State Racing Commission Sec. Claude Berry, Coconino County Fair Commission member Platt Cline. "County Fair Racing Plans".
Aug 11, 1962
ASC Football. L to R: Head coach Max Spilsbury, Line Coach Kenneth "Gib" Gibler. "ABC's of the Slott".
Aug 13, 1962
Addition to American Legion Hall. L to R: Jim Hamilton - Sec. Guard of Honor, Earl Newman - Executive Council, Lester Bell - Post Commander, Art Kennedy - Chair - Board of Trustees, Board Members - Joel Kennedy, Ray Prochnow, Tommy Long. "Legionnaires at Work"; Sheriff's Posse Quarter horse Show. Men not named. L to R: Grand Champion - K4 Hickory Skip - K4 Ranches - Prescott, Reserve Grand Champion - Skippers Prince - Owner Rose Fulton of Dragoon. "Grand, Reserve Champions"; Sheriff's Posse Quarter horse show. Men not ID'd. L to R: Grand Champion - Mr. Chris - Owner - Wendell Bunker - Las Vegas, Nev., Reserve Champion - Uncle Scar - Rubel Ranches - Seligman. "Top Geldings"; Sheriff's Posse Quarter Horse Show. Men not ID'd. L to R: Grand Champion Chief's Bobbie - Finley Ranches - Gilbert, Reserve Grand Champion - K4 Gigi, K4 Ranches - Prescott. "Champion Mares"; New Moose Lodge. See Az. Daily Sun, Aug 13, 1962 - P.3 for names. "Moose get Charter"; Called to 2 1/2 year LDS Mission in Brazil. "Clayton Hills"; 1962 Prep All-stars at Picnic at Ft. Tuthill. Put on by Citizens All-stars Committee. "Eager Eaters"; Grand Canyon Little League Orioles. At Left: Armen Reinke presenting trophy. "Champions and Trophy"; At Arizona Jr. Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors Meeting. L to R: Flag Jaycees Pres. Larry Krum, State Senator Robert W. Prochnow, National Jaycee V.P. Richard Headlee. "State Jaycee Speaker".
Aug 14, 1962
L to R: Mayor Rollin Wheeler, W.W. Stevenson - Former Coconino County Democratic Chair, Az. Senator Carl Hayden, Both cropped out in publication. "Whirlwind Tour"; High School All-star Football. L to R: No ID, Back: George Harman - McNary. "North Standout".
Aug 16, 1962
Phx Ski Club helping expand and modernize the Az. Snow Bowl. Junk being hauled out. No ID's. "Helping Hand from Phoenix"; Phx Ski club helping to expand Snow Bowl Lodge. No ID's. "Panel Program"; Photo Story on new Tyrrell Chevrolet Co.. Gale Tyrrell - Owner. "New Dealership"; Photo Story on New Tyrrell Chevrolet Co.. Neil Tyrrell - Asst. Manager. "New Dealership".
Aug 17, 1962
All Star High School Basketball. L to R: South Coach Pete Draklich, North Coach Fred Anderson - Flag. "Friendly 'Enemies'"; First Car to Park on top of new J.C. Penney Building. L to R: Dana Wren - 4, Mrs. Laurence T. Wren, Niece Cindy Street - 9, Nephew Gary Street - 4, Ted Babbitt - Gen. Manager of building - owner - Babbitt's, Guy Dean - Penney's Manager, Ollie Schullenbarger - Construction Superintendent for Builder Manhatten - Dickson. "First Car to use Parking Area"; Author of Arizona's Dark and Bloody Ground - History of Pleasant Valley War. L to R: Earle R. Forrest, Billie Yost - Daily Sun. "Reporter Interviews Author"; Aztec Softball Team. No ID's. "Coconino Softball Winners"; High School All-star Football - 6 man. See Az. Daily Sun Aug 17, 1962 - P.8 for names. "North Six Man Gridders"; High School All-star Football - 6 man. See Az. Daily Sun, Aug 17 , 1962 - P.8 for names. "South Six Man Gridders".
Aug 18, 1962
High School all-star Football Coaches. L to R: North Coach Ralph Moran - Wickenberg, Assistants - Karl Ulichny - Washington, Gil Corona - Flag, South Coach Charles Willingham - Douglas, Ike Shard - Douglas, Bob Walters - Yuma Kofa. "Wanna Wrestle?"; Coconino Sportsmen's Club Event. L to R: Art Holmgren, Ed Ford. "Tomorrow's the Day"; Tall Pine Aggies making benches. No ID's. "Benches for County Fair"; High School All-Star Wrestling - 11 Man. Kneeling: L to R: Bruce Willet - Williams, Wartine "Tine" Auza - Flag, Don Galde - Page, Gary Cox - Winslow. Standing: John Winsley - Flag, Gary Gipson - Winslow, Bob Smith - Holbrook, Miles White - Page. "Eight of a Kind"; High School All-stars Basketball. Up for Rebound - Charles Bonney Jr. - Flag.. #22 John Straw, #23 Mitch Erickson, #30 Hector Aldana, #50 Tom Sutton, #15 Larry Crowther. Schools not noted. "High Flying Eagle".
Aug 20, 1962
High school All-star football. #16 Bob Adam - West Phx quarterback - North Squad Tackles unidentified South Squad back. "Crushing Stop"; High School All-star football. North Defensive tackles misses #29 Henry Matericto - South Squad. "Handful of Alpine Air"; Coconino Sportsmen's kid's day at McCullough Rifle Range. "They're Off and Running".
Aug 21, 1962
County Fair Horse Racing. L to R: State Racing Commission Sec. Claude Berry, Jockey Butch Smith. "Early Morning Check".
Aug 22, 1962
Rear: L to R: Reigning "Miss Coconino" Sharon Hunter, Norma Roberson - Page, Sujeane Bramlett - Flag, Sally Stryker - ASC. Front: Susan Ann Gamm - Grand Canyon, Nellie Vanderhoff - Az. Rep. Miss America Contest, Toni Walser - Williams, Nellie Greeley - Tuba City. "'Miss Coconino' Contestants"; Watching horses' morning work outs - County Fair Racing. L to R: Roy Billingsby - State Identifier, Bud Cox, Bruce Norton, Wiley Aker, Claude Berry - State Racing Commission Sec.. "Railbirds".
Aug 23, 1962
Headless Cowpoke needs pumpkin head, stands in Main Building. L to R: Fair Director - Paul Weaver Jr., Tom Pollock - County Fair Commission Chair. "Three Big Men"; County Fair Insert. Taking Entries for Horse Racing. L to R: Bruce Norton, Murel Campbell - Tucson, Jerry Norwood - Nethel, Ok, Bruno Rezzonico - Racing Chair - County Fair Commission. "Entry Time"; Coconino County Fair. L to R: Miss Regina Russeau - Flag High Teacher, Sharon Brinton. "Home Ec Exhibits"; Coconino County Fair. No ID's. Painting Venture Clubs Concession Stand. "Finishing Touches"; Coconino County Fair - Commercial Exhibit from Arizona Public Service. L to R: Jack Blanton - APS, No ID, County Agricultural Agent - Bill Brechan. "Orbiting the Earth"; County Fair Horse Racing. Trainer - Mrs. Andy Thomas - Globe w/ Bobette Parker. "Top Contender"; Vying for "Miss Coconino". Front: Nellie Greely - Tuba City, Toni Walser - Williams, Sue Gamm - Grand Canyon. Back: Sally Stryker - ASC, SuJeanne Bramlett - Flag, Norma Roberson - Page. "Coconino's Loveliest"; L to R: Sue Gamm - Miss Grand Canyon, Toni Walser - Miss Williams, Sally Stryker - Miss ASC, Sharon Hunter - Miss Coconino 1961, Nelly Greely - Miss Tuba City, SuJeanne Bramlett - Miss Flagstaff, Norma Roberson - Miss Page. "Miss Coconino Rehearsal"; Miss Coconino Contest. L to R: Master of Ceremonies Bob Osterberg, Toni Waller - Williams, Norma Roberson - Page, Nelly Greely - Tuba City, SuJeanne Bramlett - Flagstaff, Sally Stryker - ASC, Bill McCormick - Event co-chair for Kiwanis, Mrs. Nellie Vanderhoff - Az. Rep for Miss America Pageant. "Getting into the Spirit".
Aug 24, 1962
Coconino County Fair. L to R: County Fair Commission Chair - Tom Pollock, County Supervisors E.H. "Eddie" Weigel, Harold Huffer, Miss Coconino 1962 - Sally Stryker, Sec. of State Wesley Bolin, No ID, Fair Director Paul Weaver Jr., Supervisor Joe Tissaw Sr.. "The Fair's Open!"; Miss Coconino in center. Others cropped out in publication. "Sally Stryker - "Miss Coconino"; Coconino County Fair. L to R: Supervisor of Fine Arts Dept. - Mrs. Pat Haydis, Heard Museum Dir. Of Ed. - James V. Parker. "Fine Arts"; Coconino County Fair. Pres. of Flagstaff Gem and Mineral Club - E.G. "Doc" Williams. "...and Gems"; Coconino County Fair. L to R: Grant Kogan, Curator of Museum of Northern Arizona - Barton Wright, William Beaver. "...and Indian Arts"; County Fairgrounds Racetrack. Extension of Straight Away. "Finished in Time"; Coconino County Fair. Tall Pine Aggies 4-H members unload benches. L to R: Dan Murphy, Tom Brown. "Rest for the Weary".
Aug 27, 1962
Coconino County Fair. L to R: Robert Clark - Mngr. Flag Branch First National Bank of Ariz., David English of Leupp. Suffolk Lamb - Grand Champion. Clark Bought lamb for $1.01/pound. "Top Price"; Coconino County Fair. Hobbies Division - Mosaic Piece by Weston Thew. L to R: Ray Hagelberg, Frank Perkins - Both Judges, Hobbies Superintendent - Lowell Spooner. "Best in Show"; Coconino County Fair. Hobbies Division. L to R: Div. Dir. Lowell Spooner, Helper - Crissy Arntsen. "Hobby: Collecting"; Coconino County Fair. Grand Champion Lamb owned by David English of Leupp makes a break it. "Off to the Races"; Coconino County Fair. Demonstration of Shoup Automatic Voting Machine, in Glasses - Company Rep. Clinton Bryant. No other ID's. "Big Play"; Coconino County Fair Racing. Jockey Rich Lacy on Antique Vintage. "Feature Winner"; New Miss Coconino - Sally Stryker presents blanket. L to R: Owner B. Patterson, jockey Dave Burton on Bakers Hornet, Stryker, County Fair Commission Chair - Tom Pollock. "Miss Coconino Presents".
Aug 28, 1962
Coconino County Fair Horse Races. L to R: Gov. Paul Fannin, Miss Coconino - Sally Stryker, Jim West - State Racing Comm. Exec. Sec., Mrs. Vena Grasmoen, Stryker's fiance - John Bree. "Attending Coconino County Fair Horse Races".
Aug 29, 1962
L to R: Joe Montoya, Fr. Bain, Charles Britt - Finance Chair, Paul Vasquez - Prize Chair, Jess Yniquez - General Chair, Frank Martinez - Booth Chair. "Gran Jamaica Prizes".
Aug 30, 1962
Coconino County Fair. L to R: Carol Brechan, Jack Frye - Babbitt's. Won prize from store for wool dress that took Blue Ribbon at fair. "Prize Winning"; Hummel Figures for Ad for Babbitt's Gift Dept..
Aug 31, 1962
Bolo tie sales to benefit publicity for new Navajo Trail Highway. L to R: Mayor Rollin Wheeler, Local Chair Herb Emplen.; Planning for "Television City - Arizona" to produce motion pictures and TV shows. L to R: Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce Manager Hal Jackson, Bill Delaney, Sonny Tufts. Both TV City. "Chatting over Television City Plans"; Ticket Drive for Northern Arizona Symphony. L to R: Mrs. Paul Weaver - Ticket Chair, Mrs. Rexer Berndt. "Assisting in a Mailing"; Zuni Fire Fighters in Winslow Airport waiting air lift to forest fire in the Southwest. "When the Cry of Fire"; Horse racing at Ft. Tuthill Race Track. "Down to the Wire".
September , 1962
The following days have no associated negatives; 2, 3, 9, 12, 16, 18, 23, 30.
Sept 1, 1962
L to R: Dem. Candidate for Governor Sam Goddard, Mrs. Peggy Wilson, Coconino County Democrat Chair - Joe Babbitt Jr.. "Honored for Her Voter Registration Efforts".
Sept 4, 1962
At Right: L to R: Trainer E.M. Maders, County Fair Commissioner Frank L. Christensen. Horse: Hayrick Lad. "Christensen Memorial Winner".
Sept 5, 1962
Functional Isometric Contraction Exercise. Lumberjack Head Ball Coach Max Spilsbury watching time. "FIC at ASC"; Functional Isometric Contraction Exercise. Guard Lanny Westbrook pushing on bar. "Push!"; Functional Isometric Contraction Exercise. Backfield Coach Ted Sorich encourages Slot back Jim Sims to pull harder on FIC bar. "Pull!"; Functional Isometric Contraction Exercise. L to R: Ted Sorich, Max Spilsbury, Ken Gibler. "Even the Coaches".
Sept 6, 1962
L to R: Sally Stryker - Miss Coconino, Board of Supervisors Clerk - Jane Burns. "Word on Voting for Miss Coconino"; Won round trip to Seattle World Fair from Babbitt's Thriftway Supermarkets. L to R: Mr. Ted Babbitt, Downton Store Manager Jerry Gore - Kinsey taught him, Miss Lura Kinsey, Dave Lay - she was his principal. "Recent Winner".
Sept 7, 1962
Northern Ariz. Symphony. L to R: Conductor Pat Curry, J.C. Penney Manager Guy Dean. "Boost for Symphony"; New Chairman of Merchants Assoc.. Berger owned Flagstaff Photo. "Art Berger"; National Guard Co. A, 1st Battle Group, 158th Infantry award for outstanding community service. L to R: Capt. John H. Allen, Sgt. William Glass, M.Sgt. Carlos Mayorga, 2nd Lt. James Smets, 1st Lt. Fred Croxen. "National Guard"; Target Practice in City Park before archery deer season. L to R: Max Hamilton - V.P. Flagstaff Archers, Van Ansela. "Sighting in".
Sept 8, 1962
Miss Coconino - Sally Stryker demonstrating voting machine. "The Start and the Finish"; Miss Coconino - Sally Stryker demonstrates voting machine. "Important Procedure"; Miss Coconino - Sally Stryker demonstrating voting machine. "Then, of course, Vote!"; Theresa Munoz. Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. "Named Queen of Gran Jamaica"; Flag U of A Alumni Club. L to R: Ralph Bilby - Pres. Alumni Assoc., Joe R. Babbitt Jr. - co-chair Local Group, Mrs. Emma Jean Nelson - presenting scholarship, Ned Britt - Receiving, Tom Brooks, co-chair, Dick Clausen - U of A Athletic Director. "Scholarship Granted"; High School Football. Williams vs. Chinle. #26 Dennis Ison - Williams. "Viking Touchdown".
Sept 10, 1962
Piece titled "The Indian". 180,000 minute pieces of postage stamps, 5,325 hours to complete. Mrs. Dale Parks. "Stamp Painting"; L to R: Charles "Cotton" Featherstone - Sec. - Treas. Northern Az. Central Trades Council, Dist. 1 State Representative candidate Robert Ingeroll - in chair, Dist. 3 congressional candidate George Senner Jr., Superior Court Judge Laurence T. Wren, other 2 cropped out in publication. "Democratic Barbeque Sponsors"; Ariz. Game Protective Assoc.. L to R: Gov. Paul Fannin, outgoing AGPA Pres. Bob Spillman, Thomas J. Kimball - Exec Dir. National Wildlife Federation, State Attorney General Robert Pickrell. "Highlight AGPA Sedona Convention"; L to R: Russ Turner - Pres. Flagstaff Evening Lions, Marion Gordon - Pres. Daytime Lions, Dist. Gov. Charles Bradshaw, C.T. Dickson, Jim Busey - both International Counselors of Lions - Phoenix. "Attending a Lions Club Dist. 21 Conference"; Charles Sandlin - National Indoor and Outdoor Archery Champ. Deer taken 6 miles from Kaibab Lodge. "Practice Pays".
Sept 11, 1962
Voting at Flag High. Mr. and Mrs. Jerome McGraw. 2nd and 3rd from right. No other ID's. "First Time on the Machines"; 1st is women facing camera. L to R: Mrs. E.J. Yost, E.J. Yost, Mrs. J.K. Ruff, Mrs. Milton Evans, Milton Evans, Gordon Evans Sr. - Past State President, Mrs. Evans Sr., Mrs. Gordon Evans Jr., Gordon Evans Jr., J.K. Ruff, Mrs. William G. Hoyt - back to Camera. "Attend State Game Convention"; Entering artworks in State Fair. Benton Henry. "Oil Painter".
Sept 13, 1962
Polio Immunization Drive. L to R: Dr. John Caskey - Coconino Medical Society, Mrs. J. Raymond Smith - Pres. Flagstaff Hospital Auxiliary. "Stop Polio Sundays"; Looking over expansion plans for Flagstaff Hospital. L to R: Mary Agnes Thomas - Director of nursing, Dr. David Smith, Architect - Earl Horlbeck, Dr. John Caskey, Administrator Marc Atkinson, Dr. L.J. Ankenbrandt. "Plan Hospital Building Program"; Veterans of Foreign Wars fundraising contest. L to R: Robert Ward - Trustee of Post, Lillian Lane - Sweet Briar Shop, Post Commander - John Justus. $500. "Check from VFW"; L to R: Dr. John Pederson, Ed Sheehan, Jerry Gibson - re-elected, Bill Davis. "New Townjack Board Members"; Townjacks. L to R: Sec. Marvin Hole, ASC Pres. J. Lawrence Walkup, Bill Davis. "First in T-jack Member Drive".
Sept 14, 1962
Breef W. Large. For ad for Breef Appliances.; For ad for Breef Appliances. Orrin Mauran.; Model home used in ad for John J. Hnscheid Construction Co..
Sept 15, 1962
At Flagstaff Republican Rally. L to R: Candidates: Walter Bennett - State Senate, Jay Whiting - State House, Evan Mecham - U.S. Senate, Richard Kleindienst - State GOP Chair, John P. Clark - U.S. Congress. "Top Speakers"; Dean Earl - retiring from Forest Service. 7 years as Fire Chief in Coconino National Forest. 31 years in Forestry. "Still Watching Over the 'COC'".
Sept 17, 1962
JV Football. Flag vs. Winslow. #22 Jim Marquez deflecting Winslow Pass. "Aerial Defense"; Air Fair at Airport. T-33 jet trainer from Luke Air Force Base. "Oh Boy! A Jet!"; At Air Fair, Flagstaff Municipal Airport. Event staged by Flag Jaycees. "Planes, Planes, Planes"; At Flag Jaycees Air Fair at Flagstaff Municipal Airport. Air Force C-123 troop and cargo carrier. Boy - no ID. "Big Boy, Little Boy"; City Attorney Neil V. Christensen - Master of Ceremonies. "Post Office Dedication"; Dedication of Downtown Post Office. Group of N. Ariz. Postmasters. No ID's. "Visiting Postmasters"; Dedication Downtown Post Office. Mayor Rollin Wheeler. "Flag's Postal History"; Dedication Navajo Trail Highway. Rear: L to R: Edwin T. Mechem - New Mexico, Steve McNichols - Colorado. Front: Paul Fannin - Az., George D. Clyde - Utah. "Four Governors"; At Dedication of Navajo Trail Highway and Four Corners Monument. National Guard Unit from Cortez, Colorado. "Color Guard"; At Dedication of Navajo Trail Highway and Four Corners Monument. Interior Sec. Stewart Udall at speakers stands w/ unidentified Navajo Interpreter. "Secretary of Interior"; At dedication of Navajo Trail Highway and Four Corners Monument. Pres. of Navajo Trail Highway Assoc., Cortez, Colo.. "Ralph F. Burress".
Sept 19, 1962
For Flagstaff Community Concert Assoc. membership drive. L to R: Mrs. William M. Sinton - Sec., Ray Cooper - Field Representative, Alma Stenmeir - Acting Manager of the Weatherford Hotel. "Community Concert Drive".
Sept 20, 1962
Veterans of Foreign Wars. L to R: James "Gabe" Hamilton, Otto Black, W.R. "Tommy" Thomas. "Community Service Project"; Dr. Martin G. Fronske Family. L to R: "Doc" Fronske, Grandchildren David, Mary Therese, Beth, Michael, Mrs. and Mr. Robert Fronske, Grand Children Annette and Hilda. "All for Sabin Anti-Polio Vaccine"; Sally Stryker - Miss Coconino 1962 - redeeming gift certificate at Fine's Ready to Wear w/ Jack Fine. "Miss Coconino".
Sept 21, 1962
Bob Lewis w/ 4 point buck taken near A-1 Mountain. "Bow and Arrow Buck"; Working on Arizona Bank Building. "On the Top"; Dr. Hugh Dierker family. County Medical Director. Sabin Polio Vaccine. Front: L to R: Eric, Bryan, Andrea, Dena. Rear: Danny Laurie, Dr. and Mrs. Dierker. "In Line for Sabin Vaccine"; L to R: Mayor Rollin W. Wheeler, Dr. Lewis McDonald - Dir. College Relations at ASC and UN Day Chairman. "UN Day Proclaimed Here"; L to R: Flag Police Officers W.L. Hoffman, L.H. Johnson. Near S. Beaver School. Hearing new safety program. "Safety Program".
Sept 22, 1962
Flagstaff Hospital Auxiliary. L to R: Mrs. Thomas Shuck, Mrs. Merril Young, Mrs. Marc Atkinson, Mrs. Laurence T. Wren, Mrs. Robert Warden. "Turquoise Ball Decorations"; From Woodmen of the World. L to R: City Councilmen Louis Chacon, City Planning and Zoning Commissioner Jess Yniquez, Mrs. Rollin Wheeler, Library Board Members Frank Cosseboom, Mrs. Russell Switzer, Mayor Wheeler, Board Chair - Dr. Max Basemann. "New Flag for Flag Library".
Sept 24, 1962
For Announcement of Karen Summers - David Brewer Engagement. "Miss Karen Ann Summers".
Sept 25, 1962
Fatal accident on 66 in middle of town. 17 year Flag High senior - Linda Chapman - victim. "Death Scene"; $100 donation from Kiwanis. L to R: Kiwanis members Waldo Richards, Harry Biller, Cliff Way. "Boy Scout Contribution"; For story on newly organized Boys Club of Coconino County. Overseen by Civitans. Pres. for Civitan Club and Boys Club. "Dr. J.E. Carlile"; From sale of lot by Montezuma Investment Co. owned by Bird. L to R: Norm Jabs - Sec./Treas. Civitans, Ralph Ayers - Civitans, Dr. J.E. Carlile - Pres. Civitans, Jack P. Bird, Bill Black - Boys Club Fund Campaign Chair. "First Boys Club Donation"; Back: L to R: Emerson School probation officer Mrs. K.M. Quinn, Officer Loris Johnson, Kindergarten Teacher - Mrs. Anne Tinsley. "Safety Unit at Emerson School" .
Sept 26, 1962
L to R: Charles Bullmore, Bruce Weeks. June '62 Flag High Grads. "Home on Leave"; Coconino Country Club Women's Division. L to R: Mrs. E.B. Togefson - Treas., Mrs. Rubert W. Prochnow - Pres., Mrs. John W. Stilley - Sec.. "New Officers".
Sept 27, 1962
Working on new runway lighting. "Winslow Municipal Airport"; New Flagstaff multipurpose room at City Library. "Overall View"; Public Library Board Members looking over new multipurpose room at library. L to R: Miss Lura Kinsey, R.A. Bledsoe. "Board Members"; Flag High Football Defense. Back: L to R: Linebackers Bob Young, Hank Zanzucchi. Front: Don Couch, Jerry Marquis, Louis Castro, George Auza, Gilbert Castro. "Up Against Washington Rams"; L to R: Mrs. Michael J. Shott - Asst. Professor Art at ASC, Miss Rita Mosiman - First Artist appearing with Symphony in new season. "Northern Arizona Symphony Guild"; For Harvest Moon Benefit Ball to benefit the Rehabilitation Center at Flag High. Seated: L to R: Mrs. Bud Crawley, Mrs. Bob Knoles. Standing: Mrs. Doug Twiford, Mrs. Al Bridges, Mrs. Bob Rawlinson. "Make Posters"; At Coconino Country Club. L to R: Mrs. H.B. Warnock, Mrs. Merrill Young, Mrs. R. Raymond Smith, Mrs. Charles W. Dryden, Mrs. W.L. Morris. "Golf Winners".
Sept 28, 1962
Pilot Club host Flagstaff Senior Citizens at the American Legion. L to R: Francis C. Osborn, Robert Ingersoll, Pilot Clubber Phyllis Manning, Fred Manning, Mrs. Ralph Fish - Pilot Club V.P., Marion Ingersoll, Mrs. Kay Sutherland. "Senior Citizens"; After 2 years in the Navy, Paul Switzer rejoins the Daily Sun; L to R: Grand Canyon Council Boy Scout executive Don Kimball, Fund Drive Chair - Bill DeLanie. "Flag Scout Fund Drive"; L to R: Mayor Rollin Wheeler, Willie Gerkey - Retiring from Street Dept. after 14 years, Street Superintendent Leonard Heupelhauser. "He's Off Today".
Sept 29, 1962
At table: L to R: Bob Downing - Southern Union Gas Company, Mayor Rollin Wheeler. Standing: Platt Cline - Az. Daily Sun, Sturgeon Cromer - Superintendent Flag School District, City Fire Chief S.J. "Pat" Hogan. "Home Safety Proclamation"; L to R: Grand Canyon Park Superintendent John McLaughlin, Ernest Chilson - Flag Chamber of Commerce, Bill Price - Phx. Chamber, Marvin A. Naylor - Highway 180 Assoc. Pres., State Highway Commissioner Arthur Black, Mayor Rollin Wheeler, Highway Commissioner Bryant Whiting, Raymond Hall - El Paso, Tex.. "U.S. 180 Conventioneers"; ASC Homecoming, 1962. Inter-tribal Club. "New Frontier" of Space. "Homecoming Sweepstake Winner"; ASC Homecoming, 1962. Navajo Army previous hitDepot next hit. "Worlds United in Peace". "Non-campus Winner".
October , 1962
The following days have no associated negatives; 7, 14, 21, 26, 28.
Oct 1, 1962
ASC Homecoming, 1962. Lumberjack Band and 9 high school bands. "Massed Bands for Homecoming"; ASC Homecoming, 1962. Forestry Club. "Blasting Off"; ASC Homecoming, 1962. "Limited Future" for football foe Western State Mountaineers. Tri-Delta and Sigma Chi float. "And it was, too!".
Oct 2, 1962
On his retirement as Red Cross Home Service Chair. Seated: Robert Ingersoll. L to R: Mrs. Grant Sattem - Corr. Sec., Mrs. John S. Hall - Board Member, Mrs. Henry "Bernice" Giglas - Chair Flag Chapter of the American Red Cross. "For Services Rendered"; Football: Flag High vs. Brophy Prep. L to R: Ends: Don Couch, Dick Ortiz, Halfback - James Dugan, quarterback - Charley Trujillo, "Utility Man" Bob Bledsoe. "Air Minded Eagles".
Oct 3, 1962
Sabin Vaccine Drive - Sechrist Family. L to R: Dr. Gilbert Sechrist, Chuckie - 5, Mrs. Gilbert Sechrist, Mrs. Charles Sechrist, Dr. Charles Sechrist, Susie - 5. "Polio 'Shots'"; From various PTA groups. Seated: L to R: Mrs. Tommy Weathersby - South Beaver, Mrs. Joe Brown - Weitzel, Mrs. Rudy Grace - Flag High, Mrs. Carroll Orr - Lura Kinsey. Standing: Mrs. Don Lines - Weitzel, Mrs. Bill Martin - Weitzel, Mrs. Robert Slayton - Marshall, Mrs. Bruce Crozier - Marshall. "Clothing Bank Workers"; Flag JV Football. L to R: Quarterback Jarrell Jenkins, Coach Bill Epperson. "Strategy Conference".
Oct 4, 1962
Sabin Oral Polio Vaccine. Dr. George Yard Family. L to R: Mike - 6, Stephanie - 2, Mrs. Yard, Jennifer - 3. "Sugar Cube Polio Vaccine"; New Pres. Coconino Country Club. "Don Christensen"; Flag High Football. Quarterback Charlie Trujillo. "A Passing Attack"; Officer Louis Johnson w/ Mt. Elden School Kindergarten. "Safety First".
Oct 5, 1962
Sabin Oral Polio Vaccine being loaded into plane for delivery. L to R: Dr. John Kahle, Coconino County Medical Director - Dr. Hugh Dierker. "Loading 'er Up".
Oct 6, 1962
Sabin Oral Polio Vaccine. Flag High Backfield Man - Bob Bledsoe, taking a dose. "Down the Hatch"; At Traffic Conference in Flag. L to R: Senator Robert Prochnow, Gov. Paul Fannin, E.R. Menhennet - Exec. Dir. Ariz. Traffic Safety Foundation. "Traffic Safety's the Topic"; Newly Formed Symphonic Choir looking for singers. L to R: Mrs. Virginia Johnson, Director Millard "Mel" Kinney, Mrs. Lydia Casillas. "Now this is how it's Done"; Dist. 1 Soroptimist Federation Meeting. L to R: Dorothy E. Hardin - Tucson - Director - Dist. 6, Muriel Morse - L.A. - Pacific Regional Gov., Mrs. Venna Grasmoen - Flag Pres., Mrs. Lucina DeVaney - Den. Chair of Dist. Meeting. "Soroptimist Dignitaries".
Oct 8, 1962
Soroptimist Club Meeting - Dist. 2. L to R: Mrs. Essie Burns - Winslow, Mrs. Venna Grasmoen - Flag., Az. Supreme Court Justice Lorna Lockwood - Phx., Region 1 Director - Miss Dorothy Hardin - Tucson, Mrs. Lucinia DeVaney - Flag, Mrs. Marion Block - Sedona. "Soroptimists All"; Sabin Oral Polio Vaccine. Daughter of Mrs. Charles Burns. "Easy as Drinking Water".
Oct 9, 1962
Business and Professional Women. L to R: Mrs. Billie Yost, Mrs. Felice Crowder - Club Pres. and State Parliamentarian, Mrs. Mary Lou Torgerson, Mrs. Betty Denney. "Woman of the Year"; Business and Professional Women's Club. L to R: Mrs. Zetta Belle Milstead – 1st V.P., Mrs. Elynor Switzer - 3rd V.P., Mary Lou Torgerson - Program Chair for the Event - 2nd V.P., Felice Crowder - Pres. Seated: Mayor Rollin Wheeler. "It's B&PW Week"; Pilot Club International. L to R: Mrs. Myrtle Morse - Lieutenant Governor, Mrs. Melba Basinski - Pres. Flagstaff Club. "Lieutenant Governor"; Meeting of Soroptimist Federation of America Dist. 1. L to R: Mrs. Mary Lou Torgerson - Publicity Chair Flag Soroptimist Club, Dorothy E. Hardin - Tucson - Director, Dist. 1 - receiving book. "Presented Press Book"; Safeway "Spell Cash Game". $100 prize. L to R: Mrs. Francis L. Decker, Store Mngr. Norman Adams. "Cash Winner".
Oct 10, 1962
At Grand Canyon, Ariz. Town Hall discussion on State Tax Structure. L to R: John G. Babbitt, State Rep. T.M. "Tommy" Knoles, State Sen. Bob Prochnow, ASC Pres. J. Lawrence Walkup. "Flagstaff Tax Conferees"; To see the Aspen's Turn. L to R: Coconino Board of Supervisors Chair Harold Huffer, Chamber of Commerce Pres. Paul Weaver, Ariz. Snowbowl General Manager Buzz Bainbridge. "Aspencade Planners"; Republican Candidates. L to R: Walter Bennett - State Senate, John P. Clark - Dist. 3 Congress, E. Jay Whiting - State House, Ev Mecham - U.S. Senate, County Supervisor Joe Tissaw Jr., County School Superintendent Mrs. Bessie Kidd Best. "GOP Candidates at Coffee"; From Flagstaff First Congregational Church. L to R: Front: Ruth Pennington, Susanne Constantine. Back: Juanita Constantine, Darrell Constantine. "Workers for a Worthy Cause".
Oct 11, 1962
On Highway 66 west of Rodgers Lake Road. Ultimately fatal to single occupant. "Across the Road and Into the Truck"; See Az. Daily Sun October 11, 1962 - P.2 for names. Flag High Chapter of the National Honor Society. "High School Brain Trusters"; Williams High School Football. L to R: Quarterback Larry Olson, Head Coach Jack McLain, Defensive End Carver Sutton. "Viking Strategy"; Prefabricated house built by V.E. Castleberry Construction Co. being moved to Page. "Prefab House".
Oct 12, 1962
Cups and sugar going to Snowbowl for event. Inviting people to drive out and see changing aspens. L to R: Supervisors Chair Harold Huffer, Snowbowl General Manager Buzz Bainbridge. "Coffee for Aspencaders"; Planning for Flagstaff Hospital Auxiliary's Turquoise Ball. To be held at Armory. L to R: Sgt. Carlos Mayorga - Az. National Guard, Mrs. Gene Butler, Mrs. Jerry Smith. "Seating Arrangements"; Safeway "Spell Cash" Promotion. $100 prize. Store 901 S. Milton. L to R: Store Manager Norm Adams, Mrs. Fines Willis. "$100 Safeway Cash Prize"; Group - Chiviricos. L to R: Pete Hernandez, Ray Diaz, Herman Lucero, Al Juarequi, Aurelio Vega. "Latin Music Makers".
Oct 13, 1962
Looking make Friendly Cities. L to R: Jack Williams - Phx., Jack Bradley - Phx Chamber of Commerce, Robert E. Cowley - Flag - Chair - Kachina Inter-city Cooperation Club, Earl R. Mason - Chair Phx Inter-city Cooperation Club, Paul Weaver - Pres. Flag Chamber of Commerce. "Friendly Cities"; Rev. A.A. Moore - Baptist Indian Center w/ 15 pound Turkey. "First Hunt, First Shot, First Turkey"; High School Football - Holbrook vs. St. Johns. With shoulder to camera - St. Johns End G. Naegle. #70 Holbrook Guard - Jon Clark. "I Got It!".
Oct 15, 1962
Aspens turning at Arizona Snowbowl. "Aspen in Aspencade Dress"; Hunting Turkey but took a 222 pound black bear near Hunter Springs. Otis Baker. "Everything but Turkey!"; Hunting Turkey but took 111 pound mountain lion w/ 12 gauge in Lockett Meadow. John Brandis. "With a Shot Gun Yet!"; At Arizona Snowbowl. L to R: Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce. Pres. Paul Weaver, County Supervisor Eddie Weigel, Ann Fogelsong, Jayne Heath, State Senator Fred Udine. "Coffee for Aspencaders"; At Arizona Snowbowl for first Aspencade. L to R: ASC Faculty member Wes Brown, Jayne Heath. "Hits the Spot"; At Arizona Snowbowl for first Aspencade. Low cloud cover. "Low Ceiling".
Oct 16, 1962
Flag High Football - Planning for St. Mary's Game. L to R: Tackle Silas Hill, Coach John Ply, Halfback Hank Zanzucchi. "A Plan of Attack"; Under the new double chairlift tower at Arizona Snowbowl. L to R: Snowbowl Manager A.G. "Buzz" Bainbridge, County Supervisor Eddie Weigel, State Senator Fred Udine. "Snowbowl Progress".
Oct 17, 1962
Williams High School Football. L to R: Tackle Ron Perkins, Guard Ken Wells, Center Bob Smith, Guard Doug Nelson, Tackle John Cobey. "Viking Linemen".
Oct 18, 1962
To attend National 4-H Congress in Chicago. L to R: Carol Brechan, Kelly Keithly - both of the Tall Pines Aggies 4-H Club. "Off to Chicago".
Oct 19, 1962
Prochnow endorses Udine's reflection bid. L to R: State Senator Robert W. Prochnow, State Senator Fred F. Udine. "Together in Campaign"; Snow on the Peaks. "The Crown of the Northland"; Center, seated: Pres. Jim Soehner. L to R: Arthur Estrada, Gloria Westover, Bobby Luna, no ID, Faculty Sponsor Maynard Davenport, Christine Turley. "Holbrook Student Council"; 1962 Taunus - going S. on 89A S. of Flag went off road and started a 5 vehicle accident on icy roads. One woman - minor injuries. "This Little Feller Started it"; L to R: Coconino County Democratic Part Chair Robert Ingersoll, Mrs. Peggy Wilson, Mrs. Jean Riordan. "Democratic Party Planners"; Flag Jr. High Class 9-C football. No ID's. "Ninth Grade Champs"; L to R: County Supervisor E.H. "Eddie" Weigel, State Senator - Fred F. Udine - Chair of the Senate Game and Fish Committee. Building - off Lake Mary Road. "New Game and Fish Headquarters".
Oct 20, 1962
Coconino County Candidates and Democratic Leaders at Flagstaff Airport to welcome Sec. of the Interior Stewart L. Udall. See Az. Daily Sun, Oct 20, 1962 - P.1 for names. "Welcome for Democrats"; L to R: Sec. of the Interior Stewart Udall, State Senator Robert W. Prochnow, Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Sam Goddard. "Mr. Secretary Udall"; Winslow Homecoming king Nathan Bly, homecoming queen Jeri Ann Miekle. "More Fun than Football"; L to R: 2nd Lt. Glenn McNeese, 1st Lt. Elmer Dressler, Capt. Lloyd Jewell, Sheriff Cecil Richardson, "Posse Wife of the Year" - Mrs. Johnny Nauman, Sec. Bill Davis, Treas. Jack Fine. "Sheriff's Posse Officers"; Honored during National Newspaper Week. L to R: Fernando Deleon, Younger brother Santiago, Louis Callistro. "Paper Carriers All"; National Newspaper Week event. State Sen. Robert Prochnow speaking at Elks Club.; Honored during National Newspaper Week. See Az. Daily Sun, Oct 20, 1962 - P.5 for names. "Sun Staff"; National Newspaper Week at Elks Club. More than 100 carriers as guests. "Luncheon"; National Newspaper Week event at Elks Club. Mayor Rollin Wheeler speaking.; Winslow High homecoming vs. Phx Christian. #25 Winslow Fullback Nate Bly brought down by Bill Kerr - Phx Christian. No ID on Referee. "First and Ten"; Winslow Homecoming vs. Phx. Christian. L to R: Winslow halfback Lewis Benfru, #29 Winslow center Artie Griffith. "Winslow's Gonna Win!/6-0".
Oct 22, 1962
Members of Gutheries Gulls Flying Club. L to R: Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Young, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Powers. "Flight to Monument Valley"; L to R: King Alex Santana, Queen Paige Wilson, State Senator Fred Udine. "Williams Homecoming Royalty"; L to R: King Alex Santana, Queen Paige Wilson, State Senator Fred Udine. "Williams Homecoming Royalty"; High School Football Homecoming - Williams vs. Page. #26 Williams Fullback Dennis Ison. #60 Danny Gaines - Paige. #20 Collin Karthauser - Page. "Moving Viking"; High School Football Homecoming - Williams vs. Page. L to R: #14 Page Quarterback Jim Gilliland, Dean Bousman diving onto Williams player Jimmy Burgess. "Pile Up"; Key Planners for first meeting of the Board of Directors Flagstaff Boys Club. A Civitan Club Project. L to R: Boys Club Committee Chair Bill Black, Civitan Member Ray Cristofferson, Civitan Sec. Norman Jabs. "Boys Club Planners".
Oct 23, 1962
To sing for Flag High PTSA. Seated: Julie Gibson. L to R: Director Clarence Shaw, Nancy Way, Melvin Palmer, Mark Harbaugh, David Cook, Mary Minor. "Singing for the Folks".
Oct 24, 1962
See Az. Daily Sun, Oct. 24, 1962 - P.1 for names. "4-H Award Winners"; Grand opening of Flagstaff Burger Chef. Had the biggest weekend of any of 301 stores in chain. "Big Weekend"; 4-H members going to National Convention. Standing: L to R: Leonard Richards - Archison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad, Walt Bennett - representing Ford Motor Co.. Seated: Carol Brechan, Kelly Keithly. Both Tall Pines Aggies. "Trip to Chicago".
Oct 25, 1962
5th Mechanized Infantry Div. heading home to Fr. Carson, Colo. From Ft. Irwin, Calif. "Army on the Move"; L to R: Sheriff's Matron Stella Colmenero, Vickie Raye Booth. "Charged in Attempted Hold Up"; See Ariz. Daily Sun, Oct. 25, 1962 - P.2 for names. "4-H Leaders Train"; Art Display at Flagstaff Public Library. L to R: Head Librarian Pearl Rolley, Allan Bark. "Great Religions of the U.S."; See Az. Daily Sun, Oct 25, 1962 - P.3 for names. "Boy Scout Dist. Officers".
Oct 27, 1962
First step in developing Boys Club. L to R: Reid Davis - Exalted Ruler Flagstaff Elks Lodge, Bill Black - Chair Civitan Boys Club Steering Comm., Ray Bogden - S.W. Rep Boys Club of America, Dr. J.E. Carlile - Civitan Pres., Ken Franklin - Civitan Dist. Deputy Gov., Sheriff Cecil Richardson. "Boys Club Leaders"; High School Football Flag High at Prescott Homecoming. #62 Mike Skurja - Homecoming King. #33 Jim Dugan. "Rough Homecoming King"; Deer Season. State Game and Fish Officer Bub Bassett with 500 pound cow elk. Hunter arrested. "This Ain't No Deer"; Jimmy Atkinson - 13 - 5 point buck taken near Fern Mountain. "First Day, First Hour, First Deer".
Oct 29, 1962
See Az. Daily Sun, Oct. 29, 1962 - P.1 for names. "Mormon Dignitaries"; Accident on Highway 66, west of Flagstaff. Double Decker Cattle Truck. 23 Hereford steers killed, 74 running loose. Driver not injured. "Livestock Disaster"; JV football. Flag High vs. Prescott. Flag High JV back Dean Rodriguez. "Eaglet Touchdown"; L to R: Navy Recruiter Chief Boatswain Mate Peter A. Janis being replaced by Chief Signalman Al H. Linder Jr.. "New Navy Recruiter".
Oct 30, 1962
Candidates and Goldwater. L to R: County School Superintendent Bessie Kid Best, Dan Stoops - Chair of County Republican Central Comm., State Senate Candidate Walt Bennett, 3rd Dist Congressional Candidate - Robert M. Bishop, Sen. Barry Goldwater, State House Candidate - E. Jay Whiting, Winslow Congressional Candidate - John P. Clark, County Supervisor Joe Tissaw Sr., Tom Fannin - Son of Gov. Paul Fannin. "GOP Leaders"; L to R: ASC Lumberjack Editor - Sam Semoff, Lumberjack reporter Joan Christensen, Sen. Barry Goldwater. "Serious Discussion"; L to R: Mrs. E. Lee Hutchison, Mrs. George Yard - Both Coconino Republican Women's Club, Mrs. John P. Clark - Wife of Winslow Congressional Candidate, Bessie Kid Best - County School Superintendent - Mrs. Walter Bennett - wife of State Senate Candidate. "Women Behind the Men".
Oct 31, 1962
Venture Club Halloween Party. No ID's. "Lots of Scary Fun"; Venture Club Halloween Party. No ID's. "Apple Bobbin'"; L to R: City Police Officer Gilbert Castro, William E. Stafford, Alias Joey Gentry. "Suspect in holdup of Museum Club"; Flagstaff Hospital Auxiliary. L to R: Mrs. Jerry Smith, Mrs. Joe Gee, Lloyd Jewell - Monte Vista Hotel, Mrs. J. Thomas Brooks. "Planning Turquoise Ball Preliminary"; 19 editors, authors, news correspondents visiting Flagstaff and Grand Canyon. Part of Study. Missions International. No ID's. "Indian Journalists Visit"; Tour guide for Indian Journalists group. John Standish - Columbia International Travel. "Off to the Grand Canyon"; L to R: Tom Fannin - Son of Gov. Paul Fannin, Candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction - George Bearden. "Republicans in Flagstaff".
November , 1962
The following days have no associated negatives; 4, 11, 18, 19, 25.
Nov 1, 1962
Tower of new, daytime, AM radio station. KFGT. "New Tower Over Flagstaff"; Automated device that delivered accurate time and temp. Audichron. New AM, daytime radio station KFGT. "Little Audrey"; New AM, Daytime radio station, KFGT. Owner Manager Gene Phillpi setting tape for Automatic Programming. "Automated Programming"; L to R: Kay Lynn and Rex Elden Gilliland. "Twins and Tricycles"; 11 year old Cecil Goodwin. Roman Centurion costume by his uncle, Lewis Franke Jr. Out of sheet aluminum, leather, and wood. "Trick or Treat?"; L to R: Murl Ellis, Lest Ross, Nelda McFarland, Helen Sitterly, Girl Scout District Advisor Barbara Sinex - Phx, Pat Haydis, Margaret Gates, Miriam Pederson, Lucy Mayorga. "Girl Scout Leaders Training"; Sponsored by Fraternal Order of Police. L to R: Patrolman Lee Chambers, City Engineer Ralph Barney, City Clerk Harry Field Jr., Lt. Gene Slayton, FoP Chapter Pres. Bill Brady. "Plugging the Policeman's Ball"; Photo of Babbitt's Bakery - for Grand Opening Ad.
Nov 2, 1962
Kelly Kilgore. "Little Miss Sedona"; Behind Counter - Bill Sandefur, Customers - Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Nance - L.A.. East Meets West Store - Sedona. "Sedona Import Shop"; Roman Catholic Chapel of the Holy Cross - Sedona. "Famous and Controversial"; For feature page on Sedona. Isabel Malcom - Sedona-Oak Creek Chamber of Commerce. "Sedona's Gal Friday"; For Feature Page on Sedona. Highway 89A. "Sedona's Main Street"; For Feature Page on Sedona. Lucille Livingston. "Sedona's Senior Realtor"; For Feature Page on Sedona. Sedona Wayside Community Church. "Community Chapel"; For feature page on Sedona. "Magnificent Scenery"; For feature page on Sedona. L to R: Sedona Arts Center Director - Abiskhairoun, Eloise Hardin - Travels from Farmington, NM. "Sedona Sculpture Student"; For feature page on Sedona. Mrs. Maud Hardman - Chair of the Exhibition Committee of the Sedona Arts Center. "Sedona Art Exhibit"; For Ad for Grand Opening of "Y" Liquor and Sporting Goods at U.S. 66 and 89A. Jess Gadis - Clerk.; For Ad for Grand Opening of "Y" Liquor and Sporting Goods at U.S. 66 and 89A West.; For Ad for Grand Opening of "Y" Liquor and Sporting Goods at U.S. 66 and 89A West. Derald Cox - Partner and Manager.
Nov 3, 1962
L to R: George Wagner - Cameron Trading post, Bad Check suspect Glenn Witham, Sheriff Cecil Richardson with items bought w/ bad checks in 3 states. "Expensive Tastes"; Officer Gilbert Castro investigating vandalism at Marshall School. "Evidences of Vandalism"; High School Football - Williams vs. Bagdad. L to R: Williams Defensive end - Carver Sutton, Bagdad right half Rex Newton. "Going Along for the Ride"; High School Football - Williams vs. Bagdad. Williams: #26 Dennis Ison, #5 Fritz Martin, #33 Ron Perkins. Bagdad: #45 Jim Gallagher. "Scramble on the Grid Iron".
Nov 5, 1962
L to R: Republicans William R. Pyfer - Candidate for State Treas., Michael Ivor - Candidate for Tax Commission. "Campaigning"; L to R: Don Leamon - Leamon's Appliances, Paul Malcom - Babbitt's, Bert Baxer - Boyce - Baker Firestone, Bill Fennel - Viutti Furniture, Don Edkins, Don Miller - both Sears Roebuck, Pete Viotti. "The Ready Electric Appliance Dealers of Flagstaff"; Daily Sun carrier hunting deer got 50-60 pound mountain lion near Horse Thief Canyon. Walter McCauley. "Boy Hunter".
Nov 6, 1962
Voters at Precinct #1. General Election. L to R: R.E. Platt, Marian Platt, Mabel Knowles, Jerry Carter, Fred Mayorga, Barbara West, Timmy, Verda Bishop, William Hamilton. "Ballot Lines"; Voting at City Hall for City Special Election. No ID's. "City's Voting Too".
Nov 7, 1962
Prize in Flag Jaycees Fundraising Event. L to R: Anna Terrin, Jaycees Don Leamon, Larry Krumm. "Bicycle Built for Two".
Nov 8, 1962
New 25 room Elementary School Adjacent to Weitzel. "School Ahead of Schedule"; No Roof on New Sechrist School. "School Behind Schedule"; Beta Kappa Chapter - Epsilon Sigma Alpha. L to R: Pres. Mrs. Roland Grannan, Mrs. Robert McClymonds, Mrs. Barry Palmer, Mrs. Keith M. Christensen, Mrs. Jerry Ulray. "New Pledges"; Punt, Pass, and Kick contest. See Az. Daily Sun, Nov. 8, 1962 - P.16 for names. "Winners".
Nov 9, 1962
Fire at Price Quality Dept. Store. 118 E. Aspen. Building destroyed. Gas leak in alley. Fireman Fred Turner. "Smoke and Flame"; Fire at Price Dept. Store. 118 E. Aspen. Gas Leak in Alley. No ID's. "Hot Spot"; Fire at Price Dept. Store 118 E. Aspen. Gas Leak in alley. Section of rear roof caved in. "Whoom"; Fire at Price Dept. Store 118 E. Aspen. Gas leak in alley. Volunteer firemen load cash register into Police Dept. Paddy Wagon. No ID. "Salvage Job"; Fire at Price Dept. Store, 118 E. Aspen. Gas leak in alley. Volunteer firemen tug hose line into rear of store. Standing on spot where leak occurred. No ID's. "Close Quarters"; Fire at Price Dept. Store. 118 E. Aspen. Gas leak in Alley. Southern Union Gas Co. crews set up flare to light repair crew's work. "Night Light"; Fire at Price Dept. Store. 118 E. Aspen. Flames through roof. "Up She Goes"; Fire at Price Dept. Store, 118 E. Aspen. Mannequin propped against window frame. Gas leak in alley. "Fire Victim".
Nov 10, 1962
Flag High ball heading to Class AA Division II playoffs. L to R: Quarterback Charlie Trujillo, Coach John Ply, Halfback Jim Dugan. "All Smiles at Birdland"; Northern Ariz. Representative to "Miss Mobile Home" contest at State Fair. Dixie Tayuay Williams. "Queen Candidate"; Members of Federated Church Women's Society preparing for annual Country Fair Bazaar and Turkey Dinner. L to R: Mrs. R.W. Wheeler - Dinner Chair, Mrs. Dixon Inman, Mrs. Ward "Dorothy" Olson - Bazaar Chair, Mrs. Harry Brown. "Trying them on for Size".
Nov 12, 1962
Corvair sideswiped by pickup 10 miles North of Flagstaff on Highway 89. 2 injured. "Two Injured"; Flag Branch of American Association of University Women. L to R: Mrs. Mary Wright, Mrs. Bryce Brisbin, Mrs. Hal Gates. "Books for AAUW Sale".
Nov 13, 1962
L to R: Sheriff Cecil Richardson, Deputy Elmer Dressler. Car stolen, stripped, cut up and buried. Forehand Cinder Pit, S. of Camp Townsend. 3 apprehended. "Cut-Up Car".
Nov 14, 1962
For Slipher's book A Photographic History of Mars - done by Northland Press. L to R: Dr. Earl C. Slipher - Lowell Observatory, Weston Lee - Northland Press. "Definitive Study of Mars"; L to R: Forest Barr - Asst. Dir. Insurance Dept. of Az., Howard Kemper - Phx - Pres. State Life Underwriters Assoc., Bob Pope - Tucson - Chair of Legislative Advisory Committee, Sen. Bob Prochnow, Nelo Rhoton, Andy Wolf. Last 3 Insurance Agents. "Insurance Meet".
Nov 15, 1962
For Northern Az. Rehabilitation Center at Flag High. L to R: Mrs. Janet Kuhne - Center Director, Mrs. Bob Rawlinson, Mrs. Richard Deaver - Both Alpha Upsilon Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi. "Boost for Rehabilitation Center"; Flagstaff Hospital Auxiliary. L to R: Mrs. Harry O. King, Mrs. Elmer Hubbard Jr., Mrs. Jack Blanton. "Decorations for Turquoise Ball"; Exhibit at Plaza Shopping Center. L to R: Mrs. Bernice Winsor, Mrs. Ardelle Rey - Event Chair. "Soroptimist Club".
Nov 16, 1962
Mr. and Mrs. William Howard Switzer. "Celebrating 65th Wedding Anniversary"; For Winslow Christmas Parade. L to R: Nancy Williams, Linda Chambers, Anita Johnson, Jacque Allen. "Miss Merry Christmas Candidates"; 3rd Annual Event. L to R: Flag Patrolman Dick Brantham, State Sen. Robert W. Prochnow, Patrolman Coy Carl. "Word on the Policeman's Ball".
Nov 17, 1962
2 twenty foot tall "Christmas" trees on the lawns of the Train previous hitDepot next hit. L to R: Mrs. J.P. Lipinsky - Pres. Alpine Garden Club, Member - Mrs. Charles Sechrist, L.H. Richards - Flagstaff Santa Fe agent, Dr. Charles O. Minor - Head of ASC Forestry Dept. "A Tree for Christmas City"; High School Class AA Playoffs. Arcadia vs. Flag High. #32 Everett Rollins - Arcadia. No other ID. Arcadia won 39-6. "Hemmed in"; High School Class AA Playoffs. Arcadia vs. Flag High. Arcadia: #30 Paul Pratt, #72 Richard Gray, #12 John Birch. Flag: #41 Weldon Mickelson, #63 - George Auza. "Blasting Through"; High School Class AA Playoffs. Arcadia vs. Flag High. Arcadia Halfback Pat McGinty - #42. "Pat McGinty"; Ad for galvanized mobile home skirting. Corral Trailer Supplies and Repair.
Nov 20, 1962
Members of local International Association of Electrical Workers put up decorations at Santa Fe Train previous hitDepot next hit. "Christmas Decorations Going Up"; Flag High Basketball. L to R: Arthur Pigg, Climmie Barns, Charlie Trujillo, Lanny Mullens, Dick Ortiz, Coach Fred Anderson, Jim Dugan. All played football as well. "The Difference"; Protesting AZ Game and Fish Commission "Any Deer", "Any Elk" policy on hunts. L to R: Bill Corey, Ken Haydis, Durf Wren. "First Protest Signatures".
Nov 21, 1962
Soroptimist Club sponsored art exhibit. L to R: Franklin Kahn - 2nd place, Mrs. Lennie Dearing - 3rd Place, Mrs. Viola Babbitt - 1st Place. "Art Exhibit Winners"; 22 Navajo Students from New Mexico and N. Ariz. travelling to Los Angeles for a Radio Corporation of America Training School. BIA Area Redevelopment Program. "Off for Training Program".
Nov 22, 1962
Nativity School Students. L to R: Johnny Moresco - 8, Raymond Moresco - 6. "Thanksgiving Bounty".
Nov 23, 1962
Andy's Liquor and Sporting Goods Annual Deer Hunt drawing. L to R: Andy Buntin presents rifle to Howard Weidner. "Gun Winner"; L to R: George W. Murphy - Assoc. Sponsor for Dale Carnegie Courses for Phx and Northern Az. Norman Sharber - Certified Dale Carnegie instructor and new District Representative. "New Representative"; Leaving for National 4-H Congress in Chicago. L to R: Carol Brechan, Kelly Keithly. "Off to Chicago"; Flag Flown at Capitol Building presented to city. Presented to N. Az. Pioneers Historical Society and Pioneers Museum. L to R: W.H. Switzer - NAPHS Past Pres., Mayor Rollin Wheeler. "Historical Flag"; For Ad for Men's Shop at Plaza Shopping Center.; Flag High Basketball Scrimmage. L to R: Norm Killip, Ron Tyler, Chuck Rolle, Charlie Trujillo. "He Floats Through the Air"; Flag High Basketball Scrimmage. L to R: Dick Ortiz, James Dugan, Ken Hammes. "Quitcha Pushin'".
Nov 24, 1962
Flag High Basketball Scrimmage. Visible: Going Up: L to R: Dick Ortiz, Lanny Mullens. #51 - No ID. "Sandwiched In"; Members of the Board of Directors and Officials of Grand Canyon Little League. No ID's. "Map Campaign for New Ballpark".
Nov 26, 1962
Santa climbs down ladder at 18 N. San Francisco. "Santa Claus Arrives".
Nov 27, 1962
Gold - Was County Attorney for many years and was still practicing at age 84. Kiwanis Member 34 years. Seated: Frank Gold. L to R: Kiwanis Members Harry Biller, Paul Pertuit, Rexer Berndt. "Frank Gold"; Prochnow New Head. L to R: Robert Prochnow, George Gardiser - Az. Rep, for National March of Dimes Foundation. "New State March of Dimes Head"; L to R: Don Willard - Sedona, Mrs. Eddie Downum - Leupp, Jim Blair - Flagstaff - County March of Dimes Chair, Bob James - Williams, Jerry Smith, John Warren - Both Flagstaff. "March of Dimes Leaders"; Flag High Basketball - Upcoming game w/ Winslow. L to R: No ID, Coach Fred Anderson, No ID. "Planning for the Bulldogs".
Nov 28, 1962
Made Plea for clemency for convicted killer. Patrick McGee. Mother of six. L to R: Becky - 5, Jennifer - 1 week, Mrs. Gary Kelley, Vicky - 2. "A Friend for McGee"; Alpine Garden Club - Planted Christmas trees at Train previous hitdepot next hit. L to R: Leonard Richards - Santa Fe Agent, Mrs. J.P. Lipinski - Club President, Eddie Weigel - Board of Supervisors, L.J. La Goria - Official of Richfield Oil Co. - L.A., Mayor Rollin Wheeler. "Winning the Richfield Award for Conservation of Civic Beauty"; At LDS Stake House. L to R: Mrs. Mary Randall - Work Director Counselor, Mrs. Ida Brinton - Work Day Leader, Mrs. Ruth Palmer - Pres of the LDS Flagstaff Stake Relief Society. "Festival of Christmas Arts".
Nov 29, 1962
At S. Beaver School. Seated: L to R: Wilmer Bradford, Roscoe Barnes, Clarence Irving, Albert Nichols. Standing: Mary Lovalonzo, Dolores Ceballos, Diana Ruiz, Beatrice Zamora, Principal Brian Turner, Evelyn Pena. "Set for Sabin"; Preparations for Flagstaff Hospital Auxiliary Turquoise Ball. See Az. Daily Sun, Nov 29, 1962 - P.3 for names. "Turquoise Ball Helpers - Boy Scout Troop 33"; Flagstaff Hospital Auxiliary Turquoise Ball. L to R: Sue Owen, Ruth Helsen, Lenore Arredondo, Dorene Bratton, Carolyn Cowley, Linda Latham. "Turquoise Ball Helpers - Phi Tau Gamma - ASC"; Flagstaff Hospital Auxiliary Turquoise Ball. L to R: Back: Judy Miller, Tavia Foster, Judi Machin, Liz Roberts. Front: Sandy Dolly, Sherrie Nichols, Pat Riley. "Turquoise Ball Helpers - Gamma Phi Beta, Tri Deltas, Theta Omega"; Flagstaff Hospital Auxiliary Turquoise Ball. L to R: Back: BetsAnn Biller, Cheryl Foriner, Mary Husband, Jolyn Frederick, JoAnn Morgan. Back: Lynn Smith, Mary Turner, Linda Clark. "Turquoise Ball Helpers - Candy Stripers".
Nov 30, 1962
Flagstaff Hospital Auxiliary Turquoise Ball. L to R: School Board Member - Dr. John Stilley, Aux member - Mrs. Betty Wren. "Tabbed for Turquoise Ball"; Supporting Sabin Oral Polio Vaccine. Flag High Basketball. L to R: Ken Hammes, Charlie Trujillo, Coach Fred Anderson, Larry Wilson, James Dugan. "Time Out to Beat Polio" .
December , 1962
The following days have no associated negatives; 2, 8, 9, 16, 23, 25, 26.
Dec 1, 1962
L to R: Flag High Cheerleader Cathy Caller, Joe Kennedy - 8, Eagle Starter Chuck Rolle. Flag vs. Winslow Bulldogs. "Basketball's About to Start"; Basketball. Front: L to R: Randy Fouse, Mel Palmer, Climmie Barnes, Charlie Trujillo, James Dugan. Back: Chuck Rolle, Dick Ortiz, Lanny Mullens, Ken Hammes, Larry Wilson. "The Flagstaff Eagles"; Coconino County Assessor's Office. L to R: Deputy County Assessors - Joanne Beasley, Virginia Boyd, Gladys Basemann, Maybelle Martin. Person at Right cropped out in Publication. "Car License Time"; $100. Flagstaff Hospital Auxiliary Turquoise Ball. L to R: Jim Klick - V.P. Az. Wholesale Beer and Liquor Dealers Assoc., Auxiliary Member Mrs. J. Raymond Smith, Director of Flagstaff Area Distributors - Bruno Rezzonico. "Boost for Hospital and Turquoise Ball"; Flagstaff Hospital Auxiliary Turquoise Ball. L to R: Mrs. Sally Brooks, Mrs. Eli Smith - Co-chairs for ball, Jim Gale. Check for $100. "Gasoline Dealers of Flagstaff".
Dec 3, 1962
Sabin Type 1 Oral Polio Vaccine. At Mt. Elden Elementary School. L to R: Michael Dansley - 7, David Dansley - 5. "Hmmm, Tastes Like Sugar"; Clemency petition for convicted killer. Patrick M. McGee. At Nativity Catholic Church. L to R: No ID, Mrs. Sam Pappas, Petition Circulator Gary Kelley - Flagstaff. No Other ID's. "Clemency for McGee"; Cottonwood Black Angus Day at Flag Angus Farm. Sandy Scott - Flagstaff w/ farm's prize herd bull - Blackie. "Angus Field Day".
Dec 4, 1962
Flagstaff Naval Reserve Unit. L to R: Recruits: Russell Moore, John Olson, Kelly Keithly. Local Unit Commanding Officer - Lt. Commander Jeff Ferris, Yeoman 3rd Class Bill Russell, Fire Control Technician 3rd Class Bert Willis, Yeoman 1st Class Tony Nunez. "New Reserve Sailors"; Winslow High Basketball. L to R: Coach Jim Freeman, Returning Letterman Nate Bly. "Winslow Strategy Session".
Dec 5, 1962
L to R: County Sheriff Cecil Richardson, Winslow Police Chief V.D. Mitchell, FBI Special Agent in Charge E.L. Boyle, Flagstaff Police Lt. Gean Slayton, Major Thompson Hardy - Az. Highway Patrol. "FBI Police Academy"; Letter of Intent to U of A. L to R: Wildcat Coach Jim Larke, Flag High Football Star Bob Young, Eagle Coach John Ply. "Young Signs Up"; ASC production of "Amahl and the Night Visitors". ASC Opera Workshop. Set designer Steve Sacco w/ scale model of set.; ASC Opera Workshop production of "Amahl and the Night Visitors" Checking over set. L to R: Set Designer - Steve Sacco, Workshop Director Roger Ardrey.
Dec 6, 1962
Conferring on right of way problems on what would become I-40. L to R: Ernest Chilson - Chair of Chamber of Commerce Highway Committee, Committee member Walt Bennett, Az. State Highway Commissioner Arthur Black. "Arthur Black"; Daily Sun receives recognition in National Newspaper Boy Contest. L to R: Advertising Manager Leighton P. Wood, Circulation Manager A.C. Whithers, Managing Editor Bryce White. "Awarded"; Flagstaff Jr. Women's Club aiding children's home in Tucson. L to R: Mrs. W. Dale Jamison - Rec. Sec., Mrs. Willis Baur - Project Chair, Mrs. Herbert Swanson - Pres., Mrs. Robert C. Smith.; Flag High Wrestling. L to R: Robert Allsup, George Auza, Coach Rod Stephens. "Eagle Grapplers"; Flag High Production. L to R: John Waits - Otto Frank, Susan Bilby - Anne Frank, Sari Friend - Drama Instructor and Play Director, Janice Bird - Mrs. Frank. "'The Diary of Anne Frank'".
Dec 7, 1962
Charles Marshall - Geologist in charge of USGS Astrogeological Branch. "Astrogeological Extrapolation"; Flag Public Library receives $1,000 prize from Book of the Month Club. L to R: Mrs. John Rolley - librarian, Library Board Chair - Dr. Max Baseman, Miss Lura Kinsey - Senior Board Member. "Library".
Dec 10, 1962
Armed Robbery Suspect, William E. Johnson. "Robbery Suspect"; L to R: Carl Weiner - Pres. of New Coconino County Chapter of the Arizona Division, American Cancer Society, Division Pres. - Quinn Jordan. "Cancer Chapter Organizers"; Paul Sweitzer English Teacher at St. Michael's High School in Santa Fe. "Brother William"; School Located in Stadium Apartments on ASC Campus. L to R: Danny Herrera, Charlotte Minor - Both 4, School Assistant Mrs. R.R. Hagelberg. "Cooperative Nursery School"; Federated Church Girl Scout Troop 1001 making felt comb holders for young patients at Flagstaff Community Hospital. No Specific ID. "Aid Hospital".
Dec 11, 1962
Holbrook High Basketball. L to R: Jim Soehner, Coach Vince Budenholzer, Dennis June. "Holbrook Cage Veterans"; Flag High Basketball. L to R: James Dugan, Dick Ortiz, Team Manager Don Jacobs. "Looking at the Records".
Dec 12, 1962
New Pres. of Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce. "James M. Potter"; See Az. Daily Sun, Dec. 12, 1962 - P.12 for names. Winslow High Basketball. "The Winslow Bulldogs"; Fred Harvey Co. at Grand Canyon honored by Flagstaff American Legion Post. L to R: Robert Harrison - Harvey Personnel Dir. At Canyon, Boyd Digmukes - Local State Employment Service Veterans Rep., Post Commander Dan Sheridan, Willie Snow - Acting Harvey Resident Manager at Canyon, Buford Belgard - Past State Legion Commander, Maurice Negri - Local Manager State Employment Service. "Award for Hiring Handicapped Vets"; Symphony Guild Luncheon. L to R: Mrs. Gale Tyrrell, Mrs. Ron Roberts, Mrs. William A. Myers, Mrs. Waine Gallatin. "Making Plans and Decorations"; ASC Spurs project - Picking up old campaign signs. Front: L to R: Sara Redman - Flag, Becky Oster - Prescott, Sharon Furse - Phx, Sue Herbert - Douglas, Barbara Dirst - Tucson. Back: Carolyn Downum - Flag, Vicki Beaver - Camp Verde, JoAnn Price - Prescott. "Cleaning Up After Politics"; Winslow High Basketball. See Arizona Daily Sun, Dec. 12, 1962 - P.12 for names. "The Winslow Bulldogs".
Dec 13, 1962
See Az. Daily Sun, Dec 13, 1962 - P.14 for names. Holbrook High Basketball. "Undefeated Northlanders"; For Ad for Chef's Restaurant. Now Uptown Pub.; For Ad for Chef's Restaurant. Now Uptown Pub.; Planning Ski Fashion Show. With items from several businesses. At Flag High. L to R: Janice James, David Hubbard. "Ski Styles"; Holbrook High Basketball. See Az. Daily Sun, Dec. 13, 1962 - P.14 for names. "Undefeated Northlanders"; Ray and his variatones. Ad for Bruno's Bar E. 66. First show bar.
Dec 14, 1962
Sheriff Cecil Richardson w/ .32 cal automatic found near body on S. rim of Grand Canyon. Week of Dec. 7, 1962. "Gun Link to Mr. X's Identity"; Flag Junior High. See Az. Daily Sun, Dec 14, 1962 - P.8 for names. "8th Grade Volleyball Champs"; Flag Jr. High Class 9J. See Az. Daily Sun, Dec. 14, 1962 - P.8 for names. "9th Grade Volleyball Champs"; Walter Jordan of Sedona w/ Rainbow Trout caught at Ashurst Lake. Biggest. 5 pounds and 22 inches. "Really Big Fish".
Dec 15, 1962
Grand Opening of Arizona Bank Building. L to R: George L. German - Phx - Head Trust Officer, George Rogers - Asst. V.P. and Flag Manager, Tom Fleming - V.P. and managed downtown Tucson branch. Madelyn Holand - Sec. Flag Office. "All Smiles on Opening Day"; Grand Opening of Arizona Bank Building. L to R: Peter Lloyd, Billy Thompson - 11. 5 ton vault door. "Two Hands Wide"; New Office in New Az. Bank Building. L to R: Jim Young - Gen Manager, Mrs. G.W. Jakle Jr., Mark Sapp. "Rita Quackenbush Realty"; L to R: Aide Burton W. "Bill" Cameron, Congressman Elect George F. Senner Jr. "Visiting Flagstaff"; Santa Claus at County Court House. No ID on boy. "Santa Clause Came to Town".
Dec 17, 1962
Northern Arizona Symphony. L to R: Clarence Shaw - Concert Master, Violin Soloist Sidney Harth, Director Pat Curry. "Musical Discussion".
Dec 18, 1962
From Flagstaff Beer and Liquor Association to Northern Arizona Rehabilitation Center - $100. L to R: Andy Buntin - Retailers, Mrs. Janet Khune - Center Director, E.A. Buckman - Whole Salers. "A Christmas Gift"; Appointed to National Inter-American Committee of the American Legion. 39 year member - in Flagstaff Post - 23 years as Post Chaplain. Canadian Army WW1. "Phil Hollingworth"; Girl Scout Troop 533 stuffing socks for Ft. Whipple Veterans Hospital. L to R: Sharla Morgan, Mrs. R.A. Blaser - Troop Leader, Polly Babbitt, Anna Mackey. "Yuletide Cheer for Veterans"; L to R: Norman Sharber - Symphony Board Pres., Mrs. Sharber, Mrs. Tom E. Pollock - Symphony Guild Pres., Mrs. Ted Babbitt, Mrs. Ernst W. Chilson - Guild Members, Pat Curry - Conductor. "Northern Arizona Symphony"; Flagstaff Junior Women's Club. Standing: L to R: Mrs. John Lindquist, Mrs. E.E. Johnson - Senior Women's Club Rep, Mrs. Jerry Gibson - State 2nd V.P.. Seated: Mrs. Robert C. Smith - Luncheon Chair, Mrs. Herbert Swanson - Pres., Mrs. William Zeller - Event co-chair. "Christmas Luncheon".
Dec 19, 1962
Flag High Basketball Practice. L to R: Eagle Reserve man Climmie Barnes, Senior Guard Mel Palmer. "Eager Eagles"; Canadian Geese taken on Anderson Mesa, S. of Flagstaff. L to R: David Wolf - 11, Andy Wolf. "Two Fine Honkers"; Non-injury accident - cement truck driven by Howard Goldsberry - Phx. On S. 89-A. Slick Roads. Rig jackknifed into station wagon. "Going South"; Non-injury accident. Station wagon hit by jackknifed cement truck. Car driven by Walter McGriff - Flagstaff. Slick Roads - 89-A South. "Going South"; No ID. "Christmas at Indian Dorm"; Flagstaff Naval Reserve Unit. L to R: Bob Buckman - Flagstaff, Lynn Sample - Glendale, Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class John Bree - Flagstaff. "New Naval Recruits".
Dec 20, 1962
See Az. Daily Sun, Dec 20, 1962 - P.2 for names. "Santa Fe Officials Here"; Girl Scout Troop 534. See Az. Daily Sun, Dec 20, 1962 - P.7 for names. "Get Award Badges".
Dec 21, 1962
Santa Claus - George Renner. Christmas Greetings on N. Aspen - Western Style. "Merry Christmas"; Santa Claus - George Renner - At Monte Vista Hotel. "Holiday Greetings"; Signing copy of Torrent in the Desert. Describing the Colorado River from source. Northland Press. Weston and Jeanne Lee. "Authors Autograph"; Art exhibit at First Federal Savings. Art by Chuck Dailey - formerly w/ Museum of Northern Az. Viewing: Sherri Templin - First Federal Employee. "Local Art Exhibit".
Dec 22, 1962
Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church, N. Humphries. Now Salvation Army. "Attend Church on Christmas"; Tony Smallwood - 11. "No Snow for Christmas"; Campus Christian Center w/ work project at Mexican Methodist Church on S. San Francisco. L to R: Center Director - Rev. Ron Roberts, George Denney, Joe Dushek, Richard Shank, Nancy Ferguson. "Holiday Helping Hand".
Dec 24, 1962
Housing Authority - Bud Leadbetter as Santa. Children - No ID. "Housing Authority Christmas"; Nancy Anderson - 6, Daughter of Flag High Basketball Coach Fred Anderson. "Christmas Eve Scene"; Child - No ID, Santa - Carl Doarn. "Veterans Christmas Party"; See Az. Daily Sun, Dec 24, 1962 - P.3 for names. "Senior Citizens".
Dec 27, 1962
Apprentice Hospital man Paul Smith. "Home on Leave"; All his recruits. L to R: Boilerman Fireman Apprentice Charles Bullmore, Seaman recruiter Dennis Womack, Recruiter in Flag - Chief Signalman Al Linder, Seaman Recruit Angel Madias, Journalist Seaman Apprentice Bruce Dunford. "Chat with the Recruiter".
Dec 28, 1962
At Southwest Forest Industries Rail Crossing. VW stopped for lumber train. Hit by big truck and pushed into moving train. No Injuries. "Close Call"; Flag High Basketball. L to R: Randy Fouse, Art Pigg, Ken Hammes. "Holiday Practice".
Dec 29, 1962
Bill Gable of All Service TV - 4 1/2 Leroux, points to broken window. "Walkie Talkies Stolen".
Negatives that have yet to be identified.
January , 1963
The following days have no associated negatives; 6, 11, 13, 14, 20, 26, 27.
Jan 1, 1963
ASC Freshman newlyweds. Married 12/29/62. Former Miss Annie Paddock - Groom - John Yazzie. "Young Navajo Couple".
Jan 2, 1963
March of Dimes. L to R: County Drive Chair Jim Blair, City Drive Chair Jerry L. Smith. "March of Dimes Opens"; L to R: Mrs. Duanne Glidden, D. Rae Glidden - 7.5 lbs. "Miss Flagstaff of 1963".
Jan 3, 1963
In front of Federated Church. Touring AZ under Auspices of So. Cal. - Az. Conference of the Methodist Church. All from Queensland, Australia. Front: L to R: Estelle Brown, Grame Adsett. Back: John Ford, Joan Birtles, David Lee. "Snow for Some Aussies"; Flag High Basketball. L to R: Climmie Barns, Larry Wilson, Jim Dugan, Charlie Trujillo, Mel Palmer. "Five Big Eagles".
Jan 4, 1963
March of Dimes Drive. L to R: Flagstaff Police Chief William Epperson, Flag Chair John Warren. "Police Aid and Abet".
Jan 5, 1963
Patricia McLain - Sweetheart of Phi Kappa Theta. "Frat Sweetheart"; High School Basketball. Flag vs. Cortez. Cortez: #33 Duffy Dyer, #21 Manuel Garcia, at right - Red Wilson. Flag: #54 James Dugan, #46 Mel Palmer. "Two More for Duggie"; High School Basketball. Flag vs. Cortez. Cortez #25 Burgess. Flag - in air - Larry Wilson. "Two Points on a Steal"; Flag High Wrestling vs. Glendale. Top: Lee Dumas - FHS. Bottom: G. Raes - Glendale. "About to be Pinned"; March of Dimes - Flag High Basketball. L to R: Team Manager Don Jacobs, Chuck Rolle. "Fill'er Up".
Jan 7, 1963
Postage goes up. Postal clerks - Nino Martinez, Velma Ross. "Five Cents an Ounce"; High School Basketball. Flag vs. Winslow. L to R: Nate Bly - W, Dick Ortiz - F, Louis Renfro - W, #55 James Dugan - F, #12 Ike Bonds, #24 Alan Robb - both Winslow, #31 Chuck Rolle - F. "Everybody's in the Act".
Jan 8, 1963
March of Dimes Promotion. See AZ Daily Sun, Jan 8, 1963, P.3 for names. "The First Glitter of Silver"; L to R: Nanabah Dodge - Granddaughter, noted Navajo painter - Adee Dodge. Grandson of Navajo Leader, Chee Dodge. "Famous Navajo Painter will Speak at Women's Club".
Jan 9, 1963
Red Cross volunteer for 24 years. "Mrs. Esther Florez".
Jan 10, 1963
Fire at Old Saginaw-Manistee Lumber Mill on W. 66. "Old Mill Burns Again"; Fire at Old Saginaw-Manistee Lumber Mill on W. 66. "Landmark Struck by Fire"; Named Special Representative for Arizona Bank in Flagstaff. "H.V. Emblen"; Sale of Shira's Market on N. Beaver. L to R: Mr. and Mrs. William C. Shira, Mark Sapp - Quakenbush Realty, New Owners - Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Rhodes. "The Deal's Finished"; Flag Naval Reserve Unit. L to R: Jim Bulmore, Chief Radioman J.H. Wilson - Station Keeper of unit, Don Kent, John Young. "New Naval Reserve Recruits".
Jan 12, 1963
Overnight temp of -20. Boiling Radiator. Service Station Attendant Jack Wade. "Boiling Over"; High School Basketball. Flag Vs. Sunnyslope. #13 Flag - Climmie Barnes. No other ID. "Climmie's Climbin'"; High School Basketball. Flag vs. Sunnyslope. #31 Chuck Rolle, #55 James Dugan, #43 Mel Palmer, #41 Charlie Trujillo. No other ID's. "All Clap Hands"; Superintendent of Sunshine Rescue Mission. "Charles Bradshaw".
Jan 15, 1963
City Snow-go and dump truck removing snow from streets. "Snow's Goin'"; March of Dimes promotion at Chef's Restaurant. Wife of owner - Mrs. George Andreatos. "Win a Dinner"; Donations from Hospital Auxiliary totaling $2,800. L to R: Mrs. J. Thomas Brooks, Hospital Administrator - Marc Atkinson, Mrs. Jim Young - Finance Chair, Mrs. J. Raymond Smith - Outgoing President. "Flagstaff Community Hospital"; New Officers. L to R: Mrs. Richard Lloyd - Rec. Sec., Mrs. Philip Glaze - 2nd V.P., Mrs. Frederick Downum - Pres., Mrs. Bill McCormick - 1st V.P.. "New Hospital Auxiliary Officers".
Jan 16, 1963
Flag High Basketball. See AZ Daily Sun, Jan 16, 1963 - P.12 for names. "Pride of Eagle Land"; FBI School for local law enforcement. L to R: John Mullady - Chief Ranger Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Norman Salisbury - Supervisory Ranger Wupatki Nat'l Monument, E.L. Boyle Special Agent in charge of AZ, Sheriff Cecil Richardson, FBI Special Agent Joe Pine. "Search and Seizure School"; L to R: Mrs. Betty Teninty - Vice Grand, Mrs. Ovida Caldwell - Rec. Sec., Mrs. Pauline Press - Noble Grand, Mrs. Ruby Kelsey - Financial Secretary, Mrs. Dorothy Miller - Treas.. "Rebekah Lodge Officers"; New Officers. L to R: Leonard Talkington - Treas., F.F. "Ted" Compton - Sec., E.V. "Buster" Teninty - Noble Grand, Robert Flamme - Vice Grand. "Independent Order of Odd Fellows".
Jan 17, 1963
Flag High Basketball. L to R: George Cruz, Randy Fouse, Team Manager Don Jacobs, Dick Ortiz. "Off to Glendale".
Jan 18, 1963
Inspection of Flag National Guard Unit, the Bushmasters. L to R: Lt. Col. Lawrence Q. Langland - Inspector General, Col. Norman L. Erb - Comp. A Battle Group Commander, 2nd Lt. Russell Smets - Unit Co., Master Sgt. Carlos Mayorga. W/ recoiless Rifle. "Bushmasters Look Polished"; Inspection of Bushmasters National Guard Unit. Squad Leader - Sgt. Lorenzo Dimas presents M1 to Inspector General Lt. Col. Lawrence Langland. "Looking Sharp"; Flag High Basketball preparing for Washington. L to R: Front: Dick Ortiz, Ken Hammes. Back: Lanny Mullens, Coach Fred Anderson, Randy Fouse, George Cruz. "Reserve Strength for Washington".
Jan 19, 1963
Flag Lodge of Loyal Order of Moose. Front: L to R: Harry Emler, Dave Price, Richard Weaver. Back: Woodrow Davis, Lawrence Dingerfelt, Clayton Lloyd, Terry Fortune. "Flag Moose Initiates"; Flag Lodge - Loyal Order of Moose. L to R: National Publicity Director James Rawlings, Lodge Governor - Len Sonka, Arizona/ New Mexico State Director - C.A. "Cap" Pierce. "Moose Dignitaries"; Truck pulling house trailer overturned on W. 66. No injuries. "Bottoms Up"; Parent-Teacher-Student Assoc. Panel discussion. L to R: Regional Supervisor - Traffic Safety Education Dept. of State Highway Dept. - Ted A. Fowler, Larry Kaney - Panel Chair. "Driver Education"; For "Youth Spotlight" feature. L to R: Pat Bramlett, Herbie Gregg. Both left-handed. "A Pair of Lefties".
Jan 21, 1963
Forest Service at Bill Williams Ski Area. L to R: Tom Klough - Forest Engineer - Kaibab Forest, Brent Hales - Landscape Architect - Kaibab, H. Glen Lewis - Regional Landscape Architect - Albequerque, Burt Nichols - Ski Area Manager, Jack Crollin - Div. of Recreation - Albq., Merle Oleson - Recreational Planner - Kaibab/Prescott Forests. "Several Members of USFG"; Red Cross Campaign Committee. L to R: Mrs. Ann Hall, Mrs. Joycee Mangum, J. Michael Flournoy, Mrs. Bernice Giclas, Mrs. Esther Florez. "Plan Red Cross Drive"; Mrs. George Hersherger and her Cub Scout Pack. L to R: from center: Eddie Hershberger, Terry Windust, Terry Hanks, Scott Scheibill, Ricky McCoy, Jimmy Hershberger, Jude Daggett. "Scout Leaders Needed"; High School Basketball. Flag High vs. Washington. Washington - #41 - Bob Scrivano, #53 Mike Fisher. Flag: Center in photo - James Dugan, #30 Chuck Rolle.; Sled dog races in Williams. Ernest Harringfield - Ashton, Idaho - Team of Targhee Hounds. "Winner"; Sled dog races at Williams. Doug Bard - Williams - at finish line w/ team of Siberian Huskies. "Love Arizona Entry"; Basketball - ASC vs. Westminster College of Salt Lake. ASC - #44 Dave Boyd. Westminster: #42 Dixon Reisbeck, #35 Gary Bliss. "He Floats Through the Air"; Basketball - ASC vs. Westminster College of Salt Lake. ASC: #14 Chuck Stevens. Westminster: Jim Morris. "Whoa!".
Jan 22, 1963
Catholic War Veterans Auxiliary Officers. See Arizona Daily Sun, Jan 22, 1963 - P.6 for names and titles. "Installation"; Free Security Stamp drawing. L to R: Asst. Manager Bill Laughlin, Mrs. V. Kirchner - Picking Winners. "First Federal Savings at 22 E. Birch"; Officers. L to R: Father James Bain - Spiritual Advisor, Rosita Flores - Treas., Mary Nunez - Chaplin, Lorraine Macias - Sec., Ophelia Hernandez - Pres., Isabel Rougemont - Past Pres.. "Catholic War Veterans Auxiliary"; Coconino County Republican Women's Club. L to R: Mrs. Marian McEvoy - 2nd V.P., Mary Ellen Hamilton - Pres., Mrs. Martha Mackey - Treas., Mrs. Mary Yard - Outgoing Pres.. "Install New Officers"; Flag High Wrestling. Top: Student Manager Stanley Parker. L to R: Heavyweight Arnold Scott, Lightweight Richard Carlson. "The Big and Little of It".
Jan 23, 1963
Aide to U.S. Representative George F. Senner Jr. visits Flagstaff. "Carlos Ashby"; Ponderosa Chapter of National Secretaries Assoc.. L to R: Mrs. Wanda Hull - Local Pres., Mrs. Laverne Arrowood - Az.-New Mexico District V.P., Mrs. Ann R. Crawford - Pres Valley of the Sun Chapter, Mrs. Bernice Silver - Chair of Division and By-Laws, Mrs. Norma J. Beck - 1st V.P. Valley of the Sun Chap. "State Officials Visit"; Won trip to Denver for having Reserve Champion Hereford at Window Rock Cattle Show. "Byron Tsingine"; March of Dimes donation from Sheriff's Posse. L to R: March of Dimes co-chair - Jerry Smith, Bill Davis - Sheriff's Posse, M.O.D. co-chair John Warren. "Posse Donates 4,000 Dimes".
Jan 24, 1963
At top of Oak Creek Can. Damaged guard rail where car went over the edge and plunged 1,000 ft. into Pumphouse Wash. 1 Fatality. "Where It Happened"; At top of Oak Creek Canyon where car jumped the guard rail and fell 1,000 ft. into Pumphouse Wash. No ID on officer. "At the Edge"; Single fatality. Car jumped guard rail at top of Oak Creek canyon. Dropped 1,000 ft. into Pumphouse Wash. L to R: Highway Patrol Sgt. Cecil McCormick, Patrolman Harry Wilson, cropped out in publication. "The Searchers"; Dance instructor dancing along Highway 66 for 3,000 miles. L to R: Lewis Larrmore Walker, Mrs. Rawlinson - Owner of Two Guns Trading Post. "Mrs. Fern Rawlinson".
Jan 25, 1963
Home of Reed and Florence Merrill. Dupont and Humphries. Family of 7 away at the time. "All That's Left"; Sheriff's Posse donates $250 from annual Helping Hand Bar-B-Cue to Northern Arizona Rehabilitation Center. L to R: Center Director - Mrs. Janet Kuhne, posse Sec. - Bill Davis. "The Helping Hand"; Aiding in development of new type of molding equip for Potter's Firm. Canadian Comp. - World's largest paper manufacturing plant. L to R: James Potter - Ariz. - Pulp and Paper, Harry Andrews - Retired V.P. - McMillan, Blodell and Powell, Vancouver, B.C.. "Welcome Visitor"; Flag High Basketball. Flag vs. St. Mary's. L to R: Mel Palmer, Chuck Rolle, Larry Wilson. "Thumbs Down on the Knights".
Jan 28, 1963
Girl Scouts and Brownies. See Az. Daily Sun, Jan 28, 1963 - P.2 for names. "Girl Scout Sing Leader"; March of Dimes. L to R: Mrs. Dorothy Adams, Mrs. Mary Yard. "Planning to March"; Carl D. Weiner. "Coconino Cancer Chairman"; High School Basketball - Holbrook vs. St. John's. Holbrook: #14 Dennis June, #30 Jon Clark. St. John's: #25 Larry Lee. "Roadrunner Scoring Leader".
Jan 29, 1963
L to R: Terri Carsner, Dennis Alvoro, Georgia Downum, Kathie Johnson. Melodies three and Master of Ceremonies. "Junior High Talent Show"; L to R: Dorothy Miller - Advisor, Barbara Conley - Past Pres., Kandi Vernon - Pres., Nancy Walbridge - Rec. Sec., Cathy Cox - V.P., Brenda Brechan - Financial Sec., Dorma Lovelady - Treas.. "Theta Rho Girls"; Story on Class A basketball powerhouse, Holbrook. #10 Jim Soehner - 6ft tall. No other ID's. "Tallest Roadrunner"; Women Flyers - Members of Amelia Earhart Ninety-Niners. Flew in for breakfast at the Gables. "Ninety-Niners".
Jan 30, 1963
March of Dimes. L to R: Mrs. Dorothy Adams - Co Chair, Mrs. Willie Gerkey - Drive Capt. in Mountain Dell. "Mothers' March Money"; 7 foot wingspan and retractable landing gear. Red Hazelton. "A Model Model"; Aeronautical chart and information center of U.S. Air Force. Moon mappers at Lowell Observatory. Unit chief William Cannell. "Sign of the Times"; Eddie Whitehead, w/ 2 time-speed trophies won in Phx.. 1952 All-state w/ 1962 Buick Engine. "Flag Drag Record Setter".
Jan 31, 1963
Last day for 1963 vehicle registration. At County Assessor's Office, Coconino County Courthouse. "Last Minute License Line Up"; Aeronautical Chart and information center of U.S. Airforce. Operation located at Lowell Observatory. Mapper - Mrs. Pat Bringes. "Moon Mapping".
February , 1963
The following days have no associated negatives; 3, 10, 17, 24.
Feb 1, 1963
Winslow - Last day to get vehicle registrations for 1963. "Twilight"; Flag High Basketball. L to R: Lanny Mullens, Climmie Barnes, Coach Fred Anderson, Randy Fouse. "Travelling Schedule".
Feb 2, 1963
Rear: L to R: Wilford F. Killip - Asst. Schools Superintendent, Board Pres. Neil V. Christensen, Board Clerk Dr. John Stilley, School Supt. Sturgeon Cromer. Front: County Superintendent of Schools - Mrs. Bessie Kidd Best - presented Certificate of Appointment to Robert A. Blaser. "New School Board Member"; Northern Arizona Symphony Benefit Ball. Symphony Ball Committee. L to R: Mrs. Peter J. Lindemann Jr., Mrs. Henry "Bernice" Giclas, Mrs. Arman Reinke. "Symphony Ball Invitation"; Nursing Workshop. L to R: Janet Kuhne - Dir. Northern Arizona Rehabilitation Center, Beverly Biggins, Mrs. Bea Evans - ASC Nursing Faculty and Workshop Coordinator, Phyllis Plant. "Nurses Workshop Panel Members"; Nursing Workshop. L to R: Elenor McGuire - Nat'l Soc. For Crippled Children and Adults - Chicago, Katherine Fichtel - U.S. Public Health Service Hospital - Gallup, Dr. Jay Sitterly - Flag., Vellana Tikkala - Pres. Arizona Nurses Assoc.. "Nursing Workshop Here".
Feb 4, 1963
$175 Donation collected by students. L to R: Bob Nimons - County March of Dimes Treas., Raymond Begay - Leupp School Student, Jeff Eckford - Student Council Sponsor, Miss Marietta David - Pres. Leupp Boarding School Student Council. "Leupp Supports March of Dimes"; Nursing Workshop. L to R: Frances Hegigund - R.N. - Dir. ASC School of Nursing, Dr. Ronald Peterson - ASC Assoc. Psych. Prof., Mrs. Elenor Mcguire - Nat'l Soc. for Crippled Children and Adults - Chicago. "Nursing Workshop Wind Up"; See Az. Daily Sun, February 4, 1963 - P.4 for names. "Cub Scout Leaders".
Feb 5, 1963
Rasco 5 and Dime moves to new location. "Opens New Store"; Flag High Basketball. Mel Palmer. "The Sleeping Tiger"; New Lake Mary Well - Water flow check. L to R: City Water Superintendent - Herman F. "Flops" Dunham, Doc Gillespie - U.S.G.S - Holbrook. "Testing Lake Mary Well"; New Lake Mary Well undergoing flow tests. 500 gallons per minute. "She Runs Red"; Northern Arizona Model Railroad Society at Ft. Tuthill. L to R: Rev. Dave Adamcik, John Gray, Jack Alcott, Wes Campbell - Pres. w/ Hat, Paul Beltray, Ray Hagelberg - V.P., Ralph Leubben - Sec./ Treas.. "Ready to Roll"; At Flagstaff Country Club. See Az. Daily Sun, February 5, 1963 - P.8 for names. "The Phoenix Open??".
Feb 6, 1963
For feature on 1st anniversary of Plaza Shopping Center. Top of Humphries. Flagstaff Pharmacy. L to R: Olen Dansby, Mrs. "Toppy" Laughlin. "Olen Dansby"; For feature on 1st anniversary of the Plaza Shopping Center. Manager of A.J. Bayless. "Larry Starr"; For feature on 1st anniversary of Plaza Shopping Center. Part owner - Manager - Brace Buckle Shop. "Norris Wyant"; For feature on 1st anniversary of Plaza Shopping Center. Manager TG&Y. "Joe Crisler"; For feature on 1st anniversary of Plaza Shopping Center. Rey's Interiors. "Mrs. Ardelle Rey"; For feature on 1st anniversary of Plaza Shopping Center. Manager of Spears, Roebuck & Co.. "William D. "Don" Edkins"; For Feature on 1st anniversary of Plaza Shopping Center. Plaza Cleaners. "Howard Thompson".
Feb 7, 1963
Signing copies of his new book on Mars for group of visiting astronauts. L to R: Mayor Rollin Wheeler, Dr. E.C. Slipher - Lowell Observatory, Jim Potter - Pres. Chamber of Commerce. "Autographs for Astronauts"; L to R: Richard "Dick" Deaver, George Rogers. "Spearhead Boy Scout Financial Campaign"; See Az. Daily Sun Feb 7, 1963 - P.7 for names and businesses. "New Bank Building Tenants"; L to R: Mrs. A.C. Grasmoen - General Chair, Mrs. Vi Hull Crisp, Mrs. J.C. Bourland - both on Decorations Committee. "Symphony Guild Preview"; At Soroptimist Club Meeting - Girls Ranch Talk. L to R: Vera Beaton - Immediate Past Pres. of Girls Ranch - from Phx., Mrs. Thelma Williams - Soroptimist Member, Mrs. Ann Colby - Phx - Pres. Girls Ranch. "Phoenix Speakers".
Feb 8, 1963
Veterans of Foreign Wars. L to R: Frank Cortez, Ken McLaughlin, Bill Johnson, Charles Boling. "VFW March of Dimes Roadblock"; Emblen received award from County Board of Health for promoting the Sabin Polio Vaccine Drive. L to R: Dr. Garland Wood - Medical Society Pres., Dr. Hugh Dierker - County Director of Public Health, Herb Emblen. "Medical Award"; Flag High basketball. See AZ Daily Sun, Feb 8, 1963 - P.7 for names. "Twelve Big Eagles".
Feb 9, 1963
On the Coconino National Forest. J.H. "Jack" Prevey. "New Forest Fire Chief"; League of United Latin American Citizens. L to R: James Sedillo - Pres., Mayor Rollin Wheeler, Joy Montoya - V.P. "Mayor Proclaims LULAC Week"; Former communist and counter spy for the FBI. Spoke at American Legion. L to R: Art Kennedy - Post Commander, Earl Newman, Karl Prussion, Grady Neal. "Anti-communist Speaker"; Flag High basketball vs. Sunnyslope. Flag High - James Dugan. "Another One for Dugie"; Flag High Wrestling vs. Holbrook. Top: Eddie Koury - Holbrook. Bottom: Richard Moran - FHS. "Flag Won this One"; L to R: Stanley Anderson, Randy Evans, Milton Evans - Coconino Sportmen's Sec. "Hunter Safety Students"; Studying for Air Force Academy Exams. Richard David Husle. "Future Air Force Officer"; With local Naval Reserve Unit, going on 2 years active duty. "Michael Cancino".
Feb 11, 1963
Semi involved in winter driving accident east of Flagstaff on E. 66. Slight injury to driver. "Minor Injury"; Semi accident east of Flagstaff on Highway 66. Az. Highway Patrol Lt. T.E. Shartzer looking [at] heavy equipment carried in trailer. "Winter Roads Wreck"; Flag Veterans of Foreign Wars collecting for March of Dimes. "Roadblock for Polio"; N. Ariz. Symphony Guild. L to R: Mrs. Jack Fine - Radio Publicity Chair, Mrs. Eldon Ardrey - Invitations Chair, Mrs. Ernest Chilson - Reservations Chair, Pat Curry - Musical Director, Mrs. John Stilley - Dinner Chair. "Plan Symphony Ball"; Basketball: Flag High vs. Probhy. #34 Jim O'Neil - Brophy. #51 Dick Ortiz - Flag. "Jump Dickie Jump!"; Basketball Flag High vs. Brophy. #43 Mel Palmer - FHS. #24 Jim Carter - Brophy. "Go Get it Mel!".
Feb 12, 1963
Soroptimist Club Event. L to R: Mrs. Fae Hopper - Fashion Show Chair, Mrs. Margaret Reinke - Narrator, Mrs. Billie Jean Viotti - Ticket Sales Chair. "Play Fashion Show"; City told to apply for Central Arizona Project Water ASAP. L to R: Andrew L. Wolf - Chair City Water Use and Utilization Commission, Ashby I. Lohse - member Arizona Interstate Stream Commission. "Tough Talk on Water"; French Cellist playing concert w/ Northern Arizona Symphony. "Guy Fallot"; Flag High Basketball player. Over 100 points in season. "Charlie Trujillo".
Feb 13, 1963
Flag High Basketball - Junior Varsity. Back: L to R: Weldon Mickelson, Coach Ernest Mickelson, Leroy Flemmons. Front: Duane Gagnon, Nick Figueroa, Bob Roberts. "Last Game Coming Up"; L to R: John E. Evans - State Sec. of AFL - C10, Darwin Aycock - COPE Program Coordinator, Bill Shafer - Coconino-Navajo Central Labor Council Pres.. "Visiting Flagstaff"; Girl Scout Troop 28 visiting fire station at City Hall. "Visit to the Fire House".
Feb 14, 1963
Flag Junior High Freshman Basketball Team. 10-1 for season. See AZ Daily Sun, Feb 14, 1963 - P.6 for names. "The Winners"; New windsock. "Winslow Municipal Airport"; Flagstaff Civil Defense drill at Flag High. "Is this a School 'Break'... Not Exactly"; New sled run on East slope of Mars Hill came down next to what is the Adult Center. Sponsored by Chamber of Commerce. Equipment Operator Bruce Ordaway. "New Sled Run"; Lawrence Almerez - 10 w/ 30 inch, 11 1/2 Catfish caught on Middle Verde River. "Big Cat".
Feb 15, 1963
On way to Grand Canyon for Park Service Training School. L to R: G.C. Park Superintendent John McLaughlin, Tom Allen - Park Service Regional Director, Conrad L. Wirth - Nat'l Park Service Director. "National Park Chief Here"; Girl Scout Troop 910. L to R: Nell Pederson - 9, Peggy Davis - 15. "Girl Scout Annual Cookie Sale"; High School Basketball - Class B and C North Tourney. Tuba City vs. Fredonia. L to R: Neil Brooksby - Fredonia, #25 Ross Tewa - Tuba City, Bill Lathim - Fredonia. "Wadda I Do Now, Coach?"; High School Basketball - Class B and C North Tourney. Round Valley vs. Chinle. #34 Rush Norton - Round Valley competing w/ Deb J. Victor - Chinle, for loose ball. "Elks Jump High"; Flag High Basketball - Last Home Game. L to R: Front: Chuck Rolle, Dick Ortiz. Back: Mel Palmer, Charlie Trujillo, Larry Wilson. "Five Eagle Seniors".
Feb 16, 1963
$422.50 from Veterans of Foreign Wars. L to R: VFW member Frank Cortez, March of Dimes co-chair John Warren, Bill Johnson, Hermelo Sanchez - Both VFW. "Boost for March of Dimes"; Sheriff's Posse Event. L to R: Frank Michaelbach - Gift Certificate Chair, Bill Davis - Publicity Chair, Bob Nauman - Barbeque Committee Member. "Helping Hand Barbeque"; Flagstaff High School - Sponsored by American Legion. L to R: Howard Clark - 3rd Place, John Waits - 1st Place, Pat Bramlett - 2nd Place. Voice of Democracy Contest. "FHS Speech Winner"; Flag High Basketball vs. Glendale. Light color: Larry Wilson - Flag. No ID on Glendale players. "The End"; Flag High Basketball vs. Glendale. FHS: #40 Charlie Trujillo, #54 James Dugan, #30 Chuck Rolle, Mel Palmer next to Rolle, behind Dugan. Glendale: at Left: Art Duncan. "No Ball"; Flag High Basketball vs. Glendale. #35 Glendale - Charles Elliot. #30 Flag - Chuck Rolle. "Basketball Supplication"; High School Basketball Class B North Tourney. Alchesay vs. Williams. #12 Alchesay - Donald Kessay. #51 Williams - Ron Perkins. "Setting it Up"; High School Basketball Class B North Tourney. Window Rock vs. Page. Window Rock: #24 Lawrence Johnson. Page: #14 Jim Footrager, #24 Jim Stickler. "Old High School Try"; High School basketball Class C North Tourney. McNary vs. Seligman. Seligman: #32 Jim Ettinger. McNary: #20 Buddy Cook. "Up and After It"; High School Basketball Class C. North Tourney. Lakeside vs. Grand Canyon. Lakeside: #14 Vicky Colbath, #24 Jim Deathrage. Grand Canyon: #32 David Pitchert, #40 David Pritchett. "Movin' In"; N. Az. Symphony Guild. Planning for 2nd Annual Symphony Ball. L to R: Mrs. Paul Weaver - Committee Member, Mrs. Paul J. Babbitt - General Chair, Mrs. Herbert Metzger - Vice Chair. "Make Decorations"; City Head Librarian Mrs. Pearl Rolley / Lincoln Display. "Lincoln at the Library"; Local U.S. Naval Reserve Unit. L to R: Radioman Chief Petty Officer - Ray Wilson - Retiring, Radioman Chief Petty Officer - Jack Gossett - Replacement. w/ one of units excellence pennants. "New Station Keeper".
Feb 18, 1963
Service Award from Flagstaff Dental Assoc. for 13 years' service to one dentist. She is Dental Assistant to Lindemann. L to R: Dr. P.J. "Pete" Lindemann Jr., Mrs. W.H. "Edith" Conley. "Once in a Lifetime Award"; Boy Scout Leaders. L to R: Dick Deaver, Ted Waldrip, Jay Meister, Leonard Richards, Don Kimball - Scout Executive, Elmer Hubbard Jr., Bill DeVaney, Rexer Berndt. "Training Session"; High School Basketball Class C North Finals. McNary vs. Camp Verde. Only ID - #11 McNary - Leo Thomas. "C North Finals Action"; High School Basketball Class C North Semi-Finals. Camp Verde vs. Lakeside. Outside: L to R: Camp Verde - Robert Hayes, Wayne Hodges. Inside: Lakeside - Corky Larson. "Camp Verde vs. Lakeside"; High School Basketball. Front: L to R: Jerry Ray - Mingus, Galyn Knight - Round Valley, Elmo Altaha - Alchesay, William Morgan - Window Rock. Back: Dave Kinsey - Mingus, Mike Estes - Round Valley, Terry Austin - Round Valley. "B. North All Tourney Team"; High School Basketball Class B North Semi-finals. Window Rock: #30 Larry Echeverria. Mingus: #25 Jerri Ray, #41 Bob Richmond. "Mingus-Window Rock"; High School Basketball. Front: L to R: Buddy Cook - McNary, Louie Kline - McNary, Corky Larson - Lakeside, Jim Deathrage - Lakeside. Back: Joe Reedy - Camp Verde, John Gray - Camp Verde, Ed Russell - McNary, Leo Thomas - McNary, Elmer Davis - Tuba City. "C North All Tourney Team"; High School Basketball Class B North Semi-finals. Round Valley: #20 Jayson Wiltbank, #44 Dennis Maxwell, #32 Terry Austin. Alchesay: #21 Jay Connolly, #43 Avery Burnett. "Round Valley - Alchesay".
Feb 19, 1963
City Policeman Jerry Vachman looking for prints on orange juice bottle. Break-in and Burglary at Elks Club. "Fingerprint Expert"; Chamber of Commerce honors Southern Union Gas Manager W.D. "Jesse" James, being transferred to Albuquerque. L to R: Mrs. Emblen, H.V. Emblen, Mrs. James, Mr. James, Lee Fitz Hugh - Kachina Chief. "Kachinas"; Northern Arizona Symphony Guild. L to R: Committee Member Mrs. Eldon A. Ardrey, Mrs. Paul J. Babbitt - General Chair. "Plan Symphony Ball"; Flag High Basketball. L to R: Randy Fouse, Ken Hammes, Lanny Mullens, Arthur Pic. "Eagle Reserves".
Feb 20, 1963
Civil Defense Review of Flagstaff Alert. L to R: Lewis Franke, Col. Cecil Matthews - Local Director of Civil Defense. "Civil Defense Operation"; Brownie Troop 569 at Daily Sun. No ID's. "Brownie Troop"; On Flag High Honor Roll. Seated: L to R: Larry Wilson, Chuck Rolle, Lanny Mullens. Standing: Mel Palmer, Randy Rouse, Ken Hammes. "Basketball and Brains"; Top wrestler in Class AA Division II meet in Sunnyslope. L to R: Coach Rod Stephens, George Auza. "Top Tourney Wrestling"; ASC Sophos. L to R: Gary Reeves - Drive Chair, Bill Steele, Ken Coor, Warren Siegel. "Final March of Dimes Action".
Feb 21, 1963
Flagstaff Sheriff's Posse 2nd Annual Helping Hand Barbeque. L to R: Posse Capt. Lloyd Jewell, Frankie Michaelbach II, Posse Members Jack Grace, Frank Michelbach.; Soroptomist Club Event. L to R: Mrs. Ardelle Rey, Mrs. Vi Hull Crisp. "Card Party and Fashion Show"; 1963 Man and Woman of the Year. L to R: Mrs. Shelby "Ione" McCauley, Herbert V. Emblen.; L to R: City Councilman William Young Sr., Miss Coconino Sally Stryker. "Queen of National Beauty Week for N. Ariz."; For Northern Arizona Symphony. 6 year old Kit Metzger. "Symphony Ball Decorations".
Feb 22, 1963
ASC Basketball vs. St. Michaels College of Santa Fe. St. Michaels: #21 Ron Quintana, #41 Julian Fabray. ASC: Dave Boyd. "Come to Papa"; ASC Basketball vs. St. Michael's College of Santa Fe. St. Michaels: #23 Leonard Royball, #51 Bob Rodriguez. ASC: in air - Dave Boyd, #12 Ray Molera. "Two More for Boyd".
Feb 23, 1963
Alpha Sigma Chapter, Beta Sigma Phi. L to R: David Smith, Mrs. Jim Hoffman, Mrs. Ervin Gebler, Mrs. Wally Quayle, Mrs. Don Leamon. "Sorority Initiation"; L to R: New Flagstaff Area Mngr. for Southern Union Gas - Jim Carnes, Outgoing Manager - W.D. "Jesse" James - transferred to Albuquerque. "Change of Command"; Northern Arizona Symphony Ball. L to R: Mrs. Herb Metzger, Mrs. Paul J. Weaver. "Big Balloons"; Check for $391.57 from Rogue Angels and Flagmen Car Clubs. L to R: Angel Ayala, Tony Sedillo - Angels, Chester Clark - Drive Chair, Jim Durham, Ronnie Lee - Flagmen. "Heart Fund Boosters"; Flag High Pom-pom. Parent Teacher Student Assoc.. Front: L to R: Janice Kennedy, Carol Wilson, Sandra Moore, Sharon Wilhelm. Back: Gail Moore, Nancy Lloyd, Linda Garrard, B.J. Britt, Pat Hollingsworth. "To Entertain PTSA".
Feb 25, 1963
Sheriff's Posse Helping Hand Barbeque. No ID's. "Mmmmm-Good"; Ariz. Federation of Junior Women's Clubs. Seated: Mrs. A.K. Tone - Mesa, State Director. Standing: Mrs. Willis Baur - Flg - N. District 1st VP, Mrs. George Baker - Winslow Club Pres., Mrs. Jerry Gibson - Flagstaff - Federation 2nd VP., Mrs. James Gatz - Pres. Mesa Club, Mrs. Herbert Swanson - Pres. Flagstaff Club. "Director Visits"; N. Ariz. Symphony Ball. L to R: Mrs. Edward B. Danson - Flag, Mrs. Robert Chambers - LA, Mr. Robert Chambers, Mrs. Dean Nichols - Phx., Dr. Edward B. Danson - Director of Museum of Northern Ariz.. "Light Conversation"; N. Ariz. Symphony Ball. Margret Ann w/ Ernie Mariani Trio. "Symphony Ball Entertainment"; N. Ariz. Symphony Ball. L to R: ASC President Dr. J. Lawrence Walkup, Lucy Walkup, Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Fine. "Civic Leaders at Ball"; N. Ariz. Symphony Ball. Mrs. Lorraine Curry, Pat Curry - Director of N. Ariz. Symphony. "Dance with me Pat"; N. Ariz. Symphony Ball. L to R: Tom Pollock, Mrs. Pollock - Pres. of Symphony Guild, Mrs. Paul J. Babbitt - Ball Chair, Mr. Babbitt, Mrs. and Mr. Norman Sharber. "Reception Line"; ASC Basketball vs. Eastern New Mexico Univ.. L to R: Dave Boyd - ASC, John Bigelow - ENMU, Milt Jacobs - ASC, Ray Molera - ASC. "Pile Up"; ASC Basketball vs. Eastern New Mexico Univ.. L to R: Milt Jacobs - ASC, ENMU - #43 - John Stone, #50 Bill Butts, #45 Tony Ferrell. No ID on ASC player behind Ferrell. "Tony's Tryin'".
Feb 26, 1963
Flagstaff Business and Professional Women's Club event. L to R: Attorney Paul Babbitt, BPW's Woman of the Year - Mrs. Felice Crowder. "Boss of the Year"; Flag High Wrestling. L to R: George Auza, Coach Rod Stephens, Mike Sanchez. "A Pair of State Champs".
Feb 27, 1963
L to R: Chamber of Commerce Manager Mack Forrester, Chamber President Jim Potter. "New C of C Manager"; L to R: Mt. Elden Elementary School Principal Manuel de Miguel, School PTA President Mrs. Murray Starr. "Lifetime PTA Member"; Flag High Basketball. L to R: Charlie Trujillo, Coach Gil Corona, Larry Wilson. Both Pitchers. "Eagle Baseball Veterans".
Feb 28, 1963
Flagstaff Community Hospital Auxiliary. See Az. Daily Sun, Feb 28, 1963 - P.6 for Names and titles. "Hospital Auxiliary Chairman"; Flagstaff Business and Professional Women's Club Annual Mardi Gras. Standing: Boss of the Year Paul J. Babbitt. To Right: Club President Mrs. Felice Crowder, Mrs. Madelyn Holland - Event Chair, w/ Hat: Mrs. Barbara Conley - Committee Member. "Mardi Gras Time"; Little League wrestling. Striped Trunks - Tim Zanzucchi, Randy Gray. "96 Pounds Worth"; Little League wrestling. Top: David Gonsales, Pat Drukee. "Watch that Thumb Fella!"; Flagstaff men's Basketball at Prescott Invitational Tournament. Dark Jersey - Joe Hay - Leadbetter Aztecs, Light Jersey - Louis Romero - Carnation Milkmen. "Quit Crowdin'"; Flag High Track. Front: Bob Bledsoe, Climmie Barnes. Back: Glen Hughey, Coach John Ply, Dan Baxter. "Eagle Cinder Aces".
March , 1963
The following days have no associated negatives; 3, 4, 10, 17, 24, 27.
March 1, 1963
Marked Nat'l 4-H Week. L to R: Mrs. Margaret Scott, Daughter - Sandy. "4-H Family of the Year"; New Editor. L to R: Editor James Larimore Jr., Paul Sweitzer, Bill Hoyt. "News Editor"; 12 ASC Coeds and P.E. Instructor doing 50 mile hike out Lake Mary Road. No ID's. "The "Vigah" Corps/ Kennedy Pronounced "Vigor"".
March 2, 1963
County Cancer Drive. L to R: 1963 Drive Chair Carl Weiner presenting award to 1962 Drive Chair - Dan Stoops. "Cancer Society Award"; L to R: Marshall School PTA Pres. Frank Hoover presents Honorary Life Membership in PTA to Mrs. Nina Kelly - Pres. of Flagstaff Area PTA Council. "PTA Honor"; Ft. Valley Mavericks 4-H. L to R: Jo Letha Hampton - Clothing Protector Project, Gary Rosebrough - Making Electric guitar. "4-H Busy Hands, Busy Minds".
March 5, 1963
See Az. Daily Sun March 5, 1963 - P.9 for names. "Winslow LDS Priesthood Awards"; See Az. Daily Sun, March 5, 1963 - P.9 for names. "Flagstaff Ward LDS Honorees"; See Az. Daily Sun, March 5, 1963 - P.9 for names. "Flagstaff 2nd Ward LDS Winners".
March 6, 1963
L to R: Flag Junior High Principal Don Clark, Polly Valdez. "Masonic Scholarship Winner".
March 7, 1963
American Legion Speech Contest. Seated: John Waits - Flag High - 1st Place. Standing: L to R: Janice Parker - Williams High - 3rd Place, Jane Verkamp - Grand Canyon High - 4th Place, Gilford Bisjack - Prescott High - 2nd Place. "Speech Contest Winner"; L to R: Flagstaff Civil Defense Director Cecil Mathews, Mayor Rollin Wheeler. "Civil Defense Supplies"; Coconino County Medical Society Auxiliary. L to R: Mrs. J.L. Ankenbrandt - V.P., Mrs. John Vusskuhler - Pres., Mrs. John Kahle - Treas., Mrs. David Smith - Treas.. "Officers of the Women's Auxiliary"; Flag High shot putter - Bob Young. "The Big Pitch".
March 8, 1963
Inspecting Flagstaff Community Hospital. L to R: Hospital Adminitrator Marc Atkinson, State Health Commissioner Dr. Lloyd N. Farner, County Health Director - Dr. Hugh Dierkner. "State Health Chief Visits"; See Az. Daily Sun, March 8, 1963 - P.6 for names. "Newly Formed Brownie Troop 702"; Nativity Church event decorations committee. L to R: Mrs. A.J. Driscoll - co-chair, Mrs. Mike D'Mura - Decorations Chair, Mrs. George Rogers - Co-chair. "St. Patrick's Day Bridge Luncheon"; Flag High Athletic Awards Assembly. L to R: Head Cheerleader Roberta Hunt, basketball coach Fred Anderson. "Eagle Cage Coach Honored"; Flag High Athletic Awards Assembly. L to R: Cheerleader Martha Jo King, wrestling coach Rod Stephens. "Best Season Yet"; Car totaled when it smashed into rear of parked car. 1 fatality. "Death Car".
March 9, 1963
See Az. Daily Sun March 9 , 1963 - P.3 for names. "Grade School Essay Winners"; Flag High track vs. Glendale. L to R: Glendale - No ID, FHS - Bob Bledsoe, others cropped out in publication. "It was Close"; Masonic Lodge Essay Contest. 8th and 9th Grades. Front: L to R: 9th: Cecilia Alexander - 1st place, Harvey Heckethorn - 3rd place, Marena Palmer - 2nd Place. Back: 8th: Kay Jean Mickelson - 2nd Place, Dennis Olensniewicz - 1st Place, Melissa Cravenz - 3rd place. "School Essay Winners".
March 11, 1963
Flagstaff Community Hospital Auxiliary w/ tea service prize for Turquoise Bridge. L to R: Mrs. Elmer Hubbard Jr. - Co-chair, Mrs. Frederick Downum - Aux. Pres., Mrs. Jack Fine - Co-chair. "Tea Set for Tea".
March 12, 1963
Nativity Church Event - St. Patrick's Day Card Party and Luncheon. L to R: Mrs. Tom Shuck, Mrs. Author Hughes. "Taking Reservations"; Jimmy Potter - 2nd Class Scout - Troop 33. "Red Cross Drive Assistant"; Cancer Crusade Education Committee. Seated: Committee Chair James R. Frederick. L to R: Mrs. John Chapman, Mrs. Ron Roberts, Eileen Cleary, Mrs. Milton Evans, Mrs. Sofia Mackey. "Cancer Crusade Educators"; Northern Arizona Symphony Guest Artist. L to R: Michael Shott - ASC Faculty, Symphony Director Pat Curry. "Symphony Artist"; Flag High Baseball facing St. Mary's. L to R: Shortstop Howard Jordan, Coach Gilbert Corona, 1st Baseman Chuck Rolle. "Planning for the Weekend".
March 13, 1963
Flag National Guard Unit Co. A, 158th Infantry, 3rd Battalion w/ can goods collected to help a member in financial trouble. L to r: Sgt. Lawrence Dimas, Sgt. Carlos Mayorga. "Operation 'Helping Hand'"; The South Side Labies. L to R: Mrs. Mary Garcia, Mrs. Remie Garcia, Mrs. Natie Griego - co-chair, Mrs. Esther Florez, Mrs. Lita Lucero, Mrs. Mary Magana, Mrs. Josephine Warez, Mrs. Dell Juarnilo, Mary Ann Cervantes. "Red Cross Drive"; Lura Kinsey School. See Az. Daily Sun March 13, 1963 - P.2 for names. "PTA Hobby Show".
March 14, 1963
Flag High. See Az. Daily Sun, March 14, 1963 - P.1 for names. "New Honor Society Members"; From Moose Lodge 498. L to R: Len Sonka - Lodge Gov., Chester Clark - Flagstaff Heart Fund Chair. "Help for Heart Fund"; Applications from High School Science Teachers for National Science Foundation's Summer Institute on Anthropology at ASC. L to R: Dr. John H. Chilcott - Director form Univ. of Calif, Santa Barbara, Dr. Robert C. Euler - Institute Staff Anthropologist - ASC Faculty. "Stacks of Applications"; Grade School Basketball Tourney. Nativity vs. ASC Training school. At Left: Walter McDonald - Nativity. No ID's on others. "Two for Nativity"; Grade School Basketball Tourney. Kinsey vs. Weitzel. No ID's. "Short Scramble".
March 15, 1963
Girl Scout Troop 799. L to R: Sharon Rice - 13, Cathy Pitts - 12. "First Aid Training"; Flag High Baseball vs. St. Mary's. Starting Pitcher. "Larry Wilson".
March 16, 1963
Suspicious fire at 213 S. O'Leary. "Smoke and Flame"; Suspicious fire at 213 S. O'Leary w/ Icicles forming. "Police to Probe Fire"; Head-on w/ pickup and semi. 2 miles north of town on Highway 89. Icy Roads. Fatal. "Pickup in Pieces"; Flagstaff High School Aquamaids. Testing Water - Sherri Harris - Pres. L to R: Janice Kennedy - Sec.-Treas., Bettsann Biller - Program co-chair, Sharon Wilhelm - V.P.. "Testing the Water"; Grade School Basketball Tournament. Kinsey vs. Sedona. No ID's. "Loose Ball"; Grade School Basketball Tournament. Nativity vs. Leupp. No ID's. "Mostly Leupp"; Trophy's awarded by Daily Sun for City Basketball League. L to R: Gary Weese, Gene Schroeder - Carnation Milkmen, Adrian Gardia - Mngr. and Capt. Leadbetter Aztecs. "Sun Trophy Time Coming".
March 18, 1963
Police Chief William Epperson with fire damaged slot machine taken from 213 S. O'Leary after fire. "Fire Casualty"; Grade School Basketball Tournament. L to R: Bill Heck - Marshall School, Junior McGee - S. Beaver, Larry Monroe - S. Beaver, Mike Hudelston - Marshall, Arnold Polivema - Emerson. "All Tournament Team"; Grade School Basketball Tournament. S. Beaver vs. Marshall. Center: Junior McGee - S. Beaver. Flanking: L: Mike Huddleston, #5 Larry Luther. "Action and More Action"; Grade School Basketball tournament. S. Beaver team. Only ID: Junior McGee w/ trophy. "Grade School Champs".
March 19, 1963
Coconino County Spelling Bee. Seated: Mike Dickinson. L to R: Carol Jennings, Julieann Donkersly. "Junior High Top Spellers"; Boy Scout Fund Drive. $100 donation. L to R: Don. C.C. Kimball - Grand Canyon Council Scout Executive, Donald B. Johnson - Pres. Flagstaff Optimist Club, William R. Preston - Chair of Century Club Drive. "Century Club".
March 20, 1963
Alpha Sigma Chapter - Beta Sigma Phi. Models from Gamma Phi Beta - ASC. L to R: Letty Lloyd, Jo Winslow, Julie Veazy, Jackie Jacquays, Tavia Foster. "Style Show and Card Party"; Flag High Baseball. L to R: Larry Wilson, Charlie Trujillo. "Eagle Top Hurlers"; Flagstaff Community Hospital expansion plans. L to R: Walton Howart - U.S. Public Health Service, Ralph Conway - Az. Dept. of Health, Lawrence Macdonald - Architect w/ U.S. Public Health Service, Dr. Hugh Dierker - Hospital Chief of Staff and County Health Officer. Seated: Marc Atkinson - Hospital Administrator. "Federal Hospital Survey Team".
March 21, 1963
City Widening San Francisco St. between Dale and Cherry. Price: 1,500.00. "Sure Sign of Spring"; Tillie Gomez - Pres. of N. Ariz. Dental Assistants Society w/ painting by Ernestine May. "Art Give Away"; Flag High Track. L to R: Climmie Barnes - High Jump, Hurdles, Broad Jump. Bob Young - Shot Put, Discus. Bob Bledsoe - Sprinter. "Eagle Track Stars".
March 22, 1963
Shoeshine Day in Flagstaff to benefit proposed Boys Club. L to R: Danny Cullen - 6th Grade at Emerson School, Chamber of Commerce, Manager Mack Forrester. At Daily Sun Office. "Shoeshine Time"; Plans for Buffalo Park. L to R: Seated: Ivo Pugliyen - Dir. Of Albuquerque Zoo, City Council Member - Louis Chacon. Standing: Chamber of Commerce Pres. Jim Potter, Buffalo Park Committee Member - Ernest Chilson. "Park Plans Discussed"; Flagstaff Cooperative Nursery School. L to R: Standing: Mrs. Monte Glaser - Treas., Mrs. Eldon Bills - Pres.. Seated: Mrs. Robert Miller - V.P., Mrs. Murdock Buckhaulter - Sec.. "New Officers".
March 23, 1963
PT Shamrock Station. 4 cent drop. L to R: Paul Ferrendelli, Jim Gale Jr. "Down Go Gas Prices"; Coconino County Spelling Bee. L to R: Catherine Schell - Mt. Elden - 2nd Place, Carol Jennings - Flag Junior High - 1st Place. "Top County Spellers"; Parent Teacher Student Assoc.. L to R: Mrs. Doris Dunford - High School Faculty, E.H. "Bud" McNamara - Junior High Faculty, Dr. James Frederick - ASC - Panel Moderator, W.F. Killip - Asst. Super. Of Schools. Topic: Dropouts. "PTSA Panel"; ASC Wrestling - 5 state tourney. Back to Camera - Carl Betz - ASC. Pulled down by Allen Arnold of Phoenix Wristlock Club. "On the Way Down"; ASC Wrestling - 5 State Tourney. On Top - Lanny Westbrook - ASC, Bob Templin - Tempe. "Another One for Lanny"; Flag High Baseball vs. Glendale. Eagle Shortstop Howard Jordan beats pitch to Glendale 1st baseman Mitch Maher. "Fast Movin' Eagle".
March 25, 1963
4 fires on ASC Campus. Fireman in smoke filled 2nd Floor of North Hall. "More Smoke than Fire"; L to R: Burton R. Smith - Winslow - Retiring Pres. Flagstaff LDS Stake, E.J. Whiting - Flag. - incoming Pres.. "LDS Leaders"; ASC Wrestling. AAU Division Finals. In air: Glen Mayley - ASC. Dick Garcia - Phx Wristlock. "Upsy Daisy"; ASC Wrestling AAU Division Finals. Phx Wristlock - Doug Bordeux kick in attempt to turn over David Klensin - Independent - Tucson. "Leg Up".
March 26, 1963
Retiring city Manager. L to R: Clarence T. "Maggie" Pulliam, Mayor Rollin Wheeler. "Ends 44 Years Service"; In Center - New City Manager. Other 2 cropped out in publication. "Harry L. Field Jr."; L to R: Mike Porter - Flag High, No ID, Ruth Pennington - Marshall, Julian Diaz - S. Beaver, Sharon Ryberg - Kinsey, Sonja Mears - Weitzel, Wesley Schleef - Sedona. Seated: Keith Shoff - Emerson. "Honor Bandsmen"; Group of Winslow Boys flying to Phx to watch baseball spring training. Sponsored by Winslow Merchants. No ID's. "Baseball Bound"; Seated: L to R: Elder Alvin R. Dyer - Salt Lake City, Local Stake Pres. E.J. Whiting, Elder Marion G. Romney - Council of Twelve Apostles. Standing: Olga Brown - Ogden, Utah - General Board of Primary, Frank Jackson - 2nd Counsellor to Whiting, Mildred Eyring - Stal Lake - General Board of Relief Society. "LDS Stake Meet"; Pilot Club Pres. Tea. L to R: Mrs. Ione McCauley - Woman of the Year, Phyllis Manning - Director of Pilot International, Herb Emblen - Man of the Year, Mrs. Melba Basinski - Club Pres.. "Honored Guests"; City League Basketball. Trophies donated by Daily Sun. L to R: Adrian Garcia - League Champion Leadbetter Aztecs, Marvin Peterson - 2nd Place Sheriff's Posse team, Alfred Casados - Thunderbirds - Sportsmanship Trophy. "City Cagers Honored by Sun".
March 28, 1963
Flagstaff Junior and Senior Women's Club helped w/ High Altitude Heart Research Project. L to R: Mrs. Pearl Herring, Mrs. Ellen Hagelberg, Mrs. Jane Swanson, Mrs. Dorothy Ward, Mrs. Edna Emblen, Mrs. Anne Baur, Mrs. Mary Matthews. "Heart Research Helpers"; Flag High Baseball. L to R: Shortstop Howard Jordan, 2nd Baseman Bob Cavanaugh, catcher James Dugan. "Eagles Big Bats"; Caught at Lake Mary. L to R: Fidel Cordova, Juan B. Griego. "Two Honors - Two Limits!".
March 29, 1963
High winds snapped polls at Tyrrell Motors, 302 W. Santa Fe. "Waving in the Breeze"; Alpha Sigma Chapter - Beta Sigma Phi. L to R: Mrs. L.A. Rember - Ball Chair, Mrs. Jim Smets, Mrs. Ervin A. Gebler - Decorations Chair. "Plan Yellow Rose Ball"; Flag High Track. Getting ready for 11th Annual Olmstead Relays in Winslow. Climmie Barnes. "Leapin' Eagle"; L to R: Art Kennedy - Director of Public Works, D.E. "Dewey" Harris - Street Dept. Foreman - Mayor Rollin Wheeler, Leonard Hueppelsheuser - Street Superintendent. "10 Years of Service".
March 30, 1963
Arizona Association of Teachers of Mathematics. L to R: Seated: Elizabeth J. Hogenes - Flag Junior High - Regional Vice Pres., Mrs. Rose Brodie - Prescott Junior High. Standing: Dr. J. Harvey Butchart - ASC, Dan Meek - Kayenta Public School, Brian Turner - S. Beaver, Ed Maxwell - Palo Verde High - Tucson - State Pres. "Two Plus Two"; L to R: Mrs. Cesario Diaz - Treas., Mrs. Andrew Murks - Sec., Mrs. Rebecca Hernandez - Pres. "South Beaver School PTA"; Flagstaff Junior High Class 9-C. L to R: Kneeling: Tony Valencia, Leo Ramirez. Standing: Don Bryson, Eddie Duran, Tony Hubbell, Walter Joshongeva, Edison Jackson, Coach Ralph Wheeler. "Junior High Cage Champs"; Won at Glendale Invitational Track meet Flag High Track - shot putter Bob Young. "Nice Trophy Bob".
April , 1963
The following days have no associated negatives; 7, 14, 21, 28.
April 1, 1963
At parish hall of Epiphany Episcopal Church. St. Anne's Guild. L to R: Mrs. Marc Atkinson - Ways and Means Comp., Mrs. Perry Stegmeir - Food Chair, Mrs. Charles Stahl - Guild Pres.. "Plan Mayday Breakfast"; At talk on ASC Campus by Rev. Billy James Hargis and Gen. Edwin A. Walker. Man in uniform at right is a member of color guard, not a picketer. No ID's. "Midnight"; At talk on ASC Campus by Rev. Billy James Hargis and Gen. Edwin A. Walker. Salesman in lobby of ASC auditorium with literature by the two men. "Midnight Ride"; At Damstead Relays in Winslow. Edison Wood - Holbrook. "Fiberglass Pole and All"; For newly authorized Flagstaff Savings and Loan Assoc.. L to R: Attorney and Assoc. Treas. William R. Preston giving stock share to Dr. Rexer Berndt - ASC. "Getting First Shake".
April 2, 1963
14 members of Flagstaff Hospital Administration, Nursing, Medical Staff, and Board of Directors break ground for new Surgical Wing. "Hospital Ground Breaking"; A little snow in the trees at Epiphany Episcopal Church. "There Wasn't Much"; City Fire Dept. new uniforms. Front: L to R: Capt. Bob Small, Capt. Ray Gerky. Middle: Capt. Phil Cook, Asst. Chief James Sansom. Top: Chief Ernest "Pat" Hogan. "New Look"; ASC Spring Football. Lumberjack Team 1963. "Once Around the Fence"; ASC Spring Football. Only ID is man in jacket and cap. Coach Max Spilsbury. "Old Hands... and New".
April 3, 1963
At County Jail. Charged with murder of husband, George Tom, on the Navajo Reservation at Sanders. Philomena Tom. "Reservation Murder Case"; City Park Lake, reduced to a puddle. "No Fishing Here"; Flag High baseball junior varsity. L to R: Bobby Crose - Sedona, Murph Rolle. "Two Big Bats".
April 4, 1963
New officers. L to R: Mrs. Frank Schloss - Treas., Mrs. Kenneth Wilson - V.P., Mrs. W.E. Stanfill - Pres., Mrs. Ralph G. Pittard - Sec.. "Alpine Garden Club"; Fashion show for PTA at Emerson. Kandy Kiker - 11. "A Children's Fashion Show"; Flag High Baseball. L to R: Tom Coleman - 2nd Base, coach Gil Corona, Weldon Mickelson - 3rd base, Nick Figueroa - reserve 1st baseman. "Diamond Strategy Discussion"; Bill Laughlin w/ limit of trout caught at Ashurst Lake. "Biting at Ashurst Too".
April 5, 1963
Won in a contest run by Chesebrough Pond. 3rd Place. Mrs. Margaret Parisher. "$1,000 Winner"; Williams-Grand Canyon Chamber of Commerce. L to R: Chamber Pres. Jim Pickens, Mrs. Margaret Wright - 10th Anniv. as sec., V.P. Doug Bard. "Head of Combined Chamber"; Williams-Grand Canyon Chamber of Commerce. L to R: Glen Irvin, Jack Verkamp, Sam McConnel, Lester Ruffner. "New Directors"; Standing: L to R: Cropped out, Mrs. Mary McKenzie - V.P., Mrs. Alice Wilson - Treas., Mrs. Grace Van Sickle - Corr. Sec., Mrs. LePrele Davis - Rec. Sec.. Seated: Mrs. Elynor Switzer - Pres.. "New Officers of Elk's Ladies Assoc."; Elk Ladies Assoc. L to R: Mrs. Irma Dearmen, Mrs. Kathryn Hulls, Mrs. Noreen Sutphen, Mrs. Larene Lockwood, Mrs. Katherine Shaw, Mrs. Opal Clark. "New Members".
April 6, 1963
Investigation into strange cloud over Flagstaff on Feb 28, 1963. Altitude estimated at 149,000 Ft. L to R: Jeff Cole - Phx., Dr. James E. McDonald - U of A Atmospheric Physicist, Mike Rohr - Chicago. In front of Taylor Hall. Students took photos of cloud. "Sighting in on a Cloud"; On roof to left of Dr. A.A. Scott - owner of House A 115 N. Leroux. Roof fire caused by spark from chimney. "Supervisory Effort"; Firefighters on Mars Hill above the Indian Dorm. "Close to Home"; Flag Junior High. L to R: Candy Low, Dolly Dallago. Both 14. "Junior High Fashion Show"; Flagstaff Hospital Auxiliary. Seated: L to R: Mrs. Elmer Hubbard Jr., Mrs. Jack Fine - co-chairs of event. Standing: Mrs. Tom Shuck, Mrs. F.E. Downum - Pres., Mrs. Richard McDonald, Mrs. David Smith - co-chairs Hospital Committee. "Turquoise Bridge".
April 8, 1963
"First Lady of Arizona" Contest for Territorial Centennial. Wife of a roughrider. Northern Arizona Entrant. "Mrs. Ethal F. Wallace"; For story on replanting 85,000 trees on Ft. Valley burn area, west of the Peaks. "Burn Area"; For story on replanting 85,000 trees on Ft. Valley burn area, west of the Peaks. "Planting Machine"; For story on replanting 85,000 trees on Ft. Valley burn area, west of the Peaks. "Assistant Timber Staff Man Leonard Dearborn"; New Officers. Standing: L to R: Mrs. Maxine Dokas - Sec., Mrs. Ruth Way - Pres., Mrs. Helen Choisser - Treas.. Seated: Mrs. Hulda Houser - Chaplain, Mrs. Louise Beamer - Sewing Chair, Mrs. Laura Vandevier - V.P.. "Daughters of the Nile"; ASC track and field vs Ft. Lewis A&M - Durango, Co.. Rusty Skinner - ASC. Clears 12 feet. "Fair Far Up"; ASC track and field vs. Ft. Lewis - Durango, Co.. ASC: George Williams - low hurdles. "Fair Fast Man".
April 9, 1963
Firemen fighting a sawdust fire at Old Saginaw-Manistee Lumber mill site. "Sawdust Trail"; Planning for movie "A Distant Trumpet". L to R: Chamber of Commerce Manager Mack Forrester, Russ Saunders - Warner Brothers Studio, Chamber of Commerce Pres. - Jim Potter. "Possible Movie Sites"; Flag High elections. Larry Wilson explaining voting machines. No other ID's.; Flag High Elections. Larry Cordova leaves voting machine.; Flag High Election. L to R: Ken Hammes - Sedona, Sandra Moore. Both ran for Student Body Pres.. Hammes won. They were waiting on results. "High School Election Proceedings"; PI chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa. See Ariz. Daily Sun, April 9, 1963 - P.8 for names. "New Chapter Instituted"; ASC Spring football drills. "Daily Session".
April 10, 1963
Sponsored by the American Legion. Seated: L to R: David Lloyd, Bob Bledsoe, Norman Killip. Standing: Harry Biller - Flagstaff Boys State Chair, Tom Harbottin, Ken Hammes, Allen Sinclair, Post Commander Earl Newman. "FHS Boys Staters"; At Fort Tuthill. L to R: Joe Arredondo - Pres. Coconino Athletic League, Robert Prochnow - County Park Board Chair, Richard Hulse - Board Member. "Recreation Field Planned"; Mrs. Annette Weigand - retiring PTA Pres. at Lura Kinsey presents lifetime certificate to school principal Hill Redman. "Lifetime PTA Membership"; Nat. Men's Educational Frat.. L to R: Ellery Gibson - ASC Faculty sponsor, Bill Williams - Flag - Rec. Sec., Thomas Sills - ASC - Pres., Dr. Howard C. Seymour - Superintendent of Phoenix Union High Schools - Guest Speaker, Lyle Mullens - ASC - Corr. Sec., Ken Harkey - Flag - Treas., Bill Lyons - ASC - V.P. "Phi Delta Kappa Officers"; Flag High baseball preparing for game w/ St. Mary's. L to R: outfielders - Sophomore Herb Gregg, Senior Silas Hill. "Talking it Over"; Front: L to R: Jay Langston, Lonnie Harkey, Bruce Whiting, Tom Goodman. Back: Harvey Mickelson, Howard Scott, Team Capt. Melvin Palmer, Mike Porter, Dennis Ence. "Flag LDS Volleyball Champs".
April 11, 1963
L to R: County Superintendent Mrs. Bessie Kidd Best, Mrs. Thelma Ryberg - Treas., Mrs. Marge Duval - Sec., Edward Goodman - Pres., Chester Kohn - V.P.. "New Kinsey PTA Staff"; Flag High. Front: Cheryl Saunders, Peggy Taylor. Back: Susie Priser, Janice Kennedy. "FHS Girls Staters"; 36 foreign students making 3rd Annual Grand Canyon Tour from West Coast. Stayed overnight in Flagstaff at homes of Flagstaff Rotary Club Members. No ID's. "Foreign Students Visit".
April 12, 1963
Standpipe located on N. 89 demonstrating pumping capacity. L to R: City Water Superintendent Herman Dunnham, City Clerk Harry L. Field Jr.. "New Standpipe"; At Flagstaff Community Hospital. A nursing refresher course. L to R: Mrs. Bertha Underwood, Mrs. Doris Bosse, Mrs. Beverly Biggins. "Nursing Course Candidates"; Donation from the Coconino duplicate Bridge Center. Painting by Mrs. Babbitt. L to R: Mrs. Joseph R. Babbitt Sr. - Center Director, Mrs. Venna Grasmoen - Pres. Gamma Phi Beta Alumni, Mrs. Orinn C. Compton - Alumni member. "Crippled Children's Rehabilitation Center"; Flag High Baseball vs. St. Mary's. James Dugan - FHS catcher hits one 525 ft. ground rule double. "Blast off!"; Flag High Baseball vs. St. Mary's. FHS Hank Zanzucchi slices ball into deep right for a triple. "Big Slice".
April 13, 1963
Experimental plant at Kaibab Lumber Mill in East Flag to make charcoal from Ponderosa Pine sawdust. Timer worker Alfred Casados shovels sawdust. "In Goes the Sawdust"; Selected by Eastern Star. In Winslow. L to R: Lucille Carpenter - Asst. Trust officer Valley National Bank - Flag. Presents Edith B. Goddard Memoral of $1,000 to Nancy Rice. Winslow Sophomore and Rainbow Girl. "Winslow $1,000 Award Winner".
April 15, 1963
At inauguration of New Navajo Tribal Chairman - Raymond Nakai at Window Rock. "Nakai Speaks Out"; Flagstaff Hospital Auxiliary. L to R: Mrs. Tom Shuck - Ways and Means Committee, Mrs. Elmer Hubbard Jr. - Party co-chair, Mrs. F.E. Downum - Auxiliary Pres.. "Turquoise Bridge"; Easter Sunday fire at Federated Church caused by a burglar trying to use cutting torch to get into safe. Damage to Rees Hall. City Firemen carry larder into Rees Hall Annex. "Coming In"; Easter Sunday break in at Federated Church. Fire caused by burglar who used a cutting torch to open office safe. Damage to Rees Hall. Unidentified member removing projector and screen. "And Going Out"; Epsilon Sigma Alpha National Sorority Anniv.. L to R: Mrs. John Armstrong - Pres. Elect of Gamma Beta Chapter, mayor Rollin Wheeler, Mrs. Kenneth Christensen - Pres. Elect Beta Kappa Chapter. "Marks 35th Anniversary".
April 16, 1963
Flagstaff door to door cancer drive - April 22. Seated: L to R: Mrs. Alta Wilhelm, Thomas O. McLaughlin, Executive and State Chair of Cancer Crusade - Phx., Mrs. Walter L. Edwards. Standing: Mrs. C.B. Wilson Sr., Carl Weiner - Local Drive Chair. All others from Flagstaff. "Cancer Crusade Plans"; L to R: Mrs. Tom E. Pollock - Co-chair of Coconino County Drive, M.C. "Mike" Purcell - Flagstaff Chair, Ernest Chilson - Co-chair of Northern Ariz. Drive, Tom E. Pollock - Co-chair Coconino Drive. "Prescott College Founding Committee"; New Holbrook Jail. Mayor William Smith. "Holbrook's Mayor Inspects"; New Holbrook Jail. One room detention cell behind Navajo County Jail is town jail. "Present Town Jail Facilities".
April 17, 1963
Relapse of winter. 6" snow. No ID. "End of Easter Vacation"; Seated: L to R: Ward Olson - Executive Assistant to commanding officer - Navajo Army previous hitDepot next hit, Civil Defense Director Cecil Matthews. Standing: Ken McLaughlin - VFW, Navy Recruiter Chief Signalman Al Linder, Assistant to Congressman George F. Genner Jr. - Carlos Ashby. "Armed Forces Day Planning"; Coconino County Boy's Club - Basement of Weatherford Hotel. L to R: Bernardo Gutierrez - Club Director, Herb Emblen - Club Pres., Ray Bogden - Los Angeles Pacific Region Boys Club Director, Officer Chuck Dawson - Club Director. "On-Site Inspection".
April 18, 1963
Indian National Institute of Education in New Delhi. At Flag Junior High. L to R: U.N. Wanchoo - Institute Curriculum Specialist, Charles McCormick - Science Teacher, Ed "Bud" McNamera - Asst. Principal, Dr. M.C. Pant - Field Advisor of the Institute, Dave Williams - Science Teacher. "Indian Educators at FJHS"; For National Secretaries Week. L to R: Sharrlon Runyon - ASC - Sec. to Executive Dean Virgil Gillenwater - Chair of Local Observance, Wanda Hull - ASC - Sec to industrial Arts Head Robert Turner. Also Pres. of local chapter of National Secretaries Assoc., Mayor Rollin Wheeler. "Take a Proclamation".
April 19, 1963
Wrote letter to Daily Sun after death of his only grandson. Baby was 10 months and had many health issues. Jack Hogencamp Sr. w/ Zippy.; Veterans of Foreign Wars. See Az. Daily Sun, April 19, 1963 - P.2 for names and posts. "New VFW Officers"; New Flagstaff Jaycees Pres. Everett Cleghorn. "Jaycees Elect".
April 20, 1963
Business and Professional Women's Club going to Yuma Convention. L to R: Kay Richey, Barbara Connelly, Zella Davis, Hazel Kalb, Dorothy Cowley. "Off to Yuma"; St. Pius Rosary Altar Society planning dinner at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. L to R: Mrs. Richard Breen - Ticket Chair, Mrs. Faustino Sandoval - Event co-chair. "Spanish Dinner".
April 22, 1963
Wooden House on George Babbitt Property. Condemned building on S. O'Leary. No ID's. "Who Dood It"; Ground breaking for Pentecostal Church of God in Christ. New building at 219 S. Verde. L to R: Mrs. C.J. "Hattie" Johnson, Mrs. Mabel Vincent. "'Mothers' of the Church"; Ground breaking for Pentecostal Church of God in Christ. New building at 219 S. Verde. No ID's. "...While the Choir Sang"; Ground breaking for Pentecostal Church of God in Christ. New building at 219 S. Verde. Only ID: Rev. J. McElroy. "...and the Minister Reads"; Gabaldon Family. Seated: Diana - 11, Theresa - 11. Standing: L to R: Tony Gabaldon, Head Librarian Pearl Rolley, Mrs. Gabaldon. "Library Family of the Year"; San Francisco Peaks Chapter of DeMolay. See Az. Daily Sun, April 22, 1963 - P.2 for names and positions. "New Demolay Officers"; Flag High Baseball vs. Sunnyslope. FHS pitcher Larry Wilson gets a hit. No other ID's. "Smash".
April 23, 1963
L to R: Mrs. Art Edmonson - Pres., Mrs. Robert S. Nauman - Treas, Mrs. James Duval - Sec., Chester Khan - V.P. of Kinsey PTA, County School Superintendent Bessie Kidd Best, Joe Sedgewick - V.P.. "PTA Council Officers"; Hospital Auxiliary Turquoise Bridge. Clockwise from Left: Mrs. Hugh Dierkner, Dr. Dierkner, Mrs. Wayne Ward, Dr. Ward. "Study Bridge Hands"; Marilyn Briel - Tall Pine Aggies 4-H club w/ her demonstration - Marshall School. "4-H Favorite Food Show".
April 24, 1963
Parent Teacher Student Assoc.. L to R: Mrs. Francis Roushe - Sec., Larry Kaney - V.P., Jay Hunt - Pres., Ruby Gracey - Treas.. "Flagstaff High PTSA"; L to R: Lauren Pitcher - ASC Business Manager and Sponsor of Kiwanis Club Circle K organization on campus, Eldon Porter - 1st V.P. of Flagstaff Kiwanis, Terry Fay - Yuma - Circle K Pres.. Group won Dean's Award for Highest Grades. "Kiwanis Award Winners"; Helping Boy Scouts. $100 check. L to R: Bill Delanie - Grand Canyon Council of Boy Scouts, Harry Biller - Flagstaff Kiwanis. "Proud Donor"; Winslow Water Dept. pipe fitters start installing lines for new store. L to R: John Estudillo, Isidro Valles. "New Safeway in Winslow"; L to R: Senior Board Member - Miss Lura Kinsey, Mrs. Russell Sweitzer - Sec., Arnold Bledsoe, Max Basemann - Chair, Mrs. Rollin W. Wheeler, Miss Regina Rousseau - Vice Chair, Mrs. Bessie Kidd Best. "Library Board of the Year"; Flag High Baseball - New $350 pitching machine. L to R: Coach Gil Corona, outfielders Hank Zanzucchi, Ernie Jauregi, infielder Bob Roberts. "Wow! Look at that Thing Go!".
April 25, 1963
Masonic Lodge Statewide Essay Contest. L to R: Seated: Jean Wong - Marshall, Laura Ann Coate, Christy Joseph - both Mt. Elden Elementary. Standing: Karen Carpenter, Melissa Cravens - both Flag Junior High, Jeanette Burton - Flag High. "Masonic State Essay Winners"; L to R: Sharon Taylor, Janet Turney, Debra Whiting. "LDS Dance Festival"; State Day Observance - ASC Campus. Delta Delta Delta. L to R: Seated: Alice Toko - Chair for ASC Phi Omicron Chapter, Mrs. Ted Waldrup - chair Alumnae chapter, Betty Burch - Pres. ASC Chapter. Standing: Mrs. Bill Pickett - Pres. Alumnae Chapter, Mrs. Jack Blanton - Member of Decorations Comm.. "To Mark 75th Anniversary"; Hunter Safety Class at Flag High. No ID's. "Hunter Safety Graduates".
April 26, 1963
Blasting for new overpass at Riordan on West 66. "Kaaaboom!"; Excavation for new overpass at Riordan on W.66. No ID. "Big Rock!"; Marshall School 6th Grade Choir - at Flag High Gym. "Grade School Choral Festival"; Flag High Junior Varsity baseball. Front: L to R: Mike Boyce, Mike LeBrun, David Cervantes. Back: Coach Bill Rauh, Dan Stockhaus, Bobby Crose, Leroy Chavez. "Eaglet Pitching Staff"; Both members of Northern Arizona Historical Society. Looking at artifacts at the Pioneer's Museum. L to R: Mrs. Stanley Sykes, W.H. Switzer Sr. - Her brother. "Pioneer's Meeting".
April 27, 1963
Part of multi vehicle accident on West Side of town. Icy Roads. Greyhound bus and Highway Patrol car. "Only Two of Six"; Seated: L to R: Mrs. Alpha P. Hammond - Home Service Rep. - Western Area - San Francisco, Mrs. Henry "Bernice" Giclas - Local Chair, Bob Buffard - Az. Field Rep. - Phx. Standing: Mrs. Dot Richey - Volunteer Field Rep. - Phx, Mrs. Daisy York - Winslow Board, Mrs. Thursa Webb - Winslow Exec. Sec., Mrs. Edna Foy - Winslow Home Service Chair, Guy Anderson - Prescott Dir.. "Red Cross Home Service"; Flagstaff VFW. L to R: Club Steward L.R. Harkey, Mayor Rollin Wheeler, Post Quartermaster Bill Johnson, Past State Commander Carlos Ashby. "Loyalty Day Proclamation"; School Officers. See Az. Daily Sun, April 27, 1963 - P.6 for names and positions. "...for Flagstaff Junior High"; School Officers. See Ariz. Daily Sun, April 27, 1963 - P.6 for names and positions. "...and for East Flag Junior High"; L to R: Deanna Tissaw, Chuck Rolle. "Flag High Prom King and Queen".
April 29, 1963
Jaycees donate $100 to Northern Arizona Rehabilitation Center. L to R: Mrs. Janet Kuhne - Center Dir., Jaycee Members Walt Thieme, Bob Shafer. "Gift from the Jaycees"; Graduates of Coconino Sportsmen Hunter Safety Course. L to R: Christine Cox, Polly Babbitt, Ron Selph, Philip Schutte. "Top Young Marksmen".
April 30, 1963
Elks Club sponsored "Youth Day". L to R: Mayor Rollin W. Wheeler, Youth Day Mayor Charles J. "Chuck" Rolle. "Flagstaff Mayor"; 6 new patrol cars brought from E.D. Babbitt Motor Co.. L to R: Manager James D. Babbitt, Sheriff Cecil Richardson, Sales Manager Carl Westervelt. "New Cars for Sheriff"; Safe Hunter shoot. Coconino Sportsmen at McCullough Rifle Range on Lake Mary Road. "Ready on Firing Range for Small Fry"; Coconino Sportsmen Hunter Safety Grads. McCullough Rifle Range on Lake Mary Road. "And Ready in the Spectator's Gallery"; Coconino Sportsmen Hunter Safety Grads. McCullough Rifle Range on Lake Mary Road. "Expert Levi Packard Tips Young Jerry Newman"; Coconino Sportsman Hunter Safety Grads. McCullough Rifle Range on Lake Mary Road. "Father Jack Prevey Helps Son Jeff"; Flag High Baseball vs. Cortez. L to R: #5 Flag pitcher Charles Trujillo, Flag 3rd baseman Weldon Mickelson, Cortez pitcher Tom Burgess. "Hot and Heavy".
May , 1963
The following days have no associated negatives; 5, 12, 19, 26.
May 1, 1963
American Junior Bowling Congress Clinic at Sky High Lanes. No ID's. "Toeing the Line"; American Junior Bowling Congress Clinic at Sky High Lanes. L to R: Mike Thieme, Mrs. Joe Brown. "Body English"; American Junior Bowling Clinic at Sky High Lanes. L to R: Mrs. Helen Sitterly, Gregg Findlay. "Hold it This Way"; American Junior Bowling Congress Clinic at Sky High Lanes. L to R: Kathy Young, Mrs. Marge Cameron, Joyce Cameron, Mrs. Ernest Jackson, Christine Cox, Mrs. Helen Sitterly. "Teens Take Over"; Elks Club "Youth Day". L to R: City Manager Dick Hulse, Councilmembers Dana Dean, Sandra Scott, Patricia Bramlett. Standing: Susan Schira, Sherry Bene. "Civil Leaders for a Day"; Elks Club "Youth Day" Event. L to R: Virginia Diehl, Charles Bryant, Acting City Fire Chief Jim Sansom. "Honor Students"; See Ariz. Daily Sun, May 1, 1963 - P.2 for names. "Boys Club Chapter Members"; Beta Sigma Phi. Seated: L to R: Mrs. Bea Evans - Xi Alpha Chap., Mrs. Ruth Briel - Xi Upsilon Chap.. Standing: Mrs. Connie Haines - Alpha Sigma Chap., Mrs. Sis Rawlinson - Alpha Upsilon Chap.. "Girls of the Year"; Seated: Mrs. W.P. Morse - Pres. Beta Sigma Phi City Council. Standing: L to R: Mrs. Wilford Killip - Pres. Alpha Alpha Chap., Mrs. Lawrence Rember - Pres. Alpha Sigma Chap., Mrs. Max Basemann - Pres. Ki Upsilon Chap., Mrs. Milton Evans - Pres. Xi Alpha Chap., Mrs. Fred Croxen - Pres. Alpha Upsilon Chap.. "Beta Sigma Phi Officers"; Founder's Day Dinner. L to R: Mrs. Viola Babbitt - Orig. Sponsor and International Honorary Member, Mrs. Beth Dennis - Life member, Mrs. Helen Householder - founded Beta Sigma Phi in Flag. "VIPs of Beta Sigma Phi"; L to R: Mrs. Jo Anne Osterberg - Rec. Sec., Mrs. Jan Miller - Treas., Mrs. W.P. Morse - Pres., Mrs. Sis Rawlinson - V.P.. "City Councilmembers of Beta Sigma Phi".
May 2, 1963
See Arizona Daily Sun, May 2, 1963 - P.10 for names. Flag High. "High School Prom Court"; At parish Hall - Church of the Epiphany. L to R: Miss Mary Minor, Mrs. Andrew T. Davis - both seated. Co-chairs of Decorations Committee. Standing: Miss Norma Blaser, Mrs. Joe K. Moore, Miss Deborah Hoyt, Miss Peggy Davis, Miss Christine Synerholm. "Will Serve Mayday Breakfast".
May 3, 1963
Public Finance Corp. 123 E. Aspen robbed of $900. Clerk Lavonne Baker. "Robbery Victim"; L to R: Clint Wager, Harry Bachstein - Both of radio station KJKJ, Mayor Rollin Wheeler reading proclamation. "National Radio Month"; Famed conductor Roger Wagner rehearsing the Northern Arizona Symphony for performance of the Verdi Requiem. "Wagner Rehearses".
May 4, 1963
Multi N. Ariz. Agency event. Safety consultant Thomas M. Fitzpatrick lecturing group. Held on ASC campus. "Safety Seminar"; Flag High Seniors. L to R: Claudia Bailey - Valedictorian, Richard Hulse - Salutatorian. "Top Graduates"; 5 year service awards. L to R: Street Repairman Ramon Peralta, Street Superintendent Leonard Hupplesheuser, "City Manager for the Day" Richard Hulse, Police Lt. Gene Slayton. "Service Awards"; Flagstaff Woodmen of the World, presented to 49'ers Fraternal and Savings. L to R: Richard Mayorla - WoW Sec., P.C. Montoya - 49'er trustee, Vincente Barberas - 49'er Pres., Roger Pena - WoW Commander. "Flag Presented"; Flag High Baseball - Seniors. Standing: L to R: Outfielder/pitcher - Silas Hill, 1st baseman - Chuck Rolle, pitcher - Charlie Trujillo. Kneeling: outfielder - David Cook, pitcher - Larry Wilson. "Final Eagle Appearance"; ASC Track and Field vs. Phoenix College. ASC shot putter Jim Oman. "Axer Effort".
May 6, 1963
$3,000 worth of glasses and repairs for 1,500 underprivileged children. L to R: Optometrist Dr. C. Tod Lawrence, Kent Albright - Morning Lions, Leonard Byrd - Evening Lions. "Sight Saving Program"; See AZ. Daily Sun May 6, 1963 - P.2 for names and positions. "New VFW Northern District Officers"; ASC Annual Intra-squad Game. Gold Squad: #42 Jim "Zoot" Sims. Blue Squad: #38 upside down fullback George Herman, #75 Linebacker Gary Campbell. "Zoot Scoots"; ASC Annual Intra-squad Game. #56 - Mike Groman, #20 - Craig Ballew, #74 - Owen Dejanovich, #34 - Edgar Hawkins, #26 - George Williams. "Touchdown in a Cloud of Dust"; ASC Intra-squad football game. No ID's. "Action All Over"; Flag High Baseball vs. Prescott. Only ID - batter Chuck Rolle. ""; ASC Rodeo. L to R: Attendant Vickie Beaver - Camp Verde, Queen Toni Young - Las Vegas, NV, Attendant Dolly Moore - Leupp. "With Pretty Girls"; ASC Rodeo. No ID. "...Bearded Men"; ASC Rodeo. No ID. "...And Action"; Boys Club in basement of Weatherford. Club Pres. Herb Emblen w/ prospective. Had just opened. "At the New Boys Club"; Opening of new Boys Club in basement of the Weatherford. No ID's. "And Everyone Had Fun!"; Opening of Boys Club in basement of Weatherford. No ID's.
May 7, 1963
Looking map of clinic locations at Emerson School. L to R: Charles Cox, Principal George Murray, Kathleen Jones. "Mother's Day Anti-polio Plans"; State PTA. L to R: Regional V.P. Mrs. R.P. Kelly w/ husband. "New Veep"; State PTA - Williams sold most PTA subscriptions. L to R: Ernest McCrary - Williams PTA, Mrs. Rosemary Reay - Presenting plaque. "Top Salesman"; See Az. Daily Sun, May 7, 1963 - P.6 for names and posts. "New VFW Northern District Officers".
May 8, 1963
At Coconino Humane Society Shelter. L to R: Kenny Meyers, Mickey the Goat, Jinx the Monkey, Mrs. Jack Hogencamp. "New Zoo"; At final concert of season for Northern Arizona Symphony. L to R: Mrs. Tome Pollock - Pres. of Symphony Assoc., Dr. Eldon A. Ardrey - Head of ASC Arts Div.. "Symphony Honorees".
May 9, 1963
Local merchants and Chamber of Commerce. Effort to stop shoplifting. No ID. "Eye on the Aisle"; Flag High Track and Field. L to R: Coach John Ply, shot putter Bob Young. "Off to State".
May 10, 1963
Seatbelt drive sponsored by Shamrock Gas. At Gale's Shamrock. L to R: Jim Gale Jr., Larry Wolf - Installing seatbelts. "Safety Drive"; Junior Chamber of Commerce. Seated: L to R: Maurice Holthaus - Sec., Everett Cleghorn - Pres., Walt Thieme - 2nd V.P., No ID. Standing: Muland Wikert - Treas., Doug Bledsoe, Don Nichols - Both Directors. "New Jaycee Officers"; Undefeated Flag High Junior Varsity baseball team. No ID's. "The Champs".
May 11, 1963
National Archery Assoc. Champion, National Indoor Champ. Preparing for qualifying shoot in Chicago for World Championships in Finland. Charlie Sandlin - Flagstaff. "Archery Champion"; Promotion for Sabin Type III Polio Vaccine. He has cup to show he's ready to take the oral dose. L to R: Mrs. David Clark w/ son Paul Clark - 7. "Polio Free Day for Mom"; Girl Scout Troop 799 cleaning up Ft. Valley Rd.. L to R: Polly Pederson, Virginia Rember, Lillie Ann Shrigley. "Clean Up Week".
May 13, 1963
Junior Chamber of Commerce. L to R: Mrs. Murland Wikert - Sec., Mrs. Everett Cleghorn - Pres., Mrs. David Pulsifer - V.P., Mrs. Robert Snyder - Treas.. "Jaycee-ettes New Officers"; State Nurses Assoc. Dist. Officers. L to R: Seated: Kay Mardon - Sec., Elaine Olszewski - Pres., Mrs. Anne Tinsley - Guest Speaker. Standing: Katherine Dix - V.P., Beverly Bissins - Program Chair. "Nurses of Dist. 8"; Postmasters Meeting. L to R: Lamar Brewton - Globe, Mrs. Mary Ferguson - Winslow, Don Smith - Kingman, Henry Worischeck - Flagstaff, Ernest Hewlett - Holbrook, Cathryn Pulsife - Page. "Postal Labor Relations Conference"; ASC baseball vs. Nevada Southern. #27 ASC 3rd baseman Ed Lewis. No other ID's. "Fine Finale Form".
May 14, 1963
1963 - ASC Baseball Team. Man in center of front row in plain uniform is Coach Aaron McCreary - Retiring after 43 years of coaching. "Last of a Line"; Police Chief William Epperson. 17 years on the Job. "Retiring"; Nominees for Daily Sun Outstanding Senior Athlete of Northern Ariz. Award. L to R: Bob Young, Charles Trujillo. "FHS Nominees"; Flag High Eagle Band. L to R: Director John Hoffman, Marsha Tyrell - Jr. High Band, Harvey Mickelson - Eagle Band. "Band Festival Plans"; L to R: Marilynn Meister - Chaplain, Patti Boyd - Faith, Doris Thralkill - Hope, Sheri Harris - Outgoing Worthy Advisor, Sherry Bene - Worthy Advisor, Pat Dunham - Worthy Associate Advisor, Crissy Arntsen - Drill Leader, Marilyn Sands - Charity. "Rainbow Girls Installation"; Lacrosse Game U of A - Dark Jersey, vs. Univ. of Utah. Played on Lumberjack Field. "What is it?".
May 15, 1963
No ID. Working on installation of Ferris wheel for Sebrand Circus. "Patterns"; Fraternal Order of Police. Police Week Proclamation. Seated: Mayor Rollin Wheeler. L to R: Dick Branham - Flag Police - FOP Chaplin, George B. McGregor - Az. Highway Patrol, Bill Brady - State Parole Officer - FOP Pres., Bob Russell - County Sheriff's Office - FOP V.P., Capt. Elmo Maxwell - Flag Police. "Sign It! Now!!"; Building home for Citizen's Cemetery caretaker. L to R: City Engineer Ralph Barney, City Cemetery Commission Chair - E.G. "Doc" Williams, Superintendent of Public Works - Art Kennedy. "Cemetery House"; Daily Sun Outstanding Senior Athlete of Northern Az. Award. L to R: News Editor Jim Larimore, High School Sports Editor Paul Switzer. "Athletic Award".
May 16, 1963
Aerialist w/ Sebrand Bros. Circus - Germaine Corbino. Caught herself after a piece of rigging failed, averting a 45 foot fall. "Going Up Again"; Northern Ariz. Dental Assistant's Soc.. L to R: Larona Cop - Sec./Treas., Edith Conley - Pres., Shirly Goodman - V.P.. "New Officers"; Visit sponsored by Kiwanis. L to R: Tami Flournoy - 2, "Aunt Jemima", Kelly Riordan - 9 months. "Pancake Queen"; New Officers of Flagstaff Women's Club. L to R: Mrs. Philip C. Hart - Rec. Sec., Mrs. Cecil Matthews - Corr. Sec., Mrs. Walter Runke Sr. - Treas., Mrs. E.E. Johnson - 2nd V.P., Mrs. J.H. Winsor - Pres., Mrs. R. Gilbert Harmon - 1st V.P., Mrs. Win R. Hensley - Past Pres., Past Northern Dist. Pres. - Installing Officer. "Women's Club Installation"; Brownie Troop 33 move up to Girl Scouts - Troop 1001. L to R: Susan Plinj, Jean Ann Harper, Sheri Dees, Lyndella DeMiguel, Laura Hutchison, Debbie Lockwood, Janice Seidel, Troop 1001 Leader - Mrs. Margaret Gates. "New Girl Scouts"; New Officers. L to R: Mrs. Evelyn Turk - 3rd V.P., Dr. Vannett Kell - 1st V.P., Mrs. Mary Lou Torgerson - Pres., Mrs. Irene Dutton - Treas., Mrs. Nancy Banks - Corr. Sec., Mrs. Kay Ritchey - Rec. Sec.. "Business and Professional Women's Club".
May 17, 1963
Az. Daily Sun Outstanding Senior Athlete of Northern Arizona. L to R: Coach John Ply, Charles Trujillo. "The Winner"; Her horse won top honors at Indian Horse Spring Show in Glendale. Mrs. D.W. Craig - Winslow. "Blue Ribbon Horse"; Frank Rossman w/ 27", 8 1/4 pound rainbow trout caught at Lake Mary. "Wow!"; American Legion Baseball. Standing: L to R: Pitchers: Charlie Trujillo, Larry Wilson. Kneeling: Fielders: Frank Zanzucchi, Teenie Martinez. "Legion Diamond Aces".
May 18, 1963
Northern Ariz. Dental Assistant's Soc.. Back: L to R: Dr. Leo Waldhaus, Dr. John Yockey, Dr. Peter J. Lindemann. Front: Fidella Fajardo - Exec. Board, Marion Denny - outgoing sec./treas., Tillie Gomez, State Director and Past Northern Dist. Pres.. "Board of Directors"; Looking for site for Goodwill Branch in City. Site Committee. L to R: Front: Leonard Krahl - Goodwill - Phx., Robert Ingersoll, Fern Chiapetti. Back: Robert Nauman, Russell Franz. "Goodwill Study"; Rotary Dist. 549 Assembly. Presidents L to R: William "Gene" Ash - Sedona, James Curtis - Winslow, Robert Pearson - Williams, Richard Hulse - Flag, District Governor Orrin Crandell - Bisbee, New Dist. Gov. Jerry Chilton - Superior. "Top District Rotary Officers"; Flag High. L to R: Harvey Mickelson - Best All Around boy musician, Herbie Gregg - Sophomore of the Year. "FHS Honorees"; Flag High. L to R: Larry Wilson - Athletic-Scholastic Award, Sandra Scott - Best Girl Thespian, Best All Around Girl Musician, Babe Ruth Award. Mel Palmer - Outstanding member of FHS Choir, Babe Ruth Award. "More FHS Honorees".
May 20, 1963
Pancake Flipping Contest. She won a trip to Disneyland. L to R: Kiwanis Club Pres. Harry Biller, Mrs. Susan Bagwell, Aunt Jemima. "Wow!"; Navajo Army previous hitDepot next hit - Open House. L to R: NAD Executive Ward Olson, Mrs. Orsino, Commanding Officer Col. Guy A. Orsino, U.S. Representative George Senner.; At Democratic Testimonial Dinner. L to R: Robert Evans - Sec. of State AFL - C10, Pauline Wilson - State Democratic Vice Chair, U.S. Rep. George Senner, Navajo Tribal Chairman Raymond Nakai, Mrs. Nakai, Sam Goddard. "Congrats"; Flag Junior High. L to R: Principal Don Clark, Dennis J. Olesniewicz - Salutatorian, Brenda Lee Brechan - Valedictorian. "FJHS Honor Grads"; New City Clerk. "Leland C. McPherson"; New officers. Seated: L to R: Mrs. Ray Christensen - Pres., Mrs. W.J. Roepke - 1st V.P.. Standing: Mrs. W. Dale Jamison - 2nd V.P., Mrs. John Lindquist - Corr. Sec., Mrs. Ray Hagelberg - Treas.. "Junior Women's Club"; Flagstaff Junior Women's Club. L to R: Cropped out in publication, Mrs. William E. "Janice" Zeller. "Woman of the Year"; Pilot Club International. L to R: New Members: Mrs. Hilda Tourea and Mrs. Katherine Dix, outgoing pres. Mrs. Merrilyn Fish. "Greetings"; Tuba City track team at Kiwanis Track Meet at ASC. L to R: Harry Biller - Flag Kiwanis, Eddie Martin, Jimme Littlesinger, with trophy - Ronnie Honyumtewa, Mike Daniels, Danny Teasyatuh, Meet Chair - Bill McCormick. "Kiwanis Track Champs".
May 21, 1963
New Daily Sun Business Manager. "Leighton P. Wood"; New Chamber of Commerce Grand Stand. L to R: Chamber Pres Jim Potter, Manager - Mack Forrester. "Workmen"; Kiwanis Annual Track Meet. No ID's.; Kiwanis Annual Track Meet. No ID's; Kiwanis Annual Track Meet. No ID's; Opening Ceremonies for the Mount Elden Little League. Yankees vs. Redlegs. "Play Ball"; Gov. Paul Fannin at Podium. 150,000 dollar U.S. Forest Service Experimental Lab on ASC Campus. "Forestry Lab Dedication"; Executive Session. L to R: John Babbitt - Flag, Arthur Schellenberg - Phx, Leon Levy - Tuc., Chair Elwood Bradford - Yuma, George Chambers - Tuc., O.D. Miller. "Regents at ASC"; From Flag National Guard Unit NCO Club - Dimas pres. $65 check. L to R: Sgt. Laurence Dimas, Coconino Boys Club Pres. H.B. "Herb" Emblen. "Helping Hand for Boys Club"; Flagstaff Unitarian Fellowship project. L to R: Mrs. David Worley, Mrs. F.W. Jerse. "Clothes for Welfare"; Kiwanis Help Flagstaff Little League. L to R: League sec. Dorothy Adams, Harry Biller - Flagstaff Kiwanis. "Boost for Little League".
May 22, 1963
Promoting ringing bells at 11A on July 4. Liberty Bell Banks. L to R: Rep. George F. Senner, Inez Dutton. "Ring the Bells for Freedom"; First Production of Winslow Desert Playmakers in Winslow. L to R: Oliver Robinson, Mrs. Naomi Robinson. "'Petticoat Fever'"; Seated: L to R: Mrs. Joe Padilla - Pres., Mrs. Charles Hilbers - Sec.. Standing: Mrs. Robert C. Smith - Treas., Mrs. Robert G. Flamme - V.P.. "Mt. Elden PTA New Officers".
May 23, 1963
Buffalo Park Fundraiser. $100 memberships. L to R: Lawson Day - Flag Roller Rink, Robert Prochnow - Pres. Buffalo Park Comm., James Darum - Flagstaff Beauty College. "First Park Members"; Ponderosa Chap. National Secretaries Assoc. 4th Anniv.. L to R: Beverly Cranford, Lucille Michael - Both Past Pres., outgoing pres. Wanda Hull, Pres. Mary Lue Sanderson. "Secretarial Officers".
May 24, 1963
Flag Jaycee Certificate presentations at Flag High for 28 straight A students, 130 Honor Roll Students. L to R: Jaycee Pres. Everett K. Cleghorn, Jaycee Dean Schroader. "Scholars Honored"; LDS Dance recital at Flagstaff Stake House. Janice Whiting - 7. "Dance Recital".
May 25, 1963
At Flag Library. L to R: Circulation Librarian Mrs. A.D. Cummings, Mike Yard. "Library Card, Number 13,000"; Ponderosa Chapter - National Secretaries Assoc.. L to R: Mrs. Sharalon Runyon - Corr. Sec., Mrs. Sally Coddington - Rec. Sec., Mrs. Mary Lue Sanderson - Pres., Mrs. Sarah Leadbetter - V.P., Mrs. Virginia Alvord - Treas.. "National Secretaries"; Alpha Sigma chapter - Beta Sigma Phi. $50 check to Flagstaff Rehabilitation Center at Flagstaff High. L to R: Mrs. L.A. Rember - Ball Chair, Mrs. Jim Hoffman - Sorority Treas.. "Yellow Rose Ball"; Winslow Sealcoating streets. No ID's. "Winslow Street Work".
May 27, 1963
Flag High Graduating Class of 1963. "Senior Sermon Scene"; American Coordinating Council on Political Education. L to R: Robert Bracamonte - Past. Pres. Award, Sgt. Lorenzo Dimas - Nat. Guard NCO Club - Group Civic Service Award, Mrs. Pauline Sanchez - Special Award, Charles Trujillo - Scholarship Winner, Mrs. Esther Florez - Individual Civic Service Award, Albert Martinez - Scholarship Winner, Louis Chacon - Outstanding Citizen Award. "ACCPE Winners"; Veterans of Foreign Wars. See Az. Daily Sun, May 27, 1963 - P.2, for names and positions. "New VFW Post Officers"; Northern Arizona Baseball League. Flagstaff Leadbetter Aztec Team. L to R: Pitcher Grady Burrell, Mngr. Adrian Garcia. "Pair of Aces"; Grand Canyon Little League - Field West of Guadalupe School. "Triple Header Opener".
May 28, 1963
McCormick and Sons House Movers. Moving house from N. Beaver St. to East Flagstaff. "Lifting Wires"; Veterans of Foreign Wars. See AZ Daily Sun, May 28, 1963 - P.3 for names and positions. "VFW Auxiliary Installs Staff"; Flag High. See Ariz. Daily Sun, May 28, 1963 - P.6 for names. "Flagstaff Honors Graduates"; Flag High. See Ariz. Daily Sun, May 28, 1963 - P.6 for names. "Flagstaff High Graduates"; Flag High. See Arizona Daily Sun, May 28, 1963 - P.6 for names. "More Flagstaff Graduates"; Flag High. See Arizona Daily Sun, May 28, 1963 - P.7 for names. "Still More Flagstaff Graduates"; Flag High. See Arizona Daily Sun, May 28, 1963 - P.7 for names. "Another Flagstaff Group"; Flag High. See Arizona Daily Sun, May 28, 1963 - P.7 for names. "And More Flagstaff Graduates"; Graduating. L to R: DeAnn Tissaw - Senator, Carol Brechan - Senator, Karen Smith - Pres., Sherri Harris - Senator, John Waits - Senator. "Flagstaff High School Officers"; Flag High Letterman's Club benefit raffle. L to R: Charlie Trujillo, Bob Young. "Boys Club Benefit".
May 29, 1963
Flag Junior Graduation. "The Big Day"; Boys Club Director. "Don Wood"; Flag High Teachers Retire w/ a total of 66 years' service. L to R: Dwight Pullen - Math and Sciences, Olive McNerney - Latin and Spanish. "Teachers Retire"; Northern Arizona Baseball League. Leadbetter Aztecs. L to R: Grady Burrell, Albert Hammond, Jim Wilson. "Aztec Power".
May 30, 1963
Flagstaff High School Graduating Class of 1963. "248 Degrees"; 1963 Flag High Graduation. L to R: Mary Edna Burnham, Asst. School Superintendent Wilford F. Killip. "Graduation Night"; Rosemary Allen - 8. Grave of Former City Mayor and WWI Veteran, Harold S. Sykes. Citizens Cemetery. "Lest We Forget"; FHS Band Director John Hoffman conducts tryouts w/ his students for the Flagstaff Civic Band. It would do Summer Concerts on the new Chamber of Commerce Bandstand. "Civic Band"; Beta Sigma Phi - Nu Phi Mu Initiates and Officers. See Ariz. Daily Sun, May 30, 1963 - P.10 for names. "Beta Sigma Phi Initiation"; Daily Sun Outstanding Northern Ariz. Senior Athlete. L to R: Chuck Rolle - 4th Place, Charles Trujillo - 1st Place, Student Body Pres. Ken Hammes w/ travelling trophy. "Daily Sun Awards".
May 31, 1963
Fire on S. San Francisco and Clay that spread to 4 structures. "Onlookers"; Fire on S. San Francisco and Clay that spread to 4 structures. "Fire Spread to Roof of El Rancho Grande Tavern"; Fire on S. San Francisco near Clay that spread to 4 structures. "Fire Spreads to Shell Bulk Plant"; L to R: Pete Delmonico - Pres. Coconino Motors. Gives keys to 1956 Sedan to Club Pres. Russell Turner. "Evening Lions Auction"; Flag Junior High Awards Citizenship medals. L to R: Christine Cox, Steve Applegate. "Pretty Nice, Huh"; Memorial Day Observance at Citizens Cemetery. No ID's.; Legion Baseball - Flagstaff Tissaw Team. Kneeling: Catcher James Dugan. Standing: L to R: Nick Figueroa - 1st base, Herbie Gregg. "Flag Legion Team"; Joe D. Tissaw Memorial Award at Flag High. 1st presentation. For 9th grade boys. L to R: his son - Joe Tissaw III, Alvin Hickman. "Tissaw Memorial Award".
June , 1963
The following days have no associated negatives; 2, 9, 16, 23, 30.
June 1, 1963
Retiring Flag High Math and Science Teacher. 27 years. Director of Instruction, School Principal during WWII. "Dwight Pullen"; Retiring Flag High Spanish and Latin Teacher. Miss Olive