Lowell and Nancy Swortzell Theatre Arts Collection 1805, 1903, 1912-2011

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Container List
Series I: Lowell's Personal Papers
Sub-Series A: Biographical (Boxes 1-5)
Sub-Series B: Education (Boxes 6-10)
Sub-Series C: Teaching (Box 11)
Sub-Series D: Annual Professional Activities Reports (Box 12)
Sub-Series E: Conferences (Boxes 13-17)
Sub-Series F: Notes (Boxes 18-19)
Sub-Series G: Books with Annotations (Boxes 20-26)
Sub-Series H: Playscripts with Production Notes (Boxes 27-29)
Sub-Series I: Photographs (Boxes 30-31)
Sub-Series J: Scrapbook (Box 32)
Series II: Lowell's Writings
Sub-Series A: Articles, Chapters, Speeches and Papers (Boxes 33-37)
Sub-Series B: Plays – alphabetical (Boxes 38-57)
Sub-Series C: Books – alphabetical (Boxes 58-93)
Series III: Nancy's Personal Papers
Sub-Series A: Biographical (Boxes 94-96)
Sub-Series B: Education (Boxes 97-98)
Sub-Series C: Teaching (Box 99)
Sub-Series D: Annual Professional Activities Reports (Box 100)
Sub-Series E: Conferences (Box 101)
Sub-Series F: Writings (Boxes 102-103)
Sub-Series G: Plays Directed by Nancy (Boxes 104-109)
Sub-Series H: Books with Annotations (Boxes 110-113)
Sub-Series I: Photographs (Boxes 114-115)
Sub-Series J: Scrapbook (Box 116)
Series IV: Swortzell Duo Personal Papers
Sub-Series A: Biographical (Boxes 117-120)
Sub-Series B: Writings (Boxes 121-122)
Sub-Series C: Conferences (Boxes 123-130)
Sub-Series D: Lowell's plays Directed by Nancy (Boxes 131-133)
Sub-Series E: Books with Annotations (Boxes 134-136)
Sub-Series F: Photographs (Boxes 137-142)
Sub-Series G: Scrapbooks (Boxes 143-149)
Sub-Series H: Moving Images (Box 150)
Series V: Correspondence
Sub-Series A: Correspondence to Swortzells (Boxes 151-156)
Sub-Series B: Correspondence between Lowell and Nancy (Box 157)
Sub-Series C: Correspondence between Nancy and Lowell and Lowell's Mother (Box 158)
Sub-Series D: Correspondence between the Swortzells and Notable People (Box 159)
Sub-Series E: Condolence Notes (Boxes 160-161)
Series VI: Educational Theatre Program, New York University
Sub-Series A: Program History (Boxes 162-164)
Sub-Series B: Newsletters (Box 165)
Sub-Series C: Alumni (Box 166)
Sub-Series D: Administrative Files (Boxes 167-169)
Sub-Series E: Productions (Boxes 170-171)
Sub-Series F: Teacher Resource Guides (Boxes 172-173)
Sub-Series G: New Plays for Young Audiences (Boxes 174-188)
Sub-Series H: Creative Arts Team (CAT) (Boxes 189-190)
Sub-Series I: Study Abroad (Boxes 191-207)
Sub-Series J: New York University Course Catalogs (Box 208)
Sub-Series K: Curriculum Development (Boxes 209-210)
Sub-Series L: PhD Program (Boxes 211-212)
Sub-Series M: Classes taught by Lowell – (Boxes 213-229)
Sub-Series N: Classes taught by Nancy – (Boxes 230-236)
Sub-Series O: Classes Taught by either Lowell or Nancy – (Boxes 237-244)
Sub-Series P: Other Faculty Members (Box 245)
Sub-Series Q: Classes Taught by Other Faculty Members (Box 246)
Sub-Series R: Photographs (Boxes 247-254)
Sub-Series S: Moving Images (Boxes 255-257)
Series VII: Resource Materials
Sub-Series A: Adult Theatre Articles (Box 258)
Sub-Series B: Adult Theatre American Companies (Box 259)
Sub-Series C: Adult Theatre Foreign Companies (Box 260)
Sub-Series D: Adult Theatre Personalities (Boxes 261-262)
Sub-Series E: Adult Theatre Plays by title (Boxes 263-264)
Sub-Series F: Adult Theatre Playscripts (Box 265)
Sub-Series G: Adult Theatre by Subject (Box 266)
Sub-Series H: American Universities (Box 267)
Sub-Series I: Foreign Universities (Box 268)
Sub-Series J: Moving Images (Boxes 269-274)
Sub-Series K: Non-Theatrical (Box 275)
Sub-Series L: Photographs (Box 276)
Sub-Series M: Posters (Map Case Drawer 33)
Sub-Series N: Theatre Organizations (Box 277)
Sub-Series O: Travel Ephemera (Box 278)
Sub-Series P: TYA Articles (Boxes 279-281)
Sub-Series Q: TYA American Companies (Boxes 282-284)
Sub-Series R: TYA by Country (Boxes 285-286)
Sub-Series S: TYA by Subject (Boxes 287-288)
Sub-Series T: TYA Educational Programs (Box 289)
Sub-Series U: TYA Foreign Companies (Boxes 290-291)
Sub-Series V: TYA Personalities (Boxes 292-293)
Sub-Series W: TYA Plays, by title (Boxes 294-295)
Sub-Series X: TYA Playscripts (Boxes 296-297)
Sub-Series Y: TYA Publishers (Box 298)
Sub-Series Z: TYA T.I.E. (Box 299)
Series VIII: Programs
Sub-Series A: American Theatre Programs (Boxes 300-317)
Sub-Series B: British Theatre Programs (Boxes 318-327)
Sub-Series C: Dance Programs (Box 328)
Sub-Series D: Foreign Theatre Programs (Box 329)
Sub-Series E: Opera Programs (Boxes 330-333)
Sub-Series F: Souvenir Programs (Box 334)
Sub-Series G: Theatre for Young Audiences Programs (Boxes 335-337)
Series IX: Sound Recordings
Sub-Series A: Audio Cassettes (Boxes 338-339)
Sub-Series B: Audio Reel to Reel (Boxes 340-341)
Sub-Series C: Compact Discs (Box 342)
Sub-Series D: Phonograph Records (Boxes 343-362)
Series X: Oversized (Boxes 363-379)
Sub-Series A: Lowell Biographical (Boxes 363-364)
Sub-Series B: Lowell's Plays (Boxes 365-366)
Sub-Series C: Lowell's Books (Boxes 367-369)
Sub-Series D: Nancy Biographical (Boxes 370-371)
Sub-Series E: Swortzell Duo Biographical (Map Case Drawer 33)
Sub-Series F: Swortzell Duo Classes (Box 372)
Sub-Series G: Educational Theatre Program, New York University (Boxes 373-378 and Map Case Drawer 32)
Sub-Series H: Photographs (Box 379)
Series XI: Restricted