John J. Rhodes Minority Leader Papers 1968-1980

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Series I: General Files
Sub-Series A: Trips
Sub-Series B: Speeches
Sub-Series C: Issues
Sub-Series D: Nixon
Sub-Series E: Articles
Sub-Series F: 93rd Congress
Sub-Series G: Departments
Sub-Series H: Independent Agencies
Sub-Series I: Boards and Commissions
Sub-Series J: Executive and Legislative
Sub-Series K: General
Sub-Series L: Engagements
Sub-Series M: Bicentennial
Sub-Series N: Political
Sub-Series O: Committees
Sub-Series P: Independent Agencies (Government)
Sub-Series Q: Independent Agencies (Non-Government)
Sub-Series R: Executive
Sub-Series S: Personnel
Sub-Series T: District Office
Sub-Series U: Miscellaneous
Sub-Series V: 1978 Congressional Campaign
Sub-Series W: President Ford Tribute
Sub-Series X: Fundraisers
Sub-Series Y: Minority Leader
Sub-Series Z: Inauguration
Sub-Series AA: House Committees
Sub-Series BB: Organizations (Non-Government)
Sub-Series CC: Recommendations
Sub-Series DD: Professionals: Job Seekers
Sub-Series EE: Minority Personnel
Sub-Series FF: Legislative
Sub-Series GG: Standing Committees
Sub-Series HH: Select and Ad Hoc Committees
Sub-Series II: Joint Committees
Sub-Series JJ: General Acknowledgements
Sub-Series KK: Intern Program
Sub-Series LL: Fellowships
Sub-Series MM: Joint Leadership
Sub-Series NN: Member Lists
Sub-Series OO: Committee on Committees
Sub-Series PP: Organization (96th Congress)
Sub-Series QQ: Committee on Committees (95th Congress)
Sub-Series RR: Organization (95th Congress)
Sub-Series SS: Transition Notebooks, 1976 November
Sub-Series TT: Briefing Handbooks
Sub-Series UU: Briefing Notes
Sub-Series VV: Alphabetical Blues [Outgoing Correspondence]
Sub-Series WW: USS Phoenix
Sub-Series XX: Watergate
Sub-Series YY: Political Appointments
Sub-Series ZZ: Alphabetical Pinks
Series II: Legislative Committees
Sub-Series A: House Parliamentary Summary
Sub-Series B: Whip Polls
Sub-Series C: Issues
Sub-Series D: White House Press Releases
Sub-Series E: Legislative Committees
Sub-Series F: Republican Legislative Task Force
Sub-Series G: White House Office of Management and Budget Positions
Sub-Series H: Whip Notice/Floor Schedules
Sub-Series I: Republican Files
Sub-Series J: White House Releases
Sub-Series K: White House Messages
Sub-Series L: Legislative Bills
Sub-Series M: Legislative Bills: JJR Bills
Sub-Series N: Floor Summary
Sub-Series O: Legislative Alert
Sub-Series P: House Office Building Commission
Sub-Series Q: Legislative Agenda
Sub-Series R: Task Force
Sub-Series S: Congressional Record Inserts
Sub-Series T: Minority Leader
Sub-Series U: Manual on Legislative Procedure in the US House of Representatives
Sub-Series V: Miscellaneous Minority Leader Files
Sub-Series W: Appointments
Sub-Series X: Minority Staff
Sub-Series Y: Budget Files
Sub-Series Z: Republican National Conventions