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Preliminary Inventory of the Arizona Common Cause Records 1962-1996


Overview of the Collection

Creator: Arizona Common Cause
Title: Preliminary Inventory of the Arizona Common Cause Records
Inclusive Dates: 1962-1996
Quantity: 18 Boxes (25.0 Linear Feet)
Abstract:This collection houses ballot proposition files, news clippings, Common Cause litigation files, voter registration materials, strategic plans, administration files, subject files, and other materials documenting Arizona Common Cause's activities between 1962 and 1996. This collection has not been processed in full and can be viewed only by appointment. Contact Archives and Special Collections for more information.
Identification: 1996-01646A
Language: Material in English
Repository: Arizona State University Library. Greater Arizona Collection
P.O. Box 871006
Tempe, AZ 85287-1006
Phone: (480) 965-4932
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Historical Note

Arizona Common Cause is the state chapter of a nation-wide citizens' lobby, or political advocacy group, which was founded in 1970. The earliest records of the Arizona chapter date from 1972.

The purpose of Common Cause is to sustain democratic processes and ensure integrity in each echelon of American government by lobbying congressmen, legislators, councilmen and executives to implement laws or policies that require open meetings, public financing of political campaigns, public revelation of private campaign funding sources, registration of lobbyists, and elimination of conflicts of interest. Their attention, however, extends to government programs as well as processes. They have campaigned in the areas of environmental quality, health care, energy, water supplies, and military affairs.

The work of Common Cause is on-going. Recent projects include the reform of campaign financing via limitations on contributions by political action committees, a national congressional candidate fund, term limitations for elected officials, balancing the federal budget, and reorganizing the nation's health care system.

Scope and Content Note

This collection houses ballot proposition files, news clippings, Common Cause litigation files, voter registration materials, strategic plans, administration files, subject files, and other materials documenting Arizona Common Cause's activities between 1962 and 1996. This collection has not been processed in full and can be viewed only by appointment. Contact Archives and Special Collections for more information.


This collection consists of eighteen boxes divided into three series:
Series I: Accession #1996-01646A
Series II: Accession #1996-01646B
Series III: Accession #1997-01808


Access Restrictions

To view this collection, make an appointment at least five business days prior to your visit by contacting Ask an Archivist or calling (480) 965-4932. Appointments in the Wurzburger Reading Room at Hayden Library (rm. 138) on the Tempe campus are available Monday through Friday. Check the ASU Library Hours page for current availability.


The Arizona Board of Regents retains copyright to this collection for and on behalf of the Arizona State University Library. Requests to publish, display, or redistribute information from this collection must be submitted via our online application.

Related Material

Processed Arizona Common Cause records are available in MSS-135: Arizona Common Cause Records.

Access Terms

Corporate Name(s)
Arizona Common Cause.

Air Quality -- Law and legislation -- Arizona.
Campaign funds -- Law and legislation -- United States.
Energy conservation -- Law and legislation -- Arizona.
Hazardous Wastes -- Law and legislation -- Arizona.
Political ethics -- United States.
Water -- Pollution -- Law and legislation -- Arizona.
Water supply -- Law and legislation -- Arizona.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Arizona Common Cause Records, [Accession Number], Arizona State University Library.


Arizona Common Cause donated these records to Archives and Special Collections in 1996 and 1997.

Container List

Series I: Accession #1996-01646A
1-4 Arizona Common Cause Records, 1975-1994
Includes ballot proposition files, Common Cause litigation files, voter registration materials, strategic plans, and Tucson public finance materials.
Series II: Accession #1996-01646B
1-4 Arizona Common Cause Records, 1993-1994
Includes news clippings and Phoenix ballot proposition files.
Series III: Accession #1997-01808
11 Board of Ethics: An Informational Booklet and Guide, 1988
12 Board of Ethics: Governmental Ethics Ordinance Code of Conduct, 1987
13 Board of Ethics: Campaign Financing Ordinance, 1987
14 Facts About the Illinois Board of Ethics, 1972
15 Board of Ethics, Undated
16 Annual Report: Board of Ethics, 1986-1987
17 Annual Report: Board of Ethics, 1986-1987
18 Nebraska Political Reform Act Sections on Conflict of Interest/Financial Disclosures Ethics Commission, Undated
19 Nevada Ethics in Government Law, Undated
110 Ethical Standards for State Employees: State of New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety, 1976
111 State of New Jersey Local Government Ethics Law, 1991
112 The Ohio Ethics Commission 1974-197:8 Four Years in Perspective, Undated
113 Ethics Guide for Public Officials, 1978 December
114 The Board of Ethics of The City of New York, Undated
115 Oregon Common Cause Code of Ethics Background Information, Undated
116 Ethics: Texas, Undated
117 The West Virginia Governmental Ethics Act: A Commentary - Ethics and the Public Interest, Undated
118 West Virginia Ethics Law, Undated
119 Wisconsin's "Code of Ethics for Public Officials and Employees", 1991 January 1
120 Wisconsin's Regulation of Lobbying, 1991
121 Wisconsin Assembly Bill 300, 1973
122 State of Wisconsin/Ethics Board, 1979
123 Ohio: Statute, Undated
124 State of Louisiana "Code of Governmental Ethics Amended Through Regular Session of 1990", 1990
125 A Practical Guide to the Conflict of Interest Law for Municipal Employees: State Ethics Commission Massachusetts, 1962
126 Guide to the Conflict of Interest Law for County Employees: State Ethics Commission Massachusetts, 1962
127 Minnesota Public Disclosure Law 7. Lobbyists: Ethical Practices Board, 1978 April
128 Minnesota Public Disclosure Law 6. Public Financing , 1978 April
129 Minnesota Public Disclosure Law 5. Representation Disclosure Procedure: Ethical Practices Board, 1978 April
130 Minnesota Public Disclosure Law 1. Ethics in Government Act: Ethical Practices Board, 1978 April
131 Minnesota Public Disclosure Law 2. Campaign Finance Disclosure: Ethical Practices Board, 1978 April
132 Minnesota Public Disclosure Law 3. Economic Interest Disclosure, Undated
133 Minnesota Public Disclosure Law 4. Conflict of Interest Procedure: Ethical Practices Board, 1978 April
134 A Practical Guide to the Conflict of Interest Law and Financial Disclosure Law for State Employees: State Ethics Commission Massachusetts, Undated
135 A Practical Guide to the Conflict of Interest Law and Financial Disclosure Law for State Employees: State Ethics Commission Massachusetts, Undated
136 Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 268A: The Conflict of Interest Law, Undated
137 Ethics Guide For Members of the Maryland General Assembly, 1986
138 Cumulative Supplement Article 40A: Maryland Public Ethics Law, 1985
139 Minnesota Public Disclosure Law: Lobbying Disbursement Summary Lobbyists Associations Represented: Ethical Practices Board, 1979 March
140 Minnesota Public Disclosure Law: Candidate and Principal Campaign Committee Handbook: Ethical Practices Board, 1978 August
141 Minnesota Public Disclosure Law: Political Committee and Fund Handbook: Ethical Practices Board, 1978 September
142 Minnesota Public Disclosure Law: Lobbyist Handbook: Ethical Practices Board, 1979 March
143 The Navajo Nation Ethics and Rules Committee of the Navajo Tribal Council: The Navajo Nation Ethics Government Law, Undated
144 The Navajo Nation Ethics and Rules Committee of the Navajo Tribal Council: The Navajo Nation Ethics Government Law, Undated
145 Scruples and Scandals, 1986
146 Annual Report to the Florida Legislature, 1990
147 Sunshine Amendment and Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees, 1990-1991
148 Florida Commission on Ethics Guide to the Sunshine Amendment and Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees, 1991
149 The Indiana State Ethics Commission Annual Report, 1990
150 State of California Information Manual D, 1990
151 State of California Information Manual B, 1990
152 State of California Information Manual A, 1990
153 State of California Information Manual C, 1990
154 You're a Dirty Rotten Liar ..., 1990
155 Government Ethics Center: Joseph and Edna Josephson Institute of Ethics, Undated
156 State Legislative Ethics Conflict of Interest Lobbyist Registration and Disclosure Open Meetings, Undated
157 Proposed Amendment to the Colorado Constitution, 1991
158 California Common Cause, Undated
159 Political Pulse, 1991 February 8
160 Glum Legislators get Ethics Lesson, Undated
161 Ethics Training: The Assembly and Senate take Different Approaches to "Teaching Ethics", Undated
162 Senators Split on Value of Ethics Workshop, 1991 February 10
163 Legislature, Undated
164 State of California Fair Political Practices Commission: Political Reform Act of 1974 as Amended to January 1, 1991, Undated
165 State of California Informational Manual on Lobbying Disclosure Provisions of the Political Reform Act, 1990
166 California Fair Political Practices Commission, Undated
167 Conduct Becoming a Legislator: A Report to the Assembly, 1989 August
168 Conduct Becoming a Legislator: A Report to the Assembly, 1989 August
169 Preserving the Public Trust: Principles of Public Service Ethics, 1990
170 Conflicts of Interest, 1989
171 National Municipal League, 1979
172 Ethics in Action, 1991 January-February
173 Ethics in Action, 1991 May-August
174 Proposed Revision: Standards and Guidelines of Ethical Conduct: Laws, Rules and Principles for California Legislators and Legislative Employees, 1991 March 20
175 Ethics is Everybody's Business, Undated
176 Agencies, Boards and Commission Involved in Administering Campaign Finance, Conflict of Interest, Financial Disclosure and Lobbying Laws, Undated
177 State of Alabama State Ethics Commission Annual Report, 1977
178 Alabama S.1, 1973
179 Alaska Public Offices Commission Conflict of Interest Law as 39.50, Undated
180 Model for Ethics Practice in Government, Undated
181 Rules of the Game: A Common Cause Survey of Legislative Reform Procedures in the Fifty State Legislatures, 1986
182 Council on Government Ethics Laws: A Model Law for Campaign Finance, Ethics, and Lobbying Regulation, 1990
183 A Model Law for Campaign Finance, Ethics, and Lobbying Regulation, Undated
184 Model Ethics Law for State Government, 1995
185 Model Law for Campaign Finance, Ethics, and Lobbying Regulation, 1995
186 Ethics in Arizona: A Public Dialogue -- A New Direction: A Summary of Four Public Forums on Ethics, Undated
187 Common Cause, 1995
188 A Model Ethics Law for State Government: Common Cause, 1989 January
189 Phoenix City Ethics, Undated
190 United States Senate, Undated
191 Property Rights Advocates Denounce Slavery Statement, 1995
192 Statement Equating Slaves with Property Denounced, 1994
193 Takings L.A.W. in Plain English, Undated
194 S.605: The Omnibus Property Rights Act, 1995
195 The Ripon Forum Monster Clash: How GOP Moves Against Environmental Protection Could Backfire at the Polls, Undated
196 Takings Info., 1995 May-June
197 Newspaper Articles, Undated
198 Takings, Undated
199 Sundance, Undated
1100 Sundance, Undated
1101 Americans for the Environment, 1993
1102 Federal Mandates "$1,000,000 Constitutional Defense Fund", Undated
1103 Local Control "Bill Boards", Undated
1104 Local Control Pre-Emption S.B.1236 and S.B.1384, Undated
1105 Streambeds "Prop Rights" Ombudsman, Undated
1106 County "Takings", Undated
1107 Bill Scheel, Undated
1108 Background on AZ Takings, Undated
1109 "Takings" in other States, Undated
1110 The "Takings" Law, Undated
1111 Information on State "Takings" Bill, Undated
1112 Articles, Undated
1113 Takings Law: A Guide to Government, Property, and the Constitution, Undated
1114 Takings L.A.W. in Plain English, Undated
21 Takings, Prop. Rights Compensation, Undated
22 Takings, Undated
23 Unfunded Mandates, Undated
24 Unfunded Mandates , Undated
25 Voter Registration, Undated
26 Open Meeting: Clippings, Undated
27 Open Meeting Legislation Bulletins, etc., Undated
28 City of Phoenix Open Meeting Law, 1988-1990
29 C.C. Brief on Open Meetings Law and Open Gov. in the State, Undated
210 Open Meeting: Activity, 1974
211 Open Meetings, 1994
212 Ombudsman, Undated
213 Ombudsman, Undated
214 Merit Selection, Undated
215 Merit Selection, Undated
216 Merit Selection, Undated
217 Merit Selection: Public Forum, Undated
218 Choosing Judges Election, Selection, and Retention, 1994
219 Arizona State Law Journal, Undated
220 Lobbyist Regulation, Undated
221 Legislative Reform: Bill File: 100 Day, Term Limits, etc., Undated
222 Legislative Reform, Undated
223 Initiative, Recall, Referendum, Undated
224 Initiative, Recall, Referendum, Undated
225 HB2319, Undated
226 G.A.V.E.L., 1995
227 G.A.V.E.L., Undated
228 G.A.V.E.L., Undated
229 Ethics, Disclosure, Conflict of Interest, Undated
230 Elections, 1996
231 Environmental, Undated
232 Campaign Finance: State, 1994
233 Clean Air, Undated
234 Corporation Commission, Undated
235 Contains C.C. Issue Paper, Undated
236 Carolyn Allen (R) District 28 (Representative), Undated
237 Dave Armstead (D) District 23 (Representative), Undated
238 Baird, Ernie (R) District 24 (Representative), Undated
239 Stan Barnes (R) District 21 (Senator), Undated
240 Robert Blendu (R) District 20 (Representative), Undated
241 Jan Brewer (R) District 19 (Senator), Undated
242 Brock (R) District 6 (Representative), Undated
243 Jack Brown (D) District 4 (Representative), Undated
244 Scott Bundgaard (R) District 19 (Representative), Undated
245 Bob Burns (R) District 17 (Representative), Undated
246 Buster (R) District 5 (Senator), Undated
247 Cajero, Carmen (D) 10th District (Representative), Undated
248 Chastain (D) District 7 (Senator), Undated
249 Larry Chesley (R) District 30 (Senator), Undated
250 Connor (R) District 5 (Representative), Undated
251 Farnsworth (R) District 4 (Representative), Undated
252 Jorge Luis Garcia (D) District 11 (Representative), Undated
253 Goudinoff, Peter (D) 11th District House, Undated
254 Senator (R) John Greene: AMFAC Ethics District 24, Undated
255 Hardt, A. V. "Bill" (D) 4th District Senate, Undated
256 Phillip Hubbard (D) District 10 (Representative), Undated
257 Jackson (D) District 3 (Representative), Undated
258 Marilyn Jarrett (R) District 21 (Representative), Undated
259 Becky Jordan (R) District 16 (Representative), Undated
260 Mark Killian (R) District 30 (Representative), Undated
261 King (R) District 15 (Representative), Undated
262 Lopez, Joe Eddie (22) (Representative), Undated
263 Patti Noland (R) District 13 (Senator), Undated
264 Ortega (D) Rubin District 8 (Representative), Undated
265 Overton (R) District 15 (Representative), Undated
266 Greg Patterson (R) District 26 (Representative), Undated
267 Manuel "Lito" Peña (D) District 22 (Senator), Undated
268 Elaine Richardson (D) District 11 (Representative), Undated
269 Turner (R) District 15 (Senator), Undated
270 Robert Updike (R) District 25 (Representative), Undated
271 Legislative Process: State, Undated
272 Legislative Statutory Committees, 1994 December 23
273 Legislative Contacts by Members, Undated
274 Symington, 1996
275 Governor Symington, 1995
276 Secretary of State: Jane Hull (R), 1995-1996
277 Superintendent of Public Instruction: Lisa Graham (R), 1995-1996
278 Treasurer Tony West (R), Undated
279 General Office Descriptions, Undated
280 Primary Election Results: Unofficial, 1994 September 6
281 Arpaio Under Fire for Own Gag Order: Rules to Stifle Staff Violate 1st Amendment, Foes Say, 1994 August 14
282 Press Release Grant Wood Funds, Undated March 8
283 Attorney General: Grant Woods (R), 1995-1996
284 Perot Part, Undated
285 Independent Party(s), Undated
286 Libertarian, Undated
287 AZ Republican Party, Undated
288 AZ Democratic Party, Undated
289 95 Leg. Roster: Names, Addresses and Phone, Undated
290 Desperately Seeking Disclosure: Lobbyists Expenditures in Arizona: A Report by Arizona Common Cause, Undated
291 Desperately Seeking Disclosure: Lobbyists Expenditures in Arizona: A Report by Arizona Common Cause, Undated
292 S-101 or How to Rein In The Lobbyists, 1995 July 28
293 Proposed House of Representatives Amendments to S.B. 1355, Undated
31 Freeway, Undated
32 Forestry for Phoenix, Undated
33 Futures Forum, Undated
34 Gaming/Gambling, Undated
35 Gifts, Undated
36 Hazardous Waste, Undated
37 Health Care Reform, Undated
38 Historic Preservation, Undated
39 Homeless, Undated
310 Independents, Undated
311 City of Phoenix Initiative, Referendum, Recall Citizen's Manual, Undated
312 City of Phoenix Initiative, Referendum, Recall Citizen's Manual, Undated
313 Morrison Institute for Public Policy, 1989 July 28
314 Initiative, Referendum, Recall Citizen's Manual, Undated
315 City of Phoenix Initiative, Referendum, Recall Citizen's Manual, Undated
316 Senate Bill 1053, Undated
317 Initiative Referendum, Undated
318 Insurance, Undated
319 Intergroup, Undated
320 Judiciary, Undated
321 "Jurors" Bill of Rights for AZ, Undated
322 Keating, Undated
323 Land Swaps: AZ, Undated
324 Lieutenant Governor, Undated
325 Legislative Pay, Undated
326 Merit Selection History, Undated
327 Kyle Moore, Undated
328 Motorola, Undated
329 Mt. Bell: U. S. West Tax Break Bill and Veto, Undated
330 Neighborhood Coalition, Undated
331 Dana Larsen Common Cause, Undated
332 Nursing Homes, Undated
333 Organizations: Miscellaneous, Undated
334 Phoenix Community Alliance, Undated
335 Planned Parenthood Alert, Undated
336 Prayer in School, Undated
337 Public Access T.V., Undated
338 Public Access Legislative Records, Undated
339 Public Records Law Freedom of Info., Undated
340 Public Attitudes Towards Politics, Undated
341 Radical Right, Undated
342 Redistricting, 1993-1994
343 AZ ReDistricting, 1991-1992
344 Redistricting Clips, 1992
345 Redistricting: State: Joan Franks, 1990
346 C. C. Redistricting, Undated
347 C. C. Redistricting, Undated
348 Info. Collected, 1995
349 Redistricting Commission, Undated
350 State of Arizona 40th Legislature Second Regular Session: Senate: SCR 1009, Undated
351 Arizona State Senate Phoenix: Fact Sheet for SCR 1009, Undated
352 Redistricting: Phoenix, Undated
353 Redistricting: Tucson, Undated
41 Prop 200 News, Undated
42 Campaign Finance, Undated
43 Constituent Communication, Undated
44 What of the Future for Arizona Common Cause?, Undated
45 Prop 200, 1986
46 Prop 200, 1987
47 Prop 200 and Limits of Prop 200, Undated
48 Prop 200 Reactions, Undated
49 Ballot Issues, 1990
410 Prop 200 PAC Study, 1988
411 Common Cause, Undated
412 State Bar Initiative Workshop, Undated
413 Initiative Process, Undated
51 NCC, Undated
52 Campaign Finance Repeal, 1995
53 Arizona State Comp. Finance Law, Undated
54 Campaign Fund Limits, 1994
55 Campaign Finance Clips, Undated
56 Campaign Finance Law Clips, 1994-1995
57 CFR: Old Legislation, Undated
58 Enforcement, Undated
59 PAC Loan: State: Teachers Union, 1994
510 AZ C. F. Violations, Undated
511 AZ C. F. Enforcement, Undated
512 Violation: Clips, Undated
513 Campaign Finance Reform: CC/AZ Recommended Changes, 1991
514 Campaign Finance Reform: Lisa Hausers Changes, Undated
515 Lisa Hausers Draft 16-905, Undated
516 AZ Elections of State and Tucson: Recommended Changes, 1974-1976
517 Election Reform Study Comm.: CFR, 1991
518 AG Opinions on Prop 200, Undated
519 Lisa Hauser SD 1039, Undated
520 Attorney General Opinions on Campaign Finance, Undated
521 Campaign Finance Reform, Undated
522 Campaign Finance Coalition List, 1993
523 Campaign Finance: National, 1994
524 Campaign Finance Reform: CC/National Updates, 1994
525 CFR Clips: Federal, 1994-1995
526 Campaign Finance Reform Background C/C National, Undated
527 Campaign Finance Reform National Signed Pledges, Undated
528 Correspondence with National Delegation, Undated
529 Campaign Finance: National: McCain, 1993
530 Campaign Finance: McCain: Letters and Clips, 1994
531 Campaign Finance: National Congressional Campaign Reform: House, 1993
532 Campaign Finance: National, 1993
533 Campaign Finance: National CFR: Op-Ed, 1993
534 Campaign Finance Reform Bush Era/Veto, Undated
535 CFR: Bundling, Undated
536 Campaign Finance Goldwater Testimony, Undated
537 CFR: Other States, Undated
538 Massachusetts: Draft Bill: Campaign Reform: Public Financing, Undated
539 Campaign Finance Reform in the States CC, Undated
540 Campaign Finance Reform Public Financing, Undated
541 Candidate Fund-Raising is up over '90, Election Panel Says, 1992 May 19
542 George Bush and Public Financing, Undated
543 Stephens Sees Hope for Public Financing, 1991 October 25
544 First Steps Campaign Reformers Must Get Radical, 1991 September 23
545 Senate OKs Campaign Finance Measure, 1991 November 5
546 Senate Advances Bill for Publicly Funded Legislative Races, 1991 November 5
547 Public Financing Proposals, Undated
548 The Maze of Spending Limits: An Election Field Guide, 1990 May 26
549 Judge Strikes Down Prop. 73 Funding Limits, 1990 September 26
550 Arizona Could Learn from Tucson, 1991 March 24
551 Officials to Get Lesson in Disclosure, 1992 February 10
552 Campaign Finance Filibuster Broken, 1993 June 17
553 Senate Pushes on with Election-Fund Reform, 1993 June 17
554 Senate Pushes on with Election-Fund Reform, 1993 June 17
555 George Bush and Public Financing, Undated
556 Electoral Reform: Public Campaign Financing, 1992 December
557 Public Financing: Phoenix, Undated
558 Campaign Finance Reform Public Financing: Tucson Model, Undated
559 Long Beach Public Financing, 1994
560 Campaign Finance Studies: How To, Undated
561 CF Clips, 1986
562 Activist Newsletters (AZ), Undated
563 PAC Study, 1984
61 State Governor, Undated
62 Goddard for Governor, 1990
63 Mahoney, Undated
64 Goddard, Undated
65 Legislative Improvement In Arizona Recommendations, 1973-1975
66 Candidates Survey, 1988
67 Leg. Races, 1994
68 AZ Legis. Races, 1990
69 AZ Legis. Races, 1988
610 Old Legislature Guides and Maps, Undated
611 40th Leg. Session, 1991
612 St. Legislature, 1989
613 Legislature: Prior Years, Undated
614 Legislature General: Past Years, Undated
615 Legislature, 1992
616 AZ Legislature, 1993
617 Leg. Agenda, 1994
618 Legislature, 1994
619 Hazardous To Your Health: Legis., 1994
620 Legis.: Comm. Chairs, 1994
621 Legislative Staff, Undated
622 Symington: Alvarez Campaign$: Taxes, Undated
623 Symington: Leckie, Undated
624 Symington, Undated
625 Symington, 1994
626 Symington Mail Flap, Undated
627 Symington, Undated
628 Symington Trouble, Undated
629 Herstam, Chris, Undated
630 Statewide Offices Other Than Governor, Undated
631 AZ Corporation Comm., Undated
632 Corporation Commission H. B. 2513, Undated
633 Ruco Clippings, Undated
634 Ruco Handouts, Undated
635 Ruco Bill, Undated
636 Hull, Jane Dee 19th District (R) House, Undated
637 AZ Secretary of State, Undated
638 Attorney General, Undated
639 AZ Politics, Undated
640 3rd Party, Undated
641 Nat'l Presidential Politics, 1992
642 County Race, 1994
643 Maricopa Co. Medical Wastes Incineration, Undated
644 Center for Responsive Politics, Undated
645 Elected Official Vacancies, Undated
646 Elected Official Vacancies, Undated
647 City Council: Phoenix, Undated
648 City Races, Undated
649 City of Phoenix: Council Campaigns, 1993
650 Phoenix Recycling, Undated
71 TBYR (Take Back Your Rights) Bank Statements, Undated
72 TBYR (Take Back Your Rights) Taxes: 1099, Undated
73 TBYR (Take Back Your Rights) Petition Filing, Undated
74 Petitions in Circulation, Undated
75 Referendum Campaign Committee, Undated
76 Pets: Vol., Undated
77 Pets Paid Signatures, Undated
78 TBYR (Take Back Your Rights) Budget, Undated
79 Post General Contributions, Undated
710 Post General Expenses, Undated
711 Pre-General Expenses, Undated
712 Deposits Pre-General, Undated
713 Expenses Post Primary, Undated
714 Post Primary Deposits, Undated
715 Post Primary Contributions: Deposits, Undated
716 Deposits, Undated
717 Contributors to Take Back Your Rights Campaign (Pre-Primary), Undated
718 Take Back Your Rights Donors, Undated
81 Environmental Ordinances: Linkage Open Space, Undated
82 Environmental Ordinances: Landscaping, Hillside, Solar Access, Undated
83 Environmental Ordinances: Sensitive Lands, Undated
84 Environmental Policies: San Diego and Seattle, Undated
85 Report and Recommendation Regarding Establishment of a City of Phoenix Environmental Court, 1990 December 11
86 Environmental Ordinance: Air Quality, Undated
87 EPA: Cost of Compliance, Undated
88 Environmental Programs: C.O.P., Undated
89 1989 CABO Model Energy Code, 1991 February 1
810 Environmental Policy/Ordinance Survey Responses, Undated
811 Model Ordinances and Policy: U. S. Conf. of Mayors Local Gvmt. Commission, Undated
812 Model Ordinances and Policy: U. S. Conf. of Mayors Local Gvmt. Commission, Undated
813 Environmental Ordinances Miscellaneous: Master List, Undated
814 Noise Ordinances: Best Samples and National Standards, Undated
815 Noise Ordinances: Mechanical and Miscellaneous Cities, Undated
816 Ordinances and Laws: State of AZ and County and D.E.Q., Undated
817 Ordinances and Laws: City of Phoenix (Zoning, Criminal, City, Charter - Enforcement/Procedeure), Undated
818 P.T.I. INFO. and EPA Integrated Environmental Management Initiative and PTI Urban Consortium Environmental Task Force, Undated
819 Land Use/Environmental Review, Undated
820 State Level Environmental Acts, Undated
821 Environmental Ordinance: Water Conservation, Undated
822 Environmental Ordinances: Aquifer Protection Water Quality, Undated
823 Environmental Ordinances: Historic Preservation, Undated
824 Environmental Ordinances: Flood Control, Undated
825 Environmental Ordinances: Land Use Indus. Manuf., Seattle/Portland, Undated
826 Environmental Ordinances: Recycling and Waste Reduction, Undated
827 Environmental Ordinances: Litter and Illegal Dumping/Composting, Undated
828 Environmental Ordinances: Solid Waste Recycling Genetic/Biological Siting, Undated
829 Environmental Ordinances: Energy Efficiency in Buildings, Undated
830 Environmental Ordinances: Oil/Gas and Mining, Undated
831 Environmental Ordinances: Hazardous Waste/Infectious Waste, Undated
832 Environmental Ordinances: Hazardous Waste/Infectious Waste, Undated
833 Environmental Ordinances: Hazardous Material Storage Declaration, Transport, Undated
834 Environmental Ordinances: Pesticides, Undated
835 Environmental Ordinances: Nuisance and Light, Undated
91 Revolving Door, Undated
92 Risk Assessment, Undated
93 Ruco, Undated
94 Rush Limbaugh/Fair, Undated
95 Salary Commission, Undated
96 Phoenix Commission on Government Salaries, Undated
97 Salt River Project, Undated
98 Searle, Bill, Undated
99 Sexual Orientation (See Christian Rights file), Undated
910 Colorado Boycott, Undated
911 EEOC, Undated
912 Gay Rights/AIDS, Undated
913 Social Issues, Undated
914 Southwest Voter Registration Project, Undated
915 Tort Reform, Undated
916 Tort Reform, Undated
917 Fact About Business Employee Political Action Committees, Undated
918 Directory of Professional Association Corporate Trade Political Action Committees United for Arizona, Undated
919 The Price of Political Power: Arizona State Legislative Races 1988, Undated
920 Corporate Political Action Committees and the Establishment and Operation under Arizona Law, Undated
921 Voting, Undated
922 Voting and Elections, Undated
923 Voter Registration, Undated
924 Voter Registration: C.C. State Issue Brief, Undated
925 Voting Stats, Undated
926 Washington Tourist Info.: Coalition Building, Undated
927 Newspaper Articles, Undated
928 Common Cause: Summary of Approved State Issues, 1994 January
929 Balanced Budget, Undated
930 BCCI, Undated
931 Buckley vs. Valeo, Undated
932 C.C. Weekly Memo, Undated
933 China, Undated
934 Congressional Coverage Bill, Undated
935 Congressional Reform, Undated
936 Archibald Cox, Undated
937 Emily's List, Undated
938 Federal Budget, Undated
939 F.E.C. (Federal Elections Commission), Undated
940 Federal Fiscal Policy, Undated
941 Free Speech, Undated
942 Gulf War, Undated
943 Hatch Act, Undated
944 Health Care, Undated
945 Iran-Contra, Undated
946 Legislative Process, Undated
947 Media Access and Fairness, Undated
948 Misc., Undated
949 Mount Graham, Undated
950 NRA (National Rifle Association), Undated
951 National Issues Agenda CC/94, Undated
952 National Issues Agenda, Undated
953 National Issues Misc., Undated
954 Nuclear Energy, Undated
955 PACS, Undated (1 of 2)
956 PACS, Undated (2 of 2)
957 PAC Clips, Undated
958 Personal Use of Campaign Funds, Undated
959 Presidential Checkoff, Undated
960 Rain Forests, Undated
961 Revolving Door, Undated
962 Roe v. Wade, Undated
963 Rostenkowski, Undated
964 Savings and Loan, Undated
101 Arizona Common Cause, Undated
102 Asian American Sun (English), Undated
103 Capitol Times, Undated
104 Gazette Board of Contributors, Undated
105 Flyer Volunteer Republic, Undated
106 Tucson Weekly, Undated
107 Press Releases, 1994
108 Press Releases, 1993
109 History of Reforms (State), Undated
1010 Constituent Communication, Undated
1011 AZSCAM Reforms, 1991
1012 Prop. 200 Campaign Finance, 1986
1013 Newspaper Articles, Undated
1014 Newspaper Articles, Undated
1015 101 Final Report, Undated
1016 ACORN, Undated
1017 ACORN Initiative, Undated
1018 ADOT, Undated
1019 Am West Arena, Undated
1020 Suns Arena Suite, Undated
1021 Anti Gay Rights C.C. Brief, Undated
1022 AZ Activists, Undated
1023 AZ Board of Pardons and Paroles, Undated
1024 AZ Supreme Court, Undated
1025 APP Aquifer Protection, Undated
1026 Arizona for a Healthy Future, Undated
1027 Ballot Measure Restrictions, Undated
1028 Baseball Arena/Franchise, Undated
1029 AZ Scam, 1993
1030 Bundling Campaign Contributions, Undated
1031 Ballot Props, 1992
1032 Campaign Literature, 1992
1033 Campaign Loans: Law, Undated
1034 Wheeler, Bruce (D) 13th District House, Undated
1035 Campaign Loans: Stanton, Undated
1036 Campaign Loans: Symington, Undated
1037 Campaign Loans: Goddard, Undated
1038 Central Arizona Project, Undated
1039 Chamber of Commerce, Undated
1040 Children's Action Alliance, Undated
1041 Children's Issues, Undated
1042 Chiropractors, Undated
1043 Civil Liberties, Undated
1044 Community Forum, Undated
1045 Department of Environmental Quality, Undated
1046 Dimension for AG/Secretary of State, Undated
1047 Dimension Cable, Undated
1048 Discrimination, Undated
1049 Ed. Board Make-up, Undated
1050 Education, Undated
1051 English Only, Undated
1052 English as the Official Language C. C. State Issue Brief, Undated
1053 ENSCO Vote, Undated
1054 Environmental Quality Commission, Undated
1055 Newspaper Articles, Undated
1056 Environmental Coalition, Undated
1057 Organic Farming, Undated
1058 Pesticides, Undated
1059 AZ State Pest Control Board, Undated
1060 Polluters, Undated
1061 Emissions: Medical Waste Incinerators, Undated
1062 Forest Preservation, Undated
1063 Landfills in Floodplains, Undated
1064 Mining/Mines, Undated
1065 Motorola, Undated
1066 Public Lands, Undated
1067 Riverbed/Streams, Undated
1068 Solid Waste: Landfills, Undated
1069 Executive Order on Takings, Undated
1070 Exploratory Committees: Resign to Run, Undated
1071 FEC Exploratory Committees, Undated