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1Author:  Greene, Helen MargaretRequires cookie*
 Title:  Helen Margaret Greene collection ead 
 Date(s):  unknown 
 Repository:  Museum of Northern Arizona 
 Subjects:  Hopi Indians | Hopi Indians -- Arizona -- Social life and customs | Hopi Indians -- Children | Hopi Indians – Correspondence | Hopi Indians Dances | Hopi Indians -- Folklore | Hopi Indians -- Jewelry | Hopi language | Hopi language -- Dictionaries -- English | Hopi language materials | Hopi Indians -- Rites and ceremonies | Second Mesa (Ariz. : Mesa) -- Social life and customs | Third Mesa (Ariz.) -- Social life and customs. 
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2Author:  Nagata, Shuichi, 1931-Requires cookie*
 Title:  Shuichi Nagata collection, ead 
 Date(s):  unknown 
 Repository:  Museum of Northern Arizona 
 Subjects:  Hopi Indians | Hopi Indians -- Genealogy | Hopi Indians -- Social life and customs 
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3Author:  James, Harry C.Requires cookie*
 Title:  Harry C. James collection, ead 
 Date(s):  unknown 
 Repository:  Museum of Northern Arizona 
 Subjects:  Hopi Indians | Hopi Indians -- Arizona -- Social life and customs | Hopi Indians -- Religion | Hopi Indians -- Rites and ceremonies | Smithsonian handbooks 
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4Author:  Titiev, Mischa, 1901-1978Requires cookie*
 Title:  Mischa Titiev collection ead 
 Date(s):  unknown 
 Repository:  Museum of Northern Arizona 
 Subjects:  Hopi Indians – Census | Hopi Indians – Genealogy 
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5Author:  Whiting, Alfred F.Requires cookie*
 Title:  Alfred Whiting collection, ead 
 Date(s):  unknown 
 Abstract:  Botanist, Anthropologist, and Ethnobotanist, Alfred Whiting's career took to institutions across the United States (Museum of Northern Arizona, Michigan Ethnobotanical Laboratory, University of Oregon, Dartmouth College Museum). This collection consists of his research materials, particularly as they relate to his research at the Museum of Northern Arizona. 
 Repository:  Museum of Northern Arizona 
 Subjects:  All-Indian Pow-Wow (Flagstaff, Ariz.) | Animals | Catclaw acacia | Desert plants | Desert plants -- Arizona | Ethnobiology | Ethnobiology -- Arizona | Ethnobotany | Ethnology | Ethnozoology | Folklore | Havasupai Indians | Havasupai Indians -- Religion | Havasupai Indians -- Social life and customs | Havasupai baskets | Havasupai language | Havasupai mythology | Hopi Indians | Hopi Indians -- Agriculture | Hopi Indians -- Ethnobotany | Hopi Indians -- Folklore | Hopi Indians -- Jewelry | Hopi Indians -- Music | Hopi Indians -- Religion | Hopi Indians -- Rites and ceremonies | Hopi art | Hopi language | Hopi mythology | Hopi textile fabrics | Hualapai language 
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6Author:  Hoberecht, HalRequires cookie*
 Title:  Hal Hoberecht collection, ead 
 Date(s):  unknown 
 Repository:  Museum of Northern Arizona 
 Subjects:  Hopi Indians | Hopi Indians -- Rites and ceremonies 
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7Author:  unknownRequires cookie*
 Title:  Kate T. Cory Papers and Photos, SHM MS-24 1612-2011 (Bulk Dates 1905-1912) ead 
 Date(s):  1612-2011 (Bulk Dates 1905-1912) 
 Abstract:  The Kate T. Cory Papers and Photos contains transcripts, notes and photographs depicting Cory’s observations of the Hopi Indians, while she lived with the tribe from 1905 to 1912. The collection also includes personal papers and correspondence, as well as correspondence generated by Leroy Eslow in his attempt to have Cory’s works published. In addition, there is an assortment of research documents and photographs collected by Nancy Kirkpatrick Wright relating to Cory and her work as an ethnographer. 
 Repository:  Sharlot Hall Museum Library & Archives 
 Subjects:  Buffalo dance | Hopi art | Hopi Indians | Hopi Indians--Arizona | Hopi Indians--Social life and customs | Hopi painting | Kachina dolls | Snake dance 
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8Author:  Cory, Kate, 1861-1958Requires cookie*
 Title:  Kate T. Cory collection, ead 
 Date(s):  unknown 
 Repository:  Museum of Northern Arizona 
 Subjects:  Hopi children | Hopi dance | Hopi Indians | Hopi Indians -- Social life and customs. | Hopi Indians -- Women | Hopi language | Hopi language materials | Snake Dance 
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9Author:  unknownRequires cookie*
 Title:  Lillian Wilhelm Smith Papers, SHM MS-25 1898-1964 ead 
 Date(s):  1898-1964 
 Abstract:  Artist Lillian Wilhelm Smith (1882-1971) spent most of her life in Arizona, painting the people and places of the region. She first visited Arizona in 1913 with author Zane Grey (1872-1939), a cousin by marriage, to illustrate his western themed books. After a period of return visits, during which she became inspired by the people and landscapes of Arizona, she decided to move permanently to the state in 1916. This collection contains biographical information, family documents, correspondence, newspaper clippings, personal journals, photographs, chinaware designs, drawings and artwork covering Smith’s life in Arizona. The collection also includes information regarding Smith’s She-Kay-Ah chinaware designs, Hopi Whirlwind and Navajo Motif, as well as materials of her collaborations with author Zane Grey and poet Lou Ella Archer-Elliott. 
 Repository:  Sharlot Hall Museum Library & Archives 
 Subjects:  Municipal playground | Hopi Indians | Hopi Indians--Arizona | She-Kay-Ah Chinaware 
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10Author:  Hopi TraditionalistsRequires cookie*
 Title:  Hopi Traditionalist Movement papers, 1949-1972 ead 
 Date(s):  1949-1972 
 Abstract:  This collection consists of correspondence, transcripts of meetings, clippings, legal papers, and printed material published by members of the movement. 
 Repository:  University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections 
 Subjects:  Hopi Indians -- Social life and customs | Hopi Indians -- Government relations | Hopi Indians -- Land tenure | Coal mines and mining -- Arizona -- Black Mesa (Navajo County and Apache County) | Strip mining -- Environmental aspects -- Southwest, New 
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11Author:  Towle, Thelma B., 1907-1996 Olds, WalterRequires cookie*
 Title:  Thelma B. Towle Collection, ead 
 Date(s):  unknown 
 Repository:  Museum of Northern Arizona 
 Subjects:  Hopi dance | Hopi Indians | Hopi Indians -- Rites and ceremonies | Hopi Indians -- Social life and customs | Kachinas | Navajo Indians | Snake dance | Trading posts -- Arizona 
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12Author:  Fagerberg, DixonRequires cookie*
 Title:  Dixon Fagerberg, Jr. collection, ead 
 Date(s):  unknown 
 Repository:  Museum of Northern Arizona 
 Subjects:  Arizona Snow Bowl (Ariz.) | Hopi Indians | Hopi Indians -- Religion | Navajo Indians | Navajo Indians -- Religion 
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13Author:  Black, RobertRequires cookie*
 Title:  Robert Black collection, ead 
 Date(s):  unknown 
 Repository:  Museum of Northern Arizona 
 Subjects:  Hopi Indians | Hopi Indians -- Music | Oral history | Tewa Indians | Tewa Indians -- Biography 
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14Author:  Kopta, Emry, 1884-1953 Kopta, Anna (née Phelps), 1882-1986Requires cookie*
 Title:  Emry and Anna Kopta collection, ead 
 Date(s):  unknown 
 Repository:  Museum of Northern Arizona 
 Subjects:  Architecture | Arizona Biltmore | Black-and-white photography | Bronze sculpture | Buffalo dance | Busts | Butterfly dance | Devil dance | Figure sculpture | Hopi architecture | Hopi art | Hopi artists | Hopi baskets | Hopi children | Hopi cooking | Hopi dance | Hopi dolls | Hopi Indians | Hopi Indians -- Dwellings -- Arizona -- Oraibi | Hopi Indians -- Religion | Hopi Indians -- Rites and ceremonies | Hopi Indians -- Social life and customs | Hopi Indians -- Women | Hopi mythology | Hopi pottery | Hopi Tribe of Arizona | Hopi women | Hopi women potters | Hopi youth | Images, Photographic 
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15Author:  Chanin, Abraham S., 1921-Requires cookie*
 Title:  Abraham Chanin Oral History audio cassettes, 1974-1977 ead 
 Date(s):  1974-1977 
 Abstract:  Abraham (Abe) Chanin was an author, historian, former publisher of the Arizona Jewish Post, sports editor at the Arizona Daily Star, and professor at the University of Arizona School of Journalism from 1976-1988. From 1988 to 1994, Chanin was director of the Bloom Southwest Jewish Archive at the University of Arizona. This collection contains interviews created by Abraham Chanin dating 1974-1977 with prominent Arizona settlers, politicians, University of Arizona faculty, and members of Native American communities on 30 audio cassettes. 
 Repository:  University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections 
 Subjects:  Oral history -- Arizona | Hopi Indians | Hopi Indians -- Social life and customs | Japanese Americans -- Evacuation and relocation, 1942-1945 | Navajo Indians -- Arizona | Chinese -- Arizona -- Tucson -- History 
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16Author:  Wares, William "Wully"Requires cookie*
 Title:  William "Wully" Wares Diary, August 4, 1936-September 15, 1936 ead 
 Date(s):  August 4, 1936-September 15, 1936 
 Abstract:  This exceptional photo-journal chronicles a 1936 motor trip which began in Butte, Montana and covered much of the southwest. The author of the journal, William Wares, describes excavating a site at Awatobi, hunting mountain lions in Utah, and the beauty of numerous geographic landmarks such as the Grand Canyon and Goosenecks of the San Juan country. The journal also mentions Yellowstone National Park and the Teton mountains. An Anglo, Wares made cultural observations about the Navajo and Hopi as well as the inhabitants of Mormon towns. Some of the pages in this journal contain images of culturally sensitive material. Restrictions for duplicating selected culturally sensitive photographic images apply. 
 Repository:  Cline Library. Special Collections and Archives Department. 
 Subjects:  Hopi Indians--Antiquities. | Hopi Indians--Dwellings. | Navajo Indians--Antiquities. | Archaeological surveying--Awatobi. | Mormons--Utah. | Southwest, New--Description and travel. 
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17Author:  Ammon Hennacy and AssociatesRequires cookie*
 Title:  Ammon Hennacy and Associates Collection ead 
 Abstract:  This collection contains primarily letters from Ammon Hennancy, Virginina Anderson and George Yamada about such diverse issues as the Hopi and the Selective Service, a planned highway cut through the Hopi village of Hotevilla, and issues surrounding Hopi tribal government and sovereignty. The collection also contains letters from Coconino Sun Editor Platt Cline, and the Finn law firm of Phoenix and attorney Wayne Collins of San Francisco who was prominent in constitutional law. Finally the collection includes Hennacy's Political writings and various manifestos, federal publications concerning Native Americans, specifically the Hopi and Navajo. 
 Repository:  Cline Library. Special Collections and Archives Department. 
 Subjects:  Quakers--Arizona--Correspondence. | Pacifism--Moral and ethical aspects. | Hopi Indians--Government relations. | Hopi Indians--Land tenure. | Roads--Design and construction--Arizona. 
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18Author:  Wood, John J.Requires cookie*
 Title:  Navajo-Hopi Indian Relocation Commission Records, 1965-1991. ead 
 Date(s):  1965-1991. 
 Abstract:  The Navajo-Hopi Indian Relocation Commission (NHIRC) Records contain legal documents, magazine and newspaper articles, questionnaires/surveys, notebooks, correspondence, presentations, budgets, and research/reports concerning the impact of relocation, livestock reduction, and Navajo and Hopi culture. In addition, there are photographs and binders of raw statistical data. The inclusive dates of this collection are 1965-1991; the bulk dates are 1974-1988. 
 Repository:  Cline Library. Special Collections and Archives Department. 
 Subjects:  Hopi Indians -- Land tenure. | Hopi Indians -- Religion. | Navajo Indians -- Land tenure. | Navajo Indians -- Religion. | Livestock -- Arizona. | Navajo Indians -- Relocation. 
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19Author:  Arizona State University. Libraries. Department of Archives and Special CollectionsRequires cookie*
 Title:  Arizona Views 5 circa 1880-circa 1885 ead 
 Date(s):  circa 1880-circa 1885 
 Abstract:  This artificial collection houses studio portraits of Native Americans taken by Ben Wittick and Camillus S. Fly; a Moquis [Hopi] photographed by C. W. Carter, and a stereograph street scene with a stagecoach in front of the Colorado Hotel in Yuma published by the Continent Stereoscopic Company. 
 Repository:  Arizona State University Library. Greater Arizona Collection 
 Subjects:  Navajo Indians. | Hopi Indians. 
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20Author:  Riggs, LesterRequires cookie*
 Title:  Lester Riggs collection, ead 
 Date(s):  unknown 
 Repository:  Museum of Northern Arizona 
 Subjects:  Hopi dance | Hopi Indians – 1910-1920 
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