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1Author:  Allen, Steve, 1921-2000Requires cookie*
 Title:  Steve Allen Papers 1951-2000 ead 
 Date(s):  1951-2000 
 Abstract:  The collection, ranging from 1951 to 2000, consists of biographical material, cartoons, manuscripts, photographs, audio cassettes, sound recordings (long-playing records), awards, certificates, posters, plaques, drawings, and oil paintings. Monographs received with the collection were cataloged separately. 
 Repository:  Arizona State University Library. Rare Books and Manuscripts 
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2Author:  Arizona State University. Libraries. Special CollectionsRequires cookie*
 Title:  American Theatre Playbills Collection 1871-2014 ead 
 Date(s):  1871-2014 
 Abstract:  The American Playbills Collection contains over 4,000 programs for American theatre productions in states other than Arizona from 1871-2014. The majority of them are from professional theatre productions in New York City. Also included are programs from Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Washington DC, Boston, and several other cities. Some have ticket stubs, autographs, and fliers for other productions. 
 Repository:  Arizona State University Library. Rare Books and Manuscripts 
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3Author:  Baca, Pamela Kahn, 1953-1999Requires cookie*
 Title:  Pamela Kahn Baca Papers 1979-1991 ead 
 Date(s):  1979-1991 
 Abstract:  This collection consists of the notes, memoranda, and transcripts that Pamela Kahn created while working on ABC News' Nightline. Of particular interest are research materials documenting adolescent suicide and annotated audiotape transcripts discussing the 1987 Bergenfield, New Jersey cluster of teenage suicides that Kahn used to prepare her documentary coverage on that subject for Nightline (aired 1988). The collection also contains briefing notebooks on newsworthy topics of worldwide significance prepared for ABC News staff (1979-1990) and samples of worldwide staff assignments (1991). 
 Repository:  Arizona State University Library. Rare Books and Manuscripts 
 Subjects:  Nightline (Television program). | Teenagers -- Suicidal behavior -- New Jersey -- Bergenfield. | Teenagers -- Suicidal behavior -- United States. | Women television journalists -- United States -- Archives. | Women television producers and directors -- United States -- Archives. 
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4Author:  Beardsley, Aubrey, 1872-1898Requires cookie*
 Title:  Aubrey Beardsley Papers and Notes 1960s-1970s ead 
 Date(s):  1960s-1970s 
 Abstract:  Aubrey Beardsley is regarded, along with Oscar Wilde, as a leader of the Decadents’ of the 1890s. This collection includes miscellaneous papers regarding Beardsley. 
 Repository:  Arizona State University Library. Rare Books and Manuscripts 
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5Author:  Belden, Jack, 1910-Requires cookie*
 Title:  Jack Belden Papers 1937-1989 ead 
 Date(s):  1937-1989 
 Abstract:  This collection houses articles by Jack Belden, reviews of his three books, typescripts (with corrections) of his poetry, and biographical information. Much of Belden’s poetry relates to his wartime experiences and impressions. With the exception of the poetry, the majority of the documents in this collection are photocopies. 
 Repository:  Arizona State University Library. Rare Books and Manuscripts 
 Subjects:  Sino-Japanese War, 1937-1945 -- Press coverage. | Sino-Japanese War, 1937-1945 -- Journalists. 
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6Author:  Bjork, Robert E., 1949-Requires cookie*
 Title:  Robert E. Bjork Translators' Papers 1988-1991 ead 
 Date(s):  1988-1991 
 Abstract:  Robert Bjork's translator's papers include his translations from Swedish to English of two trilogies by Swedish author Jan Fridegard (1897-1968), the Lars Hard Trilogy and the Holme Trilogy, as well as a translation of Only a Mother by Ivar Lo-Johansson (1901-1990). Drafts, pages of introductory material, final corrections, master pages proofs, and setting copies are arranged by title of the work. 
 Repository:  Arizona State University Library. Rare Books and Manuscripts 
 Subjects:  Fridegård, Jan, 1897-1968. Trilogin om trälen Holme. English (Lincoln, Neb.). | Fridegård, Jan, 1897-1968. Lars Hård. English. | Lo-Johansson, Ivar, 1901-1990. Bara en mor. English. | Swedish literature -- Translations into English. | English literature -- Translations. | Translating and interpreting. 
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7Author:  Bradford, BenjaminRequires cookie*
 Title:  Benjamin Bradford Collection 1968-1999 ead 
 Date(s):  1968-1999 
 Abstract:  This collection consists primarily of typescripts of Bradford's plays arranged chronologically. Also included are newspaper clippings, letters, brochures and flyers, and several music manuscripts. 
 Repository:  Arizona State University Library. Rare Books and Manuscripts 
 Subjects:  Dramatists, American -- 20th century -- Archives. 
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8Author:  Burroughs, William S., 1914-1997Requires cookie*
 Title:  William Seward Burroughs Papers 1938-1997 1959-1978 ead 
 Date(s):  1938-1997 
 Abstract:  The core of the Burroughs collection is 12 linear feet of manuscripts, dating from 1938, including several drafts of a number of Burroughs' major works including The Soft Machine, Ah Pook Is Here, and The Wild Boys. Also included are drafts of unpublished works such as Numero Uno Nu, The Revised Boy Scout Manual, and The Unspeakable Mr. Hart, each of which had portions significantly revised by Burroughs before their inclusion in his published oeuvre. Additionally, there are clippings and source materials (used by Burroughs in his text manipulations) dating from his tenure at the unnamed Beat Hotel at 9 rue Git-le-Coeur in Paris during the late 1950s-early 1960s. 
 Repository:  Arizona State University Library. Rare Books and Manuscripts 
 Subjects:  American literature -- 20th century. | Beat generation. | Authors, American -- 20th century. 
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9Author:  Caidin, Martin, 1927-1997Requires cookie*
 Title:  Maryjane Tonight at Angels Twelve Manuscript 1972 ead 
 Date(s):  1972 
 Abstract:  This collection houses the final galley proofs of Martin Caidin's Maryjane Tonight at Angels Twelve, which was published by Doubleday in 1972. 
 Repository:  Arizona State University Library. Rare Books and Manuscripts 
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10Author:  China War Reporting Conference (1982 : Scottsdale, Ariz.)Requires cookie*
 Title:  China War Reporting Conference Records 1982 November 19-20 ead 
 Date(s):  1982 November 19-20 
 Abstract:  This collection houses cassette recordings and transcripts of discussions and papers presented at the China War Reporting Conference. 
 Repository:  Arizona State University Library. Rare Books and Manuscripts 
 Subjects:  Foreign correspondents -- United States -- Congresses. | Foreign correspondents -- China. | War correspondents. | Sino-Japanese War, 1937-1945 -- China -- Journalists -- Congresses. 
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11Author:  Cook, PaulRequires cookie*
 Title:  Paul Cook Papers 1971-2004 ead 
 Date(s):  1971-2004 
 Abstract:  The collection houses draft typescripts, final manuscripts, poetry, short stories, correspondence, contracts, data files, and biographical information. Monographs are catalogued separately. 
 Repository:  Arizona State University Library. Rare Books and Manuscripts 
 Subjects:  Science fiction. | Authors, American -- Arizona. 
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12Author:  Cosner, Ron, 1940- Cosner, ShaaronRequires cookie*
 Title:  Shaaron and Ron Cosner Papers 1965-1990 ead 
 Date(s):  1965-1990 
 Abstract:  This collection contains news articles, periodical articles, book drafts, and correspondence created by authors Shaaron and Ron Cosner during the couple's time in Arizona (1965-1990). 
 Repository:  Arizona State University Library. Rare Books and Manuscripts 
 Subjects:  Authors, American -- Arizona -- Archives | Cinematography -- Special effects | Cowgirls -- West (U.S.) | Feature writing -- Manuscripts | Football | High school teachers -- Arizona -- Tempe -- Archives | Lunar bases | Masks | Medicine, Military -- United States | Military nursing -- United States | Monasteries -- United States | Nurses -- United States | Paper -- History | Rubber Plants | War -- Medical aspects | Windmills -- United States | Writing -- Materials and instruments -- History 
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13Author:  Darío, Rubén, 1867-1916Requires cookie*
 Title:  Rubén Darío Papers 1882-1945 1882-1915 ead 
 Date(s):  1882-1945 
 Abstract:  The Rubén Darío Papers contain approximately 900 handwritten pages of poetry, essays, short stories, diplomatic memos, and personal letters created by Nicaraguan poet Rubén Darío (1867-1916). These manuscripts document Darío's life and work as a journalist, diplomat, and poet between 1882 and 1915. 
 Repository:  Arizona State University Library. Rare Books and Manuscripts 
 Subjects:  Authors, Nicaraguan | Diplomats -- Nicaragua | Nicaragua -- Foreign relations -- Britain | Nicaragua -- Foreign relations -- France | Nicaragua -- Foreign relations -- Spain | Nicaragua -- History. | Poets, Nicaraguan 
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14Author:  Derr, Richard, 1917-1992Requires cookie*
 Title:  Richard Derr Papers 1929-1983 ead 
 Date(s):  1929-1983 
 Abstract:  This collection contains memorabilia, programs, scripts, photographs, and books documenting Richard Derr's acting career. These items date from 1929 to about 1983. 
 Repository:  Arizona State University Library. Rare Books and Manuscripts 
 Subjects:  Male actors -- United States -- Archives. | Motion picture actors and actresses -- United States -- Archives. | Television actors and actresses -- United States -- Archives. | Theater -- United States. 
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15Author:  Eells, GeorgeRequires cookie*
 Title:  George Eells Papers 1929-1991 ead 
 Date(s):  1929-1991 
 Abstract:  The George Eells Papers include biographical information regarding Eells, research materials for his eight biographies, items documenting his interest in walkathons and circuses, research into potential subjects for new biographies, and a variety of audiovisual materials. 
 Repository:  Arizona State University Library. Rare Books and Manuscripts 
 Subjects:  Circus -- United States. | Walk-a-thons -- United States. 
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16Author:  Everson, George, b. 1885Requires cookie*
 Title:  Philo T. Farnsworth and George Everson Papers 1914-1999 ead 
 Date(s):  1914-1999 
 Abstract:  This collection is composed primarily of George Everson's papers documenting his work with Philo T. Farnsworth's television company. Also included are items showing Everson's work at Lawrence Radiation Laboratory in Berkeley, California and his personal life. 
 Repository:  Arizona State University Library. Rare Books and Manuscripts 
 Subjects:  Capitalists and financiers -- Ohio -- Archives. | Inventors -- Utah -- Archives. | Nuclear physics -- Research -- California. | Television. 
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17Author:  Fisher, Francis McCrackenRequires cookie*
 Title:  Francis McCracken Fisher Papers 1933-1983 1933-1945 ead 
 Date(s):  1933-1983 
 Abstract:  The Francis McCracken Fisher Papers are composed primarily of dispatches dating from March of 1935 to October of 1936 that Fisher sent while stationed in Peiping (now Beijing) China. Also included are journals, newspapers, magazines, items written by communists in Yenan (including some OWI journals issued at the end of World War II), Fisher's 1933 thesis on press censorship in China, and materials from Japan, China, and America. Other items include a bond, money, and certificates issued in China, all of which are written in Chinese. Among the topics discussed most frequently are Chinese political leaders, drug addiction and smuggling, and the communist movement in Yenan. 
 Repository:  Arizona State University Library. Rare Books and Manuscripts 
 Subjects:  Foreign correspondents -- United States -- Archives. | Sino-Japanese War, 1937-1945 -- China -- Journalists. | War correspondents -- United States -- Archives. 
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18Author:  Fleming, DickRequires cookie*
 Title:  Dick Fleming Papers circa 1978, 1985, 1993 ead 
 Date(s):  circa 1978, 1985, 1993 
 Abstract:  This collection houses a tribute to printer Edwin Bliss Hill, a corrected typescript of Fleming's The Winning of Opie, and a catalog of the typefaces held at the Flying Coffin Press as of September 1, 1993. 
 Repository:  Arizona State University Library. Rare Books and Manuscripts 
 Subjects:  Authors, American -- New Mexico -- Santa Fe. | Printers -- New Mexico -- Santa Fe. 
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19Author:  Foster, Alan Dean, 1946-Requires cookie*
 Title:  Alan Dean Foster Papers 1958-2012 1968-2009 ead 
 Date(s):  1958-2012 
 Abstract:  This collection contains manuscripts, drafts, typescripts, galley proofs, audio cassette tapes, correspondence with agents and editors, fan mail, and newspaper clippings documenting Alan Dean Foster's career as a science fiction and fantasy writer. 
 Repository:  Arizona State University Library. Rare Books and Manuscripts 
 Subjects:  Authors, American -- Arizona -- Archives. | Fantasy fiction, American -- Arizona. | Science fiction, American -- Arizona. 
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20Author:  Gerber, Helmut E., 1920-Requires cookie*
 Title:  Helmut E. Gerber Papers 1950-1985 ead 
 Date(s):  1950-1985 
 Abstract:  This collection consists primarily of correspondence dating from 1950 to 1981 on such topics as a doctoral dissertation on J. D. Beresford, English Literature in Transition, and books and bibliographies that Gerber authored. Also included are reviews of Gerber's published work, poetry by Gerber, information documenting Gerber's career, and notes. 
 Repository:  Arizona State University Library. Rare Books and Manuscripts 
 Subjects:  College teachers -- Arizona -- Archives. | Critics -- Arizona -- Archives. | English literature -- 19th century -- History and criticism. | English literature -- 19th century -- Study and teaching -- Arizona. 
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